110 Ways To Build High Quality Backlinks: Link Building Methods 2022


Most people never earn money from their blogs or affiliate website because they don’t get enough traffic. And the reason behind that they don’t rank well. And backlinks are the most important in determining the ranking of the site. Learn 110 Ways To Build High Quality Backlinks: Link Building Methods 2022.

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Most people struggle to get quality links and many of them give up. Yeah, I know that’s sad. People think creating quality backlinks is very complex and they are very few ways to build backlinks.

But, in reality, it’s very simple and there are many ways from which you can build the backlinks. It’s simple but that does not mean that it does not require hard work.

It’s possible for beginners or any other person to get the quality backlinks.  Don’t worry, I am here to help you out. In this post, you will learn about more than 120 ways to build the backlinks 2022.

Note: I have not covered everything in details here and you can learn more about these methods by searching them on Google.

Okay, without further due, let’s get into it.

Link building methods how to make backlinks link building strategies

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110 Ways To Build Backlinks: 110 Ways To Build High Quality Backlinks: Link Building Methods 2022

1: Hacked site

There are many sites which get hacked every day and most people don’t know if their site is hacked. You can help them and in return, you can get the link. Type in query given below in google to get the list of website which is hacked and email the owner of the website. Send the email to these sites owner and in return, you can get the link.

“[inurl:gardening+payday loans]”

2: Guest posting

Guest posting is still a great way to build the links and get traffic. In fact, 4.6% of the affiliate marketer traffic comes from guest posting. You have to write a super cool post and post it on other sites.

Guest Posting

Also, read:

I suggest you to guest post on sites that have good traffic. Guest posting not only helps you in getting links it also helps in getting recognition and a lot of traffic on your site. In this way, you can build the link and also build the authority. In order to find the sites that accept guest posts use queries below

“your niche”+Guest post

“your niche”+ write for us
“your niche”+ writing guidelines

You can read more about it here.

3: Comment on blogs related to your niche

You can not only get backlink every time you comment on other site but you also build a good relationship with the site owner.Backlinks from the comment are non-follow. However, there are websites that you plugin like commentluv, which allows making do-follow backlink.You can use the quires below to find the blogs in your niche for this method. You can also use the tool called dropmylink for this and other purposes as well.

Dofollow CommentLuv Enabled Blogs List

Backlinks from the comment are non-follow. However, there are websites that you plugin like commentluv, which allows making do-follow backlink.You can use the quires below to find the blogs in your niche for this method. You can also use the tool called dropmylink for this and other purposes as well.

You can use the quires below to find the blogs in your niche for this method. You can also use the tool called dropmylink for this and other purposes as well.

4: Use the Forum threads to get link to your website

Social bookmarking is a great way to get the link. There are many famous social bookmarking site that not only helps you in link building but also in getting traffic. These are websites where you can save your favorite post and sites.You can create the account on these sites and save your post URL.

Don’t just save bookmarks from your site. Save other great articles in your niche to look natural.

5: Creating profiles to get the link

The idea here is to create an account on different sites and then use that account for creating the backlink. Backlinks created using this method mostly are not powerful.

6: Social networks

Social Media

You can post or share the links on different social apps. They are many famous social sites that you can use for this purpose. Try to build the fan following and you will get more effective backlinks.

7: Creating content and promoting it

Creating awesome content and promoting it is one of the best ways to get the link. Once you write a great post, find the people who have linked or share the similar content. Contact those people.

Keep doing this you will get plenty of links and you also get authority website in your niche. You have to promote your posts more than you think.

Modern business concept

Great marketers spend 20% writing the post and 80% promoting it.F or all the ways to build the links with writing content, you have to promote your content.

I won’t talk about the promoting in every method because I am doing it here.So, keep in mind that writing the post is not the end of your job. Spend a good amount of time promoting the content.

8: Write conversational post.

All you have to do is to find conversational topics in your niche and write a post about those. Most of the conversational topics are widely searched and post about conversational topics receive a lot of traffic and backlinks.

9: Write list post that starts with a number like, 10 best ways, 50 ways, etc.

Post with that include number+ ways in the title get a ton of view and it usually performs well. Keep in mind that if you don’t write great content, no one will share or link to it.

10: Write about trending topics and people

Write a post about people or topics that are trending and promote it as much as you can. For example, if you run a blog about making money.As you Donald Trump is very popular nowadays, you can write a post like Donald Trump tips for making money.

The post is related to your niche and it is also about one of the most trending people. Hence, it will gather more view and you can get a lot of links as well. People love to link to these kinds of post.

11: Write post with ultimate in title to get more links

Post that includes Ultimate in the title do well because these posts are long and give a complete information about a specific topic. People will most likely link to it if it’s useful post because these posts provide a lot of value to readers.

12: Compare top Blogger in your niche and you can get the links.

The idea here is to compare blogger or companies in your niche (preferably blogger) and let them know about the post.Now, you don’t have to show that one is better than or other anything that creates conflict.

We just want to tell people what they do and how they are different.

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After writing the post, contact the blogger or companies and they may share your content and you can get the backlink as well.

13: Write about celebrities.

It’s as simple as it sounds. Just write a post about the celebrities. Now you might wonder how you can write about something that is not related to your niche.Well, you have to write about things celebrities have or do that are related to your niche.

If you are in travel niche, then you write the post about something like Selena Gomez favorite places to visit in summer. I hope you get the idea.

14: Write how to post

The idea here is to write a post that includes the words “how to” in the title. Like how to earn money fast or any other post that includes how to in the title post.

Here is an example:

How to build niche site

Wikihow is a great example of a site that represents the power of how to post.

15: Write post about the question that people have

Many people have a ton of question regarding different topics and you ca answer those questions. You can use a tool like answerthepublic.com to find the question related to a specific topic.

You can be the first one to write a post about questions that people ask.

These posts provide a lot of value to the readers because you basically answer the public question or solve their problem regarding something.

Who does not want to link to an article that can solve reader’s problems? Well, everyone loves to link these post.

16: Write a post about top 10 lies that you were told about or top 10 mistakes or myths.

Again like other posts that I mentioned, these post also do well. You don’t necessarily have to use 10 in the title. It can be any number you want.

17: Write on a specific topic and build authority.

More people will link to you.If you want to people link to your site when they mention stuff related to your niche, then you have to build the authority.

And best way to do this by writing about specific topic and writing consistently. This simple method will lead to great long term benefits.

18: Be the first one to post the update in your industry

Let’s say you write about SEO on your blog. You know that Google keep updating their algorithm or ranking factors.
Well, you can be the first person to write the post about the update. These posts get a lot of attention because they contain very valuable information.

And you can not only tell people what is update about but how they can remain safe or take advantage of specific update.

19: Creating case study

Creating case study about the great clients can get you links from those clients.

Let’s say you write about the photography and one day you receive an email from you read about how you have helped him or how much stuff he has learned from you or something like that.

Now, you can create a post about that person in which you have to talk about that person has improved his skills and how others can as well. That client or readers will most likely link to you.

20: Create post 10 tips to help [your niche or keyword].

Again, pots with that start with 10 tips to help [your niche or keyword] get more views and people mostly link as well.

21: Make use of April Fool to write a viral post

Viral posts get huge amount of views and links. You can write about anything that is shocking because it’s April fool. Think about it. You can go viral if you choose good topic.

22: Write a very long post

Longer posts get more share and backlinks. If you want to get more backlinks, then you should start writing the long post.

23: Answer questions on Quora

Quora is a great way to build the link and get traffic. Write the quality answer to a question related to your niche and link to your site for further reading.

Quora blogging platform

Search for the topics related to your niche in Quora. Answers the question regarding those topics and you can suggest your site for further reading or for any purpose (depends upon the question). Quora get ton of traffic and quality answer can provide good backlink and lot of traffic.

24: Link Round ups

Do the Links Rounds and let the blogger know that you have mentioned them. You may get lucky and get the link.

You can write a weekly post that contain great post that you find from that week. Like 20 great post from this week.
After you write post, email the blogger who wrote those posts. And in return, you can get shares and possibly the backlink.

25: Link other in your posts

Link to other blogger and famous people in your post and let them know that you have mentioned them. This is the way you can build solid relationships famous blogger in your niche and it will easier to get a link as well.

26: Creating a great resource page on your site

Link to some of the best posts in your niche. Let the people know that you have linked their article on the resource page. You will get share and possibly backlinks.

27: Writing news posts

Write news post and post it on google news. In order to get your site on Google new, you have to write 3 or more posts every day.

And you have to keep doing that for 1 or 2 months. After that, you can submit your site in Google news.

You will receive a ton of traffic and quality backlinks. It will also help in Developing Authority and trust factor, which will lead to more backlinks.

28: Use Yahoo

Answer question on yahoo answers and link to your site for further reading. It’s same as Quora.

29: Writing the book review

Writing book review can help you build the relationship with the famous person and you may get links as well.
All you have to do is to write a review of the book of famous people in the niche. And email those bloggers how great their book and what you think.

Build relationship

This way you can build a great relationship with them and you can easily get the backlinks.

30: Pdf sharing sites

Use pdf sites to get links. Convert your posts to pdf and upload them to pdf share sites and get the link.

31: Video uploading sites

You can use video uploading sites to get links. You can convert your posts into to a video and upload on video sharing sites.

And you can put the link to the original post in the description section. Keep in mind that video you upload must be valuable.

32: Creating Chrome extension

Creating the chrome extension is a great way to build the link.It will build authority and reputation, which will lead to more backlinks.

You don’t need to learn to code for this. You can hire someone from Fiverr or any other freelancing to do that for you. And it won’t cost much.

Using great and attractive images to make people link to use. Great images always get tons of views and many people use images in their posts.

Keep in mind that you must make source attribute as required. So when people will use the images created by use, they will have to link to your site as a source.

33: Slideshare

Creating slides of the posts and upload those to sites like Slideshare. Link from the Slideshare are non-follow.
However, it’s still valuable. You can get tons of traffic that means that more people will know you. And since you post good stuff, your chances of getting links increases (links apart from Slideshare).

34: Testimonials

Become the testimonials of the product that you like and you many get the link. Companies loves testimonials.
If you have a product that you like, then you should send email to the company about it. Most companies love testimonials. Our goal here is to get link but not every company include link the testimonials.

Just look at the other testimonials and see if there are link in the testimonials. So, email only those companies who allow link the testimonials.

35: Keep following and commenting famous bloggers.

And they may share your content as well. And that will lead to tons of traffic and backlink. It will also help when you email them for guest posting or for another related purpose.

36: Review of your site

Ask for a review of the site from other bloggers and get the backlink. Email the blogger whom you know and have good relationship and ask for the review of the site

Review does not have to rate your site on a certain skill. It can just post about what your website is about and why it’s useful.

In order do this, you must have a good relationship with a blogger whom you will contact.

37: Become friend with another blogger in real life if you can. This can really help you become famous and it will be easier to get the links. Because who won’t link to their friends?

38: Speak at the event

Jitendra vaswani at getsetblog event in delhi

Speaking at an event where you can find the people who can help you get the links, is the best way to get the links.
You won’t directly ask for the links. However, these people will know you from the event and hence your chances of getting links increase.

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39: Become host and distributor of Webinar because they are highly engaging and help in link building.

40: HARO for backlinks

Use HARO to get links from the high-quality site. Haro stands for “Help the reporter out”. It’s platform where reporters ask questions.

And the person who is expert in a specific topic can help them out. Most of the blogger have good knowledge about their niche. So, they can easily answer the question regarding the topic related to their niche.

Once you join the HARO, you receive three emails every day. Three emails are about morning, afternoon and evening quires.

This email contains questions. You can take look at them and if you think you can help someone, then just do it and you can get a link from High DA websites.

41: Website Directories

Submit your site to site directories. It’s as simple as sound. Just search for the websites directories and submit your site in those directories.

Free High PR Blog Directories list

I recommended that you avoid paid directories because backlinks from the directories are not that much powerful.

42: Use Google Group to help people and link to your site as further resources. It’s similar like getting links from Quora. So, follow the same instruction.

43: Use Squidoo to build the authority and become expert at something.

It does not take much time (around 15 minutes) to create and setup accounts at Squidoo. Link to authority content and don’t link to your site too often. You will get link and traffic as well.

44: Digg is website like Stumble upon. Here is who they define it on the website: “Digg delivers the most interesting and talked-about stories on the Internet right now”.
So people find and share interesting stories about specific on Digg. You can easily add link to your article as well.

45: Win Blogging awards to get ton of links

46: Steal your competitor’s backlinks.

Create more awesome content than your competitor and ask the people who are linking to that content replace the link with your post. You can use ahref or Moz for finding the people who are linking to your competitor’s post.

47: Review products and services on shopping search engines like ePinions to help build your authority

48: Get links from Tumblr.

Build followers on Tumblr and it helps you get links and traffic.Tumblr is blog platform, where you can create a blog for free. It’s very popular and you can use it to your advantages.

Tumblr blogging platform

Build the solid following and write post about topic related to your niche. Include your website for further reading. You will get traffic and backlinks.

49: Get links using image submitting sites.

I have talked about creating good images and about way you can use those images for backlink. Well, here another way to get links from the images. There are plenty of sites where you can submit images and get link.

50: Swap the links with other bloggers.

Swapping the links does not mean that other blogger will create backlinks for you and in return, you will do the same.

In this method, you will ask how the blogger has built the link. After you find the source, you can apply the same methods as other blogger.

It requires bit hard work. But it’s worth it.

51: Build tool (depending upon your blog) collection

Let’s you run a blog about apps. You can write the post like 100 best apps to use. Once you write a post, you have email the creator of those apps.

This will give you more share and possibly some links. It’s just one example. You can apply this for any niche you are in.

Keep in mind that tool collection should be useful. You will get a tons of views and backlinks as well.

52: Give free tee shirt with your website name on it. You will get famous and you may get links as well

53: Be helpful and polite to other Blogger. You can get links.

54: Go to conferences and social events and take a picture with internet marketer or blogger and upload it.

Internet marketers who attended the event are mostly likely upload the image. They can even write the post about it.
You may get mentioned by famous blogger and get a link as well.

55: Post on forum threads that are years outdated exclusively to link to your semi-related website.

56: Sign up for profiles on different sites to get links

There are many websites where you can create an account and most of them have a website as one of the input fields in the personal information section. You can get a link from there.

56: Sponsor an event to get the links

You will also build good relations with other people.

If there is any internet marketing that you think you can sponsor, then you should do that. It will help you in building the authority and reputation. And from this many people also link to you. You will build relation and backlinks.

It will help you in building the authority and reputation. And from this many people also link to you. You will build relation and backlinks.

57: Getting edu and gov links

So you want to get .edu or .gov links? Well, one of the best ways to get those links is creating a scholarship for the student. Now, not everyone can afford the cost of this method. However, it’s great for those who can afford the cost.

58: Adding call to action in your posts

Ask your readers to share your content. Adding a call to action can make a huge difference. Something like: share this post to help others. You can get the links from those shares.

59: Repurpose content.

Repurpose the content means creating your content in some other form then post.
Not everyone likes to read the blog post. Hence, you should convert your post to pdf, whitepaper or to another form. Read more about it here.

60: Use website Feedback Sites to get the backlinks

61: Ask People you know for a link and you may get link

Do you have friends or relatives or someone you who are a blogger or are involved in internet marketing?
If that’s the case, then you can get the link. Ask them and you may get lucky and get link.

62: Get involved in PR(without spending money)

63: Reproduce valuable content to get the links.

64: Create useful charts and data. People love the useful stuff and you can get a good number of links.

65: Syndicate articles

66: Publish press release and get the link. You can hire someone else to do this for you. It does not cost much. Learn more here.

67: Use educational link baits

68: Guestographics to get the backlinks

Email people in your niche and ask for the guest post including the infographic. Everyone loves the free stuff.

69: Use infographic submission site get links and views. Once you create infographic, you can use sites like Visualy to submit your infographic and get the link.



Using Visme : Create Graphic Design Templates, Presentation Templates, Infographic Templates, and More

Create and Share Engaging Infographics using Visme’s Infographic Templates Creating beautiful infographics and sharing them on relevant websites can help you generate a lot of free backlinks. You can easily create infographics using *pre-designed templates in Visme* to save time and effort, even if you’re not a designer.

Visme infographics

There are several ways to generate backlinks with infographics. You can share them on various social media platforms and include a link back to your website in either the caption or the infographic itself, along with an attractive call-to-action. Another way to build free backlinks with infographics is to find relevant websites in your niche and pitch to them via email if they would like to check out your infographic.

Once they agree to see it, you can offer to let them publish it on their website along with a mini guest post. You can include a link back to your website in the content that surrounds your infographic, which is much more effective and SEO-friendly than if you embed the link in the infographic itself.

Make sure to include your logo and URL in the footer of your infographic. Nearly all of Visme’s infographic templates come with a built-in footer with customizable text and spaces to upload your brand logo, website, sources and company information.

70: Make it easier for people to use your infographic using embed code. As with images, make it necessary to mention the source of infographic.

With embed code, you can make it easier to use your infographic and also get the link. After you post the infographic on your site.

Fill the information and don’t forget to include your site as the source. And it will generate the code that you can use in your post. Now whenever someone will copy that code to use the infographic, you will also get the link.

71: Take credit from a person who is using the infographic. If you find that someone is using your infographic in the post without mentioning your website as a source, then email that person. Most of the give you the link.

72: Run survey on blog and publish it everywhere if it’s good and get the links.

73: Forum signature

Most forums have signature option. If you do quality contribution, people most likely follow the links in signature. You can build reputation and link as well.

74: Use the Pinterest board to get the link for the infographic. Pinterest has many widely followed design board and you can send them your infographic to get link and traffic.

75: Instagram to get the link for the infographic. You use the can same method for Instagram

76: Backlinks through dead content

Find websites that are down and visit archive.org to see what they used to write about and find who is linking to that content. Write posts about those topics and ask for the links from people who were linking to them.

Since the site is down and you have better and updated content, you will mostly get the backlink.

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79: Get links from library or resource page through broken link. Many libraries and resource pages are pointing to websites that are down and you can use this to ge the link.

You can create better content and contact the person who own that site (site that contain resource page) and ask for the replacing that broken link. Use the template provided by Neil pate.

80: Get links from Wikipedia. There are many dead links at Wikipedia pages and you can take advantage of this.
You can get the link and a ton of traffic. In order to get the link from Wikipedia, you have to find the article that has broken links or requires cautions.

It would be better if you find the pages with broken link. You can

You can wikigrabber to find pages that contain dead links or requires cautions. Let’s say you found the page that contains the broken link. Now, take that link and go to archive.org to know what that post contained.

After you know what that post is about, write better post it and make sure to include everything.
By everything I mean your post should contain all information that previous post. And you should add additional information as well and uses images to make it even more better.

And you should add additional information as well and uses images to make it even more better.

My point is: write better and cool post than previous post (post that is linked in Wikipedia page).
Before you can successfully do this, you have to build the authority. So, make some edits before doing this.

81: Transcribe the video for the famous blogger and send them the file. This way you can build a good relationship with the famous blogger, which increases your chances of getting the links.

82: Translate the content. If you know a second language, then it’s time to get the advantage of it. This can help you in getting the links.

83: Create coupon code/ special offers for blogger and you may get links

84: Pay blogger to write for you to build authority and you may get a link as well. It’s obvious that you want someone who has good reputation in your niche.

So, that you can get more traffic and backlinks because of him or her (blogger whom you pay for guest). He or she will share post on the social network.

Since he or she is established in your niche, you will get more links and traffic. Don’t do this more often because it require lot of investment.

85: Use Google alert to find unlinked companies mentioned.

Setting up Google Alerts for your website’s branded keyword phrases can help you identify other sites that are mentioning you without linking back.

86: Get backlink opportunity from flippa.


There are many sites that go down each day and many people flippa to sell their website.They also describe how they build authority. You can find some great ways to build links from there.

87: Get backlinks from Crowdfunding

88: Article directories are not that much effective anymore but you can still get valuable traffic and link.

89: Ask questions on sites like Quora and include a link to your site.

In this method, we have to ask questions rather than answering them.

You can simply say: what you think about the design of my site and link your site. You will get link and honest opinion about the design of your site. Keep in mind that this is just example. You can ask different questions.

90: Ask other Bloggers to link to you and you may get link.

This is simply asking for the link. Most blogger receive many request and your chances of getting backlinks are low. However, give it shot. You may get lucky and get link.

91: Ask other Bloggers for the interview.

Interviewing a famous blogger can help you a lot building link.

In order to interview the blogger, you have to build good relationship. How you can do that? Well, it’s simple and I have mentioned it before in this post.


Simply follow their blog and comment and follow them on social networks. Don’t just comment stuff like “great post” or anything broad like it.

Comment about something that’s highly related to post and something that show that you really care about the topic.
And that you have read it properly as well. After 2 or 3 weeks, you can should for interview. Don’t worry if you get rejected.

92: Many forums have review section and you use that to get the link.

All you have to do is to ask people to review your site. This way you will get honest review of your site and a backlink as well (you will include link of your site in the post).

Submit blog to blog directories. It’s as simple as it sounds. Search for the blog directories and submit your blog.

93: Become active user at sites like self-growth and get higher PR link. Self-growth is

Self-growth is website where you can create account and write content.

It’s highly reputable website. And they post the list of top active users (people have written the most post).
All you have to do is to write few post (3-4) to be the one of the top active users. You will get quality backlink (PA 35, DA 71), reputation and traffic.

94: Submit your resume and get link. Just got to resume submitting sites and upload your resume and get the link.

95: Submit RSS feed of your site and get the link.

There are websites where you can submit your website RSS feed. Don’t know how you can find the link of your RSS feed?

Don’t worry, I am here to help you out. Usually, it’s located at this URL: domainname/feed. If you don’t find that there. Just use the plugins.

There are lot of plugin that can help you with this. Once you get that URL, submit it to sites that accept RSS Feed. And you will get the link.

96: Create a plugin and get the links. Don’t get

Don’t get sitewide link. This is as simple as it sounds. All you have to do is to hire someone who can create WordPress plugin for you.

And upload it to WordPress and along with that, you can get the link as well. Furthermore, by creating plugin you will reputation and authority, which will help you in getting more backlinks.

97: Join the Blogging community and help others to get famous and get links.

There are many blogging communities to help the other blogger. On many communities blogger ask for some sort of help and return they give the backlink.

98: Get links from Pinterest.

If you simply pin your post once and while then you won’t get much benefit. On the other hand, creating a board related to your niche and then updating, promoting and increasing followers can not only help you in building backlinks but you can also get ton of traffic.

pinterest wingdings

And backlinks will be more powerful this way. All you have to do is to create new board related to your niche. And pin the best posts related to your niche from other sites and from your site.Use socialanimal or buzzsumo to know about the famous posts in any niche.

And pin the best posts related to your niche from other sites and from your site.Use socialanimal or buzzsumo to know about the famous posts in any niche.

After you get enough pins (100 or more), start following the people who follow board related to your niche.And many people will follow you back.

You will get targeted traffic and quality backlinks. Keep in mind that it’s long term process. But it works really well.

99: Create a set icon and related stuff and send it to design blogger and they will link to you.

100: Link to upcoming bloggers

101: Sponsor blogging contest and you will get a ton of links from the bloggers.

There are many blogging contest and you can be the sponsor of those contents. If you become sponsor, you will get some links and build reputation and authority.

102: Build Firefox extension and get the links. You have to do

You have to do same thing as you describe for the chrome extension.

103: Create Wikipedia fan page to get the links.

backlinks from wikipedia

You can create Wikipedia page for you and get the link. Now, in order to create the page, you should have solid reputation. However, that does not mean it’s not possible. It works great for companies.

104: Send request to blogger for writing the guest post that they want to get written.

This is same as a guest post.

Expect, that you don’t mention the topic. Instead, you ask the blogger if there any post that they want to get written. Who would miss this opportunity?

105: Participate in blogging contest and you may get a link.

I talked about being sponsor of blogging. Well, you can also participate in blogging contest and in the process you will find some new friends (blogger).

And since you are the one of the participant, you will likely get the link.

106: Create viral YouTube videos to get traffic and links.

YouTube is world’s second largest search engine. Why not take advantage of it.

107: Update the old post on Blogger site and you will get at least on link.

If you find outdated post on blogger and his or her site has good authority, then you should write the updated version of the post.

And email that blogger and tell him or her that you have create updated version of the post. Yeah, it’s guest post but in kind of different way.

Most blogger won’t ignore such offer. Write great updated post and you will be good to go. And in return, you can easily get backlink (like you do in guest posting).

108: Be the active user of communities like Moz and you will get reputation, which can lead to backlinks.

109: Beta test a lot products and review it.Give them suggestions and

Give them suggestions and owner may link to you.

There are many products that are under development or that are trying new things.

And almost all of them release the beta version before releasing the final version. They do that to test the product and you can help them by trying it and suggesting how they can improve. You may get link.

110: Sell products at eBay and offer to donate a portion of profit to charity.

It can increase your influence and many charity sites will link to eBay auction and your site.

111: Use TYNT code in your post.

Adding TYNT code to your post automatically appends the backlink to section or URL that readers copy.

112: Run affiliate program to get links.

This is for the people who own product.If you own the product, then affiliate program can help you in getting backlinks and a lot of traffic.

It’s obvious that many affiliates will link to you in order to get the sale so that they can earn money.

You can use affiliate network like Clickbank or other to create the affiliate program.

113: Create a helpful newsletter, which is not hard to create.

Most people share and link to the newsletter that they find interesting and helpful.

114: Instructographic is the same as infographic expect that teach something rather representing facts or data in visual form solely. Instructographic can lead to many authority backlinks.

115: Create a personal profile at Google Plus.

You just don’t want to create an account and add the link of your site in personal information. It will not help you much.

In order to take full advantage of this, you have to follow same steps as you would do for the Pinterest.

Once you do that, you will have powerful profile. And then posting your link in the personal information section and in general can help you.

116: Register expired WordPress blog and write article and mention your site.

I just mean that write post and link to your site.

117: Start podcast to get links

All you got to do is start the podcast. Not everyone like to read the posts and besides that podcast are very powerful. You can build good authority and you will backlinks as well.

118: Notify site owners about the grammar and spelling error in their post and in return you may get links.

If you find post that contains some grammar or spelling error, the contact the blogger. Be polite this help you in building the good relationship. You may get the backlink as well because you have help that blogger.

6 Best Latest SEO White Hat Link Building Strategies

Link building is the corner stone of SEO and Google recently confirmed that it does not envisage upon link devaluation as metric. Building link to the website remains the top priority. To be visible in search engines one needs links but then adoption of black hat technique may invite severe penalisation from Google.

By employing white hat technique to build links, your website will gain the desired authority and gain rankings. Any link used for the manipulation of  or website’s ranking in the search results of Google is thought to be the part of link scheme and the terrible violation of Webmaster’s guidelines.

If you manipulate links to your website or any outgoing link from your site then the website will be banned. Links acquired through white hat techniques can pass pagerank, potentially improving the ranking of your website. Internet marketers aim to become an authority in the niche and wish for getting quoted in other publications and websites.

You can acquire backlinks by employing white hat technique in order to acquire immense value that target content offers in linking with website’s audiences. For attracting natural links you need to have linkable content. Although you require solid content, there are several ways in which you can maximise the value of your every publication.

Check Now: 9 Reasons Your Website May Get Penalized by Google Algorithms Update

For getting more visibility in main media outlets, absorb the social followers from such websites and attain high quality backlinks. Below you will find 6 White Hat Link Building Strategies for 2018.

1) Targeting the media outlet with higher SEMRush metric(SE Price) and Domain Authority(DA)

Use DA or SE Price as the important metrics for the sake of guest blogging prospects for you can expect to gain better results from the efforts you have applied in content distribution. Websites with higher SE Price and DA can easily rank their pages in search results much swiftly than other normal sites.

Such pages have the potential for acquiring natural links for they have already established the authority in respective niche. Place your guest post on the websites with higher SE Price and DA in order to acquire boost to the search ability of post and in this way you can obtain higher quality backlinks passively.

Add visually appealing images along with screen shots and videos to make the post appear useful. Select only good topics and stories to write about.

2) Tracking the discovered links of competitor’s content..

Do the reverse engineering regularly and it must not simply end in grabbing past links. Reverse engineering on competitor’s assets will allow you to track passive links which are acquired every week. Make use of Cognitive SEO to keep a tab on discovered links of competitor’s content. Just check whether the links are high quality and are they capable of finding substantial referral traffic or not. Following indicators can be made use of to qualify the backlinks:

Capitalise upon the same techniques as used by your competitor. Apply the link acquisition tactics of the rival. For passing high end link juice to the website, the practice must be done regularly.

3) Targeting the right Email and person in the link building outreach

Send your emails to the right person if you really crave responses with the outreach. Donot send email over generic emails that are used seldom by Webmasters. So, find right person from your website and grab his email. You can select the person who maintains the website, the person who is blog manager, and the person who is reachable through email. Get hold of reliable person’s email address.

4) Usage of productivity tools for inviting more links

Make use of productivity tools to cut short the time required for link prospecting. Link prospecting is endless process of finding link targets, filtering high quality links and so it consumes most of the time. Productivity tool can improve one’s efficiency at link prospecting. Some of the chrome plugin link building tools can be Link Clump, Check My Links, Export Tabs, Mozbar.

5) Creation of cost-effective linkable content assets

There is no need of being big brand with thousands of dollars. Linkable assets on the website can be produced within the budget. All you need is catchy story for the brand that is promoted or the most trending topic in the industry meant for specific group of audiences.

With the particular catchy story you can easily produce case study by using positive experiences shared with customers you have served. A case study can be the record of the way you served the clients in several steps.

Similarly, you can interview some industry influencer with the aim to educate the targeted audience about the niche content. Linkable content asset can be fostered with making the content curated and actionable. Each and every point at your list must be made post effective. This can be done by simply answering ‘how’ question in an impressive manner.

6) Gather great insights from Google analytics and link analysis report

Create a report on custom link building in Google analytics. The report will help you track what websites send highest traffic, enabling you to improve the strategy of guest blogging. Identify whether the sites bring you conversation or not. If the sites bring conversation then certainly they are worthy and useful for future link building.

The process of finding backlinks……….

ATTENTION: List of Top 10 SEO Addons for Mozilla Firefox

There are innumerable websites that will assist in the submission of your website to their database. Tactful use of search can allow one find many of the websites to which your website may be submitted. By simply putting “add your site” in Google search engine you will get the whole list if websites. Searches can be refined by playing with the search terms.

Submit your website to that website that has not been penalised. To filter out the searches check the Google Page Rank of the website and also Alexa Rank. Look for the other sites that are present in that particular website. Browse through the list of high quality sites in the page. There should not be any payment involved during the submission.

Publishing ones site to other website is the best way of getting links. To acquire more and more credible links go for Press Release Work. The process of building white hat backlinks is more to do with being natural.

Just focus upon your customers, provide superior customer service to bag home group of followers. The simple processes can help anyone acquire highly valuable links.

Want to suggest more White hat Link building strategies for 2018, what kind of white hat strategies you are using for you websites, please share with us in comments below !

Over To You : Best Link Building Strategies Aka Link Building Methods 2022

That’s it! You make to the end. I hope you like these link building strategies 2022 and found it helpful. Share it with others so that they can get the benefit as well. And feel free to ask questions and share your view in comment section.


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Google Stop Words 2022: SEO Stop Word Guide


Here is a comprehensive guide to stopping words used in SEO, also known as Google stop words.

You’ll learn how to identify stop words and when they should be removed from your writing in this new guide.

Since I’ve worked in SEO for almost a decade, I’ve used the exact same logic. An SEO stop word guide for practical use.

No matter whether you are a technical SEO expert or a complete beginner, you’ll find this guide easy to follow.

Let’s get going!

1. What Are SEO Stop Words?

Stop words are commonly ignored by search engines and are part of their algorithm.

Here are some examples:

The statistics show that stop words account for about 25% of the content of a blog post, even if they have nothing to do with it.

SEO stop words are often ignored by search engines, in both search queries and results.

Google Stop Words

It is likely that you have heard of the term “stop words” if you use Yoast’s WordPress SEO plugin. Those words that have been filtered out as stop words are words without meaning.

Stop words on Google usually include articles, prepositions, conjunctions, and pronouns. Search engines don’t care about stop words, since they don’t affect the results displayed.

2. Does SEO Suffer From Stop Words?

Depending on the situation.

Google views stop words as a way to expedite the process of crawling and indexing the web pages that it knows are available.

Thus, by avoiding “empty” words, Google saves time and saves databases space. Say someone searches for: “carpenter in New Jersey”

In this case, the word “in” does not affect the meaning of the remaining terms, so Google would not provide them and provide results for “carpenter New Jersey”.

It’s not uncommon for users to use longer phrases like: “an adoption shelter for dogs in Boston”.

Rather than showing “dog adoption shelter Madrid” search results, Google displays “dog adoption shelter Madrid” search results.

The results are still the same with minimal or no differences, but Google doesn’t have to put in as much work as before to generate them.

3. How Do Search Engine Rankings Affect Stop Words In SEO?

SEO stop words can have an impact on rankings, but they aren’t a major ranking factor in and of themselves.

In this game, stop words are an essential part of improving Google’s algorithms in order to better match search intent.

I have a good tip for you:

Theoretical SEO shouldn’t trump readability

Content is king when it comes to SEO. Consistently.

This is the title of another post that has been popular in this blog: “SEO Writing in 2020: How to Write SEO-friendly Blog Posts.”

Could we remove the stop words to make it read better? We should remove the stop words to make it read better: “SEO Writing 2020: How to Write SEO-friendly Blog Posts”

Even though it makes sense, to me it sounds a bit fishy… it’s almost like spun content!

As a ranking factor and your page’s potential first impression, your page title is the single most important on-page SEO factor.

The following is another good tip:

Synonyms and semantics are taken into account by Google’s algorithms.

Semantically, Google does not yet understand everything, but it gets better every day.

In order to optimize both readability and technical SEO, it’s best to remove every stop word like a terminator.

Here’s how you can look at it:

If someone looped together incoherent English fragments to remove stop words, would you click the results? I doubt it.

4. When should SEO Stop Words Be Removed?

Take a moment to consider:

Search engines don’t value SEO stop words. These characters eat up valuable space in key places like the URL or the page title. Do you know what to do?

Title (meta-title) of The Page

Titles of web pages should not exceed 55 to 60 characters, including spaces, as search engines read them.

In titles, should stop words be included?


I think they should not be removed, even though this is an old debate. Search engines do not find meaning in them, but users do. We write for people, not for search engines.

In The URL

SEO-friendly URLs are important.

URLs are a ranking factor according to Neil Patel.

In more detail:

  • According to Google, URL length is ranked #46 out of 200 ranking factors
  • Path #47 is listed for the URL
  • There is a keyword #51 in the URL
  • There are 52 characters in the URL string

The URL, however, is barely noticed. To shorten a URL, it is recommended to remove SEO stop words. There are a maximum of 70 characters in a URL that can be displayed. As a rule, it is not good to edit URLs so that they are hard to read or understand.

As an example, this post’s primary keyword is “SEO stop words”


The title is: “SEO Stop Words: The Definitive Guide”

Make the URL something like this:

As follows:

So, the second URL is easy to remember, it contains my exact keyword, and it doesn’t contain any stop words.

Finally, do not eliminate stop words unless their absence would lead to a poor user experience. It is becoming increasingly difficult for Google and other search engines to distinguish empty words from useful terms. As a best practice, it is advisable to remove unnecessary words from the URL.

5. When Do Stop Words Count In SEO?

Stop words can sometimes alter the meaning of phrases or sentences.

In this case, Google’s algorithm is smart enough to take them into consideration, taking the words along with the main keyword into account when interpreting the search query.

6. Stop words According To The Experts

When writing for SEO, most experts recommend removing SEO stop words from URLs.

This affirmation is followed even by the popular Yoast plugin. Google stop words might have an unwanted effect on rankings, as well as increasing the URL’s length and making it more difficult to remember.

Does Google’s decision to stop words hurt SEO?

There is some truth to that, but not all. Good search engines want to enhance the user’s experience, and filtering out stop words would ruin that in a large percentage of cases.

Grammarly’s correct sentences must contain stop words to enhance their meaning.

These days, search engines discourage the idea that Google stop words are completely bad when in fact, avoiding them completely would be unnatural and unhelpful.

Quick Links:

Conclusion: Google Stop Words 2022

The use of excessive stop words hurts SEO, not the words themselves.

It might be a good idea to use general words and keywords as much as possible for any site, avoiding stop words when possible and only when necessary, because that may be considered a best practice by Google in terms of SEO.


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SEO PowerSuite Review & Tutorial [2022] (Pros & Cons)


If you are looking for an SEO PowerSuite Review, I am here to help you decide whether or not to invest in SEO PowerSuite.

SEO can be a difficult and time-consuming process, especially if you don’t have the right tools.

Not only is SEO difficult, but it’s also constantly changing. You need to be up-to-date on the latest changes in order to stay ahead of your competition.

SEO PowerSuite gives you everything you need to dominate your competitors. With our suite of tools, you’ll have all the data and insights you need to make informed decisions about your SEO strategy.

The very idea has already pushed many Fortune 500 companies to abide under SEO PowerSuite and turn it into the standard for website optimization.

Bottom Line Upfront : 

SEO PowerSuite is the best SEO software suite available for any OS today whether it be Mac, Windows or Linux. It comes with 4 different tools to help you with your SEO efforts: Rank Tracker, WebSite Auditor, SEO SpyGlass and LinkAssistant.

All of these tools are very easy to use and can help you improve your website’s SEO quickly and easily. In addition, the support team is always available to help you with any questions that you may have.

SEO PowerSuite is a great choice for those who are just getting started in SEO. The all-inclusive software bundle offers an affordable and easy way to get everything needed without having the need of purchasing individual apps, which can be expensive if not complimentary with other services you may already have using their cloud offerings like SEMrush or Ahrefs.

While there’s definitely some limitations when it comes down features etc., but at least on paper – especially regarding speed–this product should work well enough until your next budget period where something better might come along!

Overall, SEO PowerSuite is a great investment for any business that wants to improve their website’s SEO. I highly recommend it!

SEO PowerSuite Reviews & Ratings

Is PowerSuite worth SEO? ?

To get the most out of your software investment, the SEO PowerSuite is a must-have. More than half a million SEO professionals and website owners have already vouch for its reliability and praising its many features for their relatively modest price. It has several restrictions in terms of storage, processing speed, functionality, and other areas. As a whole, however, SEO PowerSuite is a fantastic buy.

Introduction to SEO PowerSuite software ✨✨

SEO powersuite backlinks tracking

Looking to buy SEO PowerSuit? Then you must check out this article on SEO Powersuite discount and get great deals on your purchase.

SEO PowerSuite Review & Tutorial 2022 What is SEO PowerSuite?

SEO PowerSuite Review

SEO Powersuit has been a reliable tool when it comes to on page optimization. I have used the tool for my own website as well as for my clients. The features of the tool make it easy to use and understand the data that is being generated. One of the unique features of SEO Powersuit is the TF-IDF tool. TF-IDF is a great way to determine the relevance of a keyword and can be used to find new keywords to target. Another feature that is useful for semantic SEO is the ability to see how Google is interpreting your content. Overall, I am happy with the tool and would recommend it to anyone looking for an affordable way to do on page optimization.

? 4 Majors Tools of SEO PowerSuite

  • Website Auditor – Look for problems and places for change on your website so you can correct them and increase your organic rankings.
  • Rank Tracker – This tool allows you to monitor your SERP ranks better to understand your SEO efforts better. It also provides you with several testing methods for locating low-hanging fruit terms to optimize your website.
  • SEO Spyglass – Check the strength of your link profile and review your link-build campaign. It also allows you to observe your rivals’ connectivity strategies and campaigns, which you can use to improve your own.
  • Link Assistant – Use this tool to find targets and their email accounts to contact for your link-building outreach program.

Why would I prefer SEO PowerSuite??

Using the SEO tools to boost your traffic is somewhat essential. If you are a newbie, then you would definitely need the SEO tools which would not just help you by boosting traffic but do the other tasks too.

Although, a lot of  SEO tools are available which offer lower prices as well as the effective guidance, but no one does it better than the SEO PowerSuite. Here’s why your search for the perfect SEO tool should end after using this tool:

Safe and secured

The search engines can never trace your activities, be it through your website or email. You can rely on it for the safe optimization of your website. Use this tool for your website and watch your rankings grow.

Customer Support

What I look before reviewing a product is about their customer support. Thus, this software has an extensive support for their customers. You can ask for the Quick tips by submitting a ticket with the customer support. Moreover, you can also read the Installation guide regarding the installation of the software on any Operating System.

A separate section named ‘Knowledge Base’ is available for the customers with quick tips about its tools and how to use and configure.

Flexibility in making Reports

If you are working for a company or as a freelancer and want to prepare a report about the website traffic, you can prepare it without anyone knowing about the source of creation. With a number of templates, you can use your own color and apply your company’s logo to your report. Choose whatever you want to add and prepare a report as desired.

Efficient and Precise

With a user-friendly approach and intuitive ways to use, this SEO tool is specifically designed for the newbies. Therefore, before adding a new feature everytime, they seek for the reviews from the real users. Once they find it easy to use, the new features are then approved and introduced to it.

What makes it more efficient in terms of performance is that it is overlooked by the team of experts in SEO. They check each feature twice to make it reliable. Hence, there is minimum risk of any glitches.

Updated Software


You would be amazed to know that this software updates itself about every 12 minutes. Search engines keep updating their algorithms and thus they show the updated content to its user on the top. To keep in pace with the search engines algorithms is a real challenge, and this is where this software wins over others. A team of experts keep track on about 571 search engines to check for any updates in the algorithms.  

I use it to manage my SEO campaigns, build backlinks and even audit websites using the four different tools it includes-

  1. Website Auditor
  2. Rank Tracker
  3. SEO Spyglass
  4. Link Assistant

With all 4 of these combined, SEO Powersuite can create detailed SEO reviews, track rankings in all search engines, and find your competitors backlinks to boost your website over theirs.

And one of the best parts is that this software is compatible with Mac, Windows and Linux which is rare for an SEO tool!

SEO powersuite reviews Customer

Let’s take a quick look at each of the pieces of software that is included with SEO Powersuite ?

✅1) Website Auditor Review

website auditor SEO PowerSuite Review

Website Auditor is great to get a full review of your onsite SEO.

Uses of Website Auditor

This work list scrolls down to over 200 tasks to finish in a month. Isn’t it a lot?

With SEO PowerSuite’s Website Auditor, I’m sure that I’ll be able to complete all of these activities in one month.

Never skip a deadline: The Website Auditor uses an SEO spider to inspect the entire site, including HTML, CSS, Javascript, Flash, and so on.

Increase the volume of the reports: With a single click, you can transform problems into a report and eventually access all green check markets. You should also plan for them to be sent out regularly to demonstrate progress.

SEO powersuite website audit

One-and-done: If you’re not sure how to solve a problem, the Website Auditor gives you step-by-step guidance, so you don’t have to scour forums for answers.

Enhance the application’s information: This is perhaps my favorite feature of Website Auditor because it allows me to refine the meta title and meta definition from inside the program.

Finding a website auditor that is simple to use and quick should be right up there with finding food, shelter, and accommodation. It’s a must. That is why we recommend the SEO PowerSuite Website Auditor.

  • Downloads information from your site
  • Checks for onsite problems
  • Create customisable detailed reports

website auditor page ranking factors



website auditor sitemap generator - SEO PowerSuite Review



website auditor advanced-grouping - SEO PowerSuite Review


The main function of Website Auditor is to locate onsite SEO issues that you can fix.

  • Indexing and crawlability errors — pages restricted from indexing, pages with 4xx/5xx status codes, robots.txt and sitemap.xml setup.
  • Redirects — pages with 302/301 redirect, pages with rel=”canonical”, pages with refresh.
  • Encoding and technical factors — pages with Flash and frames, “heavy” pages, etc.
  • Issues with URLs — dynamic URLs and URLs that are too long.
  • Links — pages with too many outgoing links, broken links, dofollow external links.
  • Content issues — empty/duplicate/too long titles, empty/too long meta descriptions, thin-content pages.

My Review

Website Auditor works perfectly to audit our ON-page SEO. It gives the complete detail of the ON page SEO and analyze your website by arranging it well.

Moreover, it becomes quite tedious when you SEO audit a website on your own. The website auditor does this job well and quickly completes the SEO audit on its own. The most important aspect of the website’s performance is its content. This tool analyzes your content and suggest you the desired changes.

You can choose a number of pages from your website and then analyze the performance of your keywords. The auditor would immediately correct the desired errors and dispel your ON- page SEO performance to you.

Know your keywords relevancy or its prominence by using TF-IDF. This feature displays you the result in comparison to your competitor about a specific keyword. For example, you can compare the frequency of your keyword in your content by comparing it with the competitor’s page. If the TF-IDF score is low, this means that your keywords must be used more.

To conclude, I would say this tool is a user friendly and has quite intuitive interface. You can look deeper into your contents or any errors such as the broken links or excessive use of keywords. If you are a newbie, then you must use this tool to optimize your ON-page SEO.

✅ 2) Rank Tracker Review

RankTracker can be used to track a variety of rankings across the web.

  • Search and compare rankings in over 300 search engines
  • Check rankings for hundreds of URLs and keywords
  • track your competitors
  • Create customisable reports

But most importantly you own all of the data!

Set Up Reporting & Tracking

The secret to a successful SEO campaign is accurate reporting. And, thanks to keyword reporting, Client rivals clients and continue to create personalization campaigns to help expand their companies, which is among the most influential reporting indicators an SEO organization can harness. Rank Tracker is a keyword tracking application used in SEO PowerSuite.

Here are a few of my favorite characteristics:

Limitless tracking:

Have you ever fallen in love with a keyword rating platform only to discover that it only records 30 keywords per customer without requiring an additional $100 upgrade? Yes, it is aggravating. The good news is that you can log an infinite number of keywords with Rank Tracker.

Geolocation from Tampa to Seattle:

Rank Tracker lets you watch national and local keyword rankings so you can get as detailed as you will need for your customer. You have the option of choosing a nation, state, region, or even an exact address.

Removes the guesswork from keyword research:

Rank Tracker prioritizes and selects the best keywords for aiming by determining the Keyword Difficulty for each keyword.

Effective reporting:

You can schedule your keyword rankings data to send to your customer at the same time each month, fortnight, or day, much like many other functionalities in SEO PowerSuite. You should keep track of your rivals.

To offer complete SEO services to my customers, I need a clear understanding of their scores and visual help to display the highest performing keywords that are driving traffic.

Your client will have a complete understanding of what you are doing and what needs to be done next as all of this keyword data is included in one paper.

Mechanisms of keyword suggestion

keyword-research-methods ranktracker

Adding competitors to Rank Tracker project

competitors-sm ranktracker - SEOPowerSuit Review

Comparing rankings and ranking progress for a number of sites

competitors-sm ranktracker - SEOPowerSuit Review

Quick checks of search volume and competition for keywords

competition-n-searches-sm - SEOPowerSuit Review

Checking rankings in any search engine with a click of a button

available-search-engines-sm - SEOPowerSuit Review


Keeping rankings history over time

SEOPowerSuit Review - history-records-sm

Visual demonstration of your rankings progress

progress-graph - seopowersuit

Comprehensive ranking reports

ranking reports SEO PowerSuite

My Review

Rank Tracker gives you the complete guidance to improve and track your page ranking. You can always track the keywords or you can also track the pages which are performing well and which aren’t. This would help you to improve and focus more on the pages which aren’t performing well.

A search engine result page (SERP) is incredibly important for the page ranking. Thus, the Rank tracker traces the SERP features from your content and this lets you know about various SERP features you can rely on. More the SERP features, more will be traffic.

You can always schedule certain tasks using the Rank Tracker. Choose a specific date and time to check search engine rankings, update keyword or publish reports. You can also insert endless amount of keywords, there’s no limitation to the keywords.

Even if you are a newbie, you wouldn’t face any difficulties in analyzing the Rank. You just need to enter the site name and enter endless keywords. Choose the search engines on which you want to analyze your rank. Sit back and watch your report prepare by itself!!

✅3) SEO Spyglass Review

SEO Spyglass is great for spying on your competitor’s backlinks easily.

  • Search and download backlinks from a wide range of sources
  • Find your own or your competitor’s backlinks
  • Compare your competitor’s link profiles
  • Create customisable detailed reports

Spy on Your Competitors

Backlinks are essential for any website, from guest blog posts to directories. It’s easy to get caught up in your competitors’ backlinks, mainly if they’re growing month after month. Could your instinct be to start sending out emails over and over in the hopes of gaining traction…right? Not so easy, my friend. SEO SpyGlass helps you to spy on your rivals’ backlinks and clean up any spammy backlinks that could lead to a Google penalty.

Cleaning up ties: You may be surprised and ask if any ties were removed. If Penguin penalizes your website, you’ll have to go through a connection cleanup process that may take months. analytics that are visually appealing: The days of charts and graphs and long, exhausting hours of recording are over; the report dashboard now shows you what you need to know.

See rivals and compare their ties.: That’s one thing I like about SEO SpyGlass: I can match five of my competitors’ backlinks side by side.

Discover the most effective link-building strategies: This one’s for you if you’re unsure where, to begin with, connection building: SEO SpyGlass shows 50+ connection consistency factors! You can segment by Alexa Rank, domain age, and various other factors.

Documenting: SEO SpyGlass still has you covered if you’re looking for a simple way to report backlinks. Backlink analyses that review anchor text and other nerdy fun stuff can be automated. You may also add the company’s logo and colors to the article.

When it comes to creating backlinks, it’s easy to get lost in the weeds, particularly if you’re trying to catch up to your competitors. Bringing the strength of SEO SpyGlass into play, though, necessitates obtaining a complete picture of backlinks. Before you even start sending emails, SEO SpyGlass supercharges your backlink review.

Competition research in 294 supported search engines

SEO spyglass features

Locating backlinks of competing websites

competition-research-sm SEOspyglass

Analysis of links


Keyword analysis to determine relevance of links

anchor-text-title-sm - SEO PowerSuite Review

Determining link value of each link

link-value-sm - SEO PowerSuite Review

Advanced analysis of backlinks

backlink-analysis-sm - SEO PowerSuite Review


Indicating potential traffic sources

alexa-rank-sm - SEO PowerSuite Review


Report on competition research

alexa-rank-sm - SEO PowerSuite Review

SEO Success Blueprint

SEO Success Blueprint

My Review

Backlinks are extremely important for the website’s traffic. Thus, the SEO Spyglass uses backlinks from their database, Google Analytics or even Google Search Console to or both to analyze the backlink performance.

You can use penalty risk to filter the harmful backlinks. Use SEO Spyglass to compare your backlink profiles with up to 5 other sites. All you have to do is to add new domain by clicking Domain comparison and you can get the reports on various factors.  

It is a great tool for monitoring any link building campaign and you can get any backlinks you want of your competition!

✅ 4) Link Assistant Review

Link Assistant helps you get new backlinks & manage the outreach process.

  • Identifies potential linking partners
  • Offers a mass mailing tool for large email campaigns
  • Keeps track of your outreach campaigns

SEO powersuite testimonials

The LinkAssistant application is a game-changer! It enables you to concentrate on a single link-building strategy prospect despite conducting manual analysis. Trust me when I say that your clients would appreciate it.

Here are some of the various types of prospects you will find in LinkAssistant:

You’ll still be looking for new backlink opportunities to develop your backlink profile, whether you’re an in-house SEO or a freelance SEO consultant. It is unavoidable. It can be challenging to build up your backlink profile, even though you’re scrappy and slim. 

I’ve streamlined my backlink method by using LinkAssistant.

1.Define your objectives: Decide if you want to maximize the number of guest blog entries, directories, or product reviews. What sorts of opportunities you like can be determined by your objectives?
2. Identify high-potential leads: Your prospects should be chosen based on the nature of their internet presence. When assessing prospects, Sort by domain authority and social shares.
3. Continue to develop the relationship: After analyzing their online presence, I’ll start reaching out to my leads. LinkAssistant lets you make your email models and send emails to prospects right from the app. Send an email to your connected prospects, and your email prototype will accompany you.
4. Tracking status: One of LinkAssistant’s best features is its ability to track

the condition of your addresses. For e.g., if I send an outreach email twice,

LinkAssistant will automatically update the status for me. You can also manually edit this if necessary.

Unlimited number of websites to promote in 457 search engines

Your backlinks are your lifeline, according to any SEO expert. We focus on generating genuine, high-quality content that automatically creates backlinks at Search Engine Journal. Still, I’m also a big fan of contests, niche directories, and other topical blogs that may be involved in forming partnerships.

link assistant search engine


Promotion of many pages of the same site:


6 methods of link partner search reinforced with relevance and quality filters:


Automatic form-filler for link exchange forms:

auto-fill-sm - SEO Powersuite review


Personalized link exchange requests:

personal-emails-sm - SEO Powersuite review

Email client specially tuned for link exchange:


Automatic or user-defined keyword variation in link anchor texts and descriptions:

vary-anchor-texts-sm- SEO Powersuite review


Generation of Google-friendly link directories with categories and subcategories:

categories-sm- SEO Powersuite review


Quick and careful fitting of link directory into the current site’s design:

link-directory-sm-SEO Powersuite review


Secure FTP upload and re-upload of link directory to the website:

ftp-settings-sm - SEO Powersuite review

Precise link partner check

verification-sm -SEO Powersuite review


Advanced use of proxies, Google API, human emulation and multiple user agents:

proxy-rotation-sm - SEO Powersuite review

My Review

With the Link Assistant, you can reach any blog or website. With this, you can select the most appropriate way to search for your link partner. There are a number of ways to choose the partner for link. After choosing the sites, you can send them the emails with just a click.

It also works as an email. You can link your email to this software and you will be able to manage and send your emails using this software. Choose among the list of the templates you want to use and start sending them.

Quality researched keywords

When you search for some random topics on a search engine, then the engine looks for the websites which capture the most or the entire part of the typed search query. A good SEO consultant is one which uses a very reliable and researched set of these words also known as keywords. As an owner to the website you will be assisted well for choosing these keywords.

So get ready to suit up your presence in the online market with SEO PowerSuite, and move closer to the riches click after click. It uses the science behind SEO by working on quality keywords which push you ahead in securing new levels of online profiting.

A team of programming experts and SEO professionals are working dynamically to keep you updated with every small change being made in the search engine to maintain your ranking.

SEO PowerSuite Review

Microscopic approach

Many choose SEO because it provides with long term stability and also saves you the expense of online marketing. But your SEO should keep your website under microscope and focus on your campaigning via backlinks. A backlink is an off page optimisation measure which contains the hyperlink to the site which is to be optimized.

A backlink is the most fruitful and equally time consuming among the various kinds of search engine optimisation services which may otherwise even involve overhauling of your website HTML.

It is because of these reasons that SEO is not meant for those who just entered the game and think that buying an SEO will give them a jumpstart.

SEO PowerSuite Review

Website auditing options

As the best-proven SEO service, SEO PowerSuite provides resolution for the various ranking issues and deficits. The Website Auditors give you all the control to the website so as to maximize its architecture to suit your needs. You are not even needed to be an expert at this and yet you will find yourself carrying out all the coding and structure related aspects.

An optimization procedure varies to all sorts of lengths; it can be macro or even micro. Even an auditing can last to extensive paperwork, depending on the size of the company. But on the other end of the spectrum it will also effectively spot out the on page issues such as missing titles and contents lagging a strong frame.

Leading tool in the market

SEO powersuite Achievements

The software has been tested by 500,000 SEO experts and site owners. The product is fully loaded with tools like advanced link management tools to help you boost your websites popularity just like a whey protein. Also it provides you an upper hand with its SEO SpyGlass that uncovers your competitors’ linking strategy to keep you ahead. After a thorough reading, an SEO Success Blueprint is mapped to provide the desired traffic to your website.

Turning this entire four software tool packet into a high-value product, the company provides you with customer support to aid you throughout from beginner’s question to system configuration and even SEO advisory. So just sit back and enjoy doing your business with its constantly updated software while working on any of the Win PCs, Mac computers or even a Linux system, whichever you feel like using.

SEO PowerSuite Review

Feel the action

The sooner you join these SEO things with flexible contents, unique keywords and backlinks at correct places, the stronger will be your position in the online market which a newbie will find quite difficult to reach. With SEO PowerSuite you will achieve a steady, gradual, but lasting growth in online rankings by dealing with the issues and potential threats that an audit uncovers.

SEO PowerSuite will help will you improvise on the search friendliness of your website; implement well researched keywords to climb the ranking, and also execute a well planned search engine optimization campaign. SEO is a process of quality and not quantity, hence never fell for volumetric directory submissions because it is the biggest wastage of time in the industry.

The high volume submission will only land you paying for the volume and nothing else, while your entire plan will appear cheap and compromised.

Search for the Safety Settings option

Global market share of search engines in January 2021 Via Statista

If you’ve read this far, you’ve also seen that the SEO PowerSuite primarily crawls the web for auditing purposes and scratches Google data for connection prospects. As you might be aware, performing Google searches frequently will result in captchas and pauses. As a result, the SEO PowerSuite includes search protection settings. Here are the three choices for securely searching with SEO PowerSuite.

  • Human Simulation – This helps you add a pause between automated queries and between scrolling between SERP sites.
  • Device Agents – This allows you to imitate requests to Google from a variety of user agents, such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, or specific websites, such as Facebook. You will customize the user agents.
  • Proxy Maintenance – If you have got a proxy subscription or a directory of operating proxies, you can use this page to join those proxies.
  • CAPTCHA Settings – The captchas are the big issue of persistent Googling. You can use SEO PowerSuite to get an anti-captcha facility. There are paying utilities, but they are very inexpensive.

A built-in SEO PowerSuite anti-block solution is available to both Pro and Enterprise users. There’s no need to pay for private proxies or an anti-captcha system. Instead of running searches from users’ machines and IP addresses, the device helps us process all web search scans from your end. For the time being, the Search Safety options are only included in the Free edition.

Quick Links

✅ SEO Powersuite Follows Google New Guideline Core Web Vitals :

Core web vitals

Are good SEO tools worth the costs?

For any agency or freelancer, SEO can be intimidating. It’s much more challenging to check on your SEO strategies and practices. For a long time, that kept me from playing with various SEO techniques. I can give my clients a simple, straightforward solution to SEO marketing thanks to SEO PowerSuite. Each customer, website, and SEO campaign presents its own set of difficulties, so as long as you improve your method and monitor your practices, you’ll improve.

What aspects of your SEO approach do you think should be improved? What are the techniques you’re now employing? How are they assisting you in your development? SEO PowerSuite enables me to do what I might never have been able to achieve on my own. It gives me the strength and skills of a five-person SEO squad in one instrument.

Pricing of SEO PowerSuite Review

Features and Editions of SEOpowersuite

Now on to the big question – what does all this cost?

There are several different plans:

  • Free edition – This is effectively an unlimited free trial, features are limited but it’s a great way to try before you buy.
  • Professional ($299) – Work with unlimited websites with all essential functionality.
  • Enterprise ($699) –You get all the professional features with the addition of reporting and data exports. This is perfect if you manage clients.

White hat approach to success

By implementing the SEO PowerSuite you can slim the coding structures in accordance with the search engine guidelines. These guidelines are often fouled by some black hat SEO services, which try to achieve high rankings by exploiting the loop holes in search engine algorithms. This negative approach not only short lives but may also put your website in harm’s way and jeopardise your business.

SEO PowerSuite affiliate program!

SEOpowersuite affiliate program

Refer customers to their site and get your commission from each sale you make.

SEO Powersuite Review Pros & Cons


  • Track your search engine rankings easily with Rank Tracker
  • Optimise your sites, posts and pages with Website Auditor
  • Identify competitor link building opportunities and penalty risk with SEO SpyGlass
  • Manage blogger outreach campaigns easily with LinkAssistant tool.
  • Customise your workspaces in each tool to work how you want to
  • Each tool has detailed reporting functionality and you can check minute details too of each campaigns.


  • Additional licenses required if you want to run on multiple computers (to be expected with software)
  • Some tools are built around old school SEO tactics (they can still be used effectively for present day SEO but would be good if it was brought more up to date)

FAQ’s on  SEO Powersuite Review

What is the SEO PowerSuite toolkit, and what does it include?

SEO PowerSuite is a set of resources for performing various SEO tasks. It includes four separate program tools: LinkAssistant, SEO SpyGlass, WebSite Auditor, and RankTracker. You may try out individual SEO resources or purchase the full SEO PowerSuite to take advantage of the whole website marketing product suite.

What are the different forms of SEO PowerSuite licenses available?

SEO PowerSuite is available in three different license types: free, professional, and enterprise. Comparing various SEO PowerSuite licenses is easy with this tab.

How many licenses am I required to purchase?

SEO PowerSuite is sold on a per-user basis. This ensures that a certificate is required for each user of the tools.

Is it possible to use SEO PowerSuite on several machines with a single license key?

SEO PowerSuite applications are licensed on a per-user basis. If you can run an application on two or more computers with the same license key, you can only access it on one of them at a time. If you want to operate the program simultaneously on multiple computers, you must buy several licenses. Find the following money-saving deals. Please contact their support staff if you’re involved in a customized multi-user kit.

Do SEO Powersuite provide customer support?

Both registered Link-Assistant.Com clients and testers of our software’s beta edition are entitled to complimentary customer assistance. This ensures that you will get a response to your request within one business day. The answer time is usually up to 12 hours but can be somewhat longer on weekends and holidays. However, both truly critical and significant matters are promptly discussed. There are many methods for obtaining assistance with our software. You may either search our Knowledgebase for an answer to your query, build a help ticket, use the Live chat option (available throughout our business hours), or join their Facebook User Group to interact with other SEO enthusiasts and our support specialists.

Is my order with SEO Powersuite secure?

Indeed! their website’s order forms are hosted on a protected server that utilizes cryptography technologies to shield all purchases from unwanted viewing to safeguard their clients. Your sensitive information is protected and will not be shared with any other party.

How and where will the license key be obtained after the placement of an order?

A receipt email will be submitted after the invoice has been made. This validation email contains instructions and the license keys. If you have not received an email from us within two or three hours of placing your order, it is most likely that your spam filter has blocked an email from our server. Please search your Junk or Spam folders for emails from the @link-assistant.com domain and ensure that your spam filter accepts emails from the @link-assistant.com domain. If this does not resolve the problem, please open a support ticket with their support desk. A customer service representative can contact you as quickly as possible.

Is there an affiliate marketing service available?

Their partner network is a sure-fire way to raise additional revenue. You just refer customers to their website and — if they make an order — you will earn up to $ 197 in commission on the sale!

What platforms is SEO Powersuite available?

SEO Powersuite is a great cross-platform SEO software suite that works for Mac, Windows and Linux computers.

What are Search Algo Updates in SEO Powersuite?

Search Algo Updates is a great way to ensure that you’re always on top of the latest search engine updates. This subscription with SEO Powersuite monitors Google algorithmic changes, and when they occur it makes necessary adjustments in your software data so everything stays up-to date!

What is the price of SEO Powersuite?

The SEO Powersuite has a freemium plan that costs you $299 for the premium version and another price of $699 if one wants to go with their enterprise package. All plans come updated forever, free!

What are the tools available in SEO Powersuite?

SEO Powersuite comes with a variety of powerful apps to help you maintain your ranking on Google. Rank Tracker, SEO Spyglass and Website Auditor can all be used for tracking progress in real time.

How does SEO Powersuite compare to Ahrefs?

I think it’s clear that Ahrefs comes in with more tools and data. But SEO Powersuite offers significantly cheaper prices than their competitor, so if you are looking for value for money then this platform will work best!

How does SEO Powersuite compare to SEMRush?

SEMRush may be the most popular SEO tool, but if you’re on a budget and looking for value then it’s worth checking out SEO Powersuite. It has all of these features that SEMrush does with less expensive pricing!

Is PowerSuite worth SEO?

SEO PowerSuite is a great tool for improving your SEO process. You can use it to track your activities and improve your results.

Is SEO PowerSuite safe?

SEO PowerSuite’s Safe Query Mode keeps your computer safe while you are checking your website’s ranking. The mode is free for all paid SEO PowerSuite users and is not available in the Free version.

Is SEO PowerSuite free?

SEO PowerSuite is available in three versions: Free, Professional, and Enterprise. The Professional and Enterprise versions include 6 months of search algo updates. The Pro version costs $299 and the Enterprise version costs $699.

What is better than Ahrefs?

If you need to be aware of ranking changes, then you will need to track your rankings more than once a week. In terms of rank tracking, SEO Powersuite is better than Ahrefs. They both do what rank trackers are supposed to do: track your rankings. But SEO Powersuite updates more often and has more features.

SEO Powersuite Testimonials & Reviews From Customers

Seo powersuite reviews online

SEO PowerSuite Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews of link-assistant.com Via TrustPilot.com

SEO PowerSuite Reviews Read Customer Service Reviews of link-assistant.com 2

SEO PowerSuite Pricing, Alternatives & More from Capterra

SEO PowerSuite Pricing, Alternatives & More Capterra

SEO PowerSuite Reviews Details, Pricing, & Features Via G2.com

SEO PowerSuite Reviews Details, Pricing, & Features G2

SEO PowerSuite Reviews & Ratings Via TrustRadius.com

SEO PowerSuite Reviews & Ratings

Best SEO PowerSuite Alternatives

Discover the top SEO PowerSuite alternatives for consumers who want new software capabilities or desire to experiment with various solutions. SEO software is a popular technology, and many individuals are looking for simple, dependable software solutions for keyword research, search engine rank tracking, and backlink monitoring. Other key elements to consider while studying SEO PowerSuite competitors are features.

We’ve produced a list of alternatives and rivals to SEO PowerSuite that reviewers voted on, including Semrush, Ahrefs, Moz Pro, and SE Ranking.

1) SEMRush

SEO professionals know that SEMrush is essential for understanding your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses. With SEMrush, you can spy on your competition to see what’s working well for them and adapt your own strategy accordingly.

SEMrush has a wealth of data and features that can help you leap ahead of your competitors and dominate your industry. Here are some of the most useful ones:

1. Keyword database: SEMrush has one of the largest keyword databases in the world, which makes it easy to find the right keywords for your site.

2. SEO audits: SEMrush audits your site to find areas where you can improve your SEO rankings.

3. AdWords campaigns: See how your competition is using AdWords to drive traffic to their sites.

4. website ranking: See how your website compares to your competitors in terms of search engine ranking.

5. Social media insights: See how well your competitors are doing on social media and adapt your own strategy accordingly.

6. And much more! With SEMrush, you have everything you need to outsmart, outrank, and outperform your competition. Sign up for a free trial today to see for yourself!

Semrush in numbers: – Over 800 million unique domains monitored for 142 geo databases – Over 43 trillion backlinks – 21 billion keywords – Over 10 million users who have tried Semrush

SEMrush Review

SEMrush customer review

2) SE Ranking

SE Ranking is an all-inclusive SEO software that offers all the SEO tools needed to successfully complete online marketing projects. It’s perfect for small business owners, SEO pros, and agencies.

The software provides a complete set of tools for keyword position tracking and research, website audit, competitor analysis, keyword suggestion and grouping, backlink monitoring, automated professional reporting, and much more. Besides the standard SEO tools, it offers a set of additional features such as White Label, Social Media Management and Marketing Plan aimed at bringing your professional digital services to a whole new level.

All of these tools are available on one platform within the same user-friendly interface. This makes SE Ranking an ideal choice for those looking for an all-in-one solution to their SEO needs.

Use SE Ranking SEO tools to monitor and improve your search engine marketing campaign—and is easy to use for any kind of business. It will help you stay ahead of competition and get the results that matter most.

SE ranking G2 reviews

Take advantage of SE Ranking free 14-day trial to get acquainted with, you know, one of the most trusted SEO platforms.

Wrapping Up : SEO PowerSuite Review 2022

SEO PowerSuite is an all-in-one SEO toolkit that can help you with a variety of tasks, from onpage optimization to link building and competitor analysis.

The toolkit is available as a standalone desktop application or as a cloud-based app. The standalone desktop app offers more features and is faster, but the cloud-based app is more affordable.

One of the best things about SEO PowerSuite is its TF-IDF tool, which can help you identify keywords that your competitors are targeting. The tool also includes a number of features related to semantic SEO, which can help you improve your website’s rank in SERPS.

Overall, SEO PowerSuite is a great tool for anyone looking to improve their website’s SEO. It’s affordable, easy to use, and includes a number of features that can help you boost your website’s ranking.

Join them on  Facebook, Twitter & LinkedinIf you have got more to add about it, do let us know by commenting below.

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How to Create Content That Actually Drives Links


When it comes to content marketing, it’s no secret that a well-balanced mix of owned, paid and earned media is critical to success. To truly create a comprehensive plan, one that effectively captures customers, marketers must consider that the lines between each of these three types of media has blurred–one influencing the other and vice versa. And therefore, the solid approach will no longer cut it. Instead, you must choreograph the successful interplay of these three types of media.

How to Create Content That Actually Drives Links

According to the Content Marketing Institute, more than 80% of both B2B and B2C marketers said they create and then host content on their own assets–owned media. Additionally, 92% of B2C marketers and 80% of B2B marketers said they used at least one paid advertising method to promote and/or distribute content. Unlike owned and paid, earned media can’t be fully controlled from the comfort of a corporate armchair, making this the most difficult of the three-part mixed-marketing plan to influence and acquire.

But it’s impact cannot be ignored. Webbed Feed reported that 92% of consumers say they trust earned media, while only half trust paid ads. Earned media drives 4 times the brand lift of paid media and 51% of millennials are more likely to be influenced by earned media, according to BazaarVoice. And Conductor reported that lead generation driven by earned media out-performs lead generation driven by paid media by a delta of 10-15%. Earned media is a veritable unicorn–magical, powerful and beautiful.

This type of media is the most influential of the trio. In fact, it is this modern equivalent of classic word of mouth that will differentiate the content marketing standard from the stellar in the years to come.

Typically, earned media is sparked from supremely effective uses of paid and owned media. From there, people share, tweet, comment and, in the best cases, link to your content in their own posts. The challenge: You can’t force people (at least not in good conscience) to share or link to your content. What’s more, you can’t predict with 100% certainty whether or not your efforts will result in links. You can, however, be smarter about the content you produce.

With a bit of strategic research, some carefully penned content, and a few tweaks to both readability and format, you can increase the likelihood that you will earn links.

1. Don’t reinvent the wheel


How Social Media Can Project Your Business Reputation

There’s no shortage of content out there. Social media automation company Buffer admitted to losing 50 percent of their viewership due to what’s being called the Content Crush. Buffer’s content curators argue that this content crush–or excessive amount of available content–makes it even harder to create a splash in the Internet ocean.

To overcome this, it’s more imperative than ever for marketers to use the insights from content that’s already driving traffic as a springboard for their own original articles. Ensure that your content doesn’t become yet another article that doesn’t yield results by doing your homework. Take a look at what’s already catching reader attention through the use of one of the many online tools. Just pick a keyword, and start searching.

  • Google Search: A simple Google search will show you the results Google (and therefore readers) deem most useful. Review these results, taking note of style and format. Then, think of ways you can improve upon it or put a fresh spin that you don’t already see represented in what you find.
  • Buzzsumo: Buzzsumo is a content intelligence tool. While this tool may not prove useful to laypeople, to businesses seeking to capture attention with content, it provides invaluable information necessary for strategic planning. To use the content intelligence tool, simply enter any topic or domain, such as customer service techniques or forbes.com to return a list of high-performing articles. You can filter by date, language, content type and more. The list of results also includes the total number of shares broken down by social network.
  • Ahrefs: Ahrefs.com monitors keywords, backlinks and brand mentions through the use of a proprietary web crawler. Take the content you’ve gathered from google search and Buzzsumo, and use Ahrefs backlink checker to see who’s linking to it. Keep that in mind when youÕre writing, because you can frame your content specifically for a particular website or audience.

Ahrefs also offers a Content Explorer, similar to the one offered by BuzzSumo, allowing you to identify the most shared content relevant to your business. Also explore here some high quality backlinks methods which can help you get more organic traffic.

2. Think about searchers queries

If you want other businesses to link to your article, you need to think like content marketers –their content marketers. What are they going to search when researching support for their own articles? To create reliable and professional articles, these writers will likely look for statistics and data to support their arguments. Increase the probability that they land on your article by pairing the keyword with the words they might include in an attempt to narrow their search results. Try words similar to:

Attention : Hootsuite Review: Top Reasons to Buy Hootsuite(Pros & Cons)

  • Facts
  • Information
  • Data
  • Statistics
  • Benchmarks
  • Best Practices

When you couple the above with your keyword, and you’ve significantly increased your link intent. You increase the likelihood that content developers will find and use your article to support the arguments they’re making in their own content.

3. Crown your content with a killer headline

According to Copyblogger, 8 out of 10 people will read headline copy, but only 2 out of 10 will read the remainder of the text. You have literally a couple of seconds to snag a scanner’s attention. “The Father of Advertising”, David Ogilvy urged advertisers to remember the importance of the headline, famously saying, On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.

Do your headlines need some TLC? Making your headlines engaging isn’t quite as hard as you may think. While you’ll still need to flex some creative muscle to pen a headline that shines, following some basic rules can make your headline immediately more appealing:

  • Include a number or other specific data (i.e. Quick Ways to Increase Conversions by 50%)
  • Make it a list title (i.e. The 7 Secrets to Busting Belly Fat)
  • Stick to odd numbers Ñoddly enough, according to the Content Marketing Institute, readers tend to believe them more
  • Use a colon or hyphen in the headline
  • Make the headline a question to get readers thinkingÑand clicking
  • Include rationale or a reason why the reader should go deeper
  • Write with a sense of urgency

4. Provide actionable raw data

Many searchers take to the web seeking a specific fact or figure. How about giving them what they want? People looking for a statistics absolutely hate slogging through an entire article to get it. Providing tables or charts can help readers easily access and digest information, endearing them to your simple and easy style.

5. Write with the web in mind

This may go without saying, but articles that drive links are typically engaging, scannable and easy to digest. Online readers aren’t really reading they’re scanning. Serve up content in bite-sized chunks, using bulleted lists and subheads to break it up. Content that’s easy to absorb is easy to share. And be sure to pay attention to readability. While flowery language reminiscent of a writer from the Romantic era may sound fancy and be pleasing to the ear, it’s going to turn-off your average reader. Twenty-one percent of adults read at a fifth grade level, so your lofty sounding prose, rich in jargon, will likely find a small audience.

6. Obtain powerful quotes

Including quotes from experts and/or industry influencers is one of the most effective ways to boost the credibility of your content. Again, it’s important that the quotes are relevant to the source content, are accurate and add value to the reader. This is also a great way to generate more links to your site: if you include a link to your expert’s site from your content, they may return the favor.

Attention : BuzzBundle Review:Drive Traffic with Powerful SMM Tool

7. DonÕt forget the design

Impressing a modern Internet user is far more difficult than it was back when the whole idea was shiny and new. Today, web searchers donÕt just want information. They want information that’s dressed up and topped with a bow. A poorly designed website can hurt your credibility just as much as a website containing weak copy. By creating an attractive website to frame your content, you can capture the discriminating web searcher and make yourself–and your content–seem legitimate and worthy of attention.

Bonus: Make it worth their while

There’s a growing trend among content providers, offering a meaningful incentives or bonus content to readers who finish an entire article. This typically requires the reader to enter their email address or share the content on their social media networks before gaining access. People like positive reinforcement, so getting something for actually attending to an entire article–a feat in these frenetic times–can provide the little extra motivation that readers need to both finish and share your articles.

What other tips and strategies do you use for creating high-performing content? 


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Audit URL And Content Within Minutes


Powerful tools in SEO today have become a necessity for online marketers. They save us a lot of time, money and hard work. This is why today I am writing a review on one of the best SEO tools which I have been using for a while, it is called URL Profiler, it is a tool to manage URLs which not only audits links, social data & content but also helps you to improve the ranking of your web page.  URL profiler carries out numerous checks on a list of URL’s which help in increasing links classification.

It is very efficient in retrieving a big array of links and social media data with no limits and constraints. This software can be your secret weapon like Cristiano Ronaldo has been for Man United.

URL Profiler Team

url profiler review homepage


URL profiler is a bulk data tool for SEO’s which analyses the content and the link data. This software is amazingly incredible when it comes to cut down your valuable time, while collecting data. With the help of this application you can run everything the way you want to. The link audit is made simple with this application; we start by compiling as much information as possible from all the different SEO tools accessible to us.

After combining all the data we put it into the URL profiler, through a single file and then subsequently loaded. Importing of URL part is very easy since it accepts many common types of formats, CSV or TXT file can be compiled with the data you want to analyze. You can either upload or import files from the popular SEO tools like Google webmaster, Moz, Majestic SEO or screaming frog. The maximum of threads for your machine is determined by the speed of your machine and internet connection.

ATTENTION:Backlink Building Tools: Best Link Building Software



Download your 14 day trial

Uses of URL Profiler

url profiler review feature

URL profiler is useful in many ways, but the most frequent is Link Prospecting, like there are customer prospects, similarly we have prospect links. We upload thousands of links on the URL profiler and pull back hundreds of quality metrics to help determine the best links for your extensive efforts.

Link characteristics are the other characteristic feature which is very crucial for avoiding penalties from Google, while using thousands of links and social media data URL profiler can be used to classify abundance of links to avoid Google penalties or the algorithms drop.  They say content is king, but for successful campaigns even king has to undergo an audit.

 URL profiler is also very useful in auditing content, through this application you can connect to the Google analytics and perform a full content audit on your webpage. This not only will help to check the plagiarized content, but also assist in spotting out the best, worst or most poor performing content.

You can also go for a copyscape or redability score if you believe the website you are auditing might have been scraped or might have built links through spun content.  The URL profiler returns the contact page of the website, the anchor text of the link to your site.

url profiler review features

Another appreciable feature of this product is the domain field, it returns it in the exact format you need for the disavow.txt file.
Some extra features of URL profiler include is email harvesting, it’s about scraping & harvesting email addresses and extracting websites,  retrieving social shares metrics for domain and URLs, checks thousands of URLs without any proxies and that too very quickly, finding social accounts Twitter, Facebook, Google + or Liinkedin links.

If we go deeper it fetches the who is email address without captchas , checks the page speed through Google’s Page Speed service to fetch score and stats. The further URL profiler also checks the HTTP status for each URL and returns end results for redirects. It also quickly and quietly scans for backlinks and gives in depth anchor information along with retrieving traffic, rank and link data without any proxies.

 url profiler review package

The insights which URL Profiler provides gives you an edge over your competitors as it runs so fast that you can spot out opportunities in just a couple of minutes which were previously taking hours. You are going to save a big number of hours as it checks Search Engine access using robots and canonical information.

Download your 14 day trial

Free Trial and Pricing

url profiler review pricing

URL Profiler comes with a free trial version as well. You do not need to pay any money or need any kind of card to avail services of URL Profiler. After filling some relevant information you can avail the trial version of the URL Profiler totally free of cost. The trial version is valid for 7 days, post that you need to upgrade to the basic version costing you 9.95 Pounds. URL Profiler price is very pocket-friendly compared to other market players of URL mining.

The plan is a onetime purchase, no big or long duration contacts are actually required. They give heavy discounts if you buy their pro plan. There is no subscriber limit for the accounts you are using.  What really keeps URL profiler above the market competitors is that URL Profiler is giving personal tailor made services in depth and quick good service for troubleshooting the bug.

URL Profiler Affiliate Program

URL Profiler Affiliate Programme

URL Profiler Summary

url profiler review pricing

URL Profiler is a super best and powerful links auditing tool, this can be said very convincingly after going through the whole features of the product. This comes up with fantastic features which give your SEO campaign a big boost. It is till date and comes with very much user friendly interface. There are various plans from free to 9.95 Pounds. URL Profiler is the easiest and quickest product today to make links audits. The consistency and excellent customer support are what will make you passionate while using this product.

Download your 14 day trial


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✅ How To Become SEO Expert With Deepak Shukla (Step By Step Guide)


Affiliate disclosure: In full transparency – some of the links on our website are affiliate links, if you use them to make a purchase we will earn a commission at no additional cost for you (none whatsoever!).

This interview will give you insights on becoming SEO Expert and how to make money doing SEO. Deepak Shukla who is a SEO Expert and the CEO of Pearl Lemon, an award-winning SEO agency in London. He has a track record of optimising and ranking websites higher in search engines by offering bespoke SEO recommendations. He is SEO Expert in London & Local SEO Expert UK.

We had a long chat on building SEO agency & how Deepak is helping his UK clients to rank higher on SERP.

Check out his interview & learn to build 6 fig. SEO Agency : 


✅ Make Money Online With FAQ’S: 



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Jitendra Vaswani

Jitendra Vaswani is a Digital Marketing Practitioner & international keynote speaker currently living digital nomad lifestyle and founder of  internet marketing blog BloggersIdeas.com & Digital Marketing Agency DigiExe. During his more than 8 years long expertise in Digital Marketing, Jitendra has been a marketing consultant, trainer, speaker and author of “Inside A Hustler’s Brain : In Pursuit of Financial Freedom” which has sold over 20,000 copies, worldwide & contributor of “International Best Selling Author of Growth Hacking Book 2”. He had trained 10000+ digital marketing professionals till date and has been conducting Digital marketing workshops across the globe. His ultimate goal is to help people build businesses through digitization make them realize that dreams do come true if you stay driven.  Investor in
. Check out his portfolio( jitendra.co). Find him on Linkedin, Twitter, & Facebook.


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Is This Software Legit? or SCAM


In this post, we have featured Magic Submitter Review 2022 that includes detailed insights into this platform.

Every online business’s success depends on the amount of traffic it is receiving and not all websites or blogs are always getting visitors regularly to their site.

But, there are some specific authority websites and blogs which draw loads of traffic from a search engine, social media, email marketing, backlinks, etc not occasionally, but daily. How can a new website get more traffic? Is there any way of doing that?

Before discussing on, how do they do that? we shall discuss what are the methods to drive traffic.

Apart from the Search engines and backlinks, Social Media following generation takes a lot of time and this following also directly proportional to the number of visitors to your blog i.e. Social media following would always increase with the number of website visitors.

 Mostly, social media following would help you to maintain your traffic consistency every month, but it sadly won’t give you a traffic boost if your site is a new one.

Coming to email marketing, for driving traffic through this method you need to have a huge email subscriber list. Even this turns out to be a by-product of traffic. So, this method is also useless for new websites to get traffic.

The above methods are of very less use to obtain quick results and instant traffic boost for your blog. We shall now focus on the other two methods Search Engine and Backlinks.

  1. The search engine position of your website for a specific keyword can affect your traffic if it is a high competition keyword as it can direct a lot of audiences to visit your blog.
  2. Backlinks can both influence your Search engine position (as the number of quality backlinks is one of the ranking factors) and even direct referral traffic to your blog from other blogs.

The above two steps can be the best methods to drive the traffic to your blog if you can rank top positions’ for a highly competitive keyword and if you have a good number of backlinks that can carry referral traffic from other blogs to your blog.

Ranking in Search engines and backlinks generation might sound easy, but they are not always easy because of the huge competition for almost every profitable keyword.

This post is about a tool that can both easily and effectively improve your Search Engine Ranking and also submit your website to nearly 2000 website directories for generating instant backlinks, apart from these it performs many more important operations (which are time-consuming) with just a single mouse click.

Magic Submitter Review 2022: Is It Still Worth Your Try?? (Read Truth)

Magic Submitter – The Traffic Wizard

Magic Submitter, as the name suggests is a tool that submits your website to numerous places on the internet to enhance your website traffic in a very less amount of time (just like magic).

Magic Submitter

We shall now check out most of the features offered by Magic Submitter to understand, what it does exactly and how does it do it?

Is It A Good Product?

The internet is filled with a lot of software and tools which promise a million things but end up doing nothing. The biggest problem with SEO is that, if the product you spend money for is promoting your website on restricted sites like banned sites then you would lose your existing ranking also. Hence, you should be very careful before trying and using any submitter tool.

Magic Submitter is a very good tool in this regard, it isn’t a fake or dummy product. Based on my experience, it is one of the best tools you can get for such an affordable price to improve your site traffic in no time.

Magic Submitter

Services They offer

Magic Submitter specs

  1. Article Directory Submission
  2. Bookmarking services – Account Creation and Submission
  3. Blogs (WordPress + Blogger) submission
  4. Mail Services
  5. RSS Submission
  6. Video submission
  7. High PR Site submission
  8. Syndication Site submission
  9. Microblog, PDF Sharing site submission

The primary duty of Magic Submitter is submission, instead of discussing on what all are the different places they submit the backlinks, we will discuss the other important aspects of backlinks submitted to those sites.

Types of Backlinks influencing Search Engine Results

Are The Backlinks Good Quality?

We have discussed the importance of backlinks and that too quality backlinks and not just some other backlinks from any dummy or low ranking website.

Magic Submitter provides your website with the backlinks of very high PR (Page Rank) websites. Getting the backlinks of a high PR or authority website would give an instant boost to your SER (search engine Ranking) through the traffic increases substantially.

The best part of Magic Submitter is that you can choose which links you want to get for your website, you can sort the websites available for backlinks based on the PR or the quality and then select them alone for getting backlinks. This feature is never offered by any other submitter tool.

>>>>Click Here to start your risk-free 30-day trial!

Automatic Pinging of Backlinks

The problem with backlinks is that it takes some amount of time for them to map or get indexed to your website. In the search engine ranking to influence your position for a keyword, Magic Submitter solves this problem by auto-pinging each and every time a backlink is created for your website and not wasting any time waiting for the backlink to get indexed.

Simple Submitter Interface

Though Magic Submitter is offering many features for submitting your articles to multiple websites easily, you might ask whether using this interface of Magic Submitter requires any technical knowledge like SEO? Nope, you don’t have to know anything about SEO to use their Submitter Interface.

The Article submitter interface is similar to your blog post creation interface where you enter your post title, content, summary, etc. details. Magic Submitter also requires these details alone for submitting them.

Magic Submitter

Automatic Social account creation

Social Bookmarking sites act as the repository for websites, blogs, articles, audio, and videos. There are some famous social bookmarking sites and tonnes of them are not very famous. Through magic submitter, you can submit your website to all those bookmarking sites and enjoy targeted traffic to your website.

The benefit of targetted traffic is they have more probability of buying the products which you are advertising on your blog or website. This leads to an exponential rise in sales.

Free Article Spinner and submitter

Magic Submitter features list

Article spinning is a process of modifying the content of an article to make it look different with different word compositions while not affecting the meaning and message of the article.

Why is article spinning performed and is it required? Article spinning is not mandatory while it might give users a different experience reading your articles with different word usage. And it doesn’t cause any harm if you are trying to spin your own articles.

Magic Submitter spins your article and submits the spun article to various websites so that the users who refer to more than one social bookmarking site might not consider you a spammer.

Article spinning changes the wording of the title and content alone and at the same time, you are getting your backlink for your website.

Magic Submitter

Campaign Mode Feature

This is one of the Killer features that Magic Submitter provides and that is to automate the process of backlink building for a specific keyword for a specific time period in order to make the maximum traffic from the search engines during that period and make the huge amount of profits.

Using this feature, you can easily configure the article, blogs to submit the article, the number of times an article backlink has to be bookmarked, etc.

Details in the Campaign designer interface to set the automation to do the marketing of the article for the selected keyword until the end of the season for making you loads of sales and profits.

>>>>Click Here to start your risk-free 30-day trial!

Following and Support

The best use of any product can be possible with tutorials helping even the new users of the tool to make optimum use of it else the tool is of no use.

Magic Submitter has taken the utmost care to provide support for its users with the help of forums where existing users can solve the problems of new users, not only users even the support team would participate in the forum discussion.

The following is the support-related information provided by Magic Submitter:

1. Free Interactive Forums

2. Free Support Desks

3. Free Software updates – You don’t have to worry about the latest version, once you buy their software, they would send you their updates.

4. Free LIVE Coaching – LIVE Coaching is offered every month to enhance user-friendliness by guiding the new and existing users with the help of expert users of the software.

5. Free Video Training Vault – There are almost 60 training courses that can help you master the Magic Submitter tool yourself without the help of any support team, but still you have almost everyone to support if you are stuck.

Magic Submitter Pros & Cons:

Here are the pros & cons:


  • It could work in a short time.
  • The support and options are pretty decent.


  • Negative SEO effects, in the long run, are very likely.
  • Backlinking like this is becoming less beneficial after some time.

Magic Submitter Membership

Magic Submitter doesn’t have a trial version, but they are offering the first-month subscription for a very nominal price which you can make use of for testing the workflow of the tool and if you are not satisfied then within 30 days your money will be returned without any questions asked.

Let’s check what pricing plans are being offered by this platform.

Magic Submitter- Pricing Plans

FAQ On Magic Submitter 2022:

What is magic submitter?

This all in one SEO tool can be really handy to speed up the link building process. Besides, instead of outsourcing your link building campaigns for third parties you can use Magic Submitter to manage and see the progress of your Off-Page SEO campaigns. What makes Magic Submitter different from other link building programs though is its designer capability. The program is able to automate the process of registering accounts and submitting content to any web based site.

Conclusion: Magic Submitter Review 2022 | Should You Go For It??

Magic Submitter is a very useful product at such a nominal price, there is some software equal to that, but its functionality while cost is 3 times Magic Submitter’s price.

I didn’t have any negative experiences with Magic Submitter till now but will update you if I find any.

Using Magic Submitter, you can easily put your website on autopilot and enjoy the benefits it is reaping for you with the work you have done once and then the work being used by more and more people every day for both benefitting themselves directly by solving their problems and indirectly using your product.

>>>> Click Here to start your risk-free 30-day trial!


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The Definitive Guide To E-A-T and SEO In 2022 & Why It Is Important?


Google ranking is extremely important if you want to show up at the top in Google search results. To achieve this, the most important task is to develop your brand by building trust among the consumers and expertise in the work you do.

Off lately, you must have come across the word E-A-T, which is already used in SEO terminology. Google updated its algorithm in the year 2018 and since then E-A-T has come to the spotlight. This Google update affected majorly the websites which offer medical and health advice, then other verticals. This is the reason this update was named as the “Medic” update.


Let us dig more into E-A-T

In SEO, E-A-T is an acronym for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. This term is extremely important to a lot of websites, but not all SEO’s admit that it plays a part in the ranking factor.

But, it has been observed that many websites got badly affected with the Google Quality updates as they did not have the E-A-T. Thus, it is imperative to improve your E-A-T to convert into more traffic and better rankings.

Many YMYL (Your Money or Your Life) websites also got affected by Google ‘medic’ updates. It is like a quality rating for the content. Google is particular about delivering the most relevant and correct information. It does not want to cater to links which share unverified and uneducated advice, in other words, fraud websites.

Google ascertains that it recommends only those websites which show a huge level of expertise, authority, and trustworthiness, a.k.a. E-A-T. This way Google protects the searchers from content which is unverified and low in quality. Such results can be detrimental and impact a user’s well-being and positivity.

So, if your brand or services come under the category of health, happiness, or wealth, then you definitely require E-A-T to create a positive impact.

Google E-A-T SEO - The Definitive Guide

Guidelines for Evaluating Google Search Quality

2015 Guidelines

The Google Search Quality Evaluator document contains the terms E-A-T and YMYL. Google released its Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines in 2015 which gave the ability to recognize a low and high-quality website. The human rating team of Google referred to this document while performing searches for the whole day and determining the top results for those searches. Such spot checks are carried out by a team of 10,000 people at Google.

These spot checks mean the process which is devised to keep a check on the ranking algorithms and their influence in determining the quality of the page.

The conclusions they come out with are fed to Google’s engineers team, who further improve the ranking algorithm. This algorithm is regularly improved and enhanced.

2018 Guidelines

After July 2018, Google made some additions and upgrades which had a huge impact. The people who evaluate the quality of the website now not only review the website’s E-A-T but also the E-A-T of the content creators.

Thus, now Google checks the author of the main content of the page and his/her credentials as per the matter of the subject, especially if the subject is under the YMYL category.

Thus, it is essential to update the E-A-T for both the website and the author. This can be achieved by giving author boxes or links to the profiles of the author, or by using author schema mark-up. These are the structured data which tells about the author and makes it easy for Google to connect with the author via any platform like social media, emails, etc.

Characteristics of a High-quality page, by Google

The page of high-quality must have a beneficial purpose and it should achieve it well. The characteristics of a high-quality page are:

  • High level of E-A-T
  • A good amount of great quality of the main content, which includes a title and description
  • A good and positive website reputation
  • The website information must be satisfying or the website owner’s information must be authentic

Characteristics of a Low-quality page, by Google

Low-quality pages are the pages which lack purpose and dimension. Here are its characteristics:

  • An incompetent level of E-A-T
  • The MC quality is poor
  • The amount of main content for the page’s purpose is not satisfactory
  • The title is exaggerating
  • The website’s reputation or the creator’s reputation is negative
  • The information about the website or its creator is unsatisfying
  • Ads or SC are distracting from the main content

Let’s Understand Each Term of E-A-T Separately:


E – Expertise

E stands for Expertise in E-A-T, and an expert is someone who is skilful and knowledgeable in a specific area. Having knowledge alone will not help in getting traffic to your website.

It is essential to communicate this knowledge in an engaging way. The best combination of having sound knowledge, knowing what your audience wants, and delivering it in the best possible way is the ideal. The trick is to develop content which is great and innovative and loved by the audience.

You can create awesome content by looking at the answer to these questions:

  • What is the intent of the searchers behind the terms they use in the keyword search?
  • What is the keyword they are using for search and what are they exactly looking for?

It is vital to understand the understanding stage of the searcher, as a consumer. The situations can be many depending on a particular case. Like, do not use jargon’s and too many technical terms if the searcher is new to the subject.

  • Always strike a balance between being all-inclusive and keeping it simple. So, format your text so that it is easy to digest, use audio-visual aids, images, etc.
  • Always include the supplementary content and link it internally for easy access. You should determine the next query of the searcher in order to do so.

A – Authority

Having expertise over a subject is the beginning because authority comes when other influencers and experts take your name as a source of information or when your name comes up in relevant topics as a reference.

The Key Performance Indicators to judge authoritativeness are:

  • Include links from authoritative and relevant websites, as it will enhance the ranking of the website.
  • If you include how you got mentioned in the news or on other authoritative websites it will, in turn, enhance your authoritativeness.
  • You can use the Moz Domain Authority score to determine the authority of the website
  • You can also use the Majestic ‘trust ratio’ score to determine the authority of the website. A score of around 1.0 means all is going well.
  • A content which is shared widely and frequently across social media, it means your authority is growing.
  • Another measure is the branded search volume that determines the authority of the brand. More people searching the brand means the brand is coming in authority.
  • If you have a Wikipedia page for your brand or for the people employed by you it shows authority because Wikipedia page is not possible until and unless you are recognized and popular.

T – Trustworthiness

Trust is extremely important to build any kind of relationship. Expertise and Authority enhance the rankings, Trustworthiness is important for its maintenance. Lack of trust can even tank your Google rankings.

It is your fundamental and primary duty to charm your customers and address any issues before the things go out of hand. Otherwise, there will be negativity attached to your brand.

Google clearly cites this in its guidelines that too many bad reviews mean poor quality.

If your website garners positive reviews on Trustpilot, TripAdvisor, Google My Business, etc. the trust in your brand will grow manifolds. For ones operating n Mexico, US, or Canada, you should have good reviews on bbb.org. Trustworthiness can be promoted in many ways:

  • Correlating your website with a physical location
  • Creating a T&C page, easily accessible to the users
  • Including a page of the privacy policy which is easily accessible to the users
  • For product websites, include detailed specifications of the product and include a safety manual, if applicable
  • For websites which share knowledge, it is better to include the biography of the author or share links to the authority sites.
  • Have a clean way to contact the website owners
  • Ensure that the domain of your website is secure
  • For websites that accept transactions, the policies of returns and refund must be very clear and shared with the user

How does Google determine E-A-T?

E-A-T and SEO guide

  • Measurement of Links and unlinked mentions

Google is capable of determining which mentions and links to count. If your brand is garnering a lot of press mentions, it will be helpful in enhancing the rankings on Google. Google can determine the difference between the true buzz about your brand or company and the paid buzz. Google knows which one to ignore and only consider true links and mentions.

  • Knowledge of the mentions to trust

Google uses the Penguin Algorithm (released in 2016) to determine the links that are not from trusted sources and must be ignored. Although some spammers can fool here using the Private Blog Networks (PBNs) and similar tricks. Google uses the algorithm to select the trusted pages which are good and create a network of trusted sites by traversing through the links on that page.

Google itself has created a database of trusted pages and sites and these are recognized for your vertical.

Google can also deduce from other different signals across the web which work towards the E-A-T.

  • Influence of E-A-T on Algorithm Updates

Algorithm updates depend a lot on the E-A-T factor and this has been observed previously as well in 2018. When the changes were made in the algorithms, the rankings of thousands of websites changed drastically. In that case, for some websites, the rankings increased and for some, the rankings decreased.

  • Influence of E-A-T on Broad Core Updates

Google engineers carried out the Broad Core Algorithm update in 2018, into the main algorithm. As a result, several webmasters got confused and paranoid about their rankings because for some the rankings shot up unexpectedly and for others, the rankings fell down drastically.

On this, Danny Sullivan, Google’s Search Liaison confirmed and explained that they carry out these routine updates many times in a year. After this explanation, the SEO community’s veterans decided to investigate these updates and found that the domains were missing the key E-A-T signals. This is how it was confirmed that E-A-T influences the Broad Core Updates.

  • Influence of E-A-T on Medic Update

The Medic Update was the second biggest update that took place in 2018, which was also determined to be the next “broad core update” wherein the ranking of the websites got affected significantly, either upwards or downwards.

All this, because of the E-A-T scoring and other factors. It was investigated that the total and quality of inbound links is one factor, but majorly it was how well business was judged in terms of its expertise level, authority, and trustworthiness, which brought a huge change in the rankings and thus, huge losses in revenue for those whose rankings dripped.

The following kind of websites suffered the most:

  • One which had outdated content
  • One which already had a bad reputation
  • One whose content was written by naïve and incompetent authors
  • One whose return and refund policies were unclear and whose contact information was undisclosed

Consequences of Ignoring E-A-T

Estimated traffic graph for prevention.com- SEO and E-A-T Guide

DrAxe.com estimated traffic graph

Businesses which ignore E-A-T have incurred huge losses in terms of visitors and eventually /revenues. For instance, DrAxe.com lost approximately 10million monthly visits, Prevention.com lost approximately 5 million monthly visits; due to which their rankings dropped from a cliff and incurred huge loss in the revenues. Their visitors dropped overnight and all this is irrespective of their business models.

What would happen if your sales dropped overnight by around two-thirds? Hard to imagine the losses. How will you pay for the premises, to your staff, for supplies, etc? The whole financial planning for the year will go in the bin with mass layoffs and non-payment of bills. That’s a scary thought, but businesses have suffered this for real only because they ignored E-A-T.

There are several such examples of flourishing businesses which became rags from riches, overnight. They are frantic about the E-A-T and are thriving to put things in place and rise again.

Is E-A-T Factor some Magic?

If the Medic and Brackets updates impacted you negatively, then E-A-T is not a magic factor. No one can provide you with some hack to get your website back to what it was before the updates.

Nor can anyone promise a future broad core algorithm which will improve the E-A-T. when dealing with digital marketing and SEO, no one can promise whether things will go as per required. But, you can always make improvements and necessary changes to provide you with good returns on your money and time.

Guide to SEO and EAT- A organic traffic graph for an Exposure Ninja client

Small, incremental changes can bring out small improvements on a daily basis and significant changes in the long run. Moreover, with SEO you will observe the best Return on Investment after twelve months or so.

The arithmetic works like this – if you make 1% improvements every day for the next year, you will observe a 37x improvement from where you stand at present. If you just sit and do nothing, you will make things worse each day, i.e. 1% decrease in work by 365 days in the year, you will be 96% worse off the present day. That is quite a deal to handle.

For example, there was a client whose business was selling services in the finance space and was facing problems with trust and reliability. In identifying the issues, the team came up with the strategy to create positive awareness of their brand and improve customer’s knowledge by updating the website content to relevant, informative content.

The definitive guide to E-A-T and SEO

These slow and steady improvements made each day, picked up the brand’s reputation, ranking, traffic, and thus revenue.

Improving E-A-T for SEO

The first battle is determining that you have a problem with E-A-T, once you are sure of it, then it will be easy to optimize your website. Here is a checklist of the small changes that you can make to your website to improve the E-A-T.

Auditing your brand is the first step in improving E-A-T. You can do this by finding out what people think and say about your website or business because it is this that real people in the world will make or break your brand.

You can ask your existing customers, listen to their concerns or appreciation, ask about their experiences, what they liked and what they didn’t? Cross-check on your website to get a clear and transparent view as per your customer’s feedback.

SEO and E-A-T guide for 2020

Start with the home page and see how captivating, yet clearly it is, what image it portrays of you, does it look promising, are there accreditation from professionals which prove you are genuine, highlights of your achievements, your professionalism, and that one distinct thing which stands you out, etc.

After home page, go to the next most important page – About page. This page will give a clear picture of you, your brand, and of the business which you run. Look for answers for – who are you, what are the values of your company, for how long is this business running, etc. you should have the company’s history like when and how it was formed. It should have the values and principles followed by the company, etc. so that it builds up a brand sentiment.

The next step is to see whether you are promoting your team and the people who work for you. Give details of the CEO, and other officials working for the company, their experiences, whom to contact in certain scenarios, etc. All your employees and you, whether one or many, together make a team and make things work.

Every personal part of your company that you share is imagined as a real person by the target audience and they can connect well. ensure that the customers can easily reach out to you and give all the Contact details clearly on the website.

Keep a check on your social media reputation as they will enhance sales to a great extent. One unhappy client will tell many others and this can hamper the reputation of the brand. So anything wrong being talked about you should be addressed right away and try to avoid that mistake in future.

  • Existing Content’s Audit

Your content is the first thing that visitors see on the website. Ensure that your website’s content is up-to-date and not old. Do not go with the word count of your content, instead strive for satisfying the needs of the person. Audit your existing content and imagine yourself to be a customer.

Do you like what you read? If no, then either revise the content to match up to the expectations or simply remove the irrelevant content. If it is possible to enhance your content with some minor changes then do so as the earliest. So, recycle the content and update its validity so that the visitors know they are looking at fresh, updated, and relevant information.

  • Content Creation Framework

After correcting the existing content, make a framework for your future content as well. you need a task list to future-proof your work for E-A-T. Ensure that extensive research is done for your content and is written proficiently by including links to other pages on your website or domains. The content should satisfy the customer’s need and should not be written just for ranking purposes.

If you are not able to handle the research and content writing part due to other work commitments, you can always hire experts. You can hire a team of professional writers and researchers, freelancers, or some agency. But, make sure you validate and sign-off that content yourself and then publish it under your own name. you can also publish the content with the author’s name and adding ‘Expertly Verified by..’.

It is advised to promote your expertise and build trust in the visitors. If more people see your brand and your level of expertise, they will believe you more. Make an About Page or/and a Team Page and promote your employees, citing their positions, their experience, and level of expertise, etc. You will see several websites, like Healthline, VeryWellHealth, etc. which promotes their managerial staff, content writers, researchers, etc. They also provide an outbound link to these people’s social media profiles to build trust.

After promoting your staff and employees, it is also advised to spread the message by asking your existing customers to help you. Ask your customers to leave a review of your services or products that they have used and link that review to Google My Business Page. Link those reviews to Reviews.co.uk, TrustPilot, Feefo, etc.

You can also ask customers to write reviews on your company’s Facebook page. Every single review you receive will help you build trust and reputation.

In the future of SEO, it will get easier for the people to find out about you from customer reviews. Promote your experts by asking them to write for your brand, speak at events and conferences, appear on podcasts, etc.

  • Easy Access and Understanding

In today’s Mobile Age, a website should be easily accessed from a mobile device and Google has also started considering Mobile-first index for tis results. This implies a website will rank well if it performs well on a mobile device too. The websites being developed in today’s time must be designed for mobile devices as well. Whatever be the medium – laptop, desktop, mobile device, your website should be clear and easily navigable.

Do not use too much of advertising as it can be distracting from the main content and intent of the website. A few ads are fine with Google but too many can go against deceptive advertising.

Moreover, the website should be fast and easy to load, It should be easy to navigate and comprehend.

Never ever stop making small improvements to your website. You can optimize the E-A-T every day for SEO. It may take a bit longer to see the results, but you will surely get there. Make a commitment of improving by 1% on a daily basis, like one day you can only work on the Home page, the next day switch to the About page, and so on.

Thereafter start auditing your content and go on. Always invest in your content, expertise, and team and the E-A-T you will establish will boost your rankings manifolds and give more revenue.

Ways of Improving E-A-T:

EAT and SEO and importance
Image Source: Moz.com

We now know that E-A-T is a crucial part of Google’s Algorithm and in its absence ranking can be hard. you can always improve upon the E-A-T, as follows:

Online reputation about your brand or business matters a lot. The overall public sentiment for your business is important for improving E-A-T. you should search for the reviews, posts, discussions, and forums written by the people for the website.

Anything mentioned on Wikipedia will be recognized by Google. Getting your own Wikipedia page is not a cakewalk as it makes sure all the information about your company is verified and the business has got considerable coverage from trusted sources.

If there are positive mentions about your website on Wikipedia pages, it will help improve the E-A-T as well. You can also edit the Wikipedia page and mention about your website, but you should be careful as if Wikipedia perceives that you are self-promoting, it will remove the link right away.

  • Earn mentions on authoritative sites

This is an essential feature of Google E-A-T. If your mentions across the web are true and not paid by you, your E-A-T will boost. You may have a news article from a reputed news site, or you can search for references, recommendations by experts, and other conclusive data about the website; it will boost the rankings.

The mention in the forums can enhance the rankings of your website. Google can easily determine which forum mentions are worth adding to the E-A-T and which are not. If your competitors are mentioned in the forums but not you, this means you are not recognized as an authority. Thus weak E-A-T.

Build trust with your consumers so that they only talk good about you and mention you where required. You should be able to impact positively in their happiness and well-being.

You can add about your website’s and even the author’s E-A-T on the About or Home page of the website and should be easily accessible to the user.

Quick Links:

Final Verdict: The Definitive Guide To E-A-T and SEO 2022

It is clear from the above review how essential E-A-T, how it can be improved, and how it can affect the ranking of your website. If your website deals with sharing information on health, medical, and/or financial matters, then you must have an E-A-T for Google so that it recommends your website to the searcher.

Google is very particular about sharing only the true and verified information with its searchers and does not tolerate fake news especially in health, happiness, and finance verticals. If you follow the E-A-T framework in digital marketing, it implies you are following an integrated approach to build and develop without shortcuts.

In the present times, you cannot just start shining on Google’s results page overnight because you should follow the E-A-T criteria and positively grow your brand and have a positive online presence. With the correct approach and high E-A-T, you can rank at the top of Google search results.


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How to Turn Your Website into a Conversion Generating Machine


Instead of only focusing on getting more traffic to your website, let’s talk about the really profitable side of converting that traffic like gangbusters.

This post will show you four of the seven strategies I use to turn an entire website into a lead magnet so you can grow your list and achieve greater revenue online.

I’ve prepared a checklist you can download at the end of the post with all seven strategies to guide you in making the right changes to your website.

Why Do Conversion Rates Matter?

The internet is quite literally the largest marketplace ever developed. People all the way from Asia to Europe are just one search query away from finding you and interacting with your brand.

The annoying part is that most of them will visit your website once and NEVER come back.

When you can collect their email address or get them to sign up for a free trial, it’s much more likely those people will eventually buy from you.

In a study published by Direct Marketing Association,email marketing has a 2500% return on investment and is 5x more likely to be seen than social media posts and messages.

In order to get random visitors to become a subscriber or customer through your website, you need to turn every page into an opportunity to convert.

This process goes way beyond just throwing a newsletter optin form on the side of your posts and pages (you should still do that though, they usually convert at between1-2%).

Without further ado, let’s get started.

1) Your homepage has too much information

Most of the websites you stumble across when browsing the internet have homepages full of information. Some of it is useful, but most of it isn’t.

source shredder

This homepage leaves the visitor with too many options and no clear call to action.

Instead of giving a visitor all the information about you or your company on the front page, think about the single most important action you want them to take.

That may be a free trial like Shopify


Creating a landing page to try out the service like Instapage


Prompting them to download a free report like Joyce Akiko

Joyce Akiko

or asking them to sign up for your newsletter with an Ebook like I do on the homepage of The Experiment

The Exp Homepage

Key Take Away: Less is more

2) Your About Page Can be Much Better

The About me page is the second most visited page on a website and most people drop the ball by forgetting to optimize it for conversions.

Yes, you’ll tell your visitor about yourself but you’ll alsoadd a cleverly placed call to action to subscribe or try out your product as well.

For example, this is what a random about me page looks like.


This about me page tells the visitor about the site owner, why they created the website, some of the pain points they address, and what their goals are.

This produces an emotional connection with your visitor and is the perfect time to ask them to join your community in exchange for an optin “bribe”.

Unfortunately, this website missed the mark by not asking for the email address.

Let’s take a look at some websites that have figured out how to make the most of their about pages.

Social Triggers

Social Triggers

He takes advantage of a lot of social proof on his page and at the end; there is a nice call to action.



Brian uses social proof here as well and at the same time, he uses power words like “exclusive”.

I Will Teach You to Be Rich

Ramit About Page

Ramit tells the story of how he started and at the same time lets you peak inside his accomplishments. At the end of the about me page, he has multiple calls to actions depending on what his visitors may be interested in.

Take the time to customize your about pages and see your conversion rates improve. (I’ve include some more information on about pages best practices in the checklist bonus at the end of this post).

3) Customize your 404 error page

Nobody, I mean nobody likes to get the dreaded 404 error page. This is the worst thing that can happen from a user experience standpoint.

Your visitors get annoyed and click the back button on their browser and you lose a potential lifelong reader/customer.

generic error

The sad reality is that pages get moved around, changed, and just outright deleted. The average lifespan of a webpage is only about 100 days so it’s in your best interest to create a permanent solution to funnel all your visitors who miss the mark.

404 page best practices

  • Include a Search Bar for navigation
  • Link to your homepage and popular posts
  • Use simple language to explain the problem.
  • Let your users get in touch with you to explain what went wrong
  • Offer them a discount, the ability to join your email list, or to use your product

Keep in mind that Instead of letting your WordPress site generate the generic 404 error page for you, get one of the many free plugins to redirect to a custom error page.

If you have a Leadpages or Instapage account, create a custom page and import it into your WordPress installation in under twenty minutes.

Here are a few great 404 error pages


shae Bacxter


Ok Cupid



4) Funnel Your Visitors to the Highest converting pages on your site

Where do you want your visitors to go right after they land on your site?

Your most popular posts or a sales page?


You should be sending your visitors to the highest converting landing pages you have.

This strategy will pay you much more over time than anything else you can think of.

There are many ways to funnel your visitors to your highest converting pages.

A hello bar pop up

Bloggers Ideas

bloggers ideas

In your sidebar

Neil Patel

Neil Patel

Links in posts to your highest converting pages (this is good SEO as well).

internal linking

Funneling visitors is not as difficult as you may think. All you need to do is present them with a specific offer multiple times. It’s a form of on-site retargeting that can help you immensely (more about that in the about section)


There you have it, four simple, but insanely effective strategies to turn your website into a lead generating machine.

In the Online world, your success is directly proportional to the amount of people on your mailing list.

Grow it as fast as possible by implementing the tips one by one or all at once and make sure you keep on testing different variations until you find the one that works best for you and your audience.

You can learn more about different conversion and list building strategies here and get your bonus checklist here.




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How Google RankBrain Algorithm Changed the Course of SEO


Emergence of Google RankBrain Algorithm

How Google RankBrain Algorithm Changed the Course of SEO

RankBrain was the first time when Google operated Artificial Intelligence in its core ranking algorithm. Although it was officially launched in October 2015, it’s one and half year and still, most of us know next to nothing about it.

What actually it will do? What are its impact on the user and the SEO world?

At what extent we can expect AI to get implemented in Google?

Let’s clear out all the myths around it and find out the answers to all the popular queries..


It is just a next big step in the process of understanding natural language queries. It’s a subsystem of Google that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to produce the search results for complex queries. The system converts the searches in the form of mathematical patterns which are further processed by the search engines. It also uses the semantic search which was implemented by hummingbird  to relate unfamiliar words semantically to the words that are known. This way, the system will learn by itself in future.

In the  Bloomberg article , Greg Corrado (Senior Research Scientist at Google) reveals that Google search is now using a new AI system to help in breaking some of the complex, or we can say ambiguous search queries and is getting better intelligent results.

As per the Bloomberg article – “vast amounts of written language embedded into mathematical entities,” which implies that the search engine would now be able to understand natural and unique queries. It converts the human language into mathematical entities called “vectors” which allows it to easily understand the search queries. If the machine sees unfamiliar queries then it will make guesses to get the similar meaning and filter the results accordingly, to smartly handle the puzzling queries.

For example:

Let’s consider a query “what are the titles of the highest positions in a company”.

I, personally, consider this query as a bit confusing and odd. I mean I have to read it twice and thrice to understand it clearly (I’m a user so I can search anything ? ). So I can call it as a little complex query.

I was just finding the names of positions in a company. Google shows me the following results:

How Google RankBrain Algorithm Changed the Course of SEO


Bravo! Google is GENIUS. ?

When I search in with a more simpler language (“positions in a company”), I found the following results:


How Google RankBrain Algorithm Changed the Course of SEO


That’s it!

Compare the results..

This is what I was trying to show you. Google is showing the same results for both the simple and complex query. It shows that the algorithm, instead of going word to word, understands the language with respect to context and relate it to something similar and more simpler query to show the results. This is only possible because of AI program which is learning more and more, gradually creating a big pool of complex queries.

Let’s take one more example:

Search for the query “who won the 1994 world series”. It’s quite complex and logical question.

You will get this..

How Google RankBrain Algorithm Changed the Course of SEO


The correct answer is that there was no world series in 1994 due to a strike by the  Major League Baseball Players Association. Here Google has smartly used the Artificial Intelligence shows the clues of strike. It is quite confident of the answer. If you search it in another way by “who lost 1994 World Series”, it will show you the same result.

According to Corrado, around 15% of search queries are completely new to the system daily. In the old time, the machine has struggled to understand the natural language.  But now with the help of RankBrain, the Google search algorithm is doing a very good job.



Most of you might be wondering that where the Rank Brain gets fit in the giant search algorithm of Google. Do you think it penalizes bad results?

I guess, it does not!!


How Google RankBrain Algorithm Changed the Course of SEO



As mentioned previously, RankBrain filters the search queries and search results. These results are then ranked by the search algorithm of Google, as usual, and then finally presented on search engine results page due to the efforts of  digital marketing experts . As you can see, it is not at all replacing the existing algorithms. It is just feeding the core algorithm with better results.

Google handles millions of queries daily of which 15% are completely new. These can be phrases, concepts, and questions. So, in order to evaluate these patterns correctly, Google uses around 200 different factors and a number of updates to improve the results.

After doing years of research, they have implemented RankBrain which was applied globally after a short period of the trial. It was first tested and compared with the real users as were asked to assign searches according to queries. Users correctly assigned 70% while RankBrain correctly assigned 80%. As the system can learn autonomously, it is becoming an important part of Google search. Along with content and links, RankBrain has also become one of the important ranking factors.


 The following factors were the reasons behind its introduction:

  • Handling Complex Searches

Google is dealing with big, complex new searches every day which is around 15% of all search. Because of the absence of handling such new searches in history, Google requires a way to relate them to the previous searches in order to get more accurate results.

The user searches involve a number of puzzle keywords whose meaning can differ according to a different context. Having a self-learning AI that can process the previous searches help Google in finding out the meaning of a keywords more effectively.


Understanding the context of a keyword creates more accuracy than matching exact keyword with the variants of the keywords. It is applicable in singular vs plural, misspellings, and abbreviations.



Google is a huge company having thousands of different products. To clearly understand what it is, it’s important to understand what it isn’t.

  1. No, not a knowledge graph . Knowledge graph is also an AI program but this is not at all any new version of knowledge graph nor it is directly connected to it.
  2. It isn’t any kind of algorithm updates like Panda, Penguin or Hummingbird. It’s just working with the Hummingbird to generate more meaningful results of complex queries.
  3. RankBrain is neither a search engine nor a robot. It’s just a series of mathematical equations that learns by itself.



This powerful force of SEO going bigger day by day.

The search engine has proven that the machine learning will take over the things as its performance is better than what was expected. And for us, there is no need to panic and change the things we are doing as long as we are working for humans and not for search engines.

Humans are and will be the most important factor of SEO. As long as we are preparing content for them, our SEO efforts will remain successful.

Hope this post on Google RankBrain Algorithm provided you with all the necessary information to understand the concept.


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