The Hardest SEO Niches That Can Make You Million In 2022

It shouldn’t come as any surprise to learn that the Hardest SEO Niches are the ones that are able to generate the most amount of cash. What is classified as a hard SEO niche? One that even a man and his dog are searching for online.

Hardest SEO niches are topics (or keywords) like “women’s clothing”, “news”, “restaurants near me”. Things that literally everyone wants to know.

The problem is that there are so many people trying to go after these niches. You’re competing against Amazon ffs.

So, how do you hook into the Hardest SEO Niches to start making bank? Let’s take a look at how to get to that number 1 spot.

Ads? Hmmm… Maybe Not. Google’s Ad Platform Has Gone Through Some Massive Changes

Hey, remember that right-hand panel of ads that used to pop up on your Google searches? Hmmm… Where’s that go? Google has overhauled their ads platform and it’s not just changing the name from AdWords to Google Ads.

At the moment I’m not seeing any ads in my search results.

What does all this mean? It’s harder to pay to play – you’re going to have to work hard to give people what they want instead of trying to cheat the system.

So What Do People Want?

Google is using all that “big data” to concentrate on what people want. They know what you want even! And what’s that?

Hardest SEO Niches That Helps In Getting Millions

Localized results – I’m in Sydney, I don’t care about a clothes shop in Belize

Personalized results – I’m in finance, ROR means Rate of Return, not Ruby on Rails

Video content – Apparently people can’t be bothered reading any more

Most likely answers – ‘Featured snippets’ are what Google thinks is the best answer to your question

Instantly shoppable results – Ads are often shown up top with the item and price, one click you’re done!

#1 Ahrefs: No. tool for finding hot SEO niches 🙂 

Ahrefs Check Out Our Social Media SEO Tools - Best seo software

Ahrefs Site Explorer is a search engine optimization tool for monitoring and analyzing backlinks to a specific site . Ahrefs site explorer is another trusted source of backlink data. is an independent tool for SEO analysis with a wide range of features. It is designed, first of all, for SEO specialists and site owners. Analyze websites, track social media, build backlinks – Ahrefs has you covered.

Check out the new keyword explorer from Ahrefs:

Visit site

SEO for Those Google Rankings: Get Yourself Some Authority

Authority is something that’s earned not just handed to you. In the workplace, it’s becoming an expert on some subject or becoming a great manager. On the internet, it’s a little bit different.

Hardest SEO Niches- Get Domain Authority

There are a few different components that go into your website gaining authority online:

  • Many visitors
  • Low bounce rates
  • Links from popular websites
  • Links from websites that are popular in your area
  • A website that’s been around for a while
  • Unique content in your niche

Google keeps its authority ranking metrics a close secret (hey, why wouldn’t they?). Instead, your best bet is to use Moz to help figure out both your domain authority and page authority.

If you gain authority in these niches your life is golden:

  • Gambling
  • Insurance
  • Payday Loans
  • Dating

SEO Hacks vs Real Authority

While there’s plenty of SEO “hacks” to help you gain authority, it’s best to think about authority as its real-life essence. What makes someone an authority? They really know their stuff. That means, with your website, whatever niche you’re targeting you need it to be expert level.

That’s up to date data that is on the cutting edge of whatever it is you’re doing. Are you selling women’s clothing? You and everybody on the planet. How can your website possibly be an authority on women’s clothing? Keeping content fresh with the latest Fashion Weeks from Milan, New York, Melbourne, obscure fashion capitals. Spotlights on the up and coming designers and models. Following style trends and learning to predict what’s going to be hot in upcoming months. Stats about where other labels are produced, ethical production, material composition, different sizings around the world. You get the picture.

It’s the backing of other authoritative people in the niche. If we’re going with women’s clothing, it’s a collection with an up and coming designer. It’s a shoot with an Instagram fashion icon. It’s Vogue linking to your site.

Long tail keywords are your best friend

While it’s going to be super hard to rank #1 for “women’s clothing” it’s going to be a whole long easier to rank for “women plus size sequined jumpsuits”.

Hardest SEO Niches- Get Long Tail Keywords

Start creating those long tail keywords and bumping up your content surrounding them. Check out Yoast’s post about getting into long tail keywords for all the nitty-gritty.

Google isn’t the be-all and end-all it once was

People have lost trust in Google. They type in something and get a bunch of nonsense some blogger came up with to try and make money through affiliate marketing. The content doesn’t tell them anything useful. While Google is trying to change this and adapt, the public is busy using other channels instead.

Facebook’s trying to become “everything”. You have a better chance of finding a good Facebook group and asking a question to get a useful answer. You search YouTube, and even though you have to listen to the dude waffle on for 5 minutes eventually he’ll tell you how to fix that leaky tap. An Instagram endorsement from someone famous can get your brand to stratospheric heights. You’re searching Google Scholar just to see whether some health or food claim has any scientific basis in the slightest. You’re confused af because who even knows what fake news is anymore?

Think about the niche you’re after and which platform/s your audience congregates on to develop strategies there, too. Make your brand authoritative, trustworthy, audience-tailored, and easy to contact and find and you’re halfway there.

Quick Links:

You know what makes millions? Research, hard work, time, and effort

Making money online isn’t just a “throw it together and sit back and watch the cash rake in” activity. It’s an ongoing process. You need to work at it bit by bit.

Hardest SEO Niches- Are You Ready To Start

Building, growing and adapting when Google throws spanners in the works with their search algorithms. Utilizing other platforms that your audience uses. Setting goals, tracking success, networking, and making things look awesome all count.

So if you’re ready for a new career – and have the time, brains, and patience – this could well be it.


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How To Use SEO In Dropshipping Businesses: Detailed Guide 2022

You might have often planned about starting your E-commerce store and look to earn money. What If you don’t own the inventory and is still curious to make money by E-commerce? The dropshipping was introduced further which made it handy and in fact easy to earn money quickly. But, the foremost thing that can be an obstacle to the progressive online business or any website is the absence of SEO.

‘SEO’-This term would be so familiar to you when it comes to designing the content for your website. Google counts the smallest parameter for ranking the website. Thus, the SEO-friendly content is the key to grow without spending a penny.

We will read the need for SEO-ing the dropshipping store and how you can you save dollars by not spending on Facebook Ads and still progress your store.

   What Is DropShipping?

I will be explaining the Dropshipping if you still do not know about what dropshipping is!! I have given more details about the Dropshipping in my other article.

Dropshipping is an internet business where you do not need to own the physical products. All you need is the website and just add the products to make the profits. You do not own the inventory, neither do you need to take care of the logistics or suppliers or packaging.

The only thing you would need to invest initially is some amount of money and a plenty of time to select the products that can actually be profitable for you. Initially, you might have to rely on the Facebook Ads or what we call as the apid traffic to get traffic to your site. Once, you have pulled enough traffic, it’s time for the SEO to come to the rescue.

   What Is SEO?

SEO- Search Engine Optimization is the method of improving the quality as well as the quantity of your website by following the certain set of rules. SEO is complicated to understand at first but once, you get familiar with it, and it can rank you higher.

Let’s assume that when you search for a product in the Google search box and it shows the scads of results for you. You would surely be clicking the first to fourth results on the first page of the Google to look for your query. This is what SEO does!!

SEO Guide on dropshipping results

It brings more and more traffic to your site by just ranking your page higher on its search query. If you follow certain rules as suggested by Google for your content, it will reward you by ranking you higher and bringing more traffic to your site. SEO works slightly different for the Dropshipping.

Thus, to be a successful Dropshipper, read this must-guide on SEO.

Detailed Guide August 2022: How To Optimize Your DropShipping Store and Make it SEO-Friendly?

The detailed SEO guide for the Dropshipping and E-commerce varies slightly. I have divided this guide into different stages of SEO to make it more convenient for you. Also, I have covered each and every point and explained it in detail so that you feel no need to go somewhere else.

SEO in the initial stage

To start with a profitable Dropshipping business, you need a niche which is SEO-friendly. Thus, choosing the niche is vital because if the niche itself has less reach to be the SEO-friendly, it will take a lot of time in getting popular. Not all the niches in the E-Commerce are SEO-friendly.

SEO in the development

Next in the line is the development of an SEO-friendly website. Besides crawling your content, these search engines also index and crawl your site well. Thus, proper orientation of products and easy navigation is certainly the most important part of the SEO-friendly site.

There are certain parameters that you would need to work on in the development stage. This includes choosing the right keyword, Site architecture, clean URLs and certain others.


SEO in the editing stage

The most important aspect of the SEO is its editing. A specific page ranks higher on the Google when it has got the quality content. Besides the content, editing and proper use of images are a big plus. You can turn the tables to yourself by using the unique content and the quality images. Use of proper tags is also a must for the SEO friendly sites.

Now, if you ask me what keywords do for your content, I would say that it is the name or the identity of your product. The keyword that you use for your product is the most important as the user would type in the keyword in the Google search box to find the product they need.

If the product they need is closely related with your keyword, Google will definitely consider it as a plus. Do not stuff just one kind of keyword to your post. You will need to make a variety in your keywords so that even if people search for a product with the scrambled keywords, Google will give the closest suggestion to the user.

These multiple keywords are called as the ‘longtail keywords’ and are of the utter importance. The longer the keywords, the better and easier it becomes for the Google to reach it. For example, the user would probably be closer to buy a product when he searches for ‘black casual leather 8’ shoes’ instead of ‘black shoes. This is where longtail keywords serve well.

dropshippig guide for seo blogersideas


Now, the best way to get the longtail keyword of your choice is to write some short as well as the long ones that are related to your niche. If you still need ideas, type in your keywords and look for the suggestions below.

Google suggestions-dropshipping seo guide

For instance, I want to sell the camera and I need the keywords for it. I type in the camera and get the best searches for the camera. This way, my task for searching the best longtail keywords becomes handy.

Another way to get the keyword suggestions is to look up into the Google Keyword Planner. This keyword planner gives you all the relevant data regarding your keyword. Remember, if you would always choose the keyword with high monthly searches, they must be more competitive and thus it is advisable to use the medium as well as low frequency.

keyword planner seo guide-bloggersideas


There are a lot of other helpful tools to make your search more relevant and wider:

SEMrush Coupon- Mareting Toolkit

Serpstat Review -best keyword research tool

  • AMZScout

  • Moz Keyword explorer


Google looks for all the possible ways to make it convenient for the users to reach their desired queries. And thus, it also counts site architecture as one of the parameters though not important. If you are creating the customized dropshipping store, then you would need to learn the howabouts of the site structure.

Site Structure bloggersideas

When you create the site structure, it should be such that it shows the way to the Google as well as the users to your each and every page. This way, Google will index all your pages. If the site structure is not well or unidirectional, this would increase the bounce rate and Google counts that too.

What I would suggest considering important in the site structure is;

  • Internal links: Create internal links on each page so that they can be crawled by one way or the other. In my article, you will find some internal links that surely considers all of your pages valuable.
  • Breadcrumbs: The breadcrumbs are the navigational elements in the website that would lead you to relevant search. Try using that to make your site user-friendly.
  • Create product categories and the subcategories.
  • Mobile-friendly site

 Breadcrumb seo guide

  • Titles, Description and URLs

Improving the product title, meta description and the URL creates more attention to your product rather than the old or the dull Title. The title is the probably the first thing that any search engine will understand when trying to reach your store. It is representing your niche as well as the products you have got in the store.

If you have imported the product from Aliexpress, do not use its product title. The title or the H1 tag used by the Aliexpress looks ugly and too lengthy. Delete a few irrelevant words and keep the words that display your keyword well.

For example, In my Best Top Rated Drone Cameras article, I have added the relevant title tag. 

Title tag-SEO guide on dropshipping bloggersideas

After you have edited the product title, the next thing you would need to edit is the meta description. The meta description should be between 120 to 155 characters. Add the meta description smartly. You have to display the best features or the better pricing or the most significant thing about the product in merely 155 characters. I would suggest using the words such as ‘free’ or ‘offers’ or the ‘discounts’ in your meta description as it would give the viewers the reason to jump to your article.

meta desription dropshipping seo gui

Not just the H1 tag and the meta description is vital here, your URL also decides the credibility of your page. Suppose you have imported the product from the Aliexpress, the product, as well as the URL, might be ugly. So, make sure that you shorten the URL. Avoid the use of vague words and numbers or symbols. Make use of the keyword in the URL too.

URL guide for dropshipping

The most important aspect of the SEO is the content. If your content is not user-friendly or if it is not related to your keywords, Google wouldn’t like it and won’t rank it too. In fact, the more content you have on your page related to the product, the better it will rank. So, keep the word count of your content up to at least 500 words to rank well.

The content must have keywords and that shouldn’t be stuffed too. It means that if you have a content of 1000 words, then the keywords must be up to 20 and not more than that. Do not stuff the keywords as it might look ugly. To make your content SEO-friendly, the keywords must be long-tail as I told above and should seem readable.

The same goes for the product description. It should be not copied or the duplicate even if you have imported it. Try using your creativity and use the best keywords for your product. Create the description which should be more in bullets and less in the paragraphs.

The reason why most of the pages do not rank well despite the healthy content is that they do not have images with it. Images become valuable when you are creating the SEO-friendly content. If you have the image of the product, it creates the sense of trust among the readers.

Images guide on dropshiping bloggersideas

Always use the original image of the product. Even after adding the images, you will need to add the Alt tag to make it accessible to the search engine. Add the Alt-tag to your image and be sure that the Alt-tag has the keyword in it. Use the image title and Alt-tag as the same.


Below, I have inserted the ALT tag in my wordpress blog.

seo guide on how to insert ALt tag

Links are another important aspect of your SEO-friendly content. The links help Google to crawl each of your pages. There are two types of linking; Outbound or external linking, Inbound or Internal linking. Internal links are the links that point to a particular page on your site. It is important as it gives the search engine an idea that which page you want to rank for a specific keyword. Moreover, use internal links wisely and do not overdo it.

internal linking in blog

Similarly, external links point to a page from your website for a specific keyword. Always use the site with high PR for the external linking as it would create trust among the visitors. This also boosts the page ranking.

Why Do You Need SEO for E-commerce?

  • Get Featured: SEO helps your page to rank higher than other pages if it deserves that reward. Higher rank means more traffic to your website. The top rank pages also get higher in PR and DA. Thus, to get featured on the first page of the Google, follow what it says.
  • Cut the cost: Initially, your site might need some cost for marketing. Creating the ads on Facebook, Instagram or even the Google Adwords might cost you dearer for a long time. Also, using the paid traffic reduces the reputation of your site. Using the SEO or no cost click can make your site more visible and eventually save you a lot of money. Instead, you can spend on some paid SEO tools.
  • Long-lasting effect: Once you have stopped paying for the ads, it will rank lower. On the other hand, SEO has a long-lasting effect on your site.

Recommended SEO tools for Dropshipping

To improve the SEO of your website, a lot of useful tools can be used which can help you rank better!! Some of them are listed below:

  • Keyword Tool:  Here with this amazing WordPress SEO Tool, you can easily find the keywords that people are trying to type into the Google search box. No doubt, this WordPress SEO Tool is the best alternative to the Google Keyword Planner. And the best part of this Keyword Research Tool is, it is absolutely free.Here this tool will allow you to generate keywords ideas just by typing a keyword in the search box. The keyword suggestion you will get here is gathered from Google’s auto-suggest features. Basically, these keyword suggestions are the treasure information. Here the Google autocomplete suggest the keyword based on how frequent and often used it in the search box.Google Keyword Tool- WordPress SEO Tools for dropshipping
  • Yoast SEO: The most downloaded WordPress SEO Plugin of all time and this SEO plugin are used by millions of people all over the world. Here WordPress SEO is a complete solution for all of your on-page optimization. This tool will allow you to add SEO title, meta descriptions along with meta keywords to each of the post and page of your site.


  • It has full controls over site breadcrumbs
  • It comes with Content and SEO analysis
  • It provides advanced XML Sitemaps functionality
  • This plugin is capable of setting canonical URLs just to avoid duplicate content.

WordPress SEO by Yoast


  • SEO Ultimate: SEO Ultimate is regarded as the most powerful WordPress SEO Plugins in the market as it comes with 20+ modules and more than hundreds of free features through which you can easily optimize your site.

This plugin offers Title Tag rewriter feature that will allow you to edit your title of the post along with optimizing them for the improved on-page optimization. Here Meta Description editor let you add a Meta Description to your post, pages, and categories.  The best thing is that here open graph feature allows you to automatically create open graph data for the post.

SEO Ultimates- WordPress SEO tool for dropshipping



Watch these awesome videos by Neil Patel

SEO for Dropshipping August 2022: How Vital Is It?

As I have mentioned, SEO is the most important part of any website. If your site is not SEO-friendly, you cannot perform well and would eventually fail. I have therefore given the detailed SEO guide on Dropshipping. You can use some tools to improve your SEO.


If you have more tips to share, please write us in the comment box!!


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Why You Should Choose A Full-Service Company For Online Marketing ?


If you would put yourself in the shoes of a consumer, you’d surely choose to become a wise buyer who wants to make sure that every purchase is a great deal. That being said, you wouldn’t spend your money yet on anything when you don’t have enough information about that certain brand. It’s your hard-earned money that you’ll be spending after all! You wouldn’t want to put it in the rubbish basket.

And so, you start asking questions. At times, these questions are directed to your friends or anyone who has experienced using a product or a service.

“How was the service in that restaurant?”

“Is that face mask really effective?”

“How long have you been using those running shoes? Are they comfortable?”

Indeed, we want to make sure that a product or service will give us satisfaction every time. And you don’t even have to put yourself in the shoes of a consumer because all of us continue to play this role.

Good news is, the internet has made it easier for us to become a more informed buyer and make wise purchases. Online reviews from real buyers are available for us to determine whether a product or service will give us satisfaction. Most consumers these days rely on those pieces of information. In fact, research reveals that 91 percent of people read online reviews about a product or service, whereas, 84 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as they trust the recommendations of their friends. Read more about that in this article.

What this Means for You as an Entrepreneur

The research simply tells you as an entrepreneur that your business should have a strong online presence. When consumers look up information about your business, it should quickly show up on top of search engine results. They should find it on top social networking sites. Most of all, you need to strive to maintain a positive online reputation. Find out more:

But then, how can you possibly do that when you don’t invest much on SEO and other online marketing strategies? Would you gain ground in your industry? You may be somehow winning and doing great in sales, but you might be hindering your business to reach its full potential if you don’t reach out enough to your target market.

To reach out more to your target market and build relations with them, they need to know where they can find you. You should have an active, up-to-date website that’s visually appealing and full of valuable content. Your social media skills should be top notch. Because, hey, isn’t that the easiest way you can find something these days? Definitely.

Where Search Engine Optimization Comes In?

If you have a business here in Spokane, SEO can make a huge difference for your website. In fact, if you have a website, investing in SEO is the most basic thing you need to do to promote your business.

What Is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?


With effective SEO campaigns, you’ll be able to:

  • Place your website on top of the rankings of search engine results.

That pretty makes sense. If there’s a reliable information on top of your search engine results, would you still put in more effort browsing the page 10 of all the results? Actually, we tend to think that the top results are more reliable and trustworthy. On the other hand, we chose not to visit the sites on page 10 if we already found the information we’re looking for.

Your target market may come across your competitors whose sites rank higher on search results. You wouldn’t want to get left behind, right? So, if you don’t take SEO seriously, it’s about time you do.

  • Generate organic traffic for your website.

The higher your ranking on search engine results, the more site traffic you get, and the more traffic your site gets, the better ranking it gets on search engines. Most of us would quite take some time figuring out how to do that. Still, we end up not doing it right. Why waste time when you can work with experts? Outsourcing SEO is your way to go.

  • Cut huge costs on marketing.

SEO lays the foundation for your strong online presence. While you can’t solely rely on SEO, it is actually cheaper than other forms of online marketing strategies such as social media marketing, PPC advertising, or email marketing. And yet, you usually get good ROI out of it.

Cut Your Losses- Choose A Full Service Company For Online Marketing

Why Choose A Full-Service Company For Online Marketing & Your SEO Needs?

If you need to outsource your SEO, the question now is to whom should you outsource it. Should you hire a company that’s specifically dedicated to SEO alone? Or is hiring a full-service company way better than that?

Apparently, both are good choices. However, choosing a full-service company specializing in all forms of online marketing campaigns has certain advantages.

  • One-stop shop for all your online marketing needs

If you choose a company that specializes on SEO alone, you’ll need to scout for other potential marketing experts if you have to outsource your other online marketing strategies. New hires would again take some time learning about your company and your business to figure out the right marketing campaigns they should come up with—something that fits your brand and your target market.

On the other hand, when you initially hire a full-service company for your SEO campaign, they would already get to know your brand well. And so, it would be easier for them to emphasize consistency in all your online marketing campaigns.

But perhaps, you still have another question in mind. Is outsourcing online marketing really better than doing it in-house? Check it out here.

  • May offer huge discounts for a full-package online marketing campaign

Wait, did I just read HUGE DISCOUNTS on a full-package online marketing campaign? Exactly. You read that right. Full-service companies typically offer great deals for a full-package online marketing campaign—something you typically won’t enjoy when you outsource SEO to a company that focuses on it alone. Related:


Letting expert professionals handle your online marketing needs enables you to focus more on the other aspects of your business. In the long run, you save more time, money, and energy while getting the best results out of your investment. We hope this post suits your purpose well.

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Is Squirrly SEO Good? Pros & Cons of Squirrly SEO

Is Squirrly SEO Good lets know how good is Squirrly SEO plugin. 

Is Squirrly SEO Good?

Squirrly SEO Tools for WordPress are used by the best SEO experts and content marketing specialists. Personalized routes are provided by Squirrly SEO to help you rank each page in the top 10 of Google. It tells you exactly what to do to get there. People who sign up for this service will get advice from the first ever non-human SEO consultant who has looked at more than 600,000 websites over the course of 7 years. Everyone will think you’re an SEO master, and you will be, too. If you use all that Squirrly has to offer many features.

It’s not very often that I write a review but Squirrly SEO is very good at what they do.

The SEO tool I use the most is Yoast SEO. I’ve been using it for a few years now. I bought it because it had a lot of good reviews and looked like the SEO package everyone else used. It was just that I didn’t know how well I did when I used Yoast SEO. I could search for my keywords and see where I came up, but Yoast SEO didn’t give me any ideas about how I could improve.

After using Squirrly, I can see exactly where my pages need to be cleaned up, so I can fix them right away and make them better. I now know a lot more about how to go through to try to rank, so it might take me a while to get through them all. However, thanks to Squirrly, I have a lot of my clients’ pages in the top 10 of Google. I’m not very good at SEO, but I’m always learning. You know what else? Squirrly has given me all the tools I need to make my site rank better. If you aren’t sure if you want to buy Squirrly, just do it. You will not be dissatisfied with what you get.

Pros: Squirrly has the Complete SEO Funnel and Cloud Services + WordPress Plugin. This means that Squirrly SEO can work for both WordPress-based websites and non-WordPress websites, which means that it will work for both types of websites.

Pros & Cons of Squirrly SEO

Squirrly Review- One Stop Marketing Software Hub


  • “Very fast and amazing software that is efficent.”

  • “The learning curve is fairly fast. Helps to check how you are ranked on Google and how to improve it.”

  • “Easier to setup and use. It has a nice keyword search tool and the features are great.”

  • “It helps you with keyword research and content optimization. The best part of the plugin is the Focus Pages feature.”


  • Slow Results unlike paid campaigns. It needs a lot of efforts to improve SEO of our website.

Quick Links:

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Squirrly Pricing Plans 2022 Benefits & Top 5 Features

Looking Squirrly Pricing Plans, you are at the right place. 

With only five postings per month on one site, Squirrly is completely free. It’s a great SEO tool, however it lacks the keyword research, auditing, and analysis features of the commercial editions. The Pro version, which costs $29.99 a month, is the best option for most bloggers.

SEO is a lot more complicated than most people realise. It’s not easy to get your blog entries ranked highly in Google’s search results – but you can make it easier for yourself by optimizing your site. When someone types in keywords into Google’s search box, it helps to know what they’re looking for. As part of your research and analysis, you should make the most of social media and ensure that your blog postings provide the information that people want.

The Squirrly SEO plugin is responsible for optimizing your blog’s pages and posts for search engines. A basic knowledge of search engine optimization is required to run a blog effectively. Search engine optimization (SEO) is something that many bloggers do not fully grasp.

No matter how well you think you understand search engine optimization (SEO), there’s a good chance you’re missing certain important updates to Google’s algorithms and search parameters. When it comes to SEO, many people who think they know it all fail to stay up with changes made by search engines like Google and Bing.

As a result, what benefits do bloggers who use the Squirrly SEO plugin enjoy? You’ll learn how to use Squirrly to meet the requirements of search engines like Google and Bing in this review. Squirrly’s SEO plugin has a number of advantages for your blog. Getting your blog entries out there and getting people to read them begins with search engine optimization (SEO).

Squirrly SEO Features

Features are displayed in alphabetical order.

  • Google Analytics Integration

Squirrly SEO Pricing Plans :

Squirrly SEO Pricing - Benefits, Features, Plans and Squirrly Prices

There are three versions of Squirrly:

No more than five posts per month are allowed in the Squirrly Free Version. However, keyword research and analytics are missing from this plugin. For the typical and professional blogger, we propose the following version:

The Best of the Best: The Pro edition, which costs $29.99 a month, includes limitless posts on up to seven different sites. Additionally, you’ll receive a total of one hundred keyword studies, SEO audits, and Analytics page analyses. Most people will be satisfied with the Pro version.

Agency : Pricing starts at $75.99 a month and includes up to seven separate websites or blogs that can benefit from SEO services. Only if you manage SEO for multiple clients do this. That SEO specialists are using Squirrly should give you a sense of confidence in its abilities.

Our Squirrly promo code can save you $54 a year. This represents a 15% save. By doing so, you’ll save $29.99 per year, for the rest of your life! If you use our Squirrly Coupon Code, you’ll get 15% off for the rest of your life.

To use a coupon code at Squirrly, simply follow these simple instructions. When purchasing Squirrly, simply use the coupon code. Squirrly’s full Pro version is $25.49 a month, saving you $54 over the course of a year. For the amazing benefits you get when you use it, it’s a bargain.

Every month, you may save money on Squirrly SEO by using our Squirrly Coupon Code. The answer is obvious if you know what Squirrly is! It’s a fantastic deal that saves you 15% off the standard Squirrly Pro cost.

Conclusion : Squirrly Pricing Plans

Squirrly SEO was created with one goal in mind: to take the guesswork out of SEO. This AI-powered, all-in-one SEO suite provides everything you need to get the perfect SEO setup – instantly!

With Squirrly SEO, you can easily optimize your website for Google and other search engines, increase your traffic, and improve your online visibility. Plus, their helpful tutorials will show you how to get the most out of Squirrly SEO.

So why wait? Get started today and see the results for yourself!


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A Simple Guide To Understand Keyword Search Volume 2022

Even if you’re absolutely new to search engine optimization (SEO), you definitely came across the concept of keyword research.

In turn, keyword research is essentially based on two metrics that you should consider for choosing which search queries you should optimize your site for:

  • Keyword search volume; and
  • The level of competition for that particular keyword.

While most of the keyword tools are doing a more or less good job detecting how many sites rank for a given keyword (that’s what’s meant by the level of competition), when it comes to returning data for search volumes, they really vary.

This brief guide will walk you through the key aspects of keyword search volume: 

  • What it is;
  • Why do you need to pay attention to this metric; and
  • How to pick the best source of keyword search volume data.

Armed with these insights, you will be able to apply this metric to your SEO and marketing efforts—all to build a smarter and more data-driven strategy for your online success.

Keyword Search Volume: What Is It?

Keyword search volume is a metric that reflects how many times users enter a certain query in search engines within a specific period of time.

It’s always best to look at this metric within a monthly timeframe (that’s how most tools do) as it’s closely connected with site traffic, which you typically count monthly.

Why Do You Need Keyword Search Volume Stats?

As 93% of online journeys start with a simple search, knowing which query to optimize for can be the foundation of your online strategy. 

While you can experiment with various applications of search volume data, the most popular use cases are:

  • To prioritize your keyword optimization as search volume stats help to highlight the so-called low-hanging keywords, or search queries that attract the highest number of searches but come with the lowest competition. 
  • To pinpoint seasonality in searches—for instance, if you an August traffic drop to a page dedicated to Valentine’s Day gift ideas, it comes as no surprise as the highest search queries for the “Valentine’s Day gift ideas” keyword come around February. But not everything is this obvious. You might never expect to see seasonality in your target keyword but it can take place and it’s best to know about it—whether you are simply optimizing for the search engines or preparing a marketing campaign.

There are a few more unorthodox uses of keyword search volume data:

  • Some online businesses—especially e-commerce—use it to evaluate user demand.
  • Others even employ keyword search stats to shape their product strategy based precisely on these demand evaluations.

How to pick the best source of keyword search volume data

Now that we’ve covered the very basics of keyword search volumes and how to use them, it’s time to unwrap where you can find these stats.

As with most things SEO and digital marketing, you have your Google tools and third-party tools. Google is typically always free while the latter charge for access to data.

It may look like a no-brainer but actually don’t rush to conclude that you can get away with stats coming from Google itself.

Google-native Tools For keyword Research

This subtitle is actually not so accurate as Google doesn’t actually offer any tools for keyword research per se.

With some workaround, you can, though, get hold of some data. 

When looking at solutions that provide insights into keyword stats, you’ll always see Google Search Console among the recommendations. 

It is a great tool you should turn to on a regular basis, but as for keyword search volume data, it won’t work. 

Google Search Console (source)

One thing is that Google Search Console only features keyword stats for search queries you already have covered. So you cannot see any data for keywords your site doesn’t rank for, which is a problem as the key aim of keyword research is to actually discover new keywords that you should integrate into your SEO and marketing strategies. 

Then, you don’t actually see any keyword search volume data there. Instead, you see impressions that only reflect how many people Googling this or that search query could have seen your link. And keeping the definition of keyword search volume in mind, you can tell that it’s not the same.

Now, what about Google Keyword Planner

It’s a tool for advertisers, which means it should come with more actionable data. And it does, only precise search volume numbers only show up when you are actually running an ad campaign.

The tool let’s call it the free version—when you are just doing some preliminary research for advertising purposes but not actually yet allocating any ad budget—only returns keyword search volume ranges.

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner (source)

This implies that you can only see the real search volume stats when you are ready to allocate some dollars, and that can be the most costly thing to do if you aren’t just operating in an industry with a few tens of target keywords. 

Your keyword research that consists of the analysis of 100-500 search queries (the bare minimum of any business) will cost you a lot and require a lot of effort.

Third-Party Tools—the best source of keyword search volume stats?

It’s not hopeless, though. Third-party tools are all here to lend you a hand and return keyword search volumes to help you run keyword research. But there are a lot of options out there.

You can, of course, make a subjective choice and focus on things like pricing, the convenience of use, and so on and so forth. But since keyword search volumes are so important, it’s best to use cold hard data to make your choice of a tool.

While it may seem like there’s an endless number of tools that cover all things keyword research, there are actually a few that go serious about it. 

But if we’re taking the quality aspect of a keyword research tool—and that’s the most important one—you are only left with a few options. 

Semrush, Moz, and Ahrefs are the most popular solutions in the keyword data market. But it’s extremely hard to make a choice between them. Only data can really show which tool has better search volume data quality, and one research looked into this. 

Which Keyword Research Tool Comes With the Most Accurate Search Volume Stats?

This study reviewed keyword search volume data in Semrush, Moz, Ahrefs, Serpstat, Sistrix, and Mangools—the leading industry tools for keyword research. 

They compared the stats from these tools against Google Search Console’s impressions count. How’s that accurate comparison? As this methodology reveals, in some instances, GSC impressions data can reflect search volume counts, and the study took exactly the keywords that match these instances. This methodology post elaborates on this approach.

As a cherry on top, they also looked at Google Keyword Planner’s free version just to see whether even the ranges it reflects are more accurate than whatever external tools have to offer.

Now, let’s look at the key discoveries that should help you understand which tool comes with the most accurate search volume data. 

Search Volume Data Accuracy

% of keywords that coincide with Google Search Console stats 

Search volume data accuracy: Keyword Search Volume

Semrush has the highest share of keywords matching GSC’s impressions. This implies that accuracy-wise this is the best tool to choose for keyword research.

Keyword Data Coverage

The study didn’t only focus on the pure quality factor, though. It also looked at the data coverage aspect of each tool’s keyword data. 

Why? Because while a tool can have very accurate search volume stats, it might not have a wide keyword coverage, which will limit its research capabilities.

Tools typically report on this stat—especially when numbers look good. For instance, the keyword search volume data quality leader Semrush says it returns data for 98% of all US keywords, and the study looked into that, too. 

Keyword data coverage

% of keywords with no returned data across each tool 

It looks like Semrush wasn’t lying when reporting an almost total keyword data coverage for the US. Other tools—and even curiously Google Keyword Planner’s free version—have much more missing keyword data. 

We’ve partnered with Semrush to give you an exclusive 30-day free trial. With this trial, you’ll get access to the PRO subscription for one month and you can cancel it anytime. 

Quick Links:

Wrapping Up:

Hope you are now well-armed to enter the world of keyword research—you know all there is to know about search volumes, their use cases, and even the top tools that show the most accurate data.

So there are just a few thighs left to keep in mind when interpreting search volume stats:

  • Take the nature of your industry into account: if you are in a business with a large audience, keyword search volumes will always be higher. But if you’re operating in something very niche, don’t get put off by lower search volume counts.
  • Don’t just consider search volumes when making your keyword decisions. The competition level is very important as keywords with high searches tend to be extremely competitive so all your optimization efforts can come to naught if large sites are already ranking high for that search query.
  • Use smart SEO and marketing strategies even when it comes to keyword optimization. If you have a relatively new site or don’t yet have much traffic to work with, always start with low-to-medium keywords. Get some traffic, build up some site authority, and only then move on to targeting higher-volume searches. 

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Kyle Roof IMG Courses Review 2022 Best SEO Training?

Looking for Kyle Roof IMG Courses Review, you are the right place.

I understand how you’re feeling. In your search for the greatest SEO training, you’re unsure which to choose. As if that wasn’t enough, I never even asked what type of SEO you’d like to study. It’s hard to cover everything SEO has to offer in a single course!

I’ve taken a number of SEO courses over the previous five years from a variety of providers. When it comes to SEO, IMG Courses is a great way to learn about Google’s algorithm and connect with other SEO specialists in the community, as well. Things that can make or break your website’s performance should be studied, discussed, and debated!

IMG Courses Review 2022 Best SEO Course on Internet ? Internet Marketing Gold Review

The World’s Largest Exclusive Platform for SEO Courses : Get access to the world’s largest collection of SEO courses. It’s like Netflix for SEOs, with just the best and most relevant content available at any given time. Search engine optimization (SEO) ideas and approaches that are as up-to-date as Netflix are provided, so you don’t spend your time watching.

You’ve heard it before: More visitors equals more money. IMG also offers “offbeat” classes that offer even more inventive ways to make money, in addition to the traditional SEO strategies and tactics that are taught. We also cover digital marketing, user experience for conversions, webmaster tools, and social media.

How about a list of five simple techniques to increase your site’s revenue? With Appstore SEO, can you bring in a new stream of revenue? Add a new traffic source from Google ads (Google Ads basics) and more. (Appstore optimization).

IMG Courses Review

Who is Kyle Roof ? Internet Marketing Gold Review

Kyle Roof is the co-founder of High Voltage SEO, a bespoke SEO firm with locations in Phoenix, Berlin, and Melbourne. Before co-founding Internet Marketing Gold, a scientific SEO community, Kyle was the Lead Tester for the SEO Intelligence Agency, overseeing over 300 single variable tests on Google’s algorithm. I did his tool review Page Optimizer Pro here check it out 🙂

I am sure in this interview you will learn lot about his ranking strategies and how is able to beat Google algorithm.

Why you should take IMG Courses ?

IMG is the only online school for SEO that you’ll ever need. With comprehensive courses in all aspects of optimization, IMG has you covered whether you’re a beginner or an experienced marketer. Their instructors are industry experts who will guide you through each step of the process, so you can learn everything there is to know about SEO without breaking the bank. Plus, with our wide range of digital marketing courses, you’ll be able to improve your skills in all areas of online marketing. So why wait? Enroll today and get started on your SEO career!

Types of SEO training – New courses added every few months

I’ve heard that new courses are being added to SEO training on a regular basis. In addition to deciding on the best SEO course, you must also decide the aspect of SEO you would like to focus on. What about SEO on the page? Is there a local search engine optimization strategy I should know Linkbuilding?

Keyword Research is another option.

Each one of these subjects merits its own course. It’s impossible to create a single course that covers everything. In other words, instead of just a few hours, you’ll be studying for weeks or perhaps months. There are many hours spent teaching and learning SEO specialties.

There will be a steady stream of new courses being uploaded.

Training on on-page SEO

As a beginner, Kyle’s On-Page SEO instruction is the place to begin. During the past three years, I’ve taken his classes twice and each time they were packed with valuable information. It was jam-packed with information, and I’d be remiss not to suggest it.

Courses for Creating Multiple Backlinks

Ted Kubaitis, the host of the Low-Level Link Building course at IMG Courses, offers a variety of training options. On the subject of low-hanging fruit, Ted teaches this course. Building backlinks across multiple domains without doing any outreach. He assists you in locating and obtaining them.

Another Link Building course, created by Georgi Todorov, is available for more experienced SEOs. You’ll learn 7 White Hat linkbuilding tactics that will help you rank higher in the search engines and bring in more money. Hiring authors, Outreach guidelines, Guest Posting, Broken Linkbuilding, HARO linkbuilding, Link reclamation and many more are all included in his courses.

Bibi Raven offers a link-building course titled: Link Building Outreach. Talking about outreach isn’t a bummer.

Other courses are also available.

Content Audit Playbook, SEO for Real Estate, Affiliate SEO, SEO Campaign procedures, App Store optimization, Content Writing, Copywriting, and Keyword Research are some of the other courses available on the IMG platform.

In addition, SEOToollabs does have a dedicated training course for the Cora software that will help you get the most out of Cora SEO.

So, yeah, IMG training is comprehensive.

SEO testing – Find out how to outsmart Google.

There are dozens of SEO testing that have been completed over the last couple years, and they’re all available to you through IMG Courses. Knowing what works and doesn’t with SEO experiments is critical to your success.

If you don’t know what works, don’t waste your time constructing a website or even a single page. Single-variable tests, as well as field tests, make up the majority of the testing. As a result of this, you don’t have to harm your client’s website in order to discover whether or not it ranks or tanks.

There is a full library of SEO tests conducted by our members, as well as the opportunity to become an SEO researcher yourself.

After completing 2 of their courses, I plan to take more over the years of 2022.

Best SEO training online

The 14 Steps that put you on top of Google

This is the course that started it all. It takes everything Kyle has learned during two years of running 400 scientific SEO tests to figure out exactly what it takes to rank on top of Google. He reveals exactly how he ended up fooling Google’s search engine algorithms with nothing but gibberish text. So if you have any real money keywords you want to rank for like  “paid program dell”, “paid program forbes” or “program dell technologies”, the On-page SEO IMG Course can take you there.

His unique process still works wonders today and Kyle provides the actual sites ranking with nonsensical text. Inside you’ll learn:

  • The biggest take aways from 400 SEO tests
  • The 14 steps I use to rank my sites and my clients’
  • Why everyone is doing Silos wrong
  • How to force Google to rank you with one-way links
  • The truth about SEO ranking factors

SEO Courses Online

IMG Courses Review by Customers & Students:

We had to update 40% of our workflow

As an agency managing about 30 accounts, we felt that we had a decent system of SOP’s in place. After taking Kyle’s course, we were humbled that we had to update about 40% of our workflow.

Compared to other courses we have purchased over the years, Kyle’s teaching style and quality are by far best. We looked at some of the other outlines in IMG and see that they follow the same easy-to-follow outline. We found a new home for effective learning at IMG! Well done Kyle!

Brian Childers

The best I’ve seen from an SEO course

The content quality is the best I’ve seen from an SEO course. I’ve been taking SEO courses since 2016 and the style is easy going and never over my head. I love the “show me how to do it style”! Great course!!

Nancy Reagan

I wasn’t fully aware how easy Google is to beat

Kyle’s teachings totally changed how I approach on page SEO. I already knew that Google is an algorithm, but I wasn’t fully aware how easy it is to beat. I really like the teaching style and content quality.

Raoul Wruck

Kyle Roof courses review

IMG Courses Review Kyle Roof SEO Course Pricing Plan

IMG Courses Kyle Roof SEO Course Pricing Plan

If you want to make money online, this is the place for you.

You’ve had it with this? In exchange for an agreed-upon fee, you can take classes, meet SEO experts, and learn how to manipulate Google’s algorithm.

Lock in your monthly subscription price by signing up today.

IMG Course Alternatives (Affiliate Lab, Super Affiliate System & Wealthy Affiliate)

1) Affiliate Lab – #1 IMG SEO Course Alternative

The Recursive Keyword Research Process

📣 About
How to create, grow, and sell profitable affiliate sites.

💰 Price
$997 ($200 discount sometimes available).

✅ Pros
Breadth and depth of training is outstanding.

❌ Cons
Volume of course material could be overwhelming.

🥇 Opinion
Outstanding affiliate training from the very best.

Matt Diggity worked as an electrical engineer before launching his own web business. Matt had a nervous breakdown as a result of his profession, which required him to work more than 60 hours per week on occasion.

Matt became fascinated with SEO and affiliate marketing at that time, and he grew attracted to the idea of making money online. Matt was able to break through and discover something spectacular after years of trying.

While learning SEO and affiliate marketing, Matt created various test websites. Matt made some money from these sites in most cases, but he didn’t have the time to run them, so he opted to sell them.

Matt then learned that flipping profitable websites is a lucrative business and chose to pursue it.

The Affiliate Lab is an education program for internet marketers, SEO specialists, and even average entrepreneurs who want to learn everything there is to know about establishing websites, enhancing them for search results, and flipping them for extra cash.

This course includes a large number of instructional videos on affiliate marketing, search engine optimization, and other related topics.

Affiliate Lab Facebook group

Affiliate lab matt diggitty reviews courses

This course has more than 12 hours of material, so it will take some time to complete.

When you purchase the course, you will get six pre-made templates as well as an off page and onsite checklist. You will also have access to Affiliate Lab’s private Facebook community.

There will be a discussion about selecting a niche, conducting keyword research, and creating captivating content that not only ranks but also converts.

Who is The Affiliate Lab for?

Beginner SEOs ready to take a shortcut into advanced SEO practices

Advanced SEOs who want to polish up their SEO game and take it to the next level with tactical linking, debugging, and monetization strategies. If you read my blog, you’re familiar with me releasing new strategies never seen before. The Affiliate Lab contains the strategies that are too valuable to release publicly.

SEOs that gave up. If you tried other methods and didn’t succeed, its because you had the wrong information. There’s no theory or guesswork in The Affiliate Lab, its all based on actual tests.

Client SEOs looking to diversify into passive income through affiliate

Lone wolf SEOs that would like to join an advanced SEO community

Complete Newbies who have never built a website. They start from scratch.

Matt Diggity Courses reviews online

You will learn how to design a website and enhance its pages, regardless of your level of experience.

Other areas to be covered include anchor text mastery, affiliate website citations, and backlinking.

You will also learn how to boost conversion rates, flip a website, manage content, and use keywords.

 Here’s what you get at a glance:

Matt Diggity SEO Course

  • 45+ Hours of training
  • 210+ Videos that teach niche selection, keyword research…everything you need to know to dominate Google and profit from your sites.
  • 6 Plug-and-play Templates

Templates & Tools

  • You get 6 Plug-and-Play templates and tools, the very same I use for my agency.  Take the guessing out of your niche selection, get the optimal ratio of anchor text & more.

Checklists & SOP

  • Checklists & SOPs
  • Checklists & Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). The very same that I use on my own and my client’s sites to rank on Google.

FB Group & Bonuses

  • Exclusive FB Group
  • Access to the active members-only Facebook Group. Ask any question about SEO and get them answered by me, or other members of the group that have been in the affiliate marketing world for years.

Commission Hero vs. Super Affiliate System

2) Super Affiliate System by John Crestani 

John Crestani Reviews Course Testimonials John Crestani Super Affiliate System Reviews

The super affiliate system is good for anyone who hasn’t made money online and also a good program for those who are completely into money-making online and only want to up their game. This app works very well with a new person and the user also does not need to know intense technological skills and can be a layman. 

This software provides a course that is very easy to understand and is in a very simplified manner. It is also said to gain maximum capacity and best results in work within 6 weeks.

They give you templates of the audiences and other landing pages that you can use with permission on your promotions. The training stretch which is almost 6 weeks has lecture sessions of 50 hours in total and explains the affiliate marketing process from scratch.

The lecturers have worked a day in and day to device the best work material to help students understand the concepts better. They make sure that their students are held accountable if any case of false learning. They also have a system where if the student is not given access to the main system that’s because they haven’t gone through all the course material. 

Check Out My Interview With John Crestani 

Super Affiliate System Review John Crestani

3) Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate Review - Wealthy Affiliate

It is an online training program that offers courses on affiliate marketing. This community has been very fast growing and it has multiple entrepreneurs and buyers and sellers and other types of traders. The course content is very legitimate and it mainly focuses on giving you the best training and tips to start a business online.

Their teaching process is very educational and with the help of webinars and video based lectures, the learning process becomes much more engaging and clarifying. 

These tools are mandatory for all beginners as they lack access and they also do not know how to use tools that have been in use for a long time by most who make money online. The next main criteria of the learning are to familiarise the students with modern-day technology and the new-age digital marketing techniques.

Conclusion:  IMG Courses Review (Is It The Best SEO Training?)

Kyle had been studying SEO for years, and he had finally figured out how to beat Google’s search engine algorithms. He was excited to share his findings with the world, and he knew that this course would be the starting point for many people who wanted to rank their websites at the top of Google. He revealed exactly how he had managed to fool Google with nothing but gibberish text, and he showed his students how they could do the same thing with their own websites.

SEO can be a lonely business. Most people barely understand what you are doing and trying to explain it quickly leads to glazed eyes. But at IMG, they understand better than anyone else. They are an exclusive community of SEOs who go through the same things you do day in and day out. Your second free bonus for joining IMG is the exclusive community. Ask any questions, post your latest win, or get that little motivational push you need when you are down. And their courses are known to throw the occasional local party.

160+ Ways to rank on top of Google: Get access to a vault of 160+ IMG exclusive SEO tests + NEW tests added quarterly : All done under scientific conditions & peer-reviewed

Best SEO testing group

Because this is an exclusive community, you might be able to find a profitable connection within. One of their members recently allowed IMG users backlinks to one of the most popular sites in the world. A recent member found their dream client and another found a graphic designer who understands SEO. One member even developed their own plugin and offered it exclusively to IMG members. Several other members have actually ended up working for IMG and its affiliated businesses.

There is no spam allowed but there are a lot of profitable connections to be made within IMG. If you input your location, you can even connect and find nearby SEOs and kick it off.

Ask any questions for crowdsourced answers

  • (optional) Find SEOs near you!
  • Connect & make lasting friends
  • Make profitable connections
  • Tight knit and willing to help
  • Reach anyone with a chat message

So I highly recommend you to try our IMG Courses and I am sure you will learn tons of secrets in SEO world. Let me know what do you think about IMG Courses review in comments below.

Quick Links:

Read More
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14 SEO Experts Roundup On- No.1 Secret For Traffic Source For 2022

Here in this post, we have featured Expert Roundup Post On- “Experts Sharing Their No.1 Secret For Traffic Source For 2022” Let’s find out what experts are saying about the best traffic sources to rely on.

Experts Sharing Their No.1 Secret For Traffic Source For 2022

1)Warren Whitlock

I’ve been online since 1981 and started selling online in the 1980’s. Several eCommerce businesses and consulted for a variety of big names and enterprises. Currently CEO of Stirling Corp where we use our huge traffic to help authors, bloggers and podcasters reach larger audiences.

Warren Whitlock’s No. 1 Secret for Traffic Source-

Never forget that if you intend to stay in business past the end of the year that you MUST create content that can help the reader to take action and get satisfaction. Any tricks will last only as long as it takes for search engines and other platforms to see it and program around you. Nothing beats quality content and personal attention to visitors. Be awesome. Follow the guidelines for SEO and be aware of what the bots want but never forget that you want real people to engage, share and buy from you.

2) Christian Lee

Affiliate marketing, dropshipping and SEO at

chris lee - chrisleevella


Christian Lee’s No. 1 Secret for Traffic Source-

My absolute favorite and go-to traffic source have always been good old SEO, but I’ve recently been getting into Pinterest and I have seen great results from that platform. For some of my websites, I would even add that Pinterest traffic converts much better than SEO (which was very surprising at first). If you have a niche site that is Pinterest-friendly, then I highly suggest you spend some time on the platform and see if you can make it work.

With some effort and a little bit of patience, you can get a new, healthy and high-converting traffic coming into your website. The viral potential is the best out of all social networks, and it’s also a fun platform to use. If you have been struggling with getting traffic, this would be my “secret traffic tip”. (Of course, you should also work on beefing up your SEO as well along with Pinterest).

3) Minuca Elena

I am a freelance writer specializing in creating expert roundups. My posts provide quality content, draw huge traffic and get backlinks. I also help bloggers connect with influencers.

Minuca Elena, - Minuca Elena


Minuca Elena’s No. 1 Secret for Traffic Source-

To get a constantly growing traffic you should focus on SEO. Guest post, reply to interviews, podcasts, and expert roundups. Try to be on every site from your niche, big or small. This can also mean using blog commenting as a first step in connecting with influencers. The true influencers in any niche are so busy and overwhelmed with emails that cold outreach may be inefficient. Don’t try to connect with others just for immediate gain.

Some people may never buy your products or services but they may refer you to others, they can become your business partners, they can invite you to speak at a conference. There are many opportunities that come from networking with successful people from your field. By applying these tips you will build backlinks to your site and strengthen your personal brand and reputation. And this will bring your traffic.

4) Alice Elliott

Alice Elliott (aka Fairy Blog Mother) has been working with beginner bloggers for well over a decade. She specializes in explaining WordPress really simply, especially for the non-technical blogger. Alice also promotes the dying art of commenting. This is to encourage more engagement within the interactive blogosphere and social media.

Commenting can help both individuals and businesses become more visible by drawing attention to themselves for the right reasons by being kind and considerate throughout the web.

The Commenting Club Logo 2 - Alice Elliott



Alice Elliott’s No. 1 Secret for Traffic Source-

There are many ways to get traffic to your blog. One is the spray and pray method of littering social media with your latest post’s link. However, this is a bit hit and miss, and can be very impersonal. Especially if you abandon these links never to return. Many people attempt Search Engine Optimisation in their blogs.

Writing a post that strategically slots a keyword (which resonates with search criteria) correctly into your post. Even if you manage to write that post that appeals to search spiders, the results can be short-lived. Some use link building. Such as writing a round-up post with references to other bloggers, and then writing to them to get more links back to their post. The idea is the flattery created will encourage more visits from the blogger and their followers.

I’m sure you could think of many more ways of creating traffic, but I suspect one you won’t have thought of is commenting. Commenting is all about interaction and relationship building. It’s about communication with your readers, encouraging their opinions, gathering feedback and receiving and showing appreciation. It’s about responding, collaborating, engaging and helping others. It’s more than being a faceless blogger that scatters his post’s URL throughout the web. Try writing an introductory paragraph to accompany it, drawing attention with persuasive words your readers can relate to.

Also, ask for feedback and stick around ready to respond to any comments. This shows you really care about your post’s URL and also other people’s reaction to it. Encourage them to read your post and comment in situ. It’s more than writing a post that is stilted to accommodate an appropriate keyword. What about your readers? Without them, your blog will fail to exist. Not only should you write for them, but encourage their reactions as well.

A blog with many comments can appear to be popular, which is not only attractive to new readers, but also the search engines, who are programmed to connect popularity with indexable content. It’s more than writing a round-up post to gather links. Why not visit the influencers’ blogs and read and comment on their posts? Showing your interest and appreciation through well written, constructive and value-packed comments is just as flattering as being part of a roundup.

But this time you’ve added to their posts with your feedback. This, in turn, will draw attention to you, and ultimately a visit back to your blog. Blog commenting is a forgotten art that has been destroyed within social media. It requires sufficient thought, proper writing, and needs to be more substantial than a social comment delivered elsewhere.

Blog comments live as long as the post, add to its indexable content, provide social proof to a new audience, and build relationships with your readers to encourage them to return for more and become an advocate for your blog and the message it contains. And ironically, they are far more private than a comment on social media!

5) Steve Wiideman

Steve is a Senior Search Strategist for Wiideman Consulting Group, supporting e-commerce and multi-location brands in paid, organic and local search engine marketing. He’s the 2018 Industry MVP in Search (Searchie Awards) and enjoys testing, experimenting and studying search ranking signals.

steve wiideman - Steve Wiideman


Steve Wiideman’s No. 1 Secret for Traffic Source-

For our clients, the secret has been a profound commitment toward building and improving the absolute best landing pages for the top 20-30 search terms in their industry. Be it “Rolex watches”, “self-storage near me”, or “bar and grill near me”, the pages that clients desire to have ranking in search results are priority 1 and the driver of the greatest amount of web traffic.

This includes setting benchmarks to improve speed, aesthetics, conversion focal points, diversity of media content, structured markup, E-A-T focal points, and voice-readiness. Monitoring the top ranking competitors through VisualPing is also helpful in understanding what the competition is up to, so there are never any surprises.

The “secret” is really just the discipline the 3 teams build in watching the rankings and improving the elements they are responsible for. This means the webmaster stays accountable to the constant improvement in bounce rates, conversion rates, speed and browser compatibility. The content writer continuously improves the page based on paid search term data and Google Search Console insights.

The digital PR specialist continuously works to build relationships and earn links, as well as monitoring Google Alerts for opportunities to drop the page’s short answer or checklist. There’s no “set it and forget it SEO” these days, the battle is won by the business willing to spend the most time, energy and resources into making their landing page the best page for the array of keywords that drive the most qualified web traffic.

6) Chad Pollitt

Chad Pollitt, a decorated veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and former US Army Commander, is the Co-founder of Relevance, the world’s first and only website dedicated to content promotion, news and insights, and is the VP of Marketing for inPowered.

He’s also a former Adjunct Professor of Internet Marketing at the Indiana University Kelley School of Business and current Adjunct Instructor of Content Marketing at the Rutgers University Business School. Chad is a member of the Advisory Board for blockchain technology companies Swachhcoin, Cryptopal, and AdHive.

Chad HS - Chad Pollitt


Chad Pollitt’s No. 1 Secret for Traffic Source-

The number one “secret” traffic source isn’t so secret but isn’t utilized nearly as much by content marketers as it should – referral traffic. Specifically, earned media mentions with links. They out convert almost every traffic source, with one exception. I’ll get to the exception shortly. If a brand does a study, guide or ebook that has compelling information, someone, somewhere may want to write about it and feature it – including linking to it. I once had Inc(dot)com feature one of my ebooks.

That article drove over 900 leads in two weeks. How’s that for a traffic source? Now, back to the exception. SlideShare can be a tremendous source of traffic and leads. After over ¼ of a million views, I can unequivocally say that no other social channel converts like this one. For the people that viewed the entire deck and clicked through to my website, nearly 80% of them converted on a landing page.

7) Lorraine Reguly

Lorraine Reguly is an author and English teacher who is now a freelance editor and entrepreneur. Her life journey is motivational and inspirational. Lorraine’s book, From Nope to Hope, is designed to help anyone who wishes to lead a happier life. It contains a built-in workbook and is available on Amazon. Lorraine offers 4 different services through her business, Wording Well, including writing/blogging, editing, and consulting/coaching/mentoring. She also helps others to become published authors!

Lorraine Reguly


Lorraine Reguly’s No. 1 Secret for Traffic Source-

My traffic comes from many sources (as does yours, I’m sure), but I got the attention of Google many times by ranking on the first page. Getting organic traffic is the best! My secret for getting organic traffic from Google is to write helpful, valuable, search-engine-optimized content that contains personal experiences interwoven throughout the blog post. (I also use visuals to keep the attention of my reader.) Organic traffic is great. You don’t have to work for it—you just get it.

You get it given to you from Google. Sure, you still have to share your blog posts on your social media platforms, pin your images to Pinterest, and email your list to let them know you published a new post, but having an organic reach is simply the best! You get to meet new people, you get to have new visitors to your site, and you get to rank higher than your competitors! Ranking on Google is tough, especially when the search algorithms are ever-changing.

Voice search is becoming more popular nowadays, as is video. This means you need to optimize your blog posts to include these factors! You can do this by taking the same content from your blog post and turning it into a video that people can watch or listen to. You could also take that content and turn it into a SlideShare presentation. Leveraging search engines such as YouTube and Pinterest (in addition to Google) is the way to go if you truly want to reach the masses and get organic traffic.

Pinterest is a game-changer if it is used correctly. Actually, any of the search engines are! Try using these strategies. You’ll see what I mean when you get a rise in your organic traffic. Your reach will become wider. The masses will come to you. How do you do this, exactly? Study of SEO. Optimize your blog posts. Create rich pins for Pinterest. Make videos for YouTube, then embed them in your blog posts.

Be honest. Be real. Be helpful. Give your readers what they want and need. Link out to others as much as you link to your own posts. Trust me, you’ll have gold that Google wants if you do all this. And Google will reward you with organic traffic that you just can’t buy. Do it. You won’t regret it. And if you need help, hire a freelance writer or editor (such as myself) to help you polish your posts and edit them to perfection!

8) Matthew Woodward

Matthew Woodward is a well known SEO Evangelist.

MatthewWoodwardicon - Matthew Woodward


Matthew Woodward’s No. 1 Secret for Traffic Source-

Traffic is a commodity like milk.

You can either buy the milk from the store or you can buy a cow and a stool. Either way, generating traffic takes time, effort and investment. Whether that is from “free” traffic sources like SEO or paid sources like Facebook.

Once you understand that traffic is a commodity, it will change how you approach things. With that said: For me the best traffic source is SEO.

And my #1 SEO strategy of the last 10 years is simply to steal all my competitors best keywords and backlinks. Because why do the hard work when someone else has already done it for you? I use 2x custom developed sheets to execute this strategy which you can download at steal-your-seo-strategy/ Within 10 minutes you’ll be able to build an intelligent keyword and link building strategy based on current real-world data. That is the quickest and easiest way to generate traffic from SEO.

9) Janice Wald where she shares tips for bloggers and marketers. Wald has been included in over fifty expert interviews and interview panels. Her blog was nominated for the 2017 Most Informative Blog Award at the London Bloggers’ Bash.

She recently published ALL THE INSTAGRAM TIPS AND TRICKS YOU NEED TO KNOW ( available on Amazon. Follow her over to for more blogging and marketing tips.

 Janice Wald- MostlyBlogging


Janice Wald’s No.1 Secret for Traffic Source-

My Number 1 Secret Traffic Source: When asked my Number 1 secret to boost traffic, Quora comes to mind. I find answering questions at Quora boosts my traffic almost immediately.

Also, when I leave my link at Quora since I’m getting a link to my site from a site with a high Domain Authority Ranking (Quora has a DA of 93), I boost my SEO and boost organic traffic that way. More information about how to use Quora to boost traffic can be found here

Answering questions at Quora is good for your brand, your social traffic, and your organic traffic. It’s an important method in off-site optimization. I feel too few people take advantage of the power of Quora to boost their traffic. That’s why I consider this method a “secret” traffic source.

10) Marcus Miller

Marcus heads up the UK digital marketing agency Bowler Hat. Marcus and his team focus on helping small businesses get BIG RESULTS from their digital marketing efforts – main areas of expertise include SEO, PPC, Social and Conversion Rate Optimisation.

marcusmiller - Marcus Miller


Marcus Miller’s No.1 Secret for Traffic Source-

I want to kind of flip the question on its head a little here as I don’t have a secret traffic source. We just don’t tend to work that way at Bowler Hat. To me, the true secret is two-fold: 1) do the research and determine the best tactics to promote your business and 2) do the work to put something truly valuable out there.

If you come to digital marketing from the perspective of helping your prospective customers and adding value then you will never go too far wrong. So the specific traffic sources, it just depends on the type of business. Sometimes it is organic search, sometimes it is native ads – figure out what is right for you, where your competitors are weak and find your own secret – then do the work.

11) Enstine Muki

Enstine Muki is a Full-Time blogger and Cryptocurrency Certified Expert

Enstine Muki


Enstine Muki’s No.1 Secret for Traffic Source-

There are different traffic channels but mainly, I get good results from SEO and Pinterest. Pinterest is both Search Engine and a bit of Social media.

Search Engines (Google to be more specific) is doing great for me following recent updates. There is a big shift from Keyword content optimization to topically relevant words and phrases.

A few weeks back, I began tweaking my existing content, optimizing with Semantic SEO in mind. Many of my posts moved to page one of Google from page two. There is a generally positive change in ranking. The results are more traffic.

While I recommend keyword research before doing any content writing, optimization shouldn’t be focused on the seed keyword. Use a Semantic SEO tool to help in topical ideas. This will also help in your content length as well. The longer the content, the more the keywords you stand to rank for.

One thing to note is the fact that keyword semantics isn’t keyword synonyms or variations. What I see around are keyword variations. Moving from short to long form isn’t semantics as well.

Here is an example:

Keyword: SEO professional 

Long Form: e-commerce SEO Professionals in UK

This is deepening and narrowing your market which is perfect. But it isn’t semantic SEO. Ok let’s take a look at some semantic relevance following the keyword above:

  • Google and other search engines
  • Matt Cutts
  • WooCommerce experts
  • WordPress
  • Shopping cart
  • etc

There is really a long list and if you want to write on these main keywords, developing paragraphs and subtopics on these semantic keywords will take you an edge over your competitors.

12) Temi Odurinde

Blogger and Wash Advocate

Temi_HP - Evgeniy Garkaviy


Temi Odurinde’s No.1 Secret for Traffic Source-

My number one secret traffic source is Google My Business. It is actually not that secret. It’s just that it is overlooked as a traffic source, by most people. Giving those of us, who have not overlooked it a big advantage.

Because G+ was not an unqualified success, like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram as a social media site. Google has put a lot of resources into developing Google My Business, as an easy to use, a social media platform for businesses. Since most people only bother about a platform that actually brings them traffic, Google is putting a lot of effort into ensuring Google My Business deliver traffic to its users.

Since I started paying attention to Google My Business, I have seen the traffic I get, grow from a single figure, to double figures, then three figures. On one exceptional week, I received four-figure traffic from Google My Business.

Once your Google My Business profile is verified, each time your business or keywords associated with your business is searched in Google, your business will appear on the right-hand side of Google SERP, with a lot of information and links.

The listing for your business will include a direct link to your website, your social media pages and so on. If you use the “post” feature of your listing, the information you post will be given prominence, and each week, you get traffic information and encouragement like the one in the image below from Google

13) Evgeniy Garkaviy

Blogger, SEO specialist

Evgeniy Garkaviy


Evgeniy Garkaviy’s No.1 Secret for Traffic Source-

My number 1 secret traffic source is old, dropped domain names. The proliferation of domain name extensions, meant many people and businesses are buying a domain name that goes with their brands. This leads to them not bothering to renew old domain names they once spent hundreds of thousands of dollars promoting. Such domain names are rich in backlinks, and most of the time traffic!

You can basically snap up such domain names for a little as $15. Host them on a shared hosting space, use Way Back Machin (Internet Archive) to find out the pages such domain once contain. Recreate such pages (With your own new contents) and start getting loads of free traffic.

It is pretty easy to find and buy such domain names. Using domain research tools, you need to identify domain names that were recently dropped or those that will be dropped soon in your niche. Then use a domain “staling tool” to stalk such domain name, so that you are number one on the starting block, once such domain name is dropped. If your domain name registration company support back ordering, you can backorder such domain names. Once the domain name is yours, host it, recreate the old pages the domain once hosted and start enjoying free traffic.

14) Ryan Robinson

I’m a part-time blogger and content marketing consultant that teaches 400,000 monthly readers on how to start a profitable side business.

Ryan Robinson


Ryan Robinson No.1 Secret for Traffic Source-

My biggest traffic driving secret is that huge opportunity still lie in doing a better job of creating long-form content that matched user-intent—than that of how many top ranking articles currently do. Many top ranking articles are old, out of date and don’t do the best possible job of solving a reader’s specific challenges.

My advice is to research your competitor’s top ranking articles, then go out and interview or poll real readers about how helpful that article is. Where are there gaps for improvement? Could you better teach readers with an instructional video? Could you include a visual infographic? Could you release a step-by-step tutorial course that goes into more depth? Is that existing article too long and complex—if so, what are the key points of a more simple version that better connects with readers?

Don’t just write to appease search engines. Create transformational content that positively impacts real readers (in the way they want to consume the content). Then, promote the hell out of that article and you’ll eventually rise to the top.

Conclusion: 14 SEO Experts Roundup On- No.1 Secret For Traffic Source For 2022

As of now, you have read 14 SEO Experts Roundup post on the best traffic source in 2022. Here you can see these experts are sharing some awesome tips that can help you in generating traffic for your blog or website easily and effortlessly.

We hope this post suits your purpose well. Comment below and tell us which tips from the experts you are going to follow in order to generate traffic.

You can help us by sharing this post on various trending social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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Sara Davis | VP @CanIRank Explains How To Rank #1 on Google 2022

Hey Sara welcome to my blog, please share your brief intro to my audience and how did you get started with CanIrank?

Hi Jitendra, thanks for having me, I’m happy to be here! Great question!

I met Matt Bentley, the CEO and Founder of CanIRank in 2018, I was so impressed with his kind and intelligent demeanor, as well as his background! As a Stanford engineer turned SEO, Matt built CanIRank to take the guesswork out of SEO campaigns and drive results rather than aggregate data.

After diving in and looking at the shocking results that both CanIRank’s DIY users and full-service clients were seeing, I wanted to see if I could duplicate their success. After playing with the CanIRank tool myself, I was hooked. CanIRank is the best use of AI SEO I have seen on the market, in a space that is continuing to grow. CanIRank is ahead of the curve in regards to results, data, AI, and value, and I knew I wanted to be a part of the growth and helping businesses of all sizes grow their search presence with CanIRank.

  • What are the best features of CanIrank software? How it can help SEO experts?

CanIRank has a different approach than other SEO tools, most SEO tools provide raw data sans strategic insights – CanIRank provides actions. This makes CanIRank great for a DIY user, small business, or small marketing team learning SEO, looking for new tactics, or looking for more purview into their campaigns.

Interview of Sara Davis – CanIRank

For large marketing teams looking to hyper-drive their growth, or businesses looking to delegate certain SEO actions to an agency, CanIRank is a critical growth-driving tool and a great partner for large businesses.

  • How do you discover money-making keywords?

CanIRank’s keyword analysis tool was built to drive ROI on SEO activities, and therefore finding money-making keywords is a construct of the platform. I personally like to search for keywords that are already ranking in the top 10-30 results of the SERPS that could provide an ROI with minimal time constraints.

Here’s my process in CanIRank:

#1 – Under the Improve My Rankings Tool I sort for “High Rank” keywords

#2 – Then I filter those keywords by “Optimization” percentage

#3 – What remains, is high-value, partially optimized pages that are essentially “low hanging fruit.” With a few backlinks and optimizations, increasing these 5 keyword rankings alone has a value of just shy of $5,000.

Money-making keywords can be quick wins or long-term goals, but I like to attack them in conjunction.

For example, a long-term keyword we are targeting is “SEO” and you’ll see above that we are optimized for the term at 59% so far. However, we are not currently ranking for that term. Ranking for that keyword would provide an equivalent ROI of over $500,000 dollars to our agency, and while we know won’t be ranking for “SEO” overnight due to the extreme competition, it is an active long-term keyword we consistently are targeting. Mixing up your goals into quick wins, attainable with diligence, and long term goals can help keep the momentum alive as you see different wins accumulate.

  • Niche site vs Authority Site. Which is best according to you & why? What are the pros and cons of both?

Both niche & authority sites have their place in SEO and growth building strategies.

For example, An eCommerce pet supply store could see huge gains by partnering with a dog lovers website, veterinarian association, or animal training forum. Niche audiences are great for spreading awareness to an already interested audience.

Whereas authority sites may not be your exact target audience, they help increase your authority, and can also create additional opportunities, more exposure, and can have a “ripple effect” on your SEO efforts.

  • SEO is changing in a big way in 2019. How you are managing SEO work on client sites?

The SEO landscape is constantly changing. Unlike most marketing agencies, we try not to get caught up in the innuendos surrounding the latest trends and updates to Google’s algorithm. Instead, we take a data-driven approach to the strategy we implement for our clients. For example, in 2018 the Google Medic update had a big impact on the search results for many companies and industries, including some of our clients. Rather than panic and feed into rumors, we conducted a research study to make sure we fully understood the implications of the core update.

We then used our findings to adjust our approach for internal tasks and processes. For example, we’ve now added query intent to part of our on-page optimization strategy. In 2019,  we plan on doing more of the same: letting data guide our strategy rather than following the herd and doing what everyone else is doing.

  • Is the future for link building in the dark? Because Google now is aware that people are buying links to game SERP’s?

I think Google has known about link-buying for years, and while they will continuously work to stop-spammy or malicious SEO practices, certain SEO’s will always be looking to manipulate the algorithms. SEO’s and Google need each other, and I don’t think the future is dark, but I do see it evolving as it has multiple times in the past.

  • Your 2 cents on the best link building practices?

Don’t reinvent the wheel. A lot of SEO’s get bogged down in ideas, strategies, and half-implemented campaigns. Do more of what works, and less of the uncertain. Do what your competitors are doing. Steal interesting ideas you find on the internet. More copying, less shooting to see what sticks.

Check out some of Sara Davis’ Posts:

As someone remotely famous once said “Great marketers copy, and great ones steal.”

  • How did you enter into the online marketing industry? Did you find it fascinating?

My brother in law worked at an SEO firm as an accountant around 2010. He thought that I might be a good fit for the creative/technical work of the SEO consultants at his firm, and knew I wasn’t entirely sure what career path I wanted to take. At the time, I was enrolled in general business courses at a local university, but within a year at my first SEO agency, I knew what I wanted to do. So, I dropped out of college full-time and pursued my career in digital marketing and the rest is history.

I’ve always loved computers, technology, writing and language, and helping people provide better lives for their families, and so marketing was all around a perfect fit for me.

  • You seem to be doing great content on CanIRank how do you reach out experts for interviews on CanIRank blog?

Building relationships with other SaaS marketers, entrepreneurs, or influential marketers in the space has given me the unique advantage of having an arsenal of experts I can call on for resources at any given time. However, for individuals who have yet to build up their expert arsenal, you can find excellent resources using HARO or another similar platform for journalists looking to find super-star interviewees and experts. As you grow your relationships in this industry, doors open as well, and I highly suggest on-going relationship building for all SEO’s.

  • How important is the ratio between followed and no-followed links in 2019?

Our team did extensive research on this topic last year, and I don’t think I can answer this question nearly as well as they did, so I’ll leave the study here. As far as my personal beliefs? I think having a healthy portfolio of both is ideal for most businesses.

  • How does Google see backlinks from guest posts in 2019?

Guestpost backlinks still have positive ranking correlations, while they may not be as strong as they once were, guest-posted content still provides value.

  • How you optimize 404-page errors on CanIRank & Your Clients?

It truly depends on the persona and brand of the business. If their brand has a reputation of being modern, fun, and out of the box – they might get a 404 page that reflects that persona. Whereas if they prefer professional, to-the-point messaging, their 404 pages would reflect that messaging as well. 404 pages are one of those things that are a great way to show off your brand’s persona, and as such should be built with that concept in mind.

Sara’s Linked In Profile Screenshot:

CanIRank Review- Sara Davis | CanIRank LinkedIn

  • How you are able to do guest posts on authority websites like Thrive Global? Do you have an outreach secret, do share?

Over time, I have built contributorships to MoneyInc, ThriveGlobal, Forbes, Deseret News, and a wide variety of other top-tier platforms. My secret sauce? Continuous writing, research, and outreach. I know that isn’t the answer anyone wants to hear, but it’s true.

What started out as me pitching content to local news sites, or small business blogs, has resulted in a much more “sellable portfolio” with the social proof that comes with writing for multiple top tier outlets.

For example, my former content basically writes the pitch itself:

Something as simple as:

“Hi, I’m Sara Davis,

You may have seen my content featured in Relevance, SearchEngineLand, StartupNation, or Forbes – and I’d love to talk to you about contributing an article that discusses the myths of HTTPS signals in SEO, or if that’s not a fit I have a few other topics I’ve got up my sleeve that I know would resonate with your audience. Do you have time in the upcoming week to chat?”

Is a lot more effective than:

“Hi, I’m Sara Davis,

As a content marketer who has written for Business2Community and has a personal blog on Medium discussing digital marketing strategies, I would love to contribute an article that engages your audience. Here are my topic ideas (insert X), is there a topic that interests you?”

So my advice to getting top tier contributorships? Keep writing, keep pitching, and always keep building your portfolio. It’s tenuous, but it’s worth it.

CanIRank Special Deal For BloggersIdeas

For agency plans use this BID25 to get 5% Discount

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22 SEO Expert Roundup Best SEO Strategy For Small Businesses

In this post, we have actually featured Expert Roundup Post On- Best SEO Strategy For Small Business. SEO experts from all over the world is sharing their secret SEO Strategy  For Small Businesses.

Let’s check out Experts Opinion On- Best SEO Strategy for Small Businesses.

22 SEO Experts Roundup On- Best SEO Strategy for Small Businesses In 2022

1) Kent Lewis

Kent Lewis is President of Anvil Media Inc., an award-winning digital marketing agency founded in 2000. Since 1999, he’s founded or co-founded four agencies and two professional associations (SEMpdx & pdxMindShare).

Lewis has been an adjunct professor at Portland State University since 2000, where he currently teaches search engine marketing. Lewis was a recipient of Portland Business Journal’s Top 40 Under 40 Award and named Marketer of the Year by American Marketing Association Oregon.

Kent Lewis


Kent’s Best SEO Strategy for Small Business

As a career agency professional specializing in SEO since 1996 and owning my own measurable marketing agency since 2000, I have a few thoughts on product page optimization.

I’ve outlined my tips below:

Tip 1: Embed relevant keywords throughout product page copy and code For Google’s ranking algorithm, relevance factors focus on keywords embedded in the product page. When it comes to helping Google rank your product pages above the competition, it is essential to incorporate relevant keywords within the body copy as well as code, especially Title Tag, Header (<H1>), ALT tags.

Tip 2: Leverage Schema markup. Let Google know key product attributes to maximize the opportunity to appear in search results and related feeds. Elements might include brand, price, availability, reviews, etc. For details, check out Google’s developer resource:

22 Things You Still Aren’t Getting Right with SEO

2) Raelyn Tan

Raelyn Tan is a blogging and digital marketing strategist at, where she helps online entrepreneurs start, grow, and monetize their blogs and businesses. She specializes in helping invisible businesses get more traffic and subscribers.

Raelyn Tan


Raelyn’s Best SEO Strategy for Small Business

Start with employing on-site optimization strategies and optimizing your website for relevant keywords. Then, I would craft an outreach strategy to get featured on as many sites as possible in order to build a stronger backlink profile. You need a compelling hook and story that will get enough attention so that your business is seen as unique enough to be featured and interviewed by influencers, bloggers, and thought leaders on the net. Reach out to them with your story and build up your online brand influence from there.

3) Mike Schiemer

Mike Schiemer is a lifelong frugal entrepreneur, award-winning digital marketer, social media influencer, and highly sought after SEO consultant. In addition to starting several companies of his own, Schiemer has worked with many multi-billion dollar global corporations on content marketing and social media campaigns. He is the owner of 10 websites including Bootstrap Business as well as the author of 2 books including The $10 Digital Media Startup.



Mike’s Best SEO Strategy for Small Business

Guest posting on other high-quality blogs in your niche is still one of the best SEO strategies for small businesses in 2019. While it can take some time and effort, it’s a cost-free way to earn exceptional backlinks, referral traffic, brand awareness, and new business relationships. Some marketers think that guest posting is dead. Their perception is guided by the fact that Google already started cracking down on websites that blatantly guest post on a large scale for links.

Sure, Google has cracked down on some websites or Private Blog Networks (PBNs) and Matt Cutts infamously said that “guest blogging is done” way back in 2014. Guest what, guest blogging still works great in 2019. When done right, guest blogging is still an incredibly effective method of acquiring high Domain Authority / Rating (DA / DR) links for improved SEO. Below is a simple breakdown of a basic procedure to follow when looking for quality guest posting opportunities in your company’s niche.

First, use relevant search operators. The following examples offer a good starting point for guest blog posting opportunities. – Your keyword intitle:”write for us” – Your keyword inurl:/guest-post/ – Your keyword intitle:”write for me” – Your keyword “become a contributor” – Your keyword intitle:”contribute to” – Your keyword “guest post guidelines” Once you’ve compiled a list of websites you consider a good match for your brand in terms of audience and metrics, it’s time to reach out to the owners.

Use WHOIS or Contact Us pages to find the website or blog owner contact information and build a quick spreadsheet. When contacting these blog owners and webmasters, always have in mind that providing valuable content for their audience is the most important goal to meet. Promoting your company should come second if you want a real chance of getting published.

Although you should customize your outreach emails as much as possible, here’s an effective sample email you can use for guest blogging or outreach: Subject: I loved your recent post and would like to collaborate Hello [INSERT NAME], I recently found your post title [BLOG POST TITLE] and loved how [CUSTOM POST MESSAGE]. I’m a writer myself and would relish an opportunity to write a small piece for your site. Do you accept outside contributors to your blog?

I have 3 blog post ideas that I think would be great for your audience: – UNIQUE IDEA 1 – UNIQUE IDEA 2 – UNIQUE IDEA 3 I would love to create an outline for your review. Looking forward to hearing what you think. Here are some of the articles I have published recently: – EXAMPLE URL 1 – EXAMPLE URL 2 – EXAMPLE URL 3 Regards, [YOUR NAME] [YOUR COMPANY / WEBSITE / SOCIAL MEDIA HANDLE] For optimal results, always follow up on your initial backlink building outreach email; a maximum of three total emails is enough, with each sent a few days or a week apart. Make sure you are professional and sincere in your messages and avoid sounding pushy.

Most importantly, use an assertive language and an attention-grabbing subject line for higher email open rates. Include a clear opt-out as well to avoid potentially spamming anyone. If you reach out to a dozen people each week, you should be approved to contribute to several high authority blogs each time. Keep this up for months or years and you can see how the valuable backlinks will add up.

4) Chris Makara

Since 2003, Chris Makara has developed a broad digital marketing background with a focus on SEO, Social Media, Automation and Analytics. He is the founder of Bulkly, a social media automation tool for individuals and small businesses. Feel free to find him on LinkedIn or Twitter.



Chris Best SEO Strategy for Small Business

While there is not a one-size-fits-all SEO strategy that works for everyone, there are fundamental components that will build a solid foundation for small businesses. Among the core components are: – Having content created for the different parts of the funnel (TOFU, MOFU, BOFU) – A content marketing plan that leverages resources to secure inbound links – Consistent NAP listings – Fast loading website that leverages caching, minimal scripts, etc. –

Onsite SEO (page titles, meta descriptions, alt text, URL structure, internal linking, schema) – A website that is designed for mobile first, web second – Definition of success criteria and a way to track/measure them And when you have these fundamentals in place it will your website rank better organically. But a strategy isn’t much good if you don’t know what goal(s) you are trying to achieve.

Therefore, you must define these goals and work backward from there on how you want to achieve them. For example, is it increased leads from organic search? Or perhaps, increasing return visitors from organic search? No matter what it is, make sure you document your goals and create an outline of what it will take in order to meet them. Because using a bunch of tactics without goals to achieve isn’t much of a strategy.

5) Emory Rowland

Emory Rowland is an SEO consultant and founder of Leverable, a company that helps underdog businesses surpass the competition through organic search. 20+ years of optimizing websites have taught him a lot about life, business, and human behavior.



Emorys Best SEO Strategy for Small Business

Most local small businesses are willing to create a website to support customers and win new ones. Many are willing to invest in a design for good user experience. Others are willing to invest in paid ads to grow. It is rare that a small business puts significant resources toward developing content that performs substantially better than competitors.

Doing the research, gathering the data, creating the graphics and not settling for anything less than expert authoritative content that is superior to competitors has worked very well for us. I’m talking about going far beyond hiring a general writer to whip up a few interesting articles based on keywords. Doing it this way can be a painful process to develop content like this but well worth it.

6) Nick Eubanks

Nick is the CEO at Digital Strategy Consulting firm, From The Future, and a Partner at and NK Tech Ventures. He has built and sold multiple companies, dozens of websites, and his soul to Google.

Nick Eubanks


Nick’s Best SEO Strategy for Small Business

Let your competitors do all the work. Once you’ve identified your priority keywords (however long this list is, whether it’s 10 keywords or 100 keywords) scrape all the URLs that rank on page 1 of Google for each keyword. Then download the full keyword profiles for each URL, and compare against your own ranking footprints for your URLs that are targeting the same terms — where you are missing terms find opportunities to work those terms (and more so write about those topics) on your target pages to immediately increase the total number of keywords your pages are ranking for.

7) Maddy Osman

Maddy Osman is an SEO Content Strategist who works with clients like AAA, Automattic, Kinsta, and Sprout Social. Her background in WordPress web design contributes to a well-rounded understanding of SEO and how to connect brands to relevant search prospects.



Maddy’s Best SEO Strategy for Small Business

As cliche as it may sound, content is king – regardless of the industry you serve. Your target customers are searching for answers to questions that you can expertly address on your website. By showing people that you know how to solve their problems, you’re well positioned to turn that searcher into a business lead.

So make sure that whatever content you create, you’re optimizing it for a keyword of relevance to your target audience. You also want to ensure that you’re fulfilling the expectations they have by choosing your content in response to a search query. Learn the basics of keyword research and onsite SEO and you’ll go far when it comes to promoting your business in search — so long as you create great content around these guidelines!

8) Chris Dreyer

Chris Dreyer is the CEO and Founder of, an SEO agency for personal injury lawyers. Chris has been featured in numerous legal and search marketing publications such as Legal Ink Magazine, Law Marketing, Attorney At Work, Moz, and more. With over 15 years of experience in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Chris has helped hundreds of law firms get first-page positions in search engines using innovative campaigns that are difficult for competitors to reproduce. He is dedicated to helping lawyers get more leads and win more clients.



Chris Best SEO Strategy for Small Business

SEO strategies vary from industry to industry, but in general, small businesses should focus on Google’s top 2 ranking factors: links and content. Generate Authoritative Content No matter the industry, generating high-quality, authoritative content should be a cornerstone of your SEO efforts. Once you have an idea of what keywords your SEO campaign is targeting, generate content that covers those topic areas in-depth for your audience. Take a look at what is ranking on the first page of Google search and make your content better than those top results.

Good keyword research is important when crafting your content strategy. Create a list of purchase-intent and informational-based keyword phrases. After you select the phrases for which your business needs to rank, focus on longer-tail and more specific keyword phrases, which will drive qualified traffic to your site. No matter what phrases you choose, they should all have some search volume, as well as preferably be low competition. Use a separate page on your site to target each one of your keyword topic areas; blogs work great for this strategy. Writing well-researched and authoritative content helps Google determine that your content is relevant and useful for users. It helps your audience understand that you know your stuff when it comes to your industry and gives them a reason to listen to you.

Build High-Quality Links Backlinks are one of the most important aspects of an SEO campaign. Your content can be the best, but no one will see it without a concerted link building campaign to complement it. Some years ago, any link was a good one, but the bar has gone up in terms of what’s needed to move the needle in search. Look for high DA/DR (Domain Authority/Domain Rating) links from sources relevant to your business.

Use a dedicated tool (such as Moz Link Explorer or Ahrefs) to evaluate the quality of a domain from which you are trying to get a link. These tools can also be used to look at your competitors’ domains and see what sites are linking to them. You can take that information and try to acquire the same links, leaving you on equal footing. Another way to get good links to your site is to leverage your existing assets and relationships. For instance, you can reach out to any associations, charities, clubs, universities, or non-profits that you may be associated with to try and get a link placed on their site.

If you have relationships with business owners or other professionals, this strategy is equally applicable here. There are, of course, many other SEO tactics to make a site rank well in search, but having a strong content and link strategy is key to generating long-lasting, meaningful results.

9) Doug Cunnington

Doug writes about SEO, productivity, project management, and affiliate marketing.

Doug Cunnington


Doug’s Best SEO Strategy for Small Business

Small businesses have to be strategic about where they spend their time and resources. I’m a big believer in the Long Tail to ensure that you’re niching down far enough.

And the Keyword Golden Ratio (KGR) can help you find the search phrases in a data-driven way. If you can niche down, you get at least two big benefits:

1) Your competition will be lower so you’ll be able to rank without backlinks.

2) The visitors to your site will be targeted to your business. If you use the KGR, then you know that visitors are searching for the solution to a particular problem. Your small business can help them solve it.

The KGR is this: The number of Google results that have the keyword phrase in the title divided by the local monthly search volume, where the LMS is less than 250. If the KGR is less than 0.25, then you should rank in the top 100 when your page is indexed. You should still rank in the top 250 when the KGR is between 0.25 and 1. And it should be pretty fast.

10) Robbie Richards

Robbie is the author of, creator of The SEO Playbook, and Director of Search at Virayo.

Robbie Richards


Robbie’s Best SEO Strategy for Small Business

Many small businesses serve specific local markets, therefore local SEO should be the number focus. i.e. showing up in the local map packs whenever some searches for the products or services they sell. This is by far the #1 way to drive website visits, phone and/or foot traffic in small local businesses. There are many resources online that outline local search strategies, but at our agency, we run our clients through a fairly sequential process that consistently drives results across the local maps.

Here’s a brief overview

1) Google My Business: The first step is to get your GMB page set up and verified.

2) Optimize the GMB profile: Correct category, description, photos, business information, NAP+W (Name, Address, Phone, and Website). Note: if this small business has offices in multiple locations, you’ll want to create a city/town landing page for each location and connect that its own GMB profile. If you’re a single location, simply link GMB to your homepage. Note: use a UTM code to tag the source of your local maps traffic as GMB inside Google Analytics.

3) Citations: Start with a tool like Yext to immediately push your business information and NAP into the top aggregators and build a solid citation footprint.

4) More citations: Layer on additional niche/ local citations using Google search operators and tools like BrightLocal and Whitespark.

5) Build local links: This step can take many different forms. A couple campaigns we run are scholarships, local sponsorships, and local media outreach. On campaign landing pages we link to the GMB page in order to pass the link equity across to the GMB profile. A lot of companies miss this opportunity.

6) Higher DR links: We’ll often leverage local/ industry data to build an infographic or interactive map and then run outreach to regional and national publications. This will usually net us some mid-high tier links that we point at important local pages with a brand anchor.

7) Index citations: Most citations you build are on large directory sites meaning your profile might not get indexed. To ensure these valuable mentions get crawled and indexed, we (1) build link to the citations, or (2) add them to testimonial/ review page on the site to give people other options to leave reviews and then submit the page to Search Console. This works well. 8) Reviews: You can rank #1 in the maps and still not get the most traffic.

Truth is – reviews are critical to CTR and conversions. We have a tool we built internally to help clients scale the collection and dissemination of positive reviews across the major review sites. 9) Keyword strategy: This is an ongoing effort, but once we have the core local SEO foundation in place, we’ll begin building out a broader keyword strategy to capture all the core product/service terms, build a question-based topic list to capture middle-funnel traffic, and then move up the funnel to build a massive list of blog content ideas to drive traffic and/or links. There are other steps we take, but that is the core process we run through when first engaging with a small local business.

11) Mike Jolly

Strategy director at DEJAN Marketing with over ten years of experience in the industry.

Mike Jolly


Mike’s Best SEO Strategy for Small Business

I love when a small business SEO strategy employs tactics that work beyond Google. This means that benefits you implement for SEO go further than organic search. An example of that would be a local community strategy involving local influencers, small newspapers, blogs, sports clubs, schools and similar.

Sustained value of local community engagement tends to last in value for a long term and even opening up new streams of traffic and leads, for example, word of mouth referrals.

12) Winston Burton

Winston Burton is the VP of SEO at Acronym with over ten years in search marketing. Prior to joining Acronym, Winston was the VP of SEO at Havas Media, one of the world’s top ten global ad agencies. He started the SEO practice for Havas and built the practice to include clients such as Choice Hotels, Fidelity, Exxon, Volvo, and Marc Jacobs. Winston spearheaded SEO strategy including content marketing, mobile, link building, and all technical areas of SEO.

Winston Burton


Winston’s Best SEO Strategy for Small Business

For small businesses, local SEO is extremely important if you have a local business. Make sure your listings in Google My Business are set up and verified. Your name, address, and phone number are set up correctly at the aggregator level to improve accuracy and bring all your business information current.

Always make sure you have positive reviews and are listening to your customers and answering questions in a timely manner, in addition to getting links and citations. It is important that your website is marked up with structured data. Structured data helps Google understand your content better. It is an important signal if you want your site to be visible within search and is a foundation for machines to understand your content.

13) Justin Herring

Justin Herring is the Co-Founder at YEAH! Local, a boutique SEO agency. Having been personally burned by SEO companies in the past he decided to open up his own agency focused on “Results”. After seeing how the industry operated years he knew there was a niche for marketing companies who actually did what they said.

Justin-Herring - Justin Herring


Justin’s Best SEO Strategy for Small Business

Any SEO strategy needs to start with Keyword Research. I would use KWFinder to find out exactly what your clients or customers are searching for and create a list with decent search volume. Then you need to work on structuring your website to correspond with those terms.

Create separate pages for each service or product you offer and if local based create pages for each city. You then need to add the keywords you researched into the title, description, H1, and H2’s plus similar keywords throughout the content. Give it one to two weeks to see where you are showing up for those terms and then start your link building campaign to boost your pages up in the Google Rankings.

14)  Takeshi Young

Takeshi Young is the Digital Marketing Manager at Optimizely, with over a decade of experience in SEO and online marketing.

Takeshi Young


Takeshi’s Best SEO Strategy for Small Business

One of the things I see small businesses struggle with when it comes to SEO is building links. In order to start ranking at all for relevant search queries, you need to build up your domain authority by building links. Some quick ways to get started are business directories and links from your business partners and customers.

Other good tactics include sponsoring scholarships and reaching out to universities, getting your job listings & sponsorships featured on websites, donating to charities & non-profits, and sponsoring events & conferences. These are all pretty much-guaranteed links. Once you have some decent links in place, make sure your site is set up reasonably well (most modern CMSes take care of most of this automatically) and start creating relevant content for your niche targeting relevant keywords.

15) Sean Si

Sean Si is the CEO and Founder of SEO Hacker, Qeryz, Sigil, and Workplays. A start-up, data analysis and urgency junkie who spends his time inspiring young entrepreneurs through talks and seminars.

 Sean Si


Sean’s Best SEO Strategy for Small Business

It’s not much of a secret but is definitely underrated. My team and I produce content that is useful, informative, and are backed by research & facts. This may not sound much but the bulk of our traffic comes from links that are from other websites. So, why do these websites link to our posts? Because other webmasters know that our blog post can be used as a source for the claims that they’re making in their own blog posts or even as an additional reference for their own content.

This strategy never failed us and when I hear SEOs that say “write for search engines”, I immediately think about why I write for the users and not for the search engines. This is because when writing a blog post or any other type of content, rankings is just the consequential effect of having high-quality, informative, and useful content. Of course, having a well-optimized website and a great link profile is needed as well, however, if your content is not up to par with other factors, then having great rankings is useless if the users won’t do what you intended them to do (convert, subscribe, etc.)

16) Craig Campbell

Craig is a digital marketing consultant based in the UK, with over 17 years of experience.

Craig Campbell


Criag’s Best SEO Strategy for Small Business

There is no one best strategy that will work well in every niche, some niches are more competitive than others.

Outwith a nice site with good calls to action, fast loading and mobile friendly with decent on-page SEO, you want a focus on content and links, these are the two main parts of SEO that work well in my opinion.

So my strategy for a small business would be to spend a lot of focus on that in the early days, whilst regularly auditing and keeping on top of the site itself and you will find the needle moving in the right direction.

17) Shane Barker

Shane Barker is a digital marketing consultant who specializes in influencer marketing, product launches, sales funnels, targeted traffic, and website conversions. He has consulted with Fortune 500 companies, influencers with digital products, and a number of A-List celebrities.

He is the founder of Shane Barker Consulting and the co-founder and CEO of Content Solutions. With over 15 years of experience in the field of SEO and digital marketing, Shane is one of the foremost thought leaders in the industry.

Shane Barker - Shane Barker


Shane’s Best SEO Strategy for Small Business

Since small businesses have a limited geographic presence and are usually localized to a country or region, I would focus on strengthening their local SEO strategy.

Here are some local SEO strategies that small businesses can use to grow their business: Google Listings The first and most important thing that small businesses need to do for SEO is to create a Google My Business listing. Provide accurate contact details, your website link, and company information and also make sure to add an accurate location on Google Maps.

This is usually the first thing a user will see if they conduct a local search query about businesses in your niche. So, you need to ensure that they don’t need to go anywhere else and can move directly to your website from your Google listing.

Directory Listings Local directories are also important platforms where you should list your business. These directories often show up on the first page of Google search results for local queries. So, chances are, that these will rank higher than your website. That’s why it is important for you to be listed on all important local directories.

One thing that you need to ensure is to keep your name and contact information accurate and consistent across all platforms. Otherwise, it might confuse people and they might not trust the listing and the information provided there. Target Local Search Keywords The best way to target potential local customers relevant to your business is by targeting local keywords form your niche.

To find such local keywords you can simply use the Google Keyword Planner. It is a free tool that you can use to find local keywords relevant to your industry or niche. You can use these keywords to optimize your website content and improve your search rankings for local search queries. Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly A majority of local search queries are made on-the-go using mobile devices.

So, if your website is not mobile-responsive, then you are losing a lot of relevant potential customers for your business. Optimize your website to make it more mobile-friendly to effectively target these local prospects that have high purchase intent and can be easily converted. To check how mobile-friendly your website actually is, you can use Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test. You can implement solutions to make your website mobile-friendly and keep checking using this tool until you achieve your goal. Conclusion You can use the local SEO strategies above to grow your small business and effectively target high-purchase-intent local prospects.

18) Bill Slawski

Bill is the author at SEO by the Sea and the director of SEO Research at Go Fish Digital. He worked at the highest level trial court in Delaware before starting promoting Websites in 1996.



Bill’s Best SEO Strategy for Small Business

The heart of SEO is to communicate with your ideal audience – engage in social listening and talk to whoever answers questions from that audience about what they want to learn about, and address those questions and issues on your website. Learn the words they use to describe your business, and will likely use to search for your pages with, and will expect to see on your site.

Being able to anticipate how they may search for you, and what questions they may have can help to start a conversation between them and you. Plan for that conversation and help them transform from consumers to customers.

19) Matt Janaway

CEO of Marketing Labs – multi award-winning digital agency.



Matt’s Best SEO Strategy for Small Business

The SEO strategy for small businesses is simple! Just be consistent in everything you do. From writing blog posts to keeping your website up to date – don’t let things fall by the wayside. A great trick to staying consistent within a small business is to share the workload between the team – create a calendar that sets reasonable timeframes to get tasks completed.

In the SEO industry, long term rewards take time and just like the tortoise, continual efforts month after month always pay dividends versus short bursts of digital activity.

20) Eric Hebert

Eric is the founder of Evolvor Media, a digital media empire-in-the-making based out of South Jersey. Eric has been working in the SEO and Digital Media space for over 15+ years and loves talking to small business owners about how search can become an important channel for generating leads and sales.

 eric hebert


Eric’s Best SEO Strategy for Small Business

Find a budget for a smart and optimized AdWords campaign, track your goals to see which keywords convert the best, and make that the focus of your organic search strategy!

21) Fili

Fili is a renowned technical SEO expert, ex-Google engineer and was a senior technical lead in the Google Search Quality team. At he offers SEO consulting services with SEO audits, SEO workshops and successfully recovers websites from Google penalties.

Fili Wiese


Fili’s Best SEO Strategy for Small Business

Small Business’ tend to operate with a limited SEO budget, which is why they have to pick and choose their focus carefully. There are of course basic content rules to follow, especially for any business operating in a niche and/or a well-defined region. The site’s content must reflect these realities, next to clearly outlining their unique selling proposition.

That, however, may not be sufficient yet to tip the scale in Google Search in the site’s favor, especially when their competitors look similar. This is where site performance can become a deciding factor from an SEO perspective. All things about equal, Google tends to show a preference for the site that provides a faster service to users.

Now fine tuning site performance is both an art and a science in itself and can be labor intensive. But some steps are more easily done than others, such as choosing the one hosting provider that cannot be outperformed: Google Cloud Services. Next, to extremely high reliability, which ensures that neither high traffic volumes nor potential DOS attacks can jeopardize uptime, there are two inherit SEO advantages. Google is providing a particularly fast-paced hosting service, which is a positive signal to Google bots but which also tends to reinforce positive user signals, by providing what users seek in no time and thereby reducing bounce rates.

An additional benefit is a fact that the site is hosted “as close” to Googlebot as it can be, further boosting site performance signals. Experience shows constantly that small and medium business’ whose infrastructure is often held back by legacy decision, limited in-house technical expertise and an understandable hesitation towards moving to a new hosting service are frequently the ones with the biggest gains to make.

The decision whether to consider the move, to begin with, does not have to be made on a whim. Google Lighthouse can be of great help to gauge any websites performance, including competitor sites. There are of course next to site performance countless other SEO steps that can be considered. The ones with the highest potential to boost organic search visibility can be identified when a technical audit is conducted, including crawling, investigating and analyzing the sites on- and off-page signals.

22) Craig Murphy

Founder of ALT Agency – A Birmingham based web design agency who help clients get more sales & conversions from their website using online sales psychology.

Craig Murphy


Criag’s Best SEO Strategy for Small Business

For us, what we are finding works well at the minute is going back and updating older articles and bringing them up to date for 2019. By adding in new paragraphs that are just pure value and relative to 2019 we are finding Google likes the content upgrade, it ranks higher in Google and any pages the content links out to get a slight boost up the rankings as well.

Final Verdict: Best SEO Strategy for Small Business 

As of now, you might have a clear cut view of Best SEO Strategy For Small Business. You can apply these experts advice in order to build more profitable SEO Campaigns for your small business.

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