The Secret Recipe of Content Marketing in Gangnam Style


Gangnam-style Content Marketing

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A lot of webmasters buzz around for great quality content for SEO purpose, is that true that many webmaster pay attention to this line” create unique & fresh content , traffic will follow you “ . But to be true many of them dont follow this.

Well to be honest creating great quality content for SEO is always important. So you might ask many webmaster what is quality content, answer will differ wildly.

Now let us look at the chart below which highlights some of the areas that can make great content. although to rank higher in Google content must attract links from resourceful sources, if it does not rank well then you need to work deep in order to index in Google.

Build great content

If you want your content to rank well then it must be keyword focus putting maximum emphasis on chosen keywords.  Keep in mind content must be link worthy & it should be able to attract audiences.

 So let look at this closer with this chart below .

unique content writing

These elements are very important and one should keep this in mind while writing content.

Headings: These are the h1-h6 tags , you all may be knowing about these tags, but most important are the h1& h2 . Use these two tags very carefully with keywords you want to target. Include variation in h1 & h2 tags .

Bold Keywords: Make bold keywords if you want to make strong use it at the top of the content to gain maximum effect.

Outbound links: You can use the targeted keyword in your outbound links, it has been proven beneficial but try to incorporate it wisely.


Dont get attached to using exact match keywords, look for keyword variation as much as possible. Google now give preference to keyword variation instead of exact keywords.

Alt Attribute: This is very important technique to be used in images of the website. Try to use this tag efficiently. Focus on the main keywords of the page & this will enhance your rankings too.

Linkworthy content

Useful Resources: Try to get links from useful resources  around the web. This is very important while getting links from other webpages. The idea of resource page is that people will link back to it & bookmark it for future return.

 News Breaking: If you can break the first news into the web, it is very natural that your content get viral & it will spread widely on the net. This will help you to get direct links & it will also fetch you links from social bookmarking websites.

 Research: Always research in your niche well. If you dont research thoroughly then you might get low quality content with irrelevant data information. So always search your niche industry well, a good piece of research will automatically drive many of links to your website.

Controversy: This type of content has been used as spark in the Internet. Any sparkling controversy leads to get huge traffic , audiences mostly get attracted to these of linkbaits. Any hot controversy or ignited rumors can led to drive traffic on your website. But you need to use this very wisely in SEO before firing. Although it can create links but can also cause bad reputation to your site.

Humor: This can be used effectively to gain bloggers attention , a small humor in the content can grab reader attention. Humor must be interesting to hold reader otherwise they will bounce suddenly.

Structure Content is Important

Short paragraphs:

Your content should have short paragraphs, otherwise readers will not able to digest your content. They cant read long paragraphs, so it becomes unreadable for the users. So always have short paragraphs for user so they can enjoy reading your content.

Images: Try to have some images for user to understand them what is content about , it makes them curious & can engage them while reading.

Have some graphs, cartoon images, charts etc. so they rejoice while reading your content.

Headings: Headings are brainstorm’s, strong heading may gain user attention, so have enticing headings in your content. Title can be very powerful, so folks can be attracted to your website. This technique works well for most of the webmasters.

Spelling & grammar: Carefully avoid spelling & grammar errors. This may force user to bounce from you site, if they find too many grammatical errors in your content, they will find it unreadable, it will turn off your readers and also they may question your credibility.

Natural flow :

Giving your content natural flow will help users to follow you,  reaching conclusion also attracts readers. While jumping from statements to statements make reader annoy, they will just press the back button on browser.

 Social media Content

Owner of Ann Smarty  is having several posts regarding content marketing.  So I hope this will be useful to all bloggers who always search for good content marketing ideas. I am big fan of this awesome lady. She had impressed me by her writing skills and her enthusiastic power in blogging world. She is SEO queen for me.

Blog Link:

Now Back to Post again :). If you haven’t heard this term linkerati ,I will explain you what is it & how it can be useful for your website.

Linkerati is a term that describe web users who are possibly to become the target of a linkbait campaign.

Linkerati have the potential to create an effect on web site traffic flow owing to their enthusiasm to generate and share links. They sometimes generate quality links that facilitate websites to achieve higher rankings within the search engines results.

In doing this, they assist websites boost their traffic, which might be redirected to a lot of earnings via selling product or services,selling promotion spots, indicating links to data  on different websites.

So user always try to search new piece of information on the Interne , So you must know from where folks are getting hang out, you can also use the search trends like Google trends to track out latest buzz.

So here comes the role of social media, so try to get involve yourself in social media. The folks are always connected to social network , they search latest buzz on social platform. So social platform is linkerati. So start engaging in social world & add people to your circles. Find your niche specific people & start interacting with them.

But one thing here is important dont Spam your links in social network, try to share genuine links, if you start spamming , folks will start unflagging you straight away.

These are some techniques that will help you write & share good content . So try to follow these & it may take time to apply , but do this as appropriately.

Do You have any questions, ping in the comments below, I will answer your query ? 



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Google Keyword tool Alternative

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Keyword Research Tools List:-

See all is not lost in this Online Marketing World. We still have some amazing tools to do almost of all your keywords research without Google keyword tool !! I hope this helps many webmasters who are in deep anguish due to loss of favourite Google Keyword tool.

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Although some tools will ask for subscription fees, so you can easily opt for them, as new keyword planner does not satisfy your hunger for keywords. So Opt for these precious tools and get highly ranked above your competitors.

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Jitendra Vaswani

Jitendra Vaswani is a Digital Marketing Practitioner & international keynote speaker currently living digital nomad lifestyle and founder of  internet marketing blog & Digital Marketing Agency DigiExe. During his more than 8 years long expertise in Digital Marketing, Jitendra has been a marketing consultant, trainer, speaker and author of “Inside A Hustler’s Brain : In Pursuit of Financial Freedom” which has sold over 20,000 copies, worldwide & contributor of “International Best Selling Author of Growth Hacking Book 2”. He had trained 10000+ digital marketing professionals till date and has been conducting Digital marketing workshops across the globe. His ultimate goal is to help people build businesses through digitization make them realize that dreams do come true if you stay driven.  Investor in
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✅ How To START A Blog in 15 Mins Step By Step Newbie Guide [ 2022 ]


Through this detailed guide on How to Start a Blog, Jitendra Vaswani wants to help newbies who wants to get started in blogging  2022 and are willing to make money in blogging. 

The world of blogging : Can you Really Make Money From Blogging ? I will explain everything here 

How to start a blog with bluehost

About 20 years ago the Internet used to be just an informational tool. During those days, when “World Wide Web” was just approaching puberty, websites were simple, basic and provided a one-sided conversation. As time progressed, Internet became evolved into a more comprehensive and interactive mode with the introduction of transaction-based websites and online shopping.

Then came the moment when the online world experienced a sudden boost and changed with the evolution of Web 2.0 (the social web). This was the time when user-generated contents became a crucial part of the online world. Today, we have reached a stage where websites provide a two-way conversation and blogs are taking over. In this detailed guide of blogging you will learn how to start a blog under 15 minutes in WordPress.

Internet & blogging today

Over the years, internet has seen an all-time boost with social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. taking over the ranks. News, education, entertainment, knowledge, health, etc. have found a new and concrete platform for showcase through Google and YouTube.

The internet has grown faster than ever before and today anyone can build a website for free. Since the late 1990’s, blogging has created a new and unique platform to share and spread knowledge and opinion through online contents and posts. It has now become a genuine profession that earns you both income and respect.

If you go out on a survey, you will find millions of blogs being created every day across the globe.


(Tips and tricks)

Once you have read through all the necessary steps and requirements for building your blog, let me take you through a quick and brief run through for revision purposes. The following steps are more of tips and tricks, rather than a typical guide.

  • Choose your website platform.
  • Get a domain name.
  • Use a cheap and reliable web hosting solution.
  • Choose the advertising that is right for your blog.
  • Sign up to and use affiliate programs to sell other’s products.
  • Choose and contact reputed and established potential advertisers.
  • Market your services to your readers.
  • Use your blogs to deepen existing relationship with your customers.
  • Write and upload relevant and good quality contents.
  • Update and optimise your blog on a regular basis.
  • Install and add useful plugins for added features and functionalities.
  • Use SEO techniques to attract more visitors and traffic to your blog.

“Feel free to comment down below if you have any kind of doubts or queries. You can even contact me through email([email protected]) . I will be really glad to guide you through your problems.”

Blogging in detail

With the advent of Web 2.0 and social networking, blogging has gained much popularity. Blogging has become an online diary for thousands of people. It has also had crucial impacts on the world of politics, business and society with their contents. People and businesses are recognising the power of bloggers as online influencers.

Just for some extra knowledge, there are a few popular and important variations of the term “Blogging” that you should be aware of, if you are thinking to start your own blog.

Blogging is simply the act of writing a post for a blog.

A blogger is simply a person who writes/creates content for a blog.

Blogosphere is an online community consisting of blogs and bloggers.

Types of bloggers

There potentially 5 types of bloggers recognised according to the existing trends and technologies today:

These people consider blogging as a hobby and blog for fun. Their works mostly include blogs on personal musings, etc. and don’t earn an income from it. More than 60% of these bloggers spend less than 4 hours a week on blogging.

  • Part time professional bloggers

These are the people who use blogging to earn a side income to supplement their primary source of income.

  • Full time professional bloggers

These are the people who have taken up blogging as a full time profession and treat it as their primary source of income.

These are the people, who blog as a part of their full time job. They can even work full time for an organisation. Work from these bloggers make up to almost 8% of the total blogs.

These are the people, who blog for a company they own. This is most commonly seen in cases of start up entrepreneurs. Work from these bloggers make up to almost 13% of the total blogs.

Why is blogging good for business?

Since the past half decade, blogging has evolved as the next big thing for various startups as well as for well-established businesses. Businesses have taken up blogging and social media as an aid to reach the masses and promote their products and services virally on and through the internet. Here is a comprehensive list of points to prove why blogging is good, or rather great for any kind of business.

  • Small businesses and start ups with blogs generate 126% more leads.
  • An interesting content is one of the top 2 reasons why people follow brands on social media.
  • Over 30% of marketers and companies believe that blogs are the most important type of content marketing.
  • More than 75% of consumers today trust advice, information and reviews from blogs.
  • Around 90% of consumers find the contents useful and reliable.
  • 60% of consumers feel a company’s credibility and positivity after reading their site.
  • Around 80% of consumers today enjoy reading relevant contents from brands and companies.
  • Around 70% of consumers learn about a company through blogs and articles rather than ads.

Blogging: Facts and figures

Blogging: Facts and figures

  • Over 6.5 million people across the globe blog on blogging sites.
  • Around 12 million people across the globe blog on social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Tumblr, etc.
  • Surveys reveal that people spend around 23% of internet time on blogs and social networking.
  • Around 75% of internet users read blogs.
  • Around 53% of bloggers from across the globe are between the age group of 21 – 35.
  • The majority of bloggers today are women.

Top 10 highest earning blogs  2022

Here is an updated list of the top 10 highest earning blogs in the world.

  • The Huffington post (Monthly earnings: ~$2,330,0000)
  • Mashable (Monthly earnings: ~$560,000)
  • Perez Hilton (Monthly earnings: ~$450,000)
  • TechCrunch (Monthly earnings: ~$400,000)
  • Smashing magazine (Monthly earnings: ~$190,000)
  • Timothy Sykes (Monthly earnings: ~$150,000)
  • Gothamist (Monthly earnings: ~$110,000)
  • Tuts Plus (Monthly earnings: ~$110,000)
  • Car advice (Monthly earnings: ~$70,000)
  • Venture beat (Monthly earnings: ~$60,000)

If you are reading this guide, then here’s why you will find this BLOG setup guide useful.

BLOG setup guide

  • This blog setup guide is simple and PERFECT FOR BEGINNERS.
  • Direct and easy to understand. This guide is not complicated and we guarantee you will have a well functioning blog by the end of this guide.
  • This guide is up to date with the latest facts and trends and is updated on a regular basis.
  • This guide has been created primarily focusing on the WordPress platform to get you best results.
  • Help on demand. Contact me via email or drop your comments down below. I will be glad to help you with your queries.

Steps to build a blog

Steps to build a blog

Just like any other normal web site, there are various steps and requirements to create a blog. In this guide, I have compressed that list of requirements into 3 major steps with all other general steps revolving around it. So let’s jump right into it without any further ado.

Step 1: Choose your website platform.

Step 2: Choose a domain name and hosting.

Step 3: Customise and tweak your website.

A blog is just another type of web site which requires a basic set up platform, domain name, hosting and customizations. Once you’ve set up these things, it’s your choice to make it a blog or an online store.


Step 1 : Choose your website platform

website choose platform

The first thing you need to worry about is deciding which platform you’re going to build your website with. You should preferably choose a user-friendly platform for building your website and managing your own online content.

A Content Management System (CMS) or website building platform has made website building accessible to literally anyone and allows you to create your website and handle it instead of using a bunch of loose HTML pages.

There are numerous website building platforms in today’s date, each having varying difficulties, functions and features. Here is a percentage breakdown of the most popularly used website building platforms today.

HubSpot CMS is one of the most user-friendly content management systems in the market. It allows you to create all sorts of pages and automatically optimises your content for mobile and search engines. Additionally, you can personalise your content for each website visitor based on location, source, device, language, or any other detail stored in your HubSpot CRM, from demographic information to your contacts’ interactions with your brand.

WordPress is clearly the most preferred and used website building platform and leads the chart by a huge margin. Let me list down the key factors that give WordPress such a comprehensive lead over other rival platforms like Drupal and Joomla. There are a bunch of advantages to be pointed out.

platform percentage

Anything that’s free, garners massive attraction. WordPress is no exception. You will not have to worry about creating a paid account for it. You won’t have to pay any downloading or installation cost. IT’S COMPLETELY FREE.

  • Highly customizable and easy to use.

WordPress is the easiest platform I’ve worked with. It has an easy user interface and is highly flexible and will suit everyone’s purpose. When it comes to customisation, WordPress offers a huge community who have designed attractive themes, layouts and templates that you can choose from, to beautify your website.

It’s more important to be “Beginner friendly” than being “User friendly”. WordPress has an entire collection of useful and free plugins that enable you to handle any type of site you wish to create. “Plugins” enable you to add contact forms, subscription forms, image galleries, etc. and offer a more interactive set up to your website.

  • Great for both, small and large websites.

WordPress can easily handle light sized blogs to large scale business websites and online stores. In fact, WordPress is used by large scale sites like eBay, Mozilla, CNN and even NASA.

  • Responsiveness and compatibility.

Once you build a website, you would want it to function on almost every mobile device possible. Websites built through WordPress are responsive and work on smartphones, tablets and laptops .

You don’t need any technical coding to create a website on WordPress. Perhaps this is the prime reason why WordPress is the most preferred website building platform today.

WordPress provides you the best search engine optimisation (SEO), which makes your website more likely to attract more customers.

WordPress though is NOT THE ONLY OPTION to create a website. Choosing a platform depends solely on your knowledge, preference and comfort.

Drupal is a powerful platform popularly used by experienced coders and web developers. It relies on a lot of basic understanding of HTML to create any substantial content. Unless you are some IT geek or a software professional, I would strongly suggest not to use Drupal.

Joomla is a website building platform that is one of the best for developing E-commerce websites and does have some user-friendly elements as well. In terms of difficulty, Joomla falls somewhere between WordPress and Drupal. It is an easy platform to work with, but you will need a little knowledge on technical coding to make your website work the way you want through this platform.

So if you are a beginner and do not want to get into any coding hassles and complex technicalities, I would suggest you to stick to WordPress.

Step 2: Choose a domain name and hosting

Step 2 puts in front two important requirements for the proper existence and functioning of your website:

  • A domain name (Something like
  • A host (To connect your site to the internet)

A domain name is simply the web address that you will type into the search or URL bar to navigate to your site. It will be your personal blog address where people find you over and over again. It defines the very existence and identity of your website.

A domain name can be chosen by either purchasing your own custom domain name through your preferred website builder, or you can purchase it on your own through online domain registrars GoDaddy or NameCheap.

A host is a medium that connects your website to the internet server. Having a hosting server will make your website load quickly and people can access it easily. Without web hosting, you’ll be unable to use your domain.

I would strictly suggest NOT TO create a “FREE” website/blog as it has a list of disadvantages that will put you down.

  • Free websites are owned by the provider, NOT YOU.
  • Such websites can be taken down any time without prior notice.
  • The provider will put their own ads on your site.
  • You can’t make money from a free website.

Where can I get my domain name and hosting?

If you search on the internet, you will find there are countless of authorised and reliable sites on the internet from where you can get your Domain name and hosting. But if you ask me to pick one out of the lot, my personal preference would be

Bluehost is one of the oldest hosting company on internet and they have millions of customers vouching for their outstanding services.

This is the best web host for beginners, and the easiest way to get a great blog up and running.

Customer support need improvement

Bluehost have FREE Domain, FREE SSL Certificate and 1-Click WordPress Installs for their first time users. Their exclusive technology gives you the proven performance, reliability, and functionality you need.



Bluehost is an online hosting and domain registrar that offers hosting at reasonable and pocket friendly costs just around $2.95 – $3.49 per month and they even offer you a FREE domain name. Their hosting management is seemingly one of the best I have come across. On the technical front, Bluehost provides and offers unlimited storage & bandwidth. I always prefer buying my hosting and domain from Bluehost for my various projects.

Once you are done buying a domain name and hosting, you will also be provided with a personal email account(s): [email protected] specifically for your website. Email accounts like these, offer a far more professional approach to your business.

Bluehost Website Hosting Shared Web Hosting With cPanel

You may even try to host your site by yourself, but that may turn out to be a very complicated and time-consuming process. Hence it would be rather better and sensible for you to save some money and time and get a proper host that meets your Website requirements.

How do I choose a domain name?

step-4-domain-name (1)

Like I mentioned earlier, a domain name defines the identity of your website. You should always think of a domain name that is SIMPLE AND DIRECT. People should be able to easily find your site and remember the name so they can share it with others.

Your domain name must.

  • Be relevant to your business/service.
  • Justify and reflect the idea and purpose of your website.
  • Be easy to remember.
  • Be simple and direct.

If you are creating a website for non-commercial activities like broadcasting views and contents through blogging, then the domain name of your website should be something like or


Always remember to secure your domain name and web hosting before you continue with your website setup. This process is called Domain Privacy Protection (DPP). It hides your registration information in the “whois” database. It is worldwide database that everyone has access to.

I would strongly recommend this if you want to keep yourself secure and anonymous. allows you to do this without any hassle.

Setting up WordPress and customisation

Step 1 and 2 described the basic foundation of your website/blog. Now let’s get it up and running. The next important thing you need to do is set up WordPress by installing it to your domain.

This can be achieved in two ways. One is very easy and direct, while the other one is very hard and complicated.

It must be clear from the name itself that this process is a direct and quicker way to install WordPress into your domain. Most hosting websites offer integrated “One-click installation” options to make the installation process faster.

  • You will need to visit (Or your chosen hosting site) and log in to your account to get started.

Bluehost Hosting - Blog Setup Guide

  • Head to the cpanel (Control panel)

Bluehost Hosting - Blog Setup Guide

  • You will find the “WordPresss” icon.
  • Choose your domain where you want to install your website.

Wordpress Setup - Login

  • Click on the “Install now” button.
  • You will now get an access to your WordPress website.

Wordpress Installation

In some really rare and mysterious cases, a hosting site does not provide the “One-click installation” option. In such a situation, manual installation shall be used.

Manual installation is also possible if you are unable to go for the “One-click”. This process though is needlessly complicated, but it has to be followed when required. Here is a quick guide on how to go ahead with it.

  • Download WordPress from here: 
  • Create a new folder on your desktop and unzip WordPress in it.
  • Look for a file named wp-config-sample.php
  • Rename it to: wp-config.php
  • Open the wp-config.php and fill the following lines:
  1. define(‘DB_NAME’, ‘database_name_here’);
  1. define(‘DB_USER’, ‘username_here’); – Enter your hosting username
  2. define(‘DB_PASSWORD’, ‘password_here’); – Enter your hosting password
  • Now save the file after making the above changes.

Now, let’s get you in with the login process.

  • Go to com/wp-admin
  • Enter your username and password which you used to create your WordPress account.

WordPress login

  • The first page that will load up for you will be showing your WordPress admin menu.

Wordpress Dashboard

General settings and customizations

Wordpress settings

You will find a list of various options in the menu sidebar to click and explore, but for now, let me take you through the initial customizations and settings.

Let us start with applying a theme to your blog.

Theme - BLog Setup

  • Scroll down the dashboard to find the “Appearance” option.
  • Click on “Themes”

Wirdpress Theme settings

  • Now click on the “Add New” button on the top and choose from the various themes displayed. You can even search for themes according to your preference.
  • After you have chosen your preferred theme, install it and activate it.

How do I create pages for my blog?

WordPress allows you to add pages to your blog according to your preference. You should add pages to your blog that are relevant and make sense. Pages like a “Services” page, “About me/us” page, “Contact me/us” page, “Contents” page, etc., all can be added to your blog.

Add pages - WordPress Blog Setup

Free Premium Theme – Themify Ultra

If you’re looking for a WordPress theme, chances are it’s rare to find something that is both beautiful AND free. We’ve partnered with Themify to offer you a free version of their most popular theme, Themify Ultra. The free version we are currently offering is a stable version of the official and most recent version of the Ultra theme.

The Ultra is loaded with a number of instant demo import sites that actually function and work for their intended use. Use their shop to market your affiliate product links and make the most of your E-Commerce WordPress site. Perhaps you need to set up a quick portfolio site – this is easy using their instant demo import. Create a site with identical features and layout, and use Themify’s industry-recognised Builder to tweak as much or as little as you want!


It is intended for personal and educational uses only. It has all the features of the premium version except the 12 bonus Builder Add-ons are not included. If you like it and would like to take your relationship with Themify to the next level, we have a 20% off coupon code for you. Please use this coupon code for your 20% off today: BLOGGERSIDEAS

Ultra Theme Features

The Ultra Theme will give users access to the following:

  • 19+ Skins/Demos (Including the New Ultra Coffee Skin, Lifestyle Blogger Skin, Horizontal Skin for photo bloggers, and so much more!)
  • 12 Free Bonus Builder Add-ons (Not available in this free, educational version of Ultra)
  • Use On An Unlimited Number of Sites
  • Access to One Year of Downloads, Updates, and Support
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

How to Install Themify Ultra:

  • Download the and save it on your computer (don’t need to extract the zip file)
  • Go to Dashboard > Themes, click “Add new“, then click on themify-ultra “Upload Theme” button
  • Upload the and activate it

Themify Ultra documentation: for more information on how to use the Ultra theme, refer to their Ultra theme documentation.

  • Just go to the “Pages” option in the dashboard side menu.
  • Bring your cursor over it and click on “Add new”.
  • When you do so, it will open up a blank screen that looks similar to what you have seen and used in Microsoft Word.
  • You can add text, images and more to build the page the way you want, and then save it when you’re done.

Create your homepage

A homepage is the face of a website or blog. It makes your website look more organised and acts as a neat entrance to your blogs and posts. If your website doesn’t have a homepage, then your posts will show up there each time you create one. This looks kind of untidy and unprofessional.

Creating a homepage for your website involves 3 very simple steps. Here’s how you can do it.

  • Go to“Settings” and then “Reading”.
  • You will find two options for creating pages. Front page is your home page and Posts page is the page for your blog.
  • Choose the page you want to add.

Add home page

How should I add posts to my blog?

Once you have learnt how add a page to your blog, now let’s learn how to add some posts and edit them. There is nothing to tricky about this. The first thing you need to do is decide the appropriate category of the post you are going to write. Your blog posts can be organised into different categories based on the topic you are writing on.

  • To add categories for your posts, just go to “Posts” and then “Categories”. You can add as many categories as you want to this list according to the contents you come up with as your blog matures.

Add category

  • You can also choose to add your categories after you are done writing your entire post.
  • Check the proper box in the categories section when you are finished writing your post.

Blog categories

  • Every post you write keeps getting saved automatically after every change you make. But I would still recommend you to manually save your draft changes after every update.

Adding media to your posts

Add media In WordPress

Posts having images and media are catchy and can easily attract audiences. A good content should always have relevant media and images along with it to keep readers engrossed and let them relate to your posts easily. Images also make your posts more understandable.

Here’s a full list of files supported by WordPress that can be uploaded to your posts:


  • .jpg
  • .jpeg
  • .png
  • .gif
  • .ico


  • .pdf (Portable Document Format; Adobe Acrobat)
  • .doc, .docx (Microsoft Word Document)
  • .ppt, .pptx, .pps, .ppsx (Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation)
  • .odt (OpenDocument Text Document)
  • .xls, .xlsx (Microsoft Excel Document)
  • .psd (Adobe Photoshop Document)



  • .mp4, .m4v (MPEG-4)
  • .mov (QuickTime)
  • .wmv (Windows Media Video)
  • .avi
  • .mpg
  • .ogv (Ogg)
  • .3gp (3GPP)
  • .3g2 (3GPP2)


Always remember to add an image title, a description and caption to the image. But it’s more important to add an “Alt text” to it. This helps search engines identify your images.

Adding links to a post

It is always necessary and recommended to insert useful and relevant links into your posts. These are called “Chain links” and are often required to provide an extension to your research and knowledge by adding video links, news links, links to other well recognised blogs and many more.

Insert link

It’s easy! Simply click on the “Chain link” icon in the tool bar to insert a link into your post.

DO NOT add unnecessary or extra links. The links you add should be relevant to your content and must help enhance the readability of your posts.

Page title/Site title setup

A page title will be what people see on search engines when your site or its pages show up in the search results. You should always remember to use the appropriate keywords for the page title of your website. Make sure to keep it SIMPLE AND DIRECT.


A tagline is added to the page title to simply add a little more meaning to it.

You can manage both your page title and tagline by heading to Settings”, then “General”.

Page title and tagline

Enabling/Disabling comments

Comments are a very integral part of any website. It gives a more interactive feel to your website, be it a blog, niche website or even and online store. Allowing your readers to post comments often lets you know how good or bad your post is. Comments also help in improving your future posts and website optimisations, based on the views and opinions from viewers. It is a useful way to stay in touch with your readers.

Comment settings

While many find having people commenting on their posts pretty useful, some may not want people commenting on pages or posts. Access to settings for comments can be easily found in the WordPress menu. Just click Settings”, then “Discussion”. Now check or uncheck the “Allow Comments” option according to your preference, whether you want to enable or disable comments in your posts.

How to Add Plugins In WordPress

What is a plugin? Why is it important?

Plugins are codes that will enable your website or blog to perform various functions. If you want to add more features and optimise the functionality of your website, then adding plugins is a must. These are simply extensions that allows you to enhance the capabilities of your website.

If you install plugins, you will be able to get your website to do what you want to. Plugins are very useful for almost everything including adding photo galleries and submission forms.

How do I install and add plugins?

Add plugin In WordPress

If you want to start adding new plugins to your website, you will need to first install plugins.

  • Go to “Plugins”, then “Add new” and start searching.
  • You will find thousands of plugins to choose from. Once you have found the plugin you like, just click on “Install”.

HubSpot All-in-One Marketing


HubSpot All-in-One Marketing offers all the free tools you need to do marketing on your WordPress website. It allows you to create lead capture forms and popups, add a live chat to your site (even chat bots!), and it syncs all of your contacts’ information in a CRM so you can stay organised.

There will be hundreds of different plugins that can perform the same function. To help you save some time in choosing and installing the ideal plugins, here is a list of the most popularly used plugins bloggers use today.

1) Yoast SEO (WordPress specific)

WordPress Yoast SEO

This plugin allows you to edit your title tags, meta descriptions and a lot more before publishing the post. All this can be done from within the page itself.

2) Google analytics

Google Analytics for WordPress

This is a very important tool if you are interested in tracking the visitors/traffic to your website or blog. All you need to do is install the plugin and link it to your Google account.

3) Backupbuddy


Helps you create an automatic backup for your website or blog. It offers you 1 GB of free cloud storage to store your backups.

4) W3 Total cache


Helps optimise the speed, performance and functionality and also provide advanced control options to your website.

5)Floating social bar


This plugin will let you add share buttons for social media like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. FCB will be very crucial for publicity of your blog or posts to various social media platforms by your visitors.


6) Disqus

disqus blog comments

If you are blogging, then you are bound to have a number of comments and opinions posted by your readers on your posts. Disqus helps manage your posts when a large amount of comments drop in. It also provides a voting system for displaying the top comments.


7) 404 Redirection


This plugin simply helps redirect broken pages back to your homepage.


These plugins will help expand your site’s features and give you new and enhanced capabilities for a better and smoother growth of your website.

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Things to do AFTER your blog is ready

Once you have set up your blog and have learned the basics, let’s take a look into some important things to do post set up. These points will be crucial, if you want to make your blog a success.

Create an “About me” page

About me page

This page simply tells your readers about the creator or author of the website or blog. It is usually the most visited page in a blog, so you better put some brains and efforts in making this perfect.

  • Your “About me” page should be attractive to grab the attention of your readers. Try opening the page with an interesting header instead of the typical and boring “About me/About us” headline.
  • Highlight important and relevant points, terms or sentences in the content to keep your readers interested and engrossed.
  • Add relevant and interesting photos, videos, snapshots, etc. from behind the scenes to make it look more personable and presentable. People should be able to connect, relate and be inspired by this content.
  • Add some snapshots from social media platforms showing people sharing and commenting about you, your blog and your work. This will add leverage to your credibility and buy the trust of your readers.
  • Add a simple and short bio/description about you, your life along with a nice photograph of yours.
  • Focus on telling your readers WHY YOU DO IT.
  • Don’t try to be over creative with your language and grammar. Just write the way you talk.
  • Keep the content DIRECT AND RELEVANT.

Create a “Contact me” page

Contact Page

Once you are done with the ‘About me” page, it’s time to set up your “Contact me” page, so that people can contact you.

For this, you will need to install a plugin called “Contact form 7”. This plugin allows your visitors to contact you with their doubts, queries or collaborative projects. They can fill in the form and send you an email without logging into their own email provider.

If you don’t want to use Contact Form 7, there are lots of other form plugins out there, including HubSpot All-in-One Marketing. It comes with pre-built templates, including a “contact us” form template that you can easily work off.


I have described how you can install and add new plugins in the “How do I add and install plugins?” section above.

  • Once you have installed and activated the plugin, you will find a new “Contact” area in the WordPress side menu.
  • Click on it and choose “Add New.”
  • It will open up a coded form in the “Text format”.

add and install plugins

  • Your default contact form will include these fields:
  • Your Name (Required)
  • Your Email (Required)
  • Subject
  • Your Message

Contact form setup

  • Fill up this form and click on “Send” to get it approved.
  • Once this is done, you need to add this contact form to your blog.
  • After you have saved your contact form, you’ll notice a short code show up directly below your contact form’s title. Copy this code.

Contact form

  • Now navigate to the page you want to display your contact form on.
  • Place your form where you want it to show up. Just right-click, and click on “Paste.”
  • You can even choose to add your contact form as a widget. Just head to the widgets section in your WordPress side menu.
  • Go to Appearance”, then “Widgets”.
  • Now from the list of available widgets, choose “Text,” and then add the widget according to your preference.
  • You can add your contact form as a widget in your sidebar or footer.
  • Regular redesigning and optimizations

If you want to keep your blog up to date and running, then you yourself as a blogger need to remain updated with the latest in trends and technology.

Audiences are always eager and curious to see something new and attractive. You should enhance your blog in such a way that it creates a positive visual impact on the viewers. Blog optimisation is not just limited to beautification of your site, it also focuses heavily on speed, performance and functionality.

If readers find your blog outdated, then it may lead to high bounce rates and decline in traffic.

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What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) For Blog 

Here’s a word of truth. Whether you are creating a blog, a social media site, an online store or any other type of website, SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) is a must have feature for your website. It is the process of getting traffic to your web site from the search results on search engines.

If you have a blog or are planning to build one, then SEO can help your business grow and meet the business objectives. As a traditional pattern, users always trust the web sites that show up in the top 5 positions of the search results for the keywords they search for. SEO will help your web pages and media contents such as images, videos, etc. get shown and ranked on the basis of what the search engine considers most relevant for its users.

SEO can put your blog right ahead of your rivals when it comes to competition. For example, If two blogs of similar contents are representing the same product/service/topic, the search engine optimized (SEO) blog is likely to attract more customers and earn better revenue as a result of increased website traffic.

SEO Management

Management of SEO is rather a framework with various rules and processes to be followed and executed carefully than a static process. To make this quick understandable, let us break down the SEO management process into 2 prime stages:

It is a framework of what rules and regulations are to be applied on your blog to make it search engine friendly. These include basic tweaks that you can apply to your blog and increase its visibility on search engines. It can also improve the credibility of your blog, if followed correctly. All search engines trust your blog on the basis of your web site structure and the SEO.

This is a framework that primarily focuses on how to promote your blog so that it can rank better in search results. You may also think of Off-site SEO as “link building” or “web site promotion”. This is because a proper way to promote your blog involves much more methods along with building links.


When a user enters a search query, search engines will always try to find the most important pages of your blog and show those first instead of the direct home page.

What are incoming links?

A “Backlink”, “Inbound link” or simply an “Incoming link” is a link from some other website (the referrer) to that web resource (the referent) Websites often employ SEO techniques to increase the number of incoming links pointing to your website. This helps directly in promotion and publicity of your website. The ranking and position of your website also depends greatly on where the links are coming from. Some methods to get incoming links are free for use by everyone whereas some methods, like link baiting” are paid techniques to increase the number of incoming links to a target website.

Many private blog networks have often been seen to purchase incoming links. But I would strongly recommend you NOT TO TRY to buy links or get them the easy way. Doing so may have some temporary positive impact or short lived success of your blog, but you may then experience high bounce rates and see your web site disappearing from the top pages.

I would really suggest you to forget about building links and rather concentrate more on creating good quality contents for your blog. A good and relevant content always has more chances to get you genuine and natural links, which in turn will give your blog a good ranking and an overall and gradual increase in website traffic.



Why should I choose WordPress to create a blog?

It would be wrong on my part to say that WordPress is THE ONLY option to build a website. There are definitely other established and reliable website building platforms as well that you can try out. But if you are a beginner, I would strongly recommend you to stick to WordPress. It is the easiest platform I’ve ever worked with and is flexible enough to suit everyone’s purpose. It’s free, easily customizable and you don’t need any technical coding to create a website here.

On the customisation front, WordPress has a huge community who have designed attractive themes, layouts and templates to choose from, making it easy to get going fast.

WordPress is the best choice for startups and small scale businesses all over the globe. In fact, it is even used by large scale sites like eBay, Mozilla, CNN and even NASA.

Do I need to have coding skills to build a well functioning blog?

Not at all! Technology has eased up to such an extent now that, you can build a website with only a little bit coding or ABSOLUTELY NO CODING! Today you don’t need to be an IT engineer or some tech junky to build a website. You don’t even need to hire a web developer to the same. WordPress enables you to build your own web site without any coding involved.

Do I need to hire a website developer?

Website developers are hired to make your website work on mobile devices as well. A website built through WordPress will be responsive to working on smartphones, tablets and laptops. So hiring a web developer won’t be necessary anymore.

Where do you recommend me to get my domain name and hosting?

You will find there are countless of authorised and reliable sites on the internet from where you can get your Domain name and hosting. But if you ask me to pick one out of the lot, my personal preference would be

Bluehost offers hosting at reasonable and pocket friendly costs just around $2.95 – $3.49 per month and they even offer you a FREE domain name. Their hosting management is seemingly one of the best I have come across. On the technical front, Bluehost provides and offers unlimited storage & bandwidth. You will also be provided with a personal email account specifically for your website or blog. I always prefer buying my hosting and domain from Bluehost for my various projects.

How much would it cost me to build a blog?

It hardly costs anything to build a properly functioning blog. Costs depend on hosting and domain services that you will use. WordPress and other website building platforms are free, but a domain name and hosting will cost you around $2 – $5 a month. Thus, domain and hosting on yearly basis may be usually around $50 – $60 per year. just around $2.95 – $3.49 per month and they even offer you a FREE domain name.

What should I do to optimise my blog?

If readers find your blog outdated, then it may lead to high bounce rates and decline in traffic. Thus, optimising your website on a regular basis is necessary and will help attract more visitors and yield more revenue. Redesigning a blog does not necessarily mean rebuilding it from scratch. It simply means you should make useful changes and facelifts on a regular basis. This includes minor changes like color, themes, and templates to major changes like custom logo design, user interface, website plugins, SEO, and regular up-gradation of your blog contents.

Audiences are always eager and curious to see something new and attractive. You should enhance your blog in such a way that it creates a positive visual impact on the viewers. Blog optimisation is not just limited to beautification of your site, it also focuses heavily on speed, performance and functionality. If you want to keep your blog up to date and running, then you yourself as a blogger need to remain updated with the latest in trends and technology.

Can I add videos in my blog posts? What are the supported formats?

Yes! You can upload videos in your posts. Here is a list of video formats that are supported by the WordPress server:

  • .mp4, .m4v (MPEG-4)
  • .mov (QuickTime)
  • .wmv (Windows Media Video)
  • .avi
  • .mpg
  • .ogv (Ogg)
  • .3gp (3GPP)
  • .3g2 (3GPP2)

Why should I add advertisements to my website and posts?

The world of advertising has become so much advanced that advertisements have become the primary source or method of generating revenue from any kind of business, be it online or offline. When it comes to blogging, there are numerous ways in which advertisements and promotions can be done through your blog to fetch revenue.

Once your blog is ready, you must be very much excited to know how your blog will fetch you some revenue. Generating money from a website is definitely some hard work. You can wisely choose to invest the money you earn from your blog into future modifications of your blog or into your other projects as well.

Which plugins would you recommend me to install for my niche website?

Plugins help expand your site’s features and give you new and enhanced capabilities for a better and smoother growth of your blog. There will be hundreds of different plugins that can perform the same function. To help you save some time in choosing and installing the ideal plugins, here is a list of the most popularly used plugins that bloggers use today.

  • Yoast SEO (WordPress specific)

This plugin allows you to edit your title tags, meta descriptions and a lot more before publishing the post. All this can be done from within the page itself.

This is a very important tool if you are interested in tracking the visitors/traffic to your website or blog. All you need to do is install the plugin and link it to your Google account.

This plugin lets you create forms and syncs your lead’s information with a CRM.

Helps you create an automatic backup for your website or blog. It offers you 1 GB of free cloud storage to store your backups.

Helps optimise the speed, performance and functionality and also provides advanced control options to your website.

This plugin will let you add share buttons for social media like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. FCB will be very crucial for publicity of your blog or posts to various social media platforms by your visitors.

If you are blogging, then you are bound to have a number of comments and opinions posted by your readers on your posts. Disqus helps manage your posts when a large amount of comments drop in. It also provides a voting system for displaying the top comments.

This plugin simply helps redirect broken pages back to your homepage.

What is an SEO? How is it important?

Whether you are creating a blog, a social media site, an online store or any other type of website, SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) is a must have feature for your website. It is the process of getting traffic to your web site from the search results on search engines.

If you have a blog or are planning to build one, then SEO can help your business grow and meet the business objectives. As a traditional pattern, Users always trust the web sites that show up in the top 5 positions of the search results for the keywords they search for. SEO will help your web pages and media contents such as images, videos, etc. get shown and ranked on the basis of what the search engine considers most relevant for its users.

SEO can put your blog right ahead of your rivals when it comes to competition. For example, If two blogs or similar contents are representing the same product/service/topic, the search engine optimized (SEO) blog is likely to attract more customers and earn better revenue as a result of increased website traffic.

How to find keywords for my blog or niche  ? 

I have made this tutorial for Keyword research tool SEMRush and you can see detail video here to find keywords for your niches.

In which category does your blog fall into? Can you please explain?

What you are reading RIGHT NOW is a Homer blog. The Homer is any kind of blog that takes its readers on a journey of over 2,500+ words in content. A Homer blog can be about anything starting from health & fitness, Fashion & lifestyle, Educational coaching, Spirituality, Step by step guides and so on. Work on such blogs often requires an excessive brain storming and research to yield effective and observable results and conclusions.

Posts for Homer blogs require a major share of time investment and a hell lot more research. It is very important and rather hard to hold your reader’s attention through such a large word count. Research and surveys reveal that long form contents that cross over 2,500+ words tend to get shared more than short form contents. Greater word count and research gives you better chances at attracting organic search traffic.

If you are writing a Homer blog post, what must be your prime concern is getting the length right. You will need to master the art of creating a balance between your research content and the word count. Craft your post in such a way, that you plot in key points of your research without pushing in too many words into the post.

What all should I keep in mind to build a good personal brand blog?

A personal brand blog portrays you as the person who writes the blog. It tends to have your name and face all over the home page. It is the right kind of blog if you are seeking to position themselves as experts or masters in a particular field. Make sure your Personal Brand blog showcases a name that has a personality. This does not at all mean that the posts have to be all about you. Your posts should be framed and aided by your own personal views and experiences.

Try writing posts that showcase things like:

  • The struggles and failures you have experienced within your field. Tell your readers what you learned from them.
  • Self made strategies and techniques you have personally created and tested.
  • The tools you have used to achieve results your audiences desire.
  • Your personal views and opinions on divisive and valuable issues within your field.

Please explain me the concept of a guest host blog?

This is the type of blog where you act as a host for publishing posts that mainly come from guest authors. Although your blog will regularly feature content from other guest authors, you as the person behind the blog, can also regularly step back in and write posts of your own. The biggest plus about creating a guest host blog is that you don’t have to spend any time creating contents. In fact you can also get help for promoting every post. You can rely on the brand awareness and knowledge of the guest writers you host.

The key to having a great guest hosting blog is not in the creation of the post, but the selection of the post. You need to brain storm pick the right topics to write posts on. You will have to do a lot of research and know how to recognise great content. Since you are not the only person who will be posting on your blog, your guest writers will also need to keep in mind the above mentioned points.

Place guest posting guidelines in a prominent place on your blog so that it reaches the eyes of your visitors and writers. Add a submission form or contact email address so that the writers can submit their ideas to you.

Why is it so important to add a “Contact me” page to my blog? How should I do it?

Once you are done with the “About me” page, you need to set up your “Contact me” page, so that people can contact you. Visitors and readers may contact you with their doubts, queries, experiences, opinions or even collaboration and other business ventures. For this, you will need to install a plugin called “Contact form 7”. This plugin allows your visitors to contact you with their doubts, queries or collaborative projects. They can fill in the form and send you an email without logging into their own email providers. You can scroll up to check how you can install and add new plugins to your blog. Also you can see how to set up the “Contact form 7” plugin to create your “Contact me” page.

How do I select an ideal background for my blog?

An attractive website background always attracts more visitors to your site. If you want your website to create a nice visual impact, then you can use an attractive background image. But if you want to emphasise the readability of your website, then you should simply opt for a plain colour which is appropriate for any blog.

What is the difference between a blogger and a content writer?

There are considerable amount of differences between being a blogger and a content writer. A content writer is someone who simply writes posts for a website or a blog. The only thing they need to focus on is content research and the write up. While a blogger needs to focus on a whole lot more apart from just writing posts.

As a blogger, you need to focus on things like website design, themes, SEO, optimizations, marketing and so on.

A content writer just writes, while a blogger manages the entire blog.

How can I manage affiliates through my website?

Managing functions and activities on your website depends on the plugins you have installed. There are various plugins that help in managing all your affiliate program needs. WP Affiliate is a great plugin for doing so. It allows automatic affiliate registration, management and payments. It also enables stable integration with WooCommerce, WP Shopping Cart, eShop and a number of other e-commerce platforms.

E-junkie is also another popular alternative. This plugin provides several payment options, autoresponder, newsletter and updates, customised emails and a lot of other useful options. Some other popular advertisement management tools are iDevDirect, JROX and Clickbank.

Do I need to pay or create some paid account for signing up for an affiliate program?

There is no cost for signing up to promote a brand through an affiliate program. You can choose to sign up for as many programs as you want across any affiliate network at absolutely no cost.

How good is GoDaddy to get my domain name and hosting? What do you suggest?

GoDaddy is well regarded as a domain name registrar but not a hosting provider. Their domain management is good, but for hosting my  personal preference would be for both, domain management and hosting services.

How to Earn Money From Your Blog? How To Make Money Blogging 2022


Once your blog is ready, you must be very much excited to know how your blog will fetch you some revenue. Generating money from a website is definitely some hard work. You should never expect your blog to start earning as soon as it is set up. It may even take a month or two for your earnings to start and stabilise.

But if you work on your blog the right way, optimise and update it on a regular basis, then the earning process would definitely become easier in the long run. You can wisely choose to invest the money you earn from your blog into future modifications of your blog or into your other projects as well.

It is very much necessary that the monetization methods of your blog keep evolving with the latest technologies and trends. You need to stay up-to-date with the current web and social trends. With the advent of technology and a revolution in the world of advertisements, monetization methods are also evolving along with it.

Some helpful guides

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Best High Paying Affiliate Marketing Programs/Networks

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How I Made $ 450 with Template Monster Affiliate Program

Let us discuss in brief, about the various methods through which your website or blog can earn you revenue. Please note that this list of methods is subject to changes due to new and unpredictable future advances in technology.

The world of advertising has become so much advanced that advertisements have become the primary source or method of generating revenue from any kind of business, be it online or offline. When it comes to blogging, there are numerous ways in which advertisements and promotions can be done through your blog to fetch revenue.

This is the most popular type of advertising. These ads are usually banners that you place in your content or sidebar. You are paid when visitors click on an ad. Each advertiser pays differently.

For every thousand times the ad is displayed, you get paid. This works according to the amount of times the ad is displayed on your website. These ads pay you a fixed amount of money based on how many people view your ad.

Google AdSense is one of the largest advertising networks, and perhaps one of the best networks for placing these types of ads. It is preferred by the largest percentage of website owners. AdSense allows users to set up advertisement banners on their website. These ads are generated on the content of each page. This is technically called targeted advertising, which helps in placing content relevant advertisements on your website.

You will find numerous similar programs available on the internet like Chitika, Infolinks, and that will serve you the same purpose if AdSense doesn’t work for you.


Major benefits of these two types of advertising methods include points like, be it a small amount or big, income is often guaranteed. Thus very little effort is to be done to monetise your blog or website. These advertising strategies save you a lot of valuable time. It is also a great way to connect and build a network with others in your industry.


Important and considerable drawbacks include points such as it tends to take away from the user experience. Ads, banners and links in between important points in a post often tends to break the continuity and flow of your content and distracts the readers.

The price of such advertisements are fixed. If you set a set price per month, you can’t make any more even if your website traffic doubles over time. Advertising is a dynamic business, hence advertisers come and go once their desired promotion is done. You will have to spend time editing, adding, deleting and finding more advertisers for your blog.

Sell private ads

If your blog has grown substantially and attracts heavy traffic, advertisers may come directly to you with various offers and ask you to place their ad on your site to promote their products and services. You may also choose to contact potential advertisers yourself. The biggest advantage here is that there is no middle man involved and you can set your own ad rates.

These private ads can be in the form of banners, buttons, or links. You may charge a one-time fee for a link within a post or you might even charge your partner monthly, if you are hosting banner ads.

Sponsored posts

Now You Can Quit Your Job & Make Even More Money From Blogging

You can even make money writing sponsored contents and posts. Such contents may include write ups or reviews about an advertiser’s product or service. These often deliver relevant, useful, high-quality content, and these relevant contents result in higher engagement. Higher engagement equals more value and more value equals more revenue.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate programs are networks in which you have the option to select from various advertisers. A few of the major search engines offer programs for advertising and promoting an affiliate product on your site. Here is a brief explanation on how this works:

  • If an advertiser has a product he wants to sell, he will agree to give you a commission from each sale of his product, if the buyer is coming from your site.
  • He will give you a unique link (Affiliate link) that will track your affiliate code. This will enable him to know when a buyer uses your link to make a purchase.
  • You include your affiliate link on your site. You can do this in two ways. Either directly through the content of your post or through banner ads.
  • If a reader clicks on this unique link and buys the product you have recommended, you earn a percentage or commission of what the buyer has purchased.
  • This way, the ads are relating to your content and mostly are of interest to your readers.
  • Over 70% brands worldwide utilise affiliate marketing to drive sales and promote their products and services.


The major benefits of advertising through Affiliate marketing are that this method can earn you big bucks and lots of passive income. Income through affiliate marketing is guaranteed. The affiliate networking process and advertising is quite easy to setup and doesn’t require much support.


Certain important drawbacks of affiliate marketing include points like irregular earning structure. Earnings are not guaranteed. You can earn as much as $1000 one month and it may even drop to as low as $100 the next.

Good products can even end up having low converting sales pages while high converting sales pages can have rubbish products.

Email advertising

Email Marketing Tips for the Medicore Blogger

Email advertising doesn’t eat up any unnecessary screen space on your website and in fact engagement rates tend to be higher. It helps in a big way as a considerable percentage of readers know what areas of a website to avoid if they don’t want to see ads. You can also choose to make direct email promotions, to deliver free reports that are monetized.


The most major benefit of email advertising is that it is a very direct way to market. One email can make you thousands and anyone can do it. It is widely considered by most to be the no.1 way to make money online and that too consistently.


The only thing you need to keep in mind before going forward with email advertising is that your approach needs to be very clean and professional. If subscribers don’t like your emails, they will unsubscribe.

Sign up with advertiser-publisher connection programs

Another way to make money through your blog is that you can sign up with an advertiser-publisher connection program like BlogAds or AdBrite. Doing so gets you listed in their publishers’ directory.


This method of advertising is considered to be highly profitable. It has proven to be very useful to readers. It earns you recognition and makes you stand out as you are doing something different. Advertising through such network programs nearly guarantee you income.


One major drawback about such type of advertisements are that it is not free. It costs to setup. Also, research and surveys have revealed that smaller sites may not work so well for these advertisements.

Approach companies directly

If your site is already getting lots of traffic, you can also directly approach companies to ask if you can advertise for them. In such a situation, you may try looking for sites that offer complementary products and target the same sections of audience or market that you do.

So you will need to research and brain storm a bit and contact potential internet advertising partners with good reputation. When you do so, you should be prepared to supply them with information about your business and your site traffic.

The more details and information you can provide regarding your blog, the more likely they will be to consider your offer. This method really comes in handy once your blog has grown substantially over time and have garnered much reputation and visitors alike.

Attract advertisers through links

You can even get advertisers interested in your blog with a link they can use to contact you for promotional rates and requirements. This method also works best when your blog has garnered a lot of visitors and traffic. Links like these often can be messages like “Click here to find out how to advertise on this blog!” in between your posts or on the sides of your home page, etc. This would allow anyone visiting your site to contact you and discuss advertising opportunities with you.

Miscellaneous methods

The more traffic your blog attracts, the more likely it is to earn more revenue. You can also conduct web seminars (Webinars) and online workshops relating to your business, apart from promotions and placing advertisements on your blog. This will help establishing the credibility of your website and help companies and ad programs build trust with your business.


Once you’ve chosen the right type of advertisement you need for your website audience, you will need to place the ads on your website. Just choose a banner style or text style ad. Banner ads are permanent ads that stay in a fixed position on your website, while text ads are temporary.


Now that you have more or less learnt and understood how to create your own blog, you will need to know about the different types of blogs you can set up and understand the difference between them. Let me guide you through the most common and popular types of blogs that exist these days.

Rogue blogs are those which post contents that are sharp, honest and to the face, whether in favour of the issue or against it. Rogues very easily attract attention of readers both good and bad. These bloggers are not afraid to bend the rules and go against the facts. They take bold stances and put forward sharp views and opinions on divisive issues. This quite sensibly wins them both admirers and haters.


There are bunch of advantages if you choose to become a rogue blogger. You get to tell everyone what you really think. You polarise with your honest and decisive point of views, which attracts attention. Readers will appreciate your confidence and stance, plus they will find your work very promising. You may feel apprehensive and hesitate initially, but realise that there are enough people out there who can benefit from reading it.


Honesty doesn’t always pay you off in a positive way. You should be well prepared and expect to attract an above-average amount of haters. It’s actually pretty tough to pull off without feeling forced. You will be subjected to a considerable amount of negative attention, controversies and debates, and it will be hard for you to physically fight your way out of tricky and debatable situations.

Ingredients for a good Rogue blog:

  • You must be passionate about taking it forward. Avoid feeling apprehensive. This will prevent your post from sounding forced.
  • Brain storm and research down to the core to gain the best knowledge regarding the topic or issue. This will give you the ability to hold an intelligent argument.
  • You must be confident and experienced enough to take a stand and stick to it without dwindling away from your point. This will help you reinforce your argument.

Guest host blogs

This is the type of blog, where you yourself don’t write and upload too many posts for your blog. You basically act as a host for publishing posts that mainly come from guest authors. Although your blog will regularly feature content from other guest authors, you as the person behind the blog, can also regularly step back in and write posts of your own.


The biggest plus about creating a guest host blog is that you don’t have to spend any time in creating contents. In fact you can also get help for promoting every post. You can rely on the brand awareness and knowledge of the guest writers you host.


Attracting guest writers will require a significant amount of time investment. You will need to build a relation with your guest writers so that they trust the credibility of your blog. Your blog will already need to have some considerable following to assure guest writers that their content will be exposed to a new audience.

Ingredients for a good “Guest host” blog:

  • The key to having a great guest hosting blog is not in the creation of the post, but in the selection of the post. You need to brain storm and pick the right topics to write posts on. You have to do a lot of research and know how to recognise great content.
  • Your work will need to have standards and you need to know how to promote your post.
  • Since you are not the only person who will be posting on your blog, your guest writers will also need to keep in mind the above mentioned points. Place guest posting guidelines in a prominent place on your blog so that it reaches the eyes of your visitors and writers. Add a submission form or contact email address so that writers can submit their ideas to you.
  • Post an ad for guest writing for your blog in your sidebar or at a place where it easily grabs attention from visitors.
  • “Crash test dummy” blogs

A Crash Test Dummy blog simply tests and reviews different strategies, techniques, and tools. It then shares what works and what doesn’t, so you can know what to implement and what to avoid.


Creating and handling such this type of blog lets you stay focused on consistently testing and monitoring different strategies and techniques in your business. People easily are attracted to detailed how-to style articles and guides. It will enable you to gain new insights into your own work.


You will need to consistently achieve significant and observable results in your business that impresses and attracts more visitors and guest writing offers. You will need to keep in mind that sometimes the strategies you reveal through your work could potentially help your competitors and other rival blogs.

Ingredients for a good “Crash test dummy” blog:

  • A good Crash Test Dummy post can be mathematically expressed as:

Good Crash Test Dummy Post = Step-by-Step guidance + Teaching + Results

Good Crash Test Dummy Post = Step-by-Step guidance + Teaching +

  • You should sincerely make sure that your Crash Test Dummy posts try to teach readers by providing actual results that you yourself have achieved. Even after providing all the results, you should systematically guide and teach your readers how to get those same results.
  • Great Crash Test Dummy posts take weeks and months to create after some extensive research and intensive testing. You need to be very patient and give whatever strategy or technique you are testing, enough time to produce observable and desirable results to draw any solid conclusion.
  • You will then need to focus greatly on exhaustive details as you explain the process in your post and teach readers how they can set up something similar. Make sure to add visual media like screenshots, animated GIFs, charts, etc. to keep your readers engrossed into your post.

Let me emphasise a little bit on Niche blogs: What are Niche Blogs

Like I’ve mentioned earlier, Niche blogs are blogs that target a specific section of audiences who have a specific interest. In other words, when writing a niche blog, you need to write about one thing and one thing only. The Contents you write should be having one purpose, one goal and one target.

No reader likes wasting their time in reading through too many words. If you create a Niche blog, then the biggest advantage you will have is that it won’t take up too much time of the reader since your work is targeted on a specific topic. That is one reason why people with targeted interests don’t prefer reading lifestyle blogs as it eats up their time.

While starting a Niche blog, you should be well aware of the fact that you have to manoeuvre your work within the field of your niche. You should be experienced and talented enough to twist and shake up your contents each time to offer your readers something new. Different posts within a niche blog may be connected to each other, but readers should still feel the difference between them.

“As a niche blogger, your challenge is to create variety within boundaries. You should be able to manoeuvre your knowledge in a limited area of play and craft it into something new each time.”

Now here are a few trademark benefits that come from a niche blog:

Since a Niche blog always focuses on a specific topic, it lets you stay on track with your content. This means that you will hardly tend to deviate off the topic that you are focusing on. A niche blog has more concrete ways of finding ideas because the topic is restricted. Boundaries keep you from dwindling away from the topic. Thus, having a firm hold on the topic is a very important necessity for a niche blog to be successful.

  • Ensures growing a reliable audience.

Audiences are always certain of what they are searching for. Which means that if they have a specific area of interest, they will always be more likely to visit the blogs that offer them exactly what they want. Readers with niche interests want nothing more or nothing less of what they are looking for. This way, a niche blog will give you THAT section of the audience whom you understand and who understand you back. They are sure that they will find their desired content on your blog. Thus, this will enable your niche to grow a following that are reliable, valid and appreciative of your work.

  • Easier monetization for your blog.

If you have a niche blog, then posting specific contents is a must. If you post specific contents, they will feature advertisements that are relevant to the contents. Specific contents attract targeted audiences who will find the ads relevant and will be interested in them. They will be more likely to click on the ad links, visit the page and even purchase the promoted products. This will directly result in higher sales, more commission or revenue for your blog. Thus, monetization of your blog becomes much easier.

Here’s a chain to make my point brief and clear,

“Niche blog à Specific content à Relevant ads à Targeted audience à Higher sales à More revenue”

  • Helps expand your knowledge and enhance creativity.

Niche blogs, requires you to do a hell lot of brainstorming and research to craft something reliable that interests your readers. This feature encourages in-depth coverage of topics. Since you are writing about one specific topic, you will naturally have to dig in deeper and cover details as much as you can because there isn’t another topic to bounce on. This will help expand your knowledge regarding that niche and enhance a sense of creativity and expression.

How to start a Niche blog?

There are a few simple but very necessary prerequisites you need to keep in mind if you want to start a niche blog.

  • You should know your passion.

As a niche blogger, you will have to write heavily about a very focused topic. This itself is a tough task to execute. Hence, it’s your job to make it easy on yourself and have a serious, passionate and interest in your niche. Otherwise, your blog is going to be very short-lived.

  • Short term or long term blog?

While choosing the right area to target on, you should also think of a topic that will always have some long term following. I would strongly suggest you refrain yourself from setting a niche on topics that trend for a short period of time and then fade away. They may be profitable while the topic trends, but you’ll experience a fall in traffic once the hype dies off. Pokemon GO was a highly trending and profitable topic for categories like mobile gaming and augmented reality games for a couple of months, but it eventually faded away into disappearance.

  • Decide how to monetize your blog.

Until and unless you are doing it just for fun or killing time, any blogger would want his or her blog to earn some revenue. Apart from setting up your blog, you should think of the methods through which you will monetize your blog. You must brainstorm and research to decide which advertising program to sign up with for achieving the best possible results. Niche blogs are uniquely able to handle advertising and affiliate marketing very well.

If you want to use advertising, your blog should showcase the topics that attract a specific audience that advertisers are eager to market. For this your blog will need to build up a considerable amount of traffic so that advertising programs can trust your credibility, marketability and consider your blog.

If you want to use affiliate marketing, you will need to pick a niche topic where good affiliate marketing programs and products are available. You should research for available and well reputed affiliate programs that offer you a decent commission and fetch you the best results.

If you decide to build a niche blog and want it to bring in money and traffic, then you need to find specific and relevant keywords. If you want to write about an iPhone for your niche blog, then you must realise that the term “iPhone” covers a pretty broad area of topics. You must be sure what you are talking about. Jail breaking an iPhone? Software updates for an iPhone? Screen recording on an iPhone? Recording calls on an iPhone? Gaming compatibility of an iPhone? Or a lot more.

To understand this better, you might want to refer to Google’s keyword planner for better keyword management for your niche blog.

  • Rekindle your current blog.

If you already have a blog and it has gone off track and became a blog about everything, you can still turn it back into a niche blog. Let me tell you how.

  • Figure out the appropriate category.

Take a nice look into the list of categories you have written contents about so far. You will notice which category you seem to write in the most. This will give you a good hint at where your passion and interest in blogging lies.

  • Analyse trending posts and traffic.

Along with observing the appropriate category, you should try to study which of your posts have trended and attracted traffic the most. This will indicate why people come to your blog. It also indicates if a post has done well in search.

  • Remove unnecessary posts.

If you’ve figured out your category, you should consider removing or deleting posts that are irrelevant to your niche and completely off-topic. It won’t leave a nice impression on your readers if you are claiming your blog to be a niche, but it features posts that are completely off your area of interest. Try to build on the existing traffic and following while you regain focus as a niche.

Ingredients for a good “Tell-All” blog:

how to tell blogs

  • A Tell-All blog have many similarities with a Rogue blog. They both tend to reveal shocking details and experiences with observable conclusions. The major distinguishing point between the two is that a Rogue blog is concerned with revealing external details, while the Tell-All blogs focuses more into revealing internal details.
  • Always make sure that your Tell-All posts has compelling narrative that reveals a valuable lesson that’s relevant to your readers. Crazy experiences are a prerequisite for Tell-All posts.
  • Personal brand blogs

Personal Brand blogs are the blogs which those people use who are seeking to position themselves as experts or masters in a particular field. It comes in very handy when you are building a brand. Such a blog helps in making your personality a cornerstone of the blog you are building. A personal brand blog portrays you as the person who writes the blog. It tends to have your name and face all over the home page.


When you are seen and branded as an expert, people will want to hire you as a consultant, or offer you a job. They might also want to book you as a speaker or even invite you to write on their blog or be interviewed on their podcast. A personal brand blog can increase your name, credibility and recognition within your industry.


The term “Personal brand” itself, means that you need to be comfortable putting yourself in the spotlight. You have to be well prepared to treat yourself like a product, which is a challenge that requires brutal self honesty.

Ingredients for a good “Personal brand” blog:

  • Make sure your Personal Brand blog showcases a name that has a personality. This does not at all mean that the posts have to be all about you. Your posts should be framed and aided by your own personal views and experiences.

Try writing posts that showcase things like:

  • The struggles and failures you have experienced within your field. Tell your readers what you learned from them.
  • Self made strategies and techniques you have personally created and tested.
  • The tools you use to achieve results your audiences desire.
  • Your personal views and opinions on divisive and valuable issues within your field.

Enterprise blogs

As the name itself suggests, an enterprise blog is a blog built for a company rather than an individual. Typically, a team of writers create content that is relevant and valuable to the section of audiences that the particular company is targeting to dish out their sales. That content, then attracts those potential customers to the website, where they can learn more about the company’s products and services.


Such blogs are prime ingredients for effective content marketing strategy for your company. A great Enterprise blog can dramatically impact and boost your company’s sales and revenue. You can even choose to feature a variety of writers and voices.


You will need to invest a lot of time in finding great writers you can trust with the brand you’ve worked so hard to build.

Ingredients for a good enterprise blog:

  • A good Enterprise post not only attracts prospects with high value content, but it also converts them into potential customers. If you have a product that is relevant to the needs of your readers, you wouldn’t have to bother to hit them over with a sales pitch.
  • Your content can generate more sales if you mention your product details along with interesting results your other customers have achieved with your product.

Over To You: How To Start A Blog and Make Money 2022

So I hope this detailed guide on how to start a blog under 15 minutes will help you get started in blogging and it will help you to achieve lots of success through blogging.

“Feel free to comment down below if you have any kind of doubts or queries regarding how to start a blog. You can even contact me through email([email protected] . I will be really glad to guide you through your problems.”




Why Alexa is Important & How Can You Improve Alexa Ranking


Alexa Rank is what most bloggers care  after Google Page Rank. Even I’m also working hard to enhance Alexa ranking of my blog, as a result  Alexa rank is one amongst the vital factors that decides the standard growth of a blog or website.

Download the Alexa toolbar and use it each day to visit your own web site. You’ll see how your rankings are shooting up in web world. Alexa even offers you the power to co-brand the toolbar along with your own brand and give it away. Download the toolbar here and see the difference in your traffic:

Why Alexa Rank Is important :

Alexa rank is of great importance within the world of blogging. The standard of site or a blog, domain age, Google page rank, the score, etc., and another vital issue is decided based on numerous factors, just like the one that’s the Alexa ranking. Over 75th of advertisers to confirm the standard of your website or blog to visualize the Alexa ranking. Better the Alexa rank, the more you’ll get.

Before you settle for guest posts, website authors take a glance at your blog’s Alexa ranking.


How Alexa Ranking can be improved

Claim your web site in Alexa first

If you have a brand new blog, then you begin to get Alexa ranking, Alexa ought to claim your blog. Just as validating your web site in Webmaster Tools and Analytics, you wish to verify your possession, yet similarly goes with Alexa.

Alexa is a website that claim your blog property. Alexa ranking for the first time will take a while to get the quantity of the initial ranking. It is pretty normal so you don’t need to stress much. It will decrease as soon your blog get traffic through backlinks.

Use Alt tags in your Pictures

ALT tags ought to be on all of your pictures. pictures are invisible to search engines, and ALT tags are a simple way to tell search engines what your image is regarding. Below a recently uploaded image, there ought to be an area that says, “Title”, “Alternate Text”, “Caption”, and “Description”. polish off a keyword for the ALT tags and maximize the impact of the pictures on your website.

Encourage more reader to your website to add your alexa listing for your own website

Encourage your web site guests to feature their positive testimonials on Alexa’s elaborated listings page for your site. This could be done by inserting a link to the suitable Alexa page on your site and asking audience to “Click here to rate this website”. You’ll find in depth Alexa page here:

I checked the most effective top ranked website on Alexa, that is Google, and that they have 1047 reviews! I presently have 0! My goal is to achieve 100 reviews before the tip of the year! It’s plenty however together with your support, I will happen I know. Hope it gets So, for each person who adds a review at  , i’ll add a review for your web site likewise. it’ll take no more than two minutes; let’s grow in success together! Click on  and hit the 5 star button.

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Build Quality backlinks

Alexa referred to domain of the entire range of distinctive features. However, it’s not correct and to update it takes an extended time. Alexa is also a ranking factor, but it shows the number of backlinks it shows.

You can also use social bookmarking and social networking sites, etc., such as participating in various forums, you can also build backlinks through other methods like:

  • Blog commenting
  • Forum commenting
  • Directory Submission
  • Social bookmarking
  • Profile linking (Web 2.0 pages links)
  • RSS submission
  • Social Media Sharing
  • Social Media Optimization(SMO)

Google had different method as compared to Alexa, Alexa calculations not solely depend on DoFollow links, it’s additionally the worth of nofollow backlinks bunch you made for your own website . Thus you don’t need to hesitate to make nofollow links. You can also make good amount of traffic through no-follow backlinks.

Read here for  Link building :

Pro Subscription of Alexa :

Sign up for Alexa premium subscriptions packs to induce higher data concerning your traffic and additionally to induce your each single guest counted by Alexa.

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But it might be sensible to use their trial services before taking any of their subscription packs as few peoples conjointly get their rank enhanced due to it, thus before making any purchase check yourself with trial version of Alexa and if it get helpful for you than merely purchase its subscription if you wish.

Don’t Do This For Alexa Be Cautious

Alexa Boosters


Illicit Traffic Exchange:

Many folks use such sort of sites which do illicit traffic exchange, which suggests you visit others website to urge visits on yours. However in my opinion most of such sort of website’s uses iFrame to open sites which will not facilitate your site to urge higher rank and can not value your website and though you have got Google AdSense ad network than it may be dangerous for you, therefore attempting these can solely have an effect on your website harshly.

So Traffic Exchange in Illicit way can hamper your rankings in SERP’s.

Alexa rank boosters:

You may additionally get few sites that helps in rising Alexa rank of websites and most of them extremely work very well, as they open the website in new window however using them can leave crappy impression upon your Alexa rank, because as they’re going to improve your rank by opening your website in new window so that they will show as the referrals on your Alexa rank and therefore the reason for accuracy of most of them is that they need to have users Alexa toolbar, thus Alexa get correct results that from where you’re receiving traffic and it’ll not work even if you use Google Search link on your website to urge search engine traffic on Alexa.

So I hope these above tips will help you to improve Alexa rank and If you have suggestions then you can drop in the comments below.

Best Template Monster Themes



AdMaven Review 2022- Best Ad Network For Advertisers & Publishers?


In this post, I am going to share with you my review about AdMaven. Are you concerned about the advertising of your company or the monetization of your blog/website? Of course, everyone is, and even more so when Google AdSense rejects them owing to their stringent rules and restrictions.

To be honest, it’s pretty difficult to select the best ad network for your site. Everyone desires a revenue-generating advertising network.

The AdMaven network – that many of you may be acquainted with, is one of the most prominent advertising networks after AdSense, having been operational since 2015.

Today we’ll do an AdMaven evaluation to see if it’s worthwhile or not.

Stay with me and read the full AdMaven review.

admaven review

 What is AdMaven?

Frequently, people like you who are reading this post will ask what AdMaven is. As a result, I’m going to walk you through the process from the beginning.

From the launch of Ad Maven let’s go through a comprehensive Ad Maven Review 2022. Additionally, you’ll learn all you need to know about the finest advertising network.

AdMaven is a well-known Ad Network. They specialize in many ad formats such as pop, push-in page and push notifications. A pop-under is a procedure that occurs when a website is clicked and an unexpected new page is opened. Additionally, AdMaven is well-versed in internet advertising.

It has long been a cornerstone of many publishers’ revenue strategies. It offers an excellent platform for its users in the advertising sector.

Not to mention, it provides publishers with a variety of extra revenue streams for their websites. This includes standard pop-ups, banners, interstitials, sliders, and new tab choices, among others.

How Does AdMaven Work?

how it works

Pop-ups may be triggered by anything as basic as a mouse click, a mouseover, or just loading or leaving a Web page in your browser. There are many kinds of pop-ups and numerous methods for preventing them from appearing on your system.

AdMaven has introduced a new solution called “Native Push Notifications” — a form of monetization that is fully compatible with Google’s new friendly-sites policy.

Additionally, they may be utilized in conjunction with Google AdSense advertisements. Native push is a simple, non-intrusive ad type.

Native Push works well on mobile and desktop and produces very high conversion rates, permitting blog publishers (such as jmexclusives) to earn a lot of money while maintaining a high level of user experience.

Additionally, Native Push does not interrupt the flow of visitors when they are surfing your website.

They do not detract from the revenues generated by other ad types as they take up no space on your website and do not reroute visitors to other websites.

Major Features and Benefits of AdMaven

admaven features

Here are some of the major features and benefits of AdMaven –

1. Direct Account Manager:

AdMaven provides all publishers with 24hrs support. Exclusive publishers will be paired with a personal dedicated account manager to assist them with any inquiries, clarifications, and to ensure that publishers reach their rankings.

2. Payment:

Net 30 days is the standard payment period, which means you get paid at the end of each month. AdMaven supports a variety of standard payment options.

Although the minimum payment level is $ 50, for bitcoin payment the publisher needs to earn at least 500 $ and for wire transfers $ 1,000.

3. Native Push Notifications:

This format is compliant with Google’s rules and may be used in conjunction with AdSense.

Native Push is a simple, unobtrusive ad type that works on both mobile and desktop. It has no adverse effect on the user experience and results in increased conversion rates.

4. Increased CPM:

AdMaven charges a greater cost per thousand impressions. As a result, more income is produced. Additionally, they have proprietary real-time bidding (RTB) technology that links disparate networks.

5. Numerous Tools:

AdMaven provides publishers with a variety of ad sizes and styles to utilize on their websites. They offer a plethora of technologies that assist in customizing advertisements based on user behavior and purpose.

6. Monetization Opportunities:

AdMaven provides unparalleled monetization possibilities for all kinds of consumers and impressions, across all devices and geographies. This, in conjunction with a high eCPM, results in increased income for publishers.

monetize with admaven

Admaven for Publishers

Because Admaven receives over 90 % of its traffic directly from publishers, you have the option of selling your traffic directly.

You may begin monetizing your visitors by partnering with the Admaven advertising network. Several of the characteristics include the following:
Reporting: You’ll get detailed information on your impressions, clicks, and earnings.

  • Monetize: Transparent reporting, high traffic value
  • Authentic User Experience: High Ad Volume, Low Invasion

Admaven’s payment plan is very simple. Admaven allows publishers to choose their preferred payment method.

Payments may be made through Epayments, WebMoney, Paxum, Bitcoin, Bank Wire Transfer, Payoneer, and PayPal. . You may choose any of these options to receive money.

AdMaven Pros and Cons

AdMaven Pros

  • Supports a variety of ad types
  • CPM Rate is High.
  • The airport accepts traffic from all around the globe.
  • Statistics in real-time.
  • Sites are not required to get permission to join.
  • Live assistance is accessible 24 hours a day.
  • The Best Ad Network For Independent Publishers.
  • Payments are consistently made on schedule.

AdMaven Cons

  • Due to the high volume of inquiries, the help center is running slowly.
  • Moderations are being delayed.
  • There is no option for resizing images.

Quick Links

FAQs on AdMaven

? What Are The Minimum Payment Terms For Publishers?

Net 30 days is the standard payment period, which means you get paid at the end of each month. Payments from Ad Maven need a minimum of $ 50 through PayPal or Payoneer, $ 500 via bitcoin, or $ 1000 via wire transfer.

?‍♂️ What Are Ad Maven’s Publisher Traffic Requirements?

Ad Maven requires a minimum of 2,500 unique visitors each month, and all publishers must submit their traffic for approval after creating an account.

? What Is The Average CPM Rate For Ad Maven?

AdMaven has a high cost per thousand impressions. As a result, publishers benefit from a high income and return on traffic.

Conclusion- AdMaven Review 2022

You can simply boost your income and advertise your offerings by using AdMaven. I highly advise you to give this advertising network a try. Certainly, you will find it more effective for your advertisements than the other rivals.

My recommendation is that you use the AdMaven ad network to try at least once to get the greatest results and increase your income.

Trust me, you’ll be pleased with it and delighted with the results generated by AdMaven.



Best 100+ High Authority Citation Sites 2022


For Local SEO. A citation is an online reference to your businesss name, address and phone number (NAP). Like links to your website, Google uses them when evaluating the online authority of your business.

Citations are very crucial  part of the search algorithm and are used by the search engines to help determine where to rank your site amongst the competition. So having listed on local citation sites helps to increase your rankings.

In simple terms, for small and local businesses if you have more citations than the other man then you will likely be ranking above in SERP. You can easily beat your competitor by having cited on these citation/local listing sites 2022.

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Free Infographic submission sites list

How does Citation help for SEO?

In simple terms citations help you get found by targeted audiences looking for your services you provide. But, as with everything SEO, it is simple in principle but there is a lot going on when you dig into this in more detail.

The consistency of the name, address and postcode (NAP); reviews for your business or services, your listings on the Google+ Local platform, the popularity and content of your website along with several other factors all work together to help build trust in you as a local service provider.

Citations & SEO for Small/Local Businesses

In many cases, for small/local businesses, operating in a given city or town, citations can be a very powerful way to ensure you are more visible and get found for your targeted searchers search by folks who are living your local area.

High PR Citation Sites local listing in SEO

So citations are important for local business who are looking to get their business on top of Google in their local search results.

So here Best 100 High Authority Citation Sites| Local Listing Sites List 2022


It is the official website of a technological company. The main motive of the company is providing a better experience to the customers. For it, the company designs two different types of applications. The applications are named as the Foursquare Swarm and Foursquare City Guide. Both applications help the users in getting proper knowledge about the city.

In addition to this, its services are helpful in getting business solutions. By it, different types of individuals are able to get a better experience and make numerous things easier. All these services are provided by the company with the help of special intelligence technology. For more information, you should visit its official website.

With the help of this particular website, the users are able to check reviews related to different types of services providers such as – dentist, pediatrician, hypnotherapist and pediatrician. Its services make it easier to find the suitable service provider is these fields or industries.

Another service which is provided by the insiderpages is related to the reviews. Here the users are not only can check the reviews but they can also share own. By it, their service availing experience is shared with others. It becomes beneficial for individuals in checking that what kind of services offered by professionals.


Many individuals are shifting their residence from one city to another. There are numerous reasons available behind it such as – transfer, business and so on. At the new place, the individuals do not know that from where they can avail all types of services. Due to it, they may face lots of difficulties. The magicyellow is highly beneficial for these ones.

It provides proper information about the professionals those are offering plumbing services. With it, the website can notify you which one is the best option and available near you. Another thing is if you want to perform any type of activity in the city then it can also help you in doing that.

An individual is availing services from different types of individuals in a day. For getting better experienced and availing the best services, the users are trying to choose the best source. Some individuals do not get that how to find the suitable source and avail its services. The superpages is offering specific services for these types of individuals.

It provides lots of reviews related to some local retailers and businesses. From the reviews, the individuals can introduce to the quality of services and goods offered by them. With it, the users are also able to get lots of driving-related instructions or guidance by it. In this way, the website is providing services to numerous customers or misguided individuals in a day.

The yellowpages is providing services for different types of individuals. With its services, they can find solutions to their problems. With it, the users can get lots of benefits. It can help the businesses, customers, and students. The businesses can connect to it for getting solutions to their issues. The businesses can easily solve their marketing related problems with their help.

The customers can find the perfect merchant as per the requirement. They can get proper information about the merchant which can fulfill their requirements easily. With it, the students can contact them for getting career oriented suggestions.

By it, they can know which kind of field is suitable for them and how to access it. With all these things it provides proper news and press releases. These things can help you in getting lots of knowledge.

The trend of business is growing day by day. There are numerous individuals are engaged in the business activities. With it, the novice or new business personalities are required to take help from experts at different stages. The merchantcircle is providing lots of beneficial services for businessmen.

It helps them by providing knowledge related to the services offered by them. By it, they can know how to provide the quality services and improve its way. For providing these specific services, the company is taking help from some experts. The experts are highly experienced and provide an effective solution.

With it, the users can avail the websites services in different fields or areas. It offers services related to the roofing, auto mechanics, and personal fitness trainers. The users can easily find best deals related to all these types of services.


Doing business is not an easy task. For it, the individuals are required to be focused on different types of things. The most important thing in the business in a collaboration with similar businesses. Another major issue which is faced by the users is related to the audience or suitable customers. For the small businesses, both factors are creating issues.

The services of citysquares help them in getting lots things and sell their product with ease. It provides complete details to the businesses regarding related and neighborhood businesses. With it, the businesses are able to gather complete information about the customers and know that where they can find.

There are numerous other services offered by the website those can help the businesses in achieving their goals. You can get information about these ones by visiting the official website and access them easily.

  • Localeze
  • LocalLife
  • LocalSearch
  • Loqal
  • MagicYellow
  • Manta
  • Mapquest
  • matchLocal
  • MatchPoint
  • MerchantCircle
  • MetroBot
  • MetroMix
  • MojoPages
  • MyWebYellow
  • OpenList
  • PageLink
  • PowerProfiles
  • Praized
  • RateItAll
  • SeekItLocal
  • SuperPages
  • Thumbtack
  • Tupalo
  • Tyloon
  • Universal Business Listing
  • YellowUSA
  • Yellowbook
  • Yellowbot
  • YellowOne
  • Yellowpages
  • Yelp
  • Yodle
  • Zidster
  • Zipcodez
  • ZipLocal

Do you want to share more citation sites with us or which citation sites 2022 you are using for  your business listing,  do lets us know in comments below.



10 Techniques To Improve Your On Page Local SEO [Infographic]


Affiliate disclosure: In full transparency – some of the links on our website are affiliate links, if you use them to make a purchase we will earn a commission at no additional cost for you (none whatsoever!).

Looking for  local on page seo techniques,  Like with any site, you’ll want to optimize your onpage elements for good, healthy rankings for your local business.So today I am going to share infographic with you, that will tell  you to  optimize your business for local  cities.

If you optimize  your local business then you can get good  number of sales and you can build large number of customers with these simple techniques to  be used in local on page SEO.
On-Page Local SEO infographicInfographic courtesy of

Don’t forget to share this awesome infographic on social media. I will be pleased if you share this now! Join BloggersIdeas on FacebookGoogle+ & Twitter .

Jitendra Vaswani

Jitendra Vaswani is a Digital Marketing Practitioner & international keynote speaker currently living digital nomad lifestyle and founder of  internet marketing blog & Digital Marketing Agency DigiExe. During his more than 8 years long expertise in Digital Marketing, Jitendra has been a marketing consultant, trainer, speaker and author of “Inside A Hustler’s Brain : In Pursuit of Financial Freedom” which has sold over 20,000 copies, worldwide & contributor of “International Best Selling Author of Growth Hacking Book 2”. He had trained 10000+ digital marketing professionals till date and has been conducting Digital marketing workshops across the globe. His ultimate goal is to help people build businesses through digitization make them realize that dreams do come true if you stay driven.  Investor in
. Check out his portfolio( Find him on Linkedin, Twitter, & Facebook.



Which Is Worth Every Penny?



Check out


Check out

Pricing $29/month $99/mo
Best for

One of the biggest traffic drivers right now is Ubersuggest. Ubersuggest was first made to get phrases from Google Suggest. Neil Patel, an entrepreneur, just bought it and made it better.

SEMrush is one of the most widely used SEO tools. It was started in 2008, and its all-in-one feature makes it the best SEO tool out there. SEMRush is a suite of tools that can help you make your marketing process more efficient.

Ease of Use

Easy-to-use interface.

The tools of Semrush is really easy to use and the response time is very less.

Value For Money

The price is much lower than those of its competitors.

Semrush is expensive but the features of this platform makes it worth spending that much money.

Customer Support

Customer Support 24*7

Customer Support 24*7

Check out Check out

In this article we will compare Ubersuggest vs Semrush 2022

Two of the most popular SEO tools are Ubersuggest and Semrush. Because of their SEO features, they are well-known in the market.

Both Ubersuggest and Semrush can help you get started by giving you the tools and information you need.

Its not surprising that a lot of digital marketers and bloggers use these SEO tools to get more people to visit their websites.

In this article, we compare the features and functions of both tools to help you decide which one is better and worth your time.

So, dont wait any longer-read the article to find out more!

I have some helpful information to share with you:

  • Neil Patel, a big name in SEO, bought Ubersuggest and gave it a new look and new features.
  • SEMrush is an all-in-one marketing tool with more than just SEO features.
  • Both platform dont have all the SEO solutions. For example, neither of them can fix bugs on your website that could hurt your SEO.
  • There are more SEO tools out there than just these two. Ahrefs, Moz, and HubSpot are also well-known choices.

What Is Ubersuggest?

Ubersuggest Dashboard: Ubersuggest vs Semrush

One of the biggest traffic drivers right now is Ubersuggest. Ubersuggest was first made to get phrases from Google Suggest.

Neil Patel, an entrepreneur, just bought it and made it better.

Now, Ubersuggest focuses on making suggestions for new keywords. A good keyword database, it helps improve the market strategy.

Ubersuggest helps people do basic SEO analysis by giving them a wide range of free SEO tools.

?Check Out Storm Proxies Now“}” data-sheets-userformat=”{“2″:513,”3”:{“1″:0},”12″:0}”>

What Is SEMrush?

SEMrush Review: Ubersuggest vs Semrush

SEMrush is one of the most widely used SEO tools. It was started in 2008, and its all-in-one feature makes it the best SEO tool out there.

SEMRush is a suite of tools that can help you make your marketing process more efficient.

There is coverage for SEO, advertising, social media, content, competitive analysis, and reporting.

The best SEO suite, according to the 2019 US Search Awards, 2019 MENA Search Awards, and 2019 SEMY Awards, is SEMrush.

It is also the best digital tool, according to the 2019 Interactive Marketing Awards.

check out our detailed SEMrush Review: Why Semrush Is The Best?

Comparison Of Different Features Of Ubersuggest And Semrush

Key Features Semrush Ubersuggest
Rank Tracking ✓  X
Organic Keyword Changes ✓  X
Backlink Audit Tool ✓  X
Keyword Difficulty ✓  ✓ 
Keyword Suggestions X ✓ 

Pricing: Ubersuggest vs Semrush

One of the most powerful and affordable SEO tools is Ubersuggest. Three plans are available through Ubersuggest:

  • Individual: $29/month
  • Business: $49/month
  • Enterprise: $99/month

A lifetime plan is also available for purchase. All of the new features are available to you without paying a monthly fee.

Here are the lifetime prices:

  • Individual: $290
  • Business: $490
  • Enterprise: $990

Which plan fits you best? The individual plan is best for people who are in charge of one to three websites. Its a great solution for small businesses, freelancers, and people who work on their own.

The Business plan is perfect for small and medium-sized companies that run between 4 and 7 websites. The Enterprise plan is perfect for large businesses and agencies that manage more than eight websites.

For your hobby, do you only have a small website? You can also use Ubersuggest for free, and many of its powerful features are available to you. During my research, I chose this option.

Why is SEMrush different from other SEO tools? Theres no such thing as a plan for life with SEMrush (although they do offer annual billing, which saves you money).

Whats Semrushs Pricing

Their plans and prices are:

  • Pro: $99.95 per month ($83.28 per month for annual billing)
  • Guru: $199.95/month ($166.62/month if billed annually)
  • Business: $399.98 per month ($333.28 per month for annual billing)

The Pro plan is great for freelancers, new businesses, small marketing firms, and marketers who work in-house. The Guru plan is perfect for small businesses and marketing agencies that are expanding. Large marketing agencies, e-commerce businesses, and businesses that need a lot of marketing skills should use the Business plan.

SEMrush also has a plan for businesses. For a quote, businesses will have to get in touch with SEMrush. Both SEMrush and Ubersuggest have free trials that last for seven days.

Ubersuggest wins this round as a whole. Ubersuggest is a powerful and affordable tool for freelancers and small businesses that only need to manage a few websites. Ubersuggest has all the core features that can work with any budget for businesses that do their own SEO.

SEMrush is powerful, but its tools might be too technical for the average business. Some tools may only be understood and used by people who are trained in marketing. Because of this, only large marketing firms can use SEMrush to its fullest and get their moneys worth.

Cost Comparison Per Month Semrush Ubersuggest
Pro/Individual $119 $12
Guru/Business $229 $20
Business/Enterprise $449 $40

What Is The Least Expensive SEO Tool?

The price of Ubersuggest is less than that of Semrush. Semrush is pretty pricey because it offers so many SEO services, such as Rank Tracking, keyword tools,  Backlink Audit Tool, and organic keyword changes. and Keyword Tools.

But if all you need are Keyword Suggestions, Ubersuggest is the best choice at a price that wont break the bank.

Detailed Comparison Of Features

The following are some of the common features of both SEO toolkits:

1. Keyword Research

​Keyword research is an SEO tool that finds out what people are looking for and how often a certain topic or keyword is looked up.

Both SEMrush and Ubersuggest have a lot of tools for researching keywords.

The keyword research tools on SEMrush are very well known. It has the most accurate information. When you search for a keyword, you will get all the metrics for that word.

For this purpose, SEMrush offers two tools:

  1. Topic Research-​This tool helps you find popular topics or subtopics that are related to the one youve already chosen.
  2. Keyword Magic Tool-This tool is very helpful for finding the right words for your headings,  articles, and tags. SEMrush has 42 databases with a total of more than 20 billion keywords.

Ubersuggest has its own unique tool to find keywords. It is easy to use, and you dont need much or any experience to do so.

It makes thousands of keywords for your main topic, subtopics, headings, and tags.

SEMrush gives its users access to a huge list of keywords, while Ubersuggest is simple and easy to use.

SEMrush is a good choice for a developer who wants more keywords and more accurate data, but Ubersuggest is a better choice for someone who is new to the business and just wants to find keywords on the surface and use a tool that is easy to use.

Both sets of tools have good tools for researching keywords. You can choose which one you want based on your needs and how much you know.

2. ​Backlink Analysis

SEMrush has a simple way to look at backlinks. It can tell you how your websites and your competitors websites get links to them.

To look at backlinks, all you have to do is enter your domain name or the domain name of a website you want to look at and choose backlink analysis.

You will get a bunch of data about your backlinks that will tell you everything you need to know. It will also look at which backlinks are weak and which are strong.

Ubersuggest has a tool to look at backlinks in detail. It looks for the source page, page score,  domain score, link type, anchor text, and the first and last time the link was seen.

This will give you all of the information you need to check a websites backlinks.

If you want to choose a backlink tool from one of the two mentioned toolkits and you want an easy-to-use tool that doesnt do a very in-depth analysis, SEMrush is the better choice.

But if you want detailed and accurate information, you should use Ubersuggest.

Ubersuggest probably has the best backlink analysis tool because it is easy to use and gives a lot of information.

The toolkit from SEMrush is simple and only looks at the backlink data on the surface. Overall, if you are looking for a tool to analyze backlinks, we would recommend Ubersuggest.

3. Competitive Analysis

SEMrush uses a tool called keyword gap analysis to look for the keywords used by your competitors. It is easy to understand and use, and it works well. It will find the keywords that are popular and compare them to those of your competitors. It will then give you solutions that make sense.

Ubersuggest has a more in-depth tool for comparing itself to its competitors. It is easy and works very well. It compares your organic keywords, domain scores, monthly traffic and backlinks with your competitors data to come up with plausible and manageable ways to rank higher.

Ubersuggests competitive analysis tool is better and more accurate. It gives you a lot of information about your competitor.

SEMrush also has a good tool for analysing competitors, but it has less data to work with.

If all you want to do is compare keywords, SEMrush can help you with that. But Ubersuggest is the right toolkit to choose if you want a complete competitive analysis tool.

4. Site Audit

Both platforms have a powerful site audit tool that crawls your website to find good and bad technical factors that affect your search engine ranking.

Your site audit gets a score from Ubersuggest. There are different kinds of scores, like your websites health check, its on-page SEO score, and so on. Also, they will point out any mistakes, warnings, and suggestions.

Just type in your websites URL, and the tool will crawl it. Its very easy to understand, and the interface is clear.

SEMrush has similar results, but its chart is more in-depth. The chart has the following information:

  • Crawlability
  • Meta tags
  • Loading speed
  • Internal linking
  • Content issues
  • AMP implementation
  • HTTPS security
  • JS and CSS errors

You can also use SEMrush to set up automated reports. You can use more than one site audit widget and plan your audits ahead of time. Your report will be sent to you by email from SEMrush.

SEMrush, like Ubersuggest, shows the most important things that need to be fixed. If there are errors on specific pages of your website, you can connect your Google Analytics account to give high-traffic pages the most attention.

SEMrush can crawl just about any website, even ones that are password-protected or have a robots.txt file.

This is a tie, and the tool you choose will depend on what you need. SEMrush is a modern tool that gives websites more features that can help them do well. But not all websites need detailed reports and features that work on their own. The site audit tool from Ubersuggest is also powerful and thorough, but it has a simple interface and is best for simple blogs and small business sites.

5. SEO Writing Assistant

I already knew about this SEMrush tool before I tried their free trial. Since Ubersuggest doesnt have a tool similar to SEMrush, Ill discuss it here. This article was copied and pasted into the Writing Assistant.

Once youve put in your keyword and title, click Get suggestions to the right. I got a lot of tips on how to improve my content, as well as suggestions for more keywords. This will help me write content for a web audience that is also good for SEO.

Pros & Cons Of Semrush Vs Ubersuggest 

Pros and Cons of Semrush


  • In-depth tools are available for most tools
  • The interface that is clean.
  • Assistant for SEO writing


  • It is more expensive than Ubersuggest.
  • There are some tools that are difficult to use.

Pros and Cons of Ubersuggest


  • The price is much lower than those of its competitors.
  • Easy-to-use interface.


  • Data provided by some tools are not accurate or in-depth.

FAQ On Ubersuggest vs Semrush

What Is The Difference Between SEMrush And Ubersuggest?

Ubersuggest and SEMrush are both SEO toolkits. In most cases, SEMrush provides accurate data and is expensive. It has a more user-friendly interface and is much cheaper than Ubersuggest

Is It Necessary To Choose Only One SEO Toolkit?

For one particular task, you can use different SEO software suites, but that would be extremely expensive. Several SEO toolkits are used by large organizations to enhance their website’s performance.

Are both platforms accurate?

Ubersuggest works very well. Google’s algorithms are used for searches. SEMrush has caused a lot of trouble because it doesn’t use Google’s machine learning algorithms but instead uses its own. It’s not easy to tell how true something is. Keep in mind that each SEO tool has its own algorithm. SEO is always changing, so you’ll need to search for certain keyword phrases and do site audits often to make sure you’re still ranking.

Quick Links:

Final Verdict: Ubersuggest vs Semrush 2022

If a website developer wants their site to be at the top of the search engines, they need to choose a good SEO software suite.

SEMrush and Ubersuggest are two of the most competitive tools in the industry.

Even though SEMrush is better than Ubersuggest in some ways, Ubersuggest is better written, easier to use, and costs much less than SEMrush.

Ubersuggest is easier to use than many of SEMrushs tools because it has a more user-friendly interface and tools that are much easier to use.

Read More on SEO Tool and SEO Software:



Authority Builders Review [2022 ]:2nd Position Achieved (Proofs) READ


In this post, we have done Authority Builders Review. A common challenge for most digital marketers and SEO persons who need extensive links is to find a reliable source of high-quality links.

If you’re an SEO guy, you’ve probably had the experience of getting bad results once because of the links you bought from a vendor did not meet expectations.

In this competitive era where every site wants to rank on top of search results, finding genuine and high-quality links is not easy.

Regardless of whether you work with customer websites, a corporate website, or your own website, you can be assured that exceptional content and backlinks will undoubtedly lead to superior results and an increase in your search engine rankings. In this Authority builders review, I will cover each and every aspect of this website so let’s start.

The authority builder is the name backed by one of the veteran SEO expert Matt Diggity that sells guest publications on high authority websites with strong metrics and traffic statistics in a variety of niches.

If you’re looking for affordable and painless guest publishing on real-traffic sites, visit ABC and you get links to sites with a minimum of 1K traffic per month or a full refund. It comes with added perks where all new customers start with a $ 30 credit already in their shopping cart.

Authority Builders Review 2022: 2nd Position Achieved (Proofs)

Authority Builder Dashboard

When you first log in to authority builders, you can start by listing the website you’d like to get started with and then select your niches here in the dashboard.


You’ll already get to see a list of recommended websites for you to get guest posts that are suitable and relevant for your niche. You can sort them by any of these metrics like domain authority, page authority, or even traffic all the sites.

Authority builders inventory have sites with at least 1,000 visitors per month and when you’re ready to buy you can go ahead by clicking proceed here button to just order one link and go straight to the check outbox.

customize site according to DA, PA and traffic

You can also add links in the cart and keep shopping. You can also see on the right-hand sidebar they have featured deals of the week.

Authority Builder frequently give price special offers on various sites which you can take advantage of and if you’d like to see more just go ahead by pressing click here button and if you’d like to do some more custom browsing and find the exact guest post opportunity you’re looking for you can do so by filter button.

Authority Builder Guest Post Section Feature

In this Authority builders review, I wanted to show you a really cool feature with the authority builders platform.

I know a lot of you guys like to really niche it down with your backlinks and you can do that here by dropping down the search filter when you’re browsing through guest posts. You can then go to categories and you can see here’s a list of different niche.

For example, let’s say you are in the home and garden niche but you don’t see home &garden here so what you can do is hide the search filter and just type your keywords here home & garden and then perform the search.

How to search categories in authority builders

They have tagged every single domain to their archives and so if you type in some customized or uncommon topics it’ll filter these even though it’s not a specific category and now you can browse through it and get the best site that is relevant for you. I hope you like this feature as much as I do.

#1 Recommendation Get Matt Diggity Course Affiliate Lab To Get Websites Rank on Google With Systematic Step by Step Approach. I took the interview of Matt Diggity at Chiang Mai SEO Mastermind. He shared how students got success with Affiliate Lab and made websites flip in 6 figures.

affiliate lab testimonials by peoples

What I Liked About Authority Builders

One of the best things happened is that all sites where they placed my links appear to be the real sites with real traffic. They are certainly not PBNS and the quality of the links exceeds the cost.

This service is exactly what I was looking for. These are real links that I can buy in bulk without inconvenience or delays.

Real links to legit websites, no PBN

Matt Diggity, the owner of Authority Builders, is a well-known SEO specialist. Matt has a technical background and uses a test-based approach. Matt’s achievements reflect his deep knowledge of the profession.

Here are reasons why you should go with Matt:

  • Matt has a popular blog that systematically describes his processes.
  • he leads a successful SEO agency associated with many five- and six-digit income-generating websites per month
  • He often sells websites with 6 figures in revenue.
  • He created an advanced course called Affiliate Lab. Many consider it the most effective SEO course for partners to date

Based on what I’ve seen when trying out other services, Authority Builder currently has the largest inventory of sites so you can choose from where to buy links from a large pool of sites. And they regularly add new sites to inventory.

Authority Builders browse links

I like to search for keywords for relevant sites and then sort the results that were last updated, or for site traffic. This speeds up the process of identifying the types of links that I think are valuable to my websites.

To get the best results from authority creators, I recommend that you classify traffic and search for the highest traffic options you can afford and that are relevant to the niche.

Be sure to check the “Last Updated” column to make sure you’re viewing the latest data.

Authority Builder Customer service

The customer service is truly excellent. Whenever I have a question or need any kind of help, someone quickly answers and takes care of it. That’s why I appreciate this service very much.

Authority Builder FAQs

✅How Does Authority Builders Service Work?

You need to select the site which you are willing to feature the link on and share them with your URL along with the desired anchor text. Then the Authority builder will connect the webmaster to verify your topic that will be accepted. Invoice is sent to you when they get confirmation and placement guarantee. Then they will submit a relevant article to the webmaster with your link. After posting the article you will receive a live URL to locate it.

?Are these links safe?

Yes, These links are safe. They frame relevant articles and create content so that from Google’s perspective credibility of webmaster remains accurate.

?️Do they offer any discounts for bulk orders or for agencies?

Discounts are provided by us depending upon the cases on bulk order. Email us on to get the best deals.

?Do they accept foreign links?

As the websites accessible are English Websites, so it would be quite difficult to link with foreign websites. But , still if you have some queries regarding it you may send an email at

Bottom Line: Should You Buy Links From Authority Builder?

In my opinion, authority.bulder is doing a fantastic job by placing links to the real sites, No PBN, and No Scam. You can trust this site and it actually boosts rankings.

I have bought three links and my search results for one of my keywords jumped to 2nd position from 12th position so, in my opinion, you must try their service once. Initially the keyword move 2 positions up and then eventually it hit 2nd spot in first. page.  Bottom Line - Authority Builders

Authority Builder Ranking Proof

Here’s a picture you can see how my rankings and traffic boosted with the help of placing links on high traffic sites. Let me know in the comments section below what you think of this Authority builders review and if you have any suggestions or queries regarding the Authority Builders.



Squirrly Review 2022 Is Squirrly SEO Plugin Worth It?


Looking for Squirrly Review, I am here to help you today.

Are you looking for a SEO software to boost your visibility in search engines?

You have been working hard on your business. You’ve put in hours of time, and you still can’t seem to rank higher in search engine results. As SEO game is getting more difficult and expensive. Manually link building and scaling your SEO campaign can be a daunting task for any business. You need to know how to do it all.

Solution: Squirrly’s marketing software gives you a lot of tools to make your online presence more visible to search engines, social media platforms, your customers, and more!

In this post, I have featured my honest Squirrly Review 2022 that includes detailed insights of its features, functionality and more. Let’s get started here.

Bottom Line Upfront :  + 3,385,374 downloads of  Squirrly Software, Over 100 premium lessons and courses created on the topic of digital marketing and +139K  people have completed at least one of Squirrly training programs.  With Squirrly you can get Excellent, Data-Driven SEO for WordPress from an A.I. that coordinates 450 features for you and shows you how to outmatch all your competitors. Squirrly has everything you need to take your business to the next level. You’ll be able to track metrics, stay up-to-date with the latest SEO news, and automate your campaigns.

#1 Squirrly SEO Alternative I Recommend : Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO Review Conclusion

Cloud-based SEO management software, Surfer, helps organisations produce and optimise website content to increase their search engine rankings in Google.   Using relevant keywords, search phrases can be organised into groups, and machine learning skills can be used to determine the search intent for specific topics by supervisors.

Surfer’s AI and NLP capabilities enable enterprises to automatically generate webpage content suited for search engine optimization. Using data gleaned from competing websites, the software generates suggestions for creating material that is search engine optimised. It also allows users to rate and rank existing material and keywords.

Many third-party apps, such as WordPress, Jasper AI, and more, can be integrated with Surfer. Users may also build SEO audit reports, assess content structure, identify organic competitors, and discover internal linking changes on the website as a whole with the help of the software.

Surfer’s Features:

Surfer’s platform continuously wowed me with its unique features and statistics, which I found to be fascinating. They are clearly SEO gurus who know what they’re doing. To make things even easier for SEOs, they included helpful tools (such as SERP similarity).

This is a top-notch writer: AWESOME EDITOR: Surfer’s Content Editor. The best feature of the company.

At just $29 a month, the cheapest plan is an excellent value. Yes, you only get five searches a month out of it. As for the most important aspects, you can at least get a feel for them. Read Surfer SEO Review here.

Squirrly SEO Review 2022 What is Squirrly ? Top Pros & Cons of Squirrly SEO Plugin

Squirrly SEO plugin Reviews

Squirrly is more than an SEO tool’, this line has been quoted by marketing expert Neil Patel. He also mentioned that it is a complete marketing suite of tools that makes sure that your content is optimized to its highest potential. It also can be used to optimize your website running on the WordPress platform.  It’s a one-stop-shop for marketing software. With Squirrly you can automate:

  • SEO
  • Social Media
  • Competitive Intelligence (Spying on your competitors’ marketing strategies)
  • Website Analysis
  • Personal Branding

Squirrly Review- One Stop Marketing Software Hub

Squirrly builds so many products that help you Rank higher with top marketing software. There are so many marketing automated tools in Squirrly that you can pick any product you like. You will find SEO, Social Media, Website Analysis, Personal Branding related tools with Squirrly. You can also spy on competitors’ marketing strategy with Squirrly’s competitive intelligence tool. 

If you are working on huge projects or with multiple software providers then there are high chances of stumbling upon really big problems. Here’s Squirrly comes to rescue you. There are over 5000 B2B (business to business) customers from over 90 countries who have chosen Squirrly as software providers.

So let’s just find out what are the products or software that is being offered by Squirrly:

  • Squirrly SEO
  • Squirrly SPY
  • Squirrly Social
  • Starbox
  • Website Analysis Plugin
  • ContentLook

Let’s have an in-depth look at these products:

Squirrly Products- Detailed Squirrly Review

Products Offered By Squirrly

Squirrly SEO testimonials

1) Squirrly SEO Plugin 

Features: Squirrly is a complete SEO suite to help you optimize your site’s overall performance on search engines.

Advantages: Squirrly unique, AI-powered search engine can analyze your website traffic in real time, taking into account its content, navigation, design and ranking.

Benefits: By optimizing your site, you can obtain more traffic and better rankings in search engines.


Squirrly SEO review plugin

Squirrly SEO Plugin

Squirrly SEO Plugin Customer Review-

Basically, the Squirrly SEO Plugin takes care of your blog pages and posts after the search engine optimization. In order to use Squirrly SEO Plugin, you need a basic under the understanding of search engine optimization to manage a blog or post. 

Squirrly SEO Plugin Review- Squirrly

You also have to up to date with the changes made to Google algorithms and search parameters. This is the main reason people fail to keep ranking because they don’t update themselves with changes that Google and they were thinking that they know all about SEO and how to optimize their blog.

Squirrly SEO Plugin is the cheapest way to get started with and you will see how fast you can grow that you can make it to the first page of Google. There are more ways to get that achievement but you have to spend thousands of dollars that everyone cannot afford.

Features of Squirrly SEO Plugin : How does Squirrly WordPress SEO Plugin work?

Focus Pages

The first step towards greatness. Focus Pages are the assistant who maps the road to better rankings for every single page with different specifics. As you use GPS to get the fastest route to your destination, the same happens with Focus Pages. You can use it to generate a customized path for each one of your pages.

Squirrly SEO Plugin- Focus Pages


If you are trying to rank your pages without a clear path then you will get stuck in a maze with no clear sense of where you are or where to go next. Try Focus Pages to get a clear path to your success.

Key Features of Focus Pages

  • There are so many innovative Focus Pages solutions from the Squirrly SEO strategy.
  • Focus Pages always notify you with critical aspects that impact your chances of ranking.
  • Focus Pages tweak over 54 ranking factors that Google takes into account when analyzing a page.
  • Keyword Research Tool

In Squirrly SEO Plugin you will find the keywords that your own site can rank for. To get more traffic for your blog or post you will find here untapped key phrases personalized for your site.

With Keyword Research Tool you can research keywords for each article by focusing on the countries that you are interested in. There are over 130 countries to choose from that you can choose the best words to optimize so that more people from your country will find you.

Squirrly SEO Plugin Review- Keyword Research Tool

Keyword Research will suggest key phrases made out of 2 to 5 words that you can focus on the specific phrases people are actually searching for on Google. These keywords are actually giving you an advantage in ranking on the first page. 

Keywords Research- Squirrly SEO Plugin

The Keyword research tool offers you:

  • The exact Google searches that you are looking for
  • The trending keywords
  • What people are discussing on social media
  • Keyword base chances which are your site needed for ranking

Briefcase – Keyword Portfolio

The Briefcase feature of Squirrly SEO Plugin helps you take the step you’ve been looking towards Keyword Research and Implementation. Keyword Research Tool represents just a piece of your keyword strategy puzzle but the Briefcase will provide you capitalize on flexible and collaborative keyword management tools.

Squirrly SEO Plugin Review- Briefcase

You can add or delete as many keywords as you want in your portfolio based on your current campaigns, trends, performance and more because a successful keyword strategy is one thing that keeps evolving. 

You will easily get lost if don’t have experience of SEO. SEO Live Assistant was built for this purpose so that you stay on the way. With SEO virtual assistant you can publish your content that is fully optimized for both search engines and humans.

Squirrly SEO Plugin Review- SEO Live Assistant

What SEO Live Assistant do for you:

  • You can gain a higher ranking for keywords which is connected to your brand, products, or services via search engines like Google.
  • You can get an increase of over 285% in Readership.
  • With this, you can outrank your competitors
  • You will get more time to take care of other aspects like content creation.
  • You can increase your efficiency and you don’t have to go back to your content after you wrote it to make SEO adjustment.
  • You will get your content done and you will be ready to Go Life once you’re done writing it.

If you are a blogger then you need both focus and inspiration in order to do your best work because it’s hard to stay focused when researching an article and jumping from one tab to another. But with Squirrly’s Blogging Tools you will be able to do the impossible. You don’t have to open dozens of tabs to find everything you need.

Squirrly SEO Plugin Review- Blogging Tool

With these blogging tools, you will find media-rich content within a click. You will master the art of effective content creation if you keep your focus intact and resources close by. You will find the Blogging Assistant tool right above the Live Assistant section. These two tools will work hand in hand to help you create excellent content which is both human and Google-friendly.

You can track your ranking accurately with Squirrly user-friendly Google SERP Checker. This is a complete Social Media performance analytic. This is an easy way to track how well your content is performing on Google and also shows your link-building efforts actually give results. 

Squirrly SEO Plugin Review- Google SERP Checker

You can use Squirrly WordPress SEO Plugin to track your rankings if you are targeting more than just one country with your content. Google SERP Checker shows detailed data about how your content performed on each social media channel you shared it.

With Bulk SEO you get a perfect view of your site’s overall SEO Optimization. You will never reach your full ranking potential if you forget to set a few elements for some of your WordPress posts. That is the reason Many WordPress site owners don’t achieve the Google Rankings they want. They need essential SEO settings activated for their current post types. With Bulk SEO you will get tremendous oversight to shield your site from such errors.

Squirrly SEO Plugin Review- Bulk SEO

With Bulk SEO you can edit and preview your post that how post types are displayed within search engine results and social media feeds via powerful customization from Squirrly.

In terms of blogging, SEO, social, authority, link, and traffic you can improve your online presence with SEO Audits by knowing how your website is performing. With SEO Audits you will receive a score for your site based on several things you analyze like blogging, SEO, social, traffic, links and authority every week.

Squirrly SEO Plugin Review- SEO Audits

Every section of the Squirrly Site has a few tasks that need to be completed. In order to complete these tasks, you will get tips on how to fix them if they require attention. 

With Squirrly Social Media settings you can easily make social media count for your marketing strategy. You can easily set up these settings then you will see how great your posts are looking.

You can insert images and videos on your posts. Activate Squirrly’s Open Graph to control how your pages look like when it is shared and also ensure people will see the meta text information and relevant image within your page.

Squirrly SEO Plugin Review- Open Graph

Then the audience will see the video and also preview it inside facebook if you included a video in your content. You do not need to worry about all the information on each page because Squirrly will make sure that all WordPress open Graph actions are taken on all topics and pages you optimize.

  • Easy eCommerce Social Media

Social Media Management is all about to look smarter it is about your WordPress website. With Squirrly’s improved tracking tools you can take charge of your eCommerce Social Media Metrics. These improvements have been made according to the Google and Facebook tracking code changes.

SEO and Social Media Metrics- SEO Plugin

This simply means that with Squirrly Plugin you’ll have more control over your products’ promotion and eCommerce social media metrics. It will also track your website’s performance on social media. You’ll get a few valuable tricks to improve, control and leverage your eCommerce social media metrics.

If you are in the top ten listings on the front page of Google and want to continue this opportunity then this tool is made for you. Squirrly’s SEO Snippet Tool will give you a simple solution for better Google search engine listing because it is important how you show up in the listing. A bad impression will feel worse even if you are an industry leader.

SEO Snippet Tool - Squirrly SEO


With the SEO Snippet Tool will take care of your impression on Google and also lets you take full control of your posts. You can customize the Meta description and the Title inside your WordPress Editor.

It is also important that your posts are on Google’s radar. In order to do this, you can use Squirrly’s Sitemap Generator and settings to help your site get dragged and indexed by Google. If you are using elements like images, videos, custom taxonomies, products then Google bots will automatically drag and index your posts to Google’s radar. 

XML Sitemap Automatic Generator - Squirrly SEO

Google bots need to know which pages are more relevant and understand your site architecture. The sitemap forms come into an XML file which allows you to tally URLs in which search engines can drag and index. It also contains metadata such as the date of last updates or the frequency of changes for the related URLs.

With this easy and flexible Squirrly’s Semantic SEO tool, you can edit your site’s JSON-LD schema without diving into the actual code. With this tool, you can impress Google’s Structured data and maximize your website’s SEO potential with structured data.

JSON-LD Schema- Squirrly SEO

Today people are navigating through so many loads of information but JSON-LD easily makes data more accessible. This is a Google powered tool that makes it easier not only for humans but also for machines. You don’t need any coding skills because by using Squirrly, it becomes incredibly simple to implement.

Are you looking for a way to remove duplicate titles and descriptions? If you want to fix and avoid this kind of identical meta-information issues then Squirrly SEO will help you fix it by combining the power of automation with advanced customization solutions. 

Duplicate Remover- SEO Metas

Squirrly also removes old open graph, Twitter card, and rice pins meta which might appear from other themes or plugins you have used previously. With Squirrly your each post type comes with a predefined posting pattern when it displayed on your website and you can also customize these patterns. When you set up a pattern for a post then your custom sequence will be displayed which requires only your content.

SEO Training by Squirrly

Squirrly provides both basic and premium training on SEO. With this training you will get this useful information and study materials:

  • SEO related 6 articles
  • Basic features explained in 20 articles
  • 2 articles explained for getting started
  • 16 videos sessions
  • 30 articles for FAQs

The value of this great training provided by Squirrly is totally based on knowledge. With this training you will get to know:

  • Simple steps to change the posts orders in WordPress
  • Get the Google Analytics Tracking Code
  • You can calculate the search volume reported in keyword research.
  • How to use the keyword planner tool from Google for SEO?
  • The New WordPress Gutenberg editor and Squirrly SEO WordPress plugin
  • Learn the best advice for Integrating Squirrly SEO with Yoast.

Pricing Plan Of Squirrly SEO Plugin

Squirrly offers you a simple pricing plan with no long-term contracts. There are two plans Pro & Business with over 200 functionalities.

Squirrly SEO Plugin Review- Pricing plan

Pro: $29.99/month

Business: $71.99/month

You can even try Squirrly SEO Plugin For Free.


2) Squirrly Social

Squirrly Social is an amazing tool that posts you all work-related or social media profiles with one click on various social media platforms like Facebook, Google My Business, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter, etc.

Squirrly Social provides can instantly provide their users with a year’s worth of posts in all social media platforms with a single click. You can publish your posts as your schedule. You can make them reappear on your social feeds so that you can get more traffic over time to that new blog post. 

Squirrly Social Review -Squirrly Social

With Squirrly Social you will save your time by getting perfect content for your posts. The Social Media Assistant will help you discover the best content and you can schedule those posts for two weeks in a few minutes. Other content agencies will charge you $100 for 50 posts but Squirrly Social includes these posts without any extra charges in any plan.

Squirrly Social provides you Evergreen posting and Content Libraries with complete schedules and timings and expiration details. All you need to do is just set it and forget it unless you want to adjust and make tweaks.

Squirrly Social Media Tools Review


With this feature of Squirrly Social, you can schedule your posts as you want. You can stay on track with this tool. This tool will provide you consistency and you don’t have to bombard your audience with messages. You can keep your conversation going online every day.

Squirrly Social Review -Squirrly Social Calendar

One of the biggest problems of social media managers is wasting time on managing their accounts. This is the best time-saving feature of Squirrly Social. You can pre-plan your posts with Post Planner to save your time.

Squirrly Social Review - Post Planner 

Benefits of Post Planner

  • You just have to schedule your posts once.
  • This is the only place where you can create and approve posts.
  • You can schedule your posts based on categories for easy management and better results.
  • Squirrly Social reshare your posts to accelerate your social stream. This is a clever step to reach more people and various audiences across multiple social accounts. 

Social Media Assistant digs the internet to surface related content which is worth sharing with your audience. Social Media Assistant finds content from other trusted publishers that boost engagement. It also contains variety so that your audience doesn’t get bored and save you extra time.

Squirrly Social Review - Social Media assistant

Everybody wants a thought leader brand that focuses on improving experience, not someone who only shares their thoughts. So Squirrly Social will help you find that.

Benefits of Social Media Assistant

  • With Squirrly Social you will find a year’s worth of social media messages with a single click.
  • It is very easy to use a keyword-based filter.
  • It supports Video content.
  • You can refill your social media profiles with related posts to keep your brand looking fresh.
  • You will get fresh content from trustworthy sources.
  • Squirrly Social ensures there’s always some activity on your accounts.
  • Simple & Integrated 3-step approach that helps you stay organized.
  • Automated Social Media Scheduling

In this modern time, nobody got free time to create and publish a post. With this new automated technology of Squirrly Social, you can schedule your posts based on category. With this tool, you will become more efficient and also see the best management of your social media accounts.

Squirrly Social Review - Social Media Scheduling

400;”>Social Media Scheduling provides you Evergreen posting and Content Libraries with complete schedules and timings and expiration details. 

Benefits of Automated Social Media Scheduling

  • With this tool, you can schedule your posts when to publish.
  • You can keep your posts in rotation at selected times to fill in the gaps in your social media calendar and accelerate your presence on social media.
  • It will always keep you online so that you don’t have to fear of fallen behind when it comes to communicating with your audience ever again.
  • Find the best Hashtags & Emojis 

If you are using a social media platform then you know that Hashtags & Emojis are the bread and butter of great post. In a survey, people find out that with Hashtags & Emojis posts get 57% more likes and 33% more comments. That’s the trend you need to set up.

Squirrly Social Review - Hashtag and Emoji

With Squirrly Social you will find the best Hashtags & Emojis for your posts with a single click. With this Hashtag strategy, people can easily find your posts.

Drip Your Campaigns for An Entire Year

You can set your content to post about 3 times per week or make a content category that publishes content from your blog on a daily basis.

The first week of using Squirrly Social feels a bit tough but then your audience will feel like they are getting fresh content from you. The best part of using Squirrly Social you don’t have to keep this wheel spinning, just continue your blogging naturally and Squirrly will follow.

Other Benefits of Using Squirrly Social

Team Collaboration

Squirrly presents your team collaboration feature which lets you add new members to your team. Other agencies will punish you for doing this. But with Squirrly Social you can add as many writers, editors, marketers, designers, and managers as you want.

Separate Workspaces for Different Clients

Squirrly Social provides you different workspace so that there is no need to ask your clients for their social media login details anymore. You just have to invite them into your product that you create for them and let them set up all of their social media profiles. 

Squirrly Social provides you a Squirrly Social’s Token Refresh which a unique way to stay connected with your clients because you know how awful it is when social platforms disconnect your current app and you have to make your client give you access again.

Advanced Settings

You can tap into the vocabulary of the modern generation, add hashtags, visual interests and modify your posts. Hashtag strategy will always make your content discoverable of you add relevant and trending hashtags.

For a trending look, you can add watermarks to your images and add your logo. You can upload and store images for your brand in Media Library.

Squirrly Social Features - ADVANCED FEATURES

With Squirrly Social you can shorten your links because size matters on social media so make every character count.

This tool acts like a dedicated social media assistant that helps you both discovery and getting more traffic on new posts.

Pricing Plan Of Squirrly Social 

Squirrly Social offers you three different types of pricing plans for your social media. So let’s check the pricing plans offered by Squirrly Social.

One Team : $14.99/month

With this plan, you will get

  • 1 Brand or Team
  • 12 Social Profiles/Team
  • 12 Total Social Media Profiles
  • Invite Unlimited Team Members
  • Includes Every Mentioned Feature

Pro : $34.99/month

With this plan, you will get

  • 7 Brands or Team
  • 12 Social Profiles/Team
  • 84 Total Social Media Profiles
  • Invite Unlimited Team Members
  • Includes Every Mentioned Feature

Agency : $114.99/month

With this plan, you will get

  • 30 Brands or Team
  • 12 Social Profiles/Team
  • 360 Total Social Media Profiles
  • Invite Unlimited Team Members
  • Includes Every Mentioned Feature

Squirrly Social Review - Pricing plan

With all purchase Squirrly Social includes these features:

The Essentials

  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Saves an average of 5 hours/week
  • Discover new content through Squirrly Social Media Assistant
  • It makes easy for clients to give you access without password compromise
  • No long-term contracts
  • Unlimited content categories for EverGreen posting
  • Options for Branded contents (with name & logo)
  • Machine learning and A.I. help
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Extend the life of every post through repeat publications
  • Visual Calendar for all your future posts

Social Networks

  • Facebook Profile
  • Instagram Profile
  • Twitter Profile
  • Facebook Page integration
  • LinkedIn Person
  • Linkedin Company Page
  • Pinterest

Planning & Scheduling

  • Unlimited Scheduled Posts/Contents
  • Social media content curation and you will find new posts to keep your audience engaged
  • Token Refresh
  • Post-Time-Sensitive Content at Specific Time
  • Link Shortening
  • AI/Manual based Hashtags & Emojis
  • Automatic Content Recycling
  • Brand Customizations
  • Full control on your Published Posts
  • WordPress (any) Blog to Social Media
  • Create Folders to organize your Media
  • Publish to all your Social Profiles with one click
  • The option of Repeat Forever or Just Once
  • Advanced/Simple Timing Setup
  • Repeat A Number of Times
  • Boost Website and Traffic Through EverGreen Publishing
  • Options for Branded Content with Name and Logo

Team Management

  • Unlimited Team Members
  • Make it Easy for Clients to Give you access without Password Compromises
  • No Long-term Contracts
  • Publish to All Your Social Profiles
  • Full Control on your Posts

Integrations and Apps

  • Integrations with Zapier
  • RSS Feed Resources
  • Machine Learning and A.I Help
  • API Access

Please allow up to 24 hours for them to give you access to your brand new account once you purchase a subscription. They will use an email address for you that they create for you and this is the place where you’ll receive access to your account.

If you are not fully satisfied with their service for some reason you will get your full refund as they are providing One-Month Money Back Guarantee.

Customer Support

Squirrly Social provides excellent customer support. You can reach them via email support or directly from the Squirrly Social Dashboard. They will contact you as soon as possible if you selected a plan. If you have any problem with Squirrly Social such as setting up or something else, you can always access the Help Center section.

Squirrly Social - Customer Support

3) Starbox Plugin by Squirrly

When a human reader reaches to your post and reads your post. If your content seems good to him then they will definitely try to look at the Author box. Here you will need the Starbox plugin. When you give a gorgeous look to your author box then it makes your readers click all the way through to see more about the Author.

Squirrly Review- StarBox

You’ll fall in love with Starbox if you are just an author on your site or a superstar of a team of Authors because you are choosing the professionally built themes and landscaping. If you love your job and also want to boost your social proof then put your Author Box on the top of the content so that human readers will know that they’re reading things that a real great person has written. Let your readers know more about yourself with Starbox. This is a great way to establish a good reputation.

Starbox the Author Box

Key Features

  • HTML5-coded
  • Starbox Plugin uses Google Microformats (vCard) to display Rich Snippet in Google search results
  • Very easy to set up and Customize
  • You get Google and Facebook Authorship for all your Authors
  • You can link your various social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Klout, Google+, Instagram, Flickr, Tumblr, Youtube, etc. (with Starbox Pro)
  • Your Authors can add their different set of social media profiles to their posts.
  • You can set links to your other articles
  • You will also get a section that displays the latest posts of a certain Author.
  • Various themes to choose
  • You can set the name of Author Box
  • You can set a Job Title
  • You can set your Company with the link to that site.

Starbox is free but Starbox Pro is a genuine premium plugin that gives you extra benefits which costs you only $29.99. 

4) Content Look

With Squirrly’s Content Look you can track and take charge of everything that happens with the content on your websites like Google Indexing, ranking ups and downs, and social media spikes. You can also track your progress and tasks for each page on your website. With Content Look, you can discover marketing threats as well as opportunities. There are more than 300 pages. You can find your pages that work amazingly well for your business. You can use Content Look with multiple users to work together.

ContentLook -Squirrly

Manage your all content with advanced filters. With these filters, you can be more specific when you ask Content Look to show the pages that you need to narrow down. There are plenty of filters to choose from like Campaign, Social Media Shares, Optimization Score, Engagement metrics and many others.

Contentlook Features

Key Features

  • There are 300 pages that you can use it to track your website.
  • With Content Look you will get 30 days of tracking history for Social Metrics.
  • You can collaborate with 3 team members.
  • 1 campaign and 1 site to manage in ContentLook
  • 2 Integrations and Actionable Insights for your site.

With great features of Content Look it will cost you only $29.99/month for one website and 300 pages.

5) Squirrly SPY

With Squirrly’s SPY competitive intelligence tool you can spy on your competitors’ marketing strategy and every single detail that makes your competitors successful. With this tool, you can easily outrank them on SERPs.

Squirrly Review- Squirrly SPY

Squirrly SPY shows their Website Architecture, URL Structure, how they organize content and SEO strategies that they use to rank high. With this tool, you can discover hot topics and top-performing content of their pages.

Squirrly SPY will help you searching the content to see what works in your current strategy and where you can improve. Discover predictive insights and new avenues for growth. Squirrly SPY will help you take the next steps and make your data your secret weapon to checkmate your web competitors.

Squirrly SPY- Squirrly Reviews

Key Features

  • With the Keyword Rover feature, you can hot topics of their pages. You can also study their keywords from a marketing perspective.
  • With Content Analysis, you can find your opponent’s top-performing content and you will get new blog posts ideas.
  • You can easily monitor the backlinks of your opponent’s site with Backlink Profile Generator. With this feature, you can learn from their success and create content to get more natural backlinks.

You will get a list of your opponent’s URLs with URL Structure and also discover the structural DNA of your opponent’s site.

Squirrly SPY cost you only $50 with all the mentioned features.

Squirrly Academy (Education Cloud)

Squirrly’s Education Cloud built to provide great marketing training and strategies. Squirrly Academy is a must join the course because SEO and Content Marketing changes super fast. Squirrly Academy makes sure that you always get the best in terms of recent ideas that work and produce results.

Education Cloud is a world of important knowledge and they provide the best SEO education. They offer every knowledge you need to make sure that your content marketing strategy will reach its best. More than 135K people related to business owners, marketers, freelancers, developers took the course of Education Cloud and learned the best marketing strategies from it.

Website Analysis Plugin

Website Analysis Plugin by Squirrly Limited is designed for WordPress to help website owners to keep track of their SEO performance. This plugin is made for small business owners and designers who always prefer the items’ view and also built for SEOs and Web Developers who prefer the table view. You can structure the Analysis plugin as you want to so that it only shows those details that you wish to track and study. With this plugin, you’ll know all the important details of your latest 20 blogs of your WordPress site. 

Website Analysis Plugin- Detailed Squirrly Review

Website Analysis Plugin shows the social sharing abilities of your WordPress site and also aware you the good and bad points. It analyzes the Meta description and Snippet of your blog post after that it ensures what exactly you’ll need. This plugin figures out the keywords that you’ve optimized the page for, just like Google. With this tool, you’ll get duplicates of Twitter Cards Check, Title Tag Check, Description Tag Check, Google page speed, keywords in URL, and SEO Optimization Score updates. 

Expectation Marketing

If you want to achieve success in business then winning the trust of the audience will be your first target. Understanding the customer’s expectations is very important in your business. When you understand the expectations of your customers then you can attract your customers to buy your products and services. Your marketing strategy will be also based on their expectations. 

So there is a book of Expectation Marketing for business owners and marketers which they can use to optimize their whole marketing experience. You can get this book for just $15.60. The knowledge of this book will change the whole experience of marketing and you will get beyond your imaginations.

Video Game by Squirrly

This game is developed by Squirrly for Content Marketers. This is officially called Content Marketing Game which is a Squirrly’s Keep Ranking Game. The main purpose of this game is to keep ranking your startup by gathering resources. You can win prizes in every level of this game and the prizes are Free software from Squirrly. Just play the game and gather resources to keep ranking your startup.

Why Choose Squirrly?

There are too many reasons to choose Squirrly if you are a business owner or a content marketer. There are some good reasons that you should choose Squirrly:

  • There are 150K users with at least 3 sites on average. (on WordPress)
  • 8% conversion rate of Free to Paid
  • More than 50K active Email subscribers on Squirrly SEO Newsletter, Marketing & Promotions.
  • 39K active Email subscribers on their Media sites.
  • The main core value of this company is to always help others to win.
  • Squirrly offers an excellent Customer Service to all its customers.

FAQ’s Related to Squirrly Review

?Is the Squirrly SEO Plugin available for free?

Yes, you simply need to copy the plugin from the WP directory and paste it into your site. Then connect to Squirrly using your email address. The Free Version will launch automatically. If your content marketing requirements grow, you can upgrade to the PRO Plan.

?Is the Free Plan inclusive of all features?

The Lite version of their features will be included in the free plan. The PRO features are only available in the premium edition. The free version includes everything that a small WordPress site or blog requires to get started with SEO and Content Marketing. These are blogs where the owners desire to write 5 articles a month. Also, they want to view the SEO metrics for their most recent postings, as well as a comprehensive audit of their entire site.

?Is it possible to use Squirrly SEO on a mobile?

Yes, both the browser and the WordPress app operate on IOS and Android.

?Is WordPress SEO plugin the only SEO plugin I will need to install?

Squirrly is used by the majority of its users and customers for everything SEO-related, from keyword research to WordPress SEO settings, analytics, and weekly monitoring and audit reports. However, it all depends on how you’ve set up WordPress up to this point. Some individuals simply use the Squirrly SEO plugin for the Live Assistant component of Content Optimization, while others utilise it to analyse their SEO numbers and discover where they need to enhance their WordPress SEO.

?Where can I access the Content Audit Tool?

You’ll get an email every week with your site’s audit, and you can also access it from your dashboard account on

?How can Squirrly help me with the JSON-LD structure?

You can set and modify the information that appears in Google when people search for your company in the Squirrly dashboard.

?In Squirrly SEO Optimization, how does the META Description work?

Squirrly will find the most relevant material from your article and include it in the META Description. In the Post/Page editor, you can choose to use the Squirrly Snippet, which allows you to change the META Title and Description. You may do all of this while writing or editing your content.

?Do I have access to WordPress SEO Plugin support?

Yes, they are focused on delivering happiness, and they offer a strong support package to go along with it. They have a track record of responding to any request in under 5 hours, regardless of the time of day. Squirrly is also trustworthy because they quickly resolve any issues you may have.

?What are Squirrly SEO’s top competitors & Alternatives?

Alternatives to Squirrly SEO include Yoast WordPress SEO Plugins, Ubersuggest, and Ahrefs.

?What Is SEO Protection and How Does It Work?

Only Squirrly SEO can provide you with SEO Protection, which is a one-of-a-kind value proposition. It’s because of its distinct market position Why? Because they mix a smart and light-weight plugin with their excellent cloud services, you get the best of both worlds: the best plugin combined with the greatest SEO platform. Because some aspects require server-side crawling, SEO plugins do not provide 100 percent protection. Because some variables can only be fine-tuned from within WordPress, SEO platforms don’t provide 100 percent safety. As a result, Squirrly SEO has a unique position.

?Is Squirrly SEO compatible with WP Multisite?

Yes, Squirrly SEO is compatible with WP Multisite. By activating Squirrly SEO for the entire Multisite Network, you can optimise all of the sub-sites in the network, or you may activate the Squirrly SEO plugin for a specific sub-site.

What more does Squirrly SEO have to offer in terms of great content writing?

The majority of people adore Squirrly’s inspiration box, which is the answer to this question. For those of you who are new to Squirrly SEO, it is important to understand that it is more than just an SEO plugin. Because it’s a whole content marketing platform, you have access to the inspiration box for each post/page you want to optimise.

?Does Squirrly SEO Plugin Have All the Google SEO Requirements?

Same as you, they are also concerned about Google’s SEO criteria, and they’re committed to providing you with an SEO tool that will assist you in correctly optimising your WordPress website. To cut a long story short, Squirrly SEO conforms with Google’s SEO standards.

?What does Squirrly’s new SEO Live Assistant have to offer?

The New SEO Live Assistant encapsulates what they’ve been saying for the past three months: you need to make search engine bots like you enough to showcase you in SERPs, but the Human Readers are the ones you want to captivate with your writing in the end. Finally, you have a Live Assistant that assists you in optimising your content for both search engines and human readers.

?What is the best way to instal Facebook Pixel on WordPress?

You must first install Squirrly if you want to track your actions from Facebook ad campaigns. After that, adding your Pixel ID to the plugin is how to install Facebook Pixel on WordPress. It’s in Squirrly>>SEO Settings>> Tracking Tools at the bottom of the page on your dashboard. The Facebook Chrome plugin can be used to verify that the integration to your site is working properly.

Quick Links:

Some SEO Stats 2022 : Why SEO Is Important

seo-statistics online

Image Credits :

In a typical day, how many searches does Google receive?

There are currently over 7 billion searches every day on Google, which equates to 81,000 searches per second. In 2020, more than 2.55 trillion searches were made on Google by people throughout the world.

Source: Worldometers.

How has Google’s increase in search changed these numbers?

In 2020, how many Google searches will there be?

In 2020, the number of searches will rise from 63,000 per second to 81,000 per second.

In 2020, there will be 4.9 million searches every minute, up from 3.8 million in 2016.

In 2020, there will be 292 million searches per hour, an increase over 2016’s 228 million.

Searches will increase from 5.5 billion to 7 billion per day by 2020, up from 5.5 billion per day in 2016.

Up from 167 billion searches in 2016, there will be 212 billion searches every month in 2020.

In 2020, there will be 2.55 trillion searches per year, an increase from the 2016 figure of 2.00 trillion.

Source: WorldometersSearchEngineLand.

It’s important to keep in mind that Google hasn’t released their data in a while, and these are the most recent estimations available online.

When referring to the statistics above, ‘or more’ is a safe bet because they’re a lower approximation than the real quantities.

How Many People Use Google on a Day-to-Day basis?

A typical internet user will use Google an average of four times every day. According to these estimates, there are around 1.7 billion people who use Google search every day, with an average of 7 billion searches per day.

Source: 99firms.

Again, this is best taken as an approximate estimate until Google makes its numbers public. Only 15 percent of US consumers search more than once a day, according to another statistic I came across. In light of this, it’s possible that the 15% they utilized to raise the overall average was a mistake.

Is Google capable of indexing more than one billion web pages?

According to current estimates, there are around 1.72 billion websites on the internet. More than 58 billion unique pages will appear in Google search by 2020, an increase of 38.1% over the past five years. Google said in 2013 that it had 30 billion pages in its index and crawled 100 billion pages each month, some with higher return frequency, of course. In 2014.

Source: WorldWebSizeStatista.


Squirrly Best Alternative Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO Testimonial Squirrly Alternative

Surfer SEO is an excellent option if you’re fed up with pricey software or simply haven’t discovered a product that works for your website’s needs.

What is the cost of Surfer SEO?

Surfer SEO does not offer a free trial, as we previously stated. For $1, you can try the service for a week.

Pricing for recurring plans begins at $49.20 per month. These are all included in this basic plan.

The entire bundle is available for as little as $165.80 a month. White-labeling your SEO reports is an excellent approach for companies to communicate results with their clients. This is still a lot less expensive than Ahrefs’ most comparable package.

You don’t need an account to use their Chrome extension, which is available for free.

Is Surfer SEO Worth The Money?

In a nutshell, the answer is yes! Compared to other SEO tools, Surfer is more cost-effective and, in some cases, even better.

To top it all off, there is a plan to fit your needs without going over your budget.

Small enterprises and freelancers can get by with the basic plan. Large blogs, agencies, and eCommerce websites have all the capabilities they need on the Pro or Business versions.

Then Surfer is the tool for you.

We think Surfer is a great SEO tool to have in your arsenal.

It doesn’t matter whether you run a small blog or an e-commerce site with 5,000 pages.

The cherry on top? You can try it out for free for seven days to see if it has the features you need.

There’s no possibility of falling in love with a product that’s too expensive for you if this is the case. Surfer SEO’s pricing is extremely reasonable, especially when it is used as both a content optimization and an SEO tool.

Final Thoughts: Squirrly Review 2022 | Which is better Squirrly SEO or Yoast?

In my opinion, if you are a blogger, content marketer, business owner, author or entrepreneur then you should always go for Squirrly because they provide every kind of tool and software that you need to rank higher.

With these extraordinary features and products, you can maximize your productivity and Google positioning.

If you are using Squirrly alongside Yoast then it will provide you a superb SEO system that you can get a highly ranked profile in Google’s search engine index. 

In Short : 

Features: Squirrly is an all-in-one SEO tool that provides everything from keyword research to analysis and monitoring.

Advantages: Squirrly is a no-hassle SEO tool for digital marketers that does all the heavy lifting for you. It can adapt to your site’s needs, while keeping each element consistent across sites.

Benefits: Squirrly helps you stay relevant by analyzing competitors and their positions in your niche. Using dedicated functions like keyword filters, it helps you stay ahead of the competition by helping you rank for more keywords.

So don’t wait, rank higher with Squirrly today!