Are PBN Backlinks Worth It 2022?

You might have heard about the Private Blog Networks but do you have any idea about what it is and how does it work?

You might also be baffled about if it is legit strategy or just a scam?  Do Private Blog Networks (PBNs) Still Work in 2018?

Well it just can’t be explained in few words. I have answered all your questions about the PBNs and how does it work as White-hat SEO technique with pros and cons.

How To Build Private Blog Networks Guide: Are PBN Backlinks Worth It 2022 ?

What Are the Rewards and Risks of PBNs? Are PBN’s Dead ?


Private Blog Networks: Why to Use PBN’s?

What is a Private Blog Network?

A PBN is a collection of high authority sites that you have complete control over and are all linked to your money site.

Normally, PBNs are formed from expired domains that have excellent backlinks and therefore transfer a high number of links to your money site.

Best CHEAP PBN Hosting

Private blog networks


What I realized about PBN?

These are the 2 points I have mentioned:

  1. PBNs are expensive to build

One of the major disadvantages is the cost of developing and maintaining a network. If you use auctions, a good domain costs between $ 40 and $ 400. If you use domain providers, the costs are similar.

As you can imagine, this can be added.

Once your new domain is secure, you’ll need to pay for a private Whois, receive hosting, and add content.

Let’s say you’ve secured a domain for $ 100.

  • Domain = 100 US dollars
  • Private Whois = $ 5
  • Accommodation = 12 $
  • Item = $ 5 (a good PBN has more than one item)

        = $ 112 for a website.


Do you think that the costs are high?

Let me tell you about the time investment.

2. The process of building PBNs is a waste of time

It was true in 2014, but it’s even more true now. I can not believe some of the discussions that I see in Facebook groups and forums. The length that some people will reach with the PBN is amazing …

With all these efforts, you can buy REAL links from REAL websites and never have to worry about getting punished.

Just think about the process:

First, find Domain that are worth buying. About 95% of the domains are not qualified. And it is generous.

Especially for my agency, we use expired domains if they meet our Topical Trust Flow requirement. This has made our research even more difficult, but often more rewarding.

For example, suppose you are trying to create a network of 10 sites. It takes 6 to 12 hours to find ten qualified areas. A “qualified” domain must have a trust of at least 15 and a domain authority of 15.

A lower metric domain is allowed if you have topics that are relevant to Confidential trust.

Now that you’ve backed up 10 domains, you need to configure them now. It takes 2 to 4 hours to find web hosts and to prepare websites for development.

Then you need to develop the site by creating all the required pages, searching for topics, writing / sharing content, installing add-ons, and giving the site a normal look. If you want to be more secure, you can also create social accounts for each site.

This process can take 1-2 hours per location.

This equates to an investment of about 36 hours in a network of 10 websites.

It also does not take into account any hosting or hacking issues you might encounter. Cheap hosts often go bankrupt without notice and have horrible hours of operation.

Dealing with these issues can be a good time killer.

Of course, you can outsource most of these steps, of course. But if you outsource, you increase your costs. Higher expenses increase the time required to achieve a return on investment.




How and Why does a PBN work?

The ranking factor of the major search engines is the number and quality of backlinks to a website. Over time, all content that has the same quality (at least in the eyes of Google), determines the number and quality of the backlinks of a website, whether they are at the top of the page. Page 1 or below.

The bottom line is that if you really want to position yourself at the top of Google, you need very good backlinks.

PBN is an abbreviated way to get high-quality, high-quality backlinks without having to do the tedious tasks that are usually done to create links.


Why do PBNs work better than white hat links?

After you create good content, you generally need to conduct a publicity campaign to link other authorized sites to your content.

The conversion rate for such campaigns is extremely low, especially now that it can be mass-produced using low-cost outreach programs like GMass and Shake.

People who manage authorized sites are flooded with hundreds of emails every day. Even if your content is excellent, your email will simply be trashed unless you already have a relationship with the webmaster.

The other problem with disclosure is that you can not control the anchor text or the content of the link you are getting. At the bottom of the page, you can find a random anchor text or links that are not surrounded by quality content, and you can do nothing about it.


With PBN you are in control of the link as it is linked from the website. Therefore, you can choose the right anchor text, content, and location of the link. After you’ve created a PBN website and linked it to your Money site, you know you need between $ XX and $ AA to create a single link. You can then upgrade to 100 links by spending $ 100 x xx and 100 x YY.

SEOs using PBN often form a network of 1000 websites that are completely controlled by them. Then they adjust the anchor texts and manually link the speed to increase “natural” in the classifications.


Are PBNs a black hat strategy?

Private blog network detailed definition
Source: Neil Patel

Yes, you will hear many “gurus” saying that it is not a black hat strategy to sell their courses. However, let us be clear: any form of intentional linking violates Google’s policies.

When Google finds out that you have paid a journalist to link to your site from an editorial office, your site will be penalized. If Google finds that you have a network of sites linking your Money site, it will penalize your Money site or de-identify the found PBN sites.


Recently, Google has stated that it does not penalize sites that receive the link, but simply depreciates it. This was done to correct negative SEO attacks on innocent websites. This means that the likelihood that your money site will be penalized for PBN is likely to occur only if you do not pass manual review (more on that later).

The interesting thing is that PBNs are not just used by small websites. A recent publication by Glen Allsop shows how very large sites use the same basic principles of PBN to achieve a very high rank. To do this, they ensure that their PBN sites are parent sites. I hope this guide will allow you to do the same for your online business.




Although you have heard that PBNs are scams that will not help your SEO, this statement is partially correct. PBNs offer legitimate benefits. Before I go further, however, I would like to mention a brief legal statement:

“I have never used PBN for my own website and I do not recommend it for your website. I’ll explain that later, but I wanted to highlight it so that they know where I am. For the moment, however, we will examine why PBNs attract many advertisers.”

As already mentioned, backlinks increase the success of private blogging networks.


And what is a backlink?

backlink buildinh strategy

A backlink is a hypertext link that leads from an external website to your own website. And these little beauties help a lot with your SEO.

The backlinks tell the search engines that the link site is based enough on your website to link it to your domain. This means that search engines also trust your website.

It’s like playing with cool kids in the playground.

When you’re with big kids, you feel great. Similarly, search engines analyze linked websites to know which websites are trusted. For this reason, building links is the main factor that contributes to the ranking of a website.


The PBN sounds good. Of course, this is until you recognize the risks associated with its use. Yes, they can enhance your SEO and help generate passive traffic and leads to your website.

However, the entire marketing strategy can quickly become a disaster if Google surprises you.

If you ask yourself, yes: Google hates PBN and purposely tries to punish the people who use it. However, I’m a bit more understanding than a daddy search engine.

I understand SEO takes a long time to influence your rankings. The fast solution proposed by PBN is too attractive for some marketers. You get fast classifications, brand recognition and hopefully also revenue.

At least the PBNs promise it.

But if all this advantage can disappear in a single moment of vulnerability, is it really worth it? PBNs are technically not a black hat strategy.

But it’s not a white hat either.

They are a hack. They are a trick to get rich quick. And like most similar tactics, they are associated with serious risks. If Google detects this, your website will be penalized and you will have difficulty establishing yourself in SEO.

But how? How does Google penalize websites that use PBN to improve their SEO?

How do you know what you are doing?

Well, if all the sites where you got backlinks are not very active sites, with few updates and almost no internal links, then Google suspects that. Unfortunately, the PBN sites generally have all of these specific characteristics.

Private blog network
This facilitates recognition by most search engines. If you decide to use PBN, you should know that you could damage the SEO of your website. There are legitimate benefits, but only under a cloud of potential penalties from search engines.

This could lead to a fast domain authority in PBN. Although traditional strategies take longer, they are not so risky.


9 rules for building your PBN : How to build a safe PBN that will last you for years


1. Different registrars: Test and buy domains through different registrars. WhoIs Guard needs to be activated in most areas. We do not suggest having false information in WhoIs records. However, if you need to do this, you should do so for areas where you did not spend a lot of money (because you might lose the domain). Also, make sure you use each registrar’s DNS and do not use a single name server for all your domains.


2. Different Hosting: Each website must have a different IP address for the subnet. If an IP address is represented by xxx.BBB.yyy.zzz, yyy and zzz must be unique for each of the sites in the network. Many web hosts only receive a small number of IP addresses that they can provide to a customer. Although the IP address may be different, you can get the same “xxx.BBB.yyy”. In this case, the host only one or two domains with this web host.


3. Content: You must have unique and valuable content on every website. There should be no false content whatsoever. Treat the domains of your PBN with the same respect as the one with your money pages and invests in their quality.


4.  Each domain is linked to a money page only once. No matter how tempting it is to link all your monetary sites to a single domain, remember that this only adds to the risks.


5. There should not be a link on the entire site, just links embedded in the contextual text. We are firmly convinced that in the future all non-contextual links will be devalued.


6. Each domain should connect to your Money site only after certain pages have been created. Original links should be directed to other authorized sites in your niche. Do not just connect to Wikipedia, YouTube, and other important websites. Choose authorized sites in your niche.

7. Use the variations of anchor texts when linking to your Money site. This depends on your current link profile. If you have a diverse link profile, it makes sense to use certain anchor texts for the ranking. However, if your site is new, use bare URL anchor texts as well.

8. Each site needs some pages to approve the revision of the manual: info/contact/ privacy policy.

9. Your PBN site must be in the same slot you had before the domain expired. John Mueller of Google made it clear at a Google webmaster meeting place that the link to the previous site does not apply to the new site if Google determines that the new site is not the same as the previous site. If you are not in the same niche, the backlinks lose all their value.


The Ultimate PBN Strategy

private blog network and testing

I see too many ways to rely too much on SEO in private blogs, and they make a big mistake. I am sure you have heard this before, but you should never put all your eggs in one basket.

This is really true for any kind of link building.

Year after year, Google destroyed SEOs that were not diversified and needed a unique link building method.

So I’ll tell you a little secret.

I’m thinking of creating links in the same way I would with my retirement account.

First, I rate the risk of a link building strategy. Then I choose the capital and the time to devote myself to this strategy.

For example, I can invest in “riskier” stocks because the return potential is higher. In general, however, higher risk stocks are only a small part of my overall portfolio.

This is exactly how you should focus on creating links and private blog networks!

If 100% of your incoming links come from PBN, play with fire.

PBN should complement its other efforts to strengthen links. They should not replace other important creative activities, such as: For example, creating and developing relationships in your industry, promoting content (through awareness-raising), and creating content resources.

If you keep your PBN links between 5% and 20% of your overall link profile, you should be pretty sure.

PBNs are always risky but are reduced if they make up only a small percentage of your link profile. The remaining 80 to 90% of your links should come from internal sites, such as: From editorial links, business listings, branding, or comments from blogs/niche forums.

You can also use this White Hat alternative to PBN if you want to completely avoid it.


How to Test Your PNB Domain

Let’s imagine you did all this hard work:

  1. Found a domain with super metrics
  2. Added a link to your money site
  3. Published a bunch of content
  4. Installed WP

And the result is that your ranking has dropped. It would be terrible! All these efforts and the money wasted to the drain.

It may be a great idea to test your network for one domain only. The exam should take about a week and it’s worth it. I did not test the domains when I had a large network, but I would like to do it. This technique comes from Diggity Marketing – Thanks to Matt!

First, even if you look at the Return Link crawlers, you will not know all the links behind a domain. It’s just not possible: Google is more interested in the Web than any other third-party tool. So if you check all the backlinks in Majestic & Ahrefs, you really can not know.

Here is the process: How to build a safe PBN that will last you for years
Find a third-party website in your niche. It must be another site so you do not ruin your own website. We do not want to harm anyone’s income, so …

In step 1, search for a keyword on page 2 of the site. You do not want to influence anyone’s income, it would be a sudden move! Then find a term on page 2.

The anchor text corresponding to the exact keyword was never used. You want to search for a confidential key phrase in a link that contains exactly the appropriate anchor text. Something that works well (ie the top 20) fits perfectly.

You must use the Majestic and Ahrefs website browsers to ensure that the anchor text has not been used.
Other related keywords should also appear on page 2. This will ensure that Google likes the site. Your test will not work if you have already selected a site in bad condition.

Search for the keywords with SEMrush. Any other option would be difficult and frustrating.

The theory is that an exact match of a correspondence text link affects the classification of that term and its associated terms.

Only if the PBN domain is clean.

After placing the link with the appropriate anchor text, wait about 7 days and check the SERPs. And you should use a tool like SERP Lab.

As the ranking improves, you have an authoritative and healthy domain. Add it to your network!

If the ranking worsens, you must delete the link. If the rank increases again after one week, the domain is wrong. Keep this away from your network.

It is a simple and effective test. The test ensures that you are not recording with a wrong domain.

PBN 101: Basics to Advanced


ultimate-private-blog-network-infographic what is PBN hosting


Final word: Is Private Blog Network Worth in 2022? IS PBN DEAD? or STILL WORK like a Charm after recent Google Update: YES THEY DO WORK

Building an efficient and effective PBN for SEO is a slow game. If you create too many links to a new website, you will experience problems. If you are not sure how fast your link is, choose the slowest option. Invest in the long term in the construction of your PBN. Once your network works well, you can use it as long as you like.

As we know, Getting backlinks from a PBN is a subdivision topic.
There will be people who use PBN to create links, taking all aspects into account. However, as mentioned earlier, it is very risky to use the PBN backlinks to improve the ranking of your website.

Instead, use sustainable SEO link building strategies and White Hat to develop your website.

While these tactics take longer and are harder to achieve, they give you long-term results that allow your site to reach the top of the SERP(search engine result page) and retain it.

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How To Get Backlinks As A Content Marketers And Content Authors 2022

If you’re a newbie content marketer just starting out with your blog, the first thing you’ll need to do is work on developing a good strategy to get it traffic. There are a plethora of strategies you’ll need to use, but in this article, we’ll discuss a strategy for you to get high-quality backlinks, which is one of the most important things you’ll need to get traffic.

In this article, I will discuss and introduce some of the best strategies that you can implement in 2019 to get high-quality backlinks for your blog. First of all, let’s talk about the basics of backlinks and why they are important for your content marketing!

Why Backlinks Are So Important For Your Content Marketing Strategy?

First of all, the two most important rules in Content Marketing is having high-quality content and high-quality backlinks. Backlinks can dramatically help you to improve your SEO rankings and increase your blog traffic. However, you need good quality backlinks. For example, if you own a digital marketing blog and acquire a backlink from a high authority digital marketing site or agency, this would be considered as valuable and relevant. However, if you got a backlink from a website that sells Jewelry, it would most likely not be relevant and can negatively impact your ranking.

There’s even more to it, but as a general rule of thumb, you need relevant backlinks from relevant sites. Old strategies like buying hundreds of backlinks or purchasing links from PBNs do not work anymore and can negatively impact your website. Google will penalize your website for this. Google doesn’t want you to spam the Web and you’ll need to get linked from high authority websites in a relevant article in a natural way. If you want your backlink building to be successful, you’ll need to build high-quality backlinks.

Strategies for Getting High-Quality Backlinks

  1. Get Backlinks from Broken Links

This strategy is a great way to get new backlinks. I really like this method because it works perfectly to create unidirectional backlinks. The technique involves searching websites you’d like to get a backlink on for broken links on their existing articles. When you find one, you simply contact the website owner to report the broken link and at the same time, you recommend your page as a good replacement.

How To Get Backlinks As A Content Marketers And Content Authors- broken links


Since you did the website owner a favor by reporting the broken link, the chances of getting that new replacement link are high. To use the broken link method, search your niche for relevant resource pages. Find them using these Google searches:

  • Your keyword + links
  • Your keywords + resources
  • Keywords in URL: links
  1. Getting Backlinks from Guest Posts

Guest blogging is the most effective ways to reach out to new audiences and acquire high-quality backlinks. With guest blogging, you not only get backlinks from authority sites, but you can also establish a brand for yourself. By publishing your articles on other popular sites, you can keep your content ahead of new readers and gain visibility.

How To Get Backlinks As A Content Marketers And Content Authors- guest posts

Sometimes it’s not just a referral back, it’s about boosting your reputation on the Internet or your Social Media followers.

Guest blog posts help to build relationships and expand your audience. If you have doubts about guest blogging, keep in mind that even Google accepts guest contributors on their Google Analytics blog.

You can use various Google search queries to find out blogs who accept guest posts:

  • your keyword + guest-posts
  • your keyword + inurl:write-for-us
  • your keyword + become a contributor
  • your keyword + inurl:guest-post-guidelines
  • your keyword + submit an article
  • your keyword + bloggers wanted
  • your keyword + contribute
  • your keyword + want to write for
  • your keyword + guest post by
  • your keyword + become an author
  1. Publish Detailed and Well-Researched Articles on Your Blog

Of course, this is a must. You need to have high-quality content on your blog. Simply having detailed and well-researched articles/blog posts published on your blog will help you naturally acquire more backlinks. According to backlinko, long articles with 1890 words typically ranked the highest on search engines and get the best backlinks.

To improve the accuracy and trustworthiness of your article, you can conduct surveys, use your business data, create case studies and other content based on original searches that are not available on any other sites. When you publish statistics and original data, other websites will likely want to link themselves with your new information.

  1. Use Infographics to Get Backlinks

You don’t have to only publish long, detailed articles with mostly text to get high-quality backlinks. According to Neil Patel, content that is rich with text, infographics, and videos attract 5x more links.

How To Get Backlinks As A Content Marketers And Content Authors- infographics

In fact, infographics can attract influencers as well. So, I would highly recommend that you also add visual content, such as infographics or videos, on your blog, along with your detailed and well-researched articles. Adding infographics to your posts will create outstanding content that is engaging for your readers.

  1. Use Link-able to Start Acquiring Relevant and Diverse Backlinks

Link-able is a great platform for Content Marketers that focuses on building high-quality backlinks by reputable journalists and bloggers. Not all Content Marketers are accepted into Link-able as you need really high-quality content.

How To Get Backlinks As A Content Marketers And Content Authors-

It’s a mutually beneficial and efficient community for both parties to succeed online. If you are a content marketer head over to the linkable content marketing system learn more about how Link-able can help you quality backlinks and grow your website with organic traffic.

If you are a content author head over to Link-able content author page to learn more about how Link-able help you in better revenue with writing.

Link-able As A Content Marketer

Do you have a website or a blog that you wish you built high-quality backlinks for? Of course, for every content marketers link building is an important part of SEO. It is vital for SEO link building and growing the organic traffic but unfortunately building backlinks is not that easy.

How To Get Backlinks As A Content Marketers And Content Authors- authors

How Does Link-able work?

For Content Marketers, you can simply apply to join Link-able here. But once again – remember you will need to have a website or blog with exceptional quality content.

Once you’ve applied and are accepted, Link-able will be the most powerful tool in your Content Marketing tool kit to help you acquire backlinks. It does so by connecting you with relevant Content Authors (bloggers, journalists, freelance writers, etc) who can discover your content and potentially link to you.

You get connected by posting a project on the Link-able platform for each specific page you’d like to build links to. For example, if you have a page about “making a website”, you can simply post a project about this page.

Content Authors on the Link-able platform looking to link to similar content will then see your project and apply to it if they’re interested. They’ll send you a brief application, stating where they can build your backlink and how they plan to do so. This will give you a good idea of how they plan to mention your content and what domain you’ll get your backlink on. They’ll also tell you how much they charge for attempting to build your backlink. There’s no guarantee that the Content Authors will be able to build you the actual link, but Link-able terms state that the authors must be successful in order for them to be paid for their work. So this ensures that they try their best. You can review all the details of each application you receive and decide whether to accept or decline it.

How To Get Backlinks As A Content Marketers And Content Authors- link building

This makes link building very effective and easy for you as a Content Marketer. Instead of spending countless hours outreaching and attempting to perform many of the other link building strategies I mentioned above, you can let the Content Authors on Link-able do this for you.

Furthermore, Link-able itself guarantees high-quality links and they carefully monitor all the Content Authors on their platform. They’ll review their work and ensure that all Content Authors adhere to their very strict link building rules and that they only use 100% white hat link building techniques.

How To Get Backlinks As A Content Marketers And Content Authors-content

Here’s my quick overview of their pros and cons:

Link-able Pros

  • It’s easy to use and saves you countless time from outreaching and guest posting yourself
  • Saves you the hard work of trying to build links yourself
  • They use all white hat link building techniques
  • You don’t have to be a big brand or well-known business with a huge budget
  • It’s a great platform for anyone – as long as they have high-quality content
  • Give smaller sites a chance to fight for the big boys who normally get all the links.
  • Helps authors write better articles by adhering to strict quality guidelines
  • Encourages content marketers to produce better content

Link-able Cons

  • It’s hard to get your website or blog approved. They only accept websites/blogs with extremely high-quality content (which they describe as 10X content).

Infographics are liked and shared on social media 3x more than other any other type of content. Infographic is 30 times more likely to be read than a text article. Check out the article below to read more on creating infographics from scratch:

Quick Links,

Conclusion: Is Link-able Worth Your Money?

There’s a plethora of strategies you can use to grow traffic as a Content Marketer, but developing a strong link building strategy should be one of your highest priorities. In the article above, I’ve mentioned numerous different methods you can use to build backlinks to your website or blog. All in all, they are all powerful tactics that will give you an edge over your competitors. Feel free to let me know in the comments section below what your favorite link building strategy is!

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110 Ways To Build High Quality Backlinks: Link Building Methods 2022

Most people never earn money from their blogs or affiliate website because they don’t get enough traffic. And the reason behind that they don’t rank well. And backlinks are the most important in determining the ranking of the site. Learn 110 Ways To Build High Quality Backlinks: Link Building Methods 2022.

Most people struggle to get quality links and many of them give up. Yeah, I know that’s sad. People think creating quality backlinks is very complex and they are very few ways to build backlinks.

But, in reality, it’s very simple and there are many ways from which you can build the backlinks. It’s simple but that does not mean that it does not require hard work.

It’s possible for beginners or any other person to get the quality backlinks.  Don’t worry, I am here to help you out. In this post, you will learn about more than 120 ways to build the backlinks 2022.

Note: I have not covered everything in details here and you can learn more about these methods by searching them on Google.

Okay, without further due, let’s get into it.

Link building methods how to make backlinks link building strategies

Credits: Globerunner

110 Ways To Build Backlinks: 110 Ways To Build High Quality Backlinks: Link Building Methods 2022

1: Hacked site

There are many sites which get hacked every day and most people don’t know if their site is hacked. You can help them and in return, you can get the link. Type in query given below in google to get the list of website which is hacked and email the owner of the website. Send the email to these sites owner and in return, you can get the link.

“[inurl:gardening+payday loans]”

2: Guest posting

Guest posting is still a great way to build the links and get traffic. In fact, 4.6% of the affiliate marketer traffic comes from guest posting. You have to write a super cool post and post it on other sites.

Guest Posting

Also, read:

I suggest you to guest post on sites that have good traffic. Guest posting not only helps you in getting links it also helps in getting recognition and a lot of traffic on your site. In this way, you can build the link and also build the authority. In order to find the sites that accept guest posts use queries below

“your niche”+Guest post

“your niche”+ write for us
“your niche”+ writing guidelines

You can read more about it here.

3: Comment on blogs related to your niche

You can not only get backlink every time you comment on other site but you also build a good relationship with the site owner.Backlinks from the comment are non-follow. However, there are websites that you plugin like commentluv, which allows making do-follow backlink.You can use the quires below to find the blogs in your niche for this method. You can also use the tool called dropmylink for this and other purposes as well.

Dofollow CommentLuv Enabled Blogs List

Backlinks from the comment are non-follow. However, there are websites that you plugin like commentluv, which allows making do-follow backlink.You can use the quires below to find the blogs in your niche for this method. You can also use the tool called dropmylink for this and other purposes as well.

You can use the quires below to find the blogs in your niche for this method. You can also use the tool called dropmylink for this and other purposes as well.

4: Use the Forum threads to get link to your website

Social bookmarking is a great way to get the link. There are many famous social bookmarking site that not only helps you in link building but also in getting traffic. These are websites where you can save your favorite post and sites.You can create the account on these sites and save your post URL.

Don’t just save bookmarks from your site. Save other great articles in your niche to look natural.

5: Creating profiles to get the link

The idea here is to create an account on different sites and then use that account for creating the backlink. Backlinks created using this method mostly are not powerful.

6: Social networks

Social Media

You can post or share the links on different social apps. They are many famous social sites that you can use for this purpose. Try to build the fan following and you will get more effective backlinks.

7: Creating content and promoting it

Creating awesome content and promoting it is one of the best ways to get the link. Once you write a great post, find the people who have linked or share the similar content. Contact those people.

Keep doing this you will get plenty of links and you also get authority website in your niche. You have to promote your posts more than you think.

Modern business concept

Great marketers spend 20% writing the post and 80% promoting it.F or all the ways to build the links with writing content, you have to promote your content.

I won’t talk about the promoting in every method because I am doing it here.So, keep in mind that writing the post is not the end of your job. Spend a good amount of time promoting the content.

8: Write conversational post.

All you have to do is to find conversational topics in your niche and write a post about those. Most of the conversational topics are widely searched and post about conversational topics receive a lot of traffic and backlinks.

9: Write list post that starts with a number like, 10 best ways, 50 ways, etc.

Post with that include number+ ways in the title get a ton of view and it usually performs well. Keep in mind that if you don’t write great content, no one will share or link to it.

10: Write about trending topics and people

Write a post about people or topics that are trending and promote it as much as you can. For example, if you run a blog about making money.As you Donald Trump is very popular nowadays, you can write a post like Donald Trump tips for making money.

The post is related to your niche and it is also about one of the most trending people. Hence, it will gather more view and you can get a lot of links as well. People love to link to these kinds of post.

11: Write post with ultimate in title to get more links

Post that includes Ultimate in the title do well because these posts are long and give a complete information about a specific topic. People will most likely link to it if it’s useful post because these posts provide a lot of value to readers.

12: Compare top Blogger in your niche and you can get the links.

The idea here is to compare blogger or companies in your niche (preferably blogger) and let them know about the post.Now, you don’t have to show that one is better than or other anything that creates conflict.

We just want to tell people what they do and how they are different.

You may also like:

After writing the post, contact the blogger or companies and they may share your content and you can get the backlink as well.

13: Write about celebrities.

It’s as simple as it sounds. Just write a post about the celebrities. Now you might wonder how you can write about something that is not related to your niche.Well, you have to write about things celebrities have or do that are related to your niche.

If you are in travel niche, then you write the post about something like Selena Gomez favorite places to visit in summer. I hope you get the idea.

14: Write how to post

The idea here is to write a post that includes the words “how to” in the title. Like how to earn money fast or any other post that includes how to in the title post.

Here is an example:

How to build niche site

Wikihow is a great example of a site that represents the power of how to post.

15: Write post about the question that people have

Many people have a ton of question regarding different topics and you ca answer those questions. You can use a tool like to find the question related to a specific topic.

You can be the first one to write a post about questions that people ask.

These posts provide a lot of value to the readers because you basically answer the public question or solve their problem regarding something.

Who does not want to link to an article that can solve reader’s problems? Well, everyone loves to link these post.

16: Write a post about top 10 lies that you were told about or top 10 mistakes or myths.

Again like other posts that I mentioned, these post also do well. You don’t necessarily have to use 10 in the title. It can be any number you want.

17: Write on a specific topic and build authority.

More people will link to you.If you want to people link to your site when they mention stuff related to your niche, then you have to build the authority.

And best way to do this by writing about specific topic and writing consistently. This simple method will lead to great long term benefits.

18: Be the first one to post the update in your industry

Let’s say you write about SEO on your blog. You know that Google keep updating their algorithm or ranking factors.
Well, you can be the first person to write the post about the update. These posts get a lot of attention because they contain very valuable information.

And you can not only tell people what is update about but how they can remain safe or take advantage of specific update.

19: Creating case study

Creating case study about the great clients can get you links from those clients.

Let’s say you write about the photography and one day you receive an email from you read about how you have helped him or how much stuff he has learned from you or something like that.

Now, you can create a post about that person in which you have to talk about that person has improved his skills and how others can as well. That client or readers will most likely link to you.

20: Create post 10 tips to help [your niche or keyword].

Again, pots with that start with 10 tips to help [your niche or keyword] get more views and people mostly link as well.

21: Make use of April Fool to write a viral post

Viral posts get huge amount of views and links. You can write about anything that is shocking because it’s April fool. Think about it. You can go viral if you choose good topic.

22: Write a very long post

Longer posts get more share and backlinks. If you want to get more backlinks, then you should start writing the long post.

23: Answer questions on Quora

Quora is a great way to build the link and get traffic. Write the quality answer to a question related to your niche and link to your site for further reading.

Quora blogging platform

Search for the topics related to your niche in Quora. Answers the question regarding those topics and you can suggest your site for further reading or for any purpose (depends upon the question). Quora get ton of traffic and quality answer can provide good backlink and lot of traffic.

24: Link Round ups

Do the Links Rounds and let the blogger know that you have mentioned them. You may get lucky and get the link.

You can write a weekly post that contain great post that you find from that week. Like 20 great post from this week.
After you write post, email the blogger who wrote those posts. And in return, you can get shares and possibly the backlink.

25: Link other in your posts

Link to other blogger and famous people in your post and let them know that you have mentioned them. This is the way you can build solid relationships famous blogger in your niche and it will easier to get a link as well.

26: Creating a great resource page on your site

Link to some of the best posts in your niche. Let the people know that you have linked their article on the resource page. You will get share and possibly backlinks.

27: Writing news posts

Write news post and post it on google news. In order to get your site on Google new, you have to write 3 or more posts every day.

And you have to keep doing that for 1 or 2 months. After that, you can submit your site in Google news.

You will receive a ton of traffic and quality backlinks. It will also help in Developing Authority and trust factor, which will lead to more backlinks.

28: Use Yahoo

Answer question on yahoo answers and link to your site for further reading. It’s same as Quora.

29: Writing the book review

Writing book review can help you build the relationship with the famous person and you may get links as well.
All you have to do is to write a review of the book of famous people in the niche. And email those bloggers how great their book and what you think.

Build relationship

This way you can build a great relationship with them and you can easily get the backlinks.

30: Pdf sharing sites

Use pdf sites to get links. Convert your posts to pdf and upload them to pdf share sites and get the link.

31: Video uploading sites

You can use video uploading sites to get links. You can convert your posts into to a video and upload on video sharing sites.

And you can put the link to the original post in the description section. Keep in mind that video you upload must be valuable.

32: Creating Chrome extension

Creating the chrome extension is a great way to build the link.It will build authority and reputation, which will lead to more backlinks.

You don’t need to learn to code for this. You can hire someone from Fiverr or any other freelancing to do that for you. And it won’t cost much.

Using great and attractive images to make people link to use. Great images always get tons of views and many people use images in their posts.

Keep in mind that you must make source attribute as required. So when people will use the images created by use, they will have to link to your site as a source.

33: Slideshare

Creating slides of the posts and upload those to sites like Slideshare. Link from the Slideshare are non-follow.
However, it’s still valuable. You can get tons of traffic that means that more people will know you. And since you post good stuff, your chances of getting links increases (links apart from Slideshare).

34: Testimonials

Become the testimonials of the product that you like and you many get the link. Companies loves testimonials.
If you have a product that you like, then you should send email to the company about it. Most companies love testimonials. Our goal here is to get link but not every company include link the testimonials.

Just look at the other testimonials and see if there are link in the testimonials. So, email only those companies who allow link the testimonials.

35: Keep following and commenting famous bloggers.

And they may share your content as well. And that will lead to tons of traffic and backlink. It will also help when you email them for guest posting or for another related purpose.

36: Review of your site

Ask for a review of the site from other bloggers and get the backlink. Email the blogger whom you know and have good relationship and ask for the review of the site

Review does not have to rate your site on a certain skill. It can just post about what your website is about and why it’s useful.

In order do this, you must have a good relationship with a blogger whom you will contact.

37: Become friend with another blogger in real life if you can. This can really help you become famous and it will be easier to get the links. Because who won’t link to their friends?

38: Speak at the event

Jitendra vaswani at getsetblog event in delhi

Speaking at an event where you can find the people who can help you get the links, is the best way to get the links.
You won’t directly ask for the links. However, these people will know you from the event and hence your chances of getting links increase.

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39: Become host and distributor of Webinar because they are highly engaging and help in link building.

40: HARO for backlinks

Use HARO to get links from the high-quality site. Haro stands for “Help the reporter out”. It’s platform where reporters ask questions.

And the person who is expert in a specific topic can help them out. Most of the blogger have good knowledge about their niche. So, they can easily answer the question regarding the topic related to their niche.

Once you join the HARO, you receive three emails every day. Three emails are about morning, afternoon and evening quires.

This email contains questions. You can take look at them and if you think you can help someone, then just do it and you can get a link from High DA websites.

41: Website Directories

Submit your site to site directories. It’s as simple as sound. Just search for the websites directories and submit your site in those directories.

Free High PR Blog Directories list

I recommended that you avoid paid directories because backlinks from the directories are not that much powerful.

42: Use Google Group to help people and link to your site as further resources. It’s similar like getting links from Quora. So, follow the same instruction.

43: Use Squidoo to build the authority and become expert at something.

It does not take much time (around 15 minutes) to create and setup accounts at Squidoo. Link to authority content and don’t link to your site too often. You will get link and traffic as well.

44: Digg is website like Stumble upon. Here is who they define it on the website: “Digg delivers the most interesting and talked-about stories on the Internet right now”.
So people find and share interesting stories about specific on Digg. You can easily add link to your article as well.

45: Win Blogging awards to get ton of links

46: Steal your competitor’s backlinks.

Create more awesome content than your competitor and ask the people who are linking to that content replace the link with your post. You can use ahref or Moz for finding the people who are linking to your competitor’s post.

47: Review products and services on shopping search engines like ePinions to help build your authority

48: Get links from Tumblr.

Build followers on Tumblr and it helps you get links and traffic.Tumblr is blog platform, where you can create a blog for free. It’s very popular and you can use it to your advantages.

Tumblr blogging platform

Build the solid following and write post about topic related to your niche. Include your website for further reading. You will get traffic and backlinks.

49: Get links using image submitting sites.

I have talked about creating good images and about way you can use those images for backlink. Well, here another way to get links from the images. There are plenty of sites where you can submit images and get link.

50: Swap the links with other bloggers.

Swapping the links does not mean that other blogger will create backlinks for you and in return, you will do the same.

In this method, you will ask how the blogger has built the link. After you find the source, you can apply the same methods as other blogger.

It requires bit hard work. But it’s worth it.

51: Build tool (depending upon your blog) collection

Let’s you run a blog about apps. You can write the post like 100 best apps to use. Once you write a post, you have email the creator of those apps.

This will give you more share and possibly some links. It’s just one example. You can apply this for any niche you are in.

Keep in mind that tool collection should be useful. You will get a tons of views and backlinks as well.

52: Give free tee shirt with your website name on it. You will get famous and you may get links as well

53: Be helpful and polite to other Blogger. You can get links.

54: Go to conferences and social events and take a picture with internet marketer or blogger and upload it.

Internet marketers who attended the event are mostly likely upload the image. They can even write the post about it.
You may get mentioned by famous blogger and get a link as well.

55: Post on forum threads that are years outdated exclusively to link to your semi-related website.

56: Sign up for profiles on different sites to get links

There are many websites where you can create an account and most of them have a website as one of the input fields in the personal information section. You can get a link from there.

56: Sponsor an event to get the links

You will also build good relations with other people.

If there is any internet marketing that you think you can sponsor, then you should do that. It will help you in building the authority and reputation. And from this many people also link to you. You will build relation and backlinks.

It will help you in building the authority and reputation. And from this many people also link to you. You will build relation and backlinks.

57: Getting edu and gov links

So you want to get .edu or .gov links? Well, one of the best ways to get those links is creating a scholarship for the student. Now, not everyone can afford the cost of this method. However, it’s great for those who can afford the cost.

58: Adding call to action in your posts

Ask your readers to share your content. Adding a call to action can make a huge difference. Something like: share this post to help others. You can get the links from those shares.

59: Repurpose content.

Repurpose the content means creating your content in some other form then post.
Not everyone likes to read the blog post. Hence, you should convert your post to pdf, whitepaper or to another form. Read more about it here.

60: Use website Feedback Sites to get the backlinks

61: Ask People you know for a link and you may get link

Do you have friends or relatives or someone you who are a blogger or are involved in internet marketing?
If that’s the case, then you can get the link. Ask them and you may get lucky and get link.

62: Get involved in PR(without spending money)

63: Reproduce valuable content to get the links.

64: Create useful charts and data. People love the useful stuff and you can get a good number of links.

65: Syndicate articles

66: Publish press release and get the link. You can hire someone else to do this for you. It does not cost much. Learn more here.

67: Use educational link baits

68: Guestographics to get the backlinks

Email people in your niche and ask for the guest post including the infographic. Everyone loves the free stuff.

69: Use infographic submission site get links and views. Once you create infographic, you can use sites like Visualy to submit your infographic and get the link.



Using Visme : Create Graphic Design Templates, Presentation Templates, Infographic Templates, and More

Create and Share Engaging Infographics using Visme’s Infographic Templates Creating beautiful infographics and sharing them on relevant websites can help you generate a lot of free backlinks. You can easily create infographics using *pre-designed templates in Visme* to save time and effort, even if you’re not a designer.

Visme infographics

There are several ways to generate backlinks with infographics. You can share them on various social media platforms and include a link back to your website in either the caption or the infographic itself, along with an attractive call-to-action. Another way to build free backlinks with infographics is to find relevant websites in your niche and pitch to them via email if they would like to check out your infographic.

Once they agree to see it, you can offer to let them publish it on their website along with a mini guest post. You can include a link back to your website in the content that surrounds your infographic, which is much more effective and SEO-friendly than if you embed the link in the infographic itself.

Make sure to include your logo and URL in the footer of your infographic. Nearly all of Visme’s infographic templates come with a built-in footer with customizable text and spaces to upload your brand logo, website, sources and company information.

70: Make it easier for people to use your infographic using embed code. As with images, make it necessary to mention the source of infographic.

With embed code, you can make it easier to use your infographic and also get the link. After you post the infographic on your site.

Fill the information and don’t forget to include your site as the source. And it will generate the code that you can use in your post. Now whenever someone will copy that code to use the infographic, you will also get the link.

71: Take credit from a person who is using the infographic. If you find that someone is using your infographic in the post without mentioning your website as a source, then email that person. Most of the give you the link.

72: Run survey on blog and publish it everywhere if it’s good and get the links.

73: Forum signature

Most forums have signature option. If you do quality contribution, people most likely follow the links in signature. You can build reputation and link as well.

74: Use the Pinterest board to get the link for the infographic. Pinterest has many widely followed design board and you can send them your infographic to get link and traffic.

75: Instagram to get the link for the infographic. You use the can same method for Instagram

76: Backlinks through dead content

Find websites that are down and visit to see what they used to write about and find who is linking to that content. Write posts about those topics and ask for the links from people who were linking to them.

Since the site is down and you have better and updated content, you will mostly get the backlink.

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Interview of Mike Mann Who Owns Why Domaining is Lucrative Business

79: Get links from library or resource page through broken link. Many libraries and resource pages are pointing to websites that are down and you can use this to ge the link.

You can create better content and contact the person who own that site (site that contain resource page) and ask for the replacing that broken link. Use the template provided by Neil pate.

80: Get links from Wikipedia. There are many dead links at Wikipedia pages and you can take advantage of this.
You can get the link and a ton of traffic. In order to get the link from Wikipedia, you have to find the article that has broken links or requires cautions.

It would be better if you find the pages with broken link. You can

You can wikigrabber to find pages that contain dead links or requires cautions. Let’s say you found the page that contains the broken link. Now, take that link and go to to know what that post contained.

After you know what that post is about, write better post it and make sure to include everything.
By everything I mean your post should contain all information that previous post. And you should add additional information as well and uses images to make it even more better.

And you should add additional information as well and uses images to make it even more better.

My point is: write better and cool post than previous post (post that is linked in Wikipedia page).
Before you can successfully do this, you have to build the authority. So, make some edits before doing this.

81: Transcribe the video for the famous blogger and send them the file. This way you can build a good relationship with the famous blogger, which increases your chances of getting the links.

82: Translate the content. If you know a second language, then it’s time to get the advantage of it. This can help you in getting the links.

83: Create coupon code/ special offers for blogger and you may get links

84: Pay blogger to write for you to build authority and you may get a link as well. It’s obvious that you want someone who has good reputation in your niche.

So, that you can get more traffic and backlinks because of him or her (blogger whom you pay for guest). He or she will share post on the social network.

Since he or she is established in your niche, you will get more links and traffic. Don’t do this more often because it require lot of investment.

85: Use Google alert to find unlinked companies mentioned.

Setting up Google Alerts for your website’s branded keyword phrases can help you identify other sites that are mentioning you without linking back.

86: Get backlink opportunity from flippa.


There are many sites that go down each day and many people flippa to sell their website.They also describe how they build authority. You can find some great ways to build links from there.

87: Get backlinks from Crowdfunding

88: Article directories are not that much effective anymore but you can still get valuable traffic and link.

89: Ask questions on sites like Quora and include a link to your site.

In this method, we have to ask questions rather than answering them.

You can simply say: what you think about the design of my site and link your site. You will get link and honest opinion about the design of your site. Keep in mind that this is just example. You can ask different questions.

90: Ask other Bloggers to link to you and you may get link.

This is simply asking for the link. Most blogger receive many request and your chances of getting backlinks are low. However, give it shot. You may get lucky and get link.

91: Ask other Bloggers for the interview.

Interviewing a famous blogger can help you a lot building link.

In order to interview the blogger, you have to build good relationship. How you can do that? Well, it’s simple and I have mentioned it before in this post.


Simply follow their blog and comment and follow them on social networks. Don’t just comment stuff like “great post” or anything broad like it.

Comment about something that’s highly related to post and something that show that you really care about the topic.
And that you have read it properly as well. After 2 or 3 weeks, you can should for interview. Don’t worry if you get rejected.

92: Many forums have review section and you use that to get the link.

All you have to do is to ask people to review your site. This way you will get honest review of your site and a backlink as well (you will include link of your site in the post).

Submit blog to blog directories. It’s as simple as it sounds. Search for the blog directories and submit your blog.

93: Become active user at sites like self-growth and get higher PR link. Self-growth is

Self-growth is website where you can create account and write content.

It’s highly reputable website. And they post the list of top active users (people have written the most post).
All you have to do is to write few post (3-4) to be the one of the top active users. You will get quality backlink (PA 35, DA 71), reputation and traffic.

94: Submit your resume and get link. Just got to resume submitting sites and upload your resume and get the link.

95: Submit RSS feed of your site and get the link.

There are websites where you can submit your website RSS feed. Don’t know how you can find the link of your RSS feed?

Don’t worry, I am here to help you out. Usually, it’s located at this URL: domainname/feed. If you don’t find that there. Just use the plugins.

There are lot of plugin that can help you with this. Once you get that URL, submit it to sites that accept RSS Feed. And you will get the link.

96: Create a plugin and get the links. Don’t get

Don’t get sitewide link. This is as simple as it sounds. All you have to do is to hire someone who can create WordPress plugin for you.

And upload it to WordPress and along with that, you can get the link as well. Furthermore, by creating plugin you will reputation and authority, which will help you in getting more backlinks.

97: Join the Blogging community and help others to get famous and get links.

There are many blogging communities to help the other blogger. On many communities blogger ask for some sort of help and return they give the backlink.

98: Get links from Pinterest.

If you simply pin your post once and while then you won’t get much benefit. On the other hand, creating a board related to your niche and then updating, promoting and increasing followers can not only help you in building backlinks but you can also get ton of traffic.

pinterest wingdings

And backlinks will be more powerful this way. All you have to do is to create new board related to your niche. And pin the best posts related to your niche from other sites and from your site.Use socialanimal or buzzsumo to know about the famous posts in any niche.

And pin the best posts related to your niche from other sites and from your site.Use socialanimal or buzzsumo to know about the famous posts in any niche.

After you get enough pins (100 or more), start following the people who follow board related to your niche.And many people will follow you back.

You will get targeted traffic and quality backlinks. Keep in mind that it’s long term process. But it works really well.

99: Create a set icon and related stuff and send it to design blogger and they will link to you.

100: Link to upcoming bloggers

101: Sponsor blogging contest and you will get a ton of links from the bloggers.

There are many blogging contest and you can be the sponsor of those contents. If you become sponsor, you will get some links and build reputation and authority.

102: Build Firefox extension and get the links. You have to do

You have to do same thing as you describe for the chrome extension.

103: Create Wikipedia fan page to get the links.

backlinks from wikipedia

You can create Wikipedia page for you and get the link. Now, in order to create the page, you should have solid reputation. However, that does not mean it’s not possible. It works great for companies.

104: Send request to blogger for writing the guest post that they want to get written.

This is same as a guest post.

Expect, that you don’t mention the topic. Instead, you ask the blogger if there any post that they want to get written. Who would miss this opportunity?

105: Participate in blogging contest and you may get a link.

I talked about being sponsor of blogging. Well, you can also participate in blogging contest and in the process you will find some new friends (blogger).

And since you are the one of the participant, you will likely get the link.

106: Create viral YouTube videos to get traffic and links.

YouTube is world’s second largest search engine. Why not take advantage of it.

107: Update the old post on Blogger site and you will get at least on link.

If you find outdated post on blogger and his or her site has good authority, then you should write the updated version of the post.

And email that blogger and tell him or her that you have create updated version of the post. Yeah, it’s guest post but in kind of different way.

Most blogger won’t ignore such offer. Write great updated post and you will be good to go. And in return, you can easily get backlink (like you do in guest posting).

108: Be the active user of communities like Moz and you will get reputation, which can lead to backlinks.

109: Beta test a lot products and review it.Give them suggestions and

Give them suggestions and owner may link to you.

There are many products that are under development or that are trying new things.

And almost all of them release the beta version before releasing the final version. They do that to test the product and you can help them by trying it and suggesting how they can improve. You may get link.

110: Sell products at eBay and offer to donate a portion of profit to charity.

It can increase your influence and many charity sites will link to eBay auction and your site.

111: Use TYNT code in your post.

Adding TYNT code to your post automatically appends the backlink to section or URL that readers copy.

112: Run affiliate program to get links.

This is for the people who own product.If you own the product, then affiliate program can help you in getting backlinks and a lot of traffic.

It’s obvious that many affiliates will link to you in order to get the sale so that they can earn money.

You can use affiliate network like Clickbank or other to create the affiliate program.

113: Create a helpful newsletter, which is not hard to create.

Most people share and link to the newsletter that they find interesting and helpful.

114: Instructographic is the same as infographic expect that teach something rather representing facts or data in visual form solely. Instructographic can lead to many authority backlinks.

115: Create a personal profile at Google Plus.

You just don’t want to create an account and add the link of your site in personal information. It will not help you much.

In order to take full advantage of this, you have to follow same steps as you would do for the Pinterest.

Once you do that, you will have powerful profile. And then posting your link in the personal information section and in general can help you.

116: Register expired WordPress blog and write article and mention your site.

I just mean that write post and link to your site.

117: Start podcast to get links

All you got to do is start the podcast. Not everyone like to read the posts and besides that podcast are very powerful. You can build good authority and you will backlinks as well.

118: Notify site owners about the grammar and spelling error in their post and in return you may get links.

If you find post that contains some grammar or spelling error, the contact the blogger. Be polite this help you in building the good relationship. You may get the backlink as well because you have help that blogger.

6 Best Latest SEO White Hat Link Building Strategies

Link building is the corner stone of SEO and Google recently confirmed that it does not envisage upon link devaluation as metric. Building link to the website remains the top priority. To be visible in search engines one needs links but then adoption of black hat technique may invite severe penalisation from Google.

By employing white hat technique to build links, your website will gain the desired authority and gain rankings. Any link used for the manipulation of  or website’s ranking in the search results of Google is thought to be the part of link scheme and the terrible violation of Webmaster’s guidelines.

If you manipulate links to your website or any outgoing link from your site then the website will be banned. Links acquired through white hat techniques can pass pagerank, potentially improving the ranking of your website. Internet marketers aim to become an authority in the niche and wish for getting quoted in other publications and websites.

You can acquire backlinks by employing white hat technique in order to acquire immense value that target content offers in linking with website’s audiences. For attracting natural links you need to have linkable content. Although you require solid content, there are several ways in which you can maximise the value of your every publication.

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For getting more visibility in main media outlets, absorb the social followers from such websites and attain high quality backlinks. Below you will find 6 White Hat Link Building Strategies for 2018.

1) Targeting the media outlet with higher SEMRush metric(SE Price) and Domain Authority(DA)

Use DA or SE Price as the important metrics for the sake of guest blogging prospects for you can expect to gain better results from the efforts you have applied in content distribution. Websites with higher SE Price and DA can easily rank their pages in search results much swiftly than other normal sites.

Such pages have the potential for acquiring natural links for they have already established the authority in respective niche. Place your guest post on the websites with higher SE Price and DA in order to acquire boost to the search ability of post and in this way you can obtain higher quality backlinks passively.

Add visually appealing images along with screen shots and videos to make the post appear useful. Select only good topics and stories to write about.

2) Tracking the discovered links of competitor’s content..

Do the reverse engineering regularly and it must not simply end in grabbing past links. Reverse engineering on competitor’s assets will allow you to track passive links which are acquired every week. Make use of Cognitive SEO to keep a tab on discovered links of competitor’s content. Just check whether the links are high quality and are they capable of finding substantial referral traffic or not. Following indicators can be made use of to qualify the backlinks:

Capitalise upon the same techniques as used by your competitor. Apply the link acquisition tactics of the rival. For passing high end link juice to the website, the practice must be done regularly.

3) Targeting the right Email and person in the link building outreach

Send your emails to the right person if you really crave responses with the outreach. Donot send email over generic emails that are used seldom by Webmasters. So, find right person from your website and grab his email. You can select the person who maintains the website, the person who is blog manager, and the person who is reachable through email. Get hold of reliable person’s email address.

4) Usage of productivity tools for inviting more links

Make use of productivity tools to cut short the time required for link prospecting. Link prospecting is endless process of finding link targets, filtering high quality links and so it consumes most of the time. Productivity tool can improve one’s efficiency at link prospecting. Some of the chrome plugin link building tools can be Link Clump, Check My Links, Export Tabs, Mozbar.

5) Creation of cost-effective linkable content assets

There is no need of being big brand with thousands of dollars. Linkable assets on the website can be produced within the budget. All you need is catchy story for the brand that is promoted or the most trending topic in the industry meant for specific group of audiences.

With the particular catchy story you can easily produce case study by using positive experiences shared with customers you have served. A case study can be the record of the way you served the clients in several steps.

Similarly, you can interview some industry influencer with the aim to educate the targeted audience about the niche content. Linkable content asset can be fostered with making the content curated and actionable. Each and every point at your list must be made post effective. This can be done by simply answering ‘how’ question in an impressive manner.

6) Gather great insights from Google analytics and link analysis report

Create a report on custom link building in Google analytics. The report will help you track what websites send highest traffic, enabling you to improve the strategy of guest blogging. Identify whether the sites bring you conversation or not. If the sites bring conversation then certainly they are worthy and useful for future link building.

The process of finding backlinks……….

ATTENTION: List of Top 10 SEO Addons for Mozilla Firefox

There are innumerable websites that will assist in the submission of your website to their database. Tactful use of search can allow one find many of the websites to which your website may be submitted. By simply putting “add your site” in Google search engine you will get the whole list if websites. Searches can be refined by playing with the search terms.

Submit your website to that website that has not been penalised. To filter out the searches check the Google Page Rank of the website and also Alexa Rank. Look for the other sites that are present in that particular website. Browse through the list of high quality sites in the page. There should not be any payment involved during the submission.

Publishing ones site to other website is the best way of getting links. To acquire more and more credible links go for Press Release Work. The process of building white hat backlinks is more to do with being natural.

Just focus upon your customers, provide superior customer service to bag home group of followers. The simple processes can help anyone acquire highly valuable links.

Want to suggest more White hat Link building strategies for 2018, what kind of white hat strategies you are using for you websites, please share with us in comments below !

Over To You : Best Link Building Strategies Aka Link Building Methods 2022

That’s it! You make to the end. I hope you like these link building strategies 2022 and found it helpful. Share it with others so that they can get the benefit as well. And feel free to ask questions and share your view in comment section.

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Tim Soulo Sharing Ahrefs Untapped Features To Get Backlinks

Affiliate disclosure: In full transparency – some of the links on our website are affiliate links, if you use them to make a purchase we will earn a commission at no additional cost for you (none whatsoever!).

Tim Soulo is the Chief Marketing Officer and Product advisor at Ahrefs (an industry leading SEO tool, powered by Big Data). With almost 10 years of practical experience in SEO and digital marketing, Tim eagerly shares his knowledge by giving live talks at various digital marketing conferences around the world and publishing blog articles at Ahrefs Blog.

I met Tim at Chiang Mai SEO conference 2019, he is one of the finest people I know in the industry for being professional & loving his job at Ahrefs.  I decided to interview him & asked many questions how many SEO marketers are not using hidden features of Ahrefs to get backlinks for their website.

Do check out his interview below : 


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