5+ Free Search Engine Position Checkers In 2022


If you’re like me, I’m sure you’re always trying to find the best products around. Sometimes it can be hard to tell what’s good and what’s not, since there are so many products out there competing with each other for your attention which leads to all kinds of faulty advertising.

But in this article, I’ll be letting you know about five search engine position checkers that are truly free (no trials or gimmicks).

In this article, we will be discussing search engine position checkers as opposed to general SEO tools which would encompass a much larger area of functionality. Search engine position checkers only focus on checking where you rank on certain search engines.

All these tools have been around for quite some time now, which means they have been tried and tested by many different users.

Importance of Keyword Rank Checker

The use of keyword rank checker websites is essential to achieve top rankings in search engines. Thus, data-driven optimization is preferable to blind optimization.

It is only SEO keyword rank checker websites that provide vital information about a website’s position in SERPs for the keywords targeted.

The Keyword Position Checker allows you to identify a website’s position in the search engine very precisely. Google’s ranking for a given keyword is also very important when it comes to competing websites.

As an example, a website concerning smartphones must know where it stands on Google’s SERP for the keyword “best smartphones.”

The Need for Checking Google Rankings

  •  To determine whether something has affected you.
  •  You want to know if your blog is rising in search engine results.
  •  To find out whether your blog has climbed up the should be done

5 Free Search Engine Position Checkers- 2022

The list of search engine position checkers is as follows:

1. FatRank Rank Checker

Search engine position checker that is fast and one of the best. Chrome extension available. A keyword is required on a blog.

This is followed by the FatRank checking the position of the site with respect to the specified keyword. I use it to quickly determine whether a page is ranking for a keyword. Keeping track of the keywords you rank for is important for every webmaster and blogger.

2. SEO Rank Monitor:

SEO rank monitor

It is a powerful rank tracking solution that lets you keep track of your site’s position for any keywords or keyphrases in over 25 different search engines all at the same time.

The free version only lets you track 5 keywords, however, there are more advanced versions available for purchase if you need additional features that are not offered with the free version. 

SEO Rank Monitor also offers mobile support which can be very important to small businesses trying to get their site ranked higher on mobile devices since it’s becoming one of the most popular ways to access the internet nowadays.

3. Moz Rank Checker:

It is another very similar tool to Google SERP Checker but it adds some value by including information about how many links are pointing to your site, MozRank and Domain Authority which can be used as an indication of how well you might perform in the search engines depending on where your domain is registered. 

Moz offers many other products that can help you boost your ranking if you are interested in purchasing any of their services, but for this article, we are just focusing on their free rank checking tool.

4. Positionly- (Unamo SEO)

positionly tool- Free Search Engine Position Checkers

It is a unique, modern-looking rank checker with some pretty powerful features included.

It’s very easy to use since all the information it provides is broken down into different categories so all you have to do is click which part of the graph or table you would like more information about and it will show up instantly.

Some of the categories included are MozRank, Domain Authority, and a few others. 

Positionly also keeps track of your search engine rankings in real-time, but it can only monitor up to 250 keywords for free which is a very small amount when compared to other services that let you monitor thousands of keywords at once.

5. AccuRanker

AccuRanker Pricing

In terms of paid keyword position checkers, AccuRanker is the best. AccuRanker’s interface is intuitive so that it is easy to track keyword ranking in both Google and Bing.

They are blazingly fast and quite accurate. With a single click, theWith AccuRanker, you can track keyword ranking in Google with the option to track ranking in Bing as well.

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Conclusion- Free Search Engine Position Checkers In 2022

All these tools have been around for quite some time now, which means they have been tried and tested by many different users.

They all offer similar results, but each one has its own unique features that could help you decide which one is right for you.

If all you plan to do is check where your site ranks for certain keywords once or twice a week, then any of the free tools will probably do the trick since it’s not very difficult to use them even though there are more advanced paid services available if needed.

However, if you plan on using any of these tools on a daily basis then I would definitely suggest investing in an upgrade because free accounts only allow you access to your results for a very short period of time before it switches back to the “No Results Found” screen.


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Authority Builders Review [2022 ]:2nd Position Achieved (Proofs) READ


In this post, we have done Authority Builders Review. A common challenge for most digital marketers and SEO persons who need extensive links is to find a reliable source of high-quality links.

If you’re an SEO guy, you’ve probably had the experience of getting bad results once because of the links you bought from a vendor did not meet expectations.

In this competitive era where every site wants to rank on top of search results, finding genuine and high-quality links is not easy.

Regardless of whether you work with customer websites, a corporate website, or your own website, you can be assured that exceptional content and backlinks will undoubtedly lead to superior results and an increase in your search engine rankings. In this Authority builders review, I will cover each and every aspect of this website so let’s start.

The authority builder is the name backed by one of the veteran SEO expert Matt Diggity that sells guest publications on high authority websites with strong metrics and traffic statistics in a variety of niches.

If you’re looking for affordable and painless guest publishing on real-traffic sites, visit ABC and you get links to sites with a minimum of 1K traffic per month or a full refund. It comes with added perks where all new customers start with a $ 30 credit already in their shopping cart.

Authority Builders Review 2022: 2nd Position Achieved (Proofs)

Authority Builder Dashboard

When you first log in to authority builders, you can start by listing the website you’d like to get started with and then select your niches here in the dashboard.


You’ll already get to see a list of recommended websites for you to get guest posts that are suitable and relevant for your niche. You can sort them by any of these metrics like domain authority, page authority, or even traffic all the sites.

Authority builders inventory have sites with at least 1,000 visitors per month and when you’re ready to buy you can go ahead by clicking proceed here button to just order one link and go straight to the check outbox.

customize site according to DA, PA and traffic

You can also add links in the cart and keep shopping. You can also see on the right-hand sidebar they have featured deals of the week.

Authority Builder frequently give price special offers on various sites which you can take advantage of and if you’d like to see more just go ahead by pressing click here button and if you’d like to do some more custom browsing and find the exact guest post opportunity you’re looking for you can do so by filter button.

Authority Builder Guest Post Section Feature

In this Authority builders review, I wanted to show you a really cool feature with the authority builders platform.

I know a lot of you guys like to really niche it down with your backlinks and you can do that here by dropping down the search filter when you’re browsing through guest posts. You can then go to categories and you can see here’s a list of different niche.

For example, let’s say you are in the home and garden niche but you don’t see home &garden here so what you can do is hide the search filter and just type your keywords here home & garden and then perform the search.

How to search categories in authority builders

They have tagged every single domain to their archives and so if you type in some customized or uncommon topics it’ll filter these even though it’s not a specific category and now you can browse through it and get the best site that is relevant for you. I hope you like this feature as much as I do.

#1 Recommendation Get Matt Diggity Course Affiliate Lab To Get Websites Rank on Google With Systematic Step by Step Approach. I took the interview of Matt Diggity at Chiang Mai SEO Mastermind. He shared how students got success with Affiliate Lab and made websites flip in 6 figures.

affiliate lab testimonials by peoples

What I Liked About Authority Builders

One of the best things happened is that all sites where they placed my links appear to be the real sites with real traffic. They are certainly not PBNS and the quality of the links exceeds the cost.

This service is exactly what I was looking for. These are real links that I can buy in bulk without inconvenience or delays.

Real links to legit websites, no PBN

Matt Diggity, the owner of Authority Builders, is a well-known SEO specialist. Matt has a technical background and uses a test-based approach. Matt’s achievements reflect his deep knowledge of the profession.

Here are reasons why you should go with Matt:

  • Matt has a popular blog that systematically describes his processes.
  • he leads a successful SEO agency associated with many five- and six-digit income-generating websites per month
  • He often sells websites with 6 figures in revenue.
  • He created an advanced course called Affiliate Lab. Many consider it the most effective SEO course for partners to date

Based on what I’ve seen when trying out other services, Authority Builder currently has the largest inventory of sites so you can choose from where to buy links from a large pool of sites. And they regularly add new sites to inventory.

Authority Builders browse links

I like to search for keywords for relevant sites and then sort the results that were last updated, or for site traffic. This speeds up the process of identifying the types of links that I think are valuable to my websites.

To get the best results from authority creators, I recommend that you classify traffic and search for the highest traffic options you can afford and that are relevant to the niche.

Be sure to check the “Last Updated” column to make sure you’re viewing the latest data.

Authority Builder Customer service

The customer service is truly excellent. Whenever I have a question or need any kind of help, someone quickly answers and takes care of it. That’s why I appreciate this service very much.

Authority Builder FAQs

✅How Does Authority Builders Service Work?

You need to select the site which you are willing to feature the link on and share them with your URL along with the desired anchor text. Then the Authority builder will connect the webmaster to verify your topic that will be accepted. Invoice is sent to you when they get confirmation and placement guarantee. Then they will submit a relevant article to the webmaster with your link. After posting the article you will receive a live URL to locate it.

?Are these links safe?

Yes, These links are safe. They frame relevant articles and create content so that from Google’s perspective credibility of webmaster remains accurate.

?️Do they offer any discounts for bulk orders or for agencies?

Discounts are provided by us depending upon the cases on bulk order. Email us on salesatauthority.builders to get the best deals.

?Do they accept foreign links?

As the websites accessible are English Websites, so it would be quite difficult to link with foreign websites. But , still if you have some queries regarding it you may send an email at salesatauthority.builders.

Bottom Line: Should You Buy Links From Authority Builder?

In my opinion, authority.bulder is doing a fantastic job by placing links to the real sites, No PBN, and No Scam. You can trust this site and it actually boosts rankings.

I have bought three links and my search results for one of my keywords jumped to 2nd position from 12th position so, in my opinion, you must try their service once. Initially the keyword move 2 positions up and then eventually it hit 2nd spot in first. page.  Bottom Line - Authority Builders

Authority Builder Ranking Proof

Here’s a picture you can see how my rankings and traffic boosted with the help of placing links on high traffic sites. Let me know in the comments section below what you think of this Authority builders review and if you have any suggestions or queries regarding the Authority Builders.


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