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As part of our Bloggers Ideas interview series, today we have  Amanda Disilvestro who is content marketing queen and currently working for She had also recently guest post on my blog. Check out her guest post: blogging myths. She will be discussing various techniques about SEO, Social Media & content Marketing. So lets start with the interview.

Amanda Disilvestro Interview

Please introduce yourself to our readers. Can you tell us something about your blogging journey. How and when did you enter into blogging?

Well I am a content writer for SEO firm Higher Visibility, so my primary roles are creating content on-site as well as off-site. I work to establish relationships with authoritative SEO websites across the web and bring visibility to our company (from links as well as recognition) as well as educate small business owners about SEO and how it all works.

Therefore, I research and try different SEO methods all day long in order to create a great article, so I feel I have quite a bit of knowledge regarding SEO and not only content-related topics.

My blogging journey was actually very unconventional. I graduated from Illinois State University in May 2011 with a degree in Secondary English Education. Thinking back to my student teaching days seems like forever ago!

Writing was always my passion, so I applied for teaching as well as content-type positions when I graduated. I got a job in California with to do guest blogging, and the rest is history. I wasn’t sure what I was doing and had never blogged before, but I learned quickly and grew to love the job. 

And who are your blogging role models?

 As an SEO writer, I have always looked up to Kristi Hines from Kikolani. I started seeing her face everywhere when I first got started and I’ve always thought her articles were great and easy to understand, which is what I try to do with my articles.

She is also a freelance writer, which is also something I admire (it must be hard to get to a point where freelance gets you on so many major SEO websites!). Interestingly enough, she’s one of the few out there who I have never worked with!

Nonetheless, I hope that someday my articles and social networking will lead me down a similar path.

I also look up to Ann Smarty because she has accomplished so much as a blogger and has an excellent reputation in the industry. She is someone I have worked with in the past on several different projects, and each time she is so wonderful and nice to me.

I really value that in an editor (I’ve dealt with many, many editors that completely ignore me), so I definitely strive to be like her as I continue in this industry.

Why Content Marketing is playing keen role in SEO 2014. Do you think that only content marketing is king, other seo techniques are dead?

I don’t think that ONLY content marketing is king, but I do think that it’s incredibly important (obviously). We see a lot of websites, however, that have no content on them at all and do very well. Take any kind of currency exchange website, for example.

The websites you want to see have no content on the page at all, just a simple place to convert currency if you’re going to visit another country. These are the pages that convert.

I’m obviously a huge supporter of quality content (that’s my job after all), but we can’t ignore the fact that content isn’t always necessary. It can be overdone.

How to increase your twitter engagement ? How did you use your twitter account, how much  tweets you do in a day ?

I don’t have a set number of tweets per day. I tweet whenever I have an article go live that I wrote, and I also tweet whenever I’m reading something online that I want my Twitter community to know about, and this isn’t always SEO related.

I assume that those in the SEO industry might also be interested in other interesting topics, but I do try to stick to SEO most of the time.

I actually think that Twitter is sort of tiring at times. I have found that retweeting and actually mentioning others in Twitter is a great way to foster engagement, but it is time consuming.

Sometimes it’s easy, but I haven’t mastered the art of crafting great tweets as I tweet yet. In other words, I still go through Twitter and take time out of my day to see what others are posting and decide what I really want to retweet and who I really want to talk with. Of course when it comes naturally it’s much better!

Twitter chats are something I want to start getting involved with in 2014 along with using Buffer more frequently. I love Buffer, but I don’t have a strategy down just yet. I want to figure out the best times to tweet, and I think that will help.

Do you use Pinterest for marketing, what kind of tools you have used? 

I do not use Pinterest for marketing. I’ve read some great articles about how to do it and why it matters, but for me this isn’t a priority at the moment.

What are ghost networks in SEO ? Did you think these networks can survive?

My understanding is that ghost networks are sort of black hat and go against everything Google is trying to do with the search engine. I don’t think they can survive in the future, and I would not recommend using them.

People says Google doesnt pay much attention to small business website for ranking in SERP. Do you think it is true ? 

I have head people say that Google only cares about big brands, and no I don’t really think this is true. I think with authorship and integrating Google+ as well as a few other initiatives from Google, it’s clear they are doing their best to give everyone a chance in some market.

Sure it’s going to be tough to rank for keyword phrases like “what is SEO,” but I’ve found that it is very possible to rank well if you really understand SEO.

What are your thoughts on Google Hummingbird. Do  you think google results will be optimized in 2014. Will spamming in SERP’s stop ?

Spamming in SERPs will not stop, no (I’m not sure that will ever happen). However I do think Hummingbird was an overall good thing. What really stuck with me was something that Search Engine Land wrote about it being like replacing an old engine with updated parts. People often search in a conversational tone—not by keywords.

The idea that Google is making efforts to bring more related, yet relevant, results to the top of searches is exciting to me. I don’t think it’s going to solve everything by any means, but I see it as a step in the right direction.

 What are the best things to include in Email ? How to increase CTR of Email ?

I can mainly speak for emails talking about partnerships and contributing content as opposed to email marketing emails (I’m not in charge of the email marketing at my company). If you’re interested in how I get my emails opened, I always put the subject line “Higher Visibility Inquiry” and then start my email off by saying some of the authoritative sites I’ve worked with.

This is the best way that I know to get editors to open an email. I find that if the subject says anything about a “guest post” some editors might completely ignore it because they have too many of those from spammy websites (they really ruin it for the rest of us).

Have you ever use bing webmaster ? Do you think bing can beat Google in future ?

I have used Bing Webmaster Tools and I really do love them. Google was behind the game in a lot of ways (disavow links tool is the first thing that comes to mind) so sometimes I feel bad for Bing!

Nonetheless, I’m a hypocrite just like the majority of others—I’d like to see Bing beat Google and of course there is always a chance, but I can’t think far enough ahead to when it might happen.

What is your SEO superpower in 2014 ? What tactics you would be using for your company you currently working ?

I think reviews are going to be huge. We saw Google make a few updates to include reviews (such as review extensions for AdWords) this past year, and I’m expecting this to only increase.

Many companies already prompt users to leave a review, but if Google took this idea and was in control, I think reviews would be a big deal. I’m not sure what Google will do in the future, but I’m hoping to focus on reviews in 2014 regardless.

I hope you enjoy this amazing interview with Amanda ! She had shared her best strategies . For me she is definitely content marketing queen. Thanx a lot Amanda. 

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Rank And Rent Club Review 2022 Does It Really Work?


In this post, we have featured Rank And Rent Club Review that includes detailed insights into Rank And Rent Club. So let’s dive in. 

If you are looking forward to creating an online property that can get you a semi-passive income in the form of Rent, this article is definitely of your taste. I will review a new program today that is built to earn a consistent profit from a well-ranked SEO project.

You would have heard about “Rank and Rent” which caters to small businesses for leads and visibility.

Once your site starts ranking, you can generate a regular income through different ways and means. Getting a site ranked on Google seems tough for obvious reasons. But, I will now introduce a course by Herc Magnus and Todd Spears that guides you step by step from scratch.

This course is “Rank and Rent Club” which is full of video tutorials and practical examples, and honestly, a game-changer tool for you.

Let me now share the sure-shot way to understand and master the concept through a best-in-class “Rank and Rent Club Course”.

Rank and rent SEO course Rank and rent club reviews

Rank and Rent Club Review:  In A Nutshell (Rank and Rent Course)

Rank and Rent Training Program is a brainchild of Herc Magnus who is a successful entrepreneur himself earning over 7 figures income. He was an ex-guitarist who later on decided to get into SEO and software development projects. Today, his business is supported by thousands of loyal customers.

This course is of immense help to a newbie as well as a professional SEO as it teaches you every step you need to take to build a Rank and Rent project.

Rank and Rent-Overview

From niche identification to keyword research, from creating a site to renting it to investors, it has a complete roadmap to your success.

The best part I liked about this course is the mode of learning that includes videos, forums, and even software. If you have queries and doubts, there is a weekly live session for that as well.

This R&R Club course is full of videos based on practical how guides, examples that help you beat the competition, and topping the charts quickly.

If your purpose is to reap profits out of your investments quickly, this course will not disappoint you ever.

Before I introduce this course in detail, I would like to brief a bit about this concept of Rank and Rent [R&R websites] Seo.

So, as the name suggests, the Rank and Rent concept means


Step 1 – You are creating a website,

Step 2 – Getting it ranked on Google,

Step 3 – Enabling leads and inquiries,

Step 4 – Inviting Local Business to invest for visibility on these sites for leads and


Step 5- Start collecting Rent.

It is exactly similar to a traditional brick-and-mortar store where you build a shop at a prime location and lease it out to businesses. 

Here also, you create a virtual property at a prime location [Google’s page 1] and invite local businesses who can reap benefits by generating leads and improving brand visibility.

While the site is given on rent, you still have full control over it along with all the admin rights.

Interview With Rank and Rent Club Founder Herc Magnus

Now the question arises, Who will invest in your website and why?

A simple answer to this will be a business that is opened recently, a franchise that depends totally on leads, or any local business looking for just a better way of advertisement.

Talking about the potential, there are over 30 million small businesses in the USA alone, and the number is still growing.

Let us suppose you have an R&R site that is targeting Salons of London. Now, someone looking for this service in London will search on Google and may land on your website. Through your website, the customer will get the contact details of the advertiser and will contact you to buy their services.

Now, with the help of the Rank and Rent Club training program, you can easily master this art and start collecting the rent and scale your earnings further.

Rank and Rent master of this art

Free Training Modules by Rank and Rent Club

Looking forward to a test drive? You have two options available to look and feel this course and test the knowledge shared.

>>> Option 1 –  Signup for this 4 Module workshop with over 4 hours of Videos and 50 pager e-Book.

Rank and Rent Club Module Workshop

Cost : Free

Duration : 4 videos of overall 4 hours approx.

Modes : 4 Videos and a 50-page ebook.

What is covered:

  1. Proof of success, How was built from scratch and its ranking on the top.
  2. Proof of earnings is also shared through the Rank and Rent sites that are built by the trainer himself.
  3. Overview of the Rank and Rent business model.
  4. Tips to find the Profitable golden keywords with low competition.
  5. The practical approach required to rank the website at the number 1 position in Google search.
  6. Inviting the investors and closing the deal.


Once you finish this, you have one more option to try the in-depth strategies revealed in this course.

>>> Option 2 –  Signup and start a free full course covering “Keyword Competition Research”, “Competitive Research”, “Niche Selection” and “Domain Name Selection”. 

This option is basically for members but for now, it is available for free.

 Niche & Keyword Research

For every beginner, it is important to understand the topic on which he or she is going to start an R&R site. You also need to use some keywords that are searched by users on search engines.

Not every keyword is worth creating a site because of both volume and competition.

Let me now brief you on why you should join this free module and what guaranteed benefits you will get:

Cost : Free

Mode : Videos

Duration : 14 Videos of about 10 to 20 minutes each.

Learnings :

  1. You will learn Niche hunting, which helps you identify money-making topics.
  2. Understanding the keywords strategy adopted by your competitors.
  3. Step by step approach to shortlist niche and domain name.

If you are serious about creating something that is working well for thousands of SEO today and an easy trick to build an online empire, I will recommend this course.

Get This Free Training Now

Once you are done with these two powerful modules full of learning, you will be able to visualize what exactly you are going to start.

Now is the time to acquire some more skills that will help you create a site practically, rank it, and put it on the best possible rent.

For that, you need to upgrade yourself for “Full Club Access” that I am going to discuss now.

Full Club Access: My Experience and Review of Rank and Rent Club Course

rank and rent seo courses

rank and rent seo courses

If you have not signed up for FREE training modules now, I will request you to do it today itself as the access is available only for this month.

Now, I will share with you the complete details about its premium course that is one of the advanced SEO courses today.

What are the Training Components of this Program?

Rent and Rent Club’s premium course is one of the advanced course on the topic today that gives you:

  1. Access to all 5 modules: Find, Built, Rank, Rent, and Scale.

All these modules teach you to find a niche, build a website, rank on Google, earn rental income and also, increase the earnings consistently.

Find Niche

If you don’t know how to find a competitive keyword, shortlist a niche or create a WordPress website, you will soon have a grip on each of these topics.

Don’t know to code?

Don’t worry, there is a video that teaches you the “Drag and Drop” way to create a website.

Not sure how to get traffic and investors?

Again, this is what this program is for. There are dedicated sections – “Rank”, “Rent” and “Scale” which are designed to ensure that your project is earning a handsome income.

  1. Access to Replays of all Live Training

Full club members can watch the replays of the live training program at any point in time. They are available to you for an indefinite period. You don’t need to bother if you miss out on any of the live sessions.

Training Webinar Replay

As a free member, you still have access for 48 hours.

  1. Google My Business – GMB Module

This is one of the important items that will help you get more clients. The course can help you to generate more inquiries. This module helps you to set up and rank the GMB listing quickly.

Gmb Optimizations

  1. PBN Module 

PBN is arguably one of the best methods to rank the website. However, to be honest, there are various schools of thought, some call it a white hat strategy while a few consider PBN as a black hat technique.

Rank and rent SEO course Rank and rent club reviews

PBN Hosting Setup

As per my experience, it can help you get your site ranked quickly if used correctly. I have personally tried them and ranked my sites too. 

But, you need to do the trick smartly, and here is what you have learned through this module. 

  1. Monthly Live Training cum Question and Answer Sessions 

If you have any queries and doubts regarding the course, you can ask them directly and the coaches will answer you.

You can also discuss your site details and ask for help in diagnosing a problem on a case-to-case basis.

6.  Private Forum Membership

Many successful members are sharing their stories along with tips, tricks, and experiments. If you want access to this discussion, it is possible when you upgrade as a paid member.

Full Club Membership

So, as a training program, this course offers 5x value at least. I bought various courses during my initial days but most of them were only theories, which doesn’t work.

Here, you start with proofs, can join as a free student, access the 4 hours workshop and one full premium module.

This is the only program, that gives you an option to upgrade only when you are satisfied with their workshops and first full module.

Is this training program Beginner friendly?

Yes, there is a step-by-step guide that teaches you everything through the Video programs. The entire course is structured nicely, for example, the first step is to Find, next is to Build, so hence and so forth.

What else? This is not all, you get SOFTWARE also. Let me introduce them now.

What Software Do I Get with this Rank & Rent Course?

So, the course content is not the only thing that you get with this Renk and Rent training program.

You get some great tools, like the software to identify and analyze keywords, local listings, projects, and even helps you to find new customers.

Rank And Rent - Course

Let’s check them out one by one.

  • Keyword Supremacy Unlimited

Finding a keyword or a niche is actually a brainstorming exercise that needs a lot of research.

This software helps you do this task easily.

Keyword Supermacy

Wondering how? This software provided by the Rank and Rent course helps you

figure out the ‘similar keywords’, related keywords with local search and autosuggest


If you own a single Rank and Rent site, it an easy task to manage. But when you scale and built multiple sites, you need this kind of software.

It helps you manage all your projects along with link building, schema, managing redirects, and a lot more.

  • Local Supremacy Tycoon Account

A simple software to manage your clients, billing, and trials, etc.

Passive Selling Techniques

This is a new software added to the suite and automates the task of finding the prospects and reaching out to them.

But how? 

You won’t believe it but it works like a charm. It can scan Google, pull out phone and email details, Facebook details, and help you streamline the follow-up process. 

So, I can guarantee that this single course is enough to master the concept and create the R&R sites like a Pro.

With all the modules and software that are covered, you don’t need to invest further.

The only thing you need to invest after this program will be your – time and effort.

Isn’t it exciting?

Now, I will take you through the pricing details of this program and let you know you can enroll and start quickly.

Rank and Rent Club Course Pricing 

I have detailed everything about the course with links to its special Free modules.

Let me now share the cost that you will have to invest while upgrading the membership.

So, there are two options for you to register in this program.

1st method is with Software, and

2nd method is without Software.

This is great to know that software is not bundled with the course, It’s totally up to you if you wish to purchase them or not.

Rank and Rent Club Pricing

Here is the pricing in both cases. Rank and Rent club.

1. Rank and Rent Course Pricing With Software:

A complete course with software gives you access to all the modules and software that are available. There is no restriction whatsoever.

Rand and Rent - Course Pricing

The pricing further depends upon the tenure you choose, for example:

  • 12 Months Tenure : $1747 [$197 after 12 months]
  • 6 Months Tenure : $1397 [$197 after 6 months]
  • 3 Months Tenure : $1047 [$197 after 3 months]

Note: This pricing is after a 30% limited period discount.

Click to Copy 30% Discount Code – SAVE30

If you are not interested in getting software right now, you can enroll in training only.

2. Rank and Rent Course Pricing Without Software:

This option enables you to access all the training material, forums, etc, except for software.

Rand and Rent - Software Pricing

Here also, you have three convenient payment options.

  • 12 Months Tenure : $697 [$47 after 12 months]
  • 6 Months Tenure : $597 [$47 after 6 months]
  • 3 Months Tenure : $497 [$47 after 3 months]

Note: This pricing is after a special discount coupon that saves $200.

Click to Copy $200 Discount Code – CLUB 200

What I liked about this Program: Key Benefits and Features

Rank and rent seo niches

If you are still confused about the course, let me again summarize to you the key benefits and features that make this course a perfect one to enroll.

  1. Beginner-friendly that needs no previous knowledge.
  2. Step by Step Video tutorials with complete “How-To” guide.
  3. Helps you identify the niche that’s right for you.
  4. You can easily figure out the keywords that you should aim at.
  5. Guides you about the strategies adopted by competitors.
  6. Create a website without any coding knowledge [Complete DIY guide].
  7. Strategies to Rank the site easily.
  8. Time-tested tips to generate revenue by sourcing the customers.
  9. Advanced Software to manage the entire show.
  10. Access to a private group of successful SEOs
  11. Free workshops and first module to test the program.

I liked these 11 benefits personally that are unique with Rank and Rent Club. You can check out the RankandRentClub YouTube group as well to explore the possibilities further.

What I Didn’t Like about the Rank and Renk Club Course?

While the list of Pros is huge, it still has a few cons that you should consider.

  1. It is not affordable for everyone. A bit expensive, however worth it.
  2. Based on a concept that needs efforts, building a business from scratch. It is not for someone who is looking for a “Get Rich Quickly” kind of scheme.

What if you Don’t Like it?

I don’t personally see a reason behind someone buying it and canceling it. It is a great program that helps you generate massive profits, consistently and for a lifetime.

Still, it is worth noting here that the program comes with 7 DAYS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, which means, you can ask for a refund if you are not satisfied.

Testimonials On Rank and Rent Club Reviews

Rank and rent seo local seo ranking websites


Rank and Rent club Testimonials


rank and rent seo tutorials

rank and seo seo testimonials rank and rent seo guides tutorials rank and seo seo testimonial Rank and rent seo courses review rank and rent seo make money niches

Quick Links:

Some Top Videos Explaining Why SEO is important :

Conclusion: Rank And Rent Club Review 2022

Definitely yes, basis my own experience, I have no reason against the course. It will definitely help you create a successful venture that will quickly grab the attention of local businesses.

It is not a theoretical program that covers basic aspects only. In fact, this Rank and Rent Club course is a complete “HOW TO” guide that I was looking for.

This course provides you complete guidance from experts who themselves created the R&R sites and are earning 7 figure income from them.

With this course, you get access to monthly live question and answer sessions also. If you like to know what is happening around and how other participants are performing, you have a “Private Forum” membership.

As per your budget, you can opt or opt-out for Software, but I would recommend going for it as well. 

If a course is based on a practical approach, prepared by someone who himself tried and tested the things, provides an opportunity to connect with experts, and gives access to advanced software as well, is definitely worth giving a try.


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Top 10 Black Hat SEO Tools 2022- Does They Really Work ?


According to the dictionary, a black hat refers to a criminal act. We won’t go overboard here. We’re talking basically about practices that go against Google’s guidelines when it comes to Black Hat SEO.

Since Google is not the government it can’t tell you what you can or can’t do on your site. Therefore, breaking Google Laws is not considered illegal.

You will, however, be removed from Google’s search engine result pages if they catch you. The best thing you can do to avoid black hat SEO is to never ever use it.

I recall saying once that if one wants to comprehend the great mystery, they must study all its aspects.

I have been using black hat techniques for quite a while on various experimental sites. All of these sites were not important and none belonged to any clients. I was merely curious about them.

There are still a lot of black hat SEO techniques that work. Still, if you want to use these methods, choose a site that does not have any business value.

It’s like gambling – you could lose everything if you do it, and there’s no guarantee that one day Google will find out and remove your listing from its search results. Use caution.

Image Mirroring

There’s a very slim chance that you’ll get SEO credit for a stock image if everyone uses it. Thousands of other sources are using your image, so why does Google display it? This specific algorithm is described in the chapter “Select a Unique Image for Your Website” of my blog post “How to use SEO Optimized Images”.

It will no longer be recognized by Google if you mirror a common stock image. Their algorithm has still not been updated to recognize these modifications. Images mirrored are viewed as new images.

Does it make sense, though? Instead, I recommend using this method: In my article, “How to Use SEO Optimized Images,” I take a black hat strategy for optimizing images and show you how to turn it into a white hat strategy that will actually help your images rank in Google image results.

With a little more effort, the result is the same. Take a look.

Chances of Google Busting You

It’s unlikely that Google will uncover this technique soon since not many people use it. The future usage of this technique should be monitored. Many Asian countries, including Russia and Ukraine, use it, as far as I can tell.

Google might include this in one of its future updates once it becomes a common black hat technique among SEOs. In the next 4-5 years, this is not likely to happen, but when it does, the rankings of pages with mirrored images may drop when this happens.

Location Matters

I believe Google ranks your content for the company in San Francisco higher than that of a marketing company in Uzbekistan. This is a patriotic algorithm from Google.

My opinion is educated and on the basis of my subjective observations – but Google would never confirm this. Great SEO content on great SEO websites ranked low due to their location.

How To Use This Black Hat SEO Technique?

What if I use all of the keywords related to my location on my website to make it seem like I’m somewhere else? It is important not to neglect your IP address, as Google knows where your website is located based on the IP address. Solution: use a US host and start a company there.

Live here, enjoy life while you’re at it. If you’re not a local, there’s the visa issue. However, you are a black hat SEO, so I can’t help you. I’m sure you can figure it out.

Inverted Index

You look for competitors whose search engine results pages (SERPs) show better rankings than yours for certain keywords. Invert index that page and copy the whole text. You extract every word with line breaks from that text.

Once all the stop words are removed, you should also remove all the irrelevant keywords such as ‘because’, ‘because when’, ‘because if’, ‘whether’, ‘while’, ‘have’ etc. The script I wrote for this is fun, by the way.

This is a possible inverted index for this article:

You are looking at what is called a “modified inverted index” on the above image.

The hard part is now ahead.

Using all of these words, create an original text. Understanding this: most SEO content writers get around four to five keywords they need to include in their text.

Usually, SEO content writers get around 300 keywords. This is a very difficult task and it takes a lot of time. But you must do it, publish it, and wait and see the results.

There’s a good chance your page will rank higher than the competitors. Finding an SEO writer who will provide 300 keywords is the most difficult part. When giving your SEO content writer keywords, be prepared to do CPR.

Chances of Google Busting You

I don’t think Google will ever catch on to this very specific and rare black hat SEO technique because it involves the core algorithms of Google, and it is very unlikely that Google will ever discover it.

It is very unlikely, however, that it will be able to tell if this technique has been used.

It is nearly impossible to trace back what exactly happened since the text you create will be so different from the one you “reverse inverted” or “hacked”.

Top Black Hat Tools 2022 : The Best Black Hat SEO Tools

1. GSA Search Engine Ranker: Auto BackLink Building Tool

GSA- Black Hat SEO Tools

Using the GSA Search Engine Ranker Tool will allow you to create backlinks in bulk. Marketers can automate their link building with this powerful tool and never have to do it manually again.

Using this software, backlinks are built 24/7 and the user needs to do little to no work. With GSA Search Engine Ranker’s innovative software, you’ll automatically create accounts on authority sites, register them, and submit your content.

With GSA Search Engine Ranker, you can monitor multiple campaigns simultaneously. With online marketing campaigns, you can select how many projects you’d like to run at the same time, choose when to run them, and even restrict activity to certain times.

There is an intuitive user interface and reports are presented in simple diagrams and charts.

The ability to manage several project filters is one of GSA Search Engine Ranker’s best features. It will enable you to set precise advertising parameters for your latest campaign. Keyword filters and country filters are available.

Marketers can choose whether their links should be displayed in specific countries, and even which language the site should be displayed in. Using this method, you can see how your website ranks around the world, and in particular areas.

As your clients begin to branch out overseas, you can gain valuable insight into the changes they need to make.

One of the powerful black hat SEO tools offered by GSA, a German company that specializes in developing custom software, is the GSA Search Engine Ranker. Digital marketers can automate and reduce their daily workload with their many SEO tools.

A GSA Search Engine Ranker is available for purchase for $99. When choosing from the black hat SEO tools available on the market, marketers should not overlook this option since it offers all the features they need.

2. Scrapebox: Best Link Harvester & Keyword Scraping

Scrape Box- Black Hat SEO Tools

Scrapebox is an SEO tool that has been shown to improve search engine rankings of web pages for users. In addition to helping users with their aggressive SEO strategies, Scrapebox is an innovative tool.

Scrapebox is a powerful tool for marketers to harvest search engine data, build links, and scrape keywords. Our advanced features will help you uncover the keywords of your competitors and improve your site’s rankings.

Scrapebox offers a popular mass link-building feature that attracts many marketers to its service. Users can create blog comments at the push of a button using this mass link builder.

With the link builder, you not only post comments on your own blog, but you can also post comments on dozens of other blog platforms and contact pages throughout the web.

Your website will be visible in search engines with this SEO strategy, as well as the increase in page rank with relevant backlinks.

Scrapebox’s lightning-fast keyword scraper is another of its most popular features. Tracking your competitor’s keywords directly eliminates the lengthy process of keyword research.

The purpose of Scrapebox is to determine what other online users are searching for using a high-tech scraping method.

From one base keyword, Scrapebox then generates tons of keywords from the suggestions and auto-complete queries.

Using this technique you can automate keyword generation and reduce the amount of time you spend on keyword tracking.

Scrapebox can be purchased for just $97. In some cases, a tool that operates on a monthly subscription scheme can be a better deal.

Although Scrapebox is a low-priced company, it is a credible and reputable brand within the world of online advertising and is used by many Fortune 500 companies.

Customers can also enjoy 24/7 customer support from Scrapebox, which provides helpful video tutorials for them.

3. RankerX: All-in-one SEO Marketing Automation Tool


SEnukeTNG is our top black hat SEO tool. The tool allows users to monitor traffic, engagement metrics, and engagement metrics with their followers and audiences in one place.

Site visits, page views, and total site visits are a few of the statistics SEnukeTNG tracks. For its customers, this tool simulates hundreds of user searches on online search engines like Google using CrowdSearch technology.

With this tool, you can automate backlink creation using the top ranking factors that databases track, such as click-through rate and bounce rate.

By automating keyword ranking strategies with SEnukeTNG and their advanced algorithms, users can boost their CTR and reduce their bounce rate. In order to use SEnukeTNG, users simply type.

Among all SEO tools, SenukeTNG has the greatest impact on ranking. It allows marketers to take the ranking and keywords of their competitors and use them on their own websites.

In addition to the automatic creation of valuable social links and media-rich content, SEnukeTNG can create press releases as well as fully optimized SEO campaigns.

In addition to loading relevant content for users automatically, the loop mode feature generates backlinks on authority sites every day by automatically creating content and linking on authority sites each day.

Users only need to set up their campaigns once, and the software will repeat the process as necessary.

Users have several options when it comes to pricing with SenukeTNG. To try out the service for a week, you only have to pay $1. A tool is a great option for those who aren’t sure whether they will like it or not.

If you’re satisfied with the tool after testing it, you can buy one license per month for $97, or three licenses for $147 per month. Additionally, a 12-month subscription is $777, while a one-year subscription is $1377.

If you’re looking for a tool that can automatically implement your SEO strategies, you should definitely check out SEnukeTNG.

The tool is one of the leading options available to SEO marketers, and when used correctly can fully automate ad campaigns. You can consider SEnukeTNG as a great all-in-one black hat SEO tool if you don’t mind paying the premium monthly price.

4. GSA Content Generator: Scrape content & Content Generator

GSA Content Generator

Lack of quality pages to link to is one of the most challenging aspects of link building. For your postings, it can be expensive to build unique and relevant content, so you may have to hire freelancers to do the writing.

You can now create readable content at the push of a button with the GSA content creator. It is now easier than ever to create unlimited projects by scraping, spinning, and repurposing links, images, and videos using this powerful software.

Customers can control every aspect of creating content with the GSA Content Generator. Options available to users include how many paragraphs, how many words are in a paragraph, embed locations, etc. Black hat SEO users like this tool because they can easily add their own content sources.

A powerful scraping functionality allows users to generate videos, images, and keywords and combine them into a finished product.

GSA Content Generator’s built-in proxy is one of its most popular features. With this powerful article generator, third parties cannot track your data since it includes its own proxy features.

Black hat SEO users who want to avoid being banned by popular search engines such as Google and avoid being tracked down can benefit greatly from this.

For marketers with massive future backlink campaigns, this tool is a great deal at $147. Marketers will be able to save time and money with this generator as a component of GSA SEO software.

You should definitely check out GSA content Generator if you are interested in automating your SEO strategies.

5. Article Forge: High Quality, AI-Powered Content Generation

Article Forge

You won’t find a better tool than Article Forge if you need content for all of your link-building strategies. With Article Forge, you can quickly and efficiently write high-quality content on any topic using artificial intelligence.

Regardless of how many articles you generate, you will never have to worry about duplicate content since every article is written from scratch.

Search engines view every piece of content as relevant when using the new LSI keyword algorithms included in Article Forge (the same algorithms used by search engines to evaluate content relevance).

It is the most efficient tool for creating content in the world. With just a click of a button, you can get back to us an article that complies with your keyword(s).

You can also generate multiple articles at once with the bulk generator of Article Forge.

With Article Forge, you can even integrate your blogs with post schedulers, so that your content pipeline is completely automated.

A powerful API, coupled with integration with all major link builders, will allow you to automate your entire SEO campaign so you can sit back and watch the rankings go up as well as the money roll in.

For Article Forge, monthly and annual plans are available. The monthly plan costs $57/month, while the Yearly plan costs just $27/month (paid annually).

It is often best to go for the annual plan since you can set up automated posting and link it to your other tools so that it generates content in the background as you work on other aspects of your SEO strategy.

In fact, even if you choose the monthly option, you will save a lot on content costs since even an army of writers would not be able to produce as much content as quickly as Article Forge.

Additionally, Article Forge offers you a five-day free trial so you can prove to yourself the power of artificial intelligence-based article writing on your business.

6. Another Great Article Rewriter Software


With the help of WordAi, which was founded in 2011 by Alex Cardinell, SEO marketers can easily generate their own written content within a short period of time.

With its ability to rewrite entire sentences from scratch, this powerful software proves to be so accurate that it passes detection on plagiarism checkers such as Copyscape.

If you need to spin content quickly and create unique articles with a little editing for your SEO marketing strategies, this is a great tool for you.

Industry professionals appreciate WordAi’s ability to produce high-quality, readable content. In addition to bulk spinning, list spinning, title spinning, and HTML editing are some of the most popular features.

WordAi’s readability, however, can differ depending on the niche audience to which it is targeted. It is recommended that all articles be reviewed after spinning to correct this.

WordAi offers two pricing options. Compared to the first option, which costs $49.95 per month, the second option costs 600 dollars.

You should consider the yearly plan of $347 if you want to use this tool for a long time. All the high-quality features included in this software make this a great deal.

Using WordAi, you can create your own unique content by rewriting sentences. Link building campaigns should use this tool. Try the tool for a 3-day free trial to see if it’s right for you!

7. Jarvee: Social Media Marketing Automation Tool

Jarvee- Black Hat SEO Tools

Modern SEO Marketing strategies include social media. The number of shares, likes, and visibility of a social media webpage is known as a social signal and can indirectly affect a site’s ranking on search engines.

In order for your next advertising campaign to be successful, it is important to understand how these social media signals affect SEO. Many social media management tasks can be automated using tools like

You can follow FollowLiker on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr, as well as a variety of other social networks. Users can benefit from numerous features, such as automated retweets, replies, favorites, and likes.

Clients and their audience can interact more effectively using this tool. Additionally, the software allows users to schedule their future posts so they can be released at specific times using pre-loaded content.

Those who are frequently on the go and want to plan their social media marketing strategies in advance can use this social media automation.

FollowLiker offers numerous payment options, which are among its best features. It’s great to be able to choose which package best suits your needs and to be able to save money.

Is Twitter your primary marketing platform? Once you have selected the plan you want, you will only need to pay $98 once.

What social media platforms do you need to manage? If you need support for all four major social media platforms, you should invest in the Full Edition, which is more expensive but only requires an upfront payment of $338.

There is an additional 5.99 monthly charge regardless of which plan you choose, but this is to cover the 24/7 support you will receive on top of your purchase.

Using FollowLiker is the best way to monitor and automate social media accounts all in one place. Using this black hat SEO tool you can boost your page’s ranking and boost your online engagement.

8. Myprivateproxy: The best provider of dedicated proxies

MyPrivateProxy- Best Cheap Private Proxy Servers

To avoid having their IP ban placed on them, some black hat SEO methods require that the user switch IP addresses. It is necessary to use a proxy server to change your IP address.

By changing your computer’s IP address, a proxy server protects you from being banned.

Among the most popular types of proxy currently used is the Datacenter proxy, which reveals only the proxy address of the company running the data center, not the individual’s personal IP address.

Our recommendation for users who want to mask their IP address is Myprivateproxy, which offers many great features. This proxy security provider is a leader in the industry.

Their innovative technology masks users’ IP addresses with non-sequential proxies from multiple locations. Myprivateproxy has one of the highest uptime rates of any proxy service in the world, with 99% network uptime. Myprivateproxy is our top choice for IP proxies from data centers.

In addition to 16 major US datacenters, MyPrivateProxy also has eight European datacenters. Private proxies are designed for SEO tools and advertiser needs and are highly anonymous.

In addition to SEnuke, Scrapebox, and other SEO tools, this tool also provides excellent functionality for black hat SEO efforts. Additionally, users can use Chrome and Firefox plug-ins and enjoy full browser functionality.

Prices are determined by the number of proxies you want, as well as the type of proxy you want. In comparison, private proxy services start at about $1.50, while shared proxy services are cheaper, starting at around $0.65.

When it comes to black hat SEO, IP addresses are just one of many security triggers online. When you use proxies to mask the IP address, you will be fine.

In addition to the browser fingerprint spoofer, you can also use other masking tools, such as post classified ads online, to ensure complete anonymity.

9. Best Residential Proxy Service

Luminati - Overview

For residential proxy accounts, Luminati is the most trusted and largest tool in the world. You can scrape any web data with this service and you do not need to worry about being blocked or banned.

Any SEO user who uses residential proxy servers should have this. In addition to IP addresses in more than 220 countries and 26,000 cities, Luminati offers over 11,000 ASN numbers to choose from.

They guarantee 99.9% network uptime so you and your clients are protected at all times.

If you know exactly what you need, Luminati’s pricing structure is perfect for you. Pricing for residential proxies depends on two factors that are used to estimate the amount of traffic you will be receiving each month in gigabytes.

The average size of each request is specified first, and then the number of requests per day is specified. You are charged $12.50 per GB of traffic estimated by Luminati based on these two factors.

However, the starter plan does require at least $500 per month to be committed.

You can also try Luminati’s software for free for 7 days before purchasing. If you’re looking for an actual residential proxy service, you should check out Luminati.

This tool is used every day by hundreds of industry experts to help with black hat SEO techniques, and you can use it too!

10. GSA Captcha Breaker: Best Captcha Breaking Software

GSA Captcha Breaker- Black Hat SEO Tools

We have come to the end of our top ten list of black hat SEO tools with GSA Captcha Breaker. Third, on our list of top ten software products, GSA stands behind its products with exceptional customer service, troubleshooting, and support.

The advanced Captcha security system can stop some black hat SEO techniques in their tracks. Bots do not gain access to websites via captcha systems.

In captcha systems, web visitors are presented with an image containing some text that must be reproduced to prove that they are human users and not automatons.

The GA Captcha Breaker is an advanced tool that allows the automated entry of websites in order to perform black hat methods such as scraping and automatic content generation.

We have discussed several other tools on our top ten list so far, and this tool would be a great addition to those. In addition to breaking almost any captcha type, the GSA Captcha Breaker can also add new captchas that are created in the future.

Captcha Breaker can also be purchased for a one-time fee like most other GSA products. You will need to spend $147.00 on this tool, but it is well worth the investment if you are using black hat SEO techniques. You can make a lot of money by investing a little here.

Your investment will be repaid when you rank on the first page of users’ search engine results pages. The experts at GSA can help you generate, scrape, and soar to the top of any search engine with their Captcha Breaker!

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Conclusion – List of Best & Cheap Black Hat SEO Tools 2022

Black hat SEO techniques may be viewed by some as unethical and inappropriate. Despite this, black SEO marketing strategies have many advantages that must be recognized.

Search engine optimization can be automated by using these marketing strategies. This guide outlines the ten most popular tools that marketers can use to get their pages to the top of users’ search engine results.

Several factors should be considered when selecting the right black hat SEO tool for you. First and foremost, you will need to determine what your exact requirements are.

If you want to track your page rankings across the globe, would you like to disguise your location with cloaking software?

Are you looking for software that generates your content while you work on other projects? Once you have identified your needs, you can check out some of the available products.

In addition to free tools, you also need to consider your budget when picking out SEO tools. Consider tools with a proven track record and a friendly customer support team if you have more money to spend.

Since every web page, client, and marketer is unique, it ultimately comes down to personal preference. It is possible to choose your favorites and eventually make black hat SEO heavily automated if you give a few of these tools a try.

This guide lists a number of black hat SEO tools many people are using. During your next ad campaign, make sure to test these SEO strategies. This guide contains tips and tricks that can help you become successful online.


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