5+ Best Google Proxies To Avoid Google Blocks 2022 (100% Virgin)

5+ Best Google Proxies To Avoid Google Blocks 2022 (100% Virgin)




Are you looking forward to using proxies to access Google? Then you must be judicious with the proxies you utilize since Google is an intelligent and aggressive search engine.

It may identify your proxies and halt your activities. This post will offer you a thorough list of Google-compatible proxies.

Google is the world’s most popular search engine, and the majority of Internet marketers concentrate their efforts on Google to maximize their profits.

Ranking on Google is not straightforward; you will need to do research on relevant keywords and the sites that rank for them.

The majority of the study includes the use of SEO bots that submit an excessive number of queries to Google in a short period of time.

Unfortunately, Google does not accept bots and will reject requests from IP addresses that send an excessive number of requests. To circumvent Google’s IP restriction, you may utilize Google proxies.

What is Google Proxies and What Qualifies as a Google Proxy Provider?

Proxy servers compatible with Google are referred to as Google proxies. Google is not a typical website that you can just put up any kind of proxy and attempt to access. It is capable of detecting proxy servers and will smell you out.

If a proxy provider is serious about becoming a Google proxy provider, it must ensure that their proxies are extremely anonymous and elite – leaving no evidence of their existence as proxies.

Apart from being invisible, there are other characteristics that a service must possess before being labeled a Google proxy provider.

One of the characteristics is that it must enable highly rotating proxies that change IP addresses on a per-request basis. This is to guarantee that no request limit is exceeded and that no IP footprint is discovered by Google.

Another characteristic to look for in a service that qualifies as a Google proxy is geo-targeting capabilities.

Google, perhaps, is the leading proponent of geotargeting. Google results are dynamic and vary by location. A supplier must cover a large number of countries, most likely all of Google’s supported locales.

Why Are Google Proxies Required?

Crawling and scraping Google for SEO purposes needs the use of an automated bot, which may be a simple script or a full-fledged software similar to those used by major SEO tools such as Semrush, Moz, Ahref, and Majestic.

Google prohibits its use due to the volume of requests submitted to Google in a short period of time by automated bots. Proxies are required to circumvent limitations and scale-up for SEO.

The following are some of the reasons why you may need Google proxies.

Scraping Google’s search engine results pages:

Apart from ranking data, you may scrape more information from Google Search Engine Result Pages (SERPS). Some SEO scape keyword recommendations from the search engine results pages.

Others use them to locate expired domains and web 2.0 blogs. Indeed, you may get a wealth of information from the SERP. It is determined by your unique needs.

The preceding is only relevant if you are using a customized solution or if the utility needs proxy servers.

The majority of programs on the market, such as Semrush and Ahref, scrape Google using their own proxies, and so do not need proxies. Other tools, such as ScrapeBox, need the use of proxies.

Monitoring of Ranks:

Google’s search engine ranking is dynamic. This implies that you might be ranked first in the morning and slip to third in the afternoon. Among the factors that contribute to your ranking are your own preferences and the websites you’ve visited.

This implies that in order to get an impartial score for your pages, you must conceal your identity so that the ranking is based on non-personalized data. Proxies can assist you in this endeavor.

Apart from monitoring your own page’s rating for certain keywords, you may use them in conjunction with your automation bot to track the rankings of your rivals.

Link Harvesting and Other Website Data Harvesting:

You may scrape Google for link-related data. Web scrapers such as domain scrapers and web 2.0 hunters are two well-known types of web scrapers that make queries to Google in order to gather expired and domains.

Numerous more pieces of information may be scraped from Google’s SERPs.

Scraping Keyword Information:

The Google Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) include a wealth of keyword possibilities, ranging from relevant topics to persons who also searched for your term.

Manually collecting them will be exhausting and time-consuming. Utilizing a web scraper expedites, effectively, and accurately completes the task. You will, however, need proxies.

Providers of Google Proxy Services That We Recommend : Picking the Best Google Proxy for Scraping

You are not required to spend several hours attempting to locate a company from whom you can get Google proxies. We’ve compiled a list of the best proxy providers selling Google proxies.

1. Bright Data (Formerly Luminati):

Bright data- luminati review - Best Google Proxies for Google Blocks

Bright Data (formerly Luminati Networks) is the industry leader and the world’s most sophisticated proxy supplier. To understand more about it, please read this article with me to see whether Bright Data is a good fit for you.

Typically, the market is flooded with hundreds or thousands of proxy firms. Certain providers specialize in residential, mobile, and data center proxies, while others specialize in private, shared sneakers, and Shopify proxies.

However, if you’re looking for a proxy service that combines all of these proxy types into one, look no further than Bright Data.

Bright Data’s servers are of the highest quality, enabling quick surfing, limitless threads, and 100% uptime. Bright Data provides a seven-day risk-free trial.

To begin, Bright Data is licensed in a number of nations. Bright Data connects to your device’s residential IP addresses without your knowledge.

Bright Data’s global reach enables it to access the majority of geo-blocked or restricted sneaker sites. Chrome supports or interacts with Bright Data, which eliminates the need to set up the proxy manager (LPM) or super proxy as you would with Bright Data Proxy Manager (LPM).

Web crawling and scraping are made simpler with its shifting IPs and bot technology.

2. Smartproxy:


The slogan for Smartproxy is “use 10 million+ IP addresses right now” – yes, you read it properly. By subscribing to one of their residential proxy plans, you have access to over 10 million residential IP addresses of actual devices given by your ISP, as opposed to datacenter proxies that originate on datacenter servers.

Unlike many other proxy providers, Smartproxy focuses only on residential proxies, allowing them to confidently claim to be the greatest residential proxy network.

While I cannot compare them to Oxylabs, GeoSurf, or Luminati, I can affirm that they are in the same category.

Smartproxy is a leading supplier of premium proxy services. It has been proven and trusted in online scraping and crawling, advertisement verification, travel fare gathering, social media automation, SEO monitoring, and geolocation bypassing of sneaker sites.

Their rates and plans are competitive when compared to other residential proxy providers. Due to the fact that they are residential IP addresses, they are adept at circumventing websites that have developed sophisticated systems for detecting and blocking proxy server requests.

This is achievable because residential proxy users’ queries are routed via actual devices rather than datacenter proxies.

Due to their enormous pool of IP addresses, IP rotation is optimized, and as a result, you avoid captchas and the problem of IP blocking. This indicates that Smartproxy is trustworthy.

3. Soax:

soax - Best Google Proxies for Google Blocks

Soax is a proxy service provider created in 2019. Being thus “new” in a world of proxy providers that has been for almost a decade may seem incompatible, but when you explore their offers, you may be astonished at how competent they are.

Unlike some of its rivals, Soax does not provide an abundance of proxy kinds. Rather than that, you get just residential and mobile proxies.

Even if they are combined into one large pool, you still have the option of selecting the proxy type you desire.

Three variables are used to determine proxy selection: country, proxy type, and the number of proxies and length of the subscription.

They provide a calculator on their website that allows you to rapidly calculate the cost of the proxies. Initially, you would be able to buy either residential or mobile proxies, but since you can purchase many packages, you can mix and match.

If you’re not interested in fiddling with it and just need proxies quickly, you may purchase one of their prepared bundles.

You may pick from daily, weekly, or monthly subscriptions and specify whether you want proxies from a single site or from all accessible locations.

4. MyPrivateProxy:

MyPrivateProxy- Best Cheap Private Proxy Servers

MyPrivateProxy is one of the greatest proxy providers for data centers that I have ever used. They have a slew of characteristics that make me like them.

One of them is that they were the industry’s first to go green. They now utilize wind energy to power several of their server facilities and hope to become completely green in the future.

Apart from this, there are many additional features that you will adore about MyPrivateProxy.

MyPrivateProxy was designed from the start to be fast. Their proxies are housed on dedicated XEON servers equipped with 8GB RAM.

As a result, their proxies perform well in terms of speed. Indeed, MyPrivateProxy proxies enable you to connect to the Internet at speeds of up to 1,000 Mbps. As a result, they are among the quickest proxies available.

However, despite their claim that you might reach speeds of up to 1000 Mbps, we never reached that level while using their proxies. Regardless, the outcome was still rather spectacular. The following is the outcome of our test of their proxies.

MyPrivateProxy does not have proxies located in every country. The majority of their proxies are based in the United States and Europe.

Given that these are their primary areas of concentration, let us evaluate them on the basis of their coverage in these areas.

They do have servers in around 30 sites in this area. In the United States, servers are located in nine states and twelve major cities.

Apart from the United States, they also have servers in other countries. Visit this website to discover where their servers are located.

5. StormProxies:

StormProxies - Best Google Proxies for Google Blocks

StormProxies is a premier proxy service provider that offers both residential and data center proxies. They are a relatively young firm, founded in 2016, but have established excellent quality standards in the proxy industry.

Storm Proxies specializes in backconnect proxies that are ideal for web scraping data. Their proxies are completely compatible with site scraping and search engine optimization tools such as Scrapebox.

StormProxies is well recognized for its proxies that are compatible with search engine optimization tools and have satisfied thousands of satisfied clients worldwide.

Although it began as a source of SEO proxies, StormProxies has evolved into a general proxy service over the years, and they now provide rotating proxies and dedicated proxies to visitors to their website.

StormProxies’ rotating proxies modify the IP address at the user’s request or at a predetermined time. At the moment, StormProxies offers two distinct kinds of rotating proxies.

6. HighProxies:

HighProxies- Best Cheap Private Proxies

HighProxies has climbed through the ranks and now has around 50000 data center IP addresses. This is the most significant milestone for data center proxies since they began in Seychelles in 2015.

Apart from that, below are some more benefits of HighProxies worth considering.

You may contact HighProxies’ customer support team through email, customer support request, or live chat. When connected to a single server, you may utilize HighProxies to share networks and download files.

HighProxies’ servers are located in most US cities and also in the majority of European nations.

With a speed of about 1000mbps, HighProxies is one of the fastest data center proxies available. HighProxies’ interface is simple to use and includes clear functionality.

Additionally, HighProxies’ website includes a tutorial that walks you through the process of utilizing the proxy server.

You get one monthly IP refresh, which eliminates any possible leaks or blockage associated with an outdated IP Address.

Unlike the majority of data center proxies, HighProxies has specialized proxies for sites such as social networking, tickets, and classified advertising.

If you were to compile a list of the fastest and most reliable data center proxy servers, HighProxies would be towards the top.

HighProxies are proxy kinds that are shared, private, or dedicated. It is devoted because it is focused on one of the following: social networking, classified advertising, tickets, or commerce.

All of these proxy types utilize the HTTPS protocol and provide authentication by IP address and username/password.

7. Microleaves:

microleaves - Best Google Proxies for Google Blocks

Proxies are web-based services that are used to disguise or conceal your IP address. IP addresses serve as your online signatures, and they contain a veritable treasure mine of data for those who know how to interpret them.

For instance, IP addresses resemble random integers split by periods. However, these numbers are not random; they may be utilized to pinpoint your precise position. You wouldn’t want such information to be left exposed and vulnerable.

Another reason to disguise your IP address, which is often associated with your geographic location, is to get access to prohibited material. Perhaps you’re familiar with geo-restrictions.

It’s something that restricts access to specific internet services and websites to those who reside in a certain area on the globe. Hulu is a fantastic example of this since it can only be accessible from the United States.

If you are not inside the United States of America and visit Hulu, it will scan your IP address and gather information about your location.

When it detects that you are not in the United States, it will simply inform you that the service you are attempting to access is not accessible in your country.

However, if you use proxies, your IP address is concealed and replaced with another. Essentially, you’ll be able to fool Hulu into believing you’re from another country, granting you access to its content.

8. Proxyrack:

Proxyrack - Best Google Proxies for Google Blocks

Proxyrack is a proxy network service that connects organizations and people to proxy servers. They provide both residential and data center proxies, but we’re going to concentrate on their residential proxies here.

The service is highly popular, with over 800 million API queries being processed daily. This service features a large proxy pool and strong geographical support.

Proxyrack’s original mission was to give its services to both small and large proxy services, as well as to capture the market for individuals who cannot afford the high prices associated with pricey proxies.

As a result, price is one of the areas on which it has concentrated its efforts. It comes in a variety of packages, depending on your needs. As a result, it appeals to a broad audience. Consider the bundles and their associated costs.

9. ScraperAPI:

api for web scraping

Unlike many of its rivals, Scraper API is a relatively new data scraper. Daniel Ni founded this business in 2018 with the intention of assisting him with his freelance job and scraping assignments.

What began as a side project has grown into one of the most popular data scraping tools available today.

Scraper API does not disappoint in terms of features. When it comes to data scrapers, they cover all the essentials and make a commitment to provide. The following is a list of the characteristics they highlight on their website:

The primary issue with scraping data from a website is that the site will often restrict your IP address, rendering you unable to continue scraping.

This is where the Scraper API’s 40+ million IP addresses come in handy, ensuring that you do not get blacklisted when scraping.

Another issue that scrappers encounter is location. Certain websites are geo-restricted, which means that if you are scraping data from a website that is restricted to the United States and you reside in a nation other than the United States, you will be unable to scrape the data.

Scraper API is pre-configured with 12 locations and may add an extra 0 upon request. That is far more than some specialized proxy companies supply.

The whole purpose of using a scraping service is to simplify your life. Scraper API makes a claim to be proficient in this area.

Their solution automates the whole process, from proxy rotation to captcha generation and javascript rendering. In other words, you just need to define the rules; the service will take care of the rest.

Can Datacenter Proxy Servers Be Used as Google Proxy Servers?

If you look at the list above, you’ll see that residential proxies are the most prevalent. This is because Google is capable of detecting data center proxies rather readily.

Unlike residential and mobile proxies, which route requests via the devices of normal Internet users and use their IP addresses, datacenter proxies utilize IP addresses from data centers, which is clearly detectable.

This does not, however, exclude the existence of undetectable data center proxies compatible with Google.

There is an issue with IP rotation for Google-compatible providers. The majority of data center proxy suppliers do not provide IP rotation; instead, they sell static proxies. This implies that you will be responsible for IP rotation.

Numerous providers also struggle with location support, since they only have servers in a few areas. Considering all of these, residential proxies are more handy and ideal for the task.

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FAQs related to Google Proxies

? Are mobile proxy servers as effective as Google Proxy Servers?

Indeed, these are the finest you can utilize since they are seldom blocked. However, they are often prohibitively costly, and as such, they are not suited. The finest proxies are residential proxies.

?‍♀️ Are Google Proxy Servers required?

No, it is not necessary to use proxies on Google, particularly if you do not exceed the maximum request limit. However, if you want to send a large number of web requests, you must employ proxies. Without these, Google will deactivate your account.

?‍♂️ Do we have a market for Google-Only Proxies?

No, what we refer to as Google proxies are those that are Google-compatible. Apart from Google, they are compatible with a variety of other websites and cannot be referred to as Google-only proxies.

? What purposes do Google Proxies Serve?

Google Proxies are used to crawl and scrape the Google SERPS in order to get ranking and keyword information. Others use it to locate expired domains and for a variety of other reasons.

?‍♂️ What is the distinction between Google and SEO Proxies?

SEO Proxies are used for general SEO reasons, while Google Proxies are any proxy that is compliant with Google. Google Proxies are specialist search engine optimization proxies that are compatible with Google.

? Is using Google Proxies enough to prevent Google from detecting your betting activities?

Proxy servers provide protection from one of Google’s anti-spam tactics — IP tracking and blocking. To prevent discovery, you must counsel against the others by concealing your browser trace, employing a Google scraper that impersonates ordinary users, and concealing your botting actions is also a critical step.

Conclusion – Best Google Proxies 2022 Picking the Best Google Proxy for Scraping

Google is a crucial aspect of most companies’ internet marketing strategy. It helps you to locate consumers who are already seeking you. Therefore, if you want to market your goods and services, Google is the place to start.

Google proxies will guarantee that your search experience is secure and successful.

They enable you to scrape vast volumes of data from websites or search results without being restricted. We have suggested utilizing Residential proxies since Google has stringent limitations.



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