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If you take search engine optimization seriously, you are probably using a bunch of SEO tools. A huge variety of tasks SEOs and webmasters need to solve every day gave birth to hundreds of different tools and services.

On-page SEO is the foundation of successful website optimization. It includes content and technical optimization. While being vital, it’s also quite time-consuming. Checking 1000+ page website forbroken links, incorrect redirects, slow load speed, duplicate content, and linking issues takes lots of time.

Fortunately, there’s a tool that can automate all the technical checks and provide you with all the SEO issues present on your site. This tool is called Netpeak Spider. In this post, we have featured Netpeak Spider Review 2022 that includes detailed insights of its pricing, features, functionality and more.

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Netpeak Spider Review– Netpeak Software

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What is Netpeak Spider?

Netpeak Spider  is a desktop SEO crawler that crawls every single page of your site just like Googlebot. The tool detects more than 60 issues of internal optimization that prevent your site from high rankings.

Netpeak Spider Review– Netpeak Software

It’s a robust tool capable of crawling huge websites (100,000 pages and more) not burning your computer. Being highly technical in its nature, Netpeak Spider has a user-friendly interface, so even an SEO beginner can use it with no fuss.

Who and how will benefit from using Netpeak Spider?

Netpeak Spider  is not only useful for SEO specialists. In fact, thousands of bloggers, link builders, web developers, marketers, and even sales teams, from more than 170 countries are using it every day.

Netpeak Spider Review- Dashboard

Let’s specify what tasks you can solve with this tool:

  • Performing audit of more than 50 SEO parameters on your website
  • Website structure analysis
  • Internal linking analysis (incoming/outgoing links)
  • Content optimization (content size, duplicate content)
  • Custom scraping of any data (prices, emails, code, etc.)
  • Competitor analysis (SEO strategy, top-performing content)
  • Sitemap creation and validation
  • Internal PageRank calculation
  • Source code and HTTP headers analysis
  • Exporting of more than 80 different reports
  • Creating an eye-catching PDF report

You can read numerous positive feedback from happy users on the Netpeak Software Customers page or G2Crowd reviews.

Detailed Review of Netpeak Spider | Is It Worth Your Money??

Let’s dig deep into the key-features of Netpeak Spider to see how it stands out from its competitors.

Optimized RAM Consumption and Crawling Speed

Resource consumption is the main issue of desktop crawlers. Crawling of large websites usually requires tons of RAM and disk storage. However, this is not the case in Netpeak Spider, which has the lowest RAM and HDD consumption on the market.

Crawling speed is another major strength. Though it also depends on website server response time and a number of redirecting pages. But if you have such issues, search robots will face the same difficulties crawling your site.

The tool calculates all heavy data like internal linking at the end of crawling. Also, you can select only specific parameters you need instead of checking all of them. If you want to get only status codes or check meta tags, just untick all other parameters in a sidebar to increase crawling speed and reduce resource consumption.

User-Friendly Interface

The best about Netpeak Spider is that it the team focuses on user-experience a lot while developing the tool. It has lots of details that may not be noticed by experienced users but are extremely important for beginners.

All issues are categorized by their severity into three groups: errors, warnings, and notices. They are also highlighted with corresponding colors to make it even easier to navigate. Furthermore, each issue has a detailed description, including a threat it poses, how to fix it, and useful links for further reading.

Netpeak Spider Review– User Friendly Interface

All parameters in settings will show a tooltip with a detailed description. So if you wonder what a particular checkbox in settings means, just hover your mouse over it.

Netpeak Spider Review– Crwaling Speed

All these small features will help you learn the ropes much faster and use the tool in the most efficient way.

Customizable Crawling Settings

As I already said, Netpeak Spider is a highly customizable tool. You can tweak all the settings as you see fit.

The ‘General’ tab of crawling settings allows managing crawling speed by changing the number of simultaneous threads, the delay between requests, and maximum response timeout. You can also enable JavaScript rendering, which is essential if you want to crawl websites that use this technology. Another block contains checkboxes that let you enable crawling of specific website directory, all subdomains, external links, and different file types.

On to the ‘Advanced’ tab of crawling settings, you can select what crawling and indexing instructions you want to take into account and enable crawling URLs from the <link> tag. Next, you can configure the crawler to pause once a site returns the ‘429 Too Many Requests’ status code or when the response timeout is exceeded.

Netpeak Spider Review– Advanced Tabs

Netpeak Spider  allows creating virtual robots.txt file which will be considered instead of the original one on your site. This feature allows testing changes in robots.txt without actually changing it.

If you want to fly under the radar of your competitors while crawling their websites or check your site from a different perspective, you can change your user agent to any of the most popular search engines and browsers.

Netpeak Spider Review- Virtual Robots

Unlike other crawlers, Netpeak Spider allows selecting specific parameters you want to check instead of checking them all every time. This can be done on the ‘Parameters’ tab in a sidebar.

Netpeak Spider Review– User Agents

Another cool feature is that you can create a template containing a set of parameters for particular tasks and use it in one click every time you need. For example, one set of parameters for content analysis and another one for an internal linking check. This allows focusing on a particular task and lowering resource consumption.

Netpeak Spider Review– Parameters

Moreover, you can configure the minimum and maximum limits for all parameters the way you want. For instance, if you don’t agree that the maximum meta description length should be 320, you can change it to 160 (or whatever you want), and anything above will be shown as an issue.

Netpeak Spider Review– Restrictions

If you don’t want to crawl specific parts of your website, you can use crawling rules to include or exclude certain URLs.

Netpeak Spider Review– Rules

The setting may seem like a long and wild journey, but you just have to do it once and save as a template. It takes 10 minutes, and in return, you get an ability to crawl your site in the most efficient manner.

Advanced Dashboard

Netpeak Spider  has two different types of dashboards, depending on crawling status. When crawling is active it shows the following info:

  • Number of crawled URLs
  • Number of pending URLs
  • Average speed (URLs/sec)
  • Active threads
  • Settings overview
  • Speed
  • Settings statuses
  • Restrictions

All this data allows tracking the crawling process to stop it in time if any settings are wrong or the crawling speed plummet (e.g., the site may have protection against crawlers).

Netpeak Spider Review– Advanced Dashboard

When crawling is complete or paused, another dashboard is shown. It displays:

  • Number of crawled URLs
  • Number of internal URLs
  • Number of URLs with Errors and Warnings
  • Number of compliant URLs
  • Charts and graphs showing essential data

Netpeak Spider Review– Data and Stats

Top-Notch Results Table

With the amount of data Netpeak Spider provides, it would be hell if it showed it in a primitive table. Fortunately, the results table is highly interactive.

Want to see URLs containing specific issue? Just click on the corresponding issue in a sidebar, and the results will be automatically filtered.

Netpeak Spider Review– Results table

You can also set custom filtering rules to filter down the results as much as you need. There are two logics available: AND & OR. As always, you can create filter templates for faster filtering.

Netpeak Spider Review– Filter Settings

For those who want to work on a particular part of the website in details, there’s an option to create segments. Just like in Google Analytics, you can set a segment based on a particular parameter, issue, or part of the website structure.

For example, here’s what you will see if you set images as a segment. All tabs will show data on image URLs.

Built-in Tools in Netpeak Spider

There are four built-in tools in Netpeak Spider : Internal PageRank Calculation, Sitemap Generator, XML Sitemap Validator, and Source Code and HTTP Headers Analysis. All of them extend crawler’s functionality and save you from using additional tools.

Internal PageRank Calculation

Disclaimer: This is not about that old PageRank score we all used to rely on. Internal PageRank is calculated based on the original PageRank formula created by Lary Page and Sergey Brin.

The tool analyzes internal linking on your site and calculates how much link weight each page has.

Netpeak Spider Review– Internal Pagerank

It allows analyzing how link weight is distributed across your site, where it concentrates, and where it leaks from your site. The algorithm detects such issues as dead-end pages, orphan pages, and internal redirects.

Sitemap Generator

You can create four types of sitemaps in Netpeak Spider : XML Sitemap, Image XML Sitemap, HTML Sitemap, and TXT Sitemap. The tool allows setting the last-modified date, change frequency, and priority for URLs in XML Sitemap. You can also compress your sitemaps into .gz archive. If the sitemap exceeds Google’s limits, a sitemap index file is created.

Netpeak Spider Review– Sitemap Creator

Sitemap Validator

If you already have an XML sitemap, you can validate it in Netpeak Spider. The tool checks XML sitemaps for more than 30 issues according to the Standard Sitemap Protocol.

Netpeak Spider Review– Sitemap Validator

Source Code and HTTP Headers Analysis

This tool allows getting HTTP response and request headers for a URL in one click. It also presents its source code in a handy way and extracts all text from the page.

Netpeak Spider Review– Source Code Generator

Advanced Scraping

One of the best features in Netpeak Spider is custom scraping. If you need to scrape any data from your or your competitors’ website, you can easily do it in the tool.

There are 4 types of web scraping in Spider: RegEx, Contains, CSS Selector, and XPath. Scraping can be used to find and extract emails, phone numbers, product prices, descriptions, number of shares, or literally anything you come up with.


Netpeak Spider offers more than 70 types of reports. You can export a report on any issue, current table with all the filtering you did, site structure, all links, URLs with anchors, etc.

As an icing on the cake, there’s a unique Express Audit of the Optimization Quality in PDF which collects all the essential data about your website and presents it using appealing graphs and charts.

Customer Support

In 2019, customer support plays a significant role in ratings of any tool. Netpeak Software offers comprehensive support of its products irrespective of whether you are a paid user or not. You can always contact the support via online chat, and they will help you with all your troubles considering the tool.

Netpeak Spider Review– Customer Support


For all the beginners and users learning the tool, there’s an Academy on basic SEO audit with Netpeak Spider, User Help Center, and blog with lots of material on SEO and digital marketing.

Netpeak Spider Pricing

Netpeak Spider  has a free 14-day trial which doesn’t limit using of any features, unlike other tools. When the trial is over, you can buy a license for 1, 3, 6, and 12 months.

Netpeak Spider Review– Netpeak Software

Pricing is quite flexible and depends on the number of licenses you buy and their period. Original price is $19/mo, but when you buy a 12-month subscription, it costs $182/year ($15/mo) which makes Netpeak Spider the most affordable advanced SEO crawler on the market.

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Conclusion: Netpeak Spider Review 2022 | Is It Worth Your Money?? Netpeak Spider Discount Coupon Code

Netpeak Spider is definitely among the best SEO tools out there. It offers a wide range of features and shows excellent performance.

Don’t just take my words for granted, as you can test it yourself with absolutely no cost. Sign up for a free trial and crawl your site as much as you need.



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