Free High PR Blog Directories list

20+ Top Free High Authority Blog Submission Sites Lists 2022


Getting top blog submissions sites 2022 for your blog is very tedious job, so today I am going to present you a wonderful list of High PR blog submission websites that will help you to get backlinks for your blog. These all sites are very good and if you use them for your blog , I am sure you will be benefited a lot. So why not use and start building quality backlinks.

Below I’ll share a list of free blog directories where you can submit you blog right after finish reading this posts. I have submitted my blog for those directories !!!! You can easily promote your blog through these websites.

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Free High PR Blog Directories list

 Free High Authority Blog Submission Sites/Directories Lists 2022


As of now, you might be aware of the SEO abbreviated as Search engine optimization. So, there will be many experts who are ready to provide you the SEO services. But, why to spend so much money on those experts when you can learn and do the same for your website. So, the SEO ranks are not like you have posted content and images and done. It is not like the fixed deposit of your bank. Google is updating their search algorithms only for its users. So, if the user spends more time on your SEO page then you will have the good SEO rank. But, if you don’t have the best SEO page then search engine algorithm will never pick your blog for its user.

Blog Submission For SEO

So, to ensure the SEO rank of your website the blog submission is essential for the SEO purpose. Blog submission is the best way for your SEO because here you will target the relevant keywords for your user. So, the user hits the keyword in the search engine and lands on your SEO page and they show the interest on your content. This is the way you earn traffic for your blog. So, you are dragging the attention of the visitors towards your blog with the blog submission which will eventually increase the traffic of your website.

Blog submission helps you to create a backlink for your SEO page. This is the best way to increase the authority of your website in the search engine. So, it will automatically increase the traffic of your website. If you are looking for the high ranking SEO then you must post the regular and good amount of content to your website.

The content is the king for your website and it will help you to boost the income to your website by keeping the users interested on the content. Blogs also don’t have the content and the keywords inserted into it. It also has the images, videos and audios which keep the users busy and improves the SEO scores as they will spend the longer time on your website.

Blog is considered as off page SEO optimization, so if you are having a blog for your website then you must have the best SEO page to boost the traffic of your website.

Now, you know the benefits of your blog submission in SEO, and then now you also should know the importance of having a blog. Blog is essential to get many backlinks for your website to get more traffic on your website. Google search engine algorithm is designed beautifully and they can easily track whether the content is the copy paste of content available on web. So, never copy paste the content from somewhere else and write the fresh piece of content with the relevant keywords inserted into the article naturally.

You must be good at branding if you are looking to build the regular audience for your website. So, start targeting the social media as social media is powerful when it comes to drive the traffic more for your website. Now, to ensure that the driven traffic on your website remains interested on the content you have posted then insert the audio and video clips for the readers to enjoy their content. The audio and video clips make it interesting for the users.

Drive More Traffic From Guest Blogging,

Another way to drive more traffic is guest blogging, so you will have to do some guest blogging to the popular websites and then the people will come to your blog to read about your content. This trick also helps to drive more traffic to your blog. Add tags to the content which is picked by the search engine algorithm easily. So, in short you are describing your data. Also, don’t forget to add the relevant images to your content.

Now, having the blog and not updating the blog with the fresh content on the regular basis doesn’t make sense. So, in this competitive world you should always post the content regularly. This will keep your regular visitors engaged and then you will have the good amount of traffic continuously on your website. Blog submissions are the essential factors to increase the SEO and traffic of your page as you are going to submit your blog in different websites which will get you the backlink and it will helpful to drive the traffic to your website.

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Conclusion: Free High Authority Blog Submission Sites 2022

Now, you know that just by posting content you will not get visitors on your website. You should also put efforts on other areas to enhance the count of visitors on your website. The road to popularity is not easy but once you reach there then there is no looking back. But, to reach there you have to put lot of efforts and the blog submission is one of them.

So, what are you waiting for go and submit your blog on the above mentioned websites and then increase the count of visitors on your website.

So, what are you waiting for go and enjoy the success and feel free to share more information to us so that we can keep others and ourselves updated.

So I hope you enjoy this great list and will submit your blog to these directories. So dont wait just go there and submit your blog and get more traffic to your blog.  If you have any more sites to share , please drop the links in the comments below!!!  I would be glad to know more keep sharing !!

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