Top 14+ Best Backlinks Checker Tool


Everyone in this online world cannot ignore the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) if he/she wants to flourish in the online world. It’s a fact that in today’s online era everyone is trying to get better Search Engine ranking than their competitors.

The most basic and important task with the SEO is the creation and the checking of the backlinks. Here in this article, I have come up with best Backlinks Checker Tools that will definitely help you in determining the backlinks linking to your website.

Most probably, you must be wondering why there is a need to check the backlinks for your site. That’s a good query, let us understand this. Let me start it from scratch.

Here the most important thing you need to understand that backlinks will help you in getting better SEO rankings. The backlinks are created when any website links to any of your website’s page. Backlinks will help you in gaining a better ranking on SERPs and also it improves the page rank of your website or webpage.

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So these are the reasons you should need a Backlink Checker Software. With the backlinks, you will get better page ranking along with the keyword ranking.

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Basically, there are two types of Backlinks:

  • Dofollow Backlinks- These links allow all search engines to follow them and just reach our website along with link juice and backlinks. If a webmaster is somehow linking back with this link then both the Search Engine and the Humans will able to follow you up.
  • Nofollow Backlinks- Here Nofollow links do not allow search engines bots to follow that link. This will pass on the link juice if the website owner is linking back with the Nofollow attributes. Here only humans will only follow that links not the search engines bots.

We should always concentrate on creating or gaining Dofollow backlinks. Now you have the idea that why you should create and check backlinks for your website. Let’s start with these Best Backlinks Checker Tools:

List Of 14 Top Backlink Checker Tool 2022

 1) Semrush

Semrush- Backlinks Checker Tool - Best Backlinks Checker Tool

Semrush is a highly powerful SEO tool. Semrush is not free too but, you can use its trial version for free. The best part about this tool is that it has an extensive database that will allow you to check the status of your web site’s backlinks, just in few seconds.

Here with Semrush, you can compare your site’s links with your competitor’s links. Many top bloggers are using this amazing Backlinks Checker Tool.

This tool will help you in developing your company’s advertising strategy along with the tracking of the direction of your business. It has 26 databases in about 25 counties and will monitor over 106 million keywords and 87 million domains.

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  • AdSense
  • Backlinks
  • Keyword Reseach
  • Position ranking
  • Organic Research
  • Crawl Audit tool
  • Domain-specific keyword ranking

2) AHrefs

 Ahrefs- Backlinks Checker Tool - Best Backlinks Checker Tool

This one is one of the Best Backlinks Checker Tools and basically, it is available as paid Backlink Auditor Tool. Just go nay try to register for the free account and here you will get the complete analysis of the Backlinks. It will also provide the anchor test analysis of your website.

This will provide a detailed account of the backlinks coming to your site. It will also show you whether your site’s links are increasing or decreasing. This one is also used by many online marketers.


  • Backlink Checker
  • SERP Checker
  • Keyword Generator
  • Broken Link Checker
  • Keyword Difficulty
  • Rank Tracker

3) Secockpit

With Secockpit, you can now easily and efficiently discover the backlinks of your competitors. We all know that getting data insights of competitor backlinks is not that easy and we can not do it manually without tools. Here, however, you can use this tool to extract data backlinks from your competitors.

SECockpit- Best Backlink Checker Tools

Obtaining data from the backlinks of some competitors is good, but it is better to know the most valuable backlinks from the top 10 to 100 sites for a particular keyword. Now you can perform this task with the tool in a few seconds.

 SECockpit- Best Backlink Checker Tools

This is exactly what Secockpit offers. With just a few clicks, this tool shows you the best backlinks options for specific keywords of your choice. Best of all, anyone can easily import this data into any format they want.


  • Just Search for backlinks instantly.
  • International Search Options for all countries and languages.
  • Top and unlimited backlink analysis data for you.
  • Find the most valuable backlinks in seconds hassle-free

4) Raven Tools

Raven Tool- Backlinks Checker Tool - Best Backlinks Checker Tool

Basically, this one is the most powerful online marketing platforms along with the numerous SEO tools. It has built-in can also do -in powerful Backlink Checker Tool with this you can do a comprehensive Backlink analysis. You can even the risk free14 days trail to make sure it suits you or not.

Here with this tool, you can easily detect the actual increase and decrease in the number backlinks directed to your website. The best to consider about this Back Link Checker Tool is they provide a detailed report about your website Backlink analysis.


  • Site Audits
  • Create white-label reports
  • Analyze Organic Performance
  • Automated Marketing Reports
  • Identify Potential Backlink Source


5) RankWatch

RankWatch is one of the best and reliable SEO Tool that provides a complete and detailed description of all aspects of digital and Internet marketing used by an online business. Consider the positioning, visibility and search capacity of a website in search engines as one of the main aspects of online marketing.

RankWatch- Best Backlink Checker Tool

This tool is basically developed with an elegant and easy-to-use user interface, RankWatch offers reliable tools that you can use for digital marketing campaigns, providing them with a detailed analysis of their website, URLs, backlinks, keywords and other SEO elements.

Basically, the goal of this online marketing software is to help users get as much data as possible about the SEO aspects of their online marketing campaigns and get better results from it.

RankWatch- Best Backlinks Checker Tools

This tool works incredibly for backlinks analysis of your competitors and you can use this tool to scrape data of your competitor’s backlinks. In RankWatch, the backlinks are calculated in seconds and are shown with several parameters, as well.  Like they will see the parameters like Recently added, the most used links to the main link domains.


  • Deep link report
  • Wide site vs. Non-Site Wide
  • Do Follow vs No Follow
  • Image against text
  • TLD distribution
  • The Strongest Page
  • Competitors Analysis
  • Website Analyzer
  • Email Alerts
  • Keyword Archive
  • Keyword Suggestions
  • Integrate with Google Analytics
  • Backlinks
  • CEO Dashboard

6) WebCEO

WebCEO is a cloud-based SEO platform with 15 professional SEO and marketing tools. The WebCEO feature includes a keyword search tool, a ranking tracking tool, SEO Audit, a linker, and web analytics and social media modules. WebCEO’s affordable packages are ideal for internal SEO teams and digital agencies as well.

WebCEO- Best Backlinks Checker Tools

This is one of the best and reliable backlinks checker tools to make sure they are powerful, relevant, diverse and suitable for hummingbirds. Just take a look at the toxic links that can penalize Google Penguin and replace the backlinks as quickly as possible with the help of backlinks checker tools.

With the white label domain function of WebCEO, users can set up their own domain where SEO tools are hosted with their own logo, header, footer, and custom design and that’s quite impressive.

WebCEO- Best Backlink Checker Tools

And the best part is that your colleagues and clients can participate in projects and collaborate or use SEO tools for their own projects hassle-free.  You can even set restrictions right for anyone who connects to your domain and allows them just limited access. With a white label domain, you can also publish your SEO reports. Your clients can log in with reading rights and see the SEO reports themselves without putting any efforts.

Key Features:

  • Unlimited Keyword Suggestions
  • Keyword Basket with tags
  • Rank Tracking
  • Local Rank checks
  • Technical Audit
  • SEO Analysis
  • Site Structure Optimization
  • Landing Page Analysis
  • Daily scanning on demand
  • Multi-user logins simultaneously
  • Backlink Quality Check

7) Majestic

 Majestic- Backlinks Checker Tools - Best Backlinks Checker Tool

Here Majestic SEO will provide you all the data you need to know about Backlink Analysis. This is the paid Backlink Checker Tool, but you can just use the free account facility just for accessing the Backlinks information. It will be helpful for SEO professional, Media Analyst along with the Developers,

It comes with loaded powerful SEO Tools like Backlink History Checker, Site Explorer and many more. The link checker software you will be getting here is top-notch. All the backlinks, subdomains and URLs will be detected by its web robots.


  • Bulk Backlink Checker
  • URL Submitter
  • Site Explorer
  • Keyword Checker
  • Rank Tracker

8) SpyFu

SpyFu is a cloud-hosted system focused on search marketing. Therefore, online marketers receive the secret formula of search marketing they need for their online marketing campaigns at a reasonable price and SpyFu is the great option available out there.

SpyFu- Best Backlink Checker Tools

SpyFu provides valuable information about the keywords and the most profitable natural search and payment ads used by competing vendors and provides users with competitive insights. And here the SEO and CPC professionals benefit from the advanced technology of the platform and create a more effective online marketing strategy that increases sales and attracts more customers as well.

With SpyFu, you can search for any domain and see where those domains appear on Google: all keywords purchased from Adwords, all organic rankings and all ad variations in the past 9 years.  Even the best part is that anyone can easily scrape the data of your competitor’s backlinks easily.


  • Domain Searches
  • Keyword Searches
  • Backlinks Searches
  • Organic Keywords
  • Paid Keywords
  • Data Exports
  • Unlimited Backlink Results
  • 9+ Years of Organic Ranking History
  • 9+ Years of AdWords History
  • Export Advanced Contact Info
  • Filter Sales Leads
  • In-Depth SEO Reports
  • AdWords Advisor Reports
  • Add Your Own Keywords
  • Backlinks Exports

9) Link-Assistant

Another top class Backlink Auditor Software and its SEO-SpyGlass features are the most powerful tools in the industry of backlinks analysis. Just by using this too you can easily find, monitor, analyze and compare the backlinks. The best mode of this tool is you can spy on your competitor’s link building.

LinkAssistance- Best Backlink Checker Tools


  • Rank Tracker
  • Website Auditor
  • SEO SpyGlass
  • Link Assistant

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10) Rank Signals

Rank Signals- Backlinks Checker Tools

Rank Signals is comprehensive Backlinks Checker tool as well as SEO software as undoubtedly the best tool for discovering the SEO Backlinks. Here this tool will also help you track the traffic source of your customers.

This Amazing tool will let you do competition analysis, identify your backlinks along with detecting Deleted and the Broken Links. It enables you to view Page rank, Alexa Rank and finding the Dofollow & Nofollow links.


  • Inbuilt Competition Analysis
  • Identify the Bad Links
  • Links Signals & Metrics
  • Rank Signal (Social Metrics)
  • Quick SEO Chrome Extension

11) ClearVoice

This one ClearVoice is another powerful Backlinks Checker tool. Here this tool will provide the best and comprehensive Backlink Analysis that will be good for new as well as old websites.

ClearVoice- Best Backlink Checker Tools

The best part about ClearVoice is it’s very quick and having a User-friendly interface.


  • Backlink Research
  • Keyword Research
  • Rank Tracking

12) Moz

Moz- Backlinks Checker tool

Moz is the most popular and undoubtedly the best Backlinks Checker Tool on the market. It will easily enable you to build high-quality inbound link profile. Here with this tool, you can do the accurate Backlink Research along with finding the link building opportunities along with discovering the harmful links with its Open Site Explorer Tool.

This tool will show the Blog Domain Authority along with the Page Authority. The best part this tool is trusted by the Search Engines which clearly shows that it will show only those Backlinks which are still active and getting clicks.


  • Rank Tracking
  • Keyword Research
  • Backlink Research
  • SEO Audit & Crawl

13) OpenLinkprofiler


If you really want to get quick and the best Backlinks Checker Tool for your blogs/websites then this one is classically built for you. It monitors the all the Backlinks on your site. This one is truly empowered with powerful and Backlink Monitor Tool.

Free link analysis tool- OpenLinkProfiler


  • Immediate Backlink Analysis
  • Free Link Research Tool


 14) Backlink Watch

 Backlink Watch- Backlinks Watch Tool

Here, this one also a free web-based Backlinks Checker Tool. This will provide the quick and easy backlink analysis, you should use this amazing tool. really it makes Backlinks checking tools really easy and probably the best Backlink Monitor Tool.


  • Link Building
  • Build Quality Backlinks
  • Web-Based Tool

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EndNote: Top Best Backlink Checker Tools In 2022

In this post I have tried my best in listing the best and the top Backlinks Checker Tool which is basically used by most of the successful bloggers, Webmasters, and SEO Professionals.

Now you are having the list, just choose one and build quality Backlinks and get the best ranking on SERPs. I hope this post suits your purpose well. Share this post with your friends on all the trending Social Media Platform.


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20+ Top Free High Authority Blog Submission Sites Lists 2022


Getting top blog submissions sites 2022 for your blog is very tedious job, so today I am going to present you a wonderful list of High PR blog submission websites that will help you to get backlinks for your blog. These all sites are very good and if you use them for your blog , I am sure you will be benefited a lot. So why not use and start building quality backlinks.

Below I’ll share a list of free blog directories where you can submit you blog right after finish reading this posts. I have submitted my blog for those directories !!!! You can easily promote your blog through these websites.

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Free High PR Blog Directories list

 Free High Authority Blog Submission Sites/Directories Lists 2022


As of now, you might be aware of the SEO abbreviated as Search engine optimization. So, there will be many experts who are ready to provide you the SEO services. But, why to spend so much money on those experts when you can learn and do the same for your website. So, the SEO ranks are not like you have posted content and images and done. It is not like the fixed deposit of your bank. Google is updating their search algorithms only for its users. So, if the user spends more time on your SEO page then you will have the good SEO rank. But, if you don’t have the best SEO page then search engine algorithm will never pick your blog for its user.

Blog Submission For SEO

So, to ensure the SEO rank of your website the blog submission is essential for the SEO purpose. Blog submission is the best way for your SEO because here you will target the relevant keywords for your user. So, the user hits the keyword in the search engine and lands on your SEO page and they show the interest on your content. This is the way you earn traffic for your blog. So, you are dragging the attention of the visitors towards your blog with the blog submission which will eventually increase the traffic of your website.

Blog submission helps you to create a backlink for your SEO page. This is the best way to increase the authority of your website in the search engine. So, it will automatically increase the traffic of your website. If you are looking for the high ranking SEO then you must post the regular and good amount of content to your website.

The content is the king for your website and it will help you to boost the income to your website by keeping the users interested on the content. Blogs also don’t have the content and the keywords inserted into it. It also has the images, videos and audios which keep the users busy and improves the SEO scores as they will spend the longer time on your website.

Blog is considered as off page SEO optimization, so if you are having a blog for your website then you must have the best SEO page to boost the traffic of your website.

Now, you know the benefits of your blog submission in SEO, and then now you also should know the importance of having a blog. Blog is essential to get many backlinks for your website to get more traffic on your website. Google search engine algorithm is designed beautifully and they can easily track whether the content is the copy paste of content available on web. So, never copy paste the content from somewhere else and write the fresh piece of content with the relevant keywords inserted into the article naturally.

You must be good at branding if you are looking to build the regular audience for your website. So, start targeting the social media as social media is powerful when it comes to drive the traffic more for your website. Now, to ensure that the driven traffic on your website remains interested on the content you have posted then insert the audio and video clips for the readers to enjoy their content. The audio and video clips make it interesting for the users.

Drive More Traffic From Guest Blogging,

Another way to drive more traffic is guest blogging, so you will have to do some guest blogging to the popular websites and then the people will come to your blog to read about your content. This trick also helps to drive more traffic to your blog. Add tags to the content which is picked by the search engine algorithm easily. So, in short you are describing your data. Also, don’t forget to add the relevant images to your content.

Now, having the blog and not updating the blog with the fresh content on the regular basis doesn’t make sense. So, in this competitive world you should always post the content regularly. This will keep your regular visitors engaged and then you will have the good amount of traffic continuously on your website. Blog submissions are the essential factors to increase the SEO and traffic of your page as you are going to submit your blog in different websites which will get you the backlink and it will helpful to drive the traffic to your website.

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Conclusion: Free High Authority Blog Submission Sites 2022

Now, you know that just by posting content you will not get visitors on your website. You should also put efforts on other areas to enhance the count of visitors on your website. The road to popularity is not easy but once you reach there then there is no looking back. But, to reach there you have to put lot of efforts and the blog submission is one of them.

So, what are you waiting for go and submit your blog on the above mentioned websites and then increase the count of visitors on your website.

So, what are you waiting for go and enjoy the success and feel free to share more information to us so that we can keep others and ourselves updated.

So I hope you enjoy this great list and will submit your blog to these directories. So dont wait just go there and submit your blog and get more traffic to your blog.  If you have any more sites to share , please drop the links in the comments below!!!  I would be glad to know more keep sharing !!

You can also Join BloggersIdeas on Facebook Google+ for more similar updates.


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Top 5 Ubersuggest Alternatives 2022


Are you looking for the greatest Ubersuggest alternatives?

For a successful SEO strategy to be made, put into action, and tracked, you need a platform that does everything. Ubersuggest is a popular all-in-one SEO toolkit that is most often used to research keywords.

But because it doesn’t have enough depth or metrics, you should look at Ubersuggest alternatives to see what they might be doing better.

Before we talk about the best Ubersuggest alternatives, we’ll look at what makes Ubersuggest popular and what its pros and cons are.

Why Choose Ubersuggest? 

Ubersuggest Dashboard: Ubersuggest Alternatives

Ubersuggest is a freemium platform, which means that many of its features can be used for free with some restrictions.

It’s popular with SEO beginners, bloggers, and freelancers because it’s easy to use and doesn’t cost much to subscribe to.

Each plan also comes with an SEO training course that walks you through each step, email support, and a coaching session every two weeks. With all of these tools, Ubersuggest is a great choice if you want some extra help and direction.

However, Ubersuggest lacks technical SEO features or deep insights, which makes it not the best tool for monitoring and improving your site’s SEO strategy.

If you’ve already used the tool, you might be ready to look for alternatives to Ubersuggest.

Price: Prices range from $38/month for the entry-level plan to $130/month for the agency plan.

Pros Cons
Analyze your organic traffic, backlinks, and top pages on a monthly basis. More niche markets have limited results/data. The best use of Ubersuggest is for mainstream industries with a lot of results.
Using this tool, you can discover keywords that Google Keyword Planner does not list. Neither mobile-optimized nor mobile-app-compatible, so it’s only viable on desktops.
Local SEO for businesses requires access to location-based data. Tracking of social media is not allowed.
When viewing keywords in a word cloud, they are easier to identify than when they are displayed in a standard grid or list. Reports cannot be customized.
Images, News, Shopping, and YouTube are all good places to search for keywords. There is no monitoring of brands.

5 Ubersuggest Alternatives To Try 

1. SE Ranking

SEranking: Ubersuggest Alternatives

An All-in-one platform for SEO SE Ranking is a good alternative to Ubersuggest because it has a dashboard that is easy to use and understand. There are over 300,000 users of SE Ranking, an SEO toolkit worth paying attention to as it adds new features.

As a cloud-based service, SE Ranking can be accessed through any web browser. There’s no need to download anything or update the software.

One of the best tools that come with the platform is the keyword rank tracker. It shows how your site’s most important keywords have been ranked in the past on major search engines like Bing, Google, and Yahoo.

You can also see how your rankings are different on desktop computers and mobile devices.

Price: SE Ranking’s pricing is based on how many keyword rankings you want to check, how often you want to check them, and how long you want to subscribe. Plans begin at $23.40 per month and keep going up.

SE Ranking vs Ubersuggest

Pros Cons
To acquire new customers, agencies use Lead Generator. It is often difficult for SEO experts to make balanced decisions about web pages based on the data provided by tools – for example, backlink analysis tools are not comprehensive enough.
Check the optimum optimization of your pages for specific queries or keywords using the on-page checker. It does not provide as many detailed metrics as other platforms, such as Google Analytics. There is no analysis of SERPs or competitive density.
Analyze 15 different parameters including social popularity, Google index status of each link, Moz Domain Authority, and Majestic Trust Flow to determine your site’s backlinks. The platform and SEO strategy aren’t supported by resources such as webinars.
Automate the delivery of custom reports to clients. It can take a while for data to load.
Keyword Grouper helps you plan PPC keywords, segment organic keywords, and build an overall keyword strategy. Rankings appear after a day’s delay.

Best for: Companies seeking a feature-rich all-in-one SEO tool at a reasonable price.

Start your SE Ranking 14-Day FREE Trial

2. SEO PowerSuite

SEO PowerSuite Ubersuggest Alternatives

SEO PowerSuite is different from the other tools on this list because it is desktop software that you can download. SEO PowerSuite is a set of four different SEO tools. It works best for deep site audits and analyzing your site’s technical SEO data.

It’s also great for figuring out what your competitors are doing right in their SEO strategies and how you might be able to beat them.

The “Look for Prospects” feature of SEO PowerSuite is one of its best. It searches the web for the best link-building opportunities for your site.

Price: You can use a freemium version of the tools for free, but you can’t copy or export data. An Enterprise Plan costs $699 per year and a Professional Plan costs $299 per year.

SEO PowerSuite vs Ubersuggest

Pros Cons
Check keyword rankings unlimited times – Ubersuggest allows up to 200 rankings per project. This tool is not suitable for large SEO teams since each user must purchase a full-priced license.
There is no limit to the number of projects you can create – Ubersuggest allows 15 in its top tier plan. It takes a long time to install SEO PowerSuite on a desktop computer.
Per the site, you can analyze an unlimited number of backlinks. There is no bi-weekly coaching and Q&A as Ubersuggest.
Your site’s monthly traffic via a search term estimated monthly page views if your site ranks no.1 for a specific keyword, and estimated monthly PPC costs can all be viewed here. Having to install more software is a consequence of frequent application updates.
With automatic platform updates, you can adapt to changes in key search engine algorithms. You cannot subscribe to the tool on a monthly basis, which is a downside if you’d like to try it out before making a purchase.

Best for: Search engine optimization experts who want in-depth backlink analysis and comprehensive site audits.

Try SEO PowerSuite for FREE

3. Serpstat

SERPStat: Ubersuggest Alternatives

Serpstat is another cheap alternative to Ubersuggest that is especially good for keyword research.

Serpstat may not be as deep as SEMrush or other similar platforms, but since it’s a newer addition, they’re always adding new features and growing.

Serpstat is also a great way to look at your own domain and the domains of your competitors. In fact, the platform has information on about 180 million domains.

If you have a larger marketing team that needs to use Serpstat at the same time, the platform has generous multi-user plans that make it much easier to work together without having to buy multiple licenses or plans.

Price: Starting at $69/month, the Enterprise Plan rises to $499/month at the top of the line.

Serpstat vs Ubersuggest

Pros Cons
Determine whether your backlinks are positively or negatively impacting your rankings by analyzing the domains from which they originate. Metrics such as keyword difficulty and domain authority can be inaccurate.
Find out which keyword ranks highest for any given keyword. Comparatively, Ahrefs and SEMrush have the smaller keyword and link databases.
Use the Batch Analysis tool to compare 200 domains at once. Not all Google Ads are located.
Find out what keywords your competitors are using for paid advertising. Searches with low traffic have limited data.
Dashboard with intuitive features that are easy to use. Tracking of social media is not allowed.

Best for: Businesses that want an all-in-one SEO toolkit for less money and don’t need a lot of complicated and technical data to get started with their strategy.

Try Serpstat for FREE

4. LongTailPro

LongTailPro - Overview

LongTailPro is a keyword research tool that is known for its ability to give you thousands of valuable long-tail keywords that should help you rank higher than your competitors.

No matter if you’re starting a new site or changing your SEO strategy, it’s important to find those profitable and high-value keywords. Keyword research is an ongoing process, so you need to use powerful software to find long-tail phrases that no one else is using yet.

Price: Annual Starter Plans are $25/month, while Annual Agency Plans are $98/month.

LongTailPro vs Ubersuggest

Pros Cons
Simple software that is easy to use. It may take a while for results to load.
Take advantage of our ‘How to videos to make the most of the platform. Backlink analysis and other SEO tools are not available.
View LongTailPro’s analysis of a competitor’s keyword strategy. One user is allowed on the Starter Plan.
Utilize search volume, CPC bids, and rank value to create keyword filters. A daily limit applies to seed keyword searches – unlimited searches are not available.
Calculate the viability of a keyword on a scale of 1-100. The Apply filters button does not always work.

Best for SEO managers who want to find competitive long-tail keywords and phrases without using any other tools.

5. Semrush

SEMrush Review

SEMrush is a powerful SEO toolkit that has everything you need. It is one of the most popular and serious SEO platforms because 6 million people around the world trust it.

Even though SEO is the main focus of SEMrush, it also has tools for optimizing social media, content, paid ad campaigns, and PR.

Some of SEMrush’s standout features include: 

  • Over 20 billion keywords are stored in this database.
  • Analyzing organic traffic and performance for any site. 
  • 30.8 trillion backlinks in an expansive database.
  • Effective competitor research requires side-by-side domain comparisons.
  • As of 2020, 190 countries will have access to the Market Explorer tool.
  • Within Semrush, there is an ad tool for Facebook & Instagram that allows users to create ads

With SEMrush, it’s easy to separate data, add filters, and do research based on a topic. Then, it’s easy to export all of these results so that you can look them up later.

Pro plans cost $119.95 per month. A Business Plan costs $449.95 per month, while a Guru Plan costs $229.95 per month. There are discounts for paying for a year at a time.

Semrush vs Ubersuggest

Pros Cons
Using the unique Market Explorer tool, you can gain a better understanding of consumer demographics through market interests. Inaccurate data is often reported, especially concerning ad spending.
The social media tracker shows you the most engaging content on social media. As dashboards are highly technical and complex, adapting to them takes time.
To improve your brand image, you can monitor social media and the web for feedback on your brand. Lists of keywords cannot currently be saved within the platform – they must be exported as Excel files.
With SEMrush, you can run PPC campaigns effectively. In the results, only data from Google is provided – no data from other search engines is provided.
You can use an SEO writing tool to improve the readability of your content and optimize it for keywords. Ubersuggest is much less expensive than SEMrush, and its free trial is only for 7 days.

Best for: Companies seeking a comprehensive and highly technical SEO platform that can manage both organic and PPC campaigns.

Quick Links:


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Top 10+ Best FREE Website Speed Test Tools In (2022)


The speed of a website matters a lot in getting higher SEO ranking, lower bounce rates, high conversion rates and longer visitors on site along with the better user experience. Websites speed is very critical to its success. So here we go, with the best Website Speed Test tools with top-notch specification and user experience.

If we do have the resources then why we are not taking advantage of it, means you should use these Website Speed Test Tools to get the optimal performance of your website. The benefit of having these tools is they will help you in getting better SEO ranking than ever before.

Here in this post, I will cover the importance of Website Speed in getting better SEO ranking along with the best higher SEO ranking. So don’t pause it here, just stick to the post let your page load faster with the provided list of Best Website Speed Test tools.

What is Page Speed? 

Page speed basically determines how fast the content of your page loads. You can call it as “page loading time” the total time which is being taken for displaying the content of a specific page. Here it can also relate to “time to the first byte” means that the total time taken by the browser for the first-byte information about your website server.

Its totally depend on you, how you measure page speed but having a faster page speed will give a user best experience on your website. You should focus on page speed along with website speed if you want to make your online business profitable than ever before.

How to speed up your Website?

Here, I will come up with few ways through which you can easily increase your page speed. Don’t wait just go through it:

Enable Compression:

The file compression is very important. You can use GZIP Compression for reducing the size of the files on your website. Here this will help you in reducing the sizes of CSS, HTML and JavaScript files that have more than 150-byte size.

Here, for reducing the size of images you can go for a program like Photoshop. It will really help you in retaining the control over the quality of the images.

Minify JavaScript, HTML and CSS:

When you optimize your code and remove (commas, spaces along with another unnecessary character) by doing this you will increase your page speed.

The best thing you can do, just remove the code comments, formatting and the unused code. You should use YUI Compressor for both the CSS and JavaScript.

Reduce Redirects:

Just in case of the page redirect, all the visitors need to sacrifice is their time they have to wait for HTTP request-response cycle to complete.

Use Browser Caching:

Brow cache holds many pieces of information such as JavaScript files, images, style sheets and many more. So make sure when a visitor comes to your site again, the browser doesn’t get involved in reloading the entire page.

You can use many tools available in the market to set the expiration date of your cache. All you need to do is set your ‘expires’ header just for knowing the information will be cached for how long. When you do use the browser caching, your website may make use of cached version.

Use CDN: Content Delivery Network

As mentioned above, CDN is also used as a content distribution network, basically are networks of servers that is indulged for distributing the load of the delivering content.

They just store the copies of your site at multiple centers so that it helps users in accessing your site faster than before.

Check out:

Optimize Images:

The important factors that decide the loading time of any pages are the images used in that page. Just make sure that the images you are using on your website are fully optimized. The size of the images should be low and should contain the alternative text.

The best-suited image format is PNGs that generally suits the graphics and it has less than 16 colors while the JPEGs are quite good for photographs. Make sure all the images are compressed for the web.

Use CSS sprites for creating the templates for images that can be used by you on your site when needed. Here CSS will combine your images into a large image which can easily load at all once. You can also choose software like Photoshop for compressing the image file size.

Check out:

Website Speed Test tools are helpful in many ways like:

  • It analyzes HTTP headers.
  • Testing Time to First Byte.
  • It checks rendering speed in a different browser.
  • It checks the performance from the different locations.
  • It will help in determining render-blocking CSS or JavaScript.
  • It will find out large images that basically results in bottlenecks.
  • It will pinpoint scripts, fonts, and plugins which cause the load time issue.

I am assuring you making your website loads faster will definitely offer you lots of advantages. You will certainly get high ranking on SERPs along with achieving the consistent conversion rates for sales.

It will also minimize the bounce rates that will definitely maximize the amount of time that a user will spend on your site. Here I have listed the top-notch free Website Speed Test tools that will let you optimize the performance of your website.

Top-Notch  Website Speed Test Tools

1.Pingdom Website Speed Test

                        Pingdom- Website Speed Test

Pingdom is the market leader in the website monitoring services. It is the absolutely free website speed testing tool.  For a newbie who is willing to monitor his/her website the, Pingdom is made for them. Here Pingdom will display your entire site’s request in a waterfall view.

Here in this tool, you will get a different perspective on improving the performance of the website. It will offer speed performance rating and score out of 100. But the rating is broken down into 12 criteria and each of them gives an individual score.

The best part about Pingdom is it will store all the results of the tests performed by you right on your website so that you can easily compare the improvements time by time.

The test results will be summarized manner which includes the performance grade, response codes and the content size. But this will not support the HTTP/2 when you perform a speed test.

2. Google PageSpeed Insights

 Google PageSpeed Insights- Website Speed Test

No doubt, Google PageSpeed Insights is the best option you have got for analyzing and grading the performance along with the speed of your website. Here the analysis results will be based on 1-100 scale.  You will get the high score if you have done website optimization very well.

This tool is published and developed by Google. Here this tool will also improve recommendation on speeding the performance up of your website. You can also magnify CSS along with the performance of your website. This tools really work in a different way like:

The first one is basically known as time above the fold. As it measures the actual time taken when any users request a new page and at that moment the browser shows up the fold content. Moving on to the second one.

Here the second one is basically known as the time to full-page load. As it will measure the actual time taken when a user requests a new page and at that moment the browser fully loads the entire page.

The best part about this tool is that it has an additional category for the reports of the mobile websites. And this one named as the ‘User Experience” category. The reports you will be getting here can be shared and sent to clients and anyone you want to share.

3. Gtmetrix

GTmetrix- Website Speed Test Tool

GTmetrix is another popular website speed testing and analyzing tool. Really it is easy to use and perfect for newbies. Its analysis combines the performance and the recommendations offered by Google Page Speed Insights. That is why GTmetrix is the perfect solution for all the speed optimization needs.

Here this tool will offer top-level data speed analysis. It shows the summary right at the top of the page which is giving the information related to page load time, page size along with the number of requests. This will show the list of your request in a Waterfall Chart so that you can easily find out the problem areas.

Here with GTmetrix, you can create a free account that will allow you to save the last 20 test. Even you can compare the historical data. GTmetrix also supports HTTP/2 speed testing.

4. WebPage Test

WebPage Test- Website Speed Test & Performance Tools

The brain behind this amazing tool is of Patrick Meenan, the Chrome engineer at Google.  WebPage Test is basically an open source project. Here with this tool, you can perform a free website test from multiple locations using legit browsers like IE, Chrome etc.

If you need any additional data from the speed test then advanced users should go with this handy tool. It has the advanced testing capability like multi-step transactions, content blocking, change the connection speed and more. It also comes with Waterfall charts along with the resource landing report. This information will help you in making the required improvements to your site.

The best thing about this tool is that it supports HTTP/2 so that you can easily test the performance of WordPress website. You should go with these handy tools as it provides the advanced as well as basic information.

5. Dotcom-Monitor

Dotcom-Monitor Website Speed Test

Dotcom-Monitor will offer lots of useful tools for free. It will allow you to quickly test the speed of your website from the 25 location from all over the world. Here you have the option choose the different browser such as IE, Firefox, Chrome and Andriod and Windows Phone.

This tool will provide the web performance report that includes:

  • Comprehensive Waterfall Chart
  • 10% of fastest elements
  • 10% of slowest elements
  • Error check along with diagnosis

6. KeyCDN 

KeyCDN- Website Speed Test

Here, KeyCDN will offer you a free website speed testing tool with user-friendly interface. The simple page speed test will offer the waterfall breakdown along with the website preview. It provides the test in the 14 different locations all over the world. And it gives the total download time of your assets from that physical location.

Here you can run privately as well as a public test which can be shared for the future reference. The breakdown report you will get has an overview of the request method HTTP status codes, content size, and file size along with the total download time. The  KeyCDN we speed test tool will also support HTTP/2.

7. YslowKeyCDN- Website Speed Test

Yslow is basically Yahoo’s page performance tool. This one is basically comprehensive website speed testing tool and the tool needs to be installed as an add-on for your browser.

Yslow is completely free tool and it supports the entire browser all the browsers. It basically focuses its analysis on 23 factors and it offers an extensive analysis based on these factors. Here it will grade for each of these areas that will give you score from A to F. And with that, you can easily spot your weaker areas. And with this tool, you can unleash the target species.

8. Google Mobile Speed Testing Tool

 Google Mobile Speed Testing Tool

If your website is not mobile friendly then it will definitely crucial to your success. And most time if your website is not friendly then Google most probably abandon that website. This is the reason for making your website mobile friendly you should use this Google Mobile Speed Testing Tool.

This tool is powered by Google Page Speed Insights and it is mainly for the marketers and the agencies. Here this tool will deliver the easy to understand optimization reports.

You have the option to get your reports right your email or have them forwarded to your developer. The overall site performance will be evaluated and you will get the score out of 100. It will totally depend on the set up of your WordPress website.

9. Varvy PageSpeed Optimization

Varvy PageSpeed Optimization- Website Speed Test

This one also a Website Speed Test tool that has been developed and maintained by Patrick Sexton. This man also created the that is primarily known as Moz  Local. The reports that are shown by this tool will be in five different sections along with the resource diagram, CSS delivery, JavaScript Usage, Page Speed and the service speed.

For blocking render on your website just use this tool make use of the graphical representation. Here this tool offers the documentation for the optimizing your website right with the tutorials that will cover the various site issues like defer loading JavaScript and many more.

10. Sucuri Load Time Teste

Sucuri- Website Speed Test Tool

This one also one of the handy tool for the Website Speed Test. This tool will allow you to test the performance of any of the site from across the globe including more than 5 locations. This tool will show the time taken from each location, performance grade along with the average response.

Using his tool is very easy and helps you know the actual time taken to connect to your website along any page to be fully loaded. Here this tool will show “time to first byte” value. With that, you will come to know the time it really took for the content just to sent back to the browser along with the starting the processing of the page.

Also, read:

Moving on to the conclusion part,

EndNote: Website Speed Test

So, we end up with these Top 10 Best Website Speed Test tool that will really help you out in finding your Website load time. Do let me know if you are using Website Speed Test tool on your site in the comment section along with your valuable feedback.

I hope you find this post useful, do share this post with your friends and colleagues on the entire trending social media platform.


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List of Top 10 SEO Addons for Mozilla Firefox 2022


Firefox is a very secure and safe search engine from the Mozilla group. It works on all the platforms which includes Mac, Windows and Linux, and is verified by many of its users including me that its UI is very impressive and user-friendly.

What more attractive about this search engine is that you can modify it to your liking and requirements through additional add-ons and themes.

For webmasters and bloggers wants more and more traffic to their blog, SEO (search engine optimization) is a main feature they need to work on. To make it simple to carry out the SEO which is required for websites, there is an availability of various Firefox SEO add-ons, which are very easy to download and use.

Here, I have listed top 10 SEO add-ons for Firefox that you can amalgamate with your Firefox browser to create your search engine customization and link building life easier when browsing, searching and comparing.

Making use of these SEO add-ons in your Firefox will surely slash the time for searching the data and gives you more time to customize your sites. Below I have made a list of the popular SEO add-ons which are in use by me and are very helpful in surveying the site’s SEO.

1) SeoQuake SEO Extension

SeoQuake SEO Extension

SEO Quake is a very popular SEO tool and is used for analyzing different stricture like the Google Page Rank to showcase the page rank of present page, SEMrush, Alexa Rank, Google index and many more.

The stricture can be enabled as well as disabled in the preference column of SEOquake. Once the installation is complete, you will see a bar below in each of the links searched.

This add-on can be used to confirm the Google Page Rank of all the internal pages for any website or blog. Just type the name of you website with extension in the Google search.

2) SEO Toolbar by SEOmoz 

SEO Toolbar by SEOmoz

SEO Toolbar by SEOmoz is again a very popular SEO tool to verify SEO factors like Domain Authority, Page, Mozrank, the domains and URL’s SERP overlay with in-depth links metics and linking to the page.

The analyze option which gives you detailed page elements which then verifies for factors like meta description, title tag and header tags. Page attributes verifies for webpage load times, Meta robots.

And yes! If you are premium member, you can access more features. The open site explorer gives information on linking domains, inbound links, advanced reports and anchor text. To get more out of this, you need to be a paid member of SEOmoz.

3) SEO Doctor 

SEO Doctor Add ons for Firefox

SEO Doctor verifies for many factors mainly based on image, Google webmaster and SEO starter guidelines and provides score. It also comes with other features like links which displays the number of external links, Visits, which shows the number of visitors visited and the backlinks which displays the backlinks number count for the domain.

This tool will also verify for any type of problem and will give the score for your webpage. In the status bar you will be able to see flag indication in different colors to indicate the webpage’s SEO score.

If the flag is green then everything is going great guns. If yellow flag, means a noncritical warning, and if you see a red flag then there are few elements which needs attention and can be improved.

4) SenSEO 

SenSEO Add ons for Firefox

Sensational SEO, commonly known as SenSEO does not require restarting after the installation is complete.

It verifies for the webpage essential elements like checks forMeta description, title and Meta keywords, also includes more features like verifying the domain, URL path, headlines, page load time and micro data. Once the installation is over, the SenSEO search icon can be seen in the search bar.

5) Foxy SEO Tool 

Foxy SEO Tool Add ons for Firefox

Foxy SEO tool makes the search simpler and gives SEO tools for verification like Google links which has the Google pictures which searches for pictures used in the site, Google PageRank, Google news which gives tool to verify the PageRank of the given site.

Same types of links are verified for Bing and Yahoo. The also gives Traffic option to verify the site’s traffic from compete, alexa, Google Trends and quant cast.

You will also be able to verify whether the website is listed in some of the elite directories like Yahoo directory and DMOZ, Delicious, Technorati and others options which include Misc, Keyboard and the Network.

6) SEO & Website Analysis 

SEO Website Analysis Add ons for Firefox

This tool comes from the people from and gives in-depth analysis with 50 plus SEO factors. When the installation is over, a “W” icon can be seen in the bottom right corner when clicked gives the woorank out of 100 and generates the in depth report.

The report verification of the site and gives the particulars on errors to be fixed and top importance which needs to be acted upon and also checks for number of SEO parameters like links, content, authority, keywords and backlinks.

 7) SEO Blogger 

The SEO Blogger tool comes from Wordtracker and gives keyword research tool to customize the article. The “W” icon will be seen in the bottom right corner of your Firefox browser status bar.

When the icon is clicked, the tool will be available in the left area of the browser display. When the keyword is typed, the tool will suggest for number of keywords.

8) Affilorama SEO Tool 

Affilorama SEO Toolbar Add ons for Firefox

Affilorama SEO tool is an easy to use toolbar which gives analysis on Alexa Traffic, PageRank, and Backlinks for the site in Yahoo and Google, indexing info and on-page detail info like Meta keywords, Meta description, title, link scanner which colorizes the external links in the website and info on domain.

The tool when downloaded can be seen in the right corner of your Firefox browser’s address bar. To get more option, just right click on the link which is next to Alexa.

9) SEO Workers Web Page SEO Analysis Tool 

SEO Workers Web Page SEO Analysis Tool Add ons for Firefox

This tool verifies the site for SEO and creates the report on HTTP Meta tags, headers, keywords, image alt tags and URL’s Keywords in anchor. After each aspect, Google webmaster help video is incorporated for better understanding of the things.

10) Backlink Explorer 

Backlink Explorer Add ons for Firefox

Backlink Explorer gives analysis on backlink to website making in use few popular tools like Opensite Explorer, Blekko, Majestic SEO, Alexa and Bing. For some of the tools, you need to be a paid member to see the detailed report on Backlinks.

After the installation of this add-on, there is no restart required and to verify the options click, which is on the “BE” icon and is located in the status bar.

So that is it for my top 10 SEO add-ons for Mozilla Firefox. I know there are many toolbars available which I have not covered because those might or might not be helpful to everyone. But I bet! The ones I have mentioned are useful for most of my readers.

There is one thing you should always keep in mind though: the more add-ons you install, the response from the Firefox will eventually get slower. And it’s not a rare fact that my browser gulps in memory of some gigabytes.

So make sure you choose the toolbars which you need the most, and which suits you.

Also make sure that you don’t have more than two or three toolbars installed – however, I really don’t want to stay without a great setup as it makes my daily routine work so much better organized.

So what are your views about this article? Do let me know in the comments.


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Interview with Tony John from Techulator and Top SEO Strategies


As part of our BloggersIdeas interview series, today we have Intellectual Tony John sir Founder of techulator, & many other blogs. Today he will be sharing his knowledge on SEO marketing strategies, blog marketing & blog engagement strategies. He has wide range of  experience with  traffic generation, Affiliate management  & has worked with many big brands.

So lets get started with Tony sir.

Tony John  Founder of techulator,

Thank you Jitendra, for inviting me to this interview. I’m glad to spend some time with you and your readers and share whatever I learnt so far.

 Thank you Tony Sir, for your time. Let me get started straight away. How long have you been blogging?

I started my first blog in 1998, without knowing it is going to be called a blog. In fact, it was created just for fun and I was posting my personal achievements and experience there. I never thought it would evolve as a big business eventually.

1998 to 2014 – that’s a long journey! I don’t think there are any other Indian bloggers who have that much experience to claim. How do you feel about your blogging life so far?

Yes, it’s an eventful journey indeed. Blogging went through a lot of changes in the last one decade. When I started, it was called “web log” and the term “blog” came up later. There was no term called “search engine optimization” at that time, even though we were applying various strategies to rank our websites better.

During the early stages, we all blogged for fun and with passion. There were no monetary benefits involved. Even in wildest dreams, I never thought I could make money out of it. Google introduced AdSense program in 2003 and that changed my life. Once I started using AdSense, I realised the true potential of blogging. Within next few years, I started several new blogs and many of them are getting millions of page views per month.

Niche site vs Authority Site. Which is best and why? What are the pros and cons of both?

That depends on your goals. If your goal is develop an authority site, then that’s what you need to aim for. If your goal is money, then the situation is a bit tricky. Authority sites are very hard to build, operate and maintain. For example, my blog is pretty popular and gets good traffic. But my cost to build this blog was pretty high. It took years of hard work and dedication to bring that blog into its current state.

However, in case of niche blogs like, it takes just a few days of efforts and then virtually no running costs. So, in terms of ROI, niche blogs are generally preferable, unless you have a big budget and long term strategies.

However, in case of authority blogs, if you succeed in building credibility and traffic, you could make really good money in the long run. Advertisers are willing to spend huge money on well established blogs.

How people react when they know you are Internet Entrepreneur? 

I have had a lot of experience. Many times, it is very hard to convince people about my profession. Most people won’t understand what I do and when they do understand, they would want to quit their job and start a blog!

Recently, I visited a few designer houses in our city to get some ideas for building our own home. One of those house owners asked me about my profession and he could not understand anything about it. At the end, he asked just one question:

So, your father would has earned enough for you build a house, right?”. It was the first time someone asked me that question on my face but many others would have thought the same in their mind. It is hard to convince people about making money from internet.

Please tell us about yourself and your educational background ?

I am coming from a typical Kerala village. I had never seen a computer until I joined my Masters in Computer Applications course. I possess B.Sc in Physics, B.Ed in Physics and MCA degrees. 

Is the future for link building dark or is link building dead already? If it’s alive, then your 2 cents on the best link building practices?

Most of the common link building strategies no longer work. Unfortunately, majority of the SEO service providers are not aware of the changes in the SEO world. They still depend on the old ways of blog commenting, forum commenting and guest posting.

Currently, link building still works but has to be done very carefully and slowly. Guest posting is the most efficient method which will work, if and only if done in a very limited manner.

How important is the ratio between followed and nofollowed links? 

It’s hard to read Google’s mind! They never revealed anything about this. According to my experiments, there is no fixed ratio. It depends on several other factors and overall ranking of the site. In some cases, Google would count the no-follow links as well and in some other cases, it doesn’t. Personally, I never care for the do-follow or no-follow. When I try to get a link from other sites, I do not specify whether it has to do-follow or no-follow. I will leave it to the other website to decide what kind of link to give.

Suppose today a freelancer started giving his own digital marketing services, what all strategies he should apply to get his website successful ?

If someone is offering digital marketing strategies, the first thing he has to do is, market his own business very well. In fact, I do get a lot of emails offering SEO services. I usually ask them how do their own websites rank in Google search results. They won’t respond to me after that!

A digital marketing person should be able to apply the best SEO practices on his own website and get it in the top few results of Google search for his keywords. A strong social media profile and a good portfolio to prove his work history are really important.

How to increase brand presence on social media, when someone says negatives about your brand , how should brand organizers should react ?

That’s a challenge faced by many big brands. The big brands have limitations on going after every comment about them and explain their stand. That’s where the PR companies come into picture. In many cases, some one would have some personal issues on a big brand and might choose to post negative remarks everywhere. A PR company could follow all discussions about their clients and could explain the reality behind it.

How did you enter into blogging, why did you choose blogging over your IT career. What kind of experiences you have while working in IT company ?

I started blogging just out of curiosity to check out how the web works. I was living in USA at that time and I had plenty of free time in the guest house where I was staying. One of my friends showed me his personal website and that’s where I got started with my first blog.

I was working as a software consultant at that time. Blogging was a hobby which I was doing at my free time. I started making money from it by 2004 and by about 2010, I started making more money from blogging than my prestigious job in USA as a software architect.

When I was working in the software field, I was focusing on programming and technology related blogs. Every day, I learnt new things at work, which I translated into blogs when I come home in the evening. Also, for the sake of blogging, I learnt a lot new things, which helped me in the job. Thus, by blog and job mutually helped each other to perform better in both the fields.

In 2011, I quit my job in USA and returned to India, after living there for more than a decade. I decided not to work anymore in the IT field and chose to live a semi-retired life to live the life in the way I want it.

How is your life after returning to India? 

Well, I faced a few challenges after returning to India. Since I was away from the country for more than 10 years, lot of things looked unfamiliar to me. I had to re-learn how to deal with everyday problems like dealing with government offices, utilities etc. In US, life is a lot more fun and people enjoy their life. In India, most people are struggling to live a decent life and having fun is nothing more than watching a movie or visiting a shopping mall.

I’m not talking about the elite class who enjoy everything in life, but I am referring to the common men and women. My children had a lot of trouble in adapting to our education system but everything fine now. 

What advises you would give to newbie bloggers who wants to continue their blogging journey and want to quit their jobs for that? Is it easy to leave job & start blogging, what is your take on this?

Don’t quit your job just by seeing some dollars in your AdSense account. I quit my job after blogging for more than 13 years and also only after I earned enough from it. The AdSense income could stop anytime. Or, an algorithm change could wipe out the traffic of your blogs. Quitting a good job by seeing the short term revenue from your blogs wouldn’t be a wise decision. I have written an article that talks about my experience and some tips for those who like to quit their job to become a fulltime blogger.

There are thousands of people who attempted to make blogging their full time career but only a few became successful. I would strongly recommend you to try blogging as part time job for a few years and then make a decision. In my case, I am not making any extra money by switching to full time blogging. I was making pretty much the same revenue even when I was doing it part time.

How many websites you are having currently.How much money you are making from them ?

I’m currently running about 40 websites but only 5 of them are really active. My active blogs are,,,, etc. It may look odd to share the revenue reports publicly but let me tell you that I was making more money from my blogs than my salary as a software architect in a multinational company in USA. So, you can guess the figures. Many other professional bloggers are sharing their revenue reports.

You can compare their revenue and traffic statistics with my websites and come to some conclusion. is getting about 4 million pages per month and is getting about 600,000 page views per month. During the peak period, just one of my website – alone was making more money than my American salary!

Do you like to share your secret strategies with blogging community? Please tell us.

Yes, let me tell you my secret recipe of success – unique content. I usually write on everyday problems I encounter in my own life. I solve those problems and share the solution through my blog. Such articles are getting very good traffic.

Another important reason for my success in blogging is, I was lucky to have started early. I’m probably one of the first bloggers from India who started in late 90’s and that helped me establish my blogs before a lot of competition came into place.

I hope you enjoy this interview with Tony sirIf you have any questions  about this interview, please do ask in the comments below !

Dont forget to share this awesome interview in social media. I will be pleased if you share this now ! Join BloggersIdeas on FacebookGoogle+ & Twitter .


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Top 40 SEO Blogs To Read


Every year leading agencies conduct full-fledged researches to identify and rank the top blogs to be read. Like any other survey, agencies also list down leading blogs related to the subject matter of Search Engine Optimization. A lot goes behind charting down this list. Thorough researches, surveys and public interviews are conducted of the several people associated to the field of SEO.

These enable experts to narrow down and formulate the recommended list of Top 40 SEO blogs to be read.

Top Notch 40 SEO Blogs To Read

Factors to decide

Experts of the field declare that the list of the Top 40 SEO blogs to read are not decided based on personal opinion, likes or dislikes. There are several criteria that are paid enough significance to scrutinize and judge blogs. Some of the factors that help to decide include,

  1. Popularity or brand recognition
  2. Time since last post
  3. Number of followers
  4. Quality of posts
  5. Average articles shared on a regular basis

The Top 40 blogs on SEO

As per the recent survey and charted results, the current Top 40 blogs that are recommended by experts are,

  1.  MOZ blog
  2. Search Engine Land
  3. Quick sprout
  4. You MOZ
  5. Matt Cutts
  6. SEO Book
  7. Rand Fishkin
  8. Search Engine Watch
  9. Search Engine Journal
  10. Bruce Clay
  11. SEO by the Sea
  12. Search Engine Round table
  13. Digital Relevance
  14. Daily SEO blog
  15. Copy blogger
  16. David Naylor
  17. Daily SEO Tip
  18. Up City
  19. SEO Theory
  20. Click Z
  21. Marketing Pilgrim
  22. Search Engine Guide
  23. Reel SEO
  24. Higher Visibility
  25. Yoast
  26. John Battelle’s Search Blog
  27. Backlinko
  28. Optimize Prime
  29. SEO no
  30. WordStream
  31. Zazzle media
  32. Koozai
  33. SEO Nick
  34. Kaiser the Stage
  35. Dejan SEO
  36. Small Business online coach
  37. iAcquire
  38. David Leohardt’s SEO and Social Media Marketing
  39. Siege media
  40. SEO Gadget

No matter what you may be looking for in regard to Search Engine Optimization and its varied topics, you will surely find all that in either of these blogs. Be it for beginner’s guidance or more expert advices, you can come across everything in these mentioned blogs.

Why is SEO so important?

You may wonder why the ranking of the top SEO blogs are so important. It has been observed that most people research on topics related to Search Engine Optimization. This is because no matter what your business is, you will need to promote yourself well so as to succeed in the market.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the process of making a website visible to the viewers online. All major search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN and Bing have result pages where web pages, content, videos and other local listings are ranked. This ranking is done based on what the search engine considers as valid to the topic searched by the user. From a business point of view, Search Engine Optimization is important to position the company in a way so as to catch the eye of the viewer.

No matter how great a website of any company or business may be, it is of no use unless it gets noticed by the online audience and visits the site. Specialists say that one needs to be seen to be sold. Search Engine Optimization is the approach that fulfills this phrase with flair. Search Engine Optimization promotes the website as ease and in one go.


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Top 10 Black Hat SEO Tools 2022- Does They Really Work ?


According to the dictionary, a black hat refers to a criminal act. We won’t go overboard here. We’re talking basically about practices that go against Google’s guidelines when it comes to Black Hat SEO.

Since Google is not the government it can’t tell you what you can or can’t do on your site. Therefore, breaking Google Laws is not considered illegal.

You will, however, be removed from Google’s search engine result pages if they catch you. The best thing you can do to avoid black hat SEO is to never ever use it.

I recall saying once that if one wants to comprehend the great mystery, they must study all its aspects.

I have been using black hat techniques for quite a while on various experimental sites. All of these sites were not important and none belonged to any clients. I was merely curious about them.

There are still a lot of black hat SEO techniques that work. Still, if you want to use these methods, choose a site that does not have any business value.

It’s like gambling – you could lose everything if you do it, and there’s no guarantee that one day Google will find out and remove your listing from its search results. Use caution.

Image Mirroring

There’s a very slim chance that you’ll get SEO credit for a stock image if everyone uses it. Thousands of other sources are using your image, so why does Google display it? This specific algorithm is described in the chapter “Select a Unique Image for Your Website” of my blog post “How to use SEO Optimized Images”.

It will no longer be recognized by Google if you mirror a common stock image. Their algorithm has still not been updated to recognize these modifications. Images mirrored are viewed as new images.

Does it make sense, though? Instead, I recommend using this method: In my article, “How to Use SEO Optimized Images,” I take a black hat strategy for optimizing images and show you how to turn it into a white hat strategy that will actually help your images rank in Google image results.

With a little more effort, the result is the same. Take a look.

Chances of Google Busting You

It’s unlikely that Google will uncover this technique soon since not many people use it. The future usage of this technique should be monitored. Many Asian countries, including Russia and Ukraine, use it, as far as I can tell.

Google might include this in one of its future updates once it becomes a common black hat technique among SEOs. In the next 4-5 years, this is not likely to happen, but when it does, the rankings of pages with mirrored images may drop when this happens.

Location Matters

I believe Google ranks your content for the company in San Francisco higher than that of a marketing company in Uzbekistan. This is a patriotic algorithm from Google.

My opinion is educated and on the basis of my subjective observations – but Google would never confirm this. Great SEO content on great SEO websites ranked low due to their location.

How To Use This Black Hat SEO Technique?

What if I use all of the keywords related to my location on my website to make it seem like I’m somewhere else? It is important not to neglect your IP address, as Google knows where your website is located based on the IP address. Solution: use a US host and start a company there.

Live here, enjoy life while you’re at it. If you’re not a local, there’s the visa issue. However, you are a black hat SEO, so I can’t help you. I’m sure you can figure it out.

Inverted Index

You look for competitors whose search engine results pages (SERPs) show better rankings than yours for certain keywords. Invert index that page and copy the whole text. You extract every word with line breaks from that text.

Once all the stop words are removed, you should also remove all the irrelevant keywords such as ‘because’, ‘because when’, ‘because if’, ‘whether’, ‘while’, ‘have’ etc. The script I wrote for this is fun, by the way.

This is a possible inverted index for this article:

You are looking at what is called a “modified inverted index” on the above image.

The hard part is now ahead.

Using all of these words, create an original text. Understanding this: most SEO content writers get around four to five keywords they need to include in their text.

Usually, SEO content writers get around 300 keywords. This is a very difficult task and it takes a lot of time. But you must do it, publish it, and wait and see the results.

There’s a good chance your page will rank higher than the competitors. Finding an SEO writer who will provide 300 keywords is the most difficult part. When giving your SEO content writer keywords, be prepared to do CPR.

Chances of Google Busting You

I don’t think Google will ever catch on to this very specific and rare black hat SEO technique because it involves the core algorithms of Google, and it is very unlikely that Google will ever discover it.

It is very unlikely, however, that it will be able to tell if this technique has been used.

It is nearly impossible to trace back what exactly happened since the text you create will be so different from the one you “reverse inverted” or “hacked”.

Top Black Hat Tools 2022 : The Best Black Hat SEO Tools

1. GSA Search Engine Ranker: Auto BackLink Building Tool

GSA- Black Hat SEO Tools

Using the GSA Search Engine Ranker Tool will allow you to create backlinks in bulk. Marketers can automate their link building with this powerful tool and never have to do it manually again.

Using this software, backlinks are built 24/7 and the user needs to do little to no work. With GSA Search Engine Ranker’s innovative software, you’ll automatically create accounts on authority sites, register them, and submit your content.

With GSA Search Engine Ranker, you can monitor multiple campaigns simultaneously. With online marketing campaigns, you can select how many projects you’d like to run at the same time, choose when to run them, and even restrict activity to certain times.

There is an intuitive user interface and reports are presented in simple diagrams and charts.

The ability to manage several project filters is one of GSA Search Engine Ranker’s best features. It will enable you to set precise advertising parameters for your latest campaign. Keyword filters and country filters are available.

Marketers can choose whether their links should be displayed in specific countries, and even which language the site should be displayed in. Using this method, you can see how your website ranks around the world, and in particular areas.

As your clients begin to branch out overseas, you can gain valuable insight into the changes they need to make.

One of the powerful black hat SEO tools offered by GSA, a German company that specializes in developing custom software, is the GSA Search Engine Ranker. Digital marketers can automate and reduce their daily workload with their many SEO tools.

A GSA Search Engine Ranker is available for purchase for $99. When choosing from the black hat SEO tools available on the market, marketers should not overlook this option since it offers all the features they need.

2. Scrapebox: Best Link Harvester & Keyword Scraping

Scrape Box- Black Hat SEO Tools

Scrapebox is an SEO tool that has been shown to improve search engine rankings of web pages for users. In addition to helping users with their aggressive SEO strategies, Scrapebox is an innovative tool.

Scrapebox is a powerful tool for marketers to harvest search engine data, build links, and scrape keywords. Our advanced features will help you uncover the keywords of your competitors and improve your site’s rankings.

Scrapebox offers a popular mass link-building feature that attracts many marketers to its service. Users can create blog comments at the push of a button using this mass link builder.

With the link builder, you not only post comments on your own blog, but you can also post comments on dozens of other blog platforms and contact pages throughout the web.

Your website will be visible in search engines with this SEO strategy, as well as the increase in page rank with relevant backlinks.

Scrapebox’s lightning-fast keyword scraper is another of its most popular features. Tracking your competitor’s keywords directly eliminates the lengthy process of keyword research.

The purpose of Scrapebox is to determine what other online users are searching for using a high-tech scraping method.

From one base keyword, Scrapebox then generates tons of keywords from the suggestions and auto-complete queries.

Using this technique you can automate keyword generation and reduce the amount of time you spend on keyword tracking.

Scrapebox can be purchased for just $97. In some cases, a tool that operates on a monthly subscription scheme can be a better deal.

Although Scrapebox is a low-priced company, it is a credible and reputable brand within the world of online advertising and is used by many Fortune 500 companies.

Customers can also enjoy 24/7 customer support from Scrapebox, which provides helpful video tutorials for them.

3. RankerX: All-in-one SEO Marketing Automation Tool


SEnukeTNG is our top black hat SEO tool. The tool allows users to monitor traffic, engagement metrics, and engagement metrics with their followers and audiences in one place.

Site visits, page views, and total site visits are a few of the statistics SEnukeTNG tracks. For its customers, this tool simulates hundreds of user searches on online search engines like Google using CrowdSearch technology.

With this tool, you can automate backlink creation using the top ranking factors that databases track, such as click-through rate and bounce rate.

By automating keyword ranking strategies with SEnukeTNG and their advanced algorithms, users can boost their CTR and reduce their bounce rate. In order to use SEnukeTNG, users simply type.

Among all SEO tools, SenukeTNG has the greatest impact on ranking. It allows marketers to take the ranking and keywords of their competitors and use them on their own websites.

In addition to the automatic creation of valuable social links and media-rich content, SEnukeTNG can create press releases as well as fully optimized SEO campaigns.

In addition to loading relevant content for users automatically, the loop mode feature generates backlinks on authority sites every day by automatically creating content and linking on authority sites each day.

Users only need to set up their campaigns once, and the software will repeat the process as necessary.

Users have several options when it comes to pricing with SenukeTNG. To try out the service for a week, you only have to pay $1. A tool is a great option for those who aren’t sure whether they will like it or not.

If you’re satisfied with the tool after testing it, you can buy one license per month for $97, or three licenses for $147 per month. Additionally, a 12-month subscription is $777, while a one-year subscription is $1377.

If you’re looking for a tool that can automatically implement your SEO strategies, you should definitely check out SEnukeTNG.

The tool is one of the leading options available to SEO marketers, and when used correctly can fully automate ad campaigns. You can consider SEnukeTNG as a great all-in-one black hat SEO tool if you don’t mind paying the premium monthly price.

4. GSA Content Generator: Scrape content & Content Generator

GSA Content Generator

Lack of quality pages to link to is one of the most challenging aspects of link building. For your postings, it can be expensive to build unique and relevant content, so you may have to hire freelancers to do the writing.

You can now create readable content at the push of a button with the GSA content creator. It is now easier than ever to create unlimited projects by scraping, spinning, and repurposing links, images, and videos using this powerful software.

Customers can control every aspect of creating content with the GSA Content Generator. Options available to users include how many paragraphs, how many words are in a paragraph, embed locations, etc. Black hat SEO users like this tool because they can easily add their own content sources.

A powerful scraping functionality allows users to generate videos, images, and keywords and combine them into a finished product.

GSA Content Generator’s built-in proxy is one of its most popular features. With this powerful article generator, third parties cannot track your data since it includes its own proxy features.

Black hat SEO users who want to avoid being banned by popular search engines such as Google and avoid being tracked down can benefit greatly from this.

For marketers with massive future backlink campaigns, this tool is a great deal at $147. Marketers will be able to save time and money with this generator as a component of GSA SEO software.

You should definitely check out GSA content Generator if you are interested in automating your SEO strategies.

5. Article Forge: High Quality, AI-Powered Content Generation

Article Forge

You won’t find a better tool than Article Forge if you need content for all of your link-building strategies. With Article Forge, you can quickly and efficiently write high-quality content on any topic using artificial intelligence.

Regardless of how many articles you generate, you will never have to worry about duplicate content since every article is written from scratch.

Search engines view every piece of content as relevant when using the new LSI keyword algorithms included in Article Forge (the same algorithms used by search engines to evaluate content relevance).

It is the most efficient tool for creating content in the world. With just a click of a button, you can get back to us an article that complies with your keyword(s).

You can also generate multiple articles at once with the bulk generator of Article Forge.

With Article Forge, you can even integrate your blogs with post schedulers, so that your content pipeline is completely automated.

A powerful API, coupled with integration with all major link builders, will allow you to automate your entire SEO campaign so you can sit back and watch the rankings go up as well as the money roll in.

For Article Forge, monthly and annual plans are available. The monthly plan costs $57/month, while the Yearly plan costs just $27/month (paid annually).

It is often best to go for the annual plan since you can set up automated posting and link it to your other tools so that it generates content in the background as you work on other aspects of your SEO strategy.

In fact, even if you choose the monthly option, you will save a lot on content costs since even an army of writers would not be able to produce as much content as quickly as Article Forge.

Additionally, Article Forge offers you a five-day free trial so you can prove to yourself the power of artificial intelligence-based article writing on your business.

6. Another Great Article Rewriter Software


With the help of WordAi, which was founded in 2011 by Alex Cardinell, SEO marketers can easily generate their own written content within a short period of time.

With its ability to rewrite entire sentences from scratch, this powerful software proves to be so accurate that it passes detection on plagiarism checkers such as Copyscape.

If you need to spin content quickly and create unique articles with a little editing for your SEO marketing strategies, this is a great tool for you.

Industry professionals appreciate WordAi’s ability to produce high-quality, readable content. In addition to bulk spinning, list spinning, title spinning, and HTML editing are some of the most popular features.

WordAi’s readability, however, can differ depending on the niche audience to which it is targeted. It is recommended that all articles be reviewed after spinning to correct this.

WordAi offers two pricing options. Compared to the first option, which costs $49.95 per month, the second option costs 600 dollars.

You should consider the yearly plan of $347 if you want to use this tool for a long time. All the high-quality features included in this software make this a great deal.

Using WordAi, you can create your own unique content by rewriting sentences. Link building campaigns should use this tool. Try the tool for a 3-day free trial to see if it’s right for you!

7. Jarvee: Social Media Marketing Automation Tool

Jarvee- Black Hat SEO Tools

Modern SEO Marketing strategies include social media. The number of shares, likes, and visibility of a social media webpage is known as a social signal and can indirectly affect a site’s ranking on search engines.

In order for your next advertising campaign to be successful, it is important to understand how these social media signals affect SEO. Many social media management tasks can be automated using tools like

You can follow FollowLiker on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr, as well as a variety of other social networks. Users can benefit from numerous features, such as automated retweets, replies, favorites, and likes.

Clients and their audience can interact more effectively using this tool. Additionally, the software allows users to schedule their future posts so they can be released at specific times using pre-loaded content.

Those who are frequently on the go and want to plan their social media marketing strategies in advance can use this social media automation.

FollowLiker offers numerous payment options, which are among its best features. It’s great to be able to choose which package best suits your needs and to be able to save money.

Is Twitter your primary marketing platform? Once you have selected the plan you want, you will only need to pay $98 once.

What social media platforms do you need to manage? If you need support for all four major social media platforms, you should invest in the Full Edition, which is more expensive but only requires an upfront payment of $338.

There is an additional 5.99 monthly charge regardless of which plan you choose, but this is to cover the 24/7 support you will receive on top of your purchase.

Using FollowLiker is the best way to monitor and automate social media accounts all in one place. Using this black hat SEO tool you can boost your page’s ranking and boost your online engagement.

8. Myprivateproxy: The best provider of dedicated proxies

MyPrivateProxy- Best Cheap Private Proxy Servers

To avoid having their IP ban placed on them, some black hat SEO methods require that the user switch IP addresses. It is necessary to use a proxy server to change your IP address.

By changing your computer’s IP address, a proxy server protects you from being banned.

Among the most popular types of proxy currently used is the Datacenter proxy, which reveals only the proxy address of the company running the data center, not the individual’s personal IP address.

Our recommendation for users who want to mask their IP address is Myprivateproxy, which offers many great features. This proxy security provider is a leader in the industry.

Their innovative technology masks users’ IP addresses with non-sequential proxies from multiple locations. Myprivateproxy has one of the highest uptime rates of any proxy service in the world, with 99% network uptime. Myprivateproxy is our top choice for IP proxies from data centers.

In addition to 16 major US datacenters, MyPrivateProxy also has eight European datacenters. Private proxies are designed for SEO tools and advertiser needs and are highly anonymous.

In addition to SEnuke, Scrapebox, and other SEO tools, this tool also provides excellent functionality for black hat SEO efforts. Additionally, users can use Chrome and Firefox plug-ins and enjoy full browser functionality.

Prices are determined by the number of proxies you want, as well as the type of proxy you want. In comparison, private proxy services start at about $1.50, while shared proxy services are cheaper, starting at around $0.65.

When it comes to black hat SEO, IP addresses are just one of many security triggers online. When you use proxies to mask the IP address, you will be fine.

In addition to the browser fingerprint spoofer, you can also use other masking tools, such as post classified ads online, to ensure complete anonymity.

9. Best Residential Proxy Service

Luminati - Overview

For residential proxy accounts, Luminati is the most trusted and largest tool in the world. You can scrape any web data with this service and you do not need to worry about being blocked or banned.

Any SEO user who uses residential proxy servers should have this. In addition to IP addresses in more than 220 countries and 26,000 cities, Luminati offers over 11,000 ASN numbers to choose from.

They guarantee 99.9% network uptime so you and your clients are protected at all times.

If you know exactly what you need, Luminati’s pricing structure is perfect for you. Pricing for residential proxies depends on two factors that are used to estimate the amount of traffic you will be receiving each month in gigabytes.

The average size of each request is specified first, and then the number of requests per day is specified. You are charged $12.50 per GB of traffic estimated by Luminati based on these two factors.

However, the starter plan does require at least $500 per month to be committed.

You can also try Luminati’s software for free for 7 days before purchasing. If you’re looking for an actual residential proxy service, you should check out Luminati.

This tool is used every day by hundreds of industry experts to help with black hat SEO techniques, and you can use it too!

10. GSA Captcha Breaker: Best Captcha Breaking Software

GSA Captcha Breaker- Black Hat SEO Tools

We have come to the end of our top ten list of black hat SEO tools with GSA Captcha Breaker. Third, on our list of top ten software products, GSA stands behind its products with exceptional customer service, troubleshooting, and support.

The advanced Captcha security system can stop some black hat SEO techniques in their tracks. Bots do not gain access to websites via captcha systems.

In captcha systems, web visitors are presented with an image containing some text that must be reproduced to prove that they are human users and not automatons.

The GA Captcha Breaker is an advanced tool that allows the automated entry of websites in order to perform black hat methods such as scraping and automatic content generation.

We have discussed several other tools on our top ten list so far, and this tool would be a great addition to those. In addition to breaking almost any captcha type, the GSA Captcha Breaker can also add new captchas that are created in the future.

Captcha Breaker can also be purchased for a one-time fee like most other GSA products. You will need to spend $147.00 on this tool, but it is well worth the investment if you are using black hat SEO techniques. You can make a lot of money by investing a little here.

Your investment will be repaid when you rank on the first page of users’ search engine results pages. The experts at GSA can help you generate, scrape, and soar to the top of any search engine with their Captcha Breaker!

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Conclusion – List of Best & Cheap Black Hat SEO Tools 2022

Black hat SEO techniques may be viewed by some as unethical and inappropriate. Despite this, black SEO marketing strategies have many advantages that must be recognized.

Search engine optimization can be automated by using these marketing strategies. This guide outlines the ten most popular tools that marketers can use to get their pages to the top of users’ search engine results.

Several factors should be considered when selecting the right black hat SEO tool for you. First and foremost, you will need to determine what your exact requirements are.

If you want to track your page rankings across the globe, would you like to disguise your location with cloaking software?

Are you looking for software that generates your content while you work on other projects? Once you have identified your needs, you can check out some of the available products.

In addition to free tools, you also need to consider your budget when picking out SEO tools. Consider tools with a proven track record and a friendly customer support team if you have more money to spend.

Since every web page, client, and marketer is unique, it ultimately comes down to personal preference. It is possible to choose your favorites and eventually make black hat SEO heavily automated if you give a few of these tools a try.

This guide lists a number of black hat SEO tools many people are using. During your next ad campaign, make sure to test these SEO strategies. This guide contains tips and tricks that can help you become successful online.


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List of Top 10 SEO Selling Books on Amazon in [2022 ]


The only reason of having a website of your company is to promote it among the vast pool of masses using the internet. However, if your site is not among the top ranking pages in Google or any other search engine, then what is the use of it?

Moreover, Google changes it algorithm frequently to provide the best search result. If you do not wish to lose out in this game of search engine optimization and Google ranking, you ought to be well versed in SEO.

In order to gain all the information and updates on SEO and to make yourself adept in this domain, you need to study some of the remarkable books available on Amazon. Here is a list of the top 10 selling SEO books.

List of List of Top 10 SEO Selling Books on Amazon in 2022

1. Inbound Marketing and Seo: Insights from the MozBlog written by Fishkin, Rand

In the event that you have been in the SEO study for some time, you may be acquainted with the Moz blog. It is one of the best selling books to provide you all the information on content marketing and SEO.

Buy Inbound Marketing and SEO Insights from the Moz Blog -best seo books

The book shows you about internet promoting, social networking and third party referencing, content marketing and site improvement for the most recent information on search engine algorithm.


2. Ultimate Guide to Optimizing Your Website written by Jon Rognerud

This book deals with the most recent upgrades in SEO strategies. SEO methods are changing quick as Google analytics changes as often as possible. You cannot overlook this latest book on SEO optimization, if you want your website to be in the forefront of the search engines, without paying any extra price.

Ultimate Guide to Optimizing Your Website - best seo books

The writer Jon Rognerud provides all the guidelines and tips for search engine optimization that you should follow.

The book additionally tells you about 10 WordPress plugins that can wonderfully escalate traffic in your website. The author also lets you know the most widely done mistakes while trying to optimize your website.

The SEO book imparts knowledge on most recent link building procedures for lasting search engine status, increasing traffic, Google Analytics, abundant samples and screenshots.


3. The Art of SEO (Theory in Practice) written by Stephan Spencer, Rand Fishkin, Eric Enge and Jessie Stricchiola

This is one of the best books on SEO, written by four specialists of the industry. This book will give you a through insight on search engine optimization and a great deal of detailed information and opinions.

The art of SEO - best seo books

This 718 pages book on SEO teaches you everything you need to know about social media, link building and optimizing your website. It is equally helpful for both learner and advanced user, as the upgraded version is written, keeping in mind the constant changes in all the search engines.


4. Doctor Andy Williams’s– SEO 2014 &Beyond: Search Engine Optimization Will Never Be the Same Again (Webmaster Series)

The large number of sales of this book in Amazon is enough to tell you effective this book is. This advanced guide on SEO offers you all the knowledge about the latest updates of Exact Match Domains, Google Penguin and Panda.

SEO 2015 &Beyond: Search Engine Optimization - best seo books

This being a Kindle e-book, the authors can update and upgrade it often to make it up-to-date and accommodate all the latest advancement in this genre.


5. SEO Black Book – A Guide to the Search Engine Optimization Industry’s Secrets (The SEO Series) written by R L Adams

Since Google improvises its algorithm very often, so to be at par with the ever-changingdynamics you need to be thoroughly informed about all the updates and the techniques that will work and what won’t work to give your site a high raking in Google.

Buy Seo Black Book A Guide to the Search Engine Optimization - best seo books

This book will make you adept to cope up with the changing Google analytics and will give you an edge over your contenders.

A reader shares his opinion, “This amazing book on SEO has taught me all those things that I could never understand on my own. So I really recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn about search engine optimization.”


6. SEO Made Simple (4th Edition): Search Engine Optimization Strategies: How to Dominate Google, the World’s Largest Search Engine penned by Michael H. Fleischner

This is again one of the top selling SEO books in Amazon. It is a great book for beginners and an easy read. The conversational narrative of the book makes it easy for you to understand all the nuances of search engine optimization and tells you the procedures that you can follow to attain top ranking in Google within 30 days.

SEO Made Simple 4th Edition - best seo books

A reader tells, “I’m new to this realm of SEO and have been searching for a book to clarify the methodology. This book excellently explains what & where to go to accomplish it in a realistic manner.”


Also Check Out :  Book Bolt Coupon

Book Bolt Review : How To Start A Publishing Company on KDP

7. Kristopher B. Jones’s – Search Engine Optimization: Your visual blueprint for effective Internet marketing 

Your Visual Blueprint for Effective Internet Marketing Book - best seo books

This book visually guides you to gain all the knowledge about SEO and the most recent changes and the trends on this topic. In case you are still not acquainted with this world of SEO, this book is what you need to learn about content marketing, pay per click and optimizing your site.


8. Google Semantic Search: Increase Brand Impact, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Techniques That Get Your Company More Traffic and Amplify Your Online Presence (Que Biz-Tech) written by David Amerland

It is a book about Sematic Search in Google and it deals with every aspects of search engine optimization. This book stresses more on content marketing rather than keywords research for search engine optimization.

SEO Techniques That Get Your Company More Traffic - best seo books

It imparts knowledge on Trust Rank, social media activity,Knowledge Graph,Authority Rank etc. to increase the ranking of your site successfully.


9. SEO for Bloggers – Learn How to Rank your Blog Posts at the Top of Google’s Search Results (The SEO Series) authored by R L Adams

Learn How to Rank your Blog Posts - best seo books

If you want to make your blog post popular and buildup its ranking in Google, then you must read this book about the SEO ranking features, Google Panda, Exact Match Domains, content syndication strategies and much more.


10. FREE GOOGLE: Free SEO, Social Media, and AdWords Resources from Google for Small Business Marketingby Jason McDonald

FREE GOOGLE Free SEO Social Media and AdWords - best seo books

Google always offers quite a lot of free packages and resources for start-up and small businesses that one can utilize to gain topmost ranking in Google. Since this book deals with all these, it helps you to learn how to use Google for enhancing SEO ranking of your site, AdWords conversions and social media functioning.


So, these are the top 10 SEO selling books on Amazon that you may get hold of to unfold all the mysteries about search engine optimization.

Also Read:


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10 Top Rated SEO Link Building books on Amazon [2022 ]


These days a lot of people are using the internet for a whole bunch of activities; you simply cannot deny that books play an important role. A lot of people use the internet to promote their business and they often use SEO techniques to promote their services.

People often like to refer to written materials whether it is a book or an article on how they can go about the whole thing.

Reading a book or an article on SEO not only educates but also prepares you mentally to take up the challenge of putting your business out there. People prefer books any day as they can refer to it any time they want and in fact they can put together their own notes using the content in the book.

Now there are many books that deal on SEO and here is a list of books that have been the best sellers on Amazon for 2022.

List of Best Top 10 Rated SEO Link Building books on Amazon 2022

1. The Link Building Book written by – Paddy Moogan

The Link Building Book written by Paddy Moogan

This book is written by none other than Paddy Moogan who has explained how to use SEO techniques. He has outlined the importance of SEO techniques and how to use them properly.

The book spans 287 pages and the language is really simple so even if you are newbie to SEO you still will not have any trouble understanding the content. This book received warm response in the market rave reviews from the press.

2. SEO King: How I Built My Blogging Empire written by – Jason Blair

SEO King How I Built My Blogging Empire written by Jason Blair

This is one book that you should really think of buying no matter what. It is always helpful to read a book from an author that has traces of his or her real life experiences. Jason Blair very clearly mentions his brush with SEO techniques and the mistakes he made along the way and how he had turn things around. He actually manages to give us advice through his story.


3. Fifty SEO Ideas: Free Tips, Secrets, and Ideas for Search Engine Optimization written by – Jason McDonald

Fifty SEO Ideas Free Tips, Secrets, and Ideas for Search Engine Optimization written by Jason McDonald

This book is just perfect for those individuals who have just started out and may find the technicalities very confusing. This book breaks down the content into steps that are very easy to follow and easy to implement.

The best part about this book is that the language is really easy to understand and does not go  into the difficult technicalities of SEO.


4. SEO for Beginners written by – Amit Bhawnani

SEO for Beginners written by Amit Bhawnani

If you search on amazon for this book you will find that it has got fantastic reviews, this book may only span 55 pages but that does not mean you should write it off. This book explores the world of SEO using humor along the way.

This particular approach makes it easier for those readers who are new to SEO techniques. Going through this book you will understand that it is very important to employ the various SEO tools properly.


5. Search Engine Optimization for Dummies written by – Peter Kent

Search Engine Optimization for Dummies written by Peter Kent

This is yet another major seller on amazon as it is a great book for beginners. New editions of this particular book are constantly being released in the market. This book provides the most updated information that you can expect.


6. Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics written by – Brian Clifton

Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics written by - Brian Clifton

This book gives you a clear concept on the Google analytics so you know how to use the various SEO tools and techniques to your advantage. This book is a must have for those people who want to know how to use SEO tools properly.


7. SEO for Content Writers and PR Pros written by – Phil Byrne

SEO for Content Writers and PR Pros written by - Phil Byrne

This book has received rave reviews from the day it was released in the market; this book sells like hot cake on amazon. The content of this book basically deals with  pr articles, content of the websites and ideas for blogs. All of this can be of immense help to you.


8. SEO Fitness Workbook written by – Jason McDonald

SEO Fitness Workbook written by - Jason McDonald

A best seller that you would be fool to ignore; this is no ordinary book as it comes with tool books and worksheets all of this will help you locate online SEO tools. This will help you get resources and practical advice that you can use in real life.

The author is very well qualified earning his Phd from Berkeley and a degree in B.A from none other than Harvard.


9. Optimize: How to Attract and Engage More Customers by Integrating SEO, Social Media, and Content Marketing written by – Lee Odden

Optimize How to Attract and Engage More Customers by Integrating SEO, Social Media, and Content Marketing written by - Lee Odden

Lee Odden is an author who is followed by people all over the world. He has a flawless way of writing on subject that is easily understood by everyone. This particular book explains how a person can use SEO services and reap huge long term benefits.

If you follow the tips mentioned in this book you will notice drastic changes in the performance of your website within a couple of months. Besides the tips are not that tough to follow you simply have to be very patient with things.


10. The Art of SEO written by – Eric Enge, Jessica Stricchiolia, Stephen Spencer and Rand Fishkin

The Art of SEO written by - Eric Enge, Jessica Stricchiolia, Stephen Spencer and Rand Fishkin

This again is a good book that talks about SEO tools and methods in detail. In fact it can be termed as complete guide. Since this book has been written by many experts you have access to various  ideas presented by them. The book spans 500 pages and covers every single topic very well.


Some more tips on SEO Books: [Updated] 10 Top Rated SEO Link Building books on Amazon 2022

You must realize that the SEO techniques are always changing, so do not go by the  date of the book focus on the content  instead. You will come across many recent publications that share practices that are obsolete.

However with the above mentioned books have all the latest content in them and are worth buying anyhow. Each of these books has sold millions worldwide. You can buy these books on amazon for sure and if you are lucky you may avail the fabulous discounts that website gives from time to time.


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