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Top 5 Ubersuggest Alternatives 2022


Are you looking for the greatest Ubersuggest alternatives?

For a successful SEO strategy to be made, put into action, and tracked, you need a platform that does everything. Ubersuggest is a popular all-in-one SEO toolkit that is most often used to research keywords.

But because it doesn’t have enough depth or metrics, you should look at Ubersuggest alternatives to see what they might be doing better.

Before we talk about the best Ubersuggest alternatives, we’ll look at what makes Ubersuggest popular and what its pros and cons are.

Why Choose Ubersuggest? 

Ubersuggest Dashboard: Ubersuggest Alternatives

Ubersuggest is a freemium platform, which means that many of its features can be used for free with some restrictions.

It’s popular with SEO beginners, bloggers, and freelancers because it’s easy to use and doesn’t cost much to subscribe to.

Each plan also comes with an SEO training course that walks you through each step, email support, and a coaching session every two weeks. With all of these tools, Ubersuggest is a great choice if you want some extra help and direction.

However, Ubersuggest lacks technical SEO features or deep insights, which makes it not the best tool for monitoring and improving your site’s SEO strategy.

If you’ve already used the tool, you might be ready to look for alternatives to Ubersuggest.

Price: Prices range from $38/month for the entry-level plan to $130/month for the agency plan.

Pros Cons
Analyze your organic traffic, backlinks, and top pages on a monthly basis. More niche markets have limited results/data. The best use of Ubersuggest is for mainstream industries with a lot of results.
Using this tool, you can discover keywords that Google Keyword Planner does not list. Neither mobile-optimized nor mobile-app-compatible, so it’s only viable on desktops.
Local SEO for businesses requires access to location-based data. Tracking of social media is not allowed.
When viewing keywords in a word cloud, they are easier to identify than when they are displayed in a standard grid or list. Reports cannot be customized.
Images, News, Shopping, and YouTube are all good places to search for keywords. There is no monitoring of brands.

5 Ubersuggest Alternatives To Try 

1. SE Ranking

SEranking: Ubersuggest Alternatives

An All-in-one platform for SEO SE Ranking is a good alternative to Ubersuggest because it has a dashboard that is easy to use and understand. There are over 300,000 users of SE Ranking, an SEO toolkit worth paying attention to as it adds new features.

As a cloud-based service, SE Ranking can be accessed through any web browser. There’s no need to download anything or update the software.

One of the best tools that come with the platform is the keyword rank tracker. It shows how your site’s most important keywords have been ranked in the past on major search engines like Bing, Google, and Yahoo.

You can also see how your rankings are different on desktop computers and mobile devices.

Price: SE Ranking’s pricing is based on how many keyword rankings you want to check, how often you want to check them, and how long you want to subscribe. Plans begin at $23.40 per month and keep going up.

SE Ranking vs Ubersuggest

Pros Cons
To acquire new customers, agencies use Lead Generator. It is often difficult for SEO experts to make balanced decisions about web pages based on the data provided by tools – for example, backlink analysis tools are not comprehensive enough.
Check the optimum optimization of your pages for specific queries or keywords using the on-page checker. It does not provide as many detailed metrics as other platforms, such as Google Analytics. There is no analysis of SERPs or competitive density.
Analyze 15 different parameters including social popularity, Google index status of each link, Moz Domain Authority, and Majestic Trust Flow to determine your site’s backlinks. The platform and SEO strategy aren’t supported by resources such as webinars.
Automate the delivery of custom reports to clients. It can take a while for data to load.
Keyword Grouper helps you plan PPC keywords, segment organic keywords, and build an overall keyword strategy. Rankings appear after a day’s delay.

Best for: Companies seeking a feature-rich all-in-one SEO tool at a reasonable price.

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2. SEO PowerSuite

SEO PowerSuite Ubersuggest Alternatives

SEO PowerSuite is different from the other tools on this list because it is desktop software that you can download. SEO PowerSuite is a set of four different SEO tools. It works best for deep site audits and analyzing your site’s technical SEO data.

It’s also great for figuring out what your competitors are doing right in their SEO strategies and how you might be able to beat them.

The “Look for Prospects” feature of SEO PowerSuite is one of its best. It searches the web for the best link-building opportunities for your site.

Price: You can use a freemium version of the tools for free, but you can’t copy or export data. An Enterprise Plan costs $699 per year and a Professional Plan costs $299 per year.

SEO PowerSuite vs Ubersuggest

Pros Cons
Check keyword rankings unlimited times – Ubersuggest allows up to 200 rankings per project. This tool is not suitable for large SEO teams since each user must purchase a full-priced license.
There is no limit to the number of projects you can create – Ubersuggest allows 15 in its top tier plan. It takes a long time to install SEO PowerSuite on a desktop computer.
Per the site, you can analyze an unlimited number of backlinks. There is no bi-weekly coaching and Q&A as Ubersuggest.
Your site’s monthly traffic via a search term estimated monthly page views if your site ranks no.1 for a specific keyword, and estimated monthly PPC costs can all be viewed here. Having to install more software is a consequence of frequent application updates.
With automatic platform updates, you can adapt to changes in key search engine algorithms. You cannot subscribe to the tool on a monthly basis, which is a downside if you’d like to try it out before making a purchase.

Best for: Search engine optimization experts who want in-depth backlink analysis and comprehensive site audits.

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3. Serpstat

SERPStat: Ubersuggest Alternatives

Serpstat is another cheap alternative to Ubersuggest that is especially good for keyword research.

Serpstat may not be as deep as SEMrush or other similar platforms, but since it’s a newer addition, they’re always adding new features and growing.

Serpstat is also a great way to look at your own domain and the domains of your competitors. In fact, the platform has information on about 180 million domains.

If you have a larger marketing team that needs to use Serpstat at the same time, the platform has generous multi-user plans that make it much easier to work together without having to buy multiple licenses or plans.

Price: Starting at $69/month, the Enterprise Plan rises to $499/month at the top of the line.

Serpstat vs Ubersuggest

Pros Cons
Determine whether your backlinks are positively or negatively impacting your rankings by analyzing the domains from which they originate. Metrics such as keyword difficulty and domain authority can be inaccurate.
Find out which keyword ranks highest for any given keyword. Comparatively, Ahrefs and SEMrush have the smaller keyword and link databases.
Use the Batch Analysis tool to compare 200 domains at once. Not all Google Ads are located.
Find out what keywords your competitors are using for paid advertising. Searches with low traffic have limited data.
Dashboard with intuitive features that are easy to use. Tracking of social media is not allowed.

Best for: Businesses that want an all-in-one SEO toolkit for less money and don’t need a lot of complicated and technical data to get started with their strategy.

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4. LongTailPro

LongTailPro - Overview

LongTailPro is a keyword research tool that is known for its ability to give you thousands of valuable long-tail keywords that should help you rank higher than your competitors.

No matter if you’re starting a new site or changing your SEO strategy, it’s important to find those profitable and high-value keywords. Keyword research is an ongoing process, so you need to use powerful software to find long-tail phrases that no one else is using yet.

Price: Annual Starter Plans are $25/month, while Annual Agency Plans are $98/month.

LongTailPro vs Ubersuggest

Pros Cons
Simple software that is easy to use. It may take a while for results to load.
Take advantage of our ‘How to videos to make the most of the platform. Backlink analysis and other SEO tools are not available.
View LongTailPro’s analysis of a competitor’s keyword strategy. One user is allowed on the Starter Plan.
Utilize search volume, CPC bids, and rank value to create keyword filters. A daily limit applies to seed keyword searches – unlimited searches are not available.
Calculate the viability of a keyword on a scale of 1-100. The Apply filters button does not always work.

Best for SEO managers who want to find competitive long-tail keywords and phrases without using any other tools.

5. Semrush

SEMrush Review

SEMrush is a powerful SEO toolkit that has everything you need. It is one of the most popular and serious SEO platforms because 6 million people around the world trust it.

Even though SEO is the main focus of SEMrush, it also has tools for optimizing social media, content, paid ad campaigns, and PR.

Some of SEMrush’s standout features include: 

  • Over 20 billion keywords are stored in this database.
  • Analyzing organic traffic and performance for any site. 
  • 30.8 trillion backlinks in an expansive database.
  • Effective competitor research requires side-by-side domain comparisons.
  • As of 2020, 190 countries will have access to the Market Explorer tool.
  • Within Semrush, there is an ad tool for Facebook & Instagram that allows users to create ads

With SEMrush, it’s easy to separate data, add filters, and do research based on a topic. Then, it’s easy to export all of these results so that you can look them up later.

Pro plans cost $119.95 per month. A Business Plan costs $449.95 per month, while a Guru Plan costs $229.95 per month. There are discounts for paying for a year at a time.

Semrush vs Ubersuggest

Pros Cons
Using the unique Market Explorer tool, you can gain a better understanding of consumer demographics through market interests. Inaccurate data is often reported, especially concerning ad spending.
The social media tracker shows you the most engaging content on social media. As dashboards are highly technical and complex, adapting to them takes time.
To improve your brand image, you can monitor social media and the web for feedback on your brand. Lists of keywords cannot currently be saved within the platform – they must be exported as Excel files.
With SEMrush, you can run PPC campaigns effectively. In the results, only data from Google is provided – no data from other search engines is provided.
You can use an SEO writing tool to improve the readability of your content and optimize it for keywords. Ubersuggest is much less expensive than SEMrush, and its free trial is only for 7 days.

Best for: Companies seeking a comprehensive and highly technical SEO platform that can manage both organic and PPC campaigns.

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