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How To Use SEMrush 2022


In this article we will discuss How To Use SEMrush

Websites undergo a lot of changes during their life cycle. Because of these changes, technical SEO factors can happen on and off the page.

It’s important to do website audits on a regular basis to make sure that your site is working well. In this guide, we’ll talk about how to use the SEMrush site audit tool to look for SEO and website performance problems.

We can find out what our website’s technical performance is, as well as what SEO factors are missing or incorrect by using the SEMrush site audit tool.

Once we have the whole report, we’ll be able to see where we can improve and change things to make our website work better.

There are four major components of the site audit tool:

  • The Site Audit report
  • SEO content template
  • On-Page SEO Checker
  • Log File Analyzer

These parts make it easy to do an audit of our website, set up tasks to manage changes, and keep track of our progress. Let’s jump in and look at everything.

Site Audit 

You can find problems with your website’s technical SEO by using SEMrush’s site audit tool and then fixing them to improve its search engine rankings. It lets you look at more than 130 technical SEO factors on your website.

How To Use SEMrush

In the report that you receive at the end of your website audit, you’ll find a summary of your website’s health, as well as any errors, warnings, and notices. Here is a sample of how the report looks.

  • Site Health Score – Your website’s health score is based on how many errors and warnings have been found on it, as well as how unique each of them is. The higher the score, the less problems there are on your website right now.
  • Crawled Pages –The number of crawled pages is the number of pages on your website that the SEMrush audit tool has looked at.
  • Errors – The errors are the total number of problems found on all of the pages that were crawled. These are serious mistakes that can have a direct effect on where you rank in search engines.
  • Warnings – The warnings are problems that have been found on your crawled pages that aren’t too big or too small. They aren’t as bad as the mistakes, but you should still look into them.
  • Notices –Notices are small things that aren’t very important, but if you fix them, they can help your website as a whole. This can include pages that don’t have any internal links, pages that don’t have any outgoing links, and pages that don’t have any header tags.

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‍Why Does This Matter?

Fixing errors, warnings, and notices on your website is a great way to help it and its related pages rank well in search engines.

The higher your content will rank, the easier you make it for Google to crawl and index it. This starts with making sure that each page has all the technical SEO elements that are needed for a good indexing.

‍Thematic Reports 

Thematic reports help you look at how your website works from a technical point of view. This includes the site’s ability to be crawled, its HTTPS statistics, its performance metrics, and its structure of internal links.

  • Crawlability – This is a score that your website gets based on how easily search engines can find it. It’s supposed to show how many pages Googlebot can crawl and index. The percentage should be as high as possible.
  • Site Performance –This is a score that shows how quickly your pages load. Page loading speed is a very important ranking factor because it affects how users feel about the site. If you have a high score, most of your pages load in less than 3 seconds.
  • Internal Linking – This is a very important report that will show you what kinds of problems your website has with the links on its own pages. Internal links are important for the structure and organization of your website, and they can also have a good effect on your rankings. It’s important to make sure that your internal links go to the right pages.
  • HTTPS stats – The following report will help you keep an eye on how safe your website is. You and your visitors need a secure website.

The site audit tool checks to see if your SSL certificate is up to date and points to the right domain and subdomains.

SEO Content Template 

When content creators use a template for SEO content, they can get suggestions based on their keyword selection to help them create SEO-friendly content.

Just type in the keywords you want to use and the country you want to go to, then click “create SEO template.”

When the SEO content tool is finished, it will show you the top 10 search results that include your target keywords.

This is a great way to look at the best content for your keywords and figure out what they are doing to rank so highly.

It can also give you ideas for your own content and help you figure out how to make better content than your competitors.

Recommendations for Site Content

“Site Content Basic Recommendations” shows you how top-ranking content uses page titles, meta descriptions, H1 heading tags, and how much text to use.

This is great because it lets you see the basic structure of the content that gets the best rankings for your keywords.

Site Content Competitors Keywords

In the section on site content keywords for competitors, you can see how your competitors are using the target keywords in their content.

This is very helpful because it gives you a front-row seat to how the best-ranking content uses its target keywords.

Site Content Keyword Recommendations

The content template’s suggestions for keywords help you find other related keywords that you can use in your content. You can also see which domains you can go after to get backlinks that are relevant to your target keywords.

The tool also tells you how long the top articles for those keywords are on average. This is very helpful because it can help you narrow down the structure of your content even more.

On-Page SEO Checker

On Page SEO Checker semrush

The On-Page SEO Checker will give you a list of things you can do to improve the ranking of each page on your website.

The tool will tell you how to improve your on-page SEO, what related keywords to include on your pages, how long your content should be and how easy it is to read, and even how to get backlinks.

When you click on the “Total Ideas” section, you will see a list of pages on your website that need to be optimized, along with different ideas for how to optimize each page.

This can be a very effective way to get more traffic and move up in the search engine rankings. If you do what the tool says to do to improve your content’s ranking, you can then keep an eye on how your content’s ranking changes.

Inside the “Ideas” section next to each page, you’ll find seven ways to make your content better and help it rank higher.

They include:

If you improve all of these things on your pages, your individual page rankings will go up and your page authority score will go up as well.

Why Should You Use the On-Page SEO Checker?

SEMrush customer review: Why Should You Use the On-Page SEO Checker

The on-page SEO checker gives you a standard way to check your website’s SEO and makes it easy to make changes. It gives you a structured list of things you can do to help make each page better.

The tool will tell you what you can do to improve the SEO of your pages and why these changes are good for your site in the long run.

Log File Analyzer

The log file analyzer is a more advanced tool that you can get from SEMrush. It can give you more accurate information about how search engines interact with your website’s content.

Log files from your website can be dumped directly into the log file analyzer using the tool. By using the log file analyzer, you will be able to figure out what happens to your website when search engines crawl it.

It gives you important information about how search engines read the content on your website. You can see, among other things:

  • Search engines did not crawl certain pages on your website
  • During crawling, search engines find errors
  • Your website’s crawling resources (crawling statistics)
  • The most frequently crawled pages

This is important information that can help you organize your website’s content in a way that makes it easy for search engines to crawl and index. This has an effect on how high your website will rank in search results in the long run.

Here are the three steps for how to use the log analyzer. To use this tool, you will need to pay for a SEMrush subscription.

Step 1: Download your website’s log files

Step 2: Upload your log files

Step 3: You will get a detailed report at the end of this step.

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Conclusion: How To Use SEMrush

All of the tools listed above that can help you do a full site audit can give you a better idea of how well your website is doing as a whole. By making changes to your site’s content and pages on a regular basis, you can make sure that search engines rank your site highly.

By keeping up with new SEO techniques, you can make sure that your website is running at its best. As your website grows, it’s important to keep it compliant and up-to-date by doing site audits every three months.

Websites that check their old content and change it to make it better are three times more likely to rank higher in search engines.



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