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What is Rank and Rent in SEO 2022 #1 Definitive Guide(Case Study)


Are you looking forward to creating an online property that is easy to set up and can generate Rent? Wondering how an online property can generate rent? It is possible and I will reveal an extraordinary Rank and Rent Local SEO Technique.

Rank And Rent

Understanding the Rank and Rent Model

To understand this concept well, let us begin with an offline method to start generating a Rent. So, there we usually create a residential or commercial property and then, we reach out to local brokers and advertisers to look out for tenants. 

If someone likes that property, you decide a monthly fixed amount [Rent] which a tenant pays you against the property usage.

Now, I will apply the same concept to our Rank and Rent website model:

  1. You will Create a Website [Which is an online property]
  2. Write a Rankable Content
  3. Apply SEO best practices 
  4. Get the Website Ranked on Search Engines
  5. Rent it out to Local Business Owners

So, Rank and Rent in SEO mean creating an online property and getting it ranked on Google, then selling the space or entire website to local businesses.

If the concept is sounding interesting to you, let us now deep dive and understand how to create one for you.

How to Create a Rank and Rent Website [A Step by Step Approach] Renting Local SEO Websites

Well, the concept is so catchy that anyone who explores it cannot resist trying it out.

How TO create A Rank Website

If you are looking forward to creating a Rank and Rent website for yourself, I will help you out through the step-by-step guide below.


Steps to Start a Rank and Rent Website:

  1. Select a Niche or Industry
  2. Choose a Domain and Web Hosting
  3. Install WordPress
  4. Competitive Research: Keywords, Content and Backlinks Analysis
  5. Create an Awesome Content
  6. Link Building
  7. Find Investors and Rent it Out

Let us now start discussing each of the steps one by one and in detail.

Step 1. Select a Niche or Industry

A Niche basically means a topic, a skill, stream, or industry at large. Here in this context, we can also have a city or a small region as a niche.

You cannot have a website that is ranking for “Best Restaurants in London” and “Best Guitar School in London”. 

Rank and Rent site should focus only on one topic or industry to rank easily. It is really tough or next to impossible to rank on restaurants, schools, or maybe salons on a single website. 

If you are inclined to focus on multiple industries, what best you can do is to choose a city or a region as your Niche. 

Few examples:

Industry: Hospitals, Restaurants, Schools

City: London, Washington, Singapore, etc

Skill: Plumber, Magician

The above list is just to have an idea, you can start your website on any of the categories above. 

If you have chosen a broad niche, you can further deep dive and identify a Micro Niche. For example, if you have chosen a restaurant as a niche, a Chinese restaurant can be your micro-niche.

Few Thumbrules:

  • If it is based on one industry, don’t mix any other industry
  • If you choose a city as your niche, don’t target any other city on the same site
  • Similarly, for skills, if your site is targeting Plumbers, keep it limited to that only

Few Tips to Shortlist your Niche:

  • Look out for the number of searches, it should be large enough and consistent.
  • Brainstorm your pricing model in advance, can you monetize this niche, a simple question to ask, will someone pay you decent enough for this niche?
  • Check out the expected ticket size of each sale. Avoid a niche with penny products. 
  • Evaluate the competition and keyword difficulty. [I will discuss this in Step 4 in detail]

I have also suggested 50 awesome niche ideas later in this article to help understand this concept even better.

Step 2. Choose a Domain and Web Hosting

Now that you are done with Niche identification, you need to create a website. A website typically needs two basic things: 

A Domain: That is your identity over the internet, your website’s name like Google.com, Forbes.com, etc.

Web Hosting: This is the server space to store your website files. Whenever a website URL is entered on a browser by a visitor, it is the web hosting that delivers those files. The hosting company ensures proper speed and uptime to ensure your website is accessible 24×7.

How to choose a Domain name?

EMD stands for “Exact Match Domain”. While many of SEOs will tell you that it is now an outdated concept, you will still find them ranking.

I can prove it by an example below:

I searched for “Top hosting in India” and found a website: tophostinginindia.com ranking on Google’s page 1.

Top Hosting In India

You can search for an exact phrase of keywords as a domain name, if available, don’t just miss booking it. 

  • Include Keywords, City Name, or Service Name

There are cases where using an EMD is either not possible or it is simply not available.

In all such cases, I will strongly suggest you include a combination of “Primary Keywords” and “Target Locations” in your domain name. Even if it is not the exact match, it still ranks really well.

Let me again prove it to you.

Refer to a snapshot below, I searched for “best hosting in Australia” and found bestwebhostingaustralia.org ranking on Google’s page 1.

Best Hosting In Australia

I proved my two strategies with the live example and will suggest you as well to try it for your project.

Now, I will suggest to you the best way that saves a huge cost on domain and hosting.

Content in SEO meme

What is the cost-effective way of purchasing a Domain and Web Hosting?

If you are just starting your first project or looking forward to exploring this as an experiment, you might now want to invest heavily in infra.

I have a pro tip for you here. Choose BLUEHOST that offers a Free domain with every web hosting plan and currently, you can avail it for just $2.95.

According to Google’s market research, 53 percent of mobile audiences leave a site if it takes more than three seconds to load. Their time is valuable, so don’t encourage them to bounce with a slow-as-molasses website.

You can analyze your site’s speed with Google PageSpeed InsightsGoogle’s Test My Site, or Pingdom.

Step 3. Install WordPress

If you don’t know to code, here is good news for you. You can create your website without any professional web designing course with WordPress.

A WordPress is a free content management system [CMS] that helps you create your website with easy drag and drop options. It is as simple as creating an MSWord document or a Powerpoint presentation.

Install WordPress

There are various other content management systems like Joomla and Magento but WordPress holds a 39% market share globally.

It is an open-source software where you get unlimited themes, templates, plugins for free.

Step 4. Competitive Research: Keywords, Content and Backlinks Analysis

Now, when we have created a website, it’s time to get started with some technical but interesting stuff.

I will now tell you how to spy on your competitors?

Yes, for understanding the competition and finding out the golden keywords on which they are ranking, their content, and link-building strategy, you need to research them well.

How to check the keywords on which your competitors are ranking?

I will suggest you a freeway here as well. If you are a beginner, you can use Ubersuggest, a free SEO tool.

Simply open the tool, type your competitor’s domain name, and hit “Search”. 

Neil Patel

For example, if you are choosing “Drycleaning in London” as your keyword or “Drycleaning” as your niche, you will find hellolaundry.co.uk ranking there.

I analyzed it for you and here are the results:

  1. This site is generating traffic of 149000 per month [estimated].

Traffic Overview

             2. The top keywords are “Drycleaners near me”, “Drycleaning near me” and various others.

SEO Keyword

3.   Top Ranking pages are “Clothing Alterations and Tailoring Service”, Laundry Services Near me in London, and a few others as per the snapshot below.

Top Seo Pages

With this simple tool, we found our competitor’s top-ranking Keywords and Contents. 

Isn’t it exciting to know what search terms are generating massive traffic for your competitors and also their top-ranking pages?


Now that you have your competitor’s keywords, you need to find the level of competition, that is known as “Keyword Difficulty”

I will suggest SEMRUSH, an awesome tool that offers a free trial as well.

You need to visit the “Keyword Overview” and “Keyword Magic Tool” to figure out the low-hanging fruits [easy to rank keywords].

Keyword Magic Tool

Check the snapshot below for Keyword Magic Tools wherein, I searched for “Restaurant in London” and it displayed me a lot of suggestions with keywords and KD% [Keyword Difficulty].

Keyword Overview tool I used to analyze the single keyword ”Best Chinese in London”. Another amazing tool that shows you trend, global traffic, and again, Keyword difficulty. 

Use any of the tools and you will find your answer.

One last thing that you need here in this section is to see the number of backlinks.

A backlink refers to the hyperlink that you earn from other sites when they refer you or your services. That helps Google to understand your content and rank it accordingly.

You can use both Ubersuggest and Semrush for this task.

Traffic Overview Backlinks

Here is a snapshot from Ubersuggest below:

Now, we have everything that we need to create great content. 

Step 5. Create an Awesome Content

Content matters the most and is actually a key factor behind your success.

Few tips to write content that ranks:

  1. Ensure to have at least 1500+ words, short content doesn’t rank anymore.
  2. Try to write better content than the top 10 competitors in search results.
  3. Keep it engaging, the user should read it till the end.
  4. Use proper images and videos to make it attractive and informative.
  5. Make it useful, your user should not go back to Google and search again for that keyword.
  6. Use Keywords in the heading, meta title, meta descriptions, and content.
  7. Make it trustworthy by adding relevant external and internal links.

If these suggestions are followed, your content part is taken care of.

Step 6. Link Building

I discussed the term “Backlink” above in step 4. Once we are finished with the content, it is now time to get some good links from high-authority sites.

Few killer tips for effective link building:

  1. Find the sites related to your niche and outreach them seeking a “Guest Post” opportunity.
  2. Search for “Free Guest Posting” sites on Google and approach the niche relevant sites.
  3. Create links on Quora and Medium
  4. Good “Directory submission sites” are also advised for Rank and Rent websites.

Not only this, but you can also reach out to a professional SEO agency or hire a freelancer through Fiverr who can help you in getting some links.

Avoid spammy sites and choose sites with low spam scores only to avoid any penalty from search engines.  

Step 7. Find Investors and Rent it Out

Your site is ready and the content is also created. It will take some time to rank but in between, you must start shortlisting the prospects who can invest.

If your keyword research is good, the content you created is a well-researched article that can help the visitors and you have proper links in place, your site will rank.

Let us now discuss the strategy and step-by-step approach to get your first few investors.

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How to find Rent Paying Customers for your R&R site?

Once your site is ready and it is in the process of ranking, you will now have to start reaching out to the prospects who can invest in your site.

Here is the step-by-step approach to reach out to the probable customers.

Identifying the Stats:

There are the following factors that will determine your customer base and of course the amount that you can expect:

  1. Traffic
  2. Keywords [Buyer intent or Information intent]
  3. Call to Action features and finally, 
  4. Nature of Business

Everything depends upon profitability, before you reach out to the customer, ensure you have the data ready.

If you can show them the ROI, they will invest for sure. 

Now, let us figure out the way of finding and approaching these customers.

Shortlisting the Prospects:

So, once we are done with the stats and analytics work and sure that the site has the potential to provide converting customers, let us start figuring out whom you need to contact. 

These leads are useful for small businesses, new ventures, or companies that operate on a lead closure model. 

Businesses with their own website might not be too interested in this project, however, depending upon the ROI you can project, it is worth giving a try.

  • Create a List of Lead-based Businesses

As we discussed above, Lead-based businesses like Insurance Advisors, Mortgage Loan Agents are always interested in getting new prospects. 

For example, a customer who is looking to buy a new house might enquire about nearby Loan facilitators and ends up visiting your site. Since these customers are enquiring themselves about the loan, there are high chances of their conversion.

The same goes for various other businesses [some of them are in the list of Rank and Rent Ideas that we shared below] and you just need to sit on a local map or a directory to shortlist a few of them.

  • Keep a Track of Newly Opened Business

This is a tricky thing to do but not at all tough. One simple way of doing it so liaison up with Tax consultants. 

Every new business hires these agencies for, let say, VAT registration, GST registration, etc, and that’s where you can get to know about newly opened businesses.  

Apart from these, local directories and advertising agencies might also pass on the leads to you.

Always remember that a newly opened business has a decent marketing budget and spends on advertising initially. You have the leads for them, and they will grab them for sure.

  • Contact GMB listings that are Not Ranking

One of the most innovative ways of finding paying customers is to approach the businesses that are not ranking.

All local business are creating their GMB listing these days but only a few are ranking on their desired keywords.

Pull out the possible list of keywords that caters to your niche, for example:

  • Website designers near me
  • Logo makers near me
  • Best Chest Specialist of Boston

Now you need to start contacting the businesses that are listed but are ranked at last. Since they are not getting any benefit from their existing listings, they will not let you go if you can prove the potential.

Isn’t it a simple trick? 

So, these are the ways of finding your clients and start collecting rent. 

Now, let us discuss a few ways through which you can contact them to pitch your product.

Planning an Outreach:

This is the final step and you need to ensure that everything is well planned before contacting the investors.

Few Suggestions: 

  • Create a simple product with proper pricing
  • Offer some discount on instant signup
  • Give them a free demo for a few days
  • Provide Free 5-10 Leads to show the Quality

Now, you need to contact the identified prospects using any of the following methods:

How about a demo over the call? You have the prospect number through GMB listing, directory, or any other source you got their reference from.

Call them right away and share the benefits that you have to offer.

At first, don’t discuss the pricing over the call, instead, show them the value and offer the trials.

If you have the address, go and give the demo directly. It is always better to take an appointment in advance. Still, if the size of the business is small and you have an ROI model for them, they will still entertain you.

If you have the database of local businesses, you can reach out to them quickly and efficiently with a proper draft through email. This is one of the best ways to reach hundreds of customers every day and generate leads for your own R&R site.

During the contact, you need to show them how your leads can help them get new customers. 

Consider trying a 2-3 days Demo or a few Free Leads so that the customers can try them.

Once they are convinced of the quality, the only step left will be to decide the mode of income and price negotiation.

Pricing Strategy: Modes of Income from Rank and Rent Website

You must define your pricing policy for your R&R site the way you want. 

Pricing Strategy

But before you decide that, you need to understand the value proposition yourself.

Firstly, Consider the investment and maintenance cost of your website.

Secondly, Track the per day traffic

Thirdly, Test a few leads on your own

If you are convinced that everything is right at its place and your customers will surely benefit from it, you should now figure out the pricing strategy.

There can be three major strategies that you can adopt as your revenue stream from this website.

  1. Sell Space, Charge Rent

Simplest pricing model where you sell your entire page or a portion for a fixed monthly amount called rent.

In this model, you get a fixed amount irrespective of the profitability and performance of the page. It is the safest way but you earn comparatively less.

  1. Profit-Sharing

As the name suggests, you decide a share of profit for simply passing on the lead to local vendors.

Let suppose you shared a lead for website design and the business earned $100 profit through that lead, you may ask for a share out of it, maybe 25% or so.

If you notice that your leads are converting, you must choose this method.

  1. Per Lead Commission

This model is slightly different. Here, you neither get a fixed income nor a profit. You simply decide an amount per lead.

If there are no leads, the business has nothing to pay you, that’s the benefit for the business.

The lead, on the other hand, even if doesn’t convert, you will get a fixed amount, that’s the advantage you have.

 So, on the basis of investors, your traffic, niche, and various other things, you can decide your pricing model.

One thing is for sure that you can expect a lifelong income if your basics are right.

Now, Are you interested in getting a list of my hot favorite niches for the Rank and Rent SEO project? 

Here we go.

50 Awesome Rank and Rent Website Ideas

I discussed above, that you need to have a micro-niche idea that works well and can rank easily on local searches. 

Awesome RAnk

Further, I shared with you the step-by-step process to create a Rank and Rent website above. 

Let me now suggest you 50 ideas or topics on which you can start your R&R website:

  1. Airline Ticketing
  2. Local Tours and Weekend excursions
  3. Ambulance Services
  4. Doctors [Gynae, ENT, etc]
  5. Animal Trappers, Shelters, Hospitals
  6. Pets Grooming
  7. Electricians or Electronics Repair
  8. Mobile Phone Repairing
  9. Beauticians or Makeup Artists
  10. Salons
  11. Dance and Music Institutes
  12. Astrologers, Palmists, Numerologists, and various Occult Sciences 
  13. Air Conditioner and Refrigerator Repair
  14. Event Planners and Decorators
  15. Transport, Autoleasing or Taxi Services
  16. Website Designers
  17. Digital Marketing Services or SEO
  18. New Born Baby Clothes, Accessories, and Services
  19. Bank Loans Services
  20. BBQ Grill Restaurants
  21. Discos and Pubs
  22. Furniture
  23. Jewelry
  24. Coachings and Tutions
  25. Used Car Dealers
  26. Car Repair and Washing Stations
  27. Printing and Stationery
  28. Sports Goods
  29. Schools and Colleges
  30. Computer and Laptop 
  31. Hospitals and Medical Shops
  32. Body Piercing or Tattoo Art
  33. Employment Agencies
  34. Gym and Yoga Instructors
  35. Lawyers
  36. Insurance Services
  37. Florists and Decorators
  38. Currency Exchange
  39. Share Brokers
  40. Departmental Stores
  41. Movers and Packers
  42. Household Services like Plumbers, Carpenters, etc
  43. Gas Stations
  44. Gifts Shop
  45. Guns Dealers
  46. IVF Clinics
  47. Day Boarding or Creche
  48. Hardware Supplies
  49. Food, Vegetables, and Beverages
  50. Spa 

So, these are the niches that you can try and explore for your first Rank and Rent website. Use tools like Google Keywords research, Ahrefs, and Semrush to further deep dive and get the keywords suggestions.

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Rank and rent seo


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 Conclusion: What is Rank and Rent in SEO 2022

Getting a micro-niche ranked and earning through affiliate marketing or ad networks is something that we all know. But, This Rank & Rent SEO game is also becoming a popular way of earning a semi-passive income.

While you do not have anything that is a “sure shot remedy” of success when it comes to search engine rankings, Rank and Rent concept I still find comparatively easy and worth trying.

If you choose the right project with proper research, you can create a consistent income source that needs a one-time effort.

Queries and doubts? Use the comments section below, I will answer back asap.



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