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List of Top 10 SEO Addons for Mozilla Firefox 2022


Firefox is a very secure and safe search engine from the Mozilla group. It works on all the platforms which includes Mac, Windows and Linux, and is verified by many of its users including me that its UI is very impressive and user-friendly.

What more attractive about this search engine is that you can modify it to your liking and requirements through additional add-ons and themes.

For webmasters and bloggers wants more and more traffic to their blog, SEO (search engine optimization) is a main feature they need to work on. To make it simple to carry out the SEO which is required for websites, there is an availability of various Firefox SEO add-ons, which are very easy to download and use.

Here, I have listed top 10 SEO add-ons for Firefox that you can amalgamate with your Firefox browser to create your search engine customization and link building life easier when browsing, searching and comparing.

Making use of these SEO add-ons in your Firefox will surely slash the time for searching the data and gives you more time to customize your sites. Below I have made a list of the popular SEO add-ons which are in use by me and are very helpful in surveying the site’s SEO.

1) SeoQuake SEO Extension

SeoQuake SEO Extension

SEO Quake is a very popular SEO tool and is used for analyzing different stricture like the Google Page Rank to showcase the page rank of present page, SEMrush, Alexa Rank, Google index and many more.

The stricture can be enabled as well as disabled in the preference column of SEOquake. Once the installation is complete, you will see a bar below in each of the links searched.

This add-on can be used to confirm the Google Page Rank of all the internal pages for any website or blog. Just type the name of you website with extension in the Google search.

2) SEO Toolbar by SEOmoz 

SEO Toolbar by SEOmoz

SEO Toolbar by SEOmoz is again a very popular SEO tool to verify SEO factors like Domain Authority, Page, Mozrank, the domains and URL’s SERP overlay with in-depth links metics and linking to the page.

The analyze option which gives you detailed page elements which then verifies for factors like meta description, title tag and header tags. Page attributes verifies for webpage load times, Meta robots.

And yes! If you are premium member, you can access more features. The open site explorer gives information on linking domains, inbound links, advanced reports and anchor text. To get more out of this, you need to be a paid member of SEOmoz.

3) SEO Doctor 

SEO Doctor Add ons for Firefox

SEO Doctor verifies for many factors mainly based on image, Google webmaster and SEO starter guidelines and provides score. It also comes with other features like links which displays the number of external links, Visits, which shows the number of visitors visited and the backlinks which displays the backlinks number count for the domain.

This tool will also verify for any type of problem and will give the score for your webpage. In the status bar you will be able to see flag indication in different colors to indicate the webpage’s SEO score.

If the flag is green then everything is going great guns. If yellow flag, means a noncritical warning, and if you see a red flag then there are few elements which needs attention and can be improved.

4) SenSEO 

SenSEO Add ons for Firefox

Sensational SEO, commonly known as SenSEO does not require restarting after the installation is complete.

It verifies for the webpage essential elements like checks forMeta description, title and Meta keywords, also includes more features like verifying the domain, URL path, headlines, page load time and micro data. Once the installation is over, the SenSEO search icon can be seen in the search bar.

5) Foxy SEO Tool 

Foxy SEO Tool Add ons for Firefox

Foxy SEO tool makes the search simpler and gives SEO tools for verification like Google links which has the Google pictures which searches for pictures used in the site, Google PageRank, Google news which gives tool to verify the PageRank of the given site.

Same types of links are verified for Bing and Yahoo. The also gives Traffic option to verify the site’s traffic from compete, alexa, Google Trends and quant cast.

You will also be able to verify whether the website is listed in some of the elite directories like Yahoo directory and DMOZ, Delicious, Technorati and others options which include Misc, Keyboard and the Network.

6) SEO & Website Analysis 

SEO Website Analysis Add ons for Firefox

This tool comes from the people from and gives in-depth analysis with 50 plus SEO factors. When the installation is over, a “W” icon can be seen in the bottom right corner when clicked gives the woorank out of 100 and generates the in depth report.

The report verification of the site and gives the particulars on errors to be fixed and top importance which needs to be acted upon and also checks for number of SEO parameters like links, content, authority, keywords and backlinks.

 7) SEO Blogger 

The SEO Blogger tool comes from Wordtracker and gives keyword research tool to customize the article. The “W” icon will be seen in the bottom right corner of your Firefox browser status bar.

When the icon is clicked, the tool will be available in the left area of the browser display. When the keyword is typed, the tool will suggest for number of keywords.

8) Affilorama SEO Tool 

Affilorama SEO Toolbar Add ons for Firefox

Affilorama SEO tool is an easy to use toolbar which gives analysis on Alexa Traffic, PageRank, and Backlinks for the site in Yahoo and Google, indexing info and on-page detail info like Meta keywords, Meta description, title, link scanner which colorizes the external links in the website and info on domain.

The tool when downloaded can be seen in the right corner of your Firefox browser’s address bar. To get more option, just right click on the link which is next to Alexa.

9) SEO Workers Web Page SEO Analysis Tool 

SEO Workers Web Page SEO Analysis Tool Add ons for Firefox

This tool verifies the site for SEO and creates the report on HTTP Meta tags, headers, keywords, image alt tags and URL’s Keywords in anchor. After each aspect, Google webmaster help video is incorporated for better understanding of the things.

10) Backlink Explorer 

Backlink Explorer Add ons for Firefox

Backlink Explorer gives analysis on backlink to website making in use few popular tools like Opensite Explorer, Blekko, Majestic SEO, Alexa and Bing. For some of the tools, you need to be a paid member to see the detailed report on Backlinks.

After the installation of this add-on, there is no restart required and to verify the options click, which is on the “BE” icon and is located in the status bar.

So that is it for my top 10 SEO add-ons for Mozilla Firefox. I know there are many toolbars available which I have not covered because those might or might not be helpful to everyone. But I bet! The ones I have mentioned are useful for most of my readers.

There is one thing you should always keep in mind though: the more add-ons you install, the response from the Firefox will eventually get slower. And it’s not a rare fact that my browser gulps in memory of some gigabytes.

So make sure you choose the toolbars which you need the most, and which suits you.

Also make sure that you don’t have more than two or three toolbars installed – however, I really don’t want to stay without a great setup as it makes my daily routine work so much better organized.

So what are your views about this article? Do let me know in the comments.



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