List of Top 10 SEO Selling Books on Amazon in [2022 ]

List of Top 10 SEO Selling Books on Amazon in [2022 ]


The only reason of having a website of your company is to promote it among the vast pool of masses using the internet. However, if your site is not among the top ranking pages in Google or any other search engine, then what is the use of it?

Moreover, Google changes it algorithm frequently to provide the best search result. If you do not wish to lose out in this game of search engine optimization and Google ranking, you ought to be well versed in SEO.

In order to gain all the information and updates on SEO and to make yourself adept in this domain, you need to study some of the remarkable books available on Amazon. Here is a list of the top 10 selling SEO books.

List of List of Top 10 SEO Selling Books on Amazon in 2022

1. Inbound Marketing and Seo: Insights from the MozBlog written by Fishkin, Rand

In the event that you have been in the SEO study for some time, you may be acquainted with the Moz blog. It is one of the best selling books to provide you all the information on content marketing and SEO.

Buy Inbound Marketing and SEO Insights from the Moz Blog -best seo books

The book shows you about internet promoting, social networking and third party referencing, content marketing and site improvement for the most recent information on search engine algorithm.


2. Ultimate Guide to Optimizing Your Website written by Jon Rognerud

This book deals with the most recent upgrades in SEO strategies. SEO methods are changing quick as Google analytics changes as often as possible. You cannot overlook this latest book on SEO optimization, if you want your website to be in the forefront of the search engines, without paying any extra price.

Ultimate Guide to Optimizing Your Website - best seo books

The writer Jon Rognerud provides all the guidelines and tips for search engine optimization that you should follow.

The book additionally tells you about 10 WordPress plugins that can wonderfully escalate traffic in your website. The author also lets you know the most widely done mistakes while trying to optimize your website.

The SEO book imparts knowledge on most recent link building procedures for lasting search engine status, increasing traffic, Google Analytics, abundant samples and screenshots.


3. The Art of SEO (Theory in Practice) written by Stephan Spencer, Rand Fishkin, Eric Enge and Jessie Stricchiola

This is one of the best books on SEO, written by four specialists of the industry. This book will give you a through insight on search engine optimization and a great deal of detailed information and opinions.

The art of SEO - best seo books

This 718 pages book on SEO teaches you everything you need to know about social media, link building and optimizing your website. It is equally helpful for both learner and advanced user, as the upgraded version is written, keeping in mind the constant changes in all the search engines.


4. Doctor Andy Williams’s– SEO 2014 &Beyond: Search Engine Optimization Will Never Be the Same Again (Webmaster Series)

The large number of sales of this book in Amazon is enough to tell you effective this book is. This advanced guide on SEO offers you all the knowledge about the latest updates of Exact Match Domains, Google Penguin and Panda.

SEO 2015 &Beyond: Search Engine Optimization - best seo books

This being a Kindle e-book, the authors can update and upgrade it often to make it up-to-date and accommodate all the latest advancement in this genre.


5. SEO Black Book – A Guide to the Search Engine Optimization Industry’s Secrets (The SEO Series) written by R L Adams

Since Google improvises its algorithm very often, so to be at par with the ever-changingdynamics you need to be thoroughly informed about all the updates and the techniques that will work and what won’t work to give your site a high raking in Google.

Buy Seo Black Book A Guide to the Search Engine Optimization - best seo books

This book will make you adept to cope up with the changing Google analytics and will give you an edge over your contenders.

A reader shares his opinion, “This amazing book on SEO has taught me all those things that I could never understand on my own. So I really recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn about search engine optimization.”


6. SEO Made Simple (4th Edition): Search Engine Optimization Strategies: How to Dominate Google, the World’s Largest Search Engine penned by Michael H. Fleischner

This is again one of the top selling SEO books in Amazon. It is a great book for beginners and an easy read. The conversational narrative of the book makes it easy for you to understand all the nuances of search engine optimization and tells you the procedures that you can follow to attain top ranking in Google within 30 days.

SEO Made Simple 4th Edition - best seo books

A reader tells, “I’m new to this realm of SEO and have been searching for a book to clarify the methodology. This book excellently explains what & where to go to accomplish it in a realistic manner.”


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7. Kristopher B. Jones’s – Search Engine Optimization: Your visual blueprint for effective Internet marketing 

Your Visual Blueprint for Effective Internet Marketing Book - best seo books

This book visually guides you to gain all the knowledge about SEO and the most recent changes and the trends on this topic. In case you are still not acquainted with this world of SEO, this book is what you need to learn about content marketing, pay per click and optimizing your site.


8. Google Semantic Search: Increase Brand Impact, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Techniques That Get Your Company More Traffic and Amplify Your Online Presence (Que Biz-Tech) written by David Amerland

It is a book about Sematic Search in Google and it deals with every aspects of search engine optimization. This book stresses more on content marketing rather than keywords research for search engine optimization.

SEO Techniques That Get Your Company More Traffic - best seo books

It imparts knowledge on Trust Rank, social media activity,Knowledge Graph,Authority Rank etc. to increase the ranking of your site successfully.


9. SEO for Bloggers – Learn How to Rank your Blog Posts at the Top of Google’s Search Results (The SEO Series) authored by R L Adams

Learn How to Rank your Blog Posts - best seo books

If you want to make your blog post popular and buildup its ranking in Google, then you must read this book about the SEO ranking features, Google Panda, Exact Match Domains, content syndication strategies and much more.


10. FREE GOOGLE: Free SEO, Social Media, and AdWords Resources from Google for Small Business Marketingby Jason McDonald

FREE GOOGLE Free SEO Social Media and AdWords - best seo books

Google always offers quite a lot of free packages and resources for start-up and small businesses that one can utilize to gain topmost ranking in Google. Since this book deals with all these, it helps you to learn how to use Google for enhancing SEO ranking of your site, AdWords conversions and social media functioning.


So, these are the top 10 SEO selling books on Amazon that you may get hold of to unfold all the mysteries about search engine optimization.

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