The Secret Of Getting Google AdSense Approved Revealed, Here you Go!

The Secret Of Getting Google AdSense Approved Revealed, Here you Go!


Getting Google AdSense is the dream objective of almost everyone who wishes to earn online and through blogging. Being one of the most reliable sources of online income, various webmaster almost crave for getting the Adsense approved.

Gone are the days when getting an Adsense approval was a cakewalk. Today, people literally aspire to get the Adsense and it has really become a ‘rocket science’ in my words.

Most of the bloggers are often seen quitting blogging just because of this reason. First of all let me mention, Google Adsense is not the life and blood of your blog. I understand it is important and this is why I am writing this post for you, but you have other alternatives as well.

Coming back to our big bang idea: Secret to Adsense Approval, I have decided to disclose every possible way to crack your account using not only my own experiences but also from my blogger friends.

Before I start, I want to tell you that these tips are no ‘rocket science’ as I mentioned above for others. I know I am being contradictory  but this is just for you to understand the concepts and not get worried.

Google AdSense Approved

All the tips discussed below are shear case studies and practical ones, so you can trust me on these:

Do not Overlook Webmaster Guidelines

This may seem obvious but first and foremost, you should not certainly revise the webmaster guidelines time to time in order to build credibility of your blog. This will not only help in traffic generation but also lead to automatic element which helps in Adsense program to accept. At the same time, your blog must contain atleast 50 posts for easy approval. Now, this is not the fixed number, but a tentative toll to make them feel the heaviness of your blog.

Add Essential Pages on Your Blog

Make sure you have some essential pages and elements on your blog. Page like Contact Us, Privacy Policy and About us provide crystal clear image in front of the readers and users of the site owner and this again builds credibility among your audience.

And you must know, for Google audience comes first. . You ought to incorporate these pages in your site or blog. Create security arrangement and terms of utilization of your site.

Remember Organic Traffic is the King

Now, this is something which must not be b=neglected. You may be generating traffic from several social networks, referral sites or elsewhere by working on your promotion strategies. However, nothing surpasses the quality of traffic from search engines as this is the genuine way. Now, I don’t say that you need to have thousands of visitors each day from search engines but, major time organic traffic is sure to entice Adsense to approve your account.

Create XML and HTML Sitemaps

In order to improve the recognition of your websites for Google bots, you must submit your sitemaps in XML and HTML versions. Both the versions are equally important. XML is to improve the visibility of your blog in search engines and on other hand, HTML creates a user friendly version. So, make sure you have both for ease of users as well as search engines.

Avoid Copyrighted Material

Copyrighted Material Including Pictures

Image Credits:Flickr

Much is well understood with the heading, but let me share a bit more. Most of the new bloggers tend to take pictures from Google Images for their posts. Most of them are copywritten and this is the reason you should look for license free images. Look for loyalty free images and always give image credits along. Now, I would suggest you to learn some photoshop to edit and create your own pictures. This will not only help in Adsense approval but also help you in driving traffic in long run.

Check for Violation Policies for Adsense

Your blog should not contain even trivial of prohibited content. Otherwise, be ready to get disapproved. Yes this may sound rude but it is highly important. There should be no content related to hacking tricks, pirated material, adult content etc.

ALT Tag in Pictures is Must

Google and AdSense creepy crawlies are not able to peruse the pictures that you have appended with your substance so it is not a decent practice to include pictures without adding ALT labels to them. ALT labels will empower AdSense bots to comprehend the portrayal of your picture to show important notices. Make an effort not to stuff alt labels with watchwords or overall Google creatures may punish you.

Enhance Your Blog Structure to its Best

I would love to mention again that Google wants to work for the cause of users and if it feels that users on your site are not able to navigate conveniently, your blog is useless in its eyes. Adsense is by no means away from this concept and the bots love crawling a website which is easily navigable. There should be sensible sections or categories on your blog and each category must contain atleast 6-7 posts before you apply for Google Adsense.

Do Not Get Hynotised by On-Page Scams

You will come across several scams promising adsense approval all over the web. There are websites flaunting fully approved adsense account within 5 days for meager bucks. I  know bloggers who have bought the adsense approved accounts and the same got disapproved after few days. Better stay away from such enticing promotions.

Use of No-Follow for External Links On Your Blog

Now, this may be a little advance stage of your blog when you have already realized the potential of affiliate earning and you have several affiliate links on your blog already. High external links passing on the link juice is a straight turn off for Google.

So, make sure that before you apply for adsense, your content contains only ‘nofollow’ third party links. This way adsense will not crawl the links and on the other hand, the repute of your blog improves.

Remember, you do not need cheap ways to get adsense approval as you are planning for a long-term credibility and earning potential. So make things all the more genuine on your blog and enjoy adsense forever.



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