How to Add New Life to Your Older Posts to Get More Traffic

How to Add New Life to Your Older Posts to Get More Traffic from Google


Introduction to blog posts

Blog posts are expression of words that involves discussion of site published on the World Wide Web.  One of the main aspects associated with blogging is that with each new post, bloggers are building a benefit to your business. With each blog you will share content that gives a deeper insight of your business.  Many of you are aware of the blogging, but very few know about its important.

Once you write a blog post it is good to share them on different social networking websites. If you share large amount of content over these websites you may get potential customers for your blog post and you can easily increase your brand awareness.

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How to Add New Life to Your Older Posts to Get More Traffic

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The top reasons why you need blog posts:

  • Drive traffic to your website: Blog posts give you the opportunity to develop relevant content for your users. Writing blog posts offer a marketing way that drives traffic to your website.
  • You can post your blog on different social networking websites and give followers a reason to click through to your website. Moreover you can post inbound links directly in your blog articles so as to increase traffic of your website over various search engines.
  • Enhance your SEO/ SERP: Blog posts increase your rankings. It is important to write fresh content so that you completely follow the guidelines of search engines and increase your website ranking. Keywords are also very important; you should place them accordingly in your blog.
  • Keywords are very important for increasing ranking they are mainly main items of your business that are being focused on various search engines. With exact set of keywords you can set your business apart from your competitors and your customers can easily search about your services.
  • Arrangement your brand as an industry leader: With well written blogs you can set your business or brand as an industry leader. It is important to post topics that resonate with your market and depict your knowledge in front of potential customers. For example, if you are running an online store you must blogs about your products so that your customers can get a clear idea about your business. The more you write about your business the more you develop interest among your customers.
  • Extend better customer relationships: With each blog post you are extending your relations better with your customer. Blog post will directly connect your business services with customers.
  • It is better to respond the comments and feedbacks that imply that you are showing much interest to your customer’s feedbacks. With contiguous communication with your customers through comments you can easily develop a healthy relationship between your services and customers.

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5 Tips that make your old blog post alive:

5 Tips that make your old blog post alive

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While writing blog post you must follow the trendy techniques that make your blog more attractive and keep them up to date. In order to maximize the online exposure of your business blog writing and keeping them alive is very important. So, if you want to keep your blog post active follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Tweet old posts and share them on Facebook: Tweet old posts are a valuable technique that makes your old post alive. It is important to keep a watch for that posts you receive maximum retweets, shares and comments. In twitter you can choose different categories that you want to exclude or include and set the time between the two tweets and select the best option for customizing the setting as per your requirement. For Facebook it is important to post content frequently. You can recycle your old posts on your Facebook page as your Facebook page gets more followers and your old post gets more customers.
  • Make changes in titles: You can edit the titles so that make them more SEO friendly. Editing the title you will not mess up the SEO on your website and this will not change the permalink of your post. Only the display title will be changed and your old posts get trendy titles as per the trending topics.
  • Recommend previous posts:  While writing new blog posts you must look at your old posts. If you have made some mistakes in your previous blog you can learn from them and make natural way of modifying your old posts. With this you can get a deeper experience for your readers.
  • Create an Image to pin it on Pinterest: Pinterest is a wonderful way for generating traffic for your blog posts. It usually happens that you pin only one of the multiple images from one post on your website. You can pick the images that you have not pinned before and pin them so as to give a fresh look to your old blog post.
  • Video development: If you are using video on your blog you can use the old written blog post and turn them into a video. By making video you will generate a new content plus reference material that you have posted.

The importance of blogging is associated with your business services and products. In order to get successful results and make most out of blogging websites you must use multiple blogs that are related to your subject.

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For example if you are running online flower shop you must start blogging about the different aspects of flowers. Once you have worked well on your blogs link or connect them with your website for getting increased traffic. Blogging gives a new way for publicizing your business services in front of potential customers.

To make your old blog posts alive you can also create Google hangouts. Google hangouts offer a way that not only share knowledge but also discuss subjects with blogging peers. You can host a hangout that is based on your old blog posts and your followers will learn more about your blog posts.

Are you getting less attention for your well written old blog posts? If, yes update your knowledge with above mentioned techniques that keep your old blog posts alive!



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