Interview with SEO Marketer James Reynolds: Sharing Traffic Increasing Strategies


As part of our BloggersIdeas interview series, today we have James Reynolds, the founder of Veravospecialists in helping business owners get more traffic and make more sales. His company provide traffic services and training that help increase the overall responsiveness and profitability of your online marketing

Lets explore with James about his expertise.

Interview with James Reynolds

First of all thanks a lot for coming on my blog James, you made my day by accepting my interview request. Tell me something about yourself and your educational background ?

I’m a British expatriate living in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. I landed up in Dubai after moving with a photography studio in 2006. I was general manager for the photography business, and that was my only job after leaving college. College wasn’t great for me, I dropped out twice.

What are your plans for the future?

Continue to grow a kick ass traffic agency. I love life in Dubai and can see myself based here for a while longer.

 What’s the next move for your company and what can we expect to see in the near future?

Historically we’ve been an organic search agency, but recently we’ve been investing more in our paid search division called Click Jam. I’ve taken on a key hire to head up this division and we are now better positioned to deliver fully integrated campaigns across several channels. Within our core services we offer organic search (SEO Sherpa) and Pay-Per-Click on Google, Facebook, Yahoo and a few other select platforms (Click Jam).

How to optimize 404 page errors on websites?

Keep a close eye on your Google Webmaster Tools account for any issues Google has crawling your site. Most often you would deal with 404 errors (not found pages) by redirecting the not found URL to another relevant URL on your site. This will ensure you don’t lose visitors who try to visit your site via ‘dead’ URL. You can set up search engine friendly 301 redirects via the HT Access file on your website’s server.

 Additionally I recommend you add a custom 404 error page for your site. Hint –  these pages are great for collecting leads, so consider putting an offer/opt in bribe on your 404 page. LeadPages have a great 404 error page template for this purpose.

Google Recently launched Panda and many big businesses got badly affected by it, did any of your sites got affected by it ?

Thankfully few (if any) of our customers were affected by Panda. The Panda update devalued low-quality website’s with thin content. Our customers are typically larger established businesses with substantial sites.

We did however have some customers affected by Google Penguin. In all cases these companies had worked with other agencies in the past who had implemented various manipulative link building campaigns. When Google refreshed the algorithm to filter the spammy links the sites lost ranking and impression share.

We were able to recover the website’s results by balancing out their link profile with good links.

What is the reason behind your Blogging success ?

Consistency. Most blogs fail because they lack stick sticktoitiveness.

How to increase your facebook shared post reach to your audience ? Any ideas.

Aside from share-worthy content, making your snippet appealing is important. Include a custom Facebook share image formatted to the size required for news feed and write a compelling title and description. When your link looks appealing you will get you more clicks and shares. Buzz Feed do this very well.

Without Knowing Much About Technology, How Can I Launch an Online Service Platform?

Work with specialist who do know about technology. One of the biggest challenges for entrepreneurs is doing it all themselves. No successful person ever made it on their own.

How Can I Turn Price-Sensitive Shoppers Into Customers. Any uggestions in comparison to where I work )? 

A couple of tips I got from my friend Ezra Firestone that will help to increase conversions ;-

1. Add a “why buy from us?” page on your site.

2. Use video on your products pages explaining features and benefits and what they can expect after they order.

3. Beneath the cart button add your USP’s.

How to handle guest post spam request ?

I don’t accept guest posts on my site’s so I just reply with no ?

Matt cutts is now against guest blogging. Would you still prefer guestblogging. What to do best in guest blogging ?

I love guest blogging and do as much as I can. But, guest blogging is not (directly) an SEO activity.  What Matt Cutts is against (and rightly so) is people using guest blogging, generally on low-quality sites as a way of building backlinks.

Use guest blogging to grow your reach by getting in front of other people’s audiences. Target website where your market hangs out and write your very best content for them. This will expose you to new people who may later become customers or subscribers.

What are the risks involved in Entrepreneurship Please tell us ?

There are many, but with higher risk comes higher reward.

Suppose if you were not SEO geek today, what you would be then.

A rugby player. I played for Northampton Saints who are the current English Premiership champions until I was 20 years old.

 If you have any questions  about this interview, please do ask in the comments below !

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5+ Tools To Check How Much Traffic A Website Is Receiving 2022


In this article, I am going to share Top 5 Tools To Check How Much Traffic A Website Is Receiving Accurately? Dive in to read the details…

Do you want to understand what proportion traffic an internet site receives? Knowing what proportion traffic your competitors’ websites receive might assist you develop effective content marketing strategies.

It also helps you stay motivated and benchmark your site’s performance within the space. The tactics presented during this post are exclusively useful to estimating traffic to other websites.

Google Analytics is  the greatest approach to gather traffic statistics from your own website. You simply got to install the Google Site kit WordPress plugin and connect it to Google Analytics.

However, you don’t have access to Google Analytics for other websites to see their traffic. 

There are hundreds of programs in the market that may help you determine how much traffic a website receives.

 Three kinds of traffic estimation:

  • Estimation of total website traffic
  • Estimation of organic traffic
  • Estimation of paid traffic

In reality , There is no 100% reliable technique to work out a website’s traffic aside from installing monitoring programs like Google Analytics or obtaining data from Google servers.

Because these tools believe different data sources like Clickstream, keyword traffic, public data, anonymous behavioral data, and correlations, the statistics should only be considered estimates. 

Best Free and Paid Tools to Check Any Site’s Website Traffic


Sitechecker is a platform that makes it easy to track and improve your website’s visibility. It is a must-have toolkit for website owners, marketing agencies, SEO specialists, marketers, and product managers. The more websites you work on, the more time you spend checking data from Google Analytics, Google Search Console, rank tracker, and site crawler. Sitechecker will reduce this time because it provides all of this information in one dashboard.

2. SEMrush

semrush- tool to check website traffic

SEMrush is the most popular online content marketing tool on the Internet. It includes tools like competing keyword research, backlink research, SEO auditing, social media tools, and content marketing tools among others.

Just type the site URL in the search box. Based on the number of keywords the site is ranked for, the tool will return both organic and sponsored traffic that the site can receive.

It also has a feature called “Traffic Analysis”. This tool can help you understand the three categories of traffic I mentioned, along with data like bounce rate and page visit time.

3. SimilarWeb

similarweb review

When it comes to estimating competition traffic, this is the most often used tool. When comparing SimilarWeb to SEMrush, you’ll see that SimilarWeb has a lot of limitations.

You won’t receive the hundreds of important features that SEMrush comes with, aside from traffic estimates. Smaller domains tend to be a challenge for SimilarWeb to analyze.

4. Alexa

alexa- amazon website traffic

Amazon uses Alexa ranking as a measure. The rankings are determined by the amount of traffic a website receives over time.

Advertisers use this statistic to estimate a website’s traffic. SEO Audit Tool, Competitor Keyword Matrix, Site Comparisons, Keyword Difficulty, On-Page SEO Checker, and Competitor Backlink Checker are just a few of Alexa’s premium services.

5. Ahrefs

ahrefs review

Ahrefs is a paid tool that is well-known for having the world’s greatest backlink database. Although you can’t predict overall traffic with this tool, you can figure out how much organic traffic there is.

6. Quantcast

quantcast- tools to check how much traffic website is receiving

Quantcast shows the site’s estimated online traffic. It also shows the information on the demographics, languages, and interests of the audience.

This tool was initially renowned for its inconsistencies rather than its data accuracy. However, it looks that they have been working hard on data accuracy recently, and it is currently one of the most popular website traffic intelligence tools available.

How To Estimate Total Website Traffic?

A website’s traffic will originate from a range of sources. My website, for example, receives organic traffic, direct traffic, referral traffic, social media traffic, and so on. When calculating a website’s traffic, you must take into account all of the traffic.

Otherwise, it will not provide the full picture. SEMrush and SimilarWeb are the only two tools I suggest when it comes to estimating overall traffic.

When you input any domain name into SEMrush’s Traffic Analytics, you’ll obtain all of the information, including visits, unique visitors, pages per visit, average visit length, bounce rate, and so on.

The traffic that SEMrush displays are the sum of all types of traffic that a website receives. You may check your rivals’ historical traffic statistics.

Alternatively, you may check graphs for various metrics over time, traffic share, and traffic estimates for subdomains. SEMrush also includes a tool called Audience Overlap. You may compare your numerous competitors in terms of viewership and traffic by entering their URLs.

They’ve also recently included the Traffic Journey tool, which shows you where your audience is coming from and what sites they’re going to after they’ve visited your competitors’ websites.

To test out the features, you can take advantage of SEMrush special free trial. For traffic estimates, you may also try SimilarWeb. You can also receive a graph of traffic from various sources, similar to SEMrush.

You can view the following:

  • The number of persons who visit a website is referred to as total visits.
  • Desktop vs. Mobile is a tool that lets you determine how much traffic each device receives.
  • The average visit time provides insight into how visitors engage with a website.
  • You can see how much desktop and mobile traffic a website receives at any one time in the graph.

SEMrush and SimilarWeb are the only tools I suggest for estimating overall traffic. If you want to learn more about which tool is the best, check out my SEMrush vs SimilarWeb comparison.

Search Traffic Estimation

You may use SEMrush or Ahrefs to estimate how much organic search traffic a website receives. Although other tools, such as SimilarWeb, show how much search traffic a website receives, SEMrush and Ahrefs are the best for analyzing SEO traffic.

All you have to do now is type in the domain name. When you click on the statistics, you’ll get a list of all the keywords that are bringing visitors to the site.

You may also browse to the “pages” area of the website to learn about the sites that receive a lot of search traffic. This is how you may figure out how much traffic each of the website’s individual pages receives.

You can also use the filters to figure out which pages on your competitor’s sites drive the most traffic. You can check all of the other subdomains of the site that are receiving a lot of traffic in the subdomains area.

Identifying Paid Traffic

If you’re running PPC advertising on your website, you might be interested in knowing some knowledge about your competitor’s sponsored traffic, ads, and keywords.

When you input any website into SEMrush’s “Domain Overview,” it will also return sponsored traffic. You can also view the keywords on which they are running advertisements, as well as the overall cost of bought traffic for them.

You can dive down into your advertising data with SEMrush’s Advertising Toolkit. SEMrush is a pioneer in both search and display advertisements.

You can see how much sponsored traffic a website receives, as well as ad keywords and traffic costs.

You’ll also learn about the most popular ad keywords that drive sponsored visitors to the site and can see the exact adverts that the website is displaying for the keywords under ad copies also check which sites are receiving the most traffic from PPC advertising on this page.

Quick Links

Final Thoughts- Tools To Check How Much Traffic A Website Is Receiving Accurately?

These are some of the tried and tested methods for determining website traffic. As I previously stated, these tools only provide an estimate of traffic.

Always depend on data given by website monitoring tools such as Google Analytics, Clicky, Jetpack analytics, and so on.


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Why You Should Use For Targeted Traffic


If you are a blogger and running a website and thinking about the visitors and acknowledge on your blog, then it would have been a big nightmare for you. You know it very well that it takes a lot of time to build the authority of the site and get the unique visitors on the website. You know it well too, if you don’t have visitors to your website you cannot make sales.


But, no need to worry anymore as someone is there to help you out from this nightmare. Yes, you have heard me correct, it’s out there to help you out.


Revisitors was founded in 2005 and since then have served over 100,000 customers to promote their respective websites. They provide an interesting solution to increase the sales and reducing the marketing costs.

Revisitors is ranked by the Alexa as one of the world’s leading web information company. They have ranked as 15,000 most visited websites on the Internet and 8000 in the USA.

Revisitors operates an online advertising network to cover the promotion campaign for the thousands of websites. Generally, some of the websites have vast topics and categories to cover while others have narrow scale. Every day, more than 21,000 people hit the Revisitors website daily to watch news, movies, and reviews. They manage more than 12000 expired domains that generate a huge amount of trafficc.

revisitors traffic plans

Revisitors Services

Revisitors has a wide variety of services and they offer different plan for the different type of traffic. If you are looking for the regular traffic onto your blog then they provide you the best regular traffic. Generally, you need this traffic regularly so they offer, this service at low prices. Their traffic pack starts from $19 to $349.95.

Revisitors also offer several other marketing services that are available through their website.

How it Works?

Revisitors run an online affiliate campaign to drive the huge traffic and popularity of your website. Revisitors online advertising consists of a huge network of websites where they will submit your website URL and keywords to that website to drive the huge traffic.

They will search the geographical target of your website and will drive the traffic according to the locations. They always the amount of traffic and generate higher quality traffic.

They are always searching for more and more traffic to serve the best to their clients. They show your website as full page ads, so you don’t need and banner ads, pop up window ads, and text phrases. Just your site URL is submitted to various search engines and websites daily.


Revisitors has lots of things to deliver when it comes to boost your rankings in search engines and increase your sales. They drive traffic to your website depending on geographical target and increase your sales. Even they promise to decrease your Alexa rank by resubmitting your site to various search engines, directories, and popular blogs.

They have collaborated with the various website’s owners that will accept your site into their website automatically. is worth a try.

You won’t be disappointed from their services and you can get huge amount of traffic that will maximize your sales in minimum advertising cost.


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How to Add New Life to Your Older Posts to Get More Traffic from Google


Introduction to blog posts

Blog posts are expression of words that involves discussion of site published on the World Wide Web.  One of the main aspects associated with blogging is that with each new post, bloggers are building a benefit to your business. With each blog you will share content that gives a deeper insight of your business.  Many of you are aware of the blogging, but very few know about its important.

Once you write a blog post it is good to share them on different social networking websites. If you share large amount of content over these websites you may get potential customers for your blog post and you can easily increase your brand awareness.

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How to Add New Life to Your Older Posts to Get More Traffic

Image Credits:Flickr

The top reasons why you need blog posts:

  • Drive traffic to your website: Blog posts give you the opportunity to develop relevant content for your users. Writing blog posts offer a marketing way that drives traffic to your website.
  • You can post your blog on different social networking websites and give followers a reason to click through to your website. Moreover you can post inbound links directly in your blog articles so as to increase traffic of your website over various search engines.
  • Enhance your SEO/ SERP: Blog posts increase your rankings. It is important to write fresh content so that you completely follow the guidelines of search engines and increase your website ranking. Keywords are also very important; you should place them accordingly in your blog.
  • Keywords are very important for increasing ranking they are mainly main items of your business that are being focused on various search engines. With exact set of keywords you can set your business apart from your competitors and your customers can easily search about your services.
  • Arrangement your brand as an industry leader: With well written blogs you can set your business or brand as an industry leader. It is important to post topics that resonate with your market and depict your knowledge in front of potential customers. For example, if you are running an online store you must blogs about your products so that your customers can get a clear idea about your business. The more you write about your business the more you develop interest among your customers.
  • Extend better customer relationships: With each blog post you are extending your relations better with your customer. Blog post will directly connect your business services with customers.
  • It is better to respond the comments and feedbacks that imply that you are showing much interest to your customer’s feedbacks. With contiguous communication with your customers through comments you can easily develop a healthy relationship between your services and customers.

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5 Tips that make your old blog post alive:

5 Tips that make your old blog post alive

Image Credits:Flickr

While writing blog post you must follow the trendy techniques that make your blog more attractive and keep them up to date. In order to maximize the online exposure of your business blog writing and keeping them alive is very important. So, if you want to keep your blog post active follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Tweet old posts and share them on Facebook: Tweet old posts are a valuable technique that makes your old post alive. It is important to keep a watch for that posts you receive maximum retweets, shares and comments. In twitter you can choose different categories that you want to exclude or include and set the time between the two tweets and select the best option for customizing the setting as per your requirement. For Facebook it is important to post content frequently. You can recycle your old posts on your Facebook page as your Facebook page gets more followers and your old post gets more customers.
  • Make changes in titles: You can edit the titles so that make them more SEO friendly. Editing the title you will not mess up the SEO on your website and this will not change the permalink of your post. Only the display title will be changed and your old posts get trendy titles as per the trending topics.
  • Recommend previous posts:  While writing new blog posts you must look at your old posts. If you have made some mistakes in your previous blog you can learn from them and make natural way of modifying your old posts. With this you can get a deeper experience for your readers.
  • Create an Image to pin it on Pinterest: Pinterest is a wonderful way for generating traffic for your blog posts. It usually happens that you pin only one of the multiple images from one post on your website. You can pick the images that you have not pinned before and pin them so as to give a fresh look to your old blog post.
  • Video development: If you are using video on your blog you can use the old written blog post and turn them into a video. By making video you will generate a new content plus reference material that you have posted.

The importance of blogging is associated with your business services and products. In order to get successful results and make most out of blogging websites you must use multiple blogs that are related to your subject.

Video: How Do I Get More Traffic To My Website Or Blog – 100 Plus Ways For More Website Visitors 

For example if you are running online flower shop you must start blogging about the different aspects of flowers. Once you have worked well on your blogs link or connect them with your website for getting increased traffic. Blogging gives a new way for publicizing your business services in front of potential customers.

To make your old blog posts alive you can also create Google hangouts. Google hangouts offer a way that not only share knowledge but also discuss subjects with blogging peers. You can host a hangout that is based on your old blog posts and your followers will learn more about your blog posts.

Are you getting less attention for your well written old blog posts? If, yes update your knowledge with above mentioned techniques that keep your old blog posts alive!


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14 SEO Experts Roundup On- No.1 Secret For Traffic Source For 2022


Here in this post, we have featured Expert Roundup Post On- “Experts Sharing Their No.1 Secret For Traffic Source For 2022” Let’s find out what experts are saying about the best traffic sources to rely on.

Experts Sharing Their No.1 Secret For Traffic Source For 2022

1)Warren Whitlock

I’ve been online since 1981 and started selling online in the 1980’s. Several eCommerce businesses and consulted for a variety of big names and enterprises. Currently CEO of Stirling Corp where we use our huge traffic to help authors, bloggers and podcasters reach larger audiences.

Warren Whitlock

Warren Whitlock’s No. 1 Secret for Traffic Source-

Never forget that if you intend to stay in business past the end of the year that you MUST create content that can help the reader to take action and get satisfaction. Any tricks will last only as long as it takes for search engines and other platforms to see it and program around you. Nothing beats quality content and personal attention to visitors. Be awesome. Follow the guidelines for SEO and be aware of what the bots want but never forget that you want real people to engage, share and buy from you.

2) Christian Lee

Affiliate marketing, dropshipping and SEO at

chris lee - chrisleevella


Christian Lee’s No. 1 Secret for Traffic Source-

My absolute favorite and go-to traffic source have always been good old SEO, but I’ve recently been getting into Pinterest and I have seen great results from that platform. For some of my websites, I would even add that Pinterest traffic converts much better than SEO (which was very surprising at first). If you have a niche site that is Pinterest-friendly, then I highly suggest you spend some time on the platform and see if you can make it work.

With some effort and a little bit of patience, you can get a new, healthy and high-converting traffic coming into your website. The viral potential is the best out of all social networks, and it’s also a fun platform to use. If you have been struggling with getting traffic, this would be my “secret traffic tip”. (Of course, you should also work on beefing up your SEO as well along with Pinterest).

3) Minuca Elena

I am a freelance writer specializing in creating expert roundups. My posts provide quality content, draw huge traffic and get backlinks. I also help bloggers connect with influencers.

Minuca Elena, - Minuca Elena


Minuca Elena’s No. 1 Secret for Traffic Source-

To get a constantly growing traffic you should focus on SEO. Guest post, reply to interviews, podcasts, and expert roundups. Try to be on every site from your niche, big or small. This can also mean using blog commenting as a first step in connecting with influencers. The true influencers in any niche are so busy and overwhelmed with emails that cold outreach may be inefficient. Don’t try to connect with others just for immediate gain.

Some people may never buy your products or services but they may refer you to others, they can become your business partners, they can invite you to speak at a conference. There are many opportunities that come from networking with successful people from your field. By applying these tips you will build backlinks to your site and strengthen your personal brand and reputation. And this will bring your traffic.

4) Alice Elliott

Alice Elliott (aka Fairy Blog Mother) has been working with beginner bloggers for well over a decade. She specializes in explaining WordPress really simply, especially for the non-technical blogger. Alice also promotes the dying art of commenting. This is to encourage more engagement within the interactive blogosphere and social media.

Commenting can help both individuals and businesses become more visible by drawing attention to themselves for the right reasons by being kind and considerate throughout the web.

The Commenting Club Logo 2 - Alice Elliott



Alice Elliott’s No. 1 Secret for Traffic Source-

There are many ways to get traffic to your blog. One is the spray and pray method of littering social media with your latest post’s link. However, this is a bit hit and miss, and can be very impersonal. Especially if you abandon these links never to return. Many people attempt Search Engine Optimisation in their blogs.

Writing a post that strategically slots a keyword (which resonates with search criteria) correctly into your post. Even if you manage to write that post that appeals to search spiders, the results can be short-lived. Some use link building. Such as writing a round-up post with references to other bloggers, and then writing to them to get more links back to their post. The idea is the flattery created will encourage more visits from the blogger and their followers.

I’m sure you could think of many more ways of creating traffic, but I suspect one you won’t have thought of is commenting. Commenting is all about interaction and relationship building. It’s about communication with your readers, encouraging their opinions, gathering feedback and receiving and showing appreciation. It’s about responding, collaborating, engaging and helping others. It’s more than being a faceless blogger that scatters his post’s URL throughout the web. Try writing an introductory paragraph to accompany it, drawing attention with persuasive words your readers can relate to.

Also, ask for feedback and stick around ready to respond to any comments. This shows you really care about your post’s URL and also other people’s reaction to it. Encourage them to read your post and comment in situ. It’s more than writing a post that is stilted to accommodate an appropriate keyword. What about your readers? Without them, your blog will fail to exist. Not only should you write for them, but encourage their reactions as well.

A blog with many comments can appear to be popular, which is not only attractive to new readers, but also the search engines, who are programmed to connect popularity with indexable content. It’s more than writing a round-up post to gather links. Why not visit the influencers’ blogs and read and comment on their posts? Showing your interest and appreciation through well written, constructive and value-packed comments is just as flattering as being part of a roundup.

But this time you’ve added to their posts with your feedback. This, in turn, will draw attention to you, and ultimately a visit back to your blog. Blog commenting is a forgotten art that has been destroyed within social media. It requires sufficient thought, proper writing, and needs to be more substantial than a social comment delivered elsewhere.

Blog comments live as long as the post, add to its indexable content, provide social proof to a new audience, and build relationships with your readers to encourage them to return for more and become an advocate for your blog and the message it contains. And ironically, they are far more private than a comment on social media!

5) Steve Wiideman

Steve is a Senior Search Strategist for Wiideman Consulting Group, supporting e-commerce and multi-location brands in paid, organic and local search engine marketing. He’s the 2018 Industry MVP in Search (Searchie Awards) and enjoys testing, experimenting and studying search ranking signals.

steve wiideman - Steve Wiideman


Steve Wiideman’s No. 1 Secret for Traffic Source-

For our clients, the secret has been a profound commitment toward building and improving the absolute best landing pages for the top 20-30 search terms in their industry. Be it “Rolex watches”, “self-storage near me”, or “bar and grill near me”, the pages that clients desire to have ranking in search results are priority 1 and the driver of the greatest amount of web traffic.

This includes setting benchmarks to improve speed, aesthetics, conversion focal points, diversity of media content, structured markup, E-A-T focal points, and voice-readiness. Monitoring the top ranking competitors through VisualPing is also helpful in understanding what the competition is up to, so there are never any surprises.

The “secret” is really just the discipline the 3 teams build in watching the rankings and improving the elements they are responsible for. This means the webmaster stays accountable to the constant improvement in bounce rates, conversion rates, speed and browser compatibility. The content writer continuously improves the page based on paid search term data and Google Search Console insights.

The digital PR specialist continuously works to build relationships and earn links, as well as monitoring Google Alerts for opportunities to drop the page’s short answer or checklist. There’s no “set it and forget it SEO” these days, the battle is won by the business willing to spend the most time, energy and resources into making their landing page the best page for the array of keywords that drive the most qualified web traffic.

6) Chad Pollitt

Chad Pollitt, a decorated veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and former US Army Commander, is the Co-founder of Relevance, the world’s first and only website dedicated to content promotion, news and insights, and is the VP of Marketing for inPowered.

He’s also a former Adjunct Professor of Internet Marketing at the Indiana University Kelley School of Business and current Adjunct Instructor of Content Marketing at the Rutgers University Business School. Chad is a member of the Advisory Board for blockchain technology companies Swachhcoin, Cryptopal, and AdHive.

Chad HS - Chad Pollitt


Chad Pollitt’s No. 1 Secret for Traffic Source-

The number one “secret” traffic source isn’t so secret but isn’t utilized nearly as much by content marketers as it should – referral traffic. Specifically, earned media mentions with links. They out convert almost every traffic source, with one exception. I’ll get to the exception shortly. If a brand does a study, guide or ebook that has compelling information, someone, somewhere may want to write about it and feature it – including linking to it. I once had Inc(dot)com feature one of my ebooks.

That article drove over 900 leads in two weeks. How’s that for a traffic source? Now, back to the exception. SlideShare can be a tremendous source of traffic and leads. After over ¼ of a million views, I can unequivocally say that no other social channel converts like this one. For the people that viewed the entire deck and clicked through to my website, nearly 80% of them converted on a landing page.

7) Lorraine Reguly

Lorraine Reguly is an author and English teacher who is now a freelance editor and entrepreneur. Her life journey is motivational and inspirational. Lorraine’s book, From Nope to Hope, is designed to help anyone who wishes to lead a happier life. It contains a built-in workbook and is available on Amazon. Lorraine offers 4 different services through her business, Wording Well, including writing/blogging, editing, and consulting/coaching/mentoring. She also helps others to become published authors!

Lorraine Reguly


Lorraine Reguly’s No. 1 Secret for Traffic Source-

My traffic comes from many sources (as does yours, I’m sure), but I got the attention of Google many times by ranking on the first page. Getting organic traffic is the best! My secret for getting organic traffic from Google is to write helpful, valuable, search-engine-optimized content that contains personal experiences interwoven throughout the blog post. (I also use visuals to keep the attention of my reader.) Organic traffic is great. You don’t have to work for it—you just get it.

You get it given to you from Google. Sure, you still have to share your blog posts on your social media platforms, pin your images to Pinterest, and email your list to let them know you published a new post, but having an organic reach is simply the best! You get to meet new people, you get to have new visitors to your site, and you get to rank higher than your competitors! Ranking on Google is tough, especially when the search algorithms are ever-changing.

Voice search is becoming more popular nowadays, as is video. This means you need to optimize your blog posts to include these factors! You can do this by taking the same content from your blog post and turning it into a video that people can watch or listen to. You could also take that content and turn it into a SlideShare presentation. Leveraging search engines such as YouTube and Pinterest (in addition to Google) is the way to go if you truly want to reach the masses and get organic traffic.

Pinterest is a game-changer if it is used correctly. Actually, any of the search engines are! Try using these strategies. You’ll see what I mean when you get a rise in your organic traffic. Your reach will become wider. The masses will come to you. How do you do this, exactly? Study of SEO. Optimize your blog posts. Create rich pins for Pinterest. Make videos for YouTube, then embed them in your blog posts.

Be honest. Be real. Be helpful. Give your readers what they want and need. Link out to others as much as you link to your own posts. Trust me, you’ll have gold that Google wants if you do all this. And Google will reward you with organic traffic that you just can’t buy. Do it. You won’t regret it. And if you need help, hire a freelance writer or editor (such as myself) to help you polish your posts and edit them to perfection!

8) Matthew Woodward

Matthew Woodward is a well known SEO Evangelist.

MatthewWoodwardicon - Matthew Woodward


Matthew Woodward’s No. 1 Secret for Traffic Source-

Traffic is a commodity like milk.

You can either buy the milk from the store or you can buy a cow and a stool. Either way, generating traffic takes time, effort and investment. Whether that is from “free” traffic sources like SEO or paid sources like Facebook.

Once you understand that traffic is a commodity, it will change how you approach things. With that said: For me the best traffic source is SEO.

And my #1 SEO strategy of the last 10 years is simply to steal all my competitors best keywords and backlinks. Because why do the hard work when someone else has already done it for you? I use 2x custom developed sheets to execute this strategy which you can download at steal-your-seo-strategy/ Within 10 minutes you’ll be able to build an intelligent keyword and link building strategy based on current real-world data. That is the quickest and easiest way to generate traffic from SEO.

9) Janice Wald where she shares tips for bloggers and marketers. Wald has been included in over fifty expert interviews and interview panels. Her blog was nominated for the 2017 Most Informative Blog Award at the London Bloggers’ Bash.

She recently published ALL THE INSTAGRAM TIPS AND TRICKS YOU NEED TO KNOW ( available on Amazon. Follow her over to for more blogging and marketing tips.

 Janice Wald- MostlyBlogging


Janice Wald’s No.1 Secret for Traffic Source-

My Number 1 Secret Traffic Source: When asked my Number 1 secret to boost traffic, Quora comes to mind. I find answering questions at Quora boosts my traffic almost immediately.

Also, when I leave my link at Quora since I’m getting a link to my site from a site with a high Domain Authority Ranking (Quora has a DA of 93), I boost my SEO and boost organic traffic that way. More information about how to use Quora to boost traffic can be found here

Answering questions at Quora is good for your brand, your social traffic, and your organic traffic. It’s an important method in off-site optimization. I feel too few people take advantage of the power of Quora to boost their traffic. That’s why I consider this method a “secret” traffic source.

10) Marcus Miller

Marcus heads up the UK digital marketing agency Bowler Hat. Marcus and his team focus on helping small businesses get BIG RESULTS from their digital marketing efforts – main areas of expertise include SEO, PPC, Social and Conversion Rate Optimisation.

marcusmiller - Marcus Miller


Marcus Miller’s No.1 Secret for Traffic Source-

I want to kind of flip the question on its head a little here as I don’t have a secret traffic source. We just don’t tend to work that way at Bowler Hat. To me, the true secret is two-fold: 1) do the research and determine the best tactics to promote your business and 2) do the work to put something truly valuable out there.

If you come to digital marketing from the perspective of helping your prospective customers and adding value then you will never go too far wrong. So the specific traffic sources, it just depends on the type of business. Sometimes it is organic search, sometimes it is native ads – figure out what is right for you, where your competitors are weak and find your own secret – then do the work.

11) Enstine Muki

Enstine Muki is a Full-Time blogger and Cryptocurrency Certified Expert

Enstine Muki


Enstine Muki’s No.1 Secret for Traffic Source-

There are different traffic channels but mainly, I get good results from SEO and Pinterest. Pinterest is both Search Engine and a bit of Social media.

Search Engines (Google to be more specific) is doing great for me following recent updates. There is a big shift from Keyword content optimization to topically relevant words and phrases.

A few weeks back, I began tweaking my existing content, optimizing with Semantic SEO in mind. Many of my posts moved to page one of Google from page two. There is a generally positive change in ranking. The results are more traffic.

While I recommend keyword research before doing any content writing, optimization shouldn’t be focused on the seed keyword. Use a Semantic SEO tool to help in topical ideas. This will also help in your content length as well. The longer the content, the more the keywords you stand to rank for.

One thing to note is the fact that keyword semantics isn’t keyword synonyms or variations. What I see around are keyword variations. Moving from short to long form isn’t semantics as well.

Here is an example:

Keyword: SEO professional 

Long Form: e-commerce SEO Professionals in UK

This is deepening and narrowing your market which is perfect. But it isn’t semantic SEO. Ok let’s take a look at some semantic relevance following the keyword above:

  • Google and other search engines
  • Matt Cutts
  • WooCommerce experts
  • WordPress
  • Shopping cart
  • etc

There is really a long list and if you want to write on these main keywords, developing paragraphs and subtopics on these semantic keywords will take you an edge over your competitors.

12) Temi Odurinde

Blogger and Wash Advocate

Temi_HP - Evgeniy Garkaviy


Temi Odurinde’s No.1 Secret for Traffic Source-

My number one secret traffic source is Google My Business. It is actually not that secret. It’s just that it is overlooked as a traffic source, by most people. Giving those of us, who have not overlooked it a big advantage.

Because G+ was not an unqualified success, like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram as a social media site. Google has put a lot of resources into developing Google My Business, as an easy to use, a social media platform for businesses. Since most people only bother about a platform that actually brings them traffic, Google is putting a lot of effort into ensuring Google My Business deliver traffic to its users.

Since I started paying attention to Google My Business, I have seen the traffic I get, grow from a single figure, to double figures, then three figures. On one exceptional week, I received four-figure traffic from Google My Business.

Once your Google My Business profile is verified, each time your business or keywords associated with your business is searched in Google, your business will appear on the right-hand side of Google SERP, with a lot of information and links.

The listing for your business will include a direct link to your website, your social media pages and so on. If you use the “post” feature of your listing, the information you post will be given prominence, and each week, you get traffic information and encouragement like the one in the image below from Google

13) Evgeniy Garkaviy

Blogger, SEO specialist

Evgeniy Garkaviy


Evgeniy Garkaviy’s No.1 Secret for Traffic Source-

My number 1 secret traffic source is old, dropped domain names. The proliferation of domain name extensions, meant many people and businesses are buying a domain name that goes with their brands. This leads to them not bothering to renew old domain names they once spent hundreds of thousands of dollars promoting. Such domain names are rich in backlinks, and most of the time traffic!

You can basically snap up such domain names for a little as $15. Host them on a shared hosting space, use Way Back Machin (Internet Archive) to find out the pages such domain once contain. Recreate such pages (With your own new contents) and start getting loads of free traffic.

It is pretty easy to find and buy such domain names. Using domain research tools, you need to identify domain names that were recently dropped or those that will be dropped soon in your niche. Then use a domain “staling tool” to stalk such domain name, so that you are number one on the starting block, once such domain name is dropped. If your domain name registration company support back ordering, you can backorder such domain names. Once the domain name is yours, host it, recreate the old pages the domain once hosted and start enjoying free traffic.

14) Ryan Robinson

I’m a part-time blogger and content marketing consultant that teaches 400,000 monthly readers on how to start a profitable side business.

Ryan Robinson


Ryan Robinson No.1 Secret for Traffic Source-

My biggest traffic driving secret is that huge opportunity still lie in doing a better job of creating long-form content that matched user-intent—than that of how many top ranking articles currently do. Many top ranking articles are old, out of date and don’t do the best possible job of solving a reader’s specific challenges.

My advice is to research your competitor’s top ranking articles, then go out and interview or poll real readers about how helpful that article is. Where are there gaps for improvement? Could you better teach readers with an instructional video? Could you include a visual infographic? Could you release a step-by-step tutorial course that goes into more depth? Is that existing article too long and complex—if so, what are the key points of a more simple version that better connects with readers?

Don’t just write to appease search engines. Create transformational content that positively impacts real readers (in the way they want to consume the content). Then, promote the hell out of that article and you’ll eventually rise to the top.

Conclusion: 14 SEO Experts Roundup On- No.1 Secret For Traffic Source For 2022

As of now, you have read 14 SEO Experts Roundup post on the best traffic source in 2022. Here you can see these experts are sharing some awesome tips that can help you in generating traffic for your blog or website easily and effortlessly.

We hope this post suits your purpose well. Comment below and tell us which tips from the experts you are going to follow in order to generate traffic.

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How to Re-optimize Old Blog Post in 10 Minutes: Improve Ranking & Traffic


Already got a perfect article on a popular topic but still no traffic?

What can be the reason? The problem may be is that you have not done high-quality search engine optimization and that’s why your article doesn’t get all the attention it is worth.

To put it right we’ll be using information about your competitors and a couple of time-tested advice.

Start with meta tags

Pick up an article which brings pitiful traffic or no traffic at all and checks meta tags using free plugin SEO META in 1 CLICK.

Meta Tag - Re-optimize Your Old Blog Post

In the example above, Description tag is missing which is bad for the page. Google will have to generate snippet itself from the content itself. Always keep in mind that description is for people in the first place, not for search engines.

Tell what is special about your article, don’t just summarize it. You can also add a call to action and appeal to emotions. Brian Dean advises looking for inspiration in Adwords ads. It makes sense because a good snippet should work as an advertisement and increase your click-through rates.

That is what’s written on Google Webmaster Central blog about this:

“We use a number of strategies for selecting snippets, and you can control one of them by writing an informative meta description for each URL.
<META NAME=”Description” CONTENT=”informative description here”>”

Don’t neglect Title and Description because they are considered to be the most important SEO elements.

The title is a ranking factor, and it is one of the first things on your site that search engine spiders crawl. And it is the first information user gets about a page as well. As Neil Patel wrote, “when it comes to low effort/big results, title tags take the cake. It’s such a small element but has such a massive impact!”.

You may also like:

Unusual article headings are great, but when it comes to the title tag, first of all, we need to show that the page is relevant to the query. There better be keywords included in these tags, but avoid keyword stuffing. The closer you put a keyword to the beginning of the tag the more clickable the snippet gets.

How do I know which keywords my article ranks for?

Sometimes the search engine cannot figure out what the article is about, and it appears in search results for unexpectedly irrelevant requests. Our task is to give a search engine a helping hand by making optimization.

Firstly, let’s find out what key phrases are bringing visitors to the article at this point and your site’s ranking.

Go to Google Search Console “Search traffic” and select Search Analytics. Set it up to show impressions and position and you’ll get a list of keywords you rank for, their search volumes and your position for each keyword.

Google Search Console - Re-optimize old posts


Or alternatively, you could use online research tool Serpstat and paste your article`s URL into a window. Then you simply move from “Overview” to “Keywords” and explore the results.

How do I know which key phrases from the top 10 I missed in my article?

No need in looking through all the semantics of competitors to find key phrases you didn’t include in your article. Just go to the Missing keywords tool and get the report. The tool shows the semantics of sites from the top 10, which competitors use, but which is not found in your article.

Analyze Keywords - Serpstat

For each phrase, we see the frequency, and the graph “Contain other URLs” indicates if there are the same keywords on other pages of the site.

How do I know competitors to my article?

Let’s see how the things are with rankings and keywords in competitors’ articles on the same topic. Simply click Competitors and choose top 3.

Click on the URL with the mouse wheel to open reports on these sites in new tabs without leaving Serpstat. Skim through competitors’ semantics to find queries that are not found in our article but are relevant and answer your readers’ question. It can be useful to check competitors’ meta tags as well just to get some examples.

Analyze Competitors - Re-optimize old blog posts

List of URLs with the similar content

By analyzing competitors’ keywords you can find new keywords for your own site. Moreover, if you click on URL you can see the URL’s positions for different queries.

As seen in the screenshot, domain’s position for the most popular keyword “best hybrid bikes under 500” is 10. Our site has only one keyword for which it ranks top 3.

The top three competitors have a higher percentage of keywords in the top 3 and top 10 than our article. It is also necessary to understand what the reason is aside from SEO but looking at the content and content delivery.

Analyze Keywords- Re-optimize old blog posts

What else can I do?

  1. Check spelling and readability.

Hemingway App will tell you which sentences are too long or too complex.

  1. Check how catchy your title is.

I recommend Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer. This online tool will analyze your headline to determine the Emotional Marketing Value (EMV) score. Reaching your customers in an deep and emotional way is a key to successful copywriting.

     3. Optimize pictures by adding alt attribute on an image tag.

That`s the only way search engine can tell one picture from another. Writing a proper alt attribute helps to define how relevant the article is to a certain request. Plus the picture will be displayed in Google Images.

  1. Do internal linking with at least a couple of anchor links.
  2. Share your article on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Google +. (shares – ranking factor)

After you make corrections, wait for SE to react. And remember search engine optimization is not something you do at one dash and then put off forever. It`s more of building a house which can have as many floors as you are able to build and needs repair. You can improve a page endlessly, and there is always a potential to make a ranking better.

To find things that can be added or improved analyze competitors regularly and check your site’s potential to make a ranking better


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