semrush- tool to check website traffic

5+ Tools To Check How Much Traffic A Website Is Receiving 2022


In this article, I am going to share Top 5 Tools To Check How Much Traffic A Website Is Receiving Accurately? Dive in to read the details…

Do you want to understand what proportion traffic an internet site receives? Knowing what proportion traffic your competitors’ websites receive might assist you develop effective content marketing strategies.

It also helps you stay motivated and benchmark your site’s performance within the space. The tactics presented during this post are exclusively useful to estimating traffic to other websites.

Google Analytics is  the greatest approach to gather traffic statistics from your own website. You simply got to install the Google Site kit WordPress plugin and connect it to Google Analytics.

However, you don’t have access to Google Analytics for other websites to see their traffic. 

There are hundreds of programs in the market that may help you determine how much traffic a website receives.

 Three kinds of traffic estimation:

  • Estimation of total website traffic
  • Estimation of organic traffic
  • Estimation of paid traffic

In reality , There is no 100% reliable technique to work out a website’s traffic aside from installing monitoring programs like Google Analytics or obtaining data from Google servers.

Because these tools believe different data sources like Clickstream, keyword traffic, public data, anonymous behavioral data, and correlations, the statistics should only be considered estimates. 

Best Free and Paid Tools to Check Any Site’s Website Traffic


Sitechecker is a platform that makes it easy to track and improve your website’s visibility. It is a must-have toolkit for website owners, marketing agencies, SEO specialists, marketers, and product managers. The more websites you work on, the more time you spend checking data from Google Analytics, Google Search Console, rank tracker, and site crawler. Sitechecker will reduce this time because it provides all of this information in one dashboard.

2. SEMrush

semrush- tool to check website traffic

SEMrush is the most popular online content marketing tool on the Internet. It includes tools like competing keyword research, backlink research, SEO auditing, social media tools, and content marketing tools among others.

Just type the site URL in the search box. Based on the number of keywords the site is ranked for, the tool will return both organic and sponsored traffic that the site can receive.

It also has a feature called “Traffic Analysis”. This tool can help you understand the three categories of traffic I mentioned, along with data like bounce rate and page visit time.

3. SimilarWeb

similarweb review

When it comes to estimating competition traffic, this is the most often used tool. When comparing SimilarWeb to SEMrush, you’ll see that SimilarWeb has a lot of limitations.

You won’t receive the hundreds of important features that SEMrush comes with, aside from traffic estimates. Smaller domains tend to be a challenge for SimilarWeb to analyze.

4. Alexa

alexa- amazon website traffic

Amazon uses Alexa ranking as a measure. The rankings are determined by the amount of traffic a website receives over time.

Advertisers use this statistic to estimate a website’s traffic. SEO Audit Tool, Competitor Keyword Matrix, Site Comparisons, Keyword Difficulty, On-Page SEO Checker, and Competitor Backlink Checker are just a few of Alexa’s premium services.

5. Ahrefs

ahrefs review

Ahrefs is a paid tool that is well-known for having the world’s greatest backlink database. Although you can’t predict overall traffic with this tool, you can figure out how much organic traffic there is.

6. Quantcast

quantcast- tools to check how much traffic website is receiving

Quantcast shows the site’s estimated online traffic. It also shows the information on the demographics, languages, and interests of the audience.

This tool was initially renowned for its inconsistencies rather than its data accuracy. However, it looks that they have been working hard on data accuracy recently, and it is currently one of the most popular website traffic intelligence tools available.

How To Estimate Total Website Traffic?

A website’s traffic will originate from a range of sources. My website, for example, receives organic traffic, direct traffic, referral traffic, social media traffic, and so on. When calculating a website’s traffic, you must take into account all of the traffic.

Otherwise, it will not provide the full picture. SEMrush and SimilarWeb are the only two tools I suggest when it comes to estimating overall traffic.

When you input any domain name into SEMrush’s Traffic Analytics, you’ll obtain all of the information, including visits, unique visitors, pages per visit, average visit length, bounce rate, and so on.

The traffic that SEMrush displays are the sum of all types of traffic that a website receives. You may check your rivals’ historical traffic statistics.

Alternatively, you may check graphs for various metrics over time, traffic share, and traffic estimates for subdomains. SEMrush also includes a tool called Audience Overlap. You may compare your numerous competitors in terms of viewership and traffic by entering their URLs.

They’ve also recently included the Traffic Journey tool, which shows you where your audience is coming from and what sites they’re going to after they’ve visited your competitors’ websites.

To test out the features, you can take advantage of SEMrush special free trial. For traffic estimates, you may also try SimilarWeb. You can also receive a graph of traffic from various sources, similar to SEMrush.

You can view the following:

  • The number of persons who visit a website is referred to as total visits.
  • Desktop vs. Mobile is a tool that lets you determine how much traffic each device receives.
  • The average visit time provides insight into how visitors engage with a website.
  • You can see how much desktop and mobile traffic a website receives at any one time in the graph.

SEMrush and SimilarWeb are the only tools I suggest for estimating overall traffic. If you want to learn more about which tool is the best, check out my SEMrush vs SimilarWeb comparison.

Search Traffic Estimation

You may use SEMrush or Ahrefs to estimate how much organic search traffic a website receives. Although other tools, such as SimilarWeb, show how much search traffic a website receives, SEMrush and Ahrefs are the best for analyzing SEO traffic.

All you have to do now is type in the domain name. When you click on the statistics, you’ll get a list of all the keywords that are bringing visitors to the site.

You may also browse to the “pages” area of the website to learn about the sites that receive a lot of search traffic. This is how you may figure out how much traffic each of the website’s individual pages receives.

You can also use the filters to figure out which pages on your competitor’s sites drive the most traffic. You can check all of the other subdomains of the site that are receiving a lot of traffic in the subdomains area.

Identifying Paid Traffic

If you’re running PPC advertising on your website, you might be interested in knowing some knowledge about your competitor’s sponsored traffic, ads, and keywords.

When you input any website into SEMrush’s “Domain Overview,” it will also return sponsored traffic. You can also view the keywords on which they are running advertisements, as well as the overall cost of bought traffic for them.

You can dive down into your advertising data with SEMrush’s Advertising Toolkit. SEMrush is a pioneer in both search and display advertisements.

You can see how much sponsored traffic a website receives, as well as ad keywords and traffic costs.

You’ll also learn about the most popular ad keywords that drive sponsored visitors to the site and can see the exact adverts that the website is displaying for the keywords under ad copies also check which sites are receiving the most traffic from PPC advertising on this page.

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Final Thoughts- Tools To Check How Much Traffic A Website Is Receiving Accurately?

These are some of the tried and tested methods for determining website traffic. As I previously stated, these tools only provide an estimate of traffic.

Always depend on data given by website monitoring tools such as Google Analytics, Clicky, Jetpack analytics, and so on.



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