15+ Best Link Building Tools (Quality Backlinks Fast‎) 2022 [Reviewed]


What is Link Building

The term link building is the process of acquiring the hyperlinks to your website from someone else’s website. Hyperlink takes the users from one page to the other and helps in navigating either between the pages or in the same page. SEO agrees that building a link is the most difficult job for a user.

So, if a user can learn the art of building links well and in proper forms then it can speed your website popularity. Although, link building is not a complete solution to improve your rank to higher levels, but it will indeed definitely play a big role.

For using and getting the best out of any SEO tool you just need to have a medium knowledge of SEO understanding and medium knowledge about internet marketing.

Are you looking for best backlink building tools, there are many link building software’s available in the market right now.

As there are numerous ways to boost your page rank in Search Engine Result Page (SERP). Every business owner desire to sell his/her products using the internet and they want that their customer ought to have a better satisfaction and knowledge over their products on the website.This is the sole reason one spends money on his website.

But what if no one will visit that website because the web site isn’t visible within the search result, then the web site is of no use. Here comes the work of SEO. So today I will list out some popular backlink building tools and software that will help you in running any link building campaigns for your clients & projects. Use this backlink building software, backlink submission, backlink submission software & backlink submitter tools for your business.

15+ Best Link Building Tools (Quality Backlinks Fast‎) 2022 [Reviewed]

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Don’t waste time trying to rank for keywords that either aren’t profitable, aren’t converting, or are just too competitive.

A profitable keyword should be:

  • Relevant (takes into account the searcher’s intent)
  • Rankable (not too competitive)
  • Searched for (obviously, it should have enough traffic)

1 ) Toutapp

ToutApp Sales Email Tracking Templates and Analytics

ToutApp helps salespeople close more deals and increase productivity with the power of tracking, templates and analytics. With Tout’s Sales Tracking, Templates and Analytics, put the most powerful sales acceleration platform to work for you and your team.

You can request a demo for its use. Moreover, it works on every operating system (MAC, Windows, LINUX, Web-based). It would cost you around $49 per month.

Other Features:

  • Automated Campaigns
  • Integrated Calendaring
  • Secured with Certifications and SSO
  • Integrated with a number of CRMs like Outlook, GMAIL
  • Email Tracking
  • Live Data reports

2) SE Ranking 

SE Ranking is a cloud-based platform that provides a complete package of useful tools for website ranking, keyword suggestion and grouping, comprehensive site audit, competitor analysis, backlink monitoring, automated professional reporting, and much more.

seranking features

SE Ranking: List of SEO tools

  • Keyword tracking
  • Keyword suggestion tool
  • Keyword grouping
  • Website audit
  • On-page SEO audit
  • Backlink checker
  • Backlink monitoring

Backlinks checker

You can evaluate any backlink against the major 15 SEO parameters – backlink URL, status, Google index status, MOZ DA, country, external links, added on, last check, referring domain link popularity, domain trust, Alexa Rank, destination URL, anchor text, IP, socal popularity.

Backlinks monitoring & management tool

You can successfully manage your backlinks in one single platform – filter them, create a list of backlinks that need to be disavowed as well as assign a certain cost to each one of them.

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3)  Money Robot

Money Robot - Make Powerful backlinks

It is an automated SEO tool created by Softtechsrl. It has been creating a buzz in the market lately with people claiming it to be easy to use yet very effective SEO tool and one of the best tools to generate traffic to your website and get it ranked on the first page of Google. After creating backlinks it keeps tracking your live backlinks, related texts and information. Money Robot Submitter servers are always hunting for the websites that can provide quality backlinks to your website when it finds one it automatically submits your content on that website.

Quick Features:

  • High Speed Submission which means faster tracking
  • Smart Tracking and Submission
  • Detects real human activity or robots
  • Server that detects the websites providing quality backlinks and keywords.
  • Article Rewriter to avoid plagiarism
  • Fresh Websites to update your content.


Check  Money Robot review here


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4) GSA Search Engine Ranker

GSA Search Engine Ranker

After losing money on fake SEO software I started researching SEO tools. I consulted fellow Internet marketers on various forums, started reading newsletters and also consulted senior SEO experts.  After spending days doing my research and listening to everyone’s suggestions I decided to go with GSA search engine ranker. I have been using it for more than 1 year now, and I have nothing but good things to say about it. GSA Search Engine Ranker really helped me in increasing traffic on my niche website and my blog.


  • Build quick backlinks until you ask them to stop’
  • Keyword friendly anchor texts are created.
  • Supports more than 100 platforms
  • Intuitive interface

5)  SEMScoop Keyword Tool 

SEMscoop backlink software

SEMScoop is one of the all SEO platforms that provide keyword research and SERP analysis tool that really help you find long tail keywords with ease. You can compare SEMScoop to different online keyword ​tools like kwfinder, keyword revealer and that replace google planner (which we all know that it does not provide complete kit like rest of SEO tools in the industry).

It is the newest keyword tool and SERP analysis tool in the field, It’s really promising tool that can help any startup to enhance his online presence and over all rank position. You will find most bloggers and SEO consultants rely on the tool due to its flexibility and affordability.

SEMScoop Tool provide a lifetime free plan that allow you to research a limited time on daily bases, It is one of the simplest free keyword analysis tool to use in the market (minimum learning curve and extremely beginner friendly)

How To Use SEMScoop Keyword Tool?

Before we dive into the tool, there is an important point you need to consider in your search.

Our main goal is to get long tail keywords that have decent monthly searches with low difficulty score, doing this manually can take forever, however SEMScoop will automate the process so you can hunt these keywords easily.

Start by adding your seed keyword in the input box to get hundreds of related keywords, Filter & analyze the keywords list to gauge the keyword difficulty score, pick what best fit your niche, pay attention to the metrics data the tool provide which come in four tabs

  • Top Search Results
  • Links Profile
  • Content Analysis
  • Social Engagement

You will find in search results a brief analysis of google top serp ranking pages, pay attention to ranked domain ages, you don’t want to try to rank your website when there are many aged domains in the list, Try to target low average link profile keywords, this way you won’t need much link building for your page, at the same time keep an eye on the required content length, google tend to rank longer high quality contents over others,

SEMScoop is a must tool for any blogger, marketer and startups who wish to get the word out, it automates one of the core pillar in SEO, give it a spin today!

6) SEOJet

SEOJet Review - Backlink Management SEO Software

SEOJet is simply a link management software that can help you easily and effectively build out No.1 rank link profiles for your website or any of the pages you care about.

SEOJet: Plans and Pricing

SEOJet offers a list of 3 different plans to choose from according to your budget and requirements. Each of these plans is priced differently and has a different set of features

Small Business

Price: $49 per month

  • Link management for up to 3 websites
  • Limited to only 1 user
  • Unlimited link maps
  • Priority Email support
  • Free updates


Price: $99 per month

  • Link management for up to 25 websites
  • Limited to only 3 users
  • Unlimited link maps
  • Priority Email support
  • Free updates


Price: $299 per month

  • Link management for up to 100 websites
  • Limited to only 10 users
  • Unlimited link maps
  • Priority Email support + Priority phone support
  • Free updates

Read SEOjet review here

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7) Linkresearchtools

linkresearchtools Link Audit Link Building Tool for Professionals

LinkResearchTools is a big data platform that helps advertising agencies and brands rank better in Google. Understand and outperform your competition!

The only SEO Tool you need!

Understand and outperform your competition!

  • Combined knowledge – 93 SEO metrics – 24 link backends
  • UP to DATE and accurate data!
  • Dynamic link profile filters
  • Supports Facebook, Twitter & other social votes
  • Competitive advantage at your fingertips!


8) Raven Tools

Raven Online Marketing Tools and Reporting Software

Raven’s Site Auditor automatically crawls any website to gather data about key technical SEOareas and supports Google’s latest requirements, such as page speed and mobile responsive design. I have used this tool and pretty much satisfied with this tool. Discover the No. 1 online marketing reporting software smart Internet marketers use daily.

9) Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a powerful backlink analyzer crawling pages at a breakneck speed. 4.1 million pages per minute is no big deal for this turbomachine. It can become your credible source of the latest, most relevant news about backlinks and referring domains. Its feature-rich set can come in handy for any link building purpose:


  • track backlinks with any status (new, broken, and lost);
  • find out link removal reasons (not canonical anymore, 301 or 302 redirect, etc);  
  • explore each backlink in detail: its anchor text, domain and URL ratings, first seen date, etc;
  • drill down backlinks by their type (dofollow, nofollow, governmental, etc), platform (ecommerce, WordPress, etc), and language;


  • set a specific period of time for backlink analysis;
  • disavow suspicious links to avoid penalties;
  • spy on competitors’ linking patterns;
  • get alerts about competitors’ earned links and losses;
  • check what sites link to your competitors, but ignore you.

Ahrefs is a powerful backlink analyzer crawling pages

Important notice! The crawler of Ahrefs can dig deep into JavaScript to find links there too. To compare, other backlink checkers are still stuck in HTML only.


Ahrefs Check Out Our Social Media SEO Tools


10) Moz PRO

Moz Software for Managing Inbound Marketing and Local SEO

Moz is the best provider of SEO tools and offers a comprehensive suite of tools for beginning and advanced users alike. Moz makes SEO tools, software to help you track and improve your site’s inbound marketing over time, and a service to manage your local business listings. Explore Moz’s robust toolset for SEO, Twitter analytics, link opportunities, rank checking, and more, plus
learn more about the advanced tools included in a Moz Pro subscription.

11) Ontolo

Ontolo Content Marketing Link Building SEO Tools

Ontolo helps you promote your great ideas with marketing research tools for link building and content marketing. Speed up and focus your content marketing research by collecting, organising, and prioritising content similar to what you are working on.

12) Market Samurai

Noble Samurai Targeted Internet Marketing

Market Samurai is Noble Samurai’s flagship keyword research software package. Market Samurai enables you to Find and Target Profitable Niches with Pinpoint Accuracy. This tool is fairly used by large no of affiliate marketers

13) WhoLinkstoMe

WhoLinksToMe Reputation Management - Linking Software

Wholinkstome is good reputation management tool to be used by many agencies. Keep a close eye on the competition to learn from their successes and capitalise on their failures — information you need to know to dominate your market.

  • More comprehensive link data
  • More extensive reporting options
  • More in-depth competitive intelligence

14) Wordtracker’s Link Builder

Wordtracker’s Link Builder - Backlink software

It is one of those tools that’s very good for a single task: finding link targets.Uncover the links that will improve your rankings.The Wordtracker Keywords Tool helps you to grow your business and multiply your profits.

15) Advanced Link Manager

Advanced Link Manager Link Popularity Software

The Advanced Link Manager is a one of the best tools to find relevant link opportunities. In just a few clicks I can find out who links to top-ranking authority websites, but not yet to our client’s. It is so straightforward and easy to use.I love this tool.  A reliable SEO software used by the best SEO consultants in the world needs to make link building and management a breeze.

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16) Open Site Explorer

Moz Open Site Explorer

One of my favorite tool for analysing backlinks of competitors. Gauge a site’s influence. See inbound links to the page, subdomain, or root domain you’ve entered and analyse the linking pages. You can check the Domain authority and page authority of a particular website and see whether a site is penalised by Google or not.

Recommended check out this list of link building tools Click here

17) Majestic SEO

Majestic Marketing Search Engine and SEO Backlink Checker

It is one of the top notch tools for SEO experts around the world. Majestic – Link intelligence tools for SEO and Internet PR and Marketing. Site Explorer shows inbound link and site summary data. Their Backlink History tool allows SEOs to determine the number of backlinks detected by their sophisticated web robots for given domains, subdomains or URLs.

18) SenukeXCR Link Building tool

SENuke-Backlinking-software buy now

SEnuke is one of the tools that will help you in building backlinks and also optimising off-site and it still holds true that backlinks have a great deal of value and authority attached to it. If done properly, you will be highly benefited from that. If you dig in deep then you will know that Google’s core search algorithm consists of these links only.

19) ScrapeBrokers SEO Tool

ScrapeBrokers Review

ScrapeBrokers gives out fresh SEO packages each month, with SEO lists like bookmarking websites, web 2.0 blogs, and search engine ranking lists. Thus it saves your time and frustration and giving you reliable backlinks to make your way up to the charts. ScrapeBrokers gives you a special feature all in one link building feature.

20) CognitiveSEO

The CognitiveSEO tool delivers special and unique features like content audit, rank tracking and unparallel backlink analysis, providing a unique analysis process. This SEO software solution true insights in your business and provides you with best digital marketing strategies. It provides you with a unique analysis of internet marketing campaigns by extracting your critical data from within. They prioritise digital marketing intelligent data points so that you can understand deeply and they provide you with details of why your site may not be getting the ranking as it should be.

SEO Tools to Increase Your Traffic cognitiveSEO

How the CognitiveSEO tool works is as follows: the tool scans for your complete full profile and detects for any un-natural links which might have caused a penalty in your sites. After the process of detection is complete, you have two options to carry forward with. Either you can just generate your ready to send Disavow File or either you can create an outreach list and contact the site owners yourself only.

21) Monitor backlinks

The Monitor backlinks tool is the easiest and quickest way to check bad links about your website and check the good links of your competitors. They provide you with varying and interesting features like auto backlink discovery, keyword rank checker, email alerts and alerting you when your competition gets good links. The monitor backlinks is a great web-based app that gives its users a simple way to monitor their links.

Monitor Backlinks- backlinks checker

To get connected with monitor backlinks great unique features, all you need is an active email account. All the technical processes that are going behind the screen will be taken care of by the network of servers automatically. They will send you regular updates with new links to your site and help you report and old links that are of no more use to you.

Monitor backlinks are useful because of the following reasons:

  1. It helps to build up the audience for your website by making you aware about the links pointing to your website and connecting you to the blogger.
  2. It helps to secure your investment by informing you if the ad agencies remove your link in a short span of time.
  3. It keep you informed about your competitors by monitoring their activities sending you e-mail every ime they get new backlinks.

22)  Linkio

The way of backlinking is considered by different types of online sources. By it, the users are trying to improve the rank of their websites. It is a kind of automation tool which helps you in getting better and beneficial results easily. With it, the improvement in the rank is also based on the way in which backlinks are created.

If you are considering its way, then you are able to create backlinks easily and efficiently. The users can also able to monitor their existing links and check them properly. For availing these types of services, the users need to follow a small procedure in which they are required to enter few details only.

Here the users are required to mention a keyword and a URL. After that, the software starts analyzing lots of things and provide proper information in front of users.

23) SE Ranking

It is considered as one of the best backlinking building tools available on the internet. With its help, the user is able to perform activities in a speedy manner. The use of this particular tool is not free, for it, the users need to pay an amount of real money. It provides different types of services such as –

  • Tracking tool
  • Backlink monitoring

The use of these two types of services is beneficial in getting information related to the current situation of the website. With its help, the users are able to get 100% accurate stats with lots of other beneficial outcomes.

24) SEMRush

The websites owners those are availing the search engine optimization services, for them, it is a useful tool. It provides services by providing a complete toolkit related to the SEO services. By using it, the individuals are able to gather deep data related to their websites. The results those are shown by the tool, you can easily use them with digital marketing strategy.

Consequently, the performance of the website is improved and you can see numerous beneficial changes in it. With its use, you can perform following tasks –

  • Complete SEO audits
  • Generate tend summaries for content
  • Traffic analysis

All these things are determining the condition of website’s rank. It also provides a money-back guarantee to the users.

25) MozBar

The MozBar is one of the leading SEO tools in the industry. If we focus on its stats then over a half million of user install or use it. This particular tool is offering all types of SEO related services with a proper toolbar. The main thing about its toolbar is that it is compatible with all types of browsers.

The use MozBar is an important part of SEO backlink building strategies. Mainly the companies or websites those consider in-house SEO they are availing its services. The use of this particular SEO source is too easy by which anyone can easily understand its function. All these things are beneficial in getting effective results by performing fewer activities.

25) Link Prospector

On the internet, there are numerous sources available for the link building. But when it comes to choose the best service provider at that time the option of link prospector appears at the top. The individuals or website owners those want to save their lots of time from the searching process they can consider it.

The tool is capable to analyze or search lots of data in a single attempt. It saves lots of time of users and provides them lots of relaxation.

It is a good and well-organized tool which can help you in building lots of backlinks. The use of tool appears as an opportunity which can help you in getting lots of benefits. Due to all these factors, the tool becomes the highly acclaimed link building tool in the market.

26) Rmoov

In the SEO industry, there are different types of activities need to perform. Sometimes, the companies are required to consider link building and sometimes they need to eliminate them. While eliminating the old links, the website owners are required to focus on different types of things. They need to check out that while removing these links, the rank of website is not hurting.

If the website rank gets affected by these activities then it may become so risky. For performing such a task with full perfection, the website owners need to take help from the best tool. There are different types of tools available on the internet for it. The Rmoov is the only option which can help you in removing backlinks without any type of negative impact.

27) Whitespark

When it comes to choose the SEO of small and medium businesses at that time numerous issues appear. The biggest one is the budget, the owners are not able to spend lots of money for all these things.

The whitespark is the perfect link building and SEO tool for these types of websites or companies. It can provide lots of help to the clients in building beneficial links. With it, the interested ones can also check out the testimonials for the satisfaction. You should consider its services and try to create lots of backlinks.

How To Check Authority Of A Backlink

High Authority Backlink

Image Credits: 

Key to Backlink Building

Effectively, Backlinks are verily important to your blog success. But remember; do not create a backlink merely by one method. Use various methods like social media, guest post or email marketing to create backlinks. You may use various backlink tools to create backlink that functions.

This is certainly one of the best ways to create a backlink. There are a number of sites related to your niche with the broken links. All you have to do is search for the keywords and links related to your niche. After reaching to that page, you can easily find the broken links by installing the Chrome plugin ‘Check my links’. Report the Webmaster for the broken backlink and you can replace that link with your backlinks to your website. This is one of the best ways to create a backlink.

Guest blogging is effective in sending traffic to your website. Create a guest post to other websites of the same niche as you. You can get quality backlinks if your blog has an effective content. You can find a number of websites or influencer accepting the guest blogs. Look for websites that says; “Write for us” or other ‘Submit an article”. This wouldn’t just create backlinks but also build your reputation on social media and as an author.

Social networking doesn’t just promote your brands/products. It does more than that by driving traffic to your website. Creating an effective outreach on social media engage your social followers and create natural backlinks to your website. Remember to give away your social media profiles when writing a guest blog.

  • Besides this, you can focus more on things such as; Unique Content, Quality inbound links, Branded Anchor text, Relevant links.

Benefits of Baclink Building

Backlink building is one of the most significant process of ranking your page or blog higher. Thus, a high quality backlink would be beneficial for you to keep ahead of your competitors in SEOs. Besides SEO, it has got a lot of other benefits too. The simple strategy is “Quality links make another quality link.” You can get other benefits besides ranking:

It is always important for the users to design a content or blog post which is in tune with the SEO’s rules. Thus, more SEO friendly our blog post is, better it is for our blog. Google bots are assigned to look after the task of discovering the web pages and ranking the pages accorging to various factors. Backlink is one of them. Best way to help search engines to discover your pages is by using more and more backlinks , be it external or internal. But remember, backlinks may work opposite if not used properly or irrelevantly.

Building a Brand that affects your website positively is a gruesome task. Certainly, you would want to grow your business rapidly. This can be done effectively by using backlinks from the popular websites. Associating the backlinks with the popular websites would get the attention of the consumers and the search engines as well. What’s more important is not to use same keyword over and over.

Thus, it is essential to create anchor text keywords and use it as a brand. This can be done creating a ‘forced’ keyword which will be noticed by the user if not for the first time. Moreover, creating a valuable content in your niche attracts natural backlinks which plays a vital role in SEO. Google loves that too. Thus, creating a link to your website can result in the branding of your website.

Referral traffic contributes much to your organic traffic together with the search engines like Goggle, Yahoo or Bing. Thus, if you have your link on some popular webiste, reading that content would force your user to click on the link that drives to your website increasing your traffic.

Moreover, as you get deeper into your backlinking strategy, your referral traffic will further increase. Create a backlink to a site which is in the same industry to you and try to capture and nurture leads. This would certainly help you to change your organic traffic into a paid one.

Be it any business, Relationship building is undoubtedly an important part to brand your business or to stay connected to your customers. But relationship and marketing should always go hand in hand. You wouldn’t just want your customer to stay in touch with your website or blog. You would love to get their attention through other platforms too. This is where backlinks also serve the purpose.

If a reader reads some good content and to earn more about it, he/she can be redirected to another link that points to the source or the creator. Once the reader has reached you, you wouldn’t want to lose him. Instead, it is your potential customer which can be used to bring more traffic to you.

You might have noticed that at the end of every blog, I write; “Follow us on social media or share”. Thus, without using the help of search engines, you can drive a large traffic to your website by using social media or by bookmarking. Also, it establishes a relationship between the two websites when a backlink from a popular site is created to your site; it certainly acts as a medium of trust between your site and the user navigating to your site from that popular site.

Over to You: Backlink Building Software 2022

Backlinking is obviously an asset to the higher page ranking. It is like getting the review from other websites or search engines for your website. If you want your blog or web oage to rank higher among the niches, by hook or crook, all you need to do is make simple strategies to build backlinks.

Creating the content as per the requirement and sharing it on the social media together with interviewing the influencer; all contributes to a powerful backlink.

The list is endless for backlink building software 2022 available on the internet. So these are 18 good backlink building tools and link building software you must use it for your business. Share your experience with these tools. Did  I missed anyone please share it in comments below.



6 Best Keyword Research Tools 2022 (#1 Pick)


In this article, we will provide you a list of 6 Best Keyword Research Tools 2022

Any digital marketing strategy must include keyword research, which can also aid in business expansion. Unfortunately, many keyword research tools are outdated or difficult to use. Further,  Choosing inadequate tools can really hurt your business.

Many people are using these tools, but only a few know how effective and efficient they are for their clients.


The key to success is to ensure you choose the right keyword research tools to help you find the best keywords for your business in 2022. 

Hence, we have created a list of keyword tools here to tell you which tools are the best in each category by 2022.

6 Best Keyword Research Tools 2022

Here is the list of Best Keyword Research Tools:

1. SEMrush Keyword Research

Semrush Keyword tool is an online keyword research tool that helps you discover the most popular keywords on Google and Bing.

SEMrush Review: Best Keyword Research Tools

With this free keyword research tool, you can find out the main competition for each keyword, how many people are searching for that particular term, how much traffic it’s getting, and more.

Keywords are arranged in a visual graph that makes it easy to see which keywords have been used the most in Google search results by other websites. You can also filter your results according to your preferred date range.

You can use this free keyword research tool to do a competitive analysis of your competitors’ keywords or to optimize your own keywords before implementing them into your content marketing campaigns.

2. Google Search Console

Are you thinking about how the google search console can help you level up your business using SEO? 

google-search-console: Best Keyword Research Tools

Google offers the Google Search Console tool to assist website owners and webmasters in learning what keywords their website is ranking for and how to enhance it. It is a free keyword research tool for your business to measure its website’s performance. Many companies use this free tool to assess the effectiveness of their websites. There is a query tab that is selected by default, and this is where you can see the keywords. 

3. Ahrefs Keyword Explorer

Ahrefs Keyword Explorer is a simple yet powerful tool that can be used to find the best keywords for your website. You can use it to find out which words are most relevant to your business and which ones may help you get more traffic.

ahrefs review

It displays all the keywords related to a specific topic in an easy-to-read way, so you don’t have to spend hours trying to figure out how it works if you’re not familiar with SEO tools.

It also has plenty of useful features, such as negative keyword filtering and keyword suggestions based on previous searches performed by other users.

Another great feature is that Ahrefs Keyword Explorer allows you to compare up to 10 different keywords at once — this makes it easier for you to see which one is more popular than others, which could be useful if you want to focus on just a few main competitors instead of everyone else in the industry.

4. KWFinder By Mangools

Looking for a user-friendly SEO tool? Several professionals trust KWFinders by Mangools with their productivity all around the world. KWFinder is the best SEO tool for those who want to track their keyword’s performance and rank. 

KWFinder By Mangools


A tool to help you find long-tail keywords, analyze SERPs and dethrone any competition. While KWFinder provides a sizable data set to satisfy seasoned SEOs, it nonetheless manages to show that the data is user-friendly for beginners. It is a fantastic fit for creators of specialized websites, and it offers a tonne of power for the money. 

KWFinder helps novices and seasoned experts by providing basic and advanced data. You will learn about seasonal keywords and trending subjects by receiving search volume information along with trends.

  • Create a free account at KW Finder.
  • You can conduct three keyword searches and three SERP searches each day using a free account.
  • Additionally, you only receive 50 related keyword ideas for every search.

5. Moz Keyword Explorer 

Since the beginning of blogging and content marketing, Moz has been one of the most recognized SEO companies.

Moz rank checker- Dashboard

Moz advertises itself as “the world’s most accurate keyword research tool” and boasts a vast keyword database with 500 million searchable keywords.

Moz is undoubtedly worthwhile using, given its seasoned position in the market and its broad, data-backed research tools.

We particularly enjoy Moz’s SEO content tool since it is user-friendly, the data is trustworthy, and it provides us with a wealth of information regarding the long-tail keywords we may rank for.

6. Ubersuggest

A free SEO tool called Ubersuggest focuses on generating fresh keyword recommendations. After being recently acquired by businessman Neil Patel, Ubersuggest, which was once developed as a program that harvested Google Suggest phrases, has subsequently ‌increased its feature set.

Ubersuggest Dashboard

Ubersuggest functions similarly to other SEO tools available online in that it examines keywords, backlinks, and domain information to give you a precise understanding of how valuable and competitive they are. You can use their search bar to enter a term and explore to see all the relevant data. 

The tool essentially gives you access to 5 tiers of data that you can examine, including:

  • Overview of keywords
  • Words to Use
  • Top Ranking Pages Content Ideas Keywords

As part of their SEO analyzer, you can also carry out site audits and backlink analyses. In essence, you have access to them in other areas of the tool.

Quick Links:

Takeaway: Best Keyword Research Tools 2022

As far as marketing tools are concerned, keyword research should be designed to help marketers discover trends in users’ search behavior.

The pieces of data that are currently used by keyword research tools to interpret search behavior patterns will become less relevant in the future.

The best future keyword research tool would use semantic insights to better interpret a website, its offerings, and the information it conveys.



The Ultimate Guide To Bing Webmaster Tools For SEO 2018


When we are talking about Search Engine Optimization of a website, Google automatically comes into our mind. Why not, it makes sense but we need to optimize our site for all the search engines not just for only one. Google is the most popular search engines without any doubt. But data statistics are showing that traffic coming from the Bing searches is increasing.

All marketers run after Google but keep one thing in mind that Bing has also lower competition. And Bing has the decent market share nearly 21.3% in the US which includes Yahoo searches which are powered by Bing. Bing is much more open about the ranking factors as compared to Google.

Here in this post, you will come to know about Bing Webmaster tools which will definitely help bloggers and website owners to get their site on the reliable Bing search index and getting more traffic from Bing.

Submitting your site to Bing Webmaster tools:

Bing Webmaster Tool

Bing webmaster tool is a free service by Microsoft basically for the webmasters from submitting their site to getting a complete SEO report. You will get many features in Bing webmaster tool which is not available in Google webmaster tool. Really there is no reason you will find in not submitting your site to Bing Webmaster tool.

Step 1:

All you need to create a free account or you have the option to use your existing windows live ID for login to the Webmaster account. Once after the sign-up and account creation process. The first step will be to add your website and verify your ownership.

Bing Webmaster Tool

Step 2:

After the submission of your website all you need to do is to add the details related to site and ownership and website owner details and many more. You should create the sitemap of your website using Google XML sitemap plugin. Then add the sitemap link in the site page info page. The need of providing sitemap link is because it will help Bing bots to do the deep crawling and index more pages on your site.

Bing Webmaster Tool

The best part is that you can even set email communication preferences about the health issues of your website. You can set a daily alert if you are having a high traffic site and you will get notified regarding any site issue.

Bing Webmaster Tool

Right after the filling of the details just click on Save and automatically you will be redirected to Bing Webmaster tool dashboard. In the dashboard, you will see a message “ Site Ownership has not been verified, verify now”. Just click on to verify now and use any method to verify your website. You can go through these processes out there:

  • File upload <XML File>
  • Adding Meta tag in Header
  • CNAME record DNS

Bing Webmaster Tools

Bing Webmaster Tools

Bing Webmaster Tool

Currently, if you are using WordPress SEO by Yoast, you can easily add the content part from the Meta tag verification an add it into WordPress SEO dashboard.

Site Verified on Bing the What next?

As already we have submitted our site to Bing Webmaster tool and successfully done the verification. Now the next step is to do the configurations of few settings listed below that will definitely provide an edge.

Submission of more Sitemap to Bing:

You can create the separate sitemap for Images and Videos and the best part is that Bing bots are smart and will pick all sitemap from an existing website. The process of generating Image and Video sitemap is very simple you can sue Image sitemap and Video sitemap plugins. Just go to Dashboard > Configure My Site > Sitemap and you can and definitely, you can add the new sitemap to Bing.

Submission of Individual URL:

Somehow if you have submitted a completely new site then it will take time for Bing bots completely crawl and index your site completely. You can just go and manually few links here.

You can submit 50 URLs submissions per month and daily you can add only 10, yes the limit is set is by Bing.

Ignore URL parameters:

If somehow your website pages are indexed with URL parameter in Bing search then you should add this parameter here. If here Bing populates few URL parameters by defaults just like Google Webmaster tools do.

Crawl Control:

One of the interesting features of the Bing Webmaster Tool, they will allow you to control when Bing bots should crawl your site more. So it totally depends on you, to set time when there is the busiest time of your blog and the best part is that Bing bots will select the time to crawl the site more if somehow your website is less busy. And this step will be useful for high traffic sites along with the sites with limited hosting bandwidth.

Block URL’s and Directory in Bing search:

Here bots started indexing process of your WordPress content, tags and categories folders. Decide to remove all tags and categories or any other directory from the Bing search. This section definitely helps you to do the same.

You have the option use block the URL section and stop the indexing of any page or the directory. It will take 90 days you have manually removed the URLs and you will be getting Email notification 8 days before the completion of the 90 days. Now you have to decide whether keep them out of the index or let the Index in Bing.

 Granting of Access to your Webmaster tool to other users:

If you have WordPress setup then you can quickly add your client site using Bing Webmaster Tools. You can give him Admin access later. The best part is that you can even manage your blog with a team or partner, now you have the choice to give them access to your site webmaster tool under the user’s sections. You will provide these three roles:

  • Administrator access
  • Read and modification
  • Real only

Follow the above guide listed above and improve your search engines visibility in Bing tool.

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Conclusion: Guide To Bing Webmaster Tools For SEO

You can do many more things with Bing to improve your Search engine visibility in Bing Search. Just go and explore the Bing Webmaster tools and submit a site to Bing. Now you have all the information regarding Bing Webmaster tools and the submission of a site.

Feel free to ask if you are stuck anywhere in between in the comment section. I hope you like this post bloggers guide to Bing Webmaster Tools for SEO. Show your love and support just by sharing this post on all trending social media platforms.



Top 10+ Best FREE Website Speed Test Tools In (2022)


The speed of a website matters a lot in getting higher SEO ranking, lower bounce rates, high conversion rates and longer visitors on site along with the better user experience. Websites speed is very critical to its success. So here we go, with the best Website Speed Test tools with top-notch specification and user experience.

If we do have the resources then why we are not taking advantage of it, means you should use these Website Speed Test Tools to get the optimal performance of your website. The benefit of having these tools is they will help you in getting better SEO ranking than ever before.

Here in this post, I will cover the importance of Website Speed in getting better SEO ranking along with the best higher SEO ranking. So don’t pause it here, just stick to the post let your page load faster with the provided list of Best Website Speed Test tools.

What is Page Speed? 

Page speed basically determines how fast the content of your page loads. You can call it as “page loading time” the total time which is being taken for displaying the content of a specific page. Here it can also relate to “time to the first byte” means that the total time taken by the browser for the first-byte information about your website server.

Its totally depend on you, how you measure page speed but having a faster page speed will give a user best experience on your website. You should focus on page speed along with website speed if you want to make your online business profitable than ever before.

How to speed up your Website?

Here, I will come up with few ways through which you can easily increase your page speed. Don’t wait just go through it:

Enable Compression:

The file compression is very important. You can use GZIP Compression for reducing the size of the files on your website. Here this will help you in reducing the sizes of CSS, HTML and JavaScript files that have more than 150-byte size.

Here, for reducing the size of images you can go for a program like Photoshop. It will really help you in retaining the control over the quality of the images.

Minify JavaScript, HTML and CSS:

When you optimize your code and remove (commas, spaces along with another unnecessary character) by doing this you will increase your page speed.

The best thing you can do, just remove the code comments, formatting and the unused code. You should use YUI Compressor for both the CSS and JavaScript.

Reduce Redirects:

Just in case of the page redirect, all the visitors need to sacrifice is their time they have to wait for HTTP request-response cycle to complete.

Use Browser Caching:

Brow cache holds many pieces of information such as JavaScript files, images, style sheets and many more. So make sure when a visitor comes to your site again, the browser doesn’t get involved in reloading the entire page.

You can use many tools available in the market to set the expiration date of your cache. All you need to do is set your ‘expires’ header just for knowing the information will be cached for how long. When you do use the browser caching, your website may make use of cached version.

Use CDN: Content Delivery Network

As mentioned above, CDN is also used as a content distribution network, basically are networks of servers that is indulged for distributing the load of the delivering content.

They just store the copies of your site at multiple centers so that it helps users in accessing your site faster than before.

Check out:

Optimize Images:

The important factors that decide the loading time of any pages are the images used in that page. Just make sure that the images you are using on your website are fully optimized. The size of the images should be low and should contain the alternative text.

The best-suited image format is PNGs that generally suits the graphics and it has less than 16 colors while the JPEGs are quite good for photographs. Make sure all the images are compressed for the web.

Use CSS sprites for creating the templates for images that can be used by you on your site when needed. Here CSS will combine your images into a large image which can easily load at all once. You can also choose software like Photoshop for compressing the image file size.

Check out:

Website Speed Test tools are helpful in many ways like:

  • It analyzes HTTP headers.
  • Testing Time to First Byte.
  • It checks rendering speed in a different browser.
  • It checks the performance from the different locations.
  • It will help in determining render-blocking CSS or JavaScript.
  • It will find out large images that basically results in bottlenecks.
  • It will pinpoint scripts, fonts, and plugins which cause the load time issue.

I am assuring you making your website loads faster will definitely offer you lots of advantages. You will certainly get high ranking on SERPs along with achieving the consistent conversion rates for sales.

It will also minimize the bounce rates that will definitely maximize the amount of time that a user will spend on your site. Here I have listed the top-notch free Website Speed Test tools that will let you optimize the performance of your website.

Top-Notch  Website Speed Test Tools

1.Pingdom Website Speed Test

                        Pingdom- Website Speed Test

Pingdom is the market leader in the website monitoring services. It is the absolutely free website speed testing tool.  For a newbie who is willing to monitor his/her website the, Pingdom is made for them. Here Pingdom will display your entire site’s request in a waterfall view.

Here in this tool, you will get a different perspective on improving the performance of the website. It will offer speed performance rating and score out of 100. But the rating is broken down into 12 criteria and each of them gives an individual score.

The best part about Pingdom is it will store all the results of the tests performed by you right on your website so that you can easily compare the improvements time by time.

The test results will be summarized manner which includes the performance grade, response codes and the content size. But this will not support the HTTP/2 when you perform a speed test.

2. Google PageSpeed Insights

 Google PageSpeed Insights- Website Speed Test

No doubt, Google PageSpeed Insights is the best option you have got for analyzing and grading the performance along with the speed of your website. Here the analysis results will be based on 1-100 scale.  You will get the high score if you have done website optimization very well.

This tool is published and developed by Google. Here this tool will also improve recommendation on speeding the performance up of your website. You can also magnify CSS along with the performance of your website. This tools really work in a different way like:

The first one is basically known as time above the fold. As it measures the actual time taken when any users request a new page and at that moment the browser shows up the fold content. Moving on to the second one.

Here the second one is basically known as the time to full-page load. As it will measure the actual time taken when a user requests a new page and at that moment the browser fully loads the entire page.

The best part about this tool is that it has an additional category for the reports of the mobile websites. And this one named as the ‘User Experience” category. The reports you will be getting here can be shared and sent to clients and anyone you want to share.

3. Gtmetrix

GTmetrix- Website Speed Test Tool

GTmetrix is another popular website speed testing and analyzing tool. Really it is easy to use and perfect for newbies. Its analysis combines the performance and the recommendations offered by Google Page Speed Insights. That is why GTmetrix is the perfect solution for all the speed optimization needs.

Here this tool will offer top-level data speed analysis. It shows the summary right at the top of the page which is giving the information related to page load time, page size along with the number of requests. This will show the list of your request in a Waterfall Chart so that you can easily find out the problem areas.

Here with GTmetrix, you can create a free account that will allow you to save the last 20 test. Even you can compare the historical data. GTmetrix also supports HTTP/2 speed testing.

4. WebPage Test

WebPage Test- Website Speed Test & Performance Tools

The brain behind this amazing tool is of Patrick Meenan, the Chrome engineer at Google.  WebPage Test is basically an open source project. Here with this tool, you can perform a free website test from multiple locations using legit browsers like IE, Chrome etc.

If you need any additional data from the speed test then advanced users should go with this handy tool. It has the advanced testing capability like multi-step transactions, content blocking, change the connection speed and more. It also comes with Waterfall charts along with the resource landing report. This information will help you in making the required improvements to your site.

The best thing about this tool is that it supports HTTP/2 so that you can easily test the performance of WordPress website. You should go with these handy tools as it provides the advanced as well as basic information.

5. Dotcom-Monitor

Dotcom-Monitor Website Speed Test

Dotcom-Monitor will offer lots of useful tools for free. It will allow you to quickly test the speed of your website from the 25 location from all over the world. Here you have the option choose the different browser such as IE, Firefox, Chrome and Andriod and Windows Phone.

This tool will provide the web performance report that includes:

  • Comprehensive Waterfall Chart
  • 10% of fastest elements
  • 10% of slowest elements
  • Error check along with diagnosis

6. KeyCDN 

KeyCDN- Website Speed Test

Here, KeyCDN will offer you a free website speed testing tool with user-friendly interface. The simple page speed test will offer the waterfall breakdown along with the website preview. It provides the test in the 14 different locations all over the world. And it gives the total download time of your assets from that physical location.

Here you can run privately as well as a public test which can be shared for the future reference. The breakdown report you will get has an overview of the request method HTTP status codes, content size, and file size along with the total download time. The  KeyCDN we speed test tool will also support HTTP/2.

7. YslowKeyCDN- Website Speed Test

Yslow is basically Yahoo’s page performance tool. This one is basically comprehensive website speed testing tool and the tool needs to be installed as an add-on for your browser.

Yslow is completely free tool and it supports the entire browser all the browsers. It basically focuses its analysis on 23 factors and it offers an extensive analysis based on these factors. Here it will grade for each of these areas that will give you score from A to F. And with that, you can easily spot your weaker areas. And with this tool, you can unleash the target species.

8. Google Mobile Speed Testing Tool

 Google Mobile Speed Testing Tool

If your website is not mobile friendly then it will definitely crucial to your success. And most time if your website is not friendly then Google most probably abandon that website. This is the reason for making your website mobile friendly you should use this Google Mobile Speed Testing Tool.

This tool is powered by Google Page Speed Insights and it is mainly for the marketers and the agencies. Here this tool will deliver the easy to understand optimization reports.

You have the option to get your reports right your email or have them forwarded to your developer. The overall site performance will be evaluated and you will get the score out of 100. It will totally depend on the set up of your WordPress website.

9. Varvy PageSpeed Optimization

Varvy PageSpeed Optimization- Website Speed Test

This one also a Website Speed Test tool that has been developed and maintained by Patrick Sexton. This man also created the that is primarily known as Moz  Local. The reports that are shown by this tool will be in five different sections along with the resource diagram, CSS delivery, JavaScript Usage, Page Speed and the service speed.

For blocking render on your website just use this tool make use of the graphical representation. Here this tool offers the documentation for the optimizing your website right with the tutorials that will cover the various site issues like defer loading JavaScript and many more.

10. Sucuri Load Time Teste

Sucuri- Website Speed Test Tool

This one also one of the handy tool for the Website Speed Test. This tool will allow you to test the performance of any of the site from across the globe including more than 5 locations. This tool will show the time taken from each location, performance grade along with the average response.

Using his tool is very easy and helps you know the actual time taken to connect to your website along any page to be fully loaded. Here this tool will show “time to first byte” value. With that, you will come to know the time it really took for the content just to sent back to the browser along with the starting the processing of the page.

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Moving on to the conclusion part,

EndNote: Website Speed Test

So, we end up with these Top 10 Best Website Speed Test tool that will really help you out in finding your Website load time. Do let me know if you are using Website Speed Test tool on your site in the comment section along with your valuable feedback.

I hope you find this post useful, do share this post with your friends and colleagues on the entire trending social media platform.



Raven Tools Review 2022 | Special Offer + Discount Code


Social monitor in real time and a social network that meets the social tools: monitoring, managing and reporting quickly and easily. In this post, we are going to share about Raven Tools Review with Discount Coupon


Raven Tools is designed to effectively manage SEO, online advertising campaigns, and social media conversations.

Raven tools review home

With Raven, your business can instantly research and analyze, track search engine trends, manage link building, monitor and manage social networks, create and manage advertising campaigns, create sophisticated campaign reports, and collaborate. with the member’s team. All these functions from one central location.

Raven integrates data from multiple sources to help you make the best campaign decisions. He deals with SEOmoz, Majestic SEO and SEMRush, detailed competitor data, links, keywords, and social information.

Raven Tools offers entrepreneurs SEO and marketing optimization tools to increase the visibility of their website. Users can use it to track rankings, spot website bugs, analyze website performance, and control their social networks and marketing campaigns. We collect the views of Raven Tools users on the web and find that rating is generally positive. We also share its available pricing options.

Raven, like all tools in this comparison, is a fully hosted web application. Its main selling point is a large number of integrations provided with third-party tools to capture all the data in your campaign. Its sophisticated interface seamlessly integrates Google Analytics data to quickly and easily create reports on the performance of attractive customers.

Raven tools review feature benifits

When we first researched Raven in 2010, we were excited about the speed of development as they regularly implemented new integrations and functions. This is no longer the case, but they are still refining the system and improving the interface and reporting options. However, we were disappointed with the decision to eliminate tracking rankings, which most SEO agencies and internal marketers still view as an important part of their customers’ reports.

Raven Tools Review 2022: with Discount Coupon Must Read

Overview of Raven Tools Benefits

With Raven’s real-time social feed, your business can instantly monitor and participate in a variety of social conversations. Wherever people talk about their keyword or brand: Facebook, Stumble Upon, Twitter, Blogs, Forums, YouTube, just to name a few, your business will know immediately.

You can create excellent marketing reports that will give your business an exceptional presence.

Once your business is set up with Raven, your business can build the first campaign in minutes and create custom reports ready for mobile devices. With the tool’s interactive and automated marketing reports, you’re an ally to save time for your team and bring joy to your customers.

The Raven site auditor keeps track of every website for information about the technical areas of SEO.

Raven Tools is a very sophisticated marketing software with many features. I do not think you want to see a list of features when you read my comment. After all, you can see them in Raven Tools. Web site or just sign up for a free trial at Raven and play with the features for you.

Raven tools review feature benifits more

However, I would like to briefly highlight the most important and useful elements of the Toolbox:

  • Create great customer stories that pull data from more than 20 sources, including AdWords, Search Console, Facebook, and Analytics.
  • Conduct regular website audits to identify potential issues and impress your customers.
  • Manage SEO linking campaigns with their link manager and database.
  • Use their search tools to access Moz and Majestic link data without the need for a separate subscription.
  • Schedule tweets and posts on Facebook through a tool without the need for a separate subscription to this tool.

Inside the Raven Tools Dashboard

SEO audit

Raven will perform a full review of his website and highlight the vulnerabilities. Find out if the number of words on any of your site’s pages is below the optimal number, or if you’ve forgotten to provide a meta description for your most recent blog entry.

The good news is that reporting aggregates all the information from multiple sources, making it easy for a customer with hard evidence.

Raven tools review feature

WYSIWYG reports

WYSIWYG reports (what you see is what you get) provide information about AdWords, social media campaigns, natural traffic, and SEO performance. Everything is presented as it is, but the creator of the report is really customizable.

Content Manager

The Content Manager is interesting and complete. You can write and edit content directly into the module that looks like WordPress, and plan your posts in advance if you’ve configured the WordPress integration.

Campaign Management

With Raven, you can embed an unlimited number of campaigns from third-party websites. We’re talking about Google Ads, Bing, MailChimp, and Facebook.

Manage, monitor and track all Google AdWords campaigns you conduct or control your email marketing campaigns.

Track backlinks

With the Backlink Explorer, you can view many backlinks in a given domain and evaluate the authority of your page against those of your competitors.

That said, it does not represent the source of backlinks, it does not alert you to problems. If one of your high-quality backlinks has been removed, you will never know.

Research and analysis

The search function has a lot to do here. From the Research Central tab, you can join any keyword or domain in Google rankings.

The Keyword Search Tool works like the Google Keyword Search engine but does not provide much information. Instead of including cost-per-click, this feature only covers the search volume and the competition of the advertisers.

Site Performance

The performance feature of the website is the SEO site, the website, and the social measures. It gathers against the competition. The results are in a few words.

SEO Metrics

Just like the Keyword Manager, SEO Metrics is an SEO tool that removes the manual and the excessive amount of SEO worksheets. SEO metrics include SEO performance data for your website, which shows a variety of metrics such as visits, page views, average website duration, and bounce rate.

This data is downloaded from Google Analytics. This may make some users wonder why a feature exists. However, collecting this data in Google Analytics is much more difficult than with Raven. Reports are very easy with Raven and you can include Metrics SEO data in your customers’ reports.


The other options in the top navigation bar are CRM, Tasks, and Notifications. You can register an unlimited number of contacts in CRM to track the status of the prospective customer, the email address, and the number of links. You can contact Raven via Twitter or email. Disclosing links can be a tedious job. With Raven CRM you can certainly optimize this process and track it much more efficiently.

Raven tools review feature more

PPC advertising management

Therefore, you can connect your PPC ad accounts to Google AdWords, Bing Ads and Facebook Ads in Raven. Once again, the real interest of this feature is to simplify your marketing process. When you connect your PPC to Raven, you want to save time by connecting and connecting to these other accounts.

The Raven Visual Metrics Tool makes it easier to track the progress of your PPC efforts. PPC Campaigns: Raven identifies issues that may affect your campaigns, such as Poor quality ratings or page latency issues. The Raven PPC feature gives you everything you need to find, manage, measure and optimize your PPC campaigns.

Link building

The Link Manager is a useful feature that provides users with a database that they can use to build links.

This feature is useful for agencies that manage extension teams. Here you can add and follow desired and active links. Links can be assigned to owners to manage, and you can sort links with tags.

One of the benefits of the Link Manager is that it indicates the quality of each link based on Moz data. If you enable link tracking, you may receive alerts triggered by link changes, such as Anchor text changes, an increase or decrease in the Quality Score, or a status update.

Take the first campaign in minutes and create custom reports for mobile devices. Save time with automated and interactive marketing reports.

Overview of Raven Tools Features

Take a look at the list of some features of Raven Tools:

  • Social network tools.
  • Attention to the customer.
  • SEO tools
  • Advertising Materials
  • Automated SEO
  • Social networks and marketing reports.
  • Campaign and content marketing tools.
  • Keyword analysis and investigation back.
  • Follow the links.
  • Report generator and dashboard.
  • Search engine results in pages (SERP), tracking classification.
  • SEO content and website audits.
  • User management, roles, and access.
  • White lettering and side traps.

Raven Tools Pros and Cons


  • Integration with third-party tools.
  • More than 30 tools.
  • Centralize data points and resources in a single area and on a platform to facilitate access and query.
  • With the keyword tracking feature, we can monitor keyword rankings.
  • Reports: audits, analyzes, services.
  • Easy integration with browser extensions and API keys.
  • Cross-competition survey.
  • tracking range
  • Search by keyword


  • Hit or Miss Contact Finder.
  • Quality analysis and design analysis tools.

Popular integrations

When choosing an SEO software, it’s important that it integrates with the other applications your company currently uses. Here are some of the most popular integrations from Raven Tools:

  • sharp-sighted
  • Trello
  • Call Rail
  • Call Tracking Metrics
  • External sales
  • Forms of gravity
  • HubSpot
  • Asana
  • MailChimp

Raven tools review feature benifits tracker

How much is Raven Tools?

Raven Tools offers a 14-day free trial and four price plans:

Start: the annual price of $ 109 / month or $ 99 (monthly billing)

  • 20 domains / campaigns
  • 4 users
  • Monthly page analysis 400,000 (<10,000 pages / website)
  • White Label – Brand reports, emails, subdomains
  • Retrospective Investigation Reports: 40 included, each additional dollar
  • SEO Finder Site Competition Reports: 20 included, each additional $ 2
  • SEO writer content audits: 20 included, each additional $ 0.27
  • Saved links: 50,000, each additional $ 0.002
  • Monitored links: 25,000 inclusive, each additional $ 0.005

Increase: $ 199 / month or $ 169 / year (monthly billing)

  • 80 domains / campaigns
  • 8 users
  • 2 million page analyzes per month (<10,000 pages/site)
  • White Label: everything in Start + Domain, Dashboards, the Login page
  • Unlimited search reports for return links
  • Unlimited Site Search SEO survey reports on the SEO contest
  • Scribe SEO Content Audits – 50 included, each additional $ 0.27
  • Saved links – 150,000 included, each additional $ 0.001
  • Monitored links – $ 100,000 included, each additional $ 0.004

Raven tools review Price

Thrive: $ 299 per month or $ 249 per year (monthly billing)

  • 160 domains / campaigns
  • 20 users
  • 5 million page analyzes per month (<10,000 pages/site)
  • All features of Grow
  • Lead – $ 479 per month or $ 399 per year (monthly billing)
  • Unlimited domains/campaigns
  • Unlimited users
  • 7 million page analyzes per month (<10,000 pages/site)
  • All features of Thrive

Quick Link:


Raven Tools is currently the best in all areas of SEO tools. The features covered in this review only scratch the surface of the offering and the fact that your Google Analytics data, rankings, and links in the same system provide a wealth of smart manipulation and reporting capabilities.

I think, has not seen better yet. Last year, I explained that I thought Raven had probably been too eager to get many integrations into the toolbox. etc. and I always feel like that.

The toolbox gets bigger and wider if it should be deeper, but those who are there obviously know what they are doing, and if I understand it, the business should be good now.

I would always like to put more emphasis on the SEO tool on the website, much like the SEOmoz or AnalyticsSEO web application, because I think it’s a much more urgent problem and more important to most users.

Internet marketers must have additional integration capabilities with third-party tools.

You can now get all the information on this amazing “Raven tools ” website. Share your Review about Raven Tools in the comment section. Have you ever used Raven tools for business.




5+ Tools To Check How Much Traffic A Website Is Receiving 2022


In this article, I am going to share Top 5 Tools To Check How Much Traffic A Website Is Receiving Accurately? Dive in to read the details…

Do you want to understand what proportion traffic an internet site receives? Knowing what proportion traffic your competitors’ websites receive might assist you develop effective content marketing strategies.

It also helps you stay motivated and benchmark your site’s performance within the space. The tactics presented during this post are exclusively useful to estimating traffic to other websites.

Google Analytics is  the greatest approach to gather traffic statistics from your own website. You simply got to install the Google Site kit WordPress plugin and connect it to Google Analytics.

However, you don’t have access to Google Analytics for other websites to see their traffic. 

There are hundreds of programs in the market that may help you determine how much traffic a website receives.

 Three kinds of traffic estimation:

  • Estimation of total website traffic
  • Estimation of organic traffic
  • Estimation of paid traffic

In reality , There is no 100% reliable technique to work out a website’s traffic aside from installing monitoring programs like Google Analytics or obtaining data from Google servers.

Because these tools believe different data sources like Clickstream, keyword traffic, public data, anonymous behavioral data, and correlations, the statistics should only be considered estimates. 

Best Free and Paid Tools to Check Any Site’s Website Traffic


Sitechecker is a platform that makes it easy to track and improve your website’s visibility. It is a must-have toolkit for website owners, marketing agencies, SEO specialists, marketers, and product managers. The more websites you work on, the more time you spend checking data from Google Analytics, Google Search Console, rank tracker, and site crawler. Sitechecker will reduce this time because it provides all of this information in one dashboard.

2. SEMrush

semrush- tool to check website traffic

SEMrush is the most popular online content marketing tool on the Internet. It includes tools like competing keyword research, backlink research, SEO auditing, social media tools, and content marketing tools among others.

Just type the site URL in the search box. Based on the number of keywords the site is ranked for, the tool will return both organic and sponsored traffic that the site can receive.

It also has a feature called “Traffic Analysis”. This tool can help you understand the three categories of traffic I mentioned, along with data like bounce rate and page visit time.

3. SimilarWeb

similarweb review

When it comes to estimating competition traffic, this is the most often used tool. When comparing SimilarWeb to SEMrush, you’ll see that SimilarWeb has a lot of limitations.

You won’t receive the hundreds of important features that SEMrush comes with, aside from traffic estimates. Smaller domains tend to be a challenge for SimilarWeb to analyze.

4. Alexa

alexa- amazon website traffic

Amazon uses Alexa ranking as a measure. The rankings are determined by the amount of traffic a website receives over time.

Advertisers use this statistic to estimate a website’s traffic. SEO Audit Tool, Competitor Keyword Matrix, Site Comparisons, Keyword Difficulty, On-Page SEO Checker, and Competitor Backlink Checker are just a few of Alexa’s premium services.

5. Ahrefs

ahrefs review

Ahrefs is a paid tool that is well-known for having the world’s greatest backlink database. Although you can’t predict overall traffic with this tool, you can figure out how much organic traffic there is.

6. Quantcast

quantcast- tools to check how much traffic website is receiving

Quantcast shows the site’s estimated online traffic. It also shows the information on the demographics, languages, and interests of the audience.

This tool was initially renowned for its inconsistencies rather than its data accuracy. However, it looks that they have been working hard on data accuracy recently, and it is currently one of the most popular website traffic intelligence tools available.

How To Estimate Total Website Traffic?

A website’s traffic will originate from a range of sources. My website, for example, receives organic traffic, direct traffic, referral traffic, social media traffic, and so on. When calculating a website’s traffic, you must take into account all of the traffic.

Otherwise, it will not provide the full picture. SEMrush and SimilarWeb are the only two tools I suggest when it comes to estimating overall traffic.

When you input any domain name into SEMrush’s Traffic Analytics, you’ll obtain all of the information, including visits, unique visitors, pages per visit, average visit length, bounce rate, and so on.

The traffic that SEMrush displays are the sum of all types of traffic that a website receives. You may check your rivals’ historical traffic statistics.

Alternatively, you may check graphs for various metrics over time, traffic share, and traffic estimates for subdomains. SEMrush also includes a tool called Audience Overlap. You may compare your numerous competitors in terms of viewership and traffic by entering their URLs.

They’ve also recently included the Traffic Journey tool, which shows you where your audience is coming from and what sites they’re going to after they’ve visited your competitors’ websites.

To test out the features, you can take advantage of SEMrush special free trial. For traffic estimates, you may also try SimilarWeb. You can also receive a graph of traffic from various sources, similar to SEMrush.

You can view the following:

  • The number of persons who visit a website is referred to as total visits.
  • Desktop vs. Mobile is a tool that lets you determine how much traffic each device receives.
  • The average visit time provides insight into how visitors engage with a website.
  • You can see how much desktop and mobile traffic a website receives at any one time in the graph.

SEMrush and SimilarWeb are the only tools I suggest for estimating overall traffic. If you want to learn more about which tool is the best, check out my SEMrush vs SimilarWeb comparison.

Search Traffic Estimation

You may use SEMrush or Ahrefs to estimate how much organic search traffic a website receives. Although other tools, such as SimilarWeb, show how much search traffic a website receives, SEMrush and Ahrefs are the best for analyzing SEO traffic.

All you have to do now is type in the domain name. When you click on the statistics, you’ll get a list of all the keywords that are bringing visitors to the site.

You may also browse to the “pages” area of the website to learn about the sites that receive a lot of search traffic. This is how you may figure out how much traffic each of the website’s individual pages receives.

You can also use the filters to figure out which pages on your competitor’s sites drive the most traffic. You can check all of the other subdomains of the site that are receiving a lot of traffic in the subdomains area.

Identifying Paid Traffic

If you’re running PPC advertising on your website, you might be interested in knowing some knowledge about your competitor’s sponsored traffic, ads, and keywords.

When you input any website into SEMrush’s “Domain Overview,” it will also return sponsored traffic. You can also view the keywords on which they are running advertisements, as well as the overall cost of bought traffic for them.

You can dive down into your advertising data with SEMrush’s Advertising Toolkit. SEMrush is a pioneer in both search and display advertisements.

You can see how much sponsored traffic a website receives, as well as ad keywords and traffic costs.

You’ll also learn about the most popular ad keywords that drive sponsored visitors to the site and can see the exact adverts that the website is displaying for the keywords under ad copies also check which sites are receiving the most traffic from PPC advertising on this page.

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Final Thoughts- Tools To Check How Much Traffic A Website Is Receiving Accurately?

These are some of the tried and tested methods for determining website traffic. As I previously stated, these tools only provide an estimate of traffic.

Always depend on data given by website monitoring tools such as Google Analytics, Clicky, Jetpack analytics, and so on.



5 Best SEO Reporting Tools 2022 : [Used By SEO Experts]


An SEO reporting tools is a software program that helps marketers and webmasters analyze their site’s traffic and performance.

With the Best SEO Reporting Tools, you can determine the effectiveness of your site, identify areas for improvement, and increase your overall ROI from search engine optimization efforts.

There are many different types of SEO tools available on the market, but not all of them are created equal.

When choosing an SEO reporting tool, it’s important to select one that provides accurate, actionable data that can help you improve your site’s performance.

Some of the key features to look for in an SEO reporting tool include:

-The ability to track organic and paid traffic

-Detailed keyword and analytics data

-Comprehensive site audit functionality

-Customizable reports that can be easily shared with your team or clients

In addition to these features, the best SEO reporting tools also have user-friendly dashboards and data visualization options to help you see your site’s performance at a glance. So if you’re looking for a way to improve your site’s traffic and performance, consider investing in a quality SEO reporting tool.

What Is an SEO Report?

An SEO report is a type of document that provides information about the performance of a website or web page in search engine results pages (SERPs). It can be used to track progress over time, identify areas of improvement, and measure the effectiveness of SEO campaigns.

There are many different types of SEO reports, but they all share some key attributes. They typically include information on traffic, keywords, backlinks, and social signals, and they are generated by analyzing web data using specialized software or manual analysis.

In addition to providing valuable insights into the performance of a website in search results, an SEO report can also be used as a tool for monitoring site health and diagnosing problems that may be affecting SEO.

Finally, SEO reports can often be used as part of an ongoing SEO strategy to track progress and measure the effectiveness of changes.

When it comes to SEO reporting, there are three main types of reports: traffic reports, keyword reports, and backlink reports.

Traffic reports show you how much traffic your website is getting from organic search results. Keyword reports help you track which keywords are driving traffic to your site, and backlink reports show you the number and quality of backlinks pointing to your site.

Each type of report has its own set of benefits, but they all share one common goal: to give you insights into your website’s performance so you can make the necessary changes to improve your SEO.

5 Best SEO Reporting Tools

If you are looking for a good SEO reporting tool that can help you track your website’s performance and improve it, then look no further than the following list.

These tools have been chosen based on their ease of use and comprehensive reporting features.

1. Moz Pro

As one of the most popular SEO tools available today, Moz Pro offers a variety of features that can help you improve your website’s ranking in search engines.

In addition to providing detailed reports on your website’s SEO performance, Moz Pro also offers tools to help you optimize your site for better results.

Best SEO Reporting Tools- moz pro

2. Google Analytics-

Google Analytics is a free service that provides detailed information about your website’s traffic. It can help you understand how users find and interact with your site, which can help you improve the user experience on your website.

Best SEO Reporting Tools- google-analytics

3. SEMrush-

This is another useful reporting tool that allows you to analyze your competitors’ websites and optimize your own for better results.

It offers features like keyword research tools, competitor analysis tools, and backlink analysis tools that can help you stay on top of your competitors’ strategies and use them to your advantage.

Best SEO Reporting Tools-SEMrush free trial 30 days

4. Serpstat

This tool offers a wide range of reporting features, including rank tracking and keyword research tools.

It also has other useful features like competitor analysis tools, backlink monitoring tools, and site audit tools to help you improve your rankings in search engines.


5. SE Ranking-

This tool has many of the features offered by other reporting tools, including rank tracking, keyword research, and domain analysis tools, as well as several add-on features to help you generate more conversions on your website. It also offers a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to use and navigate.

These are just some of the best SEO reporting tools available today. If you want to improve your website’s ranking in search engines, then consider using one or more of these tools.

They can help you track your progress and make necessary changes to improve your website’s performance.


Quick Links:

FAQs On Best SEO Reporting Tools

Why are SEO reports important?

There are many reasons why SEO reports are important. Perhaps the most important reason is that they help you track your progress over time. By understanding how your SEO strategy is performing, you can adjust your tactics as needed to ensure that you’re always moving in the right direction. Another key benefit of SEO reports is that they keep you up to date on what your competitors are doing. By tracking their SEO efforts, you can stay ahead of the curve and continue optimizing your own website to rise above the competition. In addition to these key benefits, there are many other reasons why it’s important to regularly monitor your SEO performance. Whether you’re a business owner or an online marketer, SEO reports are a crucial part of any successful SEO strategy. Do you need help creating SEO reports for your website? If so, contact our team today for more information about our customized reporting solutions! We can help you understand what your competitors are doing and how to adjust your own strategy to improve your performance.

What information should an SEO report include?

An SEO report should include information on all of the following: 1. The current performance of your website in search engines, including rankings for specific keywords and traffic statistics. 2. A list of any technical issues that might be causing problems with your site’s search engine visibility. This can include factors like broken links, duplicate content, and incorrect use of tags and redirects. 3. Recommendations for improving your website’s search engine visibility, including optimizing your content and website structure for specific keywords. 4. A list of the most effective backlinks to your website, which can help improve your rankings in search engines. 5. An analysis of your website’s social media presence and how it affects your SEO. 6. Any other relevant information that can help you understand your website’s search engine performance and what you can do to improve it.

What is rank tracking?

Rank tracking is the process of monitoring and measuring the position of a website or web page in search engine results pages (SERPs). This can be done manually, through the use of various tools and services, or automatically, by using software that tracks and monitors rankings on a regular basis. The purpose of rank tracking is to provide insights into how well a website or web page is performing in terms of its position in search engine results pages. This information can be used to help make decisions about SEO strategies and tactics, as well as to track the progress of those strategies over time. Rank tracking can also be used to measure the relative popularity of different keywords or keyword phrases. This information can then be used to help create and optimize content for desired keywords, as well as to provide insights into how effective a particular marketing strategy might be. Overall, rank tracking is an important tool for helping businesses and marketers understand what’s working in terms of their SEO efforts, and where there may be room for improvement. And it’s a tool that should be used by anyone who wants to keep their website or web pages at the top of SERPs and stay competitive in today’s increasingly crowded online landscape.



Top 10 Black Hat SEO Tools 2022- Does They Really Work ?


According to the dictionary, a black hat refers to a criminal act. We won’t go overboard here. We’re talking basically about practices that go against Google’s guidelines when it comes to Black Hat SEO.

Since Google is not the government it can’t tell you what you can or can’t do on your site. Therefore, breaking Google Laws is not considered illegal.

You will, however, be removed from Google’s search engine result pages if they catch you. The best thing you can do to avoid black hat SEO is to never ever use it.

I recall saying once that if one wants to comprehend the great mystery, they must study all its aspects.

I have been using black hat techniques for quite a while on various experimental sites. All of these sites were not important and none belonged to any clients. I was merely curious about them.

There are still a lot of black hat SEO techniques that work. Still, if you want to use these methods, choose a site that does not have any business value.

It’s like gambling – you could lose everything if you do it, and there’s no guarantee that one day Google will find out and remove your listing from its search results. Use caution.

Image Mirroring

There’s a very slim chance that you’ll get SEO credit for a stock image if everyone uses it. Thousands of other sources are using your image, so why does Google display it? This specific algorithm is described in the chapter “Select a Unique Image for Your Website” of my blog post “How to use SEO Optimized Images”.

It will no longer be recognized by Google if you mirror a common stock image. Their algorithm has still not been updated to recognize these modifications. Images mirrored are viewed as new images.

Does it make sense, though? Instead, I recommend using this method: In my article, “How to Use SEO Optimized Images,” I take a black hat strategy for optimizing images and show you how to turn it into a white hat strategy that will actually help your images rank in Google image results.

With a little more effort, the result is the same. Take a look.

Chances of Google Busting You

It’s unlikely that Google will uncover this technique soon since not many people use it. The future usage of this technique should be monitored. Many Asian countries, including Russia and Ukraine, use it, as far as I can tell.

Google might include this in one of its future updates once it becomes a common black hat technique among SEOs. In the next 4-5 years, this is not likely to happen, but when it does, the rankings of pages with mirrored images may drop when this happens.

Location Matters

I believe Google ranks your content for the company in San Francisco higher than that of a marketing company in Uzbekistan. This is a patriotic algorithm from Google.

My opinion is educated and on the basis of my subjective observations – but Google would never confirm this. Great SEO content on great SEO websites ranked low due to their location.

How To Use This Black Hat SEO Technique?

What if I use all of the keywords related to my location on my website to make it seem like I’m somewhere else? It is important not to neglect your IP address, as Google knows where your website is located based on the IP address. Solution: use a US host and start a company there.

Live here, enjoy life while you’re at it. If you’re not a local, there’s the visa issue. However, you are a black hat SEO, so I can’t help you. I’m sure you can figure it out.

Inverted Index

You look for competitors whose search engine results pages (SERPs) show better rankings than yours for certain keywords. Invert index that page and copy the whole text. You extract every word with line breaks from that text.

Once all the stop words are removed, you should also remove all the irrelevant keywords such as ‘because’, ‘because when’, ‘because if’, ‘whether’, ‘while’, ‘have’ etc. The script I wrote for this is fun, by the way.

This is a possible inverted index for this article:

You are looking at what is called a “modified inverted index” on the above image.

The hard part is now ahead.

Using all of these words, create an original text. Understanding this: most SEO content writers get around four to five keywords they need to include in their text.

Usually, SEO content writers get around 300 keywords. This is a very difficult task and it takes a lot of time. But you must do it, publish it, and wait and see the results.

There’s a good chance your page will rank higher than the competitors. Finding an SEO writer who will provide 300 keywords is the most difficult part. When giving your SEO content writer keywords, be prepared to do CPR.

Chances of Google Busting You

I don’t think Google will ever catch on to this very specific and rare black hat SEO technique because it involves the core algorithms of Google, and it is very unlikely that Google will ever discover it.

It is very unlikely, however, that it will be able to tell if this technique has been used.

It is nearly impossible to trace back what exactly happened since the text you create will be so different from the one you “reverse inverted” or “hacked”.

Top Black Hat Tools 2022 : The Best Black Hat SEO Tools

1. GSA Search Engine Ranker: Auto BackLink Building Tool

GSA- Black Hat SEO Tools

Using the GSA Search Engine Ranker Tool will allow you to create backlinks in bulk. Marketers can automate their link building with this powerful tool and never have to do it manually again.

Using this software, backlinks are built 24/7 and the user needs to do little to no work. With GSA Search Engine Ranker’s innovative software, you’ll automatically create accounts on authority sites, register them, and submit your content.

With GSA Search Engine Ranker, you can monitor multiple campaigns simultaneously. With online marketing campaigns, you can select how many projects you’d like to run at the same time, choose when to run them, and even restrict activity to certain times.

There is an intuitive user interface and reports are presented in simple diagrams and charts.

The ability to manage several project filters is one of GSA Search Engine Ranker’s best features. It will enable you to set precise advertising parameters for your latest campaign. Keyword filters and country filters are available.

Marketers can choose whether their links should be displayed in specific countries, and even which language the site should be displayed in. Using this method, you can see how your website ranks around the world, and in particular areas.

As your clients begin to branch out overseas, you can gain valuable insight into the changes they need to make.

One of the powerful black hat SEO tools offered by GSA, a German company that specializes in developing custom software, is the GSA Search Engine Ranker. Digital marketers can automate and reduce their daily workload with their many SEO tools.

A GSA Search Engine Ranker is available for purchase for $99. When choosing from the black hat SEO tools available on the market, marketers should not overlook this option since it offers all the features they need.

2. Scrapebox: Best Link Harvester & Keyword Scraping

Scrape Box- Black Hat SEO Tools

Scrapebox is an SEO tool that has been shown to improve search engine rankings of web pages for users. In addition to helping users with their aggressive SEO strategies, Scrapebox is an innovative tool.

Scrapebox is a powerful tool for marketers to harvest search engine data, build links, and scrape keywords. Our advanced features will help you uncover the keywords of your competitors and improve your site’s rankings.

Scrapebox offers a popular mass link-building feature that attracts many marketers to its service. Users can create blog comments at the push of a button using this mass link builder.

With the link builder, you not only post comments on your own blog, but you can also post comments on dozens of other blog platforms and contact pages throughout the web.

Your website will be visible in search engines with this SEO strategy, as well as the increase in page rank with relevant backlinks.

Scrapebox’s lightning-fast keyword scraper is another of its most popular features. Tracking your competitor’s keywords directly eliminates the lengthy process of keyword research.

The purpose of Scrapebox is to determine what other online users are searching for using a high-tech scraping method.

From one base keyword, Scrapebox then generates tons of keywords from the suggestions and auto-complete queries.

Using this technique you can automate keyword generation and reduce the amount of time you spend on keyword tracking.

Scrapebox can be purchased for just $97. In some cases, a tool that operates on a monthly subscription scheme can be a better deal.

Although Scrapebox is a low-priced company, it is a credible and reputable brand within the world of online advertising and is used by many Fortune 500 companies.

Customers can also enjoy 24/7 customer support from Scrapebox, which provides helpful video tutorials for them.

3. RankerX: All-in-one SEO Marketing Automation Tool


SEnukeTNG is our top black hat SEO tool. The tool allows users to monitor traffic, engagement metrics, and engagement metrics with their followers and audiences in one place.

Site visits, page views, and total site visits are a few of the statistics SEnukeTNG tracks. For its customers, this tool simulates hundreds of user searches on online search engines like Google using CrowdSearch technology.

With this tool, you can automate backlink creation using the top ranking factors that databases track, such as click-through rate and bounce rate.

By automating keyword ranking strategies with SEnukeTNG and their advanced algorithms, users can boost their CTR and reduce their bounce rate. In order to use SEnukeTNG, users simply type.

Among all SEO tools, SenukeTNG has the greatest impact on ranking. It allows marketers to take the ranking and keywords of their competitors and use them on their own websites.

In addition to the automatic creation of valuable social links and media-rich content, SEnukeTNG can create press releases as well as fully optimized SEO campaigns.

In addition to loading relevant content for users automatically, the loop mode feature generates backlinks on authority sites every day by automatically creating content and linking on authority sites each day.

Users only need to set up their campaigns once, and the software will repeat the process as necessary.

Users have several options when it comes to pricing with SenukeTNG. To try out the service for a week, you only have to pay $1. A tool is a great option for those who aren’t sure whether they will like it or not.

If you’re satisfied with the tool after testing it, you can buy one license per month for $97, or three licenses for $147 per month. Additionally, a 12-month subscription is $777, while a one-year subscription is $1377.

If you’re looking for a tool that can automatically implement your SEO strategies, you should definitely check out SEnukeTNG.

The tool is one of the leading options available to SEO marketers, and when used correctly can fully automate ad campaigns. You can consider SEnukeTNG as a great all-in-one black hat SEO tool if you don’t mind paying the premium monthly price.

4. GSA Content Generator: Scrape content & Content Generator

GSA Content Generator

Lack of quality pages to link to is one of the most challenging aspects of link building. For your postings, it can be expensive to build unique and relevant content, so you may have to hire freelancers to do the writing.

You can now create readable content at the push of a button with the GSA content creator. It is now easier than ever to create unlimited projects by scraping, spinning, and repurposing links, images, and videos using this powerful software.

Customers can control every aspect of creating content with the GSA Content Generator. Options available to users include how many paragraphs, how many words are in a paragraph, embed locations, etc. Black hat SEO users like this tool because they can easily add their own content sources.

A powerful scraping functionality allows users to generate videos, images, and keywords and combine them into a finished product.

GSA Content Generator’s built-in proxy is one of its most popular features. With this powerful article generator, third parties cannot track your data since it includes its own proxy features.

Black hat SEO users who want to avoid being banned by popular search engines such as Google and avoid being tracked down can benefit greatly from this.

For marketers with massive future backlink campaigns, this tool is a great deal at $147. Marketers will be able to save time and money with this generator as a component of GSA SEO software.

You should definitely check out GSA content Generator if you are interested in automating your SEO strategies.

5. Article Forge: High Quality, AI-Powered Content Generation

Article Forge

You won’t find a better tool than Article Forge if you need content for all of your link-building strategies. With Article Forge, you can quickly and efficiently write high-quality content on any topic using artificial intelligence.

Regardless of how many articles you generate, you will never have to worry about duplicate content since every article is written from scratch.

Search engines view every piece of content as relevant when using the new LSI keyword algorithms included in Article Forge (the same algorithms used by search engines to evaluate content relevance).

It is the most efficient tool for creating content in the world. With just a click of a button, you can get back to us an article that complies with your keyword(s).

You can also generate multiple articles at once with the bulk generator of Article Forge.

With Article Forge, you can even integrate your blogs with post schedulers, so that your content pipeline is completely automated.

A powerful API, coupled with integration with all major link builders, will allow you to automate your entire SEO campaign so you can sit back and watch the rankings go up as well as the money roll in.

For Article Forge, monthly and annual plans are available. The monthly plan costs $57/month, while the Yearly plan costs just $27/month (paid annually).

It is often best to go for the annual plan since you can set up automated posting and link it to your other tools so that it generates content in the background as you work on other aspects of your SEO strategy.

In fact, even if you choose the monthly option, you will save a lot on content costs since even an army of writers would not be able to produce as much content as quickly as Article Forge.

Additionally, Article Forge offers you a five-day free trial so you can prove to yourself the power of artificial intelligence-based article writing on your business.

6. Another Great Article Rewriter Software


With the help of WordAi, which was founded in 2011 by Alex Cardinell, SEO marketers can easily generate their own written content within a short period of time.

With its ability to rewrite entire sentences from scratch, this powerful software proves to be so accurate that it passes detection on plagiarism checkers such as Copyscape.

If you need to spin content quickly and create unique articles with a little editing for your SEO marketing strategies, this is a great tool for you.

Industry professionals appreciate WordAi’s ability to produce high-quality, readable content. In addition to bulk spinning, list spinning, title spinning, and HTML editing are some of the most popular features.

WordAi’s readability, however, can differ depending on the niche audience to which it is targeted. It is recommended that all articles be reviewed after spinning to correct this.

WordAi offers two pricing options. Compared to the first option, which costs $49.95 per month, the second option costs 600 dollars.

You should consider the yearly plan of $347 if you want to use this tool for a long time. All the high-quality features included in this software make this a great deal.

Using WordAi, you can create your own unique content by rewriting sentences. Link building campaigns should use this tool. Try the tool for a 3-day free trial to see if it’s right for you!

7. Jarvee: Social Media Marketing Automation Tool

Jarvee- Black Hat SEO Tools

Modern SEO Marketing strategies include social media. The number of shares, likes, and visibility of a social media webpage is known as a social signal and can indirectly affect a site’s ranking on search engines.

In order for your next advertising campaign to be successful, it is important to understand how these social media signals affect SEO. Many social media management tasks can be automated using tools like

You can follow FollowLiker on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr, as well as a variety of other social networks. Users can benefit from numerous features, such as automated retweets, replies, favorites, and likes.

Clients and their audience can interact more effectively using this tool. Additionally, the software allows users to schedule their future posts so they can be released at specific times using pre-loaded content.

Those who are frequently on the go and want to plan their social media marketing strategies in advance can use this social media automation.

FollowLiker offers numerous payment options, which are among its best features. It’s great to be able to choose which package best suits your needs and to be able to save money.

Is Twitter your primary marketing platform? Once you have selected the plan you want, you will only need to pay $98 once.

What social media platforms do you need to manage? If you need support for all four major social media platforms, you should invest in the Full Edition, which is more expensive but only requires an upfront payment of $338.

There is an additional 5.99 monthly charge regardless of which plan you choose, but this is to cover the 24/7 support you will receive on top of your purchase.

Using FollowLiker is the best way to monitor and automate social media accounts all in one place. Using this black hat SEO tool you can boost your page’s ranking and boost your online engagement.

8. Myprivateproxy: The best provider of dedicated proxies

MyPrivateProxy- Best Cheap Private Proxy Servers

To avoid having their IP ban placed on them, some black hat SEO methods require that the user switch IP addresses. It is necessary to use a proxy server to change your IP address.

By changing your computer’s IP address, a proxy server protects you from being banned.

Among the most popular types of proxy currently used is the Datacenter proxy, which reveals only the proxy address of the company running the data center, not the individual’s personal IP address.

Our recommendation for users who want to mask their IP address is Myprivateproxy, which offers many great features. This proxy security provider is a leader in the industry.

Their innovative technology masks users’ IP addresses with non-sequential proxies from multiple locations. Myprivateproxy has one of the highest uptime rates of any proxy service in the world, with 99% network uptime. Myprivateproxy is our top choice for IP proxies from data centers.

In addition to 16 major US datacenters, MyPrivateProxy also has eight European datacenters. Private proxies are designed for SEO tools and advertiser needs and are highly anonymous.

In addition to SEnuke, Scrapebox, and other SEO tools, this tool also provides excellent functionality for black hat SEO efforts. Additionally, users can use Chrome and Firefox plug-ins and enjoy full browser functionality.

Prices are determined by the number of proxies you want, as well as the type of proxy you want. In comparison, private proxy services start at about $1.50, while shared proxy services are cheaper, starting at around $0.65.

When it comes to black hat SEO, IP addresses are just one of many security triggers online. When you use proxies to mask the IP address, you will be fine.

In addition to the browser fingerprint spoofer, you can also use other masking tools, such as post classified ads online, to ensure complete anonymity.

9. Best Residential Proxy Service

Luminati - Overview

For residential proxy accounts, Luminati is the most trusted and largest tool in the world. You can scrape any web data with this service and you do not need to worry about being blocked or banned.

Any SEO user who uses residential proxy servers should have this. In addition to IP addresses in more than 220 countries and 26,000 cities, Luminati offers over 11,000 ASN numbers to choose from.

They guarantee 99.9% network uptime so you and your clients are protected at all times.

If you know exactly what you need, Luminati’s pricing structure is perfect for you. Pricing for residential proxies depends on two factors that are used to estimate the amount of traffic you will be receiving each month in gigabytes.

The average size of each request is specified first, and then the number of requests per day is specified. You are charged $12.50 per GB of traffic estimated by Luminati based on these two factors.

However, the starter plan does require at least $500 per month to be committed.

You can also try Luminati’s software for free for 7 days before purchasing. If you’re looking for an actual residential proxy service, you should check out Luminati.

This tool is used every day by hundreds of industry experts to help with black hat SEO techniques, and you can use it too!

10. GSA Captcha Breaker: Best Captcha Breaking Software

GSA Captcha Breaker- Black Hat SEO Tools

We have come to the end of our top ten list of black hat SEO tools with GSA Captcha Breaker. Third, on our list of top ten software products, GSA stands behind its products with exceptional customer service, troubleshooting, and support.

The advanced Captcha security system can stop some black hat SEO techniques in their tracks. Bots do not gain access to websites via captcha systems.

In captcha systems, web visitors are presented with an image containing some text that must be reproduced to prove that they are human users and not automatons.

The GA Captcha Breaker is an advanced tool that allows the automated entry of websites in order to perform black hat methods such as scraping and automatic content generation.

We have discussed several other tools on our top ten list so far, and this tool would be a great addition to those. In addition to breaking almost any captcha type, the GSA Captcha Breaker can also add new captchas that are created in the future.

Captcha Breaker can also be purchased for a one-time fee like most other GSA products. You will need to spend $147.00 on this tool, but it is well worth the investment if you are using black hat SEO techniques. You can make a lot of money by investing a little here.

Your investment will be repaid when you rank on the first page of users’ search engine results pages. The experts at GSA can help you generate, scrape, and soar to the top of any search engine with their Captcha Breaker!

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Conclusion – List of Best & Cheap Black Hat SEO Tools 2022

Black hat SEO techniques may be viewed by some as unethical and inappropriate. Despite this, black SEO marketing strategies have many advantages that must be recognized.

Search engine optimization can be automated by using these marketing strategies. This guide outlines the ten most popular tools that marketers can use to get their pages to the top of users’ search engine results.

Several factors should be considered when selecting the right black hat SEO tool for you. First and foremost, you will need to determine what your exact requirements are.

If you want to track your page rankings across the globe, would you like to disguise your location with cloaking software?

Are you looking for software that generates your content while you work on other projects? Once you have identified your needs, you can check out some of the available products.

In addition to free tools, you also need to consider your budget when picking out SEO tools. Consider tools with a proven track record and a friendly customer support team if you have more money to spend.

Since every web page, client, and marketer is unique, it ultimately comes down to personal preference. It is possible to choose your favorites and eventually make black hat SEO heavily automated if you give a few of these tools a try.

This guide lists a number of black hat SEO tools many people are using. During your next ad campaign, make sure to test these SEO strategies. This guide contains tips and tricks that can help you become successful online.