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Social monitor in real time and a social network that meets the social tools: monitoring, managing and reporting quickly and easily. In this post, we are going to share about Raven Tools Review with Discount Coupon


Raven Tools is designed to effectively manage SEO, online advertising campaigns, and social media conversations.

Raven tools review home

With Raven, your business can instantly research and analyze, track search engine trends, manage link building, monitor and manage social networks, create and manage advertising campaigns, create sophisticated campaign reports, and collaborate. with the member’s team. All these functions from one central location.

Raven integrates data from multiple sources to help you make the best campaign decisions. He deals with SEOmoz, Majestic SEO and SEMRush, detailed competitor data, links, keywords, and social information.

Raven Tools offers entrepreneurs SEO and marketing optimization tools to increase the visibility of their website. Users can use it to track rankings, spot website bugs, analyze website performance, and control their social networks and marketing campaigns. We collect the views of Raven Tools users on the web and find that rating is generally positive. We also share its available pricing options.

Raven, like all tools in this comparison, is a fully hosted web application. Its main selling point is a large number of integrations provided with third-party tools to capture all the data in your campaign. Its sophisticated interface seamlessly integrates Google Analytics data to quickly and easily create reports on the performance of attractive customers.

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When we first researched Raven in 2010, we were excited about the speed of development as they regularly implemented new integrations and functions. This is no longer the case, but they are still refining the system and improving the interface and reporting options. However, we were disappointed with the decision to eliminate tracking rankings, which most SEO agencies and internal marketers still view as an important part of their customers’ reports.

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Overview of Raven Tools Benefits

With Raven’s real-time social feed, your business can instantly monitor and participate in a variety of social conversations. Wherever people talk about their keyword or brand: Facebook, Stumble Upon, Twitter, Blogs, Forums, YouTube, just to name a few, your business will know immediately.

You can create excellent marketing reports that will give your business an exceptional presence.

Once your business is set up with Raven, your business can build the first campaign in minutes and create custom reports ready for mobile devices. With the tool’s interactive and automated marketing reports, you’re an ally to save time for your team and bring joy to your customers.

The Raven site auditor keeps track of every website for information about the technical areas of SEO.

Raven Tools is a very sophisticated marketing software with many features. I do not think you want to see a list of features when you read my comment. After all, you can see them in Raven Tools. Web site or just sign up for a free trial at Raven and play with the features for you.

Raven tools review feature benifits more

However, I would like to briefly highlight the most important and useful elements of the Toolbox:

  • Create great customer stories that pull data from more than 20 sources, including AdWords, Search Console, Facebook, and Analytics.
  • Conduct regular website audits to identify potential issues and impress your customers.
  • Manage SEO linking campaigns with their link manager and database.
  • Use their search tools to access Moz and Majestic link data without the need for a separate subscription.
  • Schedule tweets and posts on Facebook through a tool without the need for a separate subscription to this tool.

Inside the Raven Tools Dashboard

SEO audit

Raven will perform a full review of his website and highlight the vulnerabilities. Find out if the number of words on any of your site’s pages is below the optimal number, or if you’ve forgotten to provide a meta description for your most recent blog entry.

The good news is that reporting aggregates all the information from multiple sources, making it easy for a customer with hard evidence.

Raven tools review feature

WYSIWYG reports

WYSIWYG reports (what you see is what you get) provide information about AdWords, social media campaigns, natural traffic, and SEO performance. Everything is presented as it is, but the creator of the report is really customizable.

Content Manager

The Content Manager is interesting and complete. You can write and edit content directly into the module that looks like WordPress, and plan your posts in advance if you’ve configured the WordPress integration.

Campaign Management

With Raven, you can embed an unlimited number of campaigns from third-party websites. We’re talking about Google Ads, Bing, MailChimp, and Facebook.

Manage, monitor and track all Google AdWords campaigns you conduct or control your email marketing campaigns.

Track backlinks

With the Backlink Explorer, you can view many backlinks in a given domain and evaluate the authority of your page against those of your competitors.

That said, it does not represent the source of backlinks, it does not alert you to problems. If one of your high-quality backlinks has been removed, you will never know.

Research and analysis

The search function has a lot to do here. From the Research Central tab, you can join any keyword or domain in Google rankings.

The Keyword Search Tool works like the Google Keyword Search engine but does not provide much information. Instead of including cost-per-click, this feature only covers the search volume and the competition of the advertisers.

Site Performance

The performance feature of the website is the SEO site, the website, and the social measures. It gathers against the competition. The results are in a few words.

SEO Metrics

Just like the Keyword Manager, SEO Metrics is an SEO tool that removes the manual and the excessive amount of SEO worksheets. SEO metrics include SEO performance data for your website, which shows a variety of metrics such as visits, page views, average website duration, and bounce rate.

This data is downloaded from Google Analytics. This may make some users wonder why a feature exists. However, collecting this data in Google Analytics is much more difficult than with Raven. Reports are very easy with Raven and you can include Metrics SEO data in your customers’ reports.


The other options in the top navigation bar are CRM, Tasks, and Notifications. You can register an unlimited number of contacts in CRM to track the status of the prospective customer, the email address, and the number of links. You can contact Raven via Twitter or email. Disclosing links can be a tedious job. With Raven CRM you can certainly optimize this process and track it much more efficiently.

Raven tools review feature more

PPC advertising management

Therefore, you can connect your PPC ad accounts to Google AdWords, Bing Ads and Facebook Ads in Raven. Once again, the real interest of this feature is to simplify your marketing process. When you connect your PPC to Raven, you want to save time by connecting and connecting to these other accounts.

The Raven Visual Metrics Tool makes it easier to track the progress of your PPC efforts. PPC Campaigns: Raven identifies issues that may affect your campaigns, such as Poor quality ratings or page latency issues. The Raven PPC feature gives you everything you need to find, manage, measure and optimize your PPC campaigns.

Link building

The Link Manager is a useful feature that provides users with a database that they can use to build links.

This feature is useful for agencies that manage extension teams. Here you can add and follow desired and active links. Links can be assigned to owners to manage, and you can sort links with tags.

One of the benefits of the Link Manager is that it indicates the quality of each link based on Moz data. If you enable link tracking, you may receive alerts triggered by link changes, such as Anchor text changes, an increase or decrease in the Quality Score, or a status update.

Take the first campaign in minutes and create custom reports for mobile devices. Save time with automated and interactive marketing reports.

Overview of Raven Tools Features

Take a look at the list of some features of Raven Tools:

  • Social network tools.
  • Attention to the customer.
  • SEO tools
  • Advertising Materials
  • Automated SEO
  • Social networks and marketing reports.
  • Campaign and content marketing tools.
  • Keyword analysis and investigation back.
  • Follow the links.
  • Report generator and dashboard.
  • Search engine results in pages (SERP), tracking classification.
  • SEO content and website audits.
  • User management, roles, and access.
  • White lettering and side traps.

Raven Tools Pros and Cons


  • Integration with third-party tools.
  • More than 30 tools.
  • Centralize data points and resources in a single area and on a platform to facilitate access and query.
  • With the keyword tracking feature, we can monitor keyword rankings.
  • Reports: audits, analyzes, services.
  • Easy integration with browser extensions and API keys.
  • Cross-competition survey.
  • tracking range
  • Search by keyword


  • Hit or Miss Contact Finder.
  • Quality analysis and design analysis tools.

Popular integrations

When choosing an SEO software, it’s important that it integrates with the other applications your company currently uses. Here are some of the most popular integrations from Raven Tools:

  • sharp-sighted
  • Trello
  • Call Rail
  • Call Tracking Metrics
  • External sales
  • Forms of gravity
  • HubSpot
  • Asana
  • MailChimp

Raven tools review feature benifits tracker

How much is Raven Tools?

Raven Tools offers a 14-day free trial and four price plans:

Start: the annual price of $ 109 / month or $ 99 (monthly billing)

  • 20 domains / campaigns
  • 4 users
  • Monthly page analysis 400,000 (<10,000 pages / website)
  • White Label – Brand reports, emails, subdomains
  • Retrospective Investigation Reports: 40 included, each additional dollar
  • SEO Finder Site Competition Reports: 20 included, each additional $ 2
  • SEO writer content audits: 20 included, each additional $ 0.27
  • Saved links: 50,000, each additional $ 0.002
  • Monitored links: 25,000 inclusive, each additional $ 0.005

Increase: $ 199 / month or $ 169 / year (monthly billing)

  • 80 domains / campaigns
  • 8 users
  • 2 million page analyzes per month (<10,000 pages/site)
  • White Label: everything in Start + Domain, Dashboards, the Login page
  • Unlimited search reports for return links
  • Unlimited Site Search SEO survey reports on the SEO contest
  • Scribe SEO Content Audits – 50 included, each additional $ 0.27
  • Saved links – 150,000 included, each additional $ 0.001
  • Monitored links – $ 100,000 included, each additional $ 0.004

Raven tools review Price

Thrive: $ 299 per month or $ 249 per year (monthly billing)

  • 160 domains / campaigns
  • 20 users
  • 5 million page analyzes per month (<10,000 pages/site)
  • All features of Grow
  • Lead – $ 479 per month or $ 399 per year (monthly billing)
  • Unlimited domains/campaigns
  • Unlimited users
  • 7 million page analyzes per month (<10,000 pages/site)
  • All features of Thrive

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Raven Tools is currently the best in all areas of SEO tools. The features covered in this review only scratch the surface of the offering and the fact that your Google Analytics data, rankings, and links in the same system provide a wealth of smart manipulation and reporting capabilities.

I think, has not seen better yet. Last year, I explained that I thought Raven had probably been too eager to get many integrations into the toolbox. etc. and I always feel like that.

The toolbox gets bigger and wider if it should be deeper, but those who are there obviously know what they are doing, and if I understand it, the business should be good now.

I would always like to put more emphasis on the SEO tool on the website, much like the SEOmoz or AnalyticsSEO web application, because I think it’s a much more urgent problem and more important to most users.

Internet marketers must have additional integration capabilities with third-party tools.

You can now get all the information on this amazing “Raven tools ” website. Share your Review about Raven Tools in the comment section. Have you ever used Raven tools for business.




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