revisitors traffic plans

Why You Should Use For Targeted Traffic


If you are a blogger and running a website and thinking about the visitors and acknowledge on your blog, then it would have been a big nightmare for you. You know it very well that it takes a lot of time to build the authority of the site and get the unique visitors on the website. You know it well too, if you don’t have visitors to your website you cannot make sales.


But, no need to worry anymore as someone is there to help you out from this nightmare. Yes, you have heard me correct, it’s out there to help you out.


Revisitors was founded in 2005 and since then have served over 100,000 customers to promote their respective websites. They provide an interesting solution to increase the sales and reducing the marketing costs.

Revisitors is ranked by the Alexa as one of the world’s leading web information company. They have ranked as 15,000 most visited websites on the Internet and 8000 in the USA.

Revisitors operates an online advertising network to cover the promotion campaign for the thousands of websites. Generally, some of the websites have vast topics and categories to cover while others have narrow scale. Every day, more than 21,000 people hit the Revisitors website daily to watch news, movies, and reviews. They manage more than 12000 expired domains that generate a huge amount of trafficc.

revisitors traffic plans

Revisitors Services

Revisitors has a wide variety of services and they offer different plan for the different type of traffic. If you are looking for the regular traffic onto your blog then they provide you the best regular traffic. Generally, you need this traffic regularly so they offer, this service at low prices. Their traffic pack starts from $19 to $349.95.

Revisitors also offer several other marketing services that are available through their website.

How it Works?

Revisitors run an online affiliate campaign to drive the huge traffic and popularity of your website. Revisitors online advertising consists of a huge network of websites where they will submit your website URL and keywords to that website to drive the huge traffic.

They will search the geographical target of your website and will drive the traffic according to the locations. They always the amount of traffic and generate higher quality traffic.

They are always searching for more and more traffic to serve the best to their clients. They show your website as full page ads, so you don’t need and banner ads, pop up window ads, and text phrases. Just your site URL is submitted to various search engines and websites daily.


Revisitors has lots of things to deliver when it comes to boost your rankings in search engines and increase your sales. They drive traffic to your website depending on geographical target and increase your sales. Even they promise to decrease your Alexa rank by resubmitting your site to various search engines, directories, and popular blogs.

They have collaborated with the various website’s owners that will accept your site into their website automatically. is worth a try.

You won’t be disappointed from their services and you can get huge amount of traffic that will maximize your sales in minimum advertising cost.


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