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Competition is everywhere; it has seeped into the World Wide Web as well…there are a hundred sites for every search word and the more the hits the more the money, hence the Competition. So, what would one do in order to get his/her sites outnumber the others in this race. The answer to this question is the Rank Cracker Software.


What is the Rank Cracker Software?

This is the software that helps you drag down your competitor’s website with their own success tool. This backlink spying software helps you first list down the backlinks that are helping your competitor’s website and then help you use the same backlinks to improvise your own website. Voila!!!!! You are the best now in the field.

Since the software is very simple and small, it becomes absolutely easy to use it and the same becomes the main reason for it to be as powerful and useful.

How does own use the Cracker Software?

Rank Cracker doesn’t work alone and the best results are achieved when it teams up with some tools that you may already be using. It doesn’t actually sieve through the backlinks, however, the tutorial enables you to identify the tools that could provide you the backlinks list.

Post getting the list, all that is needed if for you to copy these links and paste them into Rank Cracker. Then when you hit the start button, Rank Cracker performs its magic by suggesting how you could use these backlinks for your own website benefit.

Though they may be other tools that perform the same tasks, Rank Cracker takes a step ahead and helps you replicate the links easily while the others could just help you identify the links. Apart from that, Rank Cracker also provides you with the contact information of the websites so that you could contact the owner in order to get those valuable backlinks.

Good news for first timers with Rank Cracker

This software though not made to please you with its appearance, would do all that is necessary to put in the lead. The good news is that, there is a limited Trial Version available on the Internet for all you guys who would want to give it a shot.

It is personally suggested that before entering into a new vertical or any new project, it is better to understand the lay of the land and analyze what works and what doesn’t.

In this phase, Rank Cracker would help you with all the data necessary to know how much link building is already done on the Internet so you can replicate it to get into the game. Rank Cracker may not be the only choice in a scene for Contact look up, however, it definitely has its own benefits and definitely worth it!

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