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Marketing Miner Review 2022: Is It Worth It?


Looking for an Unbiased Marketing Miner Review? Don’t Worry I got you covered.

As an SEO professional, you know that data is key to making informed decisions about your marketing campaigns. 

However, gathering and analyzing data can be time-consuming and complex. You need a tool that makes it easy for you to get the information you need quickly.

Marketing Miner is the solution. This powerful data mining application gives you instant access to all the information you need about your website and your competitors’ websites.

With this tool, you can make sound decisions about your marketing strategy and stay ahead of the competition. Let me explain to you more about Marketing Miner in my detailed review below 

What Is Marketing Miner?

Marketing Miner is a data mining application designed to assist SEO professionals and businesses in managing their online marketing and web operations.

With this technology, businesses are able to view their rankings and organic search results, as well as discover announcements and other promotional strategies employed by competitors.

Marketing Miner Review

This data mining program also enables you to collect and evaluate the market performance of users’ products, evaluate prices, and monitor Internet mentions. It also aids in analyzing keywords and selecting those with the highest quality.

Features of Marketing Miner

Marketingminer review SEO tool

Marketing Miner is loaded with the following features:

1. Keyword Research

This function analyses essential SEO parameters such as search volume, keyword difficulty, trends, CPC, SERP, etc. based on your search query.

The trending keyword function allows you to uncover common keywords that are related to your search. In addition, it offers terms that have lately gained prominence.

Marketing Miner Keyword Research

Additionally, you may use the content gap analysis to see which keywords your competitors are employing to increase popularity. The search visibility function provides you with domain traffic insights.

2. SEO Audit

This function is designed to identify any technical issues on your site that may be affecting your rankings. You can check the indexing status to see which of your website’s pages is failing to attract visitors.

Another function allows you to examine a website’s response codes in order to identify and fix any issues. This application also reveals which of your website’s external or internal links are broken, allowing you to fix them.

Marketing Miner is also rumored to eliminate keyword duplication in your text and increase your internet presence.

The search visibility function measures a page’s traffic and evaluates ranking keywords for both paid and organic traffic.

The alert tells you of changes to the technical SEO and keeps you current.

3. Rank Tracking

Marketing Miner Rank Tracking

This allows you to obtain extensive information about your website’s performance. Position tracking enables you to regularly monitor the advancement of your keyword’s ranking.

A bulk keyword rank checker allows you to determine the position of multiple keywords.

4. Competitor Analysis

They provide competitors with information such as which keywords they are employing to rank higher. Estimated website traffic and a study of the site’s performance based on organic and paid visitors.

This also exposes the top-ranking pages of your competitors and enables you to make decisions based on data. You can receive a list of websites that consistently appear as your competitors in Google search results.

This application also enables brand monitoring by examining what others are saying about your competition. This also monitors the competitors’ websites and alerts us of any changes instantly.

5. Brand Monitoring

Marketing Miner Brand Monitoring

This tool identifies internet mentions of your brand and the responses of others. Thus assisting you in forming new partnerships.

You can also set an alert for your mentions so that you can answer instantly. Additionally, it monitors the mentions of keywords and phrases associated with your niche to keep you abreast of the most recent trends.

6. Link Building

This app’s notification of mentions allows you to create new backlinks and boost your backlink profile. Additionally, it notifies when the connections are withdrawn.

It provides information about the websites that rank for the same organic keywords as your own. It also includes the email addresses and social media accounts of those who may be interested in collaborating with you.

7. API

Marketing Miner API

API allows data extraction without manually logging into the tool. The application supports more than 10 data extraction endpoints, such as search volume and keyword suggestions.

The correct and current insights are pretty helpful for refining your SEO approach while dealing with massive amounts of data.

The REST/POST APIs are adaptable and facilitate the development of custom dashboards and apps. The purpose of project APIs is to retrieve valuable data from your projects.

8. Prepare individual analyses: 

It makes no difference if you need information for dozens of domains or thousands of keywords. Our developers will deliver precisely what you require.

Keep track of how your website evolves over time: there is an overview of your website that allows you to monitor long-term changes. As part of the project, the program monitors the website and tells you via email of any changes.

9. Comparison of prices on price comparison websites: 

provides product information, the highest and lowest prices, and your position on the product lists of comparison websites. Search engine keyword suggestions

Get all feasible AutoComplete options for the specified keyword. You will find it helpful while conducting keyword research or seeking ideas for new material.

10. Indexing the URLs: 

You will discover URLs that are not indexed and it will assist you to determine why. Unindexed pages cannot be displayed in the search results by a search engine.

4 Different Marketing Miner Tools Are:

1. Keyword miners

The keyword mining feature allows you to retrieve a variety of data, such as search volumes, link prospects, SERP rank, and SERP analysis.

  • Search Volume: This tool collects search volume that is good for SEO, PPC, marketing and copywriting.
  • SERP Position: The SERP Position tool gives you insight into your current ranking or position on search engine result pages.
  • SERP Analyzer: You can use this analyzer to look at Google search results based on your queries. On this page, you can also access the search engine results page features, the Adwords units, and the search results.
  • Link Prospecting: You can use this function to find similar websites, perform market research, etc.

2. URL miners

  • Plagiarism Checker: The content of your web pages can be protected with this copyright-protecting tool. It is perfect for copywriting, linking, and SEO purposes.
  • Broken Link Checker: Via this, you can scan internal and external links of your website to confirm that everything is ok.
  • Content Analysis:  This feature will allow you to enter information regarding your website’s content structure. (title and headings, number of words and sentences, number of paragraphs, meta tags, etc.)
  • Social Signals: Find easily the most shared content on your website.

What I Recommend Marketing Miner?

Marketing Miner simplifies keyword analysis and research. The technology assists you in locating sources so that you may consistently produce superior keyword analyses. With Marketing Miner, you can quickly do simple to complex keyword analysis.

It is essential for keyword analysts and SEO specialists to assess their performance and position in search engines like Google and Seznam.

Marketing Miner helps your SEO team to discover and track the performance of your websites and products in search engines, as well as uncover and implement optimization-enhancing signs.

How does your competition do in the struggle for higher search engine rankings, internet exposure, and organic traffic? Marketing Miner assists in answering all of these questions and more.

The tool is filled with features that allow you to monitor your competition, including the keywords they are attempting to rank for, the marketing advertising they are employing, and the techniques they are employing. Knowing what they know provides you a tremendous advantage, allowing you to advance and maintain your position.

When individuals discuss your website, product, or brand, do they speak well of you? Or are the remarks predominantly negative?

Marketing Miner enables you to monitor mentions of your brand, content, ad, and more, allowing you to identify opportunities, acquire insights, and take rapid, decisive measures to sell your products and services and eventually increase your client base.

What Problems Will Marketing Miner Solve?

  • Keyword Research
  • SEO Audit
  • Link Building
  • Brand Monitoring
  • Competitor analysis
  • Bulk SEO Data Analysis

Marketing Miner Pricing Plans:

Marketing Miner Pricing Plans

Miner – Free

  • (100 Google searches or 330 searches by volume or 1,000 URL content analyses)
  • There is one project with five tracked keywords per project

Miner – $29/month

  • Credits of $100,000 per month (10,000 Google Searches or 33,000 volume searches or 100,000 URL content analysis)
  • 500 tracked keywords per project

Digger – $59/month

  • Per month, one million credits (100,000 Google Queries, 330,000 Search Volume Requests, or 1M URL Content Analysis)
  • Track 500 keywords per project for 10 projects

Machine – $99/month

  • 200,000 Google queries per month (2M URL content analysis per month) 660,000 search volume requests per month (200,000 Google queries per month)
  • Each project has 500 tracked keywords

Pros & Cons Of Marketing Miner

Pros of Marketing Miner

  • There is no need to use any other SEO tool since it is an all-in-one program.
  • For SEO specialists, it provides quality click-stream data.
  • In comparison to other similar tools, it is relatively inexpensive.
  • Authentic and reliable data is provided.
  • An insight into customer demands and needs can be gained with the keyword analysis feature.
  • It provides real-time notifications of mentions. This allows you to respond quickly.
  • The program is capable of handling a large amount of data.
  • Reports are simple and intuitive.
  • It saves time.

Cons of Marketing Miner

  • Due to the high number of features, the interface can appear crowded.
  • The first time you use it, it may be challenging. Getting used to the interface may take some time.
  • For a layperson, final reports may appear technical and may require a little explanation.

FAQs On Marketing Miner Review

What is Marketing Miner?

Marketeers and SEO professionals can all rank higher on Google with Marketing Miner, an all-in-one SEO tool.

What are the features provided by Marketing Miner?

Marketing Miner offers SEO Audit, Keyword research, Link building, ranking tracking, competitor analysis and more.

What is the pricing of Marketing Miner?

There are three options available from Marketing Miner, each costing around $29, $59, and $99. You can also get 1000 queries for free for one month.

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Conclusion: Marketing Miner Review 2022

The most valuable aspect of Marketing Miner is the app’s authentic and trustworthy data. The app’s capacity to simultaneously process enormous amounts of data provides it an advantage over similar applications. The majority of the reports are simple and easy to read.

Nonetheless, we cannot deny that the app has certain downsides. However, the best aspect is that the crew is constantly updating and improving the features.

Our recommendation is that they first enhance their customer service to better understand and assist customers.

Overall, the application appears to be of high quality. A few functionalities may cause issues at specific times, but the majority of functions are reliable.

Comparing the claimed and provided features, 95 percent of the Marketing Miner’s promised functions are easily accessible to customers, which is a significant achievement. Therefore, we recommend giving this app a shot.



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