5 Vital Services Bloggers Should Invest in for Executing Successful Marketing Campaigns

Executing a successful marketing campaign regardless of the channel can be difficult even for the most experienced marketing professionals. Bloggers are forced to focus on more than simply creating content for publishing on their blogs but also how to master content distribution and building a solid reputation and authority – this requires an investment of time, sometimes trial and error and even some cash.

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This doesn’t mean that all of the time and experience, or the trials and errors, have to be yours though. Instead, you can learn from bloggers who have been successful in marketing themselves and their blogs and follow their lead while leveraging some of the most innovative tools and services in the industry.

Here are 6 vital services that successful bloggers have used to market themselves or their services:

1)  A Reliable host is an absolute necessity

Let’s face it; you cannot successfully market yourself, your blog, or your services if your blog experiences frequent downtime or is not capable of handling random spikes in traffic. You’llnot only risk losing your faithful followers and readers, but your reputation could be damaged beyond repair.

In addition, readers are impatient and expect content to be served practically instantaneously and if your blog’s load time is poor as well; you stand a chance of losing most of your readership. Up to 40% of website visitors will abandon your website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

Web hosting has evolved much in the last decade and server space has become more affordable, robust and adaptable to the economy of this age that requires quick and easy deployment and higher capacity. Innovators in the web hosting market like Hostt have made barriers to entry almost non-existent as their powerful hosting service is practically free allowing bloggers and startups launch seamlessly.

There’s simply no excuse now for using an underperforming hosting provider.

2) There’s value in list building

Email continues to be a top performer among marketing channels with around 4,300% return on investment reported by many marketers. Acquiring qualified email leads mean that you’ll have intimate access to people who are in tune and interested in what you have to say. If you have something amazing or useful to share on your blog, readers will follow and share your content.

In addition, collecting emails and integrating them with an email marketing service like GetResponse is as easy as quickly installing a free list building plugin like Sumome’s List Builder product which allows you to quickly capture email subscriptions at various points on your blog.

Sumome List Builder product

Email marketing performs and yields great results for marketers. Investing in a reliable service is your first step and should be employed from day one.

3) Being sociable is a must forevery blogger

Social has become as big, if not bigger, than search. In fact, Facebook is the top web traffic referrer for most news websites. SEO is still important, and we’ll get to that, but social has been quickly moving up in the ranks as being a top way to market anything.

Social media has been an area that bloggers know they need to utilize, but many admit that they don’t know how to best go about doing it or the time to execute.

Rather than struggling to do it yourself, bloggers can take advantage of a service like $99Social which, for only $99 per month, manages the entire social media campaign management process.

From posting updates, creating visual image based content; executing strategies and responding to followers, this service gets the practical tasks done for you that are required for growing your social reach and impact. Outsourcing social media management means that you have more time to work on your blog and other areas of your online business.

4) Keywords are vital

Targeting the right keywords to attract search engine traffic is a very important addition to every digital marketing strategy. With the massive increase in search engine competition in recent times it’s important that you understand where opportunities exist and how to navigate the SEO landscape.

Mastering the use of the right keywords to formulate useful, relevant content that performs in search engines has the potential to drive massive success for any blogger.

Targeting the right keywords to attract search engine traffic

A service like SEMRush is powerful for determining which keywords are worthwhile with the potential traffic and competition associated with them. It’s a rich and deeply insightful services for formulating effective content strategies – a must for all content creators.

5) Monitor your marketing efforts

Monitor your marketing efforts

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How will you know how your marketing campaign is doing if you don’t monitor and analyze it? Using a service that monitors as much as possible in your campaign is so important to your knowing what is working and what isn’t.

Using Google Analytics is one way of tracking your blog’s traffic and seeing the results of your efforts. However, it’s not going to tell you everything you need to know about your blog or online business as a whole and it’s likely that you’ll end up using a multitude of apps to achieve various things and make sense of all your activities.

Sometimes having a dashboard tool like Cyfe is your best bet for making sense of all the data that’ll be coming your way while saving time from logging into 20 different accounts for instance.

Cyfe pulls custom data that you specify from over 60 apps to help you formulate the perspectives that you need to understand and manage your online presence and effort through email marketing, social media, SEO and other performance based data.

Final words

Although trial and error is how many bloggers determine which services they need to be successful in their marketing campaigns, it’s not something you’ll have to experience as put into action and use the experiences of others.

Using these 5types of services will put you ahead of the rest, even if you can only invest in a few to start with; and gives you most of what you need for growing and managing a successful presence online and blog.

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Why You Should Choose A Full-Service Company For Online Marketing ?


If you would put yourself in the shoes of a consumer, you’d surely choose to become a wise buyer who wants to make sure that every purchase is a great deal. That being said, you wouldn’t spend your money yet on anything when you don’t have enough information about that certain brand. It’s your hard-earned money that you’ll be spending after all! You wouldn’t want to put it in the rubbish basket.

And so, you start asking questions. At times, these questions are directed to your friends or anyone who has experienced using a product or a service.

“How was the service in that restaurant?”

“Is that face mask really effective?”

“How long have you been using those running shoes? Are they comfortable?”

Indeed, we want to make sure that a product or service will give us satisfaction every time. And you don’t even have to put yourself in the shoes of a consumer because all of us continue to play this role.

Good news is, the internet has made it easier for us to become a more informed buyer and make wise purchases. Online reviews from real buyers are available for us to determine whether a product or service will give us satisfaction. Most consumers these days rely on those pieces of information. In fact, research reveals that 91 percent of people read online reviews about a product or service, whereas, 84 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as they trust the recommendations of their friends. Read more about that in this article.

What this Means for You as an Entrepreneur

The research simply tells you as an entrepreneur that your business should have a strong online presence. When consumers look up information about your business, it should quickly show up on top of search engine results. They should find it on top social networking sites. Most of all, you need to strive to maintain a positive online reputation. Find out more:

But then, how can you possibly do that when you don’t invest much on SEO and other online marketing strategies? Would you gain ground in your industry? You may be somehow winning and doing great in sales, but you might be hindering your business to reach its full potential if you don’t reach out enough to your target market.

To reach out more to your target market and build relations with them, they need to know where they can find you. You should have an active, up-to-date website that’s visually appealing and full of valuable content. Your social media skills should be top notch. Because, hey, isn’t that the easiest way you can find something these days? Definitely.

Where Search Engine Optimization Comes In?

If you have a business here in Spokane, SEO can make a huge difference for your website. In fact, if you have a website, investing in SEO is the most basic thing you need to do to promote your business.

What Is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?


With effective SEO campaigns, you’ll be able to:

  • Place your website on top of the rankings of search engine results.

That pretty makes sense. If there’s a reliable information on top of your search engine results, would you still put in more effort browsing the page 10 of all the results? Actually, we tend to think that the top results are more reliable and trustworthy. On the other hand, we chose not to visit the sites on page 10 if we already found the information we’re looking for.

Your target market may come across your competitors whose sites rank higher on search results. You wouldn’t want to get left behind, right? So, if you don’t take SEO seriously, it’s about time you do.

  • Generate organic traffic for your website.

The higher your ranking on search engine results, the more site traffic you get, and the more traffic your site gets, the better ranking it gets on search engines. Most of us would quite take some time figuring out how to do that. Still, we end up not doing it right. Why waste time when you can work with experts? Outsourcing SEO is your way to go.

  • Cut huge costs on marketing.

SEO lays the foundation for your strong online presence. While you can’t solely rely on SEO, it is actually cheaper than other forms of online marketing strategies such as social media marketing, PPC advertising, or email marketing. And yet, you usually get good ROI out of it.

Cut Your Losses- Choose A Full Service Company For Online Marketing

Why Choose A Full-Service Company For Online Marketing & Your SEO Needs?

If you need to outsource your SEO, the question now is to whom should you outsource it. Should you hire a company that’s specifically dedicated to SEO alone? Or is hiring a full-service company way better than that?

Apparently, both are good choices. However, choosing a full-service company specializing in all forms of online marketing campaigns has certain advantages.

  • One-stop shop for all your online marketing needs

If you choose a company that specializes on SEO alone, you’ll need to scout for other potential marketing experts if you have to outsource your other online marketing strategies. New hires would again take some time learning about your company and your business to figure out the right marketing campaigns they should come up with—something that fits your brand and your target market.

On the other hand, when you initially hire a full-service company for your SEO campaign, they would already get to know your brand well. And so, it would be easier for them to emphasize consistency in all your online marketing campaigns.

But perhaps, you still have another question in mind. Is outsourcing online marketing really better than doing it in-house? Check it out here.

  • May offer huge discounts for a full-package online marketing campaign

Wait, did I just read HUGE DISCOUNTS on a full-package online marketing campaign? Exactly. You read that right. Full-service companies typically offer great deals for a full-package online marketing campaign—something you typically won’t enjoy when you outsource SEO to a company that focuses on it alone. Related:


Letting expert professionals handle your online marketing needs enables you to focus more on the other aspects of your business. In the long run, you save more time, money, and energy while getting the best results out of your investment. We hope this post suits your purpose well.

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Marketing Miner Review 2022: Is It Worth It?

Looking for an Unbiased Marketing Miner Review? Don’t Worry I got you covered.

As an SEO professional, you know that data is key to making informed decisions about your marketing campaigns. 

However, gathering and analyzing data can be time-consuming and complex. You need a tool that makes it easy for you to get the information you need quickly.

Marketing Miner is the solution. This powerful data mining application gives you instant access to all the information you need about your website and your competitors’ websites.

With this tool, you can make sound decisions about your marketing strategy and stay ahead of the competition. Let me explain to you more about Marketing Miner in my detailed review below 

What Is Marketing Miner?

Marketing Miner is a data mining application designed to assist SEO professionals and businesses in managing their online marketing and web operations.

With this technology, businesses are able to view their rankings and organic search results, as well as discover announcements and other promotional strategies employed by competitors.

This data mining program also enables you to collect and evaluate the market performance of users’ products, evaluate prices, and monitor Internet mentions. It also aids in analyzing keywords and selecting those with the highest quality.

Features of Marketing Miner

Marketingminer review SEO tool

Marketing Miner is loaded with the following features:

1. Keyword Research

This function analyses essential SEO parameters such as search volume, keyword difficulty, trends, CPC, SERP, etc. based on your search query.

The trending keyword function allows you to uncover common keywords that are related to your search. In addition, it offers terms that have lately gained prominence.

Marketing Miner Keyword Research

Additionally, you may use the content gap analysis to see which keywords your competitors are employing to increase popularity. The search visibility function provides you with domain traffic insights.

2. SEO Audit

This function is designed to identify any technical issues on your site that may be affecting your rankings. You can check the indexing status to see which of your website’s pages is failing to attract visitors.

Another function allows you to examine a website’s response codes in order to identify and fix any issues. This application also reveals which of your website’s external or internal links are broken, allowing you to fix them.

Marketing Miner is also rumored to eliminate keyword duplication in your text and increase your internet presence.

The search visibility function measures a page’s traffic and evaluates ranking keywords for both paid and organic traffic.

The alert tells you of changes to the technical SEO and keeps you current.

3. Rank Tracking

Marketing Miner Rank Tracking

This allows you to obtain extensive information about your website’s performance. Position tracking enables you to regularly monitor the advancement of your keyword’s ranking.

A bulk keyword rank checker allows you to determine the position of multiple keywords.

4. Competitor Analysis

They provide competitors with information such as which keywords they are employing to rank higher. Estimated website traffic and a study of the site’s performance based on organic and paid visitors.

This also exposes the top-ranking pages of your competitors and enables you to make decisions based on data. You can receive a list of websites that consistently appear as your competitors in Google search results.

This application also enables brand monitoring by examining what others are saying about your competition. This also monitors the competitors’ websites and alerts us of any changes instantly.

5. Brand Monitoring

Marketing Miner Brand Monitoring

This tool identifies internet mentions of your brand and the responses of others. Thus assisting you in forming new partnerships.

You can also set an alert for your mentions so that you can answer instantly. Additionally, it monitors the mentions of keywords and phrases associated with your niche to keep you abreast of the most recent trends.

6. Link Building

This app’s notification of mentions allows you to create new backlinks and boost your backlink profile. Additionally, it notifies when the connections are withdrawn.

It provides information about the websites that rank for the same organic keywords as your own. It also includes the email addresses and social media accounts of those who may be interested in collaborating with you.

7. API

Marketing Miner API

API allows data extraction without manually logging into the tool. The application supports more than 10 data extraction endpoints, such as search volume and keyword suggestions.

The correct and current insights are pretty helpful for refining your SEO approach while dealing with massive amounts of data.

The REST/POST APIs are adaptable and facilitate the development of custom dashboards and apps. The purpose of project APIs is to retrieve valuable data from your projects.

8. Prepare individual analyses: 

It makes no difference if you need information for dozens of domains or thousands of keywords. Our developers will deliver precisely what you require.

Keep track of how your website evolves over time: there is an overview of your website that allows you to monitor long-term changes. As part of the project, the program monitors the website and tells you via email of any changes.

9. Comparison of prices on price comparison websites: 

provides product information, the highest and lowest prices, and your position on the product lists of comparison websites. Search engine keyword suggestions

Get all feasible AutoComplete options for the specified keyword. You will find it helpful while conducting keyword research or seeking ideas for new material.

10. Indexing the URLs: 

You will discover URLs that are not indexed and it will assist you to determine why. Unindexed pages cannot be displayed in the search results by a search engine.

4 Different Marketing Miner Tools Are:

1. Keyword miners

The keyword mining feature allows you to retrieve a variety of data, such as search volumes, link prospects, SERP rank, and SERP analysis.

  • Search Volume: This tool collects search volume that is good for SEO, PPC, marketing and copywriting.
  • SERP Position: The SERP Position tool gives you insight into your current ranking or position on search engine result pages.
  • SERP Analyzer: You can use this analyzer to look at Google search results based on your queries. On this page, you can also access the search engine results page features, the Adwords units, and the search results.
  • Link Prospecting: You can use this function to find similar websites, perform market research, etc.

2. URL miners

  • Plagiarism Checker: The content of your web pages can be protected with this copyright-protecting tool. It is perfect for copywriting, linking, and SEO purposes.
  • Broken Link Checker: Via this, you can scan internal and external links of your website to confirm that everything is ok.
  • Content Analysis:  This feature will allow you to enter information regarding your website’s content structure. (title and headings, number of words and sentences, number of paragraphs, meta tags, etc.)
  • Social Signals: Find easily the most shared content on your website.

What I Recommend Marketing Miner?

Marketing Miner simplifies keyword analysis and research. The technology assists you in locating sources so that you may consistently produce superior keyword analyses. With Marketing Miner, you can quickly do simple to complex keyword analysis.

It is essential for keyword analysts and SEO specialists to assess their performance and position in search engines like Google and Seznam.

Marketing Miner helps your SEO team to discover and track the performance of your websites and products in search engines, as well as uncover and implement optimization-enhancing signs.

How does your competition do in the struggle for higher search engine rankings, internet exposure, and organic traffic? Marketing Miner assists in answering all of these questions and more.

The tool is filled with features that allow you to monitor your competition, including the keywords they are attempting to rank for, the marketing advertising they are employing, and the techniques they are employing. Knowing what they know provides you a tremendous advantage, allowing you to advance and maintain your position.

When individuals discuss your website, product, or brand, do they speak well of you? Or are the remarks predominantly negative?

Marketing Miner enables you to monitor mentions of your brand, content, ad, and more, allowing you to identify opportunities, acquire insights, and take rapid, decisive measures to sell your products and services and eventually increase your client base.

What Problems Will Marketing Miner Solve?

  • Keyword Research
  • SEO Audit
  • Link Building
  • Brand Monitoring
  • Competitor analysis
  • Bulk SEO Data Analysis

Marketing Miner Pricing Plans:

Marketing Miner Pricing Plans

Miner – Free

  • (100 Google searches or 330 searches by volume or 1,000 URL content analyses)
  • There is one project with five tracked keywords per project

Miner – $29/month

  • Credits of $100,000 per month (10,000 Google Searches or 33,000 volume searches or 100,000 URL content analysis)
  • 500 tracked keywords per project

Digger – $59/month

  • Per month, one million credits (100,000 Google Queries, 330,000 Search Volume Requests, or 1M URL Content Analysis)
  • Track 500 keywords per project for 10 projects

Machine – $99/month

  • 200,000 Google queries per month (2M URL content analysis per month) 660,000 search volume requests per month (200,000 Google queries per month)
  • Each project has 500 tracked keywords

Pros & Cons Of Marketing Miner

Pros of Marketing Miner

  • There is no need to use any other SEO tool since it is an all-in-one program.
  • For SEO specialists, it provides quality click-stream data.
  • In comparison to other similar tools, it is relatively inexpensive.
  • Authentic and reliable data is provided.
  • An insight into customer demands and needs can be gained with the keyword analysis feature.
  • It provides real-time notifications of mentions. This allows you to respond quickly.
  • The program is capable of handling a large amount of data.
  • Reports are simple and intuitive.
  • It saves time.

Cons of Marketing Miner

  • Due to the high number of features, the interface can appear crowded.
  • The first time you use it, it may be challenging. Getting used to the interface may take some time.
  • For a layperson, final reports may appear technical and may require a little explanation.

FAQs On Marketing Miner Review

What is Marketing Miner?

Marketeers and SEO professionals can all rank higher on Google with Marketing Miner, an all-in-one SEO tool.

What are the features provided by Marketing Miner?

Marketing Miner offers SEO Audit, Keyword research, Link building, ranking tracking, competitor analysis and more.

What is the pricing of Marketing Miner?

There are three options available from Marketing Miner, each costing around $29, $59, and $99. You can also get 1000 queries for free for one month.

Quick Links:

Conclusion: Marketing Miner Review 2022

The most valuable aspect of Marketing Miner is the app’s authentic and trustworthy data. The app’s capacity to simultaneously process enormous amounts of data provides it an advantage over similar applications. The majority of the reports are simple and easy to read.

Nonetheless, we cannot deny that the app has certain downsides. However, the best aspect is that the crew is constantly updating and improving the features.

Our recommendation is that they first enhance their customer service to better understand and assist customers.

Overall, the application appears to be of high quality. A few functionalities may cause issues at specific times, but the majority of functions are reliable.

Comparing the claimed and provided features, 95 percent of the Marketing Miner’s promised functions are easily accessible to customers, which is a significant achievement. Therefore, we recommend giving this app a shot.

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There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.

- Paul Tournier

Content Ideation: Tools & Techniques

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