Powerful Combination of SEO and Social Media Sharing

Powerful Combination of SEO and Social Media Sharing


In today’s world, social media is one of the best platforms for a blogger to popularize his blog, and what if you are gifted with a plugin which includes all the different kinds of microdata supported by Google. The other mode of to look at Search Engine Optimization is helping Google what exactly they need,  putting most reliable links and sites on the first page. This tool is very important because it understands what the search engines want and shows you the method of how to give it to them.

 It should be no surprise if our readers are aware of this social media utility plugin since it has been termed as ‘most important plugin of 2014’ we are talking about WP Social SEO pro. It won’t add any goofy plugin that adds floating social share options that scroll you down the page, it is the comprehensive social media utility and most significant plugin you are going to install, in recent years this is a dream package of an SEO engineer.

Getting Started with WP Social SEO Pro

WP social seo review pro

WP social SEO Pro is the only plugin which adds all different kinds of microdatas to your site or blog, this honest plugin gives exactly what search engines wants, a real time systematized social connectivity, WP Social SEO Pro works with any SEO plugin, like WordPress SEO by yoast, all in one SEO and any other SEO plugin. It jointly integrates Google Authorship for single and multi author blogs.

This plugin adds Facebook open graph, Twitter card, and Google Rich Snippets to your website search engine visibility. This plugin is very fast, it can make a poor performing blog to a high ranking blog very fast.

Check out this demo by Social SEO Pro 

Further adding all meta tags from existing content gives the automatic touch to the product, Google rich Snippets integration is another feature that automatically implements the rich snippets tagging for all your content.

It also automatically adds twitter meta tags for increased connections between Google, Twitter and your blog. Apart from all these the WP Social SEO Pro automatically adds the Google plus, item prop tags to your site for better Search Engine Rankings.

Apart from all this microdatas for reviews, products, business people, software, events or videos.  It also comes with a rating system; you can rate author’s rating easily. Each option can be used generally as well as customized way. The WP social SEO Pro gives you an honest social connectivity in a very systematic method that helps you to leave your marks behind as you move ahead and improves your ranking. You also get a privilege to add the HTML5 boilerplate optimized .htaccess entries to your .htaccess file. It comes with a knowledge base guide who tells how to install and configure it. Advance versions are also available.

Features of WP Social SEO Pro

WP Social SEO Pro WordPress SEO Plugin for Social Media

The best feature of this product is that it works with posts, pages and any kind of custom posts types. OPTIMIZE! Is what this application is made for, when social sharing and social media comes together with the powerful social indication?
WP social seo pro review twitter

Twitter card integration is another important feature of this product; it allows you to expand your thoughts beyond 140 words standard limit of twitter using the twitter card types. You can publish and share content to twitter using the summary. There are summary products, video player, gallery and the twitter cards.

These cards are the significant part, as they allow you to customize what you actually want to show to your twitter followers. This is very powerful attribute of a WP Social SEO Pro to increase the traffic dualistically.

wp social seo pro twitter card

The social sharing buttons, which are icons from Twitter, Google +, Facebook, Linkedin etc maximize the effectiveness of your blog or site. As being integrated it gives lots of ease and helps to make your blog attractive. It also supports for all open graph tags, since the Facebook Open Graph API is used by numerous social integrated sites and search engines like Google, Bing, etc.

This Facebook graph search helps you to create own custom messaging specifically for the people who follow your shared content on social media sites providing an extra network for search engines.

WP Social SEO Pro facebook features

wp social seo pro review social sharings

Further, if you sell products or generate business through Pinterest you can ask for validations for using richpins, it reflects all important information about the product you doing business, Pinterest uses Facebook open graph API for this optimization and once your graph is set using the SEO booster pro you will get the Pinterest validation meta tags for rich pins. WP Social SEO Pro is that kind of tool that does very different things than most SEO tools. That is the reason we insist that it is advised to be integrated even if you are using another SEO plugin previously, because you will likely miss out on some main profit if you don’t use WP Social SEO Pro.

Dashboard Screenshots

WP Social SEO Pro features 3

WP Social SEO Pro features 2 WP Social SEO Pro features 1

WP Social SEO Pro features 4

Pricing and conclusion

As per the official website the WP Social SEO Pro comes with a standard price of $47. This is very economical after reviewing its benefits for your blog or site. The WP Social SEO Pro is going to help you in a very crucial way in ranking out on search engines. We advise our readers not to waste time with another sliding, bouncing or jumping social button toy. Work and build your site as it should be and start dominating the ranks the right way.



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