What Are The Biggest Misconceptions Hampering SEO?

What Are The Biggest Misconceptions Hampering SEO?




SEO is something that has been around for many years. While the principle of SEO is actually quite simple, there are so many different aspects to consider that it is impossible to ever say you’ve mastered it.

There are people who have been in the industry for well over a decade, and they love the dynamism of the industry and the fact that they’re still learning something new with each passing day.

While we do live in a world where something we do today might be the wrong thing to be doing in 12 months’ time, there are some constants that we can focus on in order to give some structure and meaning to our SEO objectives and pursuit of greater online revenues.

Here are the biggest misconceptions that could be hindering your SEO.

Ranking is King

The biggest misconception of them all, and the one that many still fall into, is this one. Ask any SEO marketing agency what they’re most often asked by clients, and the likely answer will be related to search rankings, specifically page one or position one within Google.

In reality, rankings don’t matter. At least, not to the point where you should obsess over them. The reason for this is that Google is working to make search as personal as possible.

It is entirely feasible that your site could rank number one for one person, and be at the bottom of page one for another, given the number of different variables that determine search results.

Instead of focusing on and obsessing over ranking, you should instead look at how your traffic, conversions, and most importantly your revenues, are increasing over time.

Branded Keywords are Bad

It isn’t that people think branded keywords are necessarily bad, but that if this is where they’re getting their traffic from, there must be a problem with their SEO activities.

Their reasoning is that people are more likely to find a website if they input the brand name into Google, therefore conducting targeted SEO in respect of certain keywords has been a waste of investment.

However, the majority of businesses will find that most of their traffic comes from branded search.

If anything, you should be pleased that your business is well known enough that it enjoys such a level of success! To truly gauge the success of your SEO campaign, look at the traffic growth you’re getting for your non-branded keywords through organic search, but also consider to what extent your SEO activities will be boosting your branded traffic, too.

Link Quantity Matters

It’s amazing that some people are still using services like SeNuke because they think link quantity is important. Although this attitude isn’t as prevalent as it has been previously, it is still one that is damaging a great deal of websites across the internet.

Those who take this approach ought to refocus their efforts onto producing quality content to earn quality links, rather than trying to build easy links in bulk, only to find a warning in their Google Webmaster Tools account later.

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Those are 3 biggest misconception about SEO . What other Misconceptions in SEO have you encountered? Share any thoughts or questions you might have in the comments below! You can also Join BloggersIdeas on Facebook & Google+ for more similar updates.



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