Local seo Link building

5 Local SEO Link building technique for 2014


Local SEO has become more important nowadays, most of the small business or local businesses are putting their lots of efforts to dominate their local market. It is not easy to dominate local market, because in local business there are lots factors work for your business for Examples your customer reviews, your services etc..

So if you want to dominate your local area then you have to do everything which satisfies your customers.

Local seo Link building

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In this article I will discuss some of the best techniques which really help your business in local market, so here you go with some awesome technique:

Local Website Submission (Citation Submission): Local website submission is really important for every local business; these are the websites which helps you to dominate your local market. In these websites you have to fill out every information, because these websites not only gives you the high ranking in your local market but these will also help you to grow your business.

Ask your customers to give you a positive feedback on these websites, because Google counts these reviews as well.

Local Guest Blogging: I know that recently Google’s Web Spam Head Matt Cutts has posted an article about the future possibility of guest blogging and after that the whole seo community is talking about the right way to do guest blogging.

In my view if you are doing limited guest blogging with quality content for your business then you don’t have to worry about anything. For local business, I think it is good to target local websites for guest blogging. I know it is hard to acquire a quality guest post on high quality website, but once you will get it helps you a lot.

Local Blog commenting: We recently seen that blog commenting is still alive, but in my point it was never dead. You can do blog commenting for your business, but remember that spam blog commenting will hit your business so only quality blog commenting on high quality local blogs will be good.

Local Mentions: Try to get mentions in your local news websites or community websites, for this you have to do something which is different from others.

You can easily do this by doing PR, first you have to find a Journalist who covers lots of news related to your business niche then try to connect with him through telephone or it is good to have a cup of coffee with him. This kind of relationship building really helps you.

Classified Ads Submission: This technique also helps you, because most of them time people do classified submissions only for their local people. Create exciting offers and submit them on local Ads submission websites, this will help in your business and in Google rankings.

Remember one this always include your high quality product image with Ad description, because these images will convince the customers to contact you for business.

Guys these 5 techniques will help you and your business, but you have to perform each and every link building in a right way. Beside these techniques remember your customer satisfaction is more important than these, if your customers are happy then you will dominate your market.

Always Follow the Mantra “Gives the Best and Get the best”

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