Is it a Good Idea to Conduct a Link Building Campaign with No-Follow Links?


To improve your search engine rankings, it is important to increase the number of backlinks. It involves placing links on other websites and direct people to your own web page. As you don’t have to place the other website’s link on your website, you can also call it one-way link building. Google takes these links as votes in favor of your website.

The only thing you need to bear in mind is that the link will hold SEO value only if you place it on a website with do-follow tag – Google bots cannot index a link with a no-follow tag.

Many people often ask exactly why different websites use no-follow tags if they offer no SEO benefits. Interestingly, it’s no black-hat thing to put no-follow tags on links. In fact, it works differently – it is an effort to keep spammers from putting spam messages or links on comment sections, and that’s probably the reason why WordPress comment sections come with a default no-follow status.

What many people don’t know is that affiliate advertising also comes with no-follow links, and that’s mainly because Google discourages the use of active links on adverts. It all suggests that no-follow tags are a lot more common than most people think.

You need to bear in mind that all your link-building efforts will go wasted if your backlinks are on a website that Google cannot index. That happens because the links section on that website has no-follow tags. Even if the Google search spider finds the page, it will not index the links due to no-follow tags. Therefore, there is no SEO benefit of such links.

It is true that most people conduct a link building campaign for better search engine rankings, but their ultimate goal is always to get more traffic to their website. That’s exactly when every new link that you build can lend a helping hand. It is due to this particular reason that even if you have placed your link on a website where they have no-follow tags, you will still receive new traffic.

Of course, you won’t experience any SEO benefit, but the change in traffic may be quite evident.

There is a dirty side to no-follow links, and it may interest you if you’re into spamming. Interestingly, you can spam away as much you want if Google doesn’t index a link or a page – you won’t have to worry about Google penalties in this situation. It is due to this particular reason that you can consider setting up spam bots and spam your links online with ease. Of course, it’s not the ideal thing to do, but you can definitely take it as an option.

Many people often ask the reason why Google don’t punish people who break its spamming rules using no-follow links. It’s true that Google won’t index these links, but they can definitely read them. It means it’s not difficult for them to see if a website is trying to spam links over the web. There is no real explanation for this, but Google says it’s a waste of their resources to find such spammers and punish them.

With every new search engine update, like the Hummingbird, Penguin, Panda, etc., it is easy to see a change in rankings, backlinks, and other SEO aspects. This often affects so many websites and change their rankings completely – you may have your website placed at the bottom of the results. Whatever the case, you will notice no change in your no-follow backlinks.

It implies the fact that even if you have spent days and weeks in building no-follow links, you won’t have to change them after every Google update.

The fact of the matter is that though you don’t receive any specific SEO benefit with no-follow link, you still end up making your website popular, as even no-follow links will help generate more traffic for your website. Once you have made your site popular, other people will talk about it on social media networks and you in turn will enjoy indirect SEO value.

Any thoughts about Nofollow Link Building Campaign , share it in the comments below !



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15+ Best Link Building Tools (Quality Backlinks Fast‎) 2022 [Reviewed]


What is Link Building

The term link building is the process of acquiring the hyperlinks to your website from someone else’s website. Hyperlink takes the users from one page to the other and helps in navigating either between the pages or in the same page. SEO agrees that building a link is the most difficult job for a user.

So, if a user can learn the art of building links well and in proper forms then it can speed your website popularity. Although, link building is not a complete solution to improve your rank to higher levels, but it will indeed definitely play a big role.

For using and getting the best out of any SEO tool you just need to have a medium knowledge of SEO understanding and medium knowledge about internet marketing.

Are you looking for best backlink building tools, there are many link building software’s available in the market right now.

As there are numerous ways to boost your page rank in Search Engine Result Page (SERP). Every business owner desire to sell his/her products using the internet and they want that their customer ought to have a better satisfaction and knowledge over their products on the website.This is the sole reason one spends money on his website.

But what if no one will visit that website because the web site isn’t visible within the search result, then the web site is of no use. Here comes the work of SEO. So today I will list out some popular backlink building tools and software that will help you in running any link building campaigns for your clients & projects. Use this backlink building software, backlink submission, backlink submission software & backlink submitter tools for your business.

15+ Best Link Building Tools (Quality Backlinks Fast‎) 2022 [Reviewed]

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Don’t waste time trying to rank for keywords that either aren’t profitable, aren’t converting, or are just too competitive.

A profitable keyword should be:

  • Relevant (takes into account the searcher’s intent)
  • Rankable (not too competitive)
  • Searched for (obviously, it should have enough traffic)

1 ) Toutapp

ToutApp Sales Email Tracking Templates and Analytics

ToutApp helps salespeople close more deals and increase productivity with the power of tracking, templates and analytics. With Tout’s Sales Tracking, Templates and Analytics, put the most powerful sales acceleration platform to work for you and your team.

You can request a demo for its use. Moreover, it works on every operating system (MAC, Windows, LINUX, Web-based). It would cost you around $49 per month.

Other Features:

  • Automated Campaigns
  • Integrated Calendaring
  • Secured with Certifications and SSO
  • Integrated with a number of CRMs like Outlook, GMAIL
  • Email Tracking
  • Live Data reports

2) SE Ranking 

SE Ranking is a cloud-based platform that provides a complete package of useful tools for website ranking, keyword suggestion and grouping, comprehensive site audit, competitor analysis, backlink monitoring, automated professional reporting, and much more.

seranking features

SE Ranking: List of SEO tools

  • Keyword tracking
  • Keyword suggestion tool
  • Keyword grouping
  • Website audit
  • On-page SEO audit
  • Backlink checker
  • Backlink monitoring

Backlinks checker

You can evaluate any backlink against the major 15 SEO parameters – backlink URL, status, Google index status, MOZ DA, country, external links, added on, last check, referring domain link popularity, domain trust, Alexa Rank, destination URL, anchor text, IP, socal popularity.

Backlinks monitoring & management tool

You can successfully manage your backlinks in one single platform – filter them, create a list of backlinks that need to be disavowed as well as assign a certain cost to each one of them.

Visit site


3)  Money Robot

Money Robot - Make Powerful backlinks

It is an automated SEO tool created by Softtechsrl. It has been creating a buzz in the market lately with people claiming it to be easy to use yet very effective SEO tool and one of the best tools to generate traffic to your website and get it ranked on the first page of Google. After creating backlinks it keeps tracking your live backlinks, related texts and information. Money Robot Submitter servers are always hunting for the websites that can provide quality backlinks to your website when it finds one it automatically submits your content on that website.

Quick Features:

  • High Speed Submission which means faster tracking
  • Smart Tracking and Submission
  • Detects real human activity or robots
  • Server that detects the websites providing quality backlinks and keywords.
  • Article Rewriter to avoid plagiarism
  • Fresh Websites to update your content.


Check  Money Robot review here


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4) GSA Search Engine Ranker

GSA Search Engine Ranker

After losing money on fake SEO software I started researching SEO tools. I consulted fellow Internet marketers on various forums, started reading newsletters and also consulted senior SEO experts.  After spending days doing my research and listening to everyone’s suggestions I decided to go with GSA search engine ranker. I have been using it for more than 1 year now, and I have nothing but good things to say about it. GSA Search Engine Ranker really helped me in increasing traffic on my niche website and my blog.


  • Build quick backlinks until you ask them to stop’
  • Keyword friendly anchor texts are created.
  • Supports more than 100 platforms
  • Intuitive interface

5)  SEMScoop Keyword Tool 

SEMscoop backlink software

SEMScoop is one of the all SEO platforms that provide keyword research and SERP analysis tool that really help you find long tail keywords with ease. You can compare SEMScoop to different online keyword ​tools like kwfinder, keyword revealer and that replace google planner (which we all know that it does not provide complete kit like rest of SEO tools in the industry).

It is the newest keyword tool and SERP analysis tool in the field, It’s really promising tool that can help any startup to enhance his online presence and over all rank position. You will find most bloggers and SEO consultants rely on the tool due to its flexibility and affordability.

SEMScoop Tool provide a lifetime free plan that allow you to research a limited time on daily bases, It is one of the simplest free keyword analysis tool to use in the market (minimum learning curve and extremely beginner friendly)

How To Use SEMScoop Keyword Tool?

Before we dive into the tool, there is an important point you need to consider in your search.

Our main goal is to get long tail keywords that have decent monthly searches with low difficulty score, doing this manually can take forever, however SEMScoop will automate the process so you can hunt these keywords easily.

Start by adding your seed keyword in the input box to get hundreds of related keywords, Filter & analyze the keywords list to gauge the keyword difficulty score, pick what best fit your niche, pay attention to the metrics data the tool provide which come in four tabs

  • Top Search Results
  • Links Profile
  • Content Analysis
  • Social Engagement

You will find in search results a brief analysis of google top serp ranking pages, pay attention to ranked domain ages, you don’t want to try to rank your website when there are many aged domains in the list, Try to target low average link profile keywords, this way you won’t need much link building for your page, at the same time keep an eye on the required content length, google tend to rank longer high quality contents over others,

SEMScoop is a must tool for any blogger, marketer and startups who wish to get the word out, it automates one of the core pillar in SEO, give it a spin today!

6) SEOJet

SEOJet Review - Backlink Management SEO Software

SEOJet is simply a link management software that can help you easily and effectively build out No.1 rank link profiles for your website or any of the pages you care about.

SEOJet: Plans and Pricing

SEOJet offers a list of 3 different plans to choose from according to your budget and requirements. Each of these plans is priced differently and has a different set of features

Small Business

Price: $49 per month

  • Link management for up to 3 websites
  • Limited to only 1 user
  • Unlimited link maps
  • Priority Email support
  • Free updates


Price: $99 per month

  • Link management for up to 25 websites
  • Limited to only 3 users
  • Unlimited link maps
  • Priority Email support
  • Free updates


Price: $299 per month

  • Link management for up to 100 websites
  • Limited to only 10 users
  • Unlimited link maps
  • Priority Email support + Priority phone support
  • Free updates

Read SEOjet review here

Visit site

7) Linkresearchtools

linkresearchtools Link Audit Link Building Tool for Professionals

LinkResearchTools is a big data platform that helps advertising agencies and brands rank better in Google. Understand and outperform your competition!

The only SEO Tool you need!

Understand and outperform your competition!

  • Combined knowledge – 93 SEO metrics – 24 link backends
  • UP to DATE and accurate data!
  • Dynamic link profile filters
  • Supports Facebook, Twitter & other social votes
  • Competitive advantage at your fingertips!


8) Raven Tools

Raven Online Marketing Tools and Reporting Software

Raven’s Site Auditor automatically crawls any website to gather data about key technical SEOareas and supports Google’s latest requirements, such as page speed and mobile responsive design. I have used this tool and pretty much satisfied with this tool. Discover the No. 1 online marketing reporting software smart Internet marketers use daily.

9) Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a powerful backlink analyzer crawling pages at a breakneck speed. 4.1 million pages per minute is no big deal for this turbomachine. It can become your credible source of the latest, most relevant news about backlinks and referring domains. Its feature-rich set can come in handy for any link building purpose:


  • track backlinks with any status (new, broken, and lost);
  • find out link removal reasons (not canonical anymore, 301 or 302 redirect, etc);  
  • explore each backlink in detail: its anchor text, domain and URL ratings, first seen date, etc;
  • drill down backlinks by their type (dofollow, nofollow, governmental, etc), platform (ecommerce, WordPress, etc), and language;


  • set a specific period of time for backlink analysis;
  • disavow suspicious links to avoid penalties;
  • spy on competitors’ linking patterns;
  • get alerts about competitors’ earned links and losses;
  • check what sites link to your competitors, but ignore you.

Ahrefs is a powerful backlink analyzer crawling pages

Important notice! The crawler of Ahrefs can dig deep into JavaScript to find links there too. To compare, other backlink checkers are still stuck in HTML only.


Ahrefs Check Out Our Social Media SEO Tools


10) Moz PRO

Moz Software for Managing Inbound Marketing and Local SEO

Moz is the best provider of SEO tools and offers a comprehensive suite of tools for beginning and advanced users alike. Moz makes SEO tools, software to help you track and improve your site’s inbound marketing over time, and a service to manage your local business listings. Explore Moz’s robust toolset for SEO, Twitter analytics, link opportunities, rank checking, and more, plus
learn more about the advanced tools included in a Moz Pro subscription.

11) Ontolo

Ontolo Content Marketing Link Building SEO Tools

Ontolo helps you promote your great ideas with marketing research tools for link building and content marketing. Speed up and focus your content marketing research by collecting, organising, and prioritising content similar to what you are working on.

12) Market Samurai

Noble Samurai Targeted Internet Marketing

Market Samurai is Noble Samurai’s flagship keyword research software package. Market Samurai enables you to Find and Target Profitable Niches with Pinpoint Accuracy. This tool is fairly used by large no of affiliate marketers

13) WhoLinkstoMe

WhoLinksToMe Reputation Management - Linking Software

Wholinkstome is good reputation management tool to be used by many agencies. Keep a close eye on the competition to learn from their successes and capitalise on their failures — information you need to know to dominate your market.

  • More comprehensive link data
  • More extensive reporting options
  • More in-depth competitive intelligence

14) Wordtracker’s Link Builder

Wordtracker’s Link Builder - Backlink software

It is one of those tools that’s very good for a single task: finding link targets.Uncover the links that will improve your rankings.The Wordtracker Keywords Tool helps you to grow your business and multiply your profits.

15) Advanced Link Manager

Advanced Link Manager Link Popularity Software

The Advanced Link Manager is a one of the best tools to find relevant link opportunities. In just a few clicks I can find out who links to top-ranking authority websites, but not yet to our client’s. It is so straightforward and easy to use.I love this tool.  A reliable SEO software used by the best SEO consultants in the world needs to make link building and management a breeze.

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16) Open Site Explorer

Moz Open Site Explorer

One of my favorite tool for analysing backlinks of competitors. Gauge a site’s influence. See inbound links to the page, subdomain, or root domain you’ve entered and analyse the linking pages. You can check the Domain authority and page authority of a particular website and see whether a site is penalised by Google or not.

Recommended check out this list of link building tools Click here

17) Majestic SEO

Majestic Marketing Search Engine and SEO Backlink Checker

It is one of the top notch tools for SEO experts around the world. Majestic – Link intelligence tools for SEO and Internet PR and Marketing. Site Explorer shows inbound link and site summary data. Their Backlink History tool allows SEOs to determine the number of backlinks detected by their sophisticated web robots for given domains, subdomains or URLs.

18) SenukeXCR Link Building tool

SENuke-Backlinking-software buy now

SEnuke is one of the tools that will help you in building backlinks and also optimising off-site and it still holds true that backlinks have a great deal of value and authority attached to it. If done properly, you will be highly benefited from that. If you dig in deep then you will know that Google’s core search algorithm consists of these links only.

19) ScrapeBrokers SEO Tool

ScrapeBrokers Review

ScrapeBrokers gives out fresh SEO packages each month, with SEO lists like bookmarking websites, web 2.0 blogs, and search engine ranking lists. Thus it saves your time and frustration and giving you reliable backlinks to make your way up to the charts. ScrapeBrokers gives you a special feature all in one link building feature.

20) CognitiveSEO

The CognitiveSEO tool delivers special and unique features like content audit, rank tracking and unparallel backlink analysis, providing a unique analysis process. This SEO software solution true insights in your business and provides you with best digital marketing strategies. It provides you with a unique analysis of internet marketing campaigns by extracting your critical data from within. They prioritise digital marketing intelligent data points so that you can understand deeply and they provide you with details of why your site may not be getting the ranking as it should be.

SEO Tools to Increase Your Traffic cognitiveSEO

How the CognitiveSEO tool works is as follows: the tool scans for your complete full profile and detects for any un-natural links which might have caused a penalty in your sites. After the process of detection is complete, you have two options to carry forward with. Either you can just generate your ready to send Disavow File or either you can create an outreach list and contact the site owners yourself only.

21) Monitor backlinks

The Monitor backlinks tool is the easiest and quickest way to check bad links about your website and check the good links of your competitors. They provide you with varying and interesting features like auto backlink discovery, keyword rank checker, email alerts and alerting you when your competition gets good links. The monitor backlinks is a great web-based app that gives its users a simple way to monitor their links.

Monitor Backlinks- backlinks checker

To get connected with monitor backlinks great unique features, all you need is an active email account. All the technical processes that are going behind the screen will be taken care of by the network of servers automatically. They will send you regular updates with new links to your site and help you report and old links that are of no more use to you.

Monitor backlinks are useful because of the following reasons:

  1. It helps to build up the audience for your website by making you aware about the links pointing to your website and connecting you to the blogger.
  2. It helps to secure your investment by informing you if the ad agencies remove your link in a short span of time.
  3. It keep you informed about your competitors by monitoring their activities sending you e-mail every ime they get new backlinks.

22)  Linkio

The way of backlinking is considered by different types of online sources. By it, the users are trying to improve the rank of their websites. It is a kind of automation tool which helps you in getting better and beneficial results easily. With it, the improvement in the rank is also based on the way in which backlinks are created.

If you are considering its way, then you are able to create backlinks easily and efficiently. The users can also able to monitor their existing links and check them properly. For availing these types of services, the users need to follow a small procedure in which they are required to enter few details only.

Here the users are required to mention a keyword and a URL. After that, the software starts analyzing lots of things and provide proper information in front of users.

23) SE Ranking

It is considered as one of the best backlinking building tools available on the internet. With its help, the user is able to perform activities in a speedy manner. The use of this particular tool is not free, for it, the users need to pay an amount of real money. It provides different types of services such as –

  • Tracking tool
  • Backlink monitoring

The use of these two types of services is beneficial in getting information related to the current situation of the website. With its help, the users are able to get 100% accurate stats with lots of other beneficial outcomes.

24) SEMRush

The websites owners those are availing the search engine optimization services, for them, it is a useful tool. It provides services by providing a complete toolkit related to the SEO services. By using it, the individuals are able to gather deep data related to their websites. The results those are shown by the tool, you can easily use them with digital marketing strategy.

Consequently, the performance of the website is improved and you can see numerous beneficial changes in it. With its use, you can perform following tasks –

  • Complete SEO audits
  • Generate tend summaries for content
  • Traffic analysis

All these things are determining the condition of website’s rank. It also provides a money-back guarantee to the users.

25) MozBar

The MozBar is one of the leading SEO tools in the industry. If we focus on its stats then over a half million of user install or use it. This particular tool is offering all types of SEO related services with a proper toolbar. The main thing about its toolbar is that it is compatible with all types of browsers.

The use MozBar is an important part of SEO backlink building strategies. Mainly the companies or websites those consider in-house SEO they are availing its services. The use of this particular SEO source is too easy by which anyone can easily understand its function. All these things are beneficial in getting effective results by performing fewer activities.

25) Link Prospector

On the internet, there are numerous sources available for the link building. But when it comes to choose the best service provider at that time the option of link prospector appears at the top. The individuals or website owners those want to save their lots of time from the searching process they can consider it.

The tool is capable to analyze or search lots of data in a single attempt. It saves lots of time of users and provides them lots of relaxation.

It is a good and well-organized tool which can help you in building lots of backlinks. The use of tool appears as an opportunity which can help you in getting lots of benefits. Due to all these factors, the tool becomes the highly acclaimed link building tool in the market.

26) Rmoov

In the SEO industry, there are different types of activities need to perform. Sometimes, the companies are required to consider link building and sometimes they need to eliminate them. While eliminating the old links, the website owners are required to focus on different types of things. They need to check out that while removing these links, the rank of website is not hurting.

If the website rank gets affected by these activities then it may become so risky. For performing such a task with full perfection, the website owners need to take help from the best tool. There are different types of tools available on the internet for it. The Rmoov is the only option which can help you in removing backlinks without any type of negative impact.

27) Whitespark

When it comes to choose the SEO of small and medium businesses at that time numerous issues appear. The biggest one is the budget, the owners are not able to spend lots of money for all these things.

The whitespark is the perfect link building and SEO tool for these types of websites or companies. It can provide lots of help to the clients in building beneficial links. With it, the interested ones can also check out the testimonials for the satisfaction. You should consider its services and try to create lots of backlinks.

How To Check Authority Of A Backlink

High Authority Backlink

Image Credits: 

Key to Backlink Building

Effectively, Backlinks are verily important to your blog success. But remember; do not create a backlink merely by one method. Use various methods like social media, guest post or email marketing to create backlinks. You may use various backlink tools to create backlink that functions.

This is certainly one of the best ways to create a backlink. There are a number of sites related to your niche with the broken links. All you have to do is search for the keywords and links related to your niche. After reaching to that page, you can easily find the broken links by installing the Chrome plugin ‘Check my links’. Report the Webmaster for the broken backlink and you can replace that link with your backlinks to your website. This is one of the best ways to create a backlink.

Guest blogging is effective in sending traffic to your website. Create a guest post to other websites of the same niche as you. You can get quality backlinks if your blog has an effective content. You can find a number of websites or influencer accepting the guest blogs. Look for websites that says; “Write for us” or other ‘Submit an article”. This wouldn’t just create backlinks but also build your reputation on social media and as an author.

Social networking doesn’t just promote your brands/products. It does more than that by driving traffic to your website. Creating an effective outreach on social media engage your social followers and create natural backlinks to your website. Remember to give away your social media profiles when writing a guest blog.

  • Besides this, you can focus more on things such as; Unique Content, Quality inbound links, Branded Anchor text, Relevant links.

Benefits of Baclink Building

Backlink building is one of the most significant process of ranking your page or blog higher. Thus, a high quality backlink would be beneficial for you to keep ahead of your competitors in SEOs. Besides SEO, it has got a lot of other benefits too. The simple strategy is “Quality links make another quality link.” You can get other benefits besides ranking:

It is always important for the users to design a content or blog post which is in tune with the SEO’s rules. Thus, more SEO friendly our blog post is, better it is for our blog. Google bots are assigned to look after the task of discovering the web pages and ranking the pages accorging to various factors. Backlink is one of them. Best way to help search engines to discover your pages is by using more and more backlinks , be it external or internal. But remember, backlinks may work opposite if not used properly or irrelevantly.

Building a Brand that affects your website positively is a gruesome task. Certainly, you would want to grow your business rapidly. This can be done effectively by using backlinks from the popular websites. Associating the backlinks with the popular websites would get the attention of the consumers and the search engines as well. What’s more important is not to use same keyword over and over.

Thus, it is essential to create anchor text keywords and use it as a brand. This can be done creating a ‘forced’ keyword which will be noticed by the user if not for the first time. Moreover, creating a valuable content in your niche attracts natural backlinks which plays a vital role in SEO. Google loves that too. Thus, creating a link to your website can result in the branding of your website.

Referral traffic contributes much to your organic traffic together with the search engines like Goggle, Yahoo or Bing. Thus, if you have your link on some popular webiste, reading that content would force your user to click on the link that drives to your website increasing your traffic.

Moreover, as you get deeper into your backlinking strategy, your referral traffic will further increase. Create a backlink to a site which is in the same industry to you and try to capture and nurture leads. This would certainly help you to change your organic traffic into a paid one.

Be it any business, Relationship building is undoubtedly an important part to brand your business or to stay connected to your customers. But relationship and marketing should always go hand in hand. You wouldn’t just want your customer to stay in touch with your website or blog. You would love to get their attention through other platforms too. This is where backlinks also serve the purpose.

If a reader reads some good content and to earn more about it, he/she can be redirected to another link that points to the source or the creator. Once the reader has reached you, you wouldn’t want to lose him. Instead, it is your potential customer which can be used to bring more traffic to you.

You might have noticed that at the end of every blog, I write; “Follow us on social media or share”. Thus, without using the help of search engines, you can drive a large traffic to your website by using social media or by bookmarking. Also, it establishes a relationship between the two websites when a backlink from a popular site is created to your site; it certainly acts as a medium of trust between your site and the user navigating to your site from that popular site.

Over to You: Backlink Building Software 2022

Backlinking is obviously an asset to the higher page ranking. It is like getting the review from other websites or search engines for your website. If you want your blog or web oage to rank higher among the niches, by hook or crook, all you need to do is make simple strategies to build backlinks.

Creating the content as per the requirement and sharing it on the social media together with interviewing the influencer; all contributes to a powerful backlink.

The list is endless for backlink building software 2022 available on the internet. So these are 18 good backlink building tools and link building software you must use it for your business. Share your experience with these tools. Did  I missed anyone please share it in comments below.


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Advanced SEO Link Building Techniques:Interview with Neil Patel of Quicksprout


Hey !! Today I got something big for all of you . I know you are excited to read another stunning interview from my interview series. icon smile BCIS 23: An Interview With Arun Prabhudesai from

 This weekend I am interviewing one of top entrepreneur in world  and he is none other than Neil Patel from

He is doing really well in Online Marketing and making his living online. He has become one of the top blogger & Entrepreneur   and I know everyone want to make money online like him. He is inspiration to many bloggers like me ? I am really inspired by his story. So Lets start with Neil Patel .

 Neil-Patel Interview

Can you tell us something about your blogging journey. How and when did you enter into blogging? And who are your blogging role models?

I got into blogging around 8 or 9 years ago in hope to gain clients. My goal was to release free marketing content in hopes that it would build up my traffic and hopefully some of those visitors would convert into customers.

Over the years I started a few other blogs, and now I blog because I love it. I write on topics that I am passionate about and I don’t care to generate revenue from blogging.

As for role models, I look up to Matt from the Oatmeal. He is very creative, which is what has helped him come up with unique content marketing methods.

If you are familiar with Internet marketing what kind of tactics you use for your blog reader engagement ?

I always try to think of what my readers what be interested in. The best way for me is to think of a problem my viewers would have, and come up with a solution. When I write the blog post I relate to my readers and try to only provide them with valuable content no fluff. At the end of writing a blog post I ask myself “Does my reader benefit from this article?” If the answer is yes, I believe I did a good job.

What Is Your SEO Super Power?

The one thing that has helped me grow my websites more than anything is great content. Guest blogging, internal linking, blog titles all help, but those are all a smaller portion of the pie. I think  valuable content has and always will be rewarded by search engines.

How Do You Conduct An SEO Experiment?

I don’t really experiment with SEO anymore but for those who are starting out, I would read my article It’s free and has a ton of great SEO tips.

What kind of SEO Tools Do You Use And Why?

SEO MOZ has some good tools and I just launched one on my site as well. It’s on my home page, the tool is free, and will help you analyze your competition. The best way to grow your business is to study your competition and see how they are doing it.

What blogs do you read? Tell me about an article you recently read that stuck out to you.

I mainly read news oriented blogs like TechCrunch. The articles that stick out tend to be ones that talk about industry trends and what’s changing.

What are the Secrets of Affiliate Marketing and are you associated with any kind of affiliates.

I don’t really do affiliate marketing. It’s a huge market to tap into but I stick with SEO as it grows my business for long term benefits.

Do you use Blackhat SEO tactics in a white hat way. Like scrapebox …

I  try to avoid anything that sounds remotely blackhat / shady. Doing business that way will eventually catch up to you and all that hard work could get tossed away. So keep it legitimate, work hard at it, and it should pay off.

What are your biggest client hurdles?

Clients want immediate results. SEO is a long term strategy and it’s hard for people to accept that.

On Optimising a Site – Briefly Tell us what a Search-friendly Site Looks Like?

First I will tell you what it shouldn’t look like. It shouldn’t be spammy with links all over the place or a bunch of links to other peoples sites on the sidebar. It also shouldn’t have sentences that don’t make sense just for SEO purposes. I saw a dealership website that read at the bottom “Now serving San Diego, Carlsbad, El Cajon, etc. etc. with practically every city in San Diego. You don’t need to do that. Focus on what brings you the most traffic or business and stick to that. The site should have great content that people gain value from reading. If you are blogging, the articles should be at least 1000 words each. Short articles don’t do well with google.

Do you think 3rd party blog post links and ebook submissions are playing vital role these days ?

I think 3rd party blog post links do well, but google will penalize you for over doing it. I don’t think ebook submissions really help.

What Are Your Relationship Building and Outreach Skills?

When it comes to building relationships I always try to offer people help for free. Reciprocity has taken me to places I never imagined possible.  If you can help someone make money or grow their business just with an idea they will like you, and help you out when the opportunity presents itself.

Do You Share Your Strategies Transparently With the SEO Communities?

I do. There is no secret to SEO like I said it’s all about providing people with a good product or service and delivering good content. I give tons of guides and SEO tips on my blog at no cost.

So I hope you enjoy his interview on my blog. I am really glad Neil had put lot of efforts in this interview. If you like to ask any questions regarding this interview or you have any thoughts to share , please drop in the comment section. Your queries will be answered.  You can also Join BloggersIdeas on Facebook & Google+ for more similar updates.


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Indexmenow Review 2022: Perfect Link Indexing Service


Looking for an unbiased Indexmenow Review, I’ve got you covered.

How To index Your site Quickly with Indexmenow? Premium Link Indexing Service to Index your Backlinks

Search engines are responsible for discovering, comprehending, and organizing the internet’s material in order to return the most relevant results to a user’s search query. However, have you ever wondered how search engines accomplish this?

Answer? Indexation.

When you conduct a search on Google, for example, you are not searching the entire internet; rather, you are searching Google’s index, or more simply,

Google’s library of webpages. In summary, Google’s organic search results pages will display only pages that it has indexed.

To illustrate, below is a three-step pipeline that most search engines utilize to provide visitors with the most relevant results:

  1. Crawling: Web crawlers (bots or spiders) are used by search engines to crawl the web and locate new webpages. Crawls of previously found pages are performed on a regular basis to detect any changes to their content.
  2. Indexing: Search engines index and categorize the stuff they discover throughout their crawling operations. When pages are indexed, they appear in search engine results pages (SERPs).
  3. Ranking: After indexation, search engines use ranking algorithms to determine a page’s ranking by analyzing characteristics such as page speed, content relevancy, and page authority.

Let’s get deeper into why indexing SEO is critical and how it works in order to enhance your SERP exposure and acquire valuable traffic in this article. I will also explain how to index your website quickly with ease using the Indexmenow tool. 

Why Is Indexing Important?

In this article, we’ll go deeper into why indexing SEO is crucial and how it works to increase your SERP exposure and obtain key traffic.

Does Google Index All My Pages?

In a nutshell No. This was confirmed by John Mueller, Google’s senior webmaster trends analyst, who indicated that it is completely common for at least 20% of a website to be unindexed:

This does not mean, however, that you can rest on your laurels because Google does not index all of your sites. Rather than that, it is critical that you continuously optimize your sites to aid in their indexing and ranking, especially as competition increases on the SERP.

How Long Does It Take For Google To Index A Page?

Google crawls and indexes a webpage in an average of four days to four weeks, the speed of which is affected by the following site-related factors:

  • The dependency on client-rendered JavaScript on your website
  • The content quality of your website
  • Your website’s size (i.e., number of pages

Do you want Google to index the pages of your new website quickly? IndexMeNow is the citation tool you require.

This indexing technique was developed by an SEO professional and is my most recent find. I’ve already attempted it with several hundred URLs. Let’s not only learn about the results but also about the service itself.

What Is IndexMeNow?

Indexmenow review

IndexMeNow is an online tool that enables you to effortlessly and rapidly index your URLs. The tool’s official website is

The service is based on credits. You purchase credits, which are redeemed at a rate of one credit for each URL entered.

Who Is The Creator of IndexMeNow?

IndexMeNow is a service built by Stephane Madaleno (@smadaleno on Twitter), a French SEO. He already has a number of intriguing tools, including, which I use to determine whether or not your URLs are indexed in bulk.

How does IndexMenow work?

Its indexing mechanism is extremely straightforward and dependable. In just three clicks, you can become an indexing expert.

How does IndexMenow work

  • Include Your URL (S): Create a new project and include your URL in it (s). There is no limit to the number of projects you can create. Include the URLs to be indexed in each project.
  • Transmit For Indexing: Your indexing requests are handled by our system. The process makes many tries at indexing.
  • Check for Indexing: They check for free every hour to see if your URL(s) are indexed. If this is the case, you will receive a copy of the Google HTML backup, as well as the meta “title” and meta “description” tags.
  • Re-Credited: Throughout their procedure, they conduct multiple indexing efforts using a variety of different ways. After ten days, if the URL is not indexed, you will be refunded.

Why should I use IndexMeNow?

Naturally, to get your pages and articles indexed!

More importantly, all SEO consultants and website editors have seen that Google’s indexing of pages is growing increasingly complicated.

Occasionally, outstanding pages that match Google’s quality requirements take weeks or even months to index, if they are ever indexed at all. When confronted with billions of fresh pages, the search engine struggles to keep up.

If your page does not appear in Google, it is completely useless. It is not listed in the search engine results.

Similarly, if a web page that links to your website is not indexed, it does not increase your website’s popularity.

The rule is straightforward: if a page is not indexed, it is useless!

How to get your URLs indexed via IndexMeNow?


Best Link Indexing Service on Google

You have limited technological experience and believe that forcing Google to index a page is beyond your capabilities? IndexMeNow is the optimal solution. The service takes care of everything, and you are not required to handle any technical abilities.

To begin, sign in to your IndexMeNow account and click “Add a project.” To make tracking your indexing easier, remember to provide a relevant project name. After that, paste the URLs you wish to index.

The number of credits required for the project is stated directly below. To begin indexing, click “Save”. That is all; the rest will be handled by the IndexMeNow staff.

How do I track the indexing of submitted URLs?

best Content Backlinks indexer for Google

Tracking indexing is available by visiting “My Projects.” A summary of each project, which is visually appealing, indicates the number of URLs that are being indexed, that is being indexed, and that are not being indexed after numerous attempts.


Below this summary, you’ll find a list of URLs that have been updated. You have proof when the page gets indexed. By clicking on this proof, you’ll be sent to a search result page indicating that your URL has been added to Google.

The different offers of IndexMeNow

You currently have four options for purchasing IndexMeNow credits:

IndexMeNow price: Indexmenow Review

  • The starter bundle is $49 for 60 credits or $0.82 per credit.
  • The Premium package is $199 for 260 credits or $0.76 per credit.
  • The Agency pack is $399 for 600 credits or $0.66 per credit.
  • The Guru bundle costs $999, or $0.49 per credit.

1 credit = 1 indexed URL, just a reminder.

On the best pack, IndexMenow costs less than $0.50 per indexed URL!

It is critical to remember that this offer is non-binding (there is no subscription required) and that your credits do not expire.

That is why I chose to test with an Agency pack and then with a second one. I’ll use it for the next few months, and it enables me to maintain a low per-credit cost. $0.66 to index a URL is a pittance in comparison to the impact of certain pages!

IndexMeNow accepts credit cards and PayPal as payment choices.

I had previously experimented with two indexing tools that produced poor results. Due to the lack of a guarantee of success, my two deposits were squandered…

This risk is eliminated with IndexMeNow. If the URL is not indexed within ten days, your payment is refunded!

This occurred for approximately twenty URLs, and I can confirm that the credits are restored to your account.

Pros & Cons of IndexMeNow


  • indexing rate of more than 90%
  • quick indexing (less than 24 hours for most submissions)
  • transparent tracking tool that is simple to learn and use
  • This is a free API that enables you to submit an indexing request in a single click. Credit is returned if the page is not indexed.


  • The price of small packs remains high

How Do I Use IndexMeNow on a Daily Basis?

To conclude my assessment of IndexMeNow, here are some specifics about how I use the service on a daily basis.

In the following instances, I use the tool for pages of varying quality:

  • A page on my high-quality website that is not interested in being indexed
  • Unindexed is a sponsored piece on one of my websites.
  • Recent news should be added to Google as soon as possible.
  • A high-quality backlink I obtained on a page is not indexed.
  • The rapid indexing of an expired domain enables me to rapidly assess the domain’s interest.
  • Indexation of very low-quality content (yet able to position well and bring me benefits).

How can I determine whether or not my pages are indexed? Do not begin by using Google commands such as “”. It will take considerable time to audit your content’s indexing.

There are two approaches: either you use IsIndexed to perform a bulk indexing test (which is a paid service), or you log into your Google Search Console account, navigate to the excluded URLs, and export the list of unindexed URLs.

A modest amount of sorting is frequently necessary because some pages that are not indexed do not deserve to be on Google (for example, pagination of a category, legal notices…).

As previously stated, I use the program to index more than only the internal pages of my websites. I keep track of backlinks generated during the month in an a.txt file or export a list of those purchased on specialty blogs using net linking platforms.

Then, at the start of the following month, I perform an indexing check. If some links are not indexed by Google, I manually index them using IndexMeNow.

FAQ On Indexmenow 

What is a Uniform Resource Locator (URL)?

This is the web page’s address as displayed in the browser’s address bar. This URL must begin with the characters HTTP:// or HTTPS:// and must be publicly accessible. The URL to index or update on can be as follows: a page or article from one of your sites, a page or article from another site that is not yours, a backlink, a profile page, or a social media profile…

Why does Google index a URL?

An indexed URL enables you to appear and be positioned on the Google search engine for various keywords. Internal analysis of various indexing audits conducted following a crawl revealed that on average, 37% of the URLs on a site with more than 100 pages are not indexed. These are pointless pages that are not searchable via Google. Do you wish to know whether or not your URLs are indexed? Consult the response to the three questions for an explanation of the procedure. Thus, indexing the pages enables you to rank on Google within a few hours with new pages or with older sites that are not or are no longer indexed. Additionally, the application enables you to index backlinks, as an unindexed backlink is worthless.

How do I determine whether or not a URL has been indexed? includes a code that checks for indexing multiple times a day following a Google indexing request. This is accomplished through the usage of the API provided by their service This is a specific indexing verification service that performs the tests and performs other datacenter checks (such as Search Hero Ninja). indicates that my url has been indexed, but when I run the test in my browser, it indicates that the url has not been indexed. How come? demonstrates this by providing a fragment of the TITLE + DESCRIPTION meta tag that Google displays once your URL is discovered as indexed. Additionally, you’ll obtain an HTML record of the Google result page with your URL. However, you may discover that your URL is not indexed when using site: or inurl: followed by your URL. There are two possible reasons in this case: This occurs most frequently because your URL has not yet been indexed by all Google datacenters. On average, these differences persist 48 hours. On the website you can view the results for many datacenters. However, the following explanation It is quite uncommon for Google to de-index your URL. The reasons for this can vary, but the most common is a lack of quality.

Is charging for indexing checks?

No, indexing checks of your URLs on are included in the cost of indexing, and you only pay if their system detects that your URL has been indexed.

How do they refund each URL that is not indexed?

After ten days, if your URL is not indexed, you will be promptly refunded via your account. The receipts, history, and accounting balance may all be found here:

Is it possible for IndexMeNow to compel an already-indexed page to be re-indexed in the event of an update?

Yes, this enables you to easily alter a URL and check how the display changes when the META DESCRIPTION or TITLE tags are modified. Additionally, you can occasionally see a short bump in rankings by adding already-indexed URLs to Verify it independently, as it differs depending to the type of site. In some circumstances, updating a website can result in the acquisition of a few places that are sustainable over time. Verify it independently, as this differs according to the type of site.

Does charge me for pages that are already indexed?

Yes, because indexing verification occurs after the data is sent for indexing. Additionally, as mentioned previously, some people contribute pages that are already indexed in order to receive a speedy update from Google. If you want to index just unindexed urls, we propose that you check the indexing with, a service that specialises in indexing checks. You can also perform an indexing test on your own by visiting the following website: Alternatively, you can use the inurl: command followed by your URL.

Quick Links: 

Conclusion: Indexmenow Review 2022

With such outcomes, I can only have a favorable view of IndexMeNow. With over 90% indexing and a credit refund for non-indexed URLs, the guarantee is more than adequate.

If you’re having difficulty indexing some pages, I strongly encourage you to give it a try. You will not be dissatisfied!


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110 Ways To Build High Quality Backlinks: Link Building Methods 2022


Most people never earn money from their blogs or affiliate website because they don’t get enough traffic. And the reason behind that they don’t rank well. And backlinks are the most important in determining the ranking of the site. Learn 110 Ways To Build High Quality Backlinks: Link Building Methods 2022.

link building

Most people struggle to get quality links and many of them give up. Yeah, I know that’s sad. People think creating quality backlinks is very complex and they are very few ways to build backlinks.

But, in reality, it’s very simple and there are many ways from which you can build the backlinks. It’s simple but that does not mean that it does not require hard work.

It’s possible for beginners or any other person to get the quality backlinks.  Don’t worry, I am here to help you out. In this post, you will learn about more than 120 ways to build the backlinks 2022.

Note: I have not covered everything in details here and you can learn more about these methods by searching them on Google.

Okay, without further due, let’s get into it.

Link building methods how to make backlinks link building strategies

Credits: Globerunner

110 Ways To Build Backlinks: 110 Ways To Build High Quality Backlinks: Link Building Methods 2022

1: Hacked site

There are many sites which get hacked every day and most people don’t know if their site is hacked. You can help them and in return, you can get the link. Type in query given below in google to get the list of website which is hacked and email the owner of the website. Send the email to these sites owner and in return, you can get the link.

“[inurl:gardening+payday loans]”

2: Guest posting

Guest posting is still a great way to build the links and get traffic. In fact, 4.6% of the affiliate marketer traffic comes from guest posting. You have to write a super cool post and post it on other sites.

Guest Posting

Also, read:

I suggest you to guest post on sites that have good traffic. Guest posting not only helps you in getting links it also helps in getting recognition and a lot of traffic on your site. In this way, you can build the link and also build the authority. In order to find the sites that accept guest posts use queries below

“your niche”+Guest post

“your niche”+ write for us
“your niche”+ writing guidelines

You can read more about it here.

3: Comment on blogs related to your niche

You can not only get backlink every time you comment on other site but you also build a good relationship with the site owner.Backlinks from the comment are non-follow. However, there are websites that you plugin like commentluv, which allows making do-follow backlink.You can use the quires below to find the blogs in your niche for this method. You can also use the tool called dropmylink for this and other purposes as well.

Dofollow CommentLuv Enabled Blogs List

Backlinks from the comment are non-follow. However, there are websites that you plugin like commentluv, which allows making do-follow backlink.You can use the quires below to find the blogs in your niche for this method. You can also use the tool called dropmylink for this and other purposes as well.

You can use the quires below to find the blogs in your niche for this method. You can also use the tool called dropmylink for this and other purposes as well.

4: Use the Forum threads to get link to your website

Social bookmarking is a great way to get the link. There are many famous social bookmarking site that not only helps you in link building but also in getting traffic. These are websites where you can save your favorite post and sites.You can create the account on these sites and save your post URL.

Don’t just save bookmarks from your site. Save other great articles in your niche to look natural.

5: Creating profiles to get the link

The idea here is to create an account on different sites and then use that account for creating the backlink. Backlinks created using this method mostly are not powerful.

6: Social networks

Social Media

You can post or share the links on different social apps. They are many famous social sites that you can use for this purpose. Try to build the fan following and you will get more effective backlinks.

7: Creating content and promoting it

Creating awesome content and promoting it is one of the best ways to get the link. Once you write a great post, find the people who have linked or share the similar content. Contact those people.

Keep doing this you will get plenty of links and you also get authority website in your niche. You have to promote your posts more than you think.

Modern business concept

Great marketers spend 20% writing the post and 80% promoting it.F or all the ways to build the links with writing content, you have to promote your content.

I won’t talk about the promoting in every method because I am doing it here.So, keep in mind that writing the post is not the end of your job. Spend a good amount of time promoting the content.

8: Write conversational post.

All you have to do is to find conversational topics in your niche and write a post about those. Most of the conversational topics are widely searched and post about conversational topics receive a lot of traffic and backlinks.

9: Write list post that starts with a number like, 10 best ways, 50 ways, etc.

Post with that include number+ ways in the title get a ton of view and it usually performs well. Keep in mind that if you don’t write great content, no one will share or link to it.

10: Write about trending topics and people

Write a post about people or topics that are trending and promote it as much as you can. For example, if you run a blog about making money.As you Donald Trump is very popular nowadays, you can write a post like Donald Trump tips for making money.

The post is related to your niche and it is also about one of the most trending people. Hence, it will gather more view and you can get a lot of links as well. People love to link to these kinds of post.

11: Write post with ultimate in title to get more links

Post that includes Ultimate in the title do well because these posts are long and give a complete information about a specific topic. People will most likely link to it if it’s useful post because these posts provide a lot of value to readers.

12: Compare top Blogger in your niche and you can get the links.

The idea here is to compare blogger or companies in your niche (preferably blogger) and let them know about the post.Now, you don’t have to show that one is better than or other anything that creates conflict.

We just want to tell people what they do and how they are different.

You may also like:

After writing the post, contact the blogger or companies and they may share your content and you can get the backlink as well.

13: Write about celebrities.

It’s as simple as it sounds. Just write a post about the celebrities. Now you might wonder how you can write about something that is not related to your niche.Well, you have to write about things celebrities have or do that are related to your niche.

If you are in travel niche, then you write the post about something like Selena Gomez favorite places to visit in summer. I hope you get the idea.

14: Write how to post

The idea here is to write a post that includes the words “how to” in the title. Like how to earn money fast or any other post that includes how to in the title post.

Here is an example:

How to build niche site

Wikihow is a great example of a site that represents the power of how to post.

15: Write post about the question that people have

Many people have a ton of question regarding different topics and you ca answer those questions. You can use a tool like to find the question related to a specific topic.

You can be the first one to write a post about questions that people ask.

These posts provide a lot of value to the readers because you basically answer the public question or solve their problem regarding something.

Who does not want to link to an article that can solve reader’s problems? Well, everyone loves to link these post.

16: Write a post about top 10 lies that you were told about or top 10 mistakes or myths.

Again like other posts that I mentioned, these post also do well. You don’t necessarily have to use 10 in the title. It can be any number you want.

17: Write on a specific topic and build authority.

More people will link to you.If you want to people link to your site when they mention stuff related to your niche, then you have to build the authority.

And best way to do this by writing about specific topic and writing consistently. This simple method will lead to great long term benefits.

18: Be the first one to post the update in your industry

Let’s say you write about SEO on your blog. You know that Google keep updating their algorithm or ranking factors.
Well, you can be the first person to write the post about the update. These posts get a lot of attention because they contain very valuable information.

And you can not only tell people what is update about but how they can remain safe or take advantage of specific update.

19: Creating case study

Creating case study about the great clients can get you links from those clients.

Let’s say you write about the photography and one day you receive an email from you read about how you have helped him or how much stuff he has learned from you or something like that.

Now, you can create a post about that person in which you have to talk about that person has improved his skills and how others can as well. That client or readers will most likely link to you.

20: Create post 10 tips to help [your niche or keyword].

Again, pots with that start with 10 tips to help [your niche or keyword] get more views and people mostly link as well.

21: Make use of April Fool to write a viral post

Viral posts get huge amount of views and links. You can write about anything that is shocking because it’s April fool. Think about it. You can go viral if you choose good topic.

22: Write a very long post

Longer posts get more share and backlinks. If you want to get more backlinks, then you should start writing the long post.

23: Answer questions on Quora

Quora is a great way to build the link and get traffic. Write the quality answer to a question related to your niche and link to your site for further reading.

Quora blogging platform

Search for the topics related to your niche in Quora. Answers the question regarding those topics and you can suggest your site for further reading or for any purpose (depends upon the question). Quora get ton of traffic and quality answer can provide good backlink and lot of traffic.

24: Link Round ups

Do the Links Rounds and let the blogger know that you have mentioned them. You may get lucky and get the link.

You can write a weekly post that contain great post that you find from that week. Like 20 great post from this week.
After you write post, email the blogger who wrote those posts. And in return, you can get shares and possibly the backlink.

25: Link other in your posts

Link to other blogger and famous people in your post and let them know that you have mentioned them. This is the way you can build solid relationships famous blogger in your niche and it will easier to get a link as well.

26: Creating a great resource page on your site

Link to some of the best posts in your niche. Let the people know that you have linked their article on the resource page. You will get share and possibly backlinks.

27: Writing news posts

Write news post and post it on google news. In order to get your site on Google new, you have to write 3 or more posts every day.

And you have to keep doing that for 1 or 2 months. After that, you can submit your site in Google news.

You will receive a ton of traffic and quality backlinks. It will also help in Developing Authority and trust factor, which will lead to more backlinks.

28: Use Yahoo

Answer question on yahoo answers and link to your site for further reading. It’s same as Quora.

29: Writing the book review

Writing book review can help you build the relationship with the famous person and you may get links as well.
All you have to do is to write a review of the book of famous people in the niche. And email those bloggers how great their book and what you think.

Build relationship

This way you can build a great relationship with them and you can easily get the backlinks.

30: Pdf sharing sites

Use pdf sites to get links. Convert your posts to pdf and upload them to pdf share sites and get the link.

31: Video uploading sites

You can use video uploading sites to get links. You can convert your posts into to a video and upload on video sharing sites.

And you can put the link to the original post in the description section. Keep in mind that video you upload must be valuable.

32: Creating Chrome extension

Creating the chrome extension is a great way to build the link.It will build authority and reputation, which will lead to more backlinks.

You don’t need to learn to code for this. You can hire someone from Fiverr or any other freelancing to do that for you. And it won’t cost much.

Using great and attractive images to make people link to use. Great images always get tons of views and many people use images in their posts.

Keep in mind that you must make source attribute as required. So when people will use the images created by use, they will have to link to your site as a source.

33: Slideshare

Creating slides of the posts and upload those to sites like Slideshare. Link from the Slideshare are non-follow.
However, it’s still valuable. You can get tons of traffic that means that more people will know you. And since you post good stuff, your chances of getting links increases (links apart from Slideshare).

34: Testimonials

Become the testimonials of the product that you like and you many get the link. Companies loves testimonials.
If you have a product that you like, then you should send email to the company about it. Most companies love testimonials. Our goal here is to get link but not every company include link the testimonials.

Just look at the other testimonials and see if there are link in the testimonials. So, email only those companies who allow link the testimonials.

35: Keep following and commenting famous bloggers.

And they may share your content as well. And that will lead to tons of traffic and backlink. It will also help when you email them for guest posting or for another related purpose.

36: Review of your site

Ask for a review of the site from other bloggers and get the backlink. Email the blogger whom you know and have good relationship and ask for the review of the site

Review does not have to rate your site on a certain skill. It can just post about what your website is about and why it’s useful.

In order do this, you must have a good relationship with a blogger whom you will contact.

37: Become friend with another blogger in real life if you can. This can really help you become famous and it will be easier to get the links. Because who won’t link to their friends?

38: Speak at the event

Jitendra vaswani at getsetblog event in delhi

Speaking at an event where you can find the people who can help you get the links, is the best way to get the links.
You won’t directly ask for the links. However, these people will know you from the event and hence your chances of getting links increase.

Also Read:

39: Become host and distributor of Webinar because they are highly engaging and help in link building.

40: HARO for backlinks

Use HARO to get links from the high-quality site. Haro stands for “Help the reporter out”. It’s platform where reporters ask questions.

And the person who is expert in a specific topic can help them out. Most of the blogger have good knowledge about their niche. So, they can easily answer the question regarding the topic related to their niche.

Once you join the HARO, you receive three emails every day. Three emails are about morning, afternoon and evening quires.

This email contains questions. You can take look at them and if you think you can help someone, then just do it and you can get a link from High DA websites.

41: Website Directories

Submit your site to site directories. It’s as simple as sound. Just search for the websites directories and submit your site in those directories.

Free High PR Blog Directories list

I recommended that you avoid paid directories because backlinks from the directories are not that much powerful.

42: Use Google Group to help people and link to your site as further resources. It’s similar like getting links from Quora. So, follow the same instruction.

43: Use Squidoo to build the authority and become expert at something.

It does not take much time (around 15 minutes) to create and setup accounts at Squidoo. Link to authority content and don’t link to your site too often. You will get link and traffic as well.

44: Digg is website like Stumble upon. Here is who they define it on the website: “Digg delivers the most interesting and talked-about stories on the Internet right now”.
So people find and share interesting stories about specific on Digg. You can easily add link to your article as well.

45: Win Blogging awards to get ton of links

46: Steal your competitor’s backlinks.

Create more awesome content than your competitor and ask the people who are linking to that content replace the link with your post. You can use ahref or Moz for finding the people who are linking to your competitor’s post.

47: Review products and services on shopping search engines like ePinions to help build your authority

48: Get links from Tumblr.

Build followers on Tumblr and it helps you get links and traffic.Tumblr is blog platform, where you can create a blog for free. It’s very popular and you can use it to your advantages.

Tumblr blogging platform

Build the solid following and write post about topic related to your niche. Include your website for further reading. You will get traffic and backlinks.

49: Get links using image submitting sites.

I have talked about creating good images and about way you can use those images for backlink. Well, here another way to get links from the images. There are plenty of sites where you can submit images and get link.

50: Swap the links with other bloggers.

Swapping the links does not mean that other blogger will create backlinks for you and in return, you will do the same.

In this method, you will ask how the blogger has built the link. After you find the source, you can apply the same methods as other blogger.

It requires bit hard work. But it’s worth it.

51: Build tool (depending upon your blog) collection

Let’s you run a blog about apps. You can write the post like 100 best apps to use. Once you write a post, you have email the creator of those apps.

This will give you more share and possibly some links. It’s just one example. You can apply this for any niche you are in.

Keep in mind that tool collection should be useful. You will get a tons of views and backlinks as well.

52: Give free tee shirt with your website name on it. You will get famous and you may get links as well

53: Be helpful and polite to other Blogger. You can get links.

54: Go to conferences and social events and take a picture with internet marketer or blogger and upload it.

Internet marketers who attended the event are mostly likely upload the image. They can even write the post about it.
You may get mentioned by famous blogger and get a link as well.

55: Post on forum threads that are years outdated exclusively to link to your semi-related website.

56: Sign up for profiles on different sites to get links

There are many websites where you can create an account and most of them have a website as one of the input fields in the personal information section. You can get a link from there.

56: Sponsor an event to get the links

You will also build good relations with other people.

If there is any internet marketing that you think you can sponsor, then you should do that. It will help you in building the authority and reputation. And from this many people also link to you. You will build relation and backlinks.

It will help you in building the authority and reputation. And from this many people also link to you. You will build relation and backlinks.

57: Getting edu and gov links

So you want to get .edu or .gov links? Well, one of the best ways to get those links is creating a scholarship for the student. Now, not everyone can afford the cost of this method. However, it’s great for those who can afford the cost.

58: Adding call to action in your posts

Ask your readers to share your content. Adding a call to action can make a huge difference. Something like: share this post to help others. You can get the links from those shares.

59: Repurpose content.

Repurpose the content means creating your content in some other form then post.
Not everyone likes to read the blog post. Hence, you should convert your post to pdf, whitepaper or to another form. Read more about it here.

60: Use website Feedback Sites to get the backlinks

61: Ask People you know for a link and you may get link

Do you have friends or relatives or someone you who are a blogger or are involved in internet marketing?
If that’s the case, then you can get the link. Ask them and you may get lucky and get link.

62: Get involved in PR(without spending money)

63: Reproduce valuable content to get the links.

64: Create useful charts and data. People love the useful stuff and you can get a good number of links.

65: Syndicate articles

66: Publish press release and get the link. You can hire someone else to do this for you. It does not cost much. Learn more here.

67: Use educational link baits

68: Guestographics to get the backlinks

Email people in your niche and ask for the guest post including the infographic. Everyone loves the free stuff.

69: Use infographic submission site get links and views. Once you create infographic, you can use sites like Visualy to submit your infographic and get the link.



Using Visme : Create Graphic Design Templates, Presentation Templates, Infographic Templates, and More

Create and Share Engaging Infographics using Visme’s Infographic Templates Creating beautiful infographics and sharing them on relevant websites can help you generate a lot of free backlinks. You can easily create infographics using *pre-designed templates in Visme* to save time and effort, even if you’re not a designer.

Visme infographics

There are several ways to generate backlinks with infographics. You can share them on various social media platforms and include a link back to your website in either the caption or the infographic itself, along with an attractive call-to-action. Another way to build free backlinks with infographics is to find relevant websites in your niche and pitch to them via email if they would like to check out your infographic.

Once they agree to see it, you can offer to let them publish it on their website along with a mini guest post. You can include a link back to your website in the content that surrounds your infographic, which is much more effective and SEO-friendly than if you embed the link in the infographic itself.

Make sure to include your logo and URL in the footer of your infographic. Nearly all of Visme’s infographic templates come with a built-in footer with customizable text and spaces to upload your brand logo, website, sources and company information.

70: Make it easier for people to use your infographic using embed code. As with images, make it necessary to mention the source of infographic.

With embed code, you can make it easier to use your infographic and also get the link. After you post the infographic on your site.

Fill the information and don’t forget to include your site as the source. And it will generate the code that you can use in your post. Now whenever someone will copy that code to use the infographic, you will also get the link.

71: Take credit from a person who is using the infographic. If you find that someone is using your infographic in the post without mentioning your website as a source, then email that person. Most of the give you the link.

72: Run survey on blog and publish it everywhere if it’s good and get the links.

73: Forum signature

Most forums have signature option. If you do quality contribution, people most likely follow the links in signature. You can build reputation and link as well.

74: Use the Pinterest board to get the link for the infographic. Pinterest has many widely followed design board and you can send them your infographic to get link and traffic.

75: Instagram to get the link for the infographic. You use the can same method for Instagram

76: Backlinks through dead content

Find websites that are down and visit to see what they used to write about and find who is linking to that content. Write posts about those topics and ask for the links from people who were linking to them.

Since the site is down and you have better and updated content, you will mostly get the backlink.

Also Read: 

Best SEO Software Reviews: SEO Software Tools 2017

SEO PowerSuite Review & Tutorial: The Best SEO Tool

Interview of Mike Mann Who Owns Why Domaining is Lucrative Business

79: Get links from library or resource page through broken link. Many libraries and resource pages are pointing to websites that are down and you can use this to ge the link.

You can create better content and contact the person who own that site (site that contain resource page) and ask for the replacing that broken link. Use the template provided by Neil pate.

80: Get links from Wikipedia. There are many dead links at Wikipedia pages and you can take advantage of this.
You can get the link and a ton of traffic. In order to get the link from Wikipedia, you have to find the article that has broken links or requires cautions.

It would be better if you find the pages with broken link. You can

You can wikigrabber to find pages that contain dead links or requires cautions. Let’s say you found the page that contains the broken link. Now, take that link and go to to know what that post contained.

After you know what that post is about, write better post it and make sure to include everything.
By everything I mean your post should contain all information that previous post. And you should add additional information as well and uses images to make it even more better.

And you should add additional information as well and uses images to make it even more better.

My point is: write better and cool post than previous post (post that is linked in Wikipedia page).
Before you can successfully do this, you have to build the authority. So, make some edits before doing this.

81: Transcribe the video for the famous blogger and send them the file. This way you can build a good relationship with the famous blogger, which increases your chances of getting the links.

82: Translate the content. If you know a second language, then it’s time to get the advantage of it. This can help you in getting the links.

83: Create coupon code/ special offers for blogger and you may get links

84: Pay blogger to write for you to build authority and you may get a link as well. It’s obvious that you want someone who has good reputation in your niche.

So, that you can get more traffic and backlinks because of him or her (blogger whom you pay for guest). He or she will share post on the social network.

Since he or she is established in your niche, you will get more links and traffic. Don’t do this more often because it require lot of investment.

85: Use Google alert to find unlinked companies mentioned.

Setting up Google Alerts for your website’s branded keyword phrases can help you identify other sites that are mentioning you without linking back.

86: Get backlink opportunity from flippa.


There are many sites that go down each day and many people flippa to sell their website.They also describe how they build authority. You can find some great ways to build links from there.

87: Get backlinks from Crowdfunding

88: Article directories are not that much effective anymore but you can still get valuable traffic and link.

89: Ask questions on sites like Quora and include a link to your site.

In this method, we have to ask questions rather than answering them.

You can simply say: what you think about the design of my site and link your site. You will get link and honest opinion about the design of your site. Keep in mind that this is just example. You can ask different questions.

90: Ask other Bloggers to link to you and you may get link.

This is simply asking for the link. Most blogger receive many request and your chances of getting backlinks are low. However, give it shot. You may get lucky and get link.

91: Ask other Bloggers for the interview.

Interviewing a famous blogger can help you a lot building link.

In order to interview the blogger, you have to build good relationship. How you can do that? Well, it’s simple and I have mentioned it before in this post.


Simply follow their blog and comment and follow them on social networks. Don’t just comment stuff like “great post” or anything broad like it.

Comment about something that’s highly related to post and something that show that you really care about the topic.
And that you have read it properly as well. After 2 or 3 weeks, you can should for interview. Don’t worry if you get rejected.

92: Many forums have review section and you use that to get the link.

All you have to do is to ask people to review your site. This way you will get honest review of your site and a backlink as well (you will include link of your site in the post).

Submit blog to blog directories. It’s as simple as it sounds. Search for the blog directories and submit your blog.

93: Become active user at sites like self-growth and get higher PR link. Self-growth is

Self-growth is website where you can create account and write content.

It’s highly reputable website. And they post the list of top active users (people have written the most post).
All you have to do is to write few post (3-4) to be the one of the top active users. You will get quality backlink (PA 35, DA 71), reputation and traffic.

94: Submit your resume and get link. Just got to resume submitting sites and upload your resume and get the link.

95: Submit RSS feed of your site and get the link.

There are websites where you can submit your website RSS feed. Don’t know how you can find the link of your RSS feed?

Don’t worry, I am here to help you out. Usually, it’s located at this URL: domainname/feed. If you don’t find that there. Just use the plugins.

There are lot of plugin that can help you with this. Once you get that URL, submit it to sites that accept RSS Feed. And you will get the link.

96: Create a plugin and get the links. Don’t get

Don’t get sitewide link. This is as simple as it sounds. All you have to do is to hire someone who can create WordPress plugin for you.

And upload it to WordPress and along with that, you can get the link as well. Furthermore, by creating plugin you will reputation and authority, which will help you in getting more backlinks.

97: Join the Blogging community and help others to get famous and get links.

There are many blogging communities to help the other blogger. On many communities blogger ask for some sort of help and return they give the backlink.

98: Get links from Pinterest.

If you simply pin your post once and while then you won’t get much benefit. On the other hand, creating a board related to your niche and then updating, promoting and increasing followers can not only help you in building backlinks but you can also get ton of traffic.

pinterest wingdings

And backlinks will be more powerful this way. All you have to do is to create new board related to your niche. And pin the best posts related to your niche from other sites and from your site.Use socialanimal or buzzsumo to know about the famous posts in any niche.

And pin the best posts related to your niche from other sites and from your site.Use socialanimal or buzzsumo to know about the famous posts in any niche.

After you get enough pins (100 or more), start following the people who follow board related to your niche.And many people will follow you back.

You will get targeted traffic and quality backlinks. Keep in mind that it’s long term process. But it works really well.

99: Create a set icon and related stuff and send it to design blogger and they will link to you.

100: Link to upcoming bloggers

101: Sponsor blogging contest and you will get a ton of links from the bloggers.

There are many blogging contest and you can be the sponsor of those contents. If you become sponsor, you will get some links and build reputation and authority.

102: Build Firefox extension and get the links. You have to do

You have to do same thing as you describe for the chrome extension.

103: Create Wikipedia fan page to get the links.

backlinks from wikipedia

You can create Wikipedia page for you and get the link. Now, in order to create the page, you should have solid reputation. However, that does not mean it’s not possible. It works great for companies.

104: Send request to blogger for writing the guest post that they want to get written.

This is same as a guest post.

Expect, that you don’t mention the topic. Instead, you ask the blogger if there any post that they want to get written. Who would miss this opportunity?

105: Participate in blogging contest and you may get a link.

I talked about being sponsor of blogging. Well, you can also participate in blogging contest and in the process you will find some new friends (blogger).

And since you are the one of the participant, you will likely get the link.

106: Create viral YouTube videos to get traffic and links.

YouTube is world’s second largest search engine. Why not take advantage of it.

107: Update the old post on Blogger site and you will get at least on link.

If you find outdated post on blogger and his or her site has good authority, then you should write the updated version of the post.

And email that blogger and tell him or her that you have create updated version of the post. Yeah, it’s guest post but in kind of different way.

Most blogger won’t ignore such offer. Write great updated post and you will be good to go. And in return, you can easily get backlink (like you do in guest posting).

108: Be the active user of communities like Moz and you will get reputation, which can lead to backlinks.

109: Beta test a lot products and review it.Give them suggestions and

Give them suggestions and owner may link to you.

There are many products that are under development or that are trying new things.

And almost all of them release the beta version before releasing the final version. They do that to test the product and you can help them by trying it and suggesting how they can improve. You may get link.

110: Sell products at eBay and offer to donate a portion of profit to charity.

It can increase your influence and many charity sites will link to eBay auction and your site.

111: Use TYNT code in your post.

Adding TYNT code to your post automatically appends the backlink to section or URL that readers copy.

112: Run affiliate program to get links.

This is for the people who own product.If you own the product, then affiliate program can help you in getting backlinks and a lot of traffic.

It’s obvious that many affiliates will link to you in order to get the sale so that they can earn money.

You can use affiliate network like Clickbank or other to create the affiliate program.

113: Create a helpful newsletter, which is not hard to create.

Most people share and link to the newsletter that they find interesting and helpful.

114: Instructographic is the same as infographic expect that teach something rather representing facts or data in visual form solely. Instructographic can lead to many authority backlinks.

115: Create a personal profile at Google Plus.

You just don’t want to create an account and add the link of your site in personal information. It will not help you much.

In order to take full advantage of this, you have to follow same steps as you would do for the Pinterest.

Once you do that, you will have powerful profile. And then posting your link in the personal information section and in general can help you.

116: Register expired WordPress blog and write article and mention your site.

I just mean that write post and link to your site.

117: Start podcast to get links

All you got to do is start the podcast. Not everyone like to read the posts and besides that podcast are very powerful. You can build good authority and you will backlinks as well.

118: Notify site owners about the grammar and spelling error in their post and in return you may get links.

If you find post that contains some grammar or spelling error, the contact the blogger. Be polite this help you in building the good relationship. You may get the backlink as well because you have help that blogger.

6 Best Latest SEO White Hat Link Building Strategies

Link building is the corner stone of SEO and Google recently confirmed that it does not envisage upon link devaluation as metric. Building link to the website remains the top priority. To be visible in search engines one needs links but then adoption of black hat technique may invite severe penalisation from Google.

By employing white hat technique to build links, your website will gain the desired authority and gain rankings. Any link used for the manipulation of  or website’s ranking in the search results of Google is thought to be the part of link scheme and the terrible violation of Webmaster’s guidelines.

If you manipulate links to your website or any outgoing link from your site then the website will be banned. Links acquired through white hat techniques can pass pagerank, potentially improving the ranking of your website. Internet marketers aim to become an authority in the niche and wish for getting quoted in other publications and websites.

You can acquire backlinks by employing white hat technique in order to acquire immense value that target content offers in linking with website’s audiences. For attracting natural links you need to have linkable content. Although you require solid content, there are several ways in which you can maximise the value of your every publication.

Check Now: 9 Reasons Your Website May Get Penalized by Google Algorithms Update

For getting more visibility in main media outlets, absorb the social followers from such websites and attain high quality backlinks. Below you will find 6 White Hat Link Building Strategies for 2018.

1) Targeting the media outlet with higher SEMRush metric(SE Price) and Domain Authority(DA)

Use DA or SE Price as the important metrics for the sake of guest blogging prospects for you can expect to gain better results from the efforts you have applied in content distribution. Websites with higher SE Price and DA can easily rank their pages in search results much swiftly than other normal sites.

Such pages have the potential for acquiring natural links for they have already established the authority in respective niche. Place your guest post on the websites with higher SE Price and DA in order to acquire boost to the search ability of post and in this way you can obtain higher quality backlinks passively.

Add visually appealing images along with screen shots and videos to make the post appear useful. Select only good topics and stories to write about.

2) Tracking the discovered links of competitor’s content..

Do the reverse engineering regularly and it must not simply end in grabbing past links. Reverse engineering on competitor’s assets will allow you to track passive links which are acquired every week. Make use of Cognitive SEO to keep a tab on discovered links of competitor’s content. Just check whether the links are high quality and are they capable of finding substantial referral traffic or not. Following indicators can be made use of to qualify the backlinks:

Capitalise upon the same techniques as used by your competitor. Apply the link acquisition tactics of the rival. For passing high end link juice to the website, the practice must be done regularly.

3) Targeting the right Email and person in the link building outreach

Send your emails to the right person if you really crave responses with the outreach. Donot send email over generic emails that are used seldom by Webmasters. So, find right person from your website and grab his email. You can select the person who maintains the website, the person who is blog manager, and the person who is reachable through email. Get hold of reliable person’s email address.

4) Usage of productivity tools for inviting more links

Make use of productivity tools to cut short the time required for link prospecting. Link prospecting is endless process of finding link targets, filtering high quality links and so it consumes most of the time. Productivity tool can improve one’s efficiency at link prospecting. Some of the chrome plugin link building tools can be Link Clump, Check My Links, Export Tabs, Mozbar.

5) Creation of cost-effective linkable content assets

There is no need of being big brand with thousands of dollars. Linkable assets on the website can be produced within the budget. All you need is catchy story for the brand that is promoted or the most trending topic in the industry meant for specific group of audiences.

With the particular catchy story you can easily produce case study by using positive experiences shared with customers you have served. A case study can be the record of the way you served the clients in several steps.

Similarly, you can interview some industry influencer with the aim to educate the targeted audience about the niche content. Linkable content asset can be fostered with making the content curated and actionable. Each and every point at your list must be made post effective. This can be done by simply answering ‘how’ question in an impressive manner.

6) Gather great insights from Google analytics and link analysis report

Create a report on custom link building in Google analytics. The report will help you track what websites send highest traffic, enabling you to improve the strategy of guest blogging. Identify whether the sites bring you conversation or not. If the sites bring conversation then certainly they are worthy and useful for future link building.

The process of finding backlinks……….

ATTENTION: List of Top 10 SEO Addons for Mozilla Firefox

There are innumerable websites that will assist in the submission of your website to their database. Tactful use of search can allow one find many of the websites to which your website may be submitted. By simply putting “add your site” in Google search engine you will get the whole list if websites. Searches can be refined by playing with the search terms.

Submit your website to that website that has not been penalised. To filter out the searches check the Google Page Rank of the website and also Alexa Rank. Look for the other sites that are present in that particular website. Browse through the list of high quality sites in the page. There should not be any payment involved during the submission.

Publishing ones site to other website is the best way of getting links. To acquire more and more credible links go for Press Release Work. The process of building white hat backlinks is more to do with being natural.

Just focus upon your customers, provide superior customer service to bag home group of followers. The simple processes can help anyone acquire highly valuable links.

Want to suggest more White hat Link building strategies for 2018, what kind of white hat strategies you are using for you websites, please share with us in comments below !

Over To You : Best Link Building Strategies Aka Link Building Methods 2022

That’s it! You make to the end. I hope you like these link building strategies 2022 and found it helpful. Share it with others so that they can get the benefit as well. And feel free to ask questions and share your view in comment section.


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5 Local SEO Link building technique for 2014


Local SEO has become more important nowadays, most of the small business or local businesses are putting their lots of efforts to dominate their local market. It is not easy to dominate local market, because in local business there are lots factors work for your business for Examples your customer reviews, your services etc..

So if you want to dominate your local area then you have to do everything which satisfies your customers.

Local seo Link building

                                                                     Image credit: 

In this article I will discuss some of the best techniques which really help your business in local market, so here you go with some awesome technique:

Local Website Submission (Citation Submission): Local website submission is really important for every local business; these are the websites which helps you to dominate your local market. In these websites you have to fill out every information, because these websites not only gives you the high ranking in your local market but these will also help you to grow your business.

Ask your customers to give you a positive feedback on these websites, because Google counts these reviews as well.

Local Guest Blogging: I know that recently Google’s Web Spam Head Matt Cutts has posted an article about the future possibility of guest blogging and after that the whole seo community is talking about the right way to do guest blogging.

In my view if you are doing limited guest blogging with quality content for your business then you don’t have to worry about anything. For local business, I think it is good to target local websites for guest blogging. I know it is hard to acquire a quality guest post on high quality website, but once you will get it helps you a lot.

Local Blog commenting: We recently seen that blog commenting is still alive, but in my point it was never dead. You can do blog commenting for your business, but remember that spam blog commenting will hit your business so only quality blog commenting on high quality local blogs will be good.

Local Mentions: Try to get mentions in your local news websites or community websites, for this you have to do something which is different from others.

You can easily do this by doing PR, first you have to find a Journalist who covers lots of news related to your business niche then try to connect with him through telephone or it is good to have a cup of coffee with him. This kind of relationship building really helps you.

Classified Ads Submission: This technique also helps you, because most of them time people do classified submissions only for their local people. Create exciting offers and submit them on local Ads submission websites, this will help in your business and in Google rankings.

Remember one this always include your high quality product image with Ad description, because these images will convince the customers to contact you for business.

Guys these 5 techniques will help you and your business, but you have to perform each and every link building in a right way. Beside these techniques remember your customer satisfaction is more important than these, if your customers are happy then you will dominate your market.

Always Follow the Mantra “Gives the Best and Get the best”

About the Author:

Eric Muhanji is an SEO consultant, Eric is currently working with Promotingawebsite company. Working in digital marketing Eric Muhanji is passionate about SEO, PPC, affiliates, social media and the next big thing. Also a footie fan & Liverpool FC & Watford FC supporter. 

Dont forget to share this stunning article in social media! You can also Join BloggersIdeas on Facebook & Google+ for getting similar updates. 


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10 Top Rated SEO Link Building books on Amazon [2022 ]


These days a lot of people are using the internet for a whole bunch of activities; you simply cannot deny that books play an important role. A lot of people use the internet to promote their business and they often use SEO techniques to promote their services.

People often like to refer to written materials whether it is a book or an article on how they can go about the whole thing.

Reading a book or an article on SEO not only educates but also prepares you mentally to take up the challenge of putting your business out there. People prefer books any day as they can refer to it any time they want and in fact they can put together their own notes using the content in the book.

Now there are many books that deal on SEO and here is a list of books that have been the best sellers on Amazon for 2022.

List of Best Top 10 Rated SEO Link Building books on Amazon 2022

1. The Link Building Book written by – Paddy Moogan

The Link Building Book written by Paddy Moogan

This book is written by none other than Paddy Moogan who has explained how to use SEO techniques. He has outlined the importance of SEO techniques and how to use them properly.

The book spans 287 pages and the language is really simple so even if you are newbie to SEO you still will not have any trouble understanding the content. This book received warm response in the market rave reviews from the press.

2. SEO King: How I Built My Blogging Empire written by – Jason Blair

SEO King How I Built My Blogging Empire written by Jason Blair

This is one book that you should really think of buying no matter what. It is always helpful to read a book from an author that has traces of his or her real life experiences. Jason Blair very clearly mentions his brush with SEO techniques and the mistakes he made along the way and how he had turn things around. He actually manages to give us advice through his story.


3. Fifty SEO Ideas: Free Tips, Secrets, and Ideas for Search Engine Optimization written by – Jason McDonald

Fifty SEO Ideas Free Tips, Secrets, and Ideas for Search Engine Optimization written by Jason McDonald

This book is just perfect for those individuals who have just started out and may find the technicalities very confusing. This book breaks down the content into steps that are very easy to follow and easy to implement.

The best part about this book is that the language is really easy to understand and does not go  into the difficult technicalities of SEO.


4. SEO for Beginners written by – Amit Bhawnani

SEO for Beginners written by Amit Bhawnani

If you search on amazon for this book you will find that it has got fantastic reviews, this book may only span 55 pages but that does not mean you should write it off. This book explores the world of SEO using humor along the way.

This particular approach makes it easier for those readers who are new to SEO techniques. Going through this book you will understand that it is very important to employ the various SEO tools properly.


5. Search Engine Optimization for Dummies written by – Peter Kent

Search Engine Optimization for Dummies written by Peter Kent

This is yet another major seller on amazon as it is a great book for beginners. New editions of this particular book are constantly being released in the market. This book provides the most updated information that you can expect.


6. Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics written by – Brian Clifton

Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics written by - Brian Clifton

This book gives you a clear concept on the Google analytics so you know how to use the various SEO tools and techniques to your advantage. This book is a must have for those people who want to know how to use SEO tools properly.


7. SEO for Content Writers and PR Pros written by – Phil Byrne

SEO for Content Writers and PR Pros written by - Phil Byrne

This book has received rave reviews from the day it was released in the market; this book sells like hot cake on amazon. The content of this book basically deals with  pr articles, content of the websites and ideas for blogs. All of this can be of immense help to you.


8. SEO Fitness Workbook written by – Jason McDonald

SEO Fitness Workbook written by - Jason McDonald

A best seller that you would be fool to ignore; this is no ordinary book as it comes with tool books and worksheets all of this will help you locate online SEO tools. This will help you get resources and practical advice that you can use in real life.

The author is very well qualified earning his Phd from Berkeley and a degree in B.A from none other than Harvard.


9. Optimize: How to Attract and Engage More Customers by Integrating SEO, Social Media, and Content Marketing written by – Lee Odden

Optimize How to Attract and Engage More Customers by Integrating SEO, Social Media, and Content Marketing written by - Lee Odden

Lee Odden is an author who is followed by people all over the world. He has a flawless way of writing on subject that is easily understood by everyone. This particular book explains how a person can use SEO services and reap huge long term benefits.

If you follow the tips mentioned in this book you will notice drastic changes in the performance of your website within a couple of months. Besides the tips are not that tough to follow you simply have to be very patient with things.


10. The Art of SEO written by – Eric Enge, Jessica Stricchiolia, Stephen Spencer and Rand Fishkin

The Art of SEO written by - Eric Enge, Jessica Stricchiolia, Stephen Spencer and Rand Fishkin

This again is a good book that talks about SEO tools and methods in detail. In fact it can be termed as complete guide. Since this book has been written by many experts you have access to various  ideas presented by them. The book spans 500 pages and covers every single topic very well.


Some more tips on SEO Books: [Updated] 10 Top Rated SEO Link Building books on Amazon 2022

You must realize that the SEO techniques are always changing, so do not go by the  date of the book focus on the content  instead. You will come across many recent publications that share practices that are obsolete.

However with the above mentioned books have all the latest content in them and are worth buying anyhow. Each of these books has sold millions worldwide. You can buy these books on amazon for sure and if you are lucky you may avail the fabulous discounts that website gives from time to time.


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OutreachX Review 2022 | No.1 Link Building Service For SEO


Read here our in-depth OutreachX Review and know if it is worth your money?

The world of the internet is a rather funny one. You can have the best kind of content posted online but if the backlinks attached to them aren’t as strong, then your piece probably won’t be worth as much. Most digital marketers and SEO persons have a tough time finding high-quality links that actually yield fruitful results. It doesn’t matter whether you’re working with a corporate or a micro-blog, your content and backlinks ought to be of exceptional quality for them to rank high.

Finding high-quality backlinks that move the needle is where the real challenge lies.

Last year, 2019, I went to Bali for the DMSS conference and found out about OutreachX and their link building services. They were one of the 5 main sponsors of the event. Their presence intrigued me to collaborate with them and so I ordered 2 links to try out their guest post services for the first time.

In this review, I will cover every possible detail and my experience of working with them.

OutreachX Review 2022: Should You Trust Their Service?

According to its website, OutreachX offers 3 types of services.

Guest Posting Service

There are 2 ways you can order guest posts on their website:

Self Service – You need to register on their website to get access to the inventory. Go to the ‘Sites & Pricing’ section to select sites according to your own requirements. The domain URLs are hidden to protect the database from getting spammed or copied.


Their self-service platform offers 1800+ websites in 5+ languages for guest posting. They keep adding new sites every month. All the websites in the inventory have:

  • 1000+ Organic Traffic (Ahrefs)
  • 100+ Referring Domains (Ahrefs)
  • 30+ DR (Ahrefs)
  • Spam Score Below 20%

Their inventory is by far the largest curated database I have seen to date.

You get to see several metrics and data for prospecting like:

  • TLD
  • Niche
  • DR
  • DA
  • Spam Score %
  • RD
  • Organic Keywords
  • Organic Traffic
  • TF
  • CF
  • Domain Age
  • Language

You can filter the websites using a range of metrics and data as shown in the screenshot below.

OutreachX for SEO dashboard

There is also an option to manage the columns – you can switch off the irrelevant ones. You can also export the whole inventory in CSV format for sorting.

Managed Service – Just feed in the target URL and suggested anchor text and you are good to go. Their team will select the most relevant website for the guest post.

OutreachX Managed Service

You can order single link packs as well as multiple links packages from their managed service section. They offer 16 county-specific localized guest posts.

OutreachX Pricing

Single Link Packs

OutreachX pricing for SEO and content services

After selecting your desired pack, you are directed to the add-ons’ page where they offer:

Organic Traffic Add-On – You can select and order a higher traffic option according to your needs.

Social Signals Add-On – This is a unique feature which I haven’t seen on any link builders’ shop. They have 2 options for that – 200 and 400 signals. These signals are drip-fed over 10 days after the post is published.

outreachX Review and add-ons

The add-ons are available only for single link packs and selected countries – USA, Canada, UK & Australia.

Multiple Link Packages

OutreachX offers 3 types of link packages for each of the 16 countries – Booster, Power & Authority Pack. You can go to the country page and select a suitable package. You get a dedicated account manager to help you out with these packages.

outreachX Review- Multiple Link Packages

Custom Blogger Outreach Service

I believe this is one of the best features offered by OutreachX. They design tailor-made blogger outreach campaigns like link gap analysis and broken link building for businesses and reach out to websites that meet specific requirements.


I also found out in my collaboration with them that they are the only link building agency that provides language and country-specific blogger outreach services. Languages being English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, and Swedish.

High Traffic Editorial Links

They offer placements on high traffic and authority websites with a minimum of 100,000 Organic Traffic. According to the service page, these websites are manually curated and have strict guidelines to publish.

outreachX High Traffic Editorial Links

You can’t place an order directly, you need to check your website’s eligibility with their support team first.

What I Ordered Vs. What I Got

Since it was my first time collaborating with them, I had ordered 2 DR 50+ links to try out services.

To my surprise, the order was upgraded and I was therefore provided with DR 70+ links on authority sites. Not only was this highly impressive but also a good way to be in the good books and set a mark.


Site 1

Ahrefs Site1 for link buildingSite 2

outreachX for link building

The websites were highly relevant to my topic’s niche. I always put a lot of weightage on relevancy when it comes to link building.

I also checked the quality of old content posted on the host websites. The websites looked highly professional with active social profiles.

Both of the articles for the guest post were 1000+ words and unlike most guest post service providers, the quality wasn’t trash. The articles felt like they were written by highly skilled writers.

They added my link in the first half of the articles as I instructed them in the order notes.

The cherry on the cake was their timely delivery. They completed the order in 18 days, a lot of companies that are great with content fail to deliver it on time and I was scared that something similar would happen here too but I’m glad my assumption turned out to be incorrect.

Customer Service

I loved their support team. All my queries were answered within 8 hours. They even sent me the article to review as I wanted to be sure about the quality. I would give them 10/10 for their customer service.


OutreachX Testimonials


?Who will do the content?

OureachX team write the content. they have a team of qualified content writers who are capable enough to deliver quality write-ups across any niche.

?Can you check the content before posting?

Yes, you can! Just mention in the notes section when you are ordering.

✅ For how long the links stay live?

6 months which they guarantee. However, majority of them are expected to stay forever.

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Conclusion: OutreachX Review 2022 | Is It Worth Your Money? 

There are multiple reasons why I feel OutreachX stands apart from the rest of the companies offering the same services.

They provide enterprise-level curation and highly personalized service to the clients.

I was assured that all the sites are checked for spammy and casino links and have a low spam score.

They are also the only company that provides international links in localized languages. For now, they cater to 6 languages in 16 countries. It seems like they might increase these numbers in the near future.

Another interesting feature about them is that all the websites provided by them are above DR 30 with a minimum of 100 referring domains and have a minimum of 1000 organic traffic which is great for customers.

The link placements were supernatural.

They provide a dedicated manager on orders above $1000 which makes the process ten times smoother and convenient.

No UGC/Sponsored labels or author bio links.

In my honest opinion, they are doing a great job of providing high-quality links that move the needle. Hit the comment section below if you have any questions regarding the OutreachX review or their services.


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