How to Do Gambling Site SEO 2022 (10 Casino SEO Tips)

How to Do Gambling Site SEO 2022 (10 Casino SEO Tips)


If you are serious about the organic growth of your Gambling site, this article will help you for sure. We know that a casino or a gambling site faces a lot of competition and it is almost impossible to impress Google with normal keywords related to the industry. 

As per the stats, in the USA alone, the online gambling industry is expected to touch 92.9 billion dollars in 2023 from its current level of 66.7 billion dollars.

Size of online gambling- How to do gambling in SEO how to do gambling in seo

Search engine optimization of a gambling site is a bit different from the SEO of other niches for obvious reasons.

Money-making keywords in this niche are limited and since everyone aims at targeting them, you need to broaden your SEO strategy. 

As far as backlink strategy is concerned, you have limited sites to get links from as most of the leading blogs generally try to avoid linking to these sites.

Heck, these are all problems, is there any solution?

While you can get some portion of traffic through Search Engine Marketing or through SMM, but for better ROI, you must aim at getting the basics right. Building an effective content and SEO strategy can get you a regular flow of targeted traffic without spending a heavy budget.  

We aim at the following benefits from our Gambling Website SEO

  • Get top slots in search rankings for visibility and consistent free traffic
  • Build the user trust as getting a page 1 rank is deemed as a sort of recommendation by search engines.
  • Maximizing profits by getting traffic on targeted or money-making keywords.

For SEO of Gambling and Casino sites, you must aim at building long-term strategies and not just a few shortcuts you choose for churn and burn kinds of projects.

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10 Best SEO Tips for Online Casinos and Betting Sites

Step by Step Strategy for Gambling Website SEO

We discussed the challenges above and now it is the perfect time to discuss the solution. We know how to do the gambling website SEO and here we are going to reveal it.

All these 11 SEO techniques are proven and are time tested that are guaranteed to deliver the results. 

1.Focus on Basics 

While this is basic, we thought to start with it as it is going to be the foundation stone of our gambling website’s SEO.

Practically speaking, we keep on auditing various sites from our competitors and find silly mistakes like – images without alt-text! 

This is unbelievable.

On one hand, when we are looking for advanced SEO strategies, how can we ignore basics like Title, Meta Description, H1, H2, Images with Alt Texts on the other hand?

  • Revisit all your posts and check if you have a proper Title or H1.
  • Every post has H1, H2, H3 headings
  • Proper SEO title and Meta description should be there
  • All images should have proper Alt Text
  • Ensure short paragraphs
  • Keep your URLs short and include keywords there.

Once these preliminary things are in place, you are now ready to move ahead with the next steps.

2.Finding Easy and Money Making Keywords

We assume that you are aware of what actually a Keyword is. Finding a money-making keyword that is easy to rank is both an art and science.

Thankfully, it is not at all a Blind Game anymore as you have tools like Ahrefs, UberSuggest, and Semrush available today.

Semrush’s Keyword Magic tool suggests hundreds of related keywords along with its search traffic and Keyword Difficulty [KD].

For example, we checked the keyword – “Online Casino” and we got multiple keyword ideas along with KD%.

You can filter the results based on the number, volume and sort it according to traffic and difficulty level. 

Thumb-Rule – Don’t run behind the volume, target keywords that may be of lesser traffic but the difficulty level should not be high. Lesser the KD%, Lesser is the competition.

Keyword magic tool- How to do SEO Gambling?


Secondly, Don’t just believe the one SEO tool. Cross-check the identified keywords using other tools as well.

In our case, we used the same keyword on UberSuggest.

We found the same search volume of 40500 visitors per month but SEO difficulty here is just 48. While Semrush was suggesting its KD% as 72.96.

Ubersuggest- SEO Gambling

UberSuggest is also a great tool that is ideal for keyword research, competitive research, and even site audit.

It can suggest a ton of keywords around you to create content.

Not only that, if you want to analyze some of the keywords that are yielding a good amount of traffic, you can use UberSuggest [a free tool] for this purpose as well.

Free tool -SEO Gambling

Here is the snapshot of one site on this niche that we analyzed using this free tool and got multiple keywords that generate traffic for this site.

If you will see the snapshot above, you will find a few keywords with SD or SEO difficulty levels of just 14 or in the range of ’20s. Use these tricks to find out the low-hanging fruits for your site and start creating content around that.

3.Topic Ideas 

We discussed how to figure out the golden keywords for your Gambling site that are generating traffic for competitors. We also looked at finding the keyword difficulty using various tools.

Now, it is time to start building the content. This content also aims at improving the overall ranking of your site by improving the structure and internal linking also.

But, for all of this, the first and foremost thing is to find a suitable topic around these keywords.

With Keyword, you just have visibility of the center topic of the post but for detailed articles, you need related topics and headings.

How do we find that?  Well, we love Semrush again for this, and here is how to do it.

  • Visit the Content Marketing dashboard
  • Click on Topic Research
  • Enter the keyword and click on – Get Content Ideas

You will see a brilliant Mind-Map along with Headlines and Questions.

Topic ideas - SEO Gambling

 Pick the ideas from the headlines, mind map, and questions as suggested by this powerful tool. Start creating awesome content around it. 

Alternatively, if you don’t have a tool right now, you can use Google for that. Just type the keyword on Google and try to understand the search intent.

For every keyword, try to analyze the type of content that is ranking. If you see the “How-To” kind of content on the top, you should create a similar kind of content. 

For example, you searched for the keyword – “Casino” on Google.

If you see content like – “Top 10 Casinos”, “Best Casinos in Las Vegas” types of SEO titles ranking on the top, follow the suite and create your content accordingly.

Rankings are based on search intent, or the kind of content users wants to see for a particular keyword. That only helps the search engines to understand the user requirements for particular keywords and they rank the relevant content accordingly.

4.Content Optimization 

We discussed the topic research strategy above that is based on a suggestion by Semrush and even using Google’s search. Now, you can use the same strategy to optimize your content that is not doing really well or struggling to get page 1 rank.

Our first strategy would be to refer to UberSuggest again, enter the keyword and click on search. You will see a lot of Keyword Ideas there. Try to include them in existing content. 

Content Optimization-SEO Gambling

02 Content Optimization-SEO Gambling

Our Second strategy would be to use Google itself and find the appropriate FAQ ideas to make your content more meaningful and helpful. Adding these questions tells the search engine that your content also covers a few questions that are being asked by users. 

Content Optimization 03- SEO Gambling

Check out the “People also ask” section, pick the relevant questions that match your content’s soul, and improve it.

Our Third strategy would be to keep your content fresh. Search engines do not rank stale content. Even if your content is ranking on the top slot, you will find its ranking goes down if it is not updated regularly.  Check out this website which is doing very well in Casino and they have done nice SEO : Yggdrasil Casino  They are putting lot of content related to Casino and have great on page.

5.Website Speed Optimization

Wondering how the page load speed is related to SEO and search rankings? As per the reports, Google has announced it officially that core web vitals will be a ranking factor w.e.f May 2021.

We recommend using Google Pagespeed Insights, a tool that shows your page’s performance in the real world and suggests you the ways and means to improve the speed. 

Here are a few snapshots that will show you how beneficial this tool is for speed optimization.

You will see the overall score and on the same page, it also shows you the field data for FCP, LCP, FID, and CLS. 

Website speed Optimization- SEO Gambling

If you want to understand the improvement areas, you get to see using the “opportunity” section there.

01 Website speed Optimization-SEO Gambling

You can also check these stats in your Google search console. Get cracking on these improvement areas and ensure a great user experience by enabling your visitors to see your page without a long wait.

6.Mobile-Friendly Pages

As per the survey, around 92% of users accessed the internet through their mobile devices last year.

If you are a website owner, you should make all the efforts to deliver great UI/UX to mobile internet users, as this is where you are going to get your majority of the traffic from.

Google recommends using mobile responsive themes or templates and you also see a warning on GSC if this requirement is not adhered to.

Mobile Friendly pages-SEO Gambling

What exactly do you need to ensure mobile-friendliness?

Here is some quick advice. 

  • Check if your theme is mobile-responsive. 
  • Keep the number of requests as low as possible. 
  • Use the lightweight responsive version of images
  • Ensure Java and CSS files are not blocking the page loading
  • Design a page keeping in mind great readability and speed.
  • Don’t use Flash 
  • Test the page regularly using Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test.

Test Results - SEO Gambling

Once you are done with these steps, it is now time to move ahead with more advanced techniques.

7.Silo Structure

With Silo structure, you organize your site’s content properly and logically so that your visitors and even search engines can understand them well.

This is basically a hierarchical structure where you create a master page and multiple child pages or posts and link them properly.

For example, if you have a gambling site and you have content related to Poker, Casino, and Betting games.

  • You will aim at creating three master pages – namely – Poker, Casino, and Betting [or maybe the main keywords]
  • Place them on your home page.
  • Segregate all posts and pages under these three topics.
  • Give links to all “Segregated” posts from relevant pages, for example, a Poker-related post from the “Poker” page and not from the Casino or Betting page.  

As you get most of the backlinks pointing towards your home page naturally, this structure passes the link juice to every post. 

Also, this hierarchy helps the users to crawl more related pages and thereby reducing the bounce rate and increasing the time on the system.

Silo Structure- SEO Gambling

8.Ensure Solid Internal Linking

Once you are done with “Silo Structure”, the next task is to have a solid internal linking. Why only look for external sites to give you links with anchor texts?

Internal linking is one of the most overlooked SEO strategies that otherwise is possible without spending even a single penny.

In fact, it is one of the best content optimization strategies also. Pages with proper internal links and outbound links get a better ranking on search engines.

As per this article of Yoast, a post that gets a lot of links from multiple other posts or pages, signals to Google that there is some sort of valuable content on that particular post.

Your internal links with proper anchor texts also signal the search engine about the purpose of all those posts or pages

For example, if you have used an anchor – “Best Casinos of Las Vegas” and linked a related post on this subject, it will notify the search engines that this particular post is having valuable content related to the anchor specified by you.

Try this now and improve the search rankings of your Gambling site. 

9.Make Your Site Crawlable and Known to Search Engines

Want to explore more on-page SEO tips for gambling websites?

We see a lot of articles on this topic and it is a mistake that you tend to make often. This step helps you identify the blockages and permission-related errors that hinder the normal crawling process.

While most of us do it for Google, we often miss it in the case of Bing and Yandex. 

Check your Robots.txt and.HTACCESS files if erroneously some of your pages are marked as – not to be indexed.

Run the test from GSC and verify if the page is “Crawalable”.

Also, you must have an XML sitemap that is updated regularly and submitted to all leading search engines. As soon as you publish or update the post, it will help the crawlers visit them.

There are more such gaps that you can identify and close using our next suggestion below.

10.Regular Site Audit to Find SEO Issues

A site audit is an ongoing activity that should be performed at least once a month. There are various tools like UberSuggest’s SEO Analyzer or Semrush’s Site Audit that you can use to automate this task.

This is how these tools look like: 

Ubersuggest site audit-SEO Gambling

Regular site audit-SEO Gambling

These regular audits will help you identify the gaps related to crawlability, speed or core web vitals, internal linking, markups, and most of the SEO-related parameters.

As you can see from the images above, we crawled 100 pages of a website and got 10 errors, 174 warnings, and 580 notices.

Once your site starts growing, it becomes almost impossible to check each page manually and manage these parameters.

Use these tools, identify the gaps and fix them quickly. This is how you do the SEO of gambling websites perfectly and without any errors.

Please note that these errors if not dealt with properly, can lead to even de-indexing of your site.   

11.Link building

Are you serious about the search engine optimization of your gambling website? Now you need to focus on off-page SEO also.

Earning links for your website is a part of an Off-Page SEO strategy that works for sure if done correctly. Link building aims at generating backlinks or hyperlinks on other websites that are pointing towards your website. 

It is basically like the advertisement that generates referral traffic as well as a trust factor. 

Trust Factor? Why?

When you have a lot of websites referring to your pages in their articles, that will surely build your gambling website’s credibility in the eyes of search engines. Crawlers will crawl billions of websites every day and if they will find the increasing trend in the number of sites talking about your pages in their articles, the ranking of your page will improve. 

It can be a Do-Follow link or a No-Follow link depending upon the referring website’s policy but either way, a natural mix will help.

Understanding this concept is simple but getting a few backlinks from renowned websites is a tricky business.

Want to know how you can improve your backlink strategy for gambling websites

Let’s begin.

Backlink Strategy for Gambling Websites

Acquiring a backlink needs regular efforts. For the link building strategy to work for your gambling site in a positive manner, you must ensure – 

  1. Links are generated from trustworthy sites.
  2. The spam score of these sites should be as low as possible.
  3. Referring sites should have some organic traffic.
  4. A proper anchor text is used to refer to your particular page.

Now let us discuss some proven and innovative ways to get your first few links:

  • Affiliate Marketing gets backlinks

Ever heard of platforms like Commission Junction or Clickbank? If you own a casino or a gambling website, you can look out for affiliate program aggregators and can sign up there as an advertiser.

If your payout structure will be good, you will find multiple publishers having online properties in related fields that will sign up and start promoting your products.

For this purpose, they will write various blogs, articles and social media campaigns mentioning your website, that will boost your backlinks and social signals. 

  • SkyScraper Technique by Backlinko

This is one of the most popular and talked about backlink strategies these days. Backlinko’s SkyScraper suggests this three-step technique that works like charm:

  1. Pick a Link-Worthy Topic
  2. Analyze competition and create the best content
  3. Take it to the right audience

If your content is powerful and the topic is worth referring to, everyone would like to refer to it.

Example: You will find multiple stats and articles which we have linked to in this article. Since we found those topics and articles worth mentioning here to make this piece of content powerful, we linked to them.

This is one of the most talked-about techniques of link building and doesn’t need a detailed introduction. 

As a guest blogger, you either signup as an author or a contributor on other websites that match your niche. Once your authorship is approved, you can publish informative content there and can ask for a link mentioning your website.

To find such opportunities, you can use Google and can search for – “write for us”, “sign up as a contributor”, “author account available” etc. 

Prepare a list of all such sites, check their spam scores, traffic, DA/DR, and start approaching them.

Bonus: Helpareporter, aka, is one such great platform that you can explore. Various journalists while preparing their reports, seek a trustworthy source to link from experts, on this portal. You might want to get featured there.

Guest Blogging-SEO Gambling

  • Professional SEO Agencies

If budget is not a constraint, you can hire professional link building agencies who can perform all outreach-related tasks on your behalf and can get you valuable links.

They may charge on a monthly basis or per-link basis depending upon the deal. Check out some of the local SEO agencies or try contacting global brands like FATJOE, Screaming Frog, and Linkology.

Looking for a budget-friendly way to outsource your backlink program? Hire a Freelancer. Use platforms like Fiverr or may be SEOClerks and you will find various Gigs there.

Choose a gig that matches your requirements, discuss your terms and go for it.

The best part of this model is that you get the best quality according to your budget without any monthly fixed commitment.

Once your task is over, you are asked to rate your experience. Since the rating is an important factor of trust and their rankings, freelancers will not spoil your work at all. In case you are not satisfied, you can ask for modification or even a refund.

FAQ’s (How To Do Gambling Website SEO)

✔Is it illegal to make a gambling website?

A gambling website is illegal in few countries but legal in few. As it gives rise to a virtual gambling house. It is like a can of worms.

? How much does SEO increases traffic for the gambling websites?

Over 50% of traffic is increased by clicking on them in organic search results. If ranked on the first page more than 90% of traffic is received.

?How can I improve my website SEO?

You can improve your website SEO by publishing relevant content, updating it on a regular basis, using tags and a worthy site.

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Conclusion: Gambling Website SEO and Backlinks Strategy 2022

Do you know how to do the gambling website’s SEO? Of Course, you do now. We have discussed some of the proven strategies and step-by-step techniques that ensure your gambling website sees an improvement in ranking.   

Focus on on-page, off-page, and technical SEO part that starts from basics like keyword research, ensures crawlability, sitemap and reaches towards link building. This however is an ongoing process that never ends and should keep on moving ahead.

Remember, the content should include all related keywords, faqs, and must be engaging. If the content is link-worthy, it will get regular links too. 

With all this in place, don’t forget to fix core web vitals, which are going to be a key ranking differentiator in the coming months.




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